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That's Cute

 Couldn't pass up posting this picture I found on Facebook.

A Comment on the New Russian Revolution

I want to state that as with any reporting on Russia, the true facts are initially lost in the fog of war, so we can only comment on what seems to be happening.  And let me add that I am not an expert, so probably I am just showing my ignorance, but since when has that ever stopped Green Eagle? Early in the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine, I stated my belief that the real damage that Putin's handling of the war would come not in Ukraine itself, but would be a product of the wasting of Russia's military might in an inept war against what should have been an easily defeated neighbor. Here is something most people do not realize:  revolutions, at least in the West, have very largely been a product of the wanton waste of military might.  Thirty years of fruitless war between France and England in the 1700's resulted in the success of both the American revolution, and the French destruction of their monarchy.  The mass squandering of military might in World War I resul

The Reality of Trump Supporters

 I've written about this subject before but it hasn't stuck, so I guess I have to do it again.             It only took a few short years to get from where we are today to this.                                               Do not forget that. We are hearing from everyone that there is a difference of world-view between Democrats and Republicans.  The current version of this is between Democrats, who believe that massive evidence exists that the lawless Trump has brazenly broken endless laws- financial laws, laws against sexual abuse, and the grossest misuse of his position of the power of the Presidency, and Republican, who believe the whole thing is a manufactured witch-hunt over insignificant acts, while true Democratic criminals are allowed to roam free. Well, I've got news for you, buddies: that is completely false.  In fact, except for a vanishingly small collection of the terminally ignorant, no one in the Republican base believes Trump is innocent.  They all know wh

The Real Stolen Document Danger

What we know about Donald Trump's theft of secret government documents should easily be enough to send him to prison for the rest of his life.  Okay, but what really worries me is what we don't know, in large part due to the cowardly way Merrick Garland stalled at every step of this vital investigation, allowing Trump over a year to do what he wanted with the keys to our national security.  Here is what I am concerned about: What exactly he took.  We know what was forcibly taken back from him, but we know that he constantly moved this material around, both at Mar a Lago and probably to other places too.  We may never know what security secrets he stole, and the pathetic FBI, always on the side of the right wing, stalled for months and then never even searched the number two likely place they were stashed, Bedminster, let alone every other place he and his minions had access to.   What was copied, and what happened to the copies.  We can see a copier in one of the photos of the

Democrats in Disarray, Biden Version

And here we go, the worst criminal to ever occupy high office in our nation's history has barely been indicted yet for a fraction of his known crimes, and already the mainstream press is working out the narrative they will push to absolve Republicans of any responsibility for their corruption, while fabricating a fictitious story somehow blaming the stress this causes to the nation on Democrats.  I haven't driven myself crazy by reading That Newspaper in years, but here is the sort of miserable "reporting" on the issue that has already worked its way into the Washington Post: "The month before he was sworn into office, President Biden vowed to keep a significant distance between himself and any actions the Justice Department might take under his watch. “I’m not going to be telling them what they have to do and don’t have to do,” he said in a CNN interview in December 2020. “I’m not going to be saying, ‘Go prosecute A, B or C.’ I’m not going to be telling them.

You've Gotta Love It

  "Former president, first ever to face federal criminal charges, posts on social media that he must appear in court in Miami on Tuesday... Trump, who has denied wrongdoing in both cases, is the only former president ever charged with a crime." And there you go- another first for The Greatest President Of All Time.  Think it will cost him a single Republican vote?  I doubt it.

Not Really a Wingnut Wrapup

I stumbled on a single article online that pretty much lays out the whole MAGA worldview.  As I have mentioned, I have stopped my online coverage of right wing blather because, since Donald Trump has managed to make himself the source of all right wing lies, it has become so boring that I can hardly stand to read it, let alone write posts about it.  This particular jackass, however, has managed to incorporate so much of their thinking in one place, that I thought it would be worthwhile to take a peek.  Note that this is only part of what I found here; even a mindless creature like Green Eagle can only tolerate so much.  Well, here we go: "The objective of Operation Q was to promote an extensive information dissemination program geared toward shedding light on global corruption and conspiracy; obliterate corruption, fraud and human rights violations on a global scale, plus return the United States to its Constitutional Rule of Law so as to restore governmental control to The People