Thursday, May 31, 2012


From the Washington Post:

"Mark Randall “Mack” Wolford was known all over Appalachia as a daring man of conviction. He believed that the Bible mandates that Christians handle serpents to test their faith in God — and that, if they are bitten, they trust in God alone to heal them."

God didn't come through with his end of the bargain, I'm afraid.  On Saturday, one of Mark's pets bit him, and he died.

"He was the kind of man reporters love: articulate, friendly and appreciative of media attention."

I'm betting he's not so articulate and friendly any more.

Now, if only we could convince the political equivalents of Reverend Mark to quit handling snakes like Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum, we could all avoid getting bit.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mitt Romney- Liar...Today's Example

                                                        Mitt Romney, Professional Liar

Well, here we go again.

Here's what Mitt had to say about Obama today, in his never-ending quest to lie his way into the White House:

"That stimulus he put in place, it didn't help private sector jobs, it helped preserve government jobs, and the one place we should have cut back was on government jobs. We have a 145,000 more government workers under this president. Let's send them home and put you back to work!"

Naturally, coming from Mitt Romney, this is totally false.  As usual, he is screaming out the standard right wing lie that the Obama stimulus did not generate a single private sector job.  Here's the truth, from

"...the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office released a report in August that said the stimulus bill has "[l]owered the unemployment rate by between 0.7 percentage points and 1.8 percentage points" and "[i]ncreased the number of people employed by between 1.4 million and 3.3 million."

If you care to read this in the original form, with data, here is the actual CBO report.  We don't tell lies here at Green Eagle, and we are happy to cite our sources.

Now about Romney's other lie, that we have 145,000 more government workers under Obama, playing into the endless Republican claims that Democrats are responsible for increasing the size of government.  In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, since Obama signed the stimulus into law, government employment has decreased by 608,000.

And meanwhile, what about the great job-creator Mitt Romney's success in generating jobs as governor of Massachusetts?  Here's a comment on that, from the Wall Street Journal:

"The Republican contender was the governor of Massachusetts from January 2003 to January 2007. And during that time, according to the U.S. Labor Department, the state ranked 47th in the entire country in jobs growth. Fourth from last. 

The only ones that did worse? Ohio, Michigan and Louisiana. In other words, two rustbelt states and another that lost its biggest city to a hurricane.

The Massachusetts jobs growth over that period, a pitiful 0.9%, badly lagged other high-skill, high-wage, knowledge economy states like New York (2.7%), California (4.7%) and North Carolina (7.6%). 

The national average: More than 5%."

On this subject, we have the classic Romney tactic that we see on issue after issue:  Bald faced lies belittling his opponent's record, coupled with bald faced lies attempting to put a positive spin on his own record.  The fact is, the Obama stimulus was highly successful in generating jobs and averting a total depression, while Romney was a miserable failure at job creation in his time as Governor of Massachusetts.

Romney and his surrogates are, of course, screaming that drawing attention to his record is some sort of dirty campaign trick.  And when that doesn't work, they are resorting to one of the most ludicrous claims in history:  that Romney's jobs record in Massachusetts doesn't count, because he inherited a bad economy.  This is, perhaps, one of the great examples of Republican chutzpah of all time.

Well, I'm afraid that I will be compelled in the next few months to point out this same stance on issue after issue:  A mass of lies from Romney about both Obama's record and his own, delivered with such unconcern for the truth that, after a while, you have to start wondering just how much of a psychopath we are dealing with here.  Get ready; it's only going to get worse, with the most abominable lies only coming in the last two months of the campaign, when the low information voters finally tune in.

And I hope I am not stretching your patience to add one more comment to this post:  I am not a professional historian or a researcher.  I have a full time job, and what facts I can dig up I find in my spare time, with the help of Google.  The Republicans' feigned ignorance of the most basic information about the state of our nation today could be remedied with a few minutes work.  They simply do not care about the truth, because it stands in the way of their endless struggle to slake their own greed and hatred.  They do not have a shred of concern for the damage that they do to others, as long as they get what they want; and it is, consequently, hardly surprising that they have chosen as their champion a man who made himself fantastically rich by destroying the livelihoods of thousands of other Americans.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

This News Just In

"Naked Man Eats Face of Other Man on MacArthur Causeway, Miami, Florida"

Rick Scott, where were you this weekend?

Why I Haven't Had Much To Say Lately

I really haven't been able to bring myself to post much the last few weeks, and here's why:  What earthly good does it do for one blogger with a few readers to speak out against a massive right wing propaganda machine that has crafted and is now using hundreds of millions of dollars to spread a completely false narrative about both what the Obama administration has accomplished the last four years, and about what Republicans will do if they take over?

Here, from Crooks and Liars, are some examples, taken entirely from last Sunday's talk shows, of the coordinated Republican lying which passes for news in the United States today.  Take a couple of minutes to listen to it:

Notice the obviously coordinated meme that Obama does not understand economics or Capitalism.  What you are hearing here is not a collection of various people with their own opinions- it is propaganda being spread in a systematic attack on the truth, by willing deceivers.

I think I need hardly tell the people that read this blog that the man who prevented a full-blown depression and generated millions of jobs is likely to know a little more about economics than the people who destroyed the economy and left town with the nation hemorrhaging eight hundred thousand jobs a month. Yet the lies go on, and the mainstream press, using a bogus cloak of supposed even-handedness, refuses to call the Republicans out on their endless prevarication.

Covering the 2012 election is going to amount to nothing but an endless repetition of this malign story.  I am already sick to death of it, and I promise you, the really vicious lying has not even begun.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Wingnut Wrapup

 The new thing in right wing circles this election season is "vetting."  Everywhere you go you hear this word.

The Cambridge English Dictionary defines "vet" as "to examine something or someone carefully to make certain that they are acceptable or suitable."  This is pretty much what I always thought the word means, but apparently it has a different definition for conservatives, for whom it seems to mean "to search high and wide for any lie that we can make stick to some Democrat, most likely Obama."  Here is a picture which has been circulating on the right the last few days, which seems to be part of their "vetting:"

Right wingers were really excited about this photo which was allegedly taken when Obama was at Occidental College, and which they claimed showed him with Bill Ayers.  That lasted until someone pointed out that Bill Ayers is 17 years older than Obama, and the white guy there is hardly 17 years old.  Well, then they "vetted" it again, and seem to be concluding that it has something to do with Obama having once smoked marijuana.  I am sure this story will solidify in the coming days.  Well, on to Tombstone.

The tourist attraction of Tombstone, Arizona lost a good part of its water supply in heavy rains last year.  Now, the Federal government is requiring that they follow environmental law in replacing the water lines, which pass through wilderness areas.  The conservative description of this, from a comment on Town Hall:

"Stalin murdered 3 MILLION Ukrainians by blocking shipments of food because of its opposition to Moscow; Gorbachev cut of the electricity to Lithuanuia when it wanted to be independent.

And now WE have marxist thugs who are essentially doing the same thing!"

Well, I guess we always knew that safe water was a Communist plot.

And now, two stories found at Town Hall, one after the other:

"Harry Reid: Republicans Are Already "Digging the Trenches" on Debt-Ceiling Debate...Does this man just live in la-la-land or what?"

"House Speaker Boehner reopens debt limit brawl"

I mean, what do you do with people who are this shameless?

