It Can't Be True, Can It?

A story from Crooks and Liars about a bill in Kansas seeking to make it a criminal offense to be homeless:

"Arganbright, now the director of community engagement for the Kansas Statewide Homeless Coalition, and dozens of other Kansans who have direct knowledge of homelessness offered a rebuke to House Bill 2430. The only supporter of the bill was Judge Glock, senior fellow at the Texas-based Cicero Institute, which has advocated for the same legislation in other states."

Judge Glock?  What the fuck?  Judge Glock...can this really be true?  Have we really entered the Twilight Zone?


Infidel753 said…
I don't know about the Twilight Zone, but Judge Glock sounds like a comic-book supervillain who wandered in from an alternate universe.

Things aren't much better for homeless people here in Portland. They weren't much better in Berkeley CA when I lived there.

I've come somewhat close to becoming homeless myself a couple of times. Having seen what that means in practice, I'd kill myself rather than end up like that. Once you're homeless, you cease to be human in the eyes of many.
Green Eagle said…
I came close to being homeless myself, back in the early '70's. It didn't last long but the truth is, I came close to ceasing to be human in my own eyes. It was the worst experience of my life. If it's never happened to someone, I don't think they can possibly understand how swiftly it can ravage them. I suspect that a couple months of that could damage a person for the rest of their life.
Christ Davis said…
I was homeless for 16 years. Been domesticated for 23 years. I'm a little bent, but I came in that way.
Green Eagle said…
Okay then, Christ, only bent people are allowed here anyway.
Christ Davis said…
Yeah, I recognized my kind right away.
Jean Valjean said…
So thoughtful of them to put (prison) roofs over the heads of the homeless.

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