Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Greatest Ever Commander Speaks!

Greater than Caesar!  Greater than Napoleon!  Greater than Nobunaga or Hideyoshi!  Greater than Alexander!  Greater than Genghis Khan!

That would be this guy, according to today's declaration of war against the United States and South Korea- a fat, petulant 29 year old with exactly zero military experience:

 As they say:

"They should clearly know that in the era of Marshal Kim Jong Un, the greatest-ever commander, all things are different from what they used to be in the past."

Okay, here is what is really going on behind this ridiculous bluster:  North Korea is a country that keeps its entire population in near starvation while it devotes practically all of its resources to its military.  Anyone with the slightest experience with dictators knows perfectly well that a large part of those resources are siphoned off into the pockets of top-level politicians and military leaders.  Kim himself is said to have five billion stashed overseas.

Kim's main job as "leader" of the country is to keep his people so petrified by the thought of invasion that they put up with this theft of their resources.  He knows perfectly well that if he fails at this simple task, he will disappear within days, at the hands of his own generals, who have no intention of seeing the gravy train come to a halt.  All of his belligerent talk is directed at his own people, not the outside world.

There is one problem, however, with this otherwise comforting news.  We are talking about a coddled 29 year old that has people all around him telling him that he is the military genius of the ages, in a country that, like the United States, undoubtedly has its share of Neocons urging him into any hopeless war that comes along.  In the hands of a Bismarck, or even a Kissinger, we could easily afford to write off all the fuming.  But in this case there is the outside chance that things could slip out of control, the North could engage in one provocation too many, and the game would be on.  Even Hitler made this mistake when he invaded Poland, and to his great surprise, Britain and the Soviet Union entered the war.  And anyone familiar with the manner in which country after country were sucked into World War I knows what the result could be.

Any real military action on the part of  North Korea would quickly result in its decimation and the destruction of its government.  But that would likely not come before horrible loss of life in South Korea, and possibly Japan too, and immense suffering in the North.  So as ludicrous as the behavior of the North Korean government is, they are playing with a loaded gun, and it could go off at any time. 

Friday, March 29, 2013

This Guy, As Usual

"Over the past few weeks, there has been a remarkable change of position among the deficit scolds who have dominated economic policy debate for more than three years. It’s as if someone sent out a memo saying that the Chicken Little act, with its repeated warnings of a U.S. debt crisis that keeps not happening, has outlived its usefulness. Suddenly, the argument has changed: It’s not about the crisis next month; it’s about the long run, about not cheating our children. The deficit, we’re told, is really a moral issue. 
There’s just one problem: The new argument is as bad as the old one"

Just go and read it.  It's no wonder that the Obama administration, devoted to the interests of Wall Street as they seem to be, won't let him anywhere near a position where he could take any action.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Only Story That Counts

The press sure is full of stories about gun registration, gay marriage and immigration these days.  Of course, that doesn't leave much room for a story that got a little attention recently but is already on its way to being forgotten forever.  And here it is:

"Income Growth For Bottom 90 Percent Of Americans Averaged Just $59 Over 4 Decades:  Incomes for the bottom 90 percent of Americans only grew by $59 on average between 1966 and 2011 (when you adjust those incomes for inflation)"

Fifty nine dollars.  That's what upward mobility has to offer American workers in return for a life of labor- fifty nine dollars.

I've never taken to putting things in bold text before, but I am making an exception here, because there is not one single fact which indicated the miserable degradation which has overtaken our country over the last forty years or so.  In the same forty years, the GDP (inflation adjusted) of the United States has gone from $1.49 trillion to 14.99 trillion- an almost exact tenfold increase, absolutely none of which has gone into the pockets of the bottom 90% of Americans (well, except that $59.00, which I am sure is much appreciated.) In the meantime, the inflation adjusted income for the top 1/100 of 1% of the population has increased by an average of $18,362,740.00, or just over 311,000 times the income increase of the lower 90%.  

In roughly the same time (1973 to 2010), productivity per worker went from  $64,000 to $148,000, an increase of 2.31 times, not a shred of which went to American workers; the entire amount went to corporations and their owners:

Here is some more about this situation, from David Cay Johnson*, on whose research this post is largely based:

"Incomes and tax revenues have grown from 2009 to 2011 as the economy recovered, but an astonishing 149 percent of the increased income went to the top 10 percent of earners.

If you wonder how that can happen, the answer is simple: Incomes fell for the bottom 90 percent."