J. Christian Adams:  "53,000 Dead Voters Found in Florida"

This is a really serious threat to the integrity of our electoral system.  Do you know how many of these 53,000 dead voters were found by Mr. Adams  to have voted?  Well, none, actually, but just ignore that fact.  They are clearly going to be getting out of their graves any day now, and lining up to cast their ballots.  And as we all know, the dead always vote Democratic.*  After all, which party helps people who don't have jobs?

And now this news:

"From PJTV, an In-Depth Interview with Dennis Prager"

God protect us.

Bob Owens:  "So You Want To Own a Gun (Part Three)”

Part three?  Just go to the gun store and buy it already.  How much help do you need?  Don't forget to get some bullets too.

Chris Adamo, Renew America:  “Can liberals "wish" socialist utopia into existence?”

Yeah, if you’d just get out of our fucking way, idiot.

Frank Louis, Renew America:  “President Obama: "I want everyone treated fairly in this country." Among other things...what does he mean?”

Well, here is what he means.  He wants everyone treated fairly in this country.  See, that wasn’t so hard to figure out, was it?

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "Classy!… Far Left ‘Recaller’ Screams “Walker, You Suck!” at POLICE MEMORIAL During Scott Walker Speech"

That's it.  That's what is so wrong with liberalism.  One guy yelled something.  Terrible, huh?

On the other hand, from the same day at Gateway Pundit:

"Protesters Interrupt Pro-Abortion Sebelius at Catholic Georgetown Commencement"

A very noble thing.

Madeline Crabb, Renew America:  "We know Barack Obama attended Harvard, and was president of the Law Review. With just those credentials, he could have obtained employment at countless top-notch law firms around the nation — maybe the world. Instead, he wanted to be a community organizer... The question many ask is why. It makes no sense"

Unless, of course, you believe it is a good idea to help your fellow man.  That would leave you out, Madeline, and all of your right wing compatriots, wouldn't it?

Bryan Darling, Town Hall:  "Are gun voters being taken for granted? Republicans control the House and self-styled pro-gun Democrats abound in the Senate. So why has neither chamber addressed any of the major gun rights issues awaiting resolution? "

Uh, because there are none?  Because the "threats" to the second amendment are just one more gigantic Republican lie to stir up the stupid?

James E. Miller, American Thinker:  "A Glimpse of What Privatized Roads Could Look Like"

Like This?

Town Hall:  "Newt: Bain Attacks "Didn't Work" For Me--They Won't Work For Obama Either"

Newt, having Jesus Christ stump for you wouldn't have worked.  Deal with it.

Newt Gingrich:   "Obama's a pretty bad venture capitalist, and remember, he's doing it with your money."

Yeah, Newt, Obama is a pretty bad venture capitalist.  The only time he tried it, he saved both of the companies involved, and he didn't even rip them off for tens of millions of dollars for himself.  This guy doesn't have a clue about venture capitalism.  

Luckily for us, he's got a pretty good grip on what he's supposed to be doing as President.  That's why the Republicans didn't quite succeed in causing another depression.

Donald Lambro, Town Hall:  "Obama Says Private Investment is Bad For The U.S. Economy"

Donald, listen and try to understand this:  Ripping companies off for everything they have and leaving them to go bankrupt is not what is traditionally referred to as "investing."

AWR Hawkins, Town Hall:  "Aborted Child Born Alive and Left to Die"

This happened in Vietnam.  That's why it's news.  In the United States, all babies are left by right wingers to die, after they are born, once they are no longer of any value for getting the ignorant and stupid to vote Republican.  Anyway, this story provided Mr. Hawkins an opportunity to tell one of the most disgusting lies you will hear in a long time:

"Had this terrible situation arisen in Illinois when Barack Obama was a state senator, it would have been illegal for doctors or nurses to try to save the child once it was discovered alive. "

Well, let's just move on from that.  Just wait, though- you are going to hear a lot worse before this election season is over.

Vicki Alger, Town Hall:  "Honor Veterans by Giving Their Children Better Education Options"

School vouchers.  Yup, if you are not for school vouchers, you are attacking the troops.  Take that, liberals!

Jackie Gingrich Cushman:  "I love my sister Kathy, but she also is an incredible inspiration to me -- and might be to you, once you hear her story."

She survived being raised by Newt?  That is amazing.

Robert Wargas, PJ Media:  "Please, Please, Please Call Me a Racist.  It's become a badge of honor."

Among Conservatives, Robert.  It's a badge of honor among Conservatives.

*This excludes, of course, people who are only brain-dead.  They vote Republican.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

The New Kincaid!

It's time to visit Green Eagle's Art Corner, for news of Trends in American Art Today!  I know how excited you culture vultures (or culture parrots, as the case may be) must be about this!

Despite that, Green Eagle is writing this post anyway.  So there.

Well, we were all so depressed a couple of months ago, when that towering master of American art, Thomas Kincaid, drank himself to death or something.  So it was with the greatest pleasure that Green Eagle discovered that God has already seen to our spiritual needs, and granted us a great American to take his place; a man by the name of  Jon McNaughton, in whom the spirit of Kincaid can be said to be soaring again, if admittedly not to such exalted heights.

Let's start by looking at a couple of Mr. McNaughton's artistic offerings:

Yes indeed, I think any astute art critic can see that the Kincaid force runs deeply within this man, coupled with the artistic ability of an eighth grader.  Praise the lord, he has provided for our higher needs once again!

However, needless to say, this man's ability to crudely replicate the work of a tenth rate commercial artist would hardly have justified his having received the coveted recognition of a Green Eagle post in his honor; no, it is his more spiritual work that has made him a favorite of a certain segment of our political spectrum, and a target of Green Eagle's interests, and it is to that work that we now turn.

Let's start with this historically accurate painting, combining, well, a third of the "talent" of Kincaid with the scope of a David:

Yes indeed, here, at long last, is a true portrayal of Jesus presenting the U.S. Constitution to the American people, while a bunch of liberals in the lower right corner look on in horror.  What could more accurately display the history and origins of this great document?

Now, how about this masterpiece?

Here we have a sad, but oh so accurate, portrayal of the fate that awaits the American people, wrapped loosely in chains and forced to listen to what appears to be Barack Obama imitating Frank Sinatra, while they scoop up free money.  Oh, the horror!  Barack, please, Green Eagle begs you, stick to Sweet Home Chicago!

And while we are on the subject, what ever has become of that Constitution that Jesus gave us?

Well, there it is, under Obama's foot, while the previous Presidents look on in horror!  Well, not all of the previous presidents- some, like FDR and Clinton are applauding Obama's dance moves.  And what are we to make of that poor schmuck on the bench, looking down at the money on the ground, and just too depressed to even pick it up?  I would have thought he was one of Obama's freeloaders, but then I noticed the color of his skin.  Maybe he's just upset about the phony birth certificate- who knows?

So, let Green Eagle leave you with one final artistic masterpiece by McNaughton:

What can we say about the majesty of this work, portraying some unknown black man who vaguely resembles Barack Obama (and nearly as much resembles George W. Bush) burning a large piece of paper, while getting ready to stick his finger in the flame?  That is, what can we say other than, "watch it, buster, your suit is about to catch on fire?"

