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Oh Hell, Why Not Post This

 From the Washington Post: I suspect I will not be the only one to carry this story today.  We all know it is not one percent of what he deserves, but it is a start.  I can hardly wait to see the screaming and yelling from the "patriots" in our country.  

A Modest Suggestion

I think anyone from 20 years ago who was transfered to today's American political scene, whether they were a Democrat or a Republican, would be stunned by what has become of our political discourse.  The crudity, the contempt for the truth, the open criminality and incitement to violence that radiate from virtually every Republican leader would not have seemed possible even a decade or two ago, but here we are. However, even with the press and the Republican party tolerating or often embracing this degenerate behavior, one thing still has the power to shock me: the open acceptance when the party's top leaders exercise their fifth amendment rights, not once but literally thousands of times, rather than admit to the American people how they have conducted themselves in their positions of power.  Pleading the fifth amendment is tantamount to admitting that you are a criminal; how can people like this be casually tolerated in government? Here is my suggestion to this problem.  In a

Ladies, It's Not About You

If you have ever heard the phrase "banality of evil" and wondered what it means, here is its face. Many people on the left have been justly concerned about an impending "ruling" by a Trump appointed, Federalist Society groomed "judge," Matthew J. Kacsmaryk , in a case where he has a chance to decide, in his infinite wisdom and knowledge, that the 20 year old CDC decision approving, on the scientific evidence, of the drug mifepristone, the most common abortion pill, was "wrongly" decided, and banning this drug from the United States.   Let us be clear here.  This guy is an ignorant cracker who is about to put his will above all the scientific evidence on which the pill was approved, and the twenty year history of its safe use.  He was placed on the bench exactly to make decisions like this, and has become a go-to judge for hardcore right wingers, who are able to file cases in his district, where he is the only Federal judge.   In all of the volumi

Will the Rioters Show?

That is, when (as now seems likely, despite Trump's skill in damaging the legal system at every step) the indictments (I think there will be several, sooner or later) start coming in. Well, this is based on Green Eagle's experience, going back 15 years or so, reporting on threatened wingnut uprisings, and what actually transpired, but I think you have to look at that record.  I have seen constant predictions of as many as 2 million furious right wingers that were supposed to show up to kick Obama out of the White House, shut down Congress, overturn election results in a number of States,  riot over Terry Schiavo, or the fact that the Bush administration didn't kill enough people in Iraq, etc.  These have almost inevitably resulted in crowds numbering in, at most, a few hundred, who stood around for a couple of hours while lower level Conservative operatives tried to swindle them out of their money, and then went home, proud of their stand for patriotism. Yeah, we had Januar

Wingnut Wrapup

Yeah, I know, I promised to stop driving you crazy with all of this turgid garbage, now that the leaders of the Republican party have gone just as nuts as the online purveyors of wingnut nonsense, but I think it might be helpful to check in once in a while, to see what a thorough fantasy world Republicans have created for their followers, in which every single issue is turned on its head to make a seamless wall of delusion covering everything on earth. Today, I am going to draw from only two sources.  The first is Gateway Pundit, one of the most frequented right wing websites, that sees literally hundreds of thousands of viewers every day- over 666 million unique visits in 2021 (by their own claim, at least.)  This appears to be a great deal more than, let's say, Daily Kos, the number one liberal website in the country.  The other site is "Before it's News," a major aggregator of QAnon and right wing lunacy, which also receives millions of hits each month.  So, let

It Can't Be True, Can It?

A story from Crooks and Liars about a bill in Kansas seeking to make it a criminal offense to be homeless: "Arganbright, now the director of community engagement for the Kansas Statewide Homeless Coalition, and dozens of other Kansans who have direct knowledge of homelessness offered a rebuke to House Bill 2430. The only supporter of the bill was Judge Glock, senior fellow at the Texas-based Cicero Institute, which has advocated for the same legislation in other states." Judge Glock?  What the fuck?  Judge Glock...can this really be true?  Have we really entered the Twilight Zone?