"the top 1 percent of the top 1 percent, those making at least $7.97 million in 2011, enjoyed 39 percent of all the income gains in America. In a nation of 158.4 million households, just 15,837 of them received 39 cents out of every dollar of increased income."

This is the story of the United States today- the story of the thieving of the entire wealth of the country by one ten thousandth of the population, aided and abetted at every step by a Republican party and far too many Democrats too (sad to say, Obama is one of them) who refuse to hold the thieves responsible in any way for the damage they have done and intend to keep doing in the future.

In the meantime, of course, corporate profits have surged to record heights, but anyone who dares to suggest that some share of those profits belongs to the workers is screamed down as a Socialist or Communist.

This situation is exactly analogous to something that happened in the 1920's and which was a significant factor in the 1929 economic collapse and the Great Depression which followed.  I want to quote here from The Crisis of the Old Order, by prominent historian Arthur Schlesinger: 

"The output per man-hour rose about 40 percent during the decade.  The central economic challenge was to distribute the gains of productivity in a manner that would maintain employment and prosperity.

By the rules of orthodox economics, the reduction in production costs should have brought about either a reduction in prices or a rise in wages, or both...Denied outlet in lower prices because of accumulating rigidities, the gains of technological efficiency were equally denied outlet in higher wages...because of the bargaining feebleness of the labor movement...As a result these gains were captured by the businessmen themselves in the form of profits.  Through the decade, profits rose 80 percent as a whole, or twice as much as productivity; the profits of financial institutions rose a fantastic 150 percent.

The increase in profits naturally pushed up the prices of corporate securities...As the twenties proceeded, the stock market sucked off an increasing share of the undistributed gains of industrial efficiency...the diversion of the gains of efficiency into profits was bound to result in a falling off of the capacity of the people as a whole to buy."

I hardly need to state that we have experienced the same thing in recent decades.  A consequence of this is the collapse that occurred in 2008.  We were lucky this time: after the 1929 collapse, the country had to wait three and a half years before a Democrat could enter the White House and begin to repair the damage done by Republicans; this time we only had to wait three months.  As a result, we avoided the worst of what happened in the thirties, but our economy is still polluted with the disease of Republican economic cant, so we are not yet out of the woods.  If Obama, Harry Reid, et. al. continue to allow this malignant imbalance to continue, we are doomed to repeat the story of the Great Depression; only today our country lacks the industrial base that enabled the United States of the thirties to return to economic stability.  This time, the result is liable to be our final descent into third world status, and the wiping from the earth forever of the promise that the United States represented for over two centuries.

Yes, I am all for equality for gays and lesbians, all for rational gun rules, reformed immigration policies.  But none of these issues involves the deliberate destruction of the lives of nine tenths of the American people, and the crushing of the hopes of their children.  And I, for one, am not willing to take gay marriage as a sort of consolation prize for having the hopes and dreams of American workers, the promise that our country has always represented, shattered. 

*"David Cay Johnston received the Pulitzer Prize for his coverage of tax policy while at The New York Times. He now teaches at Syracuse University College of Law and is the author of three books about taxes -- Free Lunch, Perfectly Legal, and The Fine Print."

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Wingnut Wrapup

The wackos have been pretty active the last few days.  I'd think it might be the arrival of the spring mating season, but really, the thought of these guys reproducing is enough to put me off my feed for days.  So, I'll just get on with ruining your day as usual:

Tom Tancredo, World Net Daily:  "The suicide of the Republican Party"

The greatest news I've heard in years!  Oh wait, it's only one more right wing jackass blabbing about nothing.  Never mind...

Craig McMillan, World Net Daily:  "Is 'Y2K' still looming?"

No, Craig, it happened about thirteen years ago, if I remember correctly.  Still, not so bad- a Conservative who is only 13 years behind the time.  Most of them are still stuck around 1823.

Thomas Lifson, American Thinker:  "Sandstorm disrupts Obama's Holy Land travel...It is a certitude among modern intellectuals that only rubes believe in signs and portents."

And what do you make, Thomas, about the fact that the last two Republican Presidential Conventions were hit by hurricanes?  Thomas explains:

"As the above still from the hit movie, The Mummy illustrates, a certain superstitious (if you will) awe at the forces of nature, and how they sometimes seem to be sending us messages, is deeply embedded in our consciousness. For the entire history of civilization, people have been reading signs and portents."

You know what, Thomas?  I'm seeing a sign that you need to seek mental health counseling. A still of a CGI storm from a movie really doesn't prove that much except that you need to grow up.  Try it some time.

