And why is Green Eagle saying hooray about all of this?  Because this means that he won't be going to war this month against North Korea, which is prepared to respond by killing several hundred thousand people who are not even white people, so who would care in the end, anyway?

So, of course, attacking Assad means risking going to war against Russia, but on the other hand attacking North Korea risks going to war against China!  The two other most powerful military powers on Earth!  So why not just flip a coin, right?  Go for the gasser or for the fat boy.  What fun.

Even the senile Ronald Reagan had the sense, when the country had turned against him, to go to war against Grenada, which he could have wiped off the face of the earth without anyone important giving a damn; but no, Trump has to pick a fight that could cause a nuclear war.  What a leader!


Goofy Greg said…
To war, to war, Fredonia's going to war.

Trump somehow makes Rufus J. Firefly look presidential and competent.

Trump is well on his well to being the second most incompetent figure in America.
Confused said…
I may be stupid, but I think I see a contradiction.

*From just one week ago:

"The United States' diplomatic policy on Syria for now is no longer focused on making the war-torn country's president, Bashar al-Assad, leave power. . . .This is what treason in the White House looks like." - Green Eagle.

*From today: "So, of course, attacking Assad means risking going to war against Russia. . . . Trump has to pick a fight that could cause a nuclear war. What a leader!" - Green Eagle

Green Eagle claims that (a) leaving Assad in power proves that Trump is an anti-American traitor who is unfit to be President, and (b) driving Assad out of power proves that Trump is an anti-American traitor who is unfit to be President.

Either way, Green Eagle can accuse Trump of going against American interests. Is there anything a president can do about Syria that Green Eagle will approve of?
Sarah Snider said…
Green Eagle,

Did you see what "most incompetent" linked to?
Green Eagle said…
Confused, or Dikran or whoever the hell you really are: Bashir Al Assad is one of the most incompetent dictators ever, and anyone who wants to see him stay in power is a malignant fool. Trump, however, has so entwined himself with Putin, who needs Assad to stay in power, that he is not a free agent. He will do what Putin says, which means that what happened today was macho posturing that has more in common with the behavior of Kim Jong Un than anyone else in the world. The time to remove Assad was when Obama was President, and the Republicans made that impossible. Now, Trump is so compromised that his actions do risk a World War. So, getting down on his knees and servicing Putin certainly does prove that Trump is a traitor. We will eventually learn the horrible price that Trump has paid for Putin to allow him to have his fit of bullying. You can be sure it will not be pretty.
Green Eagle said…
Sarah, I can let a person's comment be published without giving a damn about it. What happened today in the United States is a tragedy, not a joke, and I am not in the mood to pay any attention to assholes that are cheering on the miserable monster they elected. And that includes, by the way, the ignorant, stupid Berniebots out there.
Magpie said…
Having come within minutes of a Sarin gas attack myself the very thought of that shit makes me shudder and I'm not against the strike per se because that is the vilest crap on this planet, but it could have been done years ago if the Republicans weren't obsessed with blocking anything Obama attempted.

Obama went to Congress for authorisation and didn't get it.
Trump in 2013 insisted he had to get it but also said America shouldn't get involved at all... those being the incoherent rants of someone who knows nothing but wants to say something.
Obama's pressure on the issue did make Russia say they would co-operate with the removal of stockpiles but maybe they were lying.

And so again I make the point I've made here to commenters here before:
Be a Right-wing idiot if you must but don't be so facile as to think Russia's interests align with those of the US in any discussion about the Middle-east.

And just to clarify... I totally respect the Russian people. God those people have suffered. They have been royally fucked since the end of communism and the rise of a political and business class that is wholly criminal, and we should reflect on what could have been... before unfettered “free-market” economics raped their assets and stole away any hope of a better future.

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