Well, some of you out there may be familiar with the famous "Rule in M'Naughton," the 1843 British court decision which has, ever since, defined mental incapacity as a legal defense.  A mere coincidence that this guy's name is McNaughton?  Green Eagle thinks not.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Just a Thought

How long, do you think, before this guy

Completes his transformation into this guy?

Just wondering.

Monday, May 21, 2012

More Fiscal Magic from Bain Capital

I reported not too long ago about three companies that had the benefit of Mitt Romney's economic wizardry at Bain Capital, a sorry story if ever there was one.  Here's some more information, providing more detail about one of Romney's victims at Bain, the American Pad and Paper company, or Ampad:

"Ampad, an ultimately bankrupt company backed by Bain ...laid off all 250 workers at an Indiana factory it purchased in 1994 and added debt to its rolls for years after.

The company went into bankruptcy in 2000, holding a debt load of more than $400 million. Bain's return on its $5 million investment was $100 million.

Out of a debt load of $170 million owed to unsecured creditors, Ampad ended up paying out less than $330,000, the filings show.

That amounts to two-tenths of a cent for every dollar owed in that case."

There's more at the link as well as here, at Daily Kos, which helpfully makes the following point:

"Mitt Romney's Bain Capital took $20 profit for every dollar invested in Ampad. Creditors got $0.002."

If Obama and the Democrats do not make this THE central issue of this campaign, they are total failures as politicians.  Here, written small, and twenty years early, is the exact recipe for what caused the collapse of the American economy under the leadership of the last Republican president.  Mitt Romney is a poster child for the savaging of our economy by the hyper-rich, and it takes one hell of a lot of nerve for the Republicans to foist him, of all people, off on us as the solution to our problems.

If the Democrats can't make this simple fact clear, we are all doomed.

Update:  I want to offer you the following comment, from Buzzfeed:

"...according to a 2002 interview with former managing director of Bain Capital Marc Wolpow, Romney was directly responsible for Ampad’s layoffs...Wolpow said Romney was responsible for the business plan carried out by Bain in Indiana.”Mitt's employees executed that transaction,” he said. “We carried out the business plan. He was CEO of the firm.”

I am reprinting this because the current tactic which Republicans seem to be trying on is to claim that Romney was on a "leave of absence" or no longer active in the firm of which he was still President, whenever anything bad took place.  Given the squealing from the right whenever anyone brings up Bain Capital, the Republicans know perfectly well that Romney's career there reveals him to be a rapacious, sociopathic parasite, and they sure as hell don't want anyone looking into it.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Something We All Know

But the Republicans and the press will lie about every day from now to November.  As usual, I'm afraid, the Republican lie will win the day.

From Bloomberg (via Daily Kos):

"During an election-year clash over which U.S. political party has the best prescription for curing unemployment, Democrats can argue that almost two-thirds of private-sector job growth in the past five decades came with them in the White House. 

The BGOV Barometer shows that since Democrat John F. Kennedy took office in January 1961, non-government payrolls in the U.S. swelled by almost 42 million jobs under Democrats, compared with 24 million for Republican presidents, according to Labor Department figures. 

Democrats hold the edge though they occupied the Oval Office for 23 years since Kennedy’s inauguration, compared with 28 for the Republicans. Through April, Democratic presidents accounted for an average of 150,000 additional private-sector paychecks per month over that period, more than double the 71,000 average for Republicans."

And here is the pictorial evidence:

There is just not a question about which party does a better job of tending to our economy.  But it doesn't suit the rich to have the American people know that, so their bought-and-paid-for political party, and their bought-and-paid-for press will once again join in a campaign of lies to convince the American people to deliver their economy into the hands of criminals.  Once again, they will combine forces to sell us out to the greatest enemy this country has ever known- the rich.  And once again, economic salvation will be snatched from our fingertips, and it will be replaced with ruin.

In case you wonder what the Reagan-created merger of the Republican party and the press has brought us, consider this:

Since the successful elimination of a non-partisan press via Reagan deregulation, the very rich, have managed to seize a greater and greater part of this country's wealth, all the time screaming at us night and day that to challenge this monstrous reality and the ruin it has brought on this country, is to somehow thieve from the rich their due, which apparently consists of everything they can possible extort from the rest of us.

People have been mesmerized into forgetting that our country's time of greatest growth occurred when the top tax rates varied between 75 and 90%.  That was what was necessary to prevent the rich from destroying the balance of our economy and ruining the prospect of a better life for anyone but themselves.

These are not nice people. And Mitt Romney is a perfect specimen: a man who does not give a damn what misery he imposes on others if he gets what he wants himself, and who is content to see our entire way of life destroyed, to be replaced with some sort of savage peonage, as long as he escapes with his wealth intact.

But rest assured, this is all too complicated to present to the American people, so it will be replaced with the message that all we have to do to prosper is let the rich have everything they want; and that the result of the decade when the country allowed their stolen government to do just that was a mere illusion.

Friday, May 18, 2012

When Republicans Get a Little Too Blunt

Roger Schlafly, the son of right wing ur-pig Phyllis Schlafly, today at her website:

"WASHINGTON — After years of speculation, estimates and projections, the Census Bureau has made it official: White births are no longer a majority in the United States...

It is not a good thing. The immigrants do not share American values, so it is a good bet that they will not be voting Republican when they start voting in large numbers."

Like Jonah Goldberg, no one would have ever heard of this stupid scum if his mother wasn't such a vicious right wing hatchet swinger.  Maybe we shouldn't take it too seriously given that he got his job from mommy, but there it is:  Not Republican- not American.  You can't get too much plainer than that.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wingnut Wrapup

So little of note is going on in the world, that Green Eagle doesn't have much to do except to make fun of the mentally handicapped.   And here he goes:

Mitt Romney:  "Only in America could a man like my dad become governor of the state in which he once sold paint from the trunk of his car."

I guess when you're right, you're right.  It really would be hard to imagine anyone becoming the governor of Michigan in, say, France or England.

Republican Representative Joe Pitts, in a letter to a constituent this weekend:  “With the global war against terrorism, it is now incumbent on Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Yasir Arafat to clamp down on Palestinian extremists that have perpetuated violence and to restart a peace process that has collapsed.”

Good plan there, Joe.  Arafat died in 2004 and Sharon has been in a coma since 2006.  All that remains for us to discover is how long Joe has been in a coma.

Kevin Glass, Town Hall:  "Obama Congratulates Incoming French Socialist President"

This is a major outrage.  I don't have to explain why, but we all know that Mitt Romney would have put a bag of dog poop on the French Socialist President's doorstep and then lit it on fire.

Tom Blumer, PJ Media:  "April's Awful Jobs Report...It was worse than the seasonalized numbers indicate."

Of course it was!  Obama is President- everything is worse that the truth.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "After Years of Lib Politicians & TV Hosts Calling President a Dumb, Treasonous Liar – It’s No Longer Acceptable"

I just don't quite know how to explain this to you, Jim.  The guy they called a dumb, treasonous liar was a dumb treasonous liar.  That's why it was okay to call him a dumb, treasonous liar- it was true.  Our guy is not dumb, not treasonous, and not a liar.  Think about that, Jim, and see if you can figure out what changed.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "A black teen faces a third degree assault charge after a possible “knockout game” attack on Friday night."

Third degree assault- a misdemeanor in Jim's State of Missouri.  But he was a black teen, so the whole country needs to be filled with outrage about it.