Mark Steyn, National Review:  "Shortly after Gulf War One, when the world’s superpower assembled a mighty coalition to fight half-a-war to an inconclusive halt at the gates of Baghdad, Washington declined to get mixed up in the disintegrating Balkans. Colin Powell offered the following rationale: “We do deserts. We don’t do mountains.” Across a decade in Iraq, America told the world we don’t really do deserts, either."

Oh, we do deserts all right, Mark.  We just do them really badly.

Paul Joseph Watson, Infowars:  "President Barack Obama is now the global head of Al-Qaeda – bankrolling, arming and equipping terrorists around the world in order to achieve his administration’s geopolitical objectives...Since it has now been established that those merely suspected of engaging in terrorism, including US citizens, are subject to targeted drone strikes, under the terms of his own prosecution of the fake war on terror, Obama must immediately order a drone strike on the White House."

Obama is the head of Al Qaida!  I bet you didn't know that.  No wonder he had Osama Bin Laden killed- Obama will do anything to grab the top spot.

Benjamin Fulford, Fourwinds10:  "...let us re-cap the New World Order moves towards a fascistic world government in 2009. It started with the inauguration of Barack Obama as president. At first everybody was hopeful but, it did not take long for the truth to sink in. Obama was a Nazi puppet..."

And here I was just getting convinced that he was the head of Al Qaida.  Man is my head spinning.  And that's not the worst of it:

Benjamin Fulford:  " the Basilica of St. John the Baptist, the Pope's personal church, there is an image of Christ on the cross. Above that image there is a triangle with an eye in the middle. It is as if they are saying "we are the ones who tortured Christ to death."  Furthermore, after closing hours, the church is used, as I mentioned in my blog, for pagan ceremonies, including worship of Mythraeus the Bull, Sun worship and other pre-Roman ceremonies. When Pope John Paul the 1st confided to an aide he was going to purge the non-Christian illuminati from the Church, he was found poisoned to death in his bed the next morning.

Later Henry Kissinger presided over a black mass at that church to commemorate this event."

Boy, that must have been one hell of a party.  So sorry we missed it.

And now, the easiest question in the world to answer:

"Pravda:"  "Was Stalin worse  than Truman and Roosevelt?"

I'll leave you to figure that one out on your own.

Michael Walsh, PJ Media:  "Mike Bloomberg, Liberal Fascist...That’s New York City nasty little fascist mayor..."

Man, don't take away their 32 ounce Cokes or they get really cranky.

Selwyn Duke, Renew America:  "Treasonous Obama strikes again"

No need to even report what this is about.  Just the usual right wing garbage.

Larry Klayman, Renew America:  "This week was a "potpourri" of hypocrisy and fraud, not that this is anything unusual these days... there was the dog and pony show put on by both President Barack Hussein Obama and the President and Prime Minister of Israel, Shimon Peres and Benjamin Natanyahu – a shameless display that sought to effectively defraud the Israeli people, and Jews and Christians in the United States and throughout the world."

Can't stand it that Obama went over there and even your buddy Netanyahu treated him like a friend of Israel, huh, Larry?  So now, Netanyahu, up until a couple of days ago the right's favorite ruler in the whole world, is nothing but a shameless fraud. 

Anonymous commenter on Before It's News:  "IF americans knew how many children were given to the aliens for food,testing and other things ,BY THE GOVERNMENT RUN WELFARE PEOPLE,they’d shut down every welfare office in america tomorow"

Welfare- an alien plot!  How could we have not known that all along?  It seems so obvious when you explain it that way.

Before It's News:  "Rabies Outbreak After Meteor Strike In Chelyabinsk...Rabies Outbreak Across World Linked To ‘Vile Stars’?

Vile stars?  You mean like Lyndsay Lohan?  Man, I'm not getting within biting range of her.

Tom Blumer, PJ Media:  " 'Seasonally Adjusted': Is Housing Market Improving, or Not?...Five years of the Obama economy render the government's seasonally adjusted numbers virtually worthless."

A comment on the vastly improved housing numbers, brought to you by the guys who told you that polls showing Obama was going to win were way, way off.

World Net Daily:  "Locusts swarm Israel on Passover eve"

And damn, they didn't even make reservations.  I hope there's enough matzo for everyone- those guys are big eaters.

