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Israel's Hopeless Choices

Whatever the answer is, this isn't it. We now have one more in an endless repetition of the same thing:  Arab forces launch a vicious, murderous sneak attack on Israel, and then Israel tries to decide how to react.  The Arab atrocities are already history, but Israel has not responded, as any country would, to a foreign attack.  So, right on cue, the voices start screaming out, "cease fire!...Collective punishment!" Imagine if people had demanded the same thing in 1945, when allied forces moved into Germany.  But of course, with the Jews, everything is different.  Pressure is mounted around the world, with the result that Arab terrorists get to attack Israel over and over again, with Israel being demonized for responding with anything other than rolling over and just taking it. 1400 innocent lives down the drain, and any response is portrayed as an inhuman abomination. Here is an awful truth, but it is the truth nevertheless:  Hamas has managed to embed its military asset

Why I Hate the Mainstream Press- Updated

 This article is currently the lead story at the Washington Post today: "Republicans and Democrats share blame for the speaker fiasco" The article is written by Megan McArdle, a known habitual right wing liar who is nevertheless allowed to publish her malicious falsehoods in the Post. And that sort of journalism is why a criminal, rapist traitor is running neck and neck with a Democratic President who is presiding over incredible economic growth and foreign policy success. _________________________________________ And here we go again.   From Today's Washington Post: "Dean Phillips’s challenge to Biden makes Democrats ask if 80 is too old" Will it surprise you to learn that this article does not quote one single Democrat who believes that this "challenge" from an attention-seeking rich guy that nobody has ever heard of before is affecting their thinking?  Nothing but sourceless fearmongering, clearly designed to distract from the fact that the Rep

Lewiston, Maine

Until last night, I bet hardly anyone could tell you a thing about Lewiston, Maine, population 36,600, or slightly smaller than Studio City, CA.  Well, here is a photo of probably the only other significant thing that ever happened in Lewiston, Maine, which curiously seems to have occurred exactly 50 years ago today:

Why Can't Congress Be Like Baseball?

  Down goes Tom Emmer, the latest Republican "choice" to be Speaker of the House.  That makes 0 for 3. A swing and a miss- 3 out- shouldn't that mean it's the other team's turn at bat?  Time for the Democrats to pick a speaker, don't you think?  Maybe Nancy Pelosi could come back for a farewell tour.  

Powell and Chesebro- Don't Get Too Excited- Updated 10-24

So many people are certain that the plea deals from these two crooked operatives represent a decisive step in the government's ability to prove Trump's clearly massive guilt in court. Don't be so certain.  I can't swear that the following is what is happening, but based on our now long and dreadful experience of Trump's behavior, I think it is all too likely. First of all, I do not believe that the willingness of these two monumental toadies to destroy themselves for Trump is at an end.  His ability to get others to wreck their lives for the most minor advantage to himself is legendary, if incomprehensible to normal people, and never more so than with these two. Second, remember that Trump's game here is apparently not to win his cases, but to delay his trials until after the 2024 election, when he is confident that he can corrupt the process enough to return himself to the White House, and then use any means, legal or not, to crush the prosecutions. Well, what

The University That Couldn't Shoot Straight

  From the Washington Post: "Michigan State ‘deeply sorry’ for posting Hitler image on scoreboard" I don't think I need to comment on that one.

A Probably Lunatic View of the Gaza Hospital Explosion

Here's a little bit of probably errant nonsense I'd like to add to the discussion of the Gaza hospital "attack" that has attracted so much attention the last few days. Before making this comment, Green Eagle wants to declare that he has suddenly remembered that he is an expert on bomb and explosion damage.  Not real bomb and explosion damage, about which he knows no more than any other internet blabber, but fake bomb and explosion damage.  Over my career as a motion picture art director, I have had a few occasions to replicate the after-effects of explosions.  We did that by looking at pictures of similar damage we could find, and trying to make something that looks like that. Well, let's look at the "crater" at the hospital, shown here in an enlarged section of a photo from the BBC: There it is- a small hole about three or four feet across, and maybe two feet deep, with debris scattered in one direction from the hole.  What I don't see here, apart f