Sher Zieve, Renew America:  "Obama: "2012 is make or break for American Marxism"

Oh yes, that's exactly what Obama said.  He says that all of the time.  He probably said it this time in an address to the eighty members of the Communist party who serve as Democratic Congressmen.  As usual, Sher has more to tell us:

"Wonder why those on-the-ground and black helicopter military drills and heavy equipment shipments (including hundreds of tanks and artillery) have been ongoing nationwide for months now? The answer strongly and, now, corroboratively seems to be that the Obama syndicate is planning to foment all manner of violence and civil disobedience (using his bought and paid for with our money "Occupiers," New Black Panthers and general mercenary roving mobs) in order to take our country and all of We-the-People down."

Well, he's already got eight people in the New Black Panthers.  He's off to a great start.

Joseph Farah, World Net Daily:  "Who was the first leftist?"

Satan.  Who else?  I'm not kidding.  That's what Joseph has to say.  Satan is the first liberal.  Go figure.

John Stossel, Town Hall:  "A child leaving home alone for the first time takes a risk. So does the entrepreneur who opens a new business. I no more want government to prevent us from doing these things than I want it to keep us in padded cells."

That's where we differ, John.  Having heard you speak out over the years, I think you should be kept in a padded cell.  Really, it would be best for everyone.

Ken Blackwell, Town Hall:  "Evangelicals Will Rally for Romney"

Of course they will.  They're stupid.

Tara Servatius, American Thinker:  "The Evidence:  Obama Is Undermining U.S. Troops in Afghanistan to Put the Taliban in Power"

Do I even need to mention the one thing there was none of in this article?  "The evidence."  None of that.  What a surprise.

M. Catherine Evans, American Thinker:  "Anti-Capitalist Obama Administration Targets Debt Collectors"

Debt collectors- our national heroes.  What could that abominable Obama administration be up to this time?  They are trying to prevent debt collectors from lying in wait in hospital emergency rooms, and when they find someone who owes their clients money, preventing them from getting health care until they pay up.  What a malicious attack on capitalism that is from the Obama administration.  Or as M. Catherine puts it:

"A developing corporate scandal involving Chicago-based Accretive Health has lots of class warfare potential.  Who can't sympathize with cash-strapped patients fending off heartless bill collectors?"

Who indeed?  Why, M. Catherine and her fellow conservatives, that's who.  What a surprise!  Or, as one of M. Catherine's commenters puts it:

"The past three years have been like an episode of Rod Sterling, "Twilight Zone" where you find yourself in a place that is alien to you"

Alien to me? A place where debtors can't get medical care?  Yeah, that's alien to me, although sad to say it's beginning to seem more familiar every day.  P.S. That's Rod Serling.

And now, the "They'll Try To Make A Scandal Out Of Anything" award for the day:

Jack Kemp, American Thinker:  "Why is Obama considering degrading our military dogs' training?"

Deep concern for possible future cuts in the training of military dogs, from someone who doesn't give a God damn if millions of children can't get health care.  American priorities, Republican style.


We'll see.  I still don't think it will explain why Conservatives can't tell the truth to save their lives.

Kate Hicks, Town Hall:  "Sister of Alleged Romney Bullying Victim Never Knew about the Episode"

Because if you were a closeted gay teenager who was beaten up because of that, the first thing you would do would be to run and tell your sister.

Town Hall:  "Romney to shift focus from gay rights to economy"

Romney's record:
Gay rights:  Beat a kid up
Economy: stole the jobs from several thousand people in order to make himself rich.

Mitt, just my opinion, but I think you might want to stick with the gay thing.

Guy Benson, Town Hall:  "New "Scandal:" Romney Pulled Pranks, Bullied Someone in High School"

Hey, he beat up some fag.  So fuckin' what?  Let's see Obama try to beat up a fag...he'd get his face shoved in.  Yeah, that's the real story, Obama is a pussy.  Prove me wrong, black boy...let's see you beat up a fag for once. 

Guy continues his sage analysis:  "Ed Morrissey has already written a pitch-perfect response to this piece.  He notes that (a) teenage boys sometimes do, well, "senseless, stupid, idiotic" things, and (b) this has absolutely nothing to do with the state of the US economy"

No, but it might just possibly have something to do with the nature of the alleged human being the Republicans want to put in charge of the country.  But I guess that's none of our business.  Now, back to three or four hundred articles about how Obama is a Muslim sleeper agent.

Rebecca Hagelin, Town Hall:  "Christians: Savagely Bullied"

Aah, at last, something about the real victims.  No details of any "bullying," other than that someone somewhere gave a speech.  But still, this is the real issue that we all need to be incensed about.  Beating up gay people, hey, they deserve it, right?

World Net Daily:  "Sheriff Joe demands Obama draft registration"

So fucking what?

John C. Goodman, Town Hall:  "Myths About Inequality...Because they do not seem to have any real solutions to real problems, the leftwing in this country has become fixated on a non-problem: inequality."

Not that inequality doesn't exist, mind you.  It's just not a problem.

Warren Beatty (no, not that one,) American Thinker:  Can Obama Learn from the Successful Economies? "Will Obama learn from Sweden?  Or will he cling to the European socialist economic model that is currently failing?"

Let's see, will we learn from Sweden, or will we try Socialism...what a difficult question.  Are these people as unbelievably stupid and ignorant as they seem?

Michael Ledeed, PJ Media:  "Touring Italy Offers Glimpse into the Future of the Obama Economy"

What, good food?

Monday, May 14, 2012

Breitbart Readers Show Their Class

Andrew Breitbart may be dead of a "heart attack"  (we all know that Obama personally clubbed him to death with a petrified homo leg,) but his spirit lives on in the hearts of his readers.  I thought you might like to see a selection of comments from one single post about Obama's stance on gay marriage.  Remember folks, this is the training ground from which our future Jonah Goldbergs and Michelle Malkins will emerge to provide Green Eagle with fodder for his endless squawking.  So here we go:

"Obama is no better than Hitler and his brown shirt thugs."

Well, we expected that one, didn't we? I mean, what would a right wing comment stream be without a little added Hitler?  Still, best to get it out of the way straight off.  And here is a great literary effort:

"What's wrong with being a HOMOPHOBE  ?
Since when did the gays and lesbians matter in this country....anyway.
Who even gives a < s**t > what they think.
About 99 % of them are Far Left Liberals who won't vote for Romney.
99 % of gays are Communists....just like Obama....and all his Hollywood buddies.
They shouldn't be allowed on television.
They shouldn't be allowed to teach their LIFESTYLE to our children.
They shouldn't be allow to even breathe the same air that we breathe.
They shouldn't even be allowed on this planet.
It's the Republicans are afraid to be labeled as RACISTS & HOMOPHOBES.
No. 1)    The Republicans aren't going to get any of the BLACK VOTE....anyway.
No. 2)    And, they aren't going to get ANY of the gay vote......PERIOD.
So why be concerned about it  ??
The gays are too stupid to realize how they are being manipulated by Obama.
All he wants is their < MONEY >.
I thought gays were supposed to be intelligent."

Wow...I think that's the whole 2012 Republican platform.

"Stop trying to paint republicans as "racist and homophobes".  Stop bending over, your Nancy Pelosi panties are showing."

And of course, it doesn't show you to be a homophobe when you accuse Obama of wearing women's panties, oh, no. 