World Net Daily:  "Local cops face ammo shortage as DHS stocks up"

Of course it wouldn't have anything to do with crazy right wingers hoarding ammunition so they can shoot at police and soldiers to prove their patriotism.  No, as usual, it's all Obama's fault.  And I suppose it never occurred to ammunition manufacturers to make more bullets if people wanted more- no, that would probably involve hiring someone, and the last thing they want to do is see the economy improve.

Susan Stamper Brown, Town Hall:  "Concentration Camps, Abortion Clinics, and Selective Ignorance...The "nothing to see here" mentality is as dangerous today as it was during the Holocaust. We have a culture full of conscience-seared Americans who devalue human life to the point the whimpers of slaughtered children on abortion tables in Philadelphia are muffled out by the selfish cries of those demanding "convenience" and "choice," and ignored by others so self-absorbed, they believe their selective ignorance exempts them from responsibility."

Well, let me see if I can explain this to you in terms simple enough for you to understand, Susan:

Concentration Camp:

Abortion Clinic:

There.  Does that help you see the difference? No?  Well, I didn't really think it would. 

Dana Loesch, Red State:  "The Argument For “Marriage Equality” Is Not A Conservative One"

No shit, Sherlock.

John Hayward, Red State:  "Illegal alien sequester dump includes dozens of criminals"

So does the Republican delegation in Congress.  How about we reach a fair agreement and kick all of them out?

Byron York, Human Events:  "Is the border secure? This administration has no idea"

Yes, the administration has an idea, as does every person who lives in the real world.  Byron, have you ever been to the Rio Grande in South Texas?  Here's what it looks like for hundreds of miles:

That's it right there- the border between the U.S. and Mexico.  An eight year old child could make it across that in thirty seconds.  No one is going to pay enough to make that border secure, if by "secure" we mean enough border guards to catch everyone who wants to sneak across- least of all the skinflint Republicans who won't even cough up the money to fix our roads and bridges.  If you want to keep illegal immigrants out of the country, you'd better start thinking of a better way than lots of guys with guns.  I mean, I know that's your solution to just about everything, but it's not going to work on the border any better than it did in Iraq.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "Media Blackout: No Coverage on Massive ‘March for Marriage’ in Washington DC...Once again the mainstream media proves itself to be nothing more than an extension of the DNC.  Major mainstream media outlets totally ignored the massive March for Marriage today in Washington DC.  It’s like it never happened."

Here we go again.  They TOTALLY IGNORED the MASSIVE March for marriage.  Well, Jim, don't worry- Green Eagle didn't miss it.  Here it is:

I've been counting crowds since the Vietnam era, and I put this one at between two and three thousand.  For a national march, that is worse than pathetic.  Jim should be thanking God that the national media ignored this abysmal failure, but in typical right wing behavior, he and all of his compatriots will just rewrite history and pretend that the march was MASSIVE! and that it represents the opinions of a vast majority of Americans.

And now this horrible government conspiracy, uncovered by the ever-vigilant Jim Hoft:

"Breaking: MO Dept. of Revenue Subpoenaed On Backdoor Gun Registration With FEMA and DHS...This is so disturbing.

Yesterday, Missouri state Senator Kurt Shaefer subpoenaed the the Missouri Department of Revenue to produce all documents between the Department of Revenue and any federal agency, including but not limited to, the Department of Homeland Security or FEMA, regarding driver’s license and ID information of Missouri citizens.  Earlier this month Missouri Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder held a press conference to expose the backdoor gun registration operation in Missouri. Kinder accused the Missouri Department of Revenue of working with the Department of Homeland Security to install new hardware and software to obtain data on Missouri citizens and transfer this information to DHS and unnamed third parties...Senator Shaefer said this about the suspected privacy abuses, “This is one of the most appalling abuses of privacy rights I have encountered in state government. I can not and will not allow unelected bureaucrats to erode the rights of Missourians.”

Notice anything missing from this story of sordid Government abuse?  Oh, yeah, there isn't a shred of evidence for any of this, or even an explanation of how information  on driver's licenses or government ID's could have anything to do with gun registration.  It's all "suspected" abuse, and by "suspected," they mean suspected by the same people who suspect Obama was born in Kenya.

Mychael Massie, World Net Daily:  "Easter: Godless liberals' latest target"

Man, Michael, can't you find something real to spend your time on?

Breitbart:  "Horrific Puerto Rico Hotel Fire Ignored by Unions over 25 Years Later"

Another massive scoop from the people who broke the vital story of where Sasha and Malia were spending spring break.  The fire they are talking about happened, as they mentioned, over 25 years ago.  But it's abominable that unions are not talking about it RIGHT NOW, and it just proves how rotten unions are.  Say, Breitbart, how many stories did you devote to this tragedy, before deciding that it could be used to smear unions?

