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Wingnut Wrapup

 Yeah, I thought I'd shovel along this pile of garbage before the weekend is over.  Sorry, but it's what I do. I thought I would start off with this wonderful graphic: This is from an allegedly American website, showing the noble knights from Russia and China defending the world against the mighty monster that is made up of the US, Britain, Germany, France and a couple of other presumed democracies that I can't identify.  It is just so representative of the smears and lies that are fed to right wingers every single day that I couldn't resist showing it to you. This brings me to something I have only done a couple of times in all the thousand or more Wingnut Wrapups I have written: link to a video.   Here is the graphic that accompanied that video: Apparently, there are two other parts of this execrable pack of lies, but this one was enough for me.  It is a compendium of the falsehoods on which right wingers justify Putin's criminal aggression against Ukraine, and es

Best Ukraine News I've Heard All Week

 "Putin has now taken day-to day-control of the conflict and delegated the running of Russia to the Prime Minister." Just great.  It should only be a few days now before he unleashes Army Group Steiner on his opponents.

Mister Republican

And who would that be?  Abraham Lincoln, the Republicans' first President, and universally regarded along with George Washington as one of our two greatest Presidents?  Hardly; within a couple decades of his murder by a Southern racist (i.e. what would today be called a member of the Republicans' base,) Lincoln had come to be mister everything-a-Republican-isn't. How about Senator Robert Taft who, in the fifties and sixties, was actually called "Mister Republican," by virtue of the fact that he was a total corporate tool in the mold of later Republican luminaries like Bob Dole or Mitch McConnell, and therefore above reproach?  No, I don't think he would earn the title these days.  Merely selling out to the rich without pandering to the hatred and greed of the Republican base hardly earns that title any more. And what about the obvious choice, the lying, criminal, traitorous bully that they managed to put into the White House a few years ago?  Well, he comes cl

Mainstream Press Turns on Ukraine- Chapter 3

 It's hopeless, don't you know?  Ukraine, just give up, already.  More today, from some jackass named Ishaan Tharoor, at the Washington Post: "Amid talk of World War III, diplomacy is losing steam" Says who? "The specter of nuclear catastrophe hangs over the Russian war in Ukraine, according to Russia’s own top diplomat. Speaking on state television earlier this week, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov warned NATO countries against sending armaments to Ukraine, suggesting that such support was “pouring oil on the fire” and increasing the risk of confrontation between nuclear powers. “Everyone is reciting incantations that in no case can we allow World War III,” Lavrov said, insisting that Russia in no way wanted to drift down the path of nuclear strife with what he dubbed the Western “proxy” forces battling Russian troops in Ukraine. But he added that the risk was “serious, it is real.” Oh, I see.  The Russian foreign minister says so, while threatening "nucle

A Great Comment

I think, from an article at Daily Kos.   It deals with a guess at the motives behind Vladimir Putin's behavior.  The article transcribes a lecture by Ekaterina Schulman, who is apparently a highly respected Russian political scientist, although I must confess I have never heard of her.  I earnestly recommend that you read this article, which I found frighteningly convincing.  And though she does not mention it in her lecture, to me one of the most frightening parts of the whole thing is that it could be equally applied to Donald Trump and the Republican party as it exists today.  And when you think of the leaders of the two most powerful military forces in the world today both thinking this way, you can get a glimpse of an apocalyptic future which is truly terrifying. I don't recommend things to read very often, but this is one of those times.  Please give it a look.

Things Green Eagle Cares Nothing About

 A. Elon Musk B.  Twitter A+B.  Elon Musk buying Twitter.

Mainstream Press Turns on Ukraine- Chapter 2

Truth is not stranger than fiction- in the end, they are the same thing. This time, an article from the New Yorker, featuring an interview with John Mearsheimer, essentially promoting the view that, with Russia and Ukraine, might makes right, and besides, it's all our fault anyway.  Here are some excerpts from this piece of trash, along with Green Eagle's usual hostile comments.  And yes, things like this do get the Wingnut Wrapup treatment, because they are just as abominable as any right wing delusion. So here we go.  Where you see Q: and A:, that refers to the interviewer's comments and Mearsheimer's. "what has happened with the passage of time is that we have moved forward to include Ukraine in the includes turning Ukraine into a pro-American liberal democracy, and, from a Russian perspective, this is an existential threat." Which part is an existential threat, being pro-American or being a democracy?  Either way, apparently these things are j

Wingnut Wrapup

 "Situation Update: Game Over! Trump Won!" Trump won what?  Asshole of the century award?  Anyway, that's what they say.  Before going farther here, I want to add this note:  Anyone who is foolish enough to remember any of the details of my Wingnut Wrapup posts lately, may have noticed that many of the claims below are repeated, week after week after week.  And when they never happen, nobody cares.  They just postpone the date when, for example, Hillary and Fauci are going to be executed, Republicans are going to get all of their taxes back, Trump is going to return at the head of a world-wide military government, and proof of all those thousands of eaten babies is finally going to be published.  I think that it is almost necessary to see this phenomenon play out to realize how little Republicans care about the truth, when it stands in the way of what they want.  And it is not about ignorance; they have all more or less voluntarily regressed emotionally to the state of a

Inevitably, Mainstream Press Turns on Ukraine

And here we go, down the rabbit hole of history: "Opinion: A negotiated peace is the only way to end Russia's war on Ukraine...There is only one answer to the war in Ukraine: a peace deal." By........, CNN.  And no, I will not mention the name of the writer of this sick opinon piece- let the entire network take the blame for it.   "The two-pronged US strategy, to help Ukraine overcome the Russian invasion by imposing tough sanctions and by supplying Ukraine's military with sophisticated armaments, is likely to fall short."    According to whom?  No mention of that, or why anyone would think that.  Let me point out that if our effort does "fall short," it will be because Republicans in Congress, in collaboration with their buddy Vladimir Putin, sabotage that effort.  "What is needed is a peace deal, which may be within reach." Peace deal.  No comment necessary.   "Yet to reach a deal, the United States will have to compromise on NATO,