"Obama will go down in history with Presidents like Wilson, FDR, and Johnson for his economic social agenda of progressive socialism for America.  The former United States Presidents were not Constitutional American Presidents."

Man, that would be a miserable fate- going down in history like FDR.  And didn't we know it all along?  "Constitutional" is a synonym for "Republican."

"Obama is the next step in the death of the America the Founding Fathers created. Today Obama utilizes all the tools that his predecessors left at his disposal."

"Using all of the tools that his predecessors left at his disposal:" isn't that called "governing?"

"By the way TNT... have you read the news about Obama's anti-bullying Czar? That guy is a bully of the worst kind"

Na na na na na, no, you are...

"There is a really bad script here, a bunch of wealthy people's spoiled children, turned 60's radicals (the Weather Underground), find a bright young black kid, brainwash him to appear as mainstream as possible, and once he is in office,  destroys the Capitalist Pig Machine from within, kind of like 'Manchurian Candidate.'

Funny, that's not what I remember that movie being about at all.  By the way, if by "a really bad script" you mean a very stupid idea based on infantile political thinking, well, you got that one right.

And, here is a response to a liberal remark:

"Someone needs to carve a swastika in your forehead, along with everyone else who votes Obama in 2012, so you all can be identified wherever you go."

Well, at least all we'd have to do is look for the people with no swastika to spot the homicidal lunatics.

"Obama has no record to stand on so all he can do is lie and lie and lie some more to all of his uneducated followers."

Obama has no record to stand on?  Well, may I helpfully suggest that he stand on a copy of Buddy Guy's "Five Long Years?"  I think that would be a good choice.

"I been telling people he's a thug, a racketeer, radical leftist, shake down artist, megalomaniac, scheister, race baiter, compulsive lier, amd presidental extortionist!"

 "Scheister?"  Is that the Yiddish  for "shyster?"

By the way, "You been telling people," huh?  You better watch it wit' dat, cause you talk dat way in Joisy and you're liable to leave da state wit' a couple of less fingers or somethin' buster.  You get what I'm sayin?  Yeah, I AM talkin to you. You got a problem wit' dat?

"This is what happens when you don't support "Dear Leader", that is until after the election then it will be off to the re-education camp.  They will take my gun from my cold dead hands."

That's okay- without a gun, what could you need your hands for anyway?

"These magots do not have a clue that private donars are just that....private.   Mahr and Soros are totally public figures."

Of course, because they give to Democrats.  They are fair targets for any kind of abuse.  Republican donors, on the other hand, come in for the Patriot Privacy exclusion.  Talk about them and their motives, and you are a traitor.

"There is a reason the Mexican borders are not shut down -- the drug traffic in Chicago would be impacted"

Oh, right.  That explains everything.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Bible Says It!

Deuteronomy 13,20,21 (King James version):

13 If any man take a wife, and go in unto her...
20 if..the tokens of virginity be not found for the damsel:
21 Then they shall bring out the damsel to the door of her father's house, and the men of her city shall stone her with stones that she die

This just makes so much sense to Green Eagle.  It is in the bible, after all.  I know that all of the righteous Christians that are so obsessed about some verse in Leviticus about gays are now going to do the right thing. I am confident that Newt Gingrich will lead the way, crushing Callista to death with rocks, as he certainly had knowledge that she was not a virgin when he married her.

Thanks to Tina Dupuy at Crooks and Liars for bringing this oh-so-important biblical passage to our attention.


There have been a number of stories like this one the last few days, about the Catholic hierarchy beating up on the Girl Scouts.  I know, it seems like something from Monty Python, but it is all too real, and it comes in succession to stories about the Vatican sticking it to nuns who want nothing but some measure of fairness for the people that Christ told them to care about; and on the heels also of you-know-what, which Bishops did everything they could to hide from the world.

Now, I'm getting damned sick of talking about this evil institution, but I do have a question to ask:  Not believing in these sorts of things myself, I'd like someone who does believe in Satan, demons, posession and all the rest of it, how they can possibly believe that the Catholic Church hierarchy has not literally become posessed by Satan.  What else could explain this endless succession of the most bestial behavior from the Church?

Oh, of course, there's the explanation that their whole religious rigamarole was never anything but a pile of malicious nonsense, and they were never anything more than a highly organized bunch of crooks out to do any damned thing they pleased.

Can anyone enlighten me?

Friday, May 11, 2012

Political Brilliance

I just want to comment on what I believe is one of the most magnificent examples of seizing a political opportunity I have ever seen- Obama's coming out in favor of gay marriage a couple of days ago.

Now, I am positive that we all knew how he really felt about the issue- he has simply spent years refusing to state it out loud, for legitimate fear of the feigned Conservative outrage that he would have to deal with.

Well, here is what I think happened.  A few days ago, Obama's people learned of the imminent revelation of the ugly incident in which Romney led a sickening assault against a gay student.  Obama saw a window in which he could make his position known, and have the whole issue be reported not as the holy Romney versus the Satanic pervert Obama, but rather as the bully Romney versus the nice guy Obama.  He seized the chance, and it worked.  The story about Romney cast him in such an unappealing light, that Conservatives have been totally unable to respond with their usual synthetic fury to Obama's statement, thus minimizing the damage that it did to him. 

Most all of us have had our differences with Obama, but I have to say, this was a stroke of political genius which bodes quite well for what Obama has in store for Mitt in the next few months.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Liberal Press Picks Its Side

One of an endless series of such stories, sad to say.

  So, driving to work the other day, I made the mistake of thinking that maybe that bastion of liberalism, NPR, might be less annoying than the mediocre music stations here in Charleston.  What I got was a story about the fight over keeping the interest rate on student loans at 3.4%, rather than doubling it.

Now, let's be perfectly clear about this.  What's going on here is that Democrats are trying to keep the interest rate low in a minor effort to see to it that people other than the children of the very rich can afford college.  Republicans are trying to do the exact opposite, not by honestly advocating raising the interest rate, but by claiming they want to keep it low, but only if Democrats will agree to savage cuts to other programs for the not-rich.  Then, when Democrats won't accede to this sort of mean-spirited punishment of the poor, Republicans claim that it is really they who were on the side of the students, while it was the Dems who sided with the rich.  This sort of cynical propaganda only works, of course, courtesy of a mainstream press that plays along with Republican talking points every time.

So, now let's look at how NPR treated this issue.  Here are excerpts from the Morning Edition piece I heard:

"Neither Democrats nor Republicans want to be blamed for a higher rate, but lawmakers can't agree on how to pay for keeping the rate from rising for future borrowers."

"Can't agree" meaning that Dems want to pay for it by closing a loophole in upper income tax collection; Republicans want to punish poor people by taking away preventive health care (actually, a major money saver) in return for this legislation:

"(A Republican Senator) doesn't want to pay for it the way Democrats propose they do — by closing a payroll tax loophole used by business owners. Instead, Republicans want to pay for it by eliminating a preventive health care fund.

"The student loan rate increase would effectively make college even less affordable for me next year," McCants says. "These additional costs may seem minimal compared to the fiscal budget or, frankly, the salary of a congressman, but they're a big burden to people like me who are economically disadvantaged."

Even the allegedly liberal Brookings Institution can't find any real substance here, or any sign that one party might be pursuing honorable goals, and the other one might not be:

"This small-policy issue that the president has made a big deal out of has, in many ways, been overblown," says Matthew Chingos of the Brookings Institution.