False Equivalence

An analysis I have heard too much of lately:

"The GOP is divided into two factions symbolized by what New York's Dan Amira calls "the world's worst investor, Karl Rove, and the world's worst vice-presidential candidate, Sarah Palin." Rove, an establishment figure and Bush family stalwart, wants to win. Palin, darling of the Tea Party, the grassroots, and talk-show fans, wants purity — which she believes will bring victory.

It's déjà vu all over again: The Goldwater Republicans in 1964 and the McGovern Democrats in 1972. Both groups later tempered their rough edges and became more influential in their parties. But first they clung to extreme platforms far outside the mainstream of American politics. And they lost badly."

Goldwater was a racist who lost to Lyndon Johnson, who brought us the Civil Rights act and Medicare.  McGovern, because of his totally justified opposition to the Vietnam war, lost to Nixon, a crook who was soon kicked out of the White House.

The false equivalence between the two is intended to suggest that Democratic positions, such as raising the minimum wage or seeing to it that people do not die because they can't afford to see a doctor, are the same as the idiotic, malicious behavior of the Republican base.  It is, of course, the "moderate" view, a product of the corporate press, which doesn't care what the country does as long as it benefits their rich paymasters at the expense of everyone else.

Monday, March 25, 2013

"The Reports of My Death Are Greatly Exaggerated"

Here's a wonderful example of the right wing echo machine at work.  Yesterday, we had this report from recent Accuracy in Media award winner* Jim Hoft:

"Breaking Report: Assad Shot By Bodyguard – Hospitalized in Damascus"

Pretty soon, this story was breaking out all over the wingnut world:

New York Daily News:  "Unconfirmed reports of Syrian President Bashar Assad’s shooting highlight chaos in country"

Free Republic:  "Bashar al-Assad was killed by a bodyguard"

Before It's News:  "There are reports of Assad being assassinated coming our of Israel, not sure what this means but it very well could be the Isaiah 17:1 prophecy, the burden of Domascus event or the beginning of it. "

Isaiah 17:1- is that the one that says "In those days shall come a great host of jackasses braying their loud brays, and verily all the jackasses will take up the braying until men of good will go mad from the sound"

and on and on, most of them being insane enough to base their story on what perpetually wrong Hoft had posted.

Today, Hoft has this to say:

"Syrian Embassy: Assad Not Dead – In Fact, He’s Alive and in Good Spirits...The Syrian Embassy in Moscow on Monday dismissed rumors about the death of Syrian President Bashar Assad, something that is currently being discussed by bloggers on social networking sites."

Not a mention that Hoft himself was one of the chief purveyors of this nonsense. I did a Google search for "Bashir Assad Shot Bodyguard" and got 216,000 hits.

And in fairness, I must add that the left wing site Democratic Underground fell for it too.

*They have no shame.  But you already knew that.

More Wonderful News

"Officials say a vial containing a virus that can cause hemorrhagic fever has gone missing from a research facility in Galveston, but say there's no reason to believe there's a threat to the public."

Oh no, no reason at all.  

Friday, March 22, 2013

Wingnut Wrapup

Before getting going, I would like to mention what I think of as the mirror image of Wingnut Wrapup- a collection of links to really good blog posts, compiled weekly by Infidel 753.  I always find numerous things there that I missed and that are well worth reading.  Here's a link to the latest version.

Okay, enough with the compliments.  Now, back into the sewer:

Guy Benson, Town Hall:  "Priorities: Obama Habitually Late with Budgets, but not NCAA Brackets"

No one is going to call him a Communist because of his NCAA picks.  Okay, maybe Jim Hoft.

John Ransom, Town Hall:  "Out of Ideas, Governments Try a Bank Heist...With liberal ideas firmly in the saddle, civilizing us, so to speak, we have come a long way...This ladies and gentlemen is what Hope and Change! gets you eventually."

Yes, you read that right.  Forced austerity, and making ordinary citizens pay for the misbehavior of banks, the centerpiece of conservative economic policy  across Europe and at home, is now a liberal idea.  Of course, these are the same people who insist that Nazis were liberals.

Mona Charen, Town Hall:  " It's bracing that Republicans are grappling with their weaknesses but it's also important to remember that Democrats have problems of their own."

Yeah, that's right.  Republicans have problems with losing and Democrats have problems with winning.  Just the same, see?