Way To Go, Bibi, Part Two

  This story is all over the news right now: "Hundreds feared dead in strike on Gaza hospital...An attack on the al-Ahli Hospital in the middle of Gaza City is believed to have killed hundreds of people, a spokesman for the Palestinian Civil Defense told The Washington Post." Let's be clear here that this story comes from " the Palestinian Civil Defense," so there is every chance that it is a grotesque exaggeration or even a total lie, but assuming that it bears any resemblance to the truth, Netanyahu's tantrum in response to the Hamas butchery last week may have very well, in this single act, utterly destroyed the moral high ground that Israel held, and rendered meaningless all of the horrible suffering of Israelis in the Hamas attack.   I am a firm supporter of the state of Israel, but not under this guy  If this story is anywhere near true, he needs to be removed from power immediately, and in a just world would never see another day outside of prison. 

Apartheid, Redux

 Here we go with the endless lies that Israel is an apartheid state.  This lie is made doubly infuriating by the fact that the people who spread this false narrative do not give a damn about the fact that every single Arab state in the world practices open apartheid. I am reprinting here a post I wrote a couple of years ago discussing what the characteristics of apartheid in South Africa really were, which should make it abundantly clear that whatever its problems are, Israel does not practice anything resembling apartheid.   Here is my account: ________________________________________________ November 03, 2021  A case study in 21st century propaganda We've seen the right in this country weaponize a propaganda technique that I have rarely seen talked about: the fabrication or adoption of words or short phrases which are designed to stimulate rage toward the propagandists' enemies.  "Benghazi,"  "Her e-mails," "Socialism," "Tax and spend,"

Way to Go, Bibi, You Malignant Jerk

 Hamas has just engaged in an act of such subhuman brutality that it should have established in everybody's mind the understanding that they are nothing but a monstrous criminal gang which has reduced their own people to poverty and hopelessness to sate their own greed, and has always intended to do the same to the Israelis.  There should have never, from this point on, been a question in the eyes of the world, about who the good guys are.  But instead, Netanyahu seems determined to squander that long awaited awakening in a tantrum of violence as destructive of innocent lives as Hamas leaders could have ever dreamed of. Because, let's be clear here.  Netanyahu can level every single building in Gaza, but he is utterly impotent to stop the absentee Hamas leaders, and their backers in Iran and throughout the Arab world, from continuing to sate their hunger to destroy Israel.  And in the meantime, Netanyahu has gifted them with a thousand images like this one, to bolster their arg

Palestinian Art Gallery

 I thought it would be an interesting experience for you art lovers out there to see some of the many pieces of art, from Palestinians and their sympathizers, which have already been created to commemorate the spectacular triumph of barbarism they pulled off a few days ago.  Let's not waste any time, and just dive right in. Here we have a specimen of a whole series of AI generated photos of Palestinians attacking the Temple Mount.  It's quite something to see violent fantasies like this, generated with a couple of mouse clicks. And here we have a graphic celebrating the deaths of young Israeli women at the hands of Hamas butchers.   Again, there are numerous versions of this sort of thing, showing how popular murder of civilians is among Hamas followers. And here is a classic theme from supporters of the Palestinians, accusing Jews of another Arab-perpetrated monstrosity, because, hey, why not? Now, classic anti-Semitic portrayals of Jews cowering in fear of the savage Palestin

Bernie Speaks Out

 Well, the inevitable is happening.  Already, public memory of the Hamas slaughter, burning of babies to death, raping and killing old women and dragging their bodies through the street, murdering of civilians at random, kidnapping children and putting them in animal cages on public view, the memory of all of that is being forgotten, while every attempt by Israel to strike back at the country that bred this monstrous behavior is portrayed as an abomination, as "collective punishment," as some sort of crime against humanity.  All the old lies about the history of Israel and the so-called "Palestinians" are being resurrected as though the horrors of the last week meant nothing. I want to cite as a particularly abominable example someone who claims to be a Jew himself, Senator Bernie Sanders, as an example of how a perversion of anti-colonialism has produced a moral relativism that is monstrous, and only serves to promote the claim of moral equivalence between the left

Sweets for Murder

 Here is something that showed up on my Facebook feed today: Anyone who suggests that anything Israel has ever done is equal in its abomination to the glorifying of murder of innocents, raping and killing of old women, slaughter of children, and kidnapping them and keeping them in bird cages, is a truly perverted monster.  