For Republicans and Democrats, Chingos says, it's just one more issue with which to attack each other."

In other words, the issue of whether anyone but the children of the rich can go to college is nothing but malicious political squabbling in which neither party holds any sort of high ground.

"Policy wonks who've been watching the political skirmish unfold also seem disappointed, especially after President Obama started pummeling Republicans with the issue."

So, the only person in this whole issue worthy of being condemned in public is not Republicans, who want to make economic life even more unfair in the United States, but President Obama, who is a bully who is "pummeling" Republicans over the issue.

In brief, here is the basic message of mainstream media coverage of our politics, as illustrated by this example:

First of all, every issue is about nothing but political power, and neither party advances positions which in any way are based on the good of the American people or any higher value (except of course, when Republicans pander to evangelical Christians.)  Democrats who oppose giveaways to the rich and wars of aggression are no better in any way than Republicans who do nothing but serve the rich and use our military to act out their manhood issues, at the cost of thousands of lives.

But second, even though this is true, it is always the Democrats who are "pummeling" the Republicans, unfairly trying to batter them into behaving like civilized human beings; for which outrage, the Democrats must be constantly condemned as the morally inferior party.

This is why the polling between Obama and Romney is essentially even, instead of about 95% for Obama, which it should be.  And let it be perfectly clear that the extreme dysfunction of the American press today is not an accidental occurrence; it all dates from Ronald Reagan's "deregulation" of the press, allowing it to be almost entirely bought up by huge corporations; an action taken with the participants knowing perfectly well that this is where we would end up, and regarding that as a desirable outcome.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mitt's Excellent Adventure at Bain Capital

Well, here comes the great businessman Mitt Romney, to run the country just the way he ran his company!  That, as we are going to hear incessantly, is exactly what we need to get our economy back on track, after Obama ruined it, back there in the couple of years before Obama was President.  We are going to have pounded into our heads the story that Romney's magnificent business success at Bain Capital demonstrates conclusively that the nation needs him in the White House.  Meanwhile, if the past is any indication, no one in the mainstream press is going to spend a minute trying to find out what really happened at Bain Capital as Romney made his huge fortune there.  So here is old Green Eagle to try to figure it out (pathetic, huh?), and here is what I have learned:

First of all, let's set one thing straight.  People keep calling Bain a "venture capital" firm.  This is false.  Venture capitalists find enterpreneurs and finance their compainies, hoping to make money when the enterpreneurs flourish.  That's not what Bain did.  What Bain did was to buy existing, often quite successful companies, strip them of everything but the wiring in the walls, and leave them to their fate, which was often bankruptcy.  The difference between a venture capitalist and Bain is the difference between a partner and a parasite.

So, let's look at three cases of companies that Bain took over while Romney was in charge.

The first is Armco Steel, a 100 year old Kansas City company that, when Romney bought them, was  setting production records.  Romney paid $8 million for this company, in addition to a borrowed $75 million, which became Armco's debt, not Bain Capital's.  He then immediately issued more bonds in the company's name and used the money to pay himself and his investors $36 million- four and a half times what they had just paid for the company.  In the process, within one year, he had saddled this formerly successful company with $378 million dollars in debt.

To cut costs, Bain stopped all company expenses, routine maintenance, equipment, safety- everything.

Within a few years, Armco Steel was out of business.  750 people lost their jobs, only to discover that Romney had removed $44 million from their pension fund; money which had to be made up by American taxpayers.   Workers lost their severance pay and promised health care benefits, and saw the bankruptcy court slash their pensions by $400 a month.  But all of the debt belonged to Armco, and Romney walked away with millions of dollars, having stolen many times his purchase price long before he let this firm collapse.

Here's another example, a company called American Pad and Paper:

"In 1992, Mitt Romney was running Bain Capital, a private equity firm. Bain Capital bought American Pad & Paper Co. (Ampad) for $5 million.

Over the next several years Romney's firm bled the company dry. Hundreds of workers lost their jobs. Stockholders were left with worthless shares. Creditors and vendors were paid less than 50 cents on the dollar.

Bain Capital, however, made money - and lots of it. The firm put just $5 million into the deal, but realized big returns in short order. In 1995, several months after shuttering a plant in Indiana and firing roughly 200 workers, Bain Capital borrowed more money to have Ampad buy yet another company, and pay Bain and its investors more than $60 million - in addition to fees for arranging the deal.

Bain Capital took millions more out of Ampad by charging it $2 million a year in management fees, plus additional fees for each Ampad acquisition. In 1995 alone, Ampad paid Bain at least $7 million. The next year, when Ampad began selling shares on public stock exchanges, Bain Capital grabbed another $2 million fee for arranging the initial public offering - on top of the $45 million to $50 million Bain reaped by selling some of its shares...while as many as 185 workers near Buffalo lost jobs in a 1999 plant closing, Bain Capital and its investors ultimately made more than $100 million on the deal."

And one final example, a medical technology firm called Dade International. 

"In the waning days of 1994, a small group of investors led by Bain Capital, including Goldman Sachs, paid $450 million for Dade. Bain invested about $30 million.

By 1998, Mr. Romney and his restless colleagues at Bain began looking for a way to cash out of the firm’s investment in Dade.

Bain settled on a common tactic in private equity: In April 1999, it pushed Dade to borrow hundreds of millions of dollars to buy half of Bain’s shares in the company — and half of those of its investment partners.

Bain pocketed the $242 million" 

On an initial investment of $30 million, remember.

"The total payout to shareholders reached $420 million — nearly as much as the purchase price for Dade.

At Bain Capital’s direction, Dade quadrupled the money it owed creditors and vendors. It took steps that propelled the business toward bankruptcy. And in waves of layoffs, it cut loose 1,700 workers in the United States...Bain... extracted cash from the company at almost every turn — paying themselves nearly $100 million in fees, first for buying the company and then for helping to run it. August of 2002, Dade filed for bankruptcy protection."

To sum this up:

Bain Capital “earned” $342 million from investing $30 million in the acquisition of medical technology firm named Dade International. Despite profiting by hundreds of millions of dollars from the deal, Romney’s company led Dade to bankruptcy, laying off thousands of workers throughout the country.

The irony is that this formerly successful company which Bain drove into bankruptcy recovered miraculously once freed of Bain's management, and was eventually sold to the German firm Siemens for a price in the billions. 

Now, let me make it clear that Bain didn't totally destroy every company it bought.  No, some of them, such as Staples and Dominos, were strong enough to survive the bloodsucking which was Bain's business model.  Still, Bain delivered an average annual return of 88% during the time Romney was there- an unbelievable amount given that Bain did absolutely nothing in the way of generating value, and existed solely to strip other companies of their assets.

And, above all, let us not forget that, if Mitt had not been born to a rich and powerful family, he would never in a million years have had the chance to land a "job" like this- a job that paid him $200 million in return for his service of destroying companies and their workers.  No, like George W. Bush's ownership of a baseball team, which paid him $15 million for doing absolutely nothing (except trading Sammy Sosa,) this is the work life of the insanely wealthy, and it is one more reason why people like this should never be permitted to have this kind of money and power. 