Sarah Palin:   “We don’t have leadership coming out of Washington. We have reality television.”

According to Sarah Palin, who quit her leadership position to make a reality TV show.  This woman's lack of self awareness is mind-boggling.

Wes Vernon, Renew America:  "Benghazi-gate coverup won't go away"

It's already gone away, Wes.  Deal with it.

Daniel Wattenberg, Washington Times:  "Sacred mystery: Blockbuster ratings for ‘The Bible’ continue to confound Hollywood"

Will it surprise you to hear that Mr. Wattenberg could not cite one person from Hollywood who was confounded by this?  So, you right wingers got your audience of bigots and ignoramuses to tune into a TV show.  That puts Jesus right up there with Honey Boo Boo.  You know what Hollywood's real response to you is (and I'm sitting here looking out my window at Hollywood as I type)?  Who cares, that's their response.  By the way, good luck coming up with a sequel.

David P. Goldman, PJ Media:  "The Russians Think We’re Wrecking the World on Purpose"

Well, they're wrong about that.  We are not wrecking the world on purpose.  We are wrecking the world as an insignificant consequence of our effort to give everything to the rich. 

Richard Fernandez, PJ Media:  "The Inscrutable Barack Obama...Why the president's trip to Israel is being described as a "mysterious visit."

Because you guys have not found a way to connect it to Benghazi yet?

Marielena Montesino de Stuart, Renew America:  "SPECIAL REPORT: Francis: First "Pope" to have favored homosexual civil unions"

I love the quotation marks.  Now, they don't even recognize the election of the Pope as legitimate?  What, were the Cardinals threatened by the New Black Panthers?

I think this is a picture of the New Black Panthers outside of the Sistine Chapel trying to force the Cardinals to elect Snoop Dogg as Pope.

See? He's even got the costume and everything.

Now, cognitive dissonance, Republican style- the top two stories at Town Hall today:

"Three Years Ago, Today: Democrats Ram Through Obamacare... Three years ago today, the House of Representatives approved the Senate-passed healthcare bill, sending it to the president's desk to become the law of the land -- all without a single Republican vote in either house of Congress."

And this:

"House Passes Ryan Budget, 221-207... It passed on a mostly party-line vote, 221-207; every Democrat and a handful of Republicans voted no."

When the Democrats pass something, they ram it through.  When the Republicans pass something, they just pass it.  Because, you see, Democrats have no right to do anything but roll over and play dead.  Running the country, that's the right of Republicans, no matter how bad they are at it.

Bill Tatro, Town Hall:  "it’s very clear and I’m quite certain that if I show Gone with the Wind to my church group and take a donation for religious missions, the movie police will show up at my door and take me away."

Sure they will, Bill.  They'll arrest you for showing a movie at your church.  When did such a thing ever happen in the entire history of the country?  I'll answer that one for you- it never happened.  But you're certain that it would happen to you.  Do you know what that kind of thinking is called, Bill?  Paranoid Schizophrenia.

Bryan Preston, PJ Media:  "The Perpetual Campaign... Obama’s Left-Wing Partisans Plan to Invade and Destroy Texas"

By "destroying" Texas, of course, Bryan means electing Democrats.  Vote Democratic and you are helping to invade and destroy your State.  Makes sense, right?

Gina Miller, Renew America:  "Polite, gentle Republicans are wearisome. In the face of the America-destroying policies of this enemy-within horde of criminal thugs under the crook-in-chief, Barack Obama (or whatever his name is), I would think the Republicans would be brave enough – at least for America's sake – to leave their mealy mouths at the door and tell it like it is. But, with very few exceptions, they continue to pussy-foot around the outrageous actions and brazen lies of the oligarchy of communist Democrats ruling our nation."

Okay, Gina, if you say so.  Now, back in your cage.

Town Hall:  "Poll: 85 Percent of Americans Support Requiring a Balanced Federal Budget "

Probably until we get into a war and find out that the army is not allowed to buy any bullets, because the money was already spent on tax giveaways to Wall Street.

Guy Benson, Town Hall:  "Senate Democrats Vote Against the Concept of Balancing the Budget"

Well, at least, Senate Democrats vote against pretending to balance the budget.  What this bogus law would require is that Democrats take the responsibility for all the cuts necessary to accomplish a Republican goal:

"Senators defeated Jeff Sessions' provided that would have required the Democratic majority to balance their budget within ten years using any combination of tax increases, cuts, and reforms they'd like.  This was essentially a "show us how you'd balance the budget" amendment.  It failed 46-53, with all Republicans and West Virginia's Joe Manchin voting yes, and all other Democrats voting no.  Thus, Harry Reid's caucus overwhelmingly defeated even the concept of demonstrating to the American people how Democrats would balance the federal budget ten years from now."

