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Yesterday was the hottest day in recorded history.  This story has gotten a fair amount of coverage, but I think that everyone should be aware of this fact.   We are on the verge of wiping out civilization, if not all human life on earth.  Still, deeply evil people accept money far dirtier than Judas' thirty pieces of silver, to spread propaganda that this is not happening.  These people are mass murderers, and they should be treated that way.

The Supremes

No, not those Supremes- the other ones.   I want to tell you what infuriates me about the coverage of our current Supreme Court problem, even most of the left-leaning coverage.   I hear endless talk about how the Supreme Court is dysfunctional, how it needs to be reformed.  This is absolutely wrong, because the problem is not with the Supreme Court, but with the Republican party, which has conspired for half a century to pack the court with corrupt Justices.  There would be nothing wrong with the Supreme Court if the people placed on it had the slightest commitment to the rule of law, but the six Justices that have been appointed by Republican Presidents do not.  No reform in the operation of the court can root out these criminals, or prevent the Republican party from replacing them with equally malignant characters. Consider what we have going on there now.  At the present time, five of the six Republican Justices have been implicated in suspicious financial transactions with people w

Student Loan Debt

 I have written virtually this same story before, but in light of the criminal decision by the six corrupt Republican Supreme Court Justices to prevent the Biden administration from doing a thing to help victims of out of control tuition fees at universities across the country, I want to repeat it. Here is something I found not that long ago when going through some old papers of mine: This is a term bill I received from when I was a graduate student at Harvard in the early eighties.  If you examine it, you will see that the tuition and health service fees for one semester amounted to $4,119.00.  Based on that number, the total tuition and health service fees for eight semesters of an undergraduate education at Harvard University would be $32,952.00.  For comparison, the annual out of State tuition for a student at UCLA this year is $43,473.00.  The annual tuition at a private university like, say Wellesley, is $60,752.00.  That would make an undergraduate degree at Wellesley over seven