Well, there are some facts.  I found it helpful to consider all of this in result of a number of things Romney and his wife have had to say recently.  For example, Romney insists that poor mothers have to go back to work by the time their children are two, because otherwise they will not know the "dignity of work:"

Poor women, he said, shouldn't be given a choice, but instead should be required to work outside the home to receive Temporary Assistance for Needy Families benefits.

"[E]ven if you have a child 2 years of age, you need to go to work," Romney said of moms on TANF..."I said, for instance, that even if you have a child 2 years of age, you need to go to work. And people said, 'Well that's heartless.' And I said, I want the individuals to have the dignity of work.'"

Of course, Mitt Romney, who has not lifted a finger in gainful employment for ten years, and his wife, who has never worked at anything but riding expensive horses, don't need to learn the "dignity of work," because they are rich.

In fact, there is a word for this man: he is a sociopath, who does not give a damn for those who he harms, as long as he gets what he wants.  This sick, perverted person is the last thing we ever need running our country.  He should be in prison for life for the damage he has done, not in the White House.  Of course, the mainstream press is going to do everything they can in the next six months to ignore this fact, just as they ignored the ludicrous inadequacy of Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush, thereby doing their part to destroy the stability of this country.  Studies have already shown that press coverage of Obama is far more negative than that of Romney.  This is the same game the press have played for decades, and they are at it again, foisting off on the American people a morally bankrupt, vicious predator, because he is who the rich people want.

Monday, May 7, 2012

They're Just Competing With Each Other

To see who can possibly tell the biggest lie.

And a new challenger appears:

"Former Republican presidential nominee John McCain on Sunday advised presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney to selected a running mate that "he knows he could trust."

"The absolute most important aspect is if something happened to [Romney], would that person be well qualified to take that place?" McCain told ABC's Jake Tapper on Sunday. "I happen to believe that was the primary factor on my decision in 2008."

The press has spent so many decades collaborating with the Republican party to hide its miserable relationship with the truth, that John McCain feels free to stand in front of the American people and tell this malignant whopper about why he chose the execrable demagogue Sarah Palin as his running mate; and thus saddled the entire country with her presence ever since.

Where is the universal press jeering that should rightfully accompany this ludicruous falsehood?

Nothing but Lies

The deliberate falsehoods from Mitt Romney continue:

"Romney falsely claiming Bush had better job growth than Obama...

As Paul Krugman notes in the NYT, Romney is promising 500,000 jobs a month by returning us to the economic policies of the "wonderful" Bush years.

As Business Insider shows, even excluding the disastrous final year, Bush only generated an average of 65,000 jobs per month - compared to 131,000 per month under Obama. If you count everything, the number was an anemic 20,000."

20,000 jobs a month.  Just the sort of magnificent performance that shows exactly what Republican stewardship of the economy really means.

Romney and the Republicans continue to fabricate a totally fictitious narrative about what happened during both the Bush and Obama administrations.  It is all they have, since no one who knows the truth would ever vote for Romney (unless, like Romney, they are massively rich, and they think that another economic collapse would never hurt them personally.)

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Wingnut Wrapup

And here we go again- our little foray into America's own sinkhole of mental degeneration, otherwise known as the Republican party.

Let's just start off with a perfect example of the thrust of the coming Republican presidential campaign:

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit FEATURED STORY:  "Obama’s New Campaign Slogan “Forward!” Is a Hitler Youth Marching Tune"

Good point there, Jim.  We get what you are trying to tell us.  Of course, "Forward" was also the name of a famous Yiddish newspaper:

 Man, imagine the Nazi propaganda that must be right in front of our eyes, if only we could read Yiddish.

I wonder how that fits into your theory.  Maybe people who spoke Yiddish were Nazis too.  Think about it and get back to us with your conclusions.

And let's follow that offering of Jim's with possibly the most preposterous right wing lie of the month:

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "Horror!… Neo-Nazi #Occupy Phoenix Protester Goes On Shooting Rampage – 5 Dead"

Yes, J.T. Ready, a life long Republican who ran for State office on the Republican ticket, a member of a right wing militia, an open neo-Nazi, a close associate of some of the top Republicans in the State of Arizona, including Russell Pearce, the Republican who wrote the infamous Arizona anti-immigrant legislation, the founder of an anti-immigrant border "guard," is actually a left wing #occupy member.  Oh well, I guess we should be thankful for small things.  At least Hoft didn't embrace this guy as a brave fellow Conservative who died a martyr to the cause when he murdered four family members before killing himself.

Moe Lane, Red State:  "    Q. “Should student loans be priced differently according to major?”  A. Yes...Because Life Is Not Fair."

Hey, there it is in black and white!  The Republican answer for everything.  "Q. Should rich guys worth $200 million pay a lower tax rate than you?  A. Yes...Because Life Is Not Fair."  "Q. Should you lose your social security and medical coverage so the Koch Brothers can be worth another $20 billion or so? A. Yes...Because Life Is Not Fair."  "Q. Should Republicans be allowed to destroy the economy, and then get back into power four years later?  A. Yes...Because Life Is Not Fair."  See? We can understand it all now.

Katy Kieffer, Town Hall:  "Your doctor won’t tell you this when you’re sitting in his office, so I will: He hates Obamacare."

Yes. folks,every doctor in the United States is in on the conspiracy, and not a single one of them will tell the truth.  I guess they learned this behavior from those crooked climate scientists, or maybe the Mafia guys in all those old movies.

Lisa DePasquale, Town Hall:  "Over the years I’ve noticed that converts to the conservative cause seem to make the most effective leaders"

The ones that were conservative from the beginning are still trying to learn to tie their shoes.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "Now You Know… New Research Shows Wind Farms Cause Global Warming"

If you believe that one, you don't follow Jim very closely.  Just one more creative lie from one of the masters of the art.

Abraham H. Miller, PJ Media:  "Drawing the Wrong Lessons from the Rodney King Riots..."Root causes" are nothing more than another series of liberal myths."

Of course they are.  Those riots weren't about injustice, no...they were nothing but the natural behavior of animalistic, savage Negroes.  Every Conservative knows that.

Pam Geller, American Thinker:  "Obama 2012: Stealing Bush's Legacy"

Don't you worry your little head over that, Pammy.  Bush's "legacy" is secure forever.  Wars of aggression, economic collapse, torture, colossal military blunders, corruption beyond anything ever seen in Washington before- no, Pammy,no one can take that legacy away from Bush.  Count on it.

Katie Pavlich, Town Hall:  "Veterans Group Slams Obama:  Veterans for a Strong America, a non-partisan veteran and military support group, is hitting President Obama for "spiking the football" on the one year anniversary of Osama bin Laden's death."

Non-partisan...The only thing that I have been able to discover about "Veterans for a Strong America" is that it is headed by someone named Joel Arends.  Here's Joel:

"Arends is listed in May 2007 as a paid staffer for Republican 2008 presidential hopeful John McCain.[5] At an August 8, 2007, O'Brien County Republican Summer Gala in Paullina, Iowa, Arends was described as "now a surrogate for Senator McCain's campaign".

Arends, "who unsuccessfully ran for the Iowa [Statehouse] while living in Sioux City in 2000",[4] is cited in an August 14, 2007, e-letter as National Field Director of the pro-war in Iraq Republican front group Vets for Freedom.

Also in August 2007, Arends was identified as the replacement for Craig Dewey as Americans for Prosperity's South Dakota Assistant State Director."