So, what Democrats really voted against was the concept of letting the Democrats be suckered into doing the Repubicans' dirty work.  This is part of a four year old plan by Republicans to force government cutbacks but blame them all on Democrats.  As stupid as Dems seem to be, they aren't dumb enough to fall for this one.  Yet.

Mark Davis, Town Hall:  "Obama Delivers Recipe For Disaster in Israel...The president’s wish is for Israelis to lose their resolve against Palestinian terrorism, to shrug and just let a Palestinian state sprout in their midst.

For the record, there are plenty of Israelis willing to do just that, which has confounded me for years.  How is it that I, an American Christian, am more vigilant about the security of Israel than some Israeli jews?"

How is it that you, an American Christian, are more willing to let masses of Israelis die than Israeli Jews are?  Boy, that's hard to figure out.  Because that Palestinian State is coming whether you like it or not.  The only question is how much its inhabitants hate Israelis when it does come. 

Jonah Goldberg, Town Hall:  "Just because things can be put on the same list doesn't mean they are necessarily similar. My attic contains within it thousands of comic books, an inflatable bed, some jigsaw puzzles, some family pictures and a "Frampton Comes Alive!" album."

Thousands of comic books and a Peter Frampton album.  Why am I not surprised?

Loren Heal, Red State:  "Why Pat Brady Will Not Long Remain Illinois Republican Party Chair"

I don't know who Pat Brady is, but I expect it's because they are going to replace him with Pat Buttram:

Now, that's a Republican.

Oliver North, Town Hall:  "...a decade after we accompanied our troops across "the berm" into Iraq, we still can look Gold Star mothers and the spouses of our wounded in the eye and tell them: "By volunteering to go into harm's way, your American heroes made us all safer. Their selfless sacrifice was worth it."

Yeah, Ollie, you can still say that.  It is a gigantic lie, worthy of Joseph Goebbels, but sure enough, you can still say that.  Of course that is because you are a conscienceless traitor, but sure enough, you can still say it.

Crystal Wright, Town Hall:  "RNC Growth & Opportunity Project: Dead on Arrival...Evidently, it takes four months and 100 pages for the RNC to figure out why the party lost the 2012 presidential election and how to fix it. Most of conservatives could tell you in three paragraphs"

Yeah, they could tell you in three paragraphs- three paragraphs of lies and self delusion.  Knock yourself out, Crystal- go for it.

Moe Lane, Red State:  "Joe Biden claims Gabbie Giffords was killed at Tuscon attack."

Maybe if you are going to smear her, Moe, you should at least learn to spell her name.

Joe the Plumber, Red State:  "The Pussification of America"

I think we've read enough of that one already.

Rightappeal, Red State:  "Ten years after the invasion of Iraq, most Americans appear to believe that the war was not worthwhile. Perhaps they are correct, but we cannot know for sure because we do not know what would have happened. Consider, for example, the run-up to World War II... "

Right. Iraq was great.  Because, Hitler.  Give it a rest already, dude.

Barry Rubin, PJ Media:  "Obama’s Israel Visit: A Parable"

A parable illustrated by Barry with the following picture:

I'm just including this item because I thought they'd already called Obama every name in the book.  Now he's Baron von Frankenstein.  Oh well.  It shouldn't be long before they are photoshopping Obama's face on Gollum.

Whoops, they beat me to it:

Andrew G. Bostom, American Thinker:  "This morning at AT, Professor Emeritus Edward Bernard Glick described his frank 1958 discussion with Eleanor Roosevelt regarding her husband, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's decision not to bomb the railway tracks connecting to the Nazi extermination camps for European Jews. Professor Glick also alludes to prevalent antisemitic attitudes in the State Department, and perhaps President Roosevelt, himself, whom he quotes as having stated to a prominent Jewish Congressman, "The Jews in America should know that they are tolerated here, but not more than that."

This is a great example of Conservative reverence for history.  I spent quite a bit of time searching for this quotation online.  There is not one single citation of it that occurred before today.  TODAY!  But already, this malignant lie has spread to many right wing websites.  Someone just invented it within the last twenty four hours, and already it has become a part of the Conservative gospel that will never die.