  Of ocurse I am going to take the opportunity to talk about the Hamas attack on Israel.   First, I'd like to talk about my background, or baggage, regarding the country.   I have lived in Israel, some years ago.   This was not for religious reasons; I spent several months there working on a movie.   During pre-production, weeks of location scouting and shooting the movie, I was all over the country, and spent a fair amount of time in the West Bank, where we also shot.   This included a lot of places that normal tourists would not see, including predominantly Arab areas such as East Jerusalem, the Arab quarter of the old city, Ramla and the southern part of Jaffa, which is predominantly Arab.   It also included heavily Orthodox areas like Mea Shearim.   I dealt with Israeli Arabs, Palestinians and Bedouins.     Here are a few things I believe I learned there:   First of all, the Palestinians I knew were perfectly normal people with the same interest in living a safe, secure

Another Republican First?

 Well, just when the frontrunner to be the new Republican Speaker of the House seemed to be Steve Scalise, a man who once called himself "David Duke without the baggage,"  i.e. a Nazi but nobody knew it, the odds seem to have shifted strongly in favor of Jim Jordan, who is now endorsed by Donald Trump. I am not going to retell for the ten thousandth time what a disgusting asshole Jordan is- we are likely to have plenty of time to do that in the next year or so.  I do however want to point out that the Republicans now have an opportunity to once again accomplish something never before achieved in our nation's entire political history- They may become the only party ever to have selected, in a two decade span, two Speakers of the House who were implicated in underage sex scandals involving a wrestling team.  Whoever thought we would ever see that?  Guiness Book of World Records, sit up and take notice.

Drunken Rudy

  All of a sudden, the mainstream press is flooded with stories about what a drunk Rudy was during the period after Trump lost in 2020.  Why do you think that might be?  We may never really know, but I've got a pretty good idea based on years of watching Trump destroy people's lives for some imagined short term advantage to himself.  Here's my guess: Rudy was (for some reason) at one point a highly admired character who had apparently amassed considerable wealth after his time as a political figure.  It is all gone now.  He has squandered his material resources and turned himself into a clown in order to serve Trump.  Hardly the only example to be found- we just heard yesterday that pillow man Mike Lindell claims to now be penniless as a result of his idiotic servitude to Trump, and we can mention many other careers in ruin for the same reason.  But Rudy still has one more purpose to serve before Trump discards him for good. I suspect these stories of Rudy's alcoholism,

Today's Absolute Must Read for Every American

 This story in the Washington Post today, which unfortunately may be behind a paywall for many people.  It lays out in the starkest terms exactly what is at stake when voters choose between the two parties.  Here is a tiny sample of what it has to say: "HOW RED-STATE POLITICS ARE SHAVING YEARS OFF AMERICAN LIVES Today, people in the South and Midwest, regions largely controlled by Republican state legislators, have increasingly higher chances of dying prematurely compared with those in the more Democratic Northeast and West, according to The Post’s analysis of death rates." It is a long and detailed article. What it reveals is that it is hardly an exaggeration or a figurative comment to say that the Republican party is a death cult- their base, driven to support them through manipulation of their hatred and rage, is literally giving away years of their lives, in order to advance the interests of a couple thousand sociopathic billionaires.  And again, it is not a figurative

Free from Arrest?

"The Senators and Representatives shall receive a Compensation for their Services, to be ascertained by Law, and paid out of the Treasury of the United States. They shall in all Cases, except Treason, Felony and Breach of the Peace, be privileged from Arrest during their Attendance at the Session of their respective Houses, and in going to and returning from the same; and for any Speech or Debate in either House, they shall not be questioned in any other Place." So, we hear that a number of idiotic Republican Representatives have suggested that they make Donald Trump the new Speaker of the House, and Trump himself seems to be pleased with that idea. Here's a question that occurred to me:  might the Speaker be considered a member of Congress within the meaning of this Constitutional provision?  If so, and if the Republicans managed to make Trump the Speaker, wouldn't he be "privileged from Arrest" during his speakership, and thus able to engage in any incitem