Americans for Prosperity is a front group funded by the Koch brothers.  Non-partisan.  Uh huh.

Town Hall:  "Romney: Obama shouldn't use bin Laden in campaign"

Of course, Romney doesn't want Obama to use anything in his campaign.  He should just lay there and let Romney and his right wing thugs spread endless lies about him.  That's the only way that a Democrat should be allowed to campaign for re-election.  Now, here's a perfect example of unfair Democratic tactics:

Town Hall:  "Obama ad accuses Romney of outsourcing US jobs"

Telling the truth!  That should be clearly out of bounds.  You will never catch Mitt stooping to such a thing.

Allen West:  "Obama “has never served his country in uniform, or risked his life to defend its freedoms and liberties on distant shores.”

Of course, he also wasn't kicked out of the military for committing war crimes, Allen.

Unlike you.

And now, a couple of harbingers of the nauseating level on which the Republicans are going to conduct their campaign for President:

Daren Jonescu, American Thinker:  "Does it bother you that the most powerful man on the planet was a longtime drug user?  Does it bother you that he has attempted to use his drug abuse to gain credibility with young Americans?  Does it bother you that his acknowledgment of having been a serious drug user has been given a pass in the news media?"

Oh, I don't know.  A "serious drug user"  who overcame his problem, whatever it was, to earn a law degree from Harvard, become a law professor, a State Senator, a U.S. Senator and President.  Don't forget that part.  And by the way, does it bother you that Romney destroyed thousands of jobs so he could get $20 million a year for doing nothing while his wife raises dressage horses?  "Obama Launches Campaign in Empty Arena "

Well, empty except for the 14,000 that showed up:

"The Obama campaign told reporters the president drew 14,000 to his first rally of the day in Ohio and 8,000 to his rally at VCU. While the Ohio speech left about 4,000 empty seats in the arena on the campus of Ohio State University, both crowds dwarfed anything Romney’s been able to draw so far."

Just in case you'd like to see for yourself, here's a picture of the Obama rally:

You might like to contrast this with the following picture of a recent Romney rally in Michigan:
Well, I guess that really shows what a failure Obama is.  Keep believing your own hype, guys, and see how that works out for you.  "Obama Urges High School Students to Lobby Congress"

The nerve!  Only rich people have a right to lobby Congress.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "Obama Knew About OBL’s Hideout in Abbottabad Since Summer of 2010 – Refused to Act Until May"

And then he acted.  You forgot to mention that part, Jim.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Republican War on Truth Takes Another Downward Step

Courtesy of the Koch Brothers' Heartland Institute.  Here is an excerpt from a press release concerning a new propaganda offensive of theirs:

"The people who still believe in man-made global warming are mostly on the radical fringe of society. This is why the most prominent advocates of global warming aren't scientists. They are murderers, tyrants, and madmen."

 And of course, the 99% of climate scientists who have not been bought off by energy companies, but they are hardly worth mentioning, are they?  No, it's not enough that these liars spew endless propaganda claiming that the clear science is wrong.  Now, global warming proponents are murderers and madmen.

In furtherance of their claim, Heartland is contributing to our election season by erecting billboards around the country featuring Charles Manson, Ted Kaczinski, Fidel Castro, Osama Bin Laden, and who knows who else before they are done, as the world's foremost proponents of global warming theories.  Here's the first one:

Is it possible to even express in words how impossible it is to have a meaningful discussion of the issues when this is what the other side is producing?  This represents a deliberate attempt to drag all consideration of major issues into the gutter, where the most violent, belligerent, shameless argument wins.

And it's only early May.  The Republicans have barely begun to warm up yet.

(Just to remind you of the truth:)

Friday, May 4, 2012

Gutless Worm

Ted Nugent, talking about his recent run-in with the Secret Service (and no, they weren't trying to buy his sexual services):

"I feel sorry for liberals who can be that brain dead as to take a clear statement of fear on my part and turn it into a threat against somebody else," Nugent explained."

Fear.  Little baby Teddie was afraid!  The guy who didn't think Hillary and Obama had anything to be afraid of when he waved an M16 around and threatened to shoot it off in their mouths.  The guy who feels free to strut around on stage and threaten the life of the President.  Teddie is afraid.  Of what?  Who in God's name knows?  Does he think things are going to finally catch up with him and the Government is going to put him in prison for degrading the world of popular music?  Or does he think they might rub him out because he is a gigantic right wing asshole?

Well, let me tell you what, you whiny baby, if the government does start doing that, there are so many right wingers ahead of you in line that you will be using a walker and forgetting your kids' names before your turn comes. 

Ted Nugent, besides being a miserable musical has-been, is also a loud-mouthed coward.  In other words, a perfect Republican.

But Wait- There's More!  Here is the entire coverage of an interview that Teddie had with a network reporter today. If you can't take much of it, start at about the five minute mark and watch about the next minute.  The two remarks that were bleeped out were Ted offering to perform oral sex on the interviewer and an unseen producer:

  Ted Nugent is a psychotic, sick, violent bastard.  The same press that managed to generate a week's abuse out of some remark made by one Hilary Rosen, a CNN employee with nothing to do with Obama, apparently doesn't feel that it's worth showing any indignation over this sort of thing, from someone whose endorsement was sought out by Mitt Romney.  This is a sign of the rules under which the press has decided we should have our Presidential election.

Stories We Don't Want To Know Any More About

Today's edition:

"Parasites wage war against zombie-ant fungus"

If this isn't a pitch for a movie, I'm covering my ears.

Creative Revisionism Continues

And here is a new blast from Colin Powell:

"Colin Powell says his erroneous address to the United Nations about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction provides a lesson to business leaders on the importance of staying skeptical and following their intuition.

“Yes, a blot, a failure will always be attached to me and my UN presentation,” the former U.S. secretary of state writes in a new book of leadership parables that draws frequently on his Iraq war experience. “I am mad mostly at myself for not having smelled the problem. My instincts failed me.” 

Well, here is what I have to say about this particular load of crap.  I remember watching Powell deliver this address on TV, and I remember knowing as he was saying it that it was nothing but a pack of lies.  And I'm no expert.  Anyone who listened to what Powell had to say and really paid attention to it must have seen through it instantly. 

Powell knew he was lying when he delivered that address, and he knows he is lying now.  His fault wasn't trusting the wrong people, it was collaborating in a criminal war of aggression.  He'll be really happy if we let him plea bargain his monstrous crime down to the misdemeanor of being stupid, but no one is buying it here at Green Eagle.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Flip Flopper?

I want to correct a false impression left when people refer to Mitt Romney as a "flip-flopper."

This term implies that someone is a person of weak convictions who changes his beliefs whenever it is convenient.

Sorry, folks, Mitt Romney doesn't have any beliefs.  He doesn't flip-flop.  He tells whatever lie he thinks will serve his purpose at the time.  None of it represents a shred of reflection or conviction.  None of it represents anything more than what he thinks will get himself what he wants.

Like the Mitt Romney who will destroy companies and their employees to make himself rich, he doesn't give a damn what damage he does to others as long as he enriches himself; and as a politician he cares no more for truth and falsity than he cares about other people's jobs.

Like I said, that's not a flip-flopper, it's a liar.

Probably The Most Exciting News in the Last Five Hundred Years


"Beyoncé and Jay-Z May Appear in Kim Kardashian Reality Show"

My life is complete.