Enough, already.  See you soon.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Graph of the Day

From Daily Kos, statistics on initial unemployment claims from the Bureau of Labor Statistics:
Of interest to anyone who wonders if Republican claims that the stimulus accomplished nothing are true.

What can be seen in this one simple chart is that Republican management of the economy produces disaster, while Democratic management eventually repairs the damage.  Of course, we are bombarded constantly by the Very Wise People in government and the media, with an account of reality that is the exact opposite of these facts.  Of course, these are the same Very Wise People who assured us that the Iraq war would be a cakewalk, and that everyone in Iraq would love us when it was over.  This is part of the grotesque sickness of American culture today- you can't be recognized as a reliable spokesman until you have been disastrously wrong about things for years.  That shows that you have no sense of honor or self respect, making you a perfect spokesman for people who want nothing but lies told about everything. 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Gun Legislation- The Inevitable Becomes Obvious

A quote from Daily Kos today about gun legislation shows that even most of the good commenters on the left still suffer from a serious inability to accept reality:

"Universal background check could be as dead as assault weapons ban...Three months ago, it seemed unthinkable to all but a few observers that the only new gun legislation that would emerge from the Newtown slaughter would be lukewarm addendums to what is already being done. Unthinkable that the most sensible legislation imaginable, running background checks on everybody seeking to buy a gun, might not be able to find a majority in the U.S. Senate."

It seemed unthinkable...not to Green Eagle.  I predicted here shortly after the Newtown massacre that, despite this legislation being favored by 90% of Americans, the Republicans would see that nothing could make its way through Congress.

Republicans have mastered the art of preventing anything being enacted that does not serve the interests of their corporate masters, and they are long past the point when they even pretended to think otherwise.

It is fundamental to the functioning of a democracy that all those involved in running it have some commitment to the success of the state.  We do not have this any more.  I do not believe the founding fathers that Conservatives like to talk so much about, could have even imagined that the country would reach a point where a large part of those running things would abandon any commitment to the survival of the United States, when it stood in the way of immediate enrichment of a minuscule number of corrupt, rich parasites.  But, that is what we have come to.  And in response, Democrats are so weak that they cannot even bring themselves to reform Senate filibuster rules dating from the 1970's, which have totally destroyed the notion of majority rule if the minority is willing to play a dirty enough game.

The Republican party is deliberatedly destroying the United States, in order to replace it with a dictatorial oligarchy.  They have not a shred of interest in the voters or anyone else but the Koch Brothers, Sheldon Adelson and a few hundred more vultures, who have been so enriched by Republican policies that they alone have more power in this country than all the rest of us put together.  When you finally come to accept this, everything makes sense.  It is easy to understand why the most simple, minor government actions, like universal background checks to purchase a gun, become impossible when they cost the super-rich anything.  It is easy to understand how Wall Street thieves destroyed the economy to enrich themselves, without the government holding them accountable in any way.  It is easy to understand how the former President and Vice President could launch a criminal, but very profitable, war of aggression with hardly a person with any real visibility demanding that they be held accountable for their abominable behavior.  It is easy to understand why we have to pay when banks lose money, but we get nothing when they make money.

The test of a theory is its ability to predict future events.  I've found that this belief in the essential treasonous nature of the Republican party predicts virtually everything it does.  This evil organization must be destroyed if the nation is to survive.  That is the simple truth, which anyone can see if they want to.  Unfortunately, our leaders- Obama, Harry Reid, Eric Holder- just avert their eyes and go on living in a world which is as big a fantasy as that inhabited by the birthers and the global warming deniers- a world where the Republicans are always a day away from acting totally responsibly.  And they are all working together to bring the experiment of Jefferson, Madison, Hamilton, Franklin, to an end as soon as possible.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Tenth Anniversary- Whoopee!

I don't have much to say about the tenth anniversary of the American war of aggression in Iraq, so I'll get it over with fast.

I remember watching on TV as Colin Powell gave his infamous speech to the United Nations.  As did a lot of other people, I knew beyond a doubt that he was lying his ass off.  Anyone who said so, unfortunately, was shouted down as a traitor.  Powell was complicit with Bush, Cheney, et. al. in perpetrating what Justice Jackson at the Nuremberg Trials called the worst war crime of all- starting an unjustified war.  Of course, none of them was held accountable in any way for this action, which may have resulted in the deaths of a million innocent people.  It was obviously far less serious than Bill Clinton's blow job.

Well, here, courtesy of Mother Jones, is what we are going to end up paying for it:

And what did we get for the six trillion?

"...the United States gained little from the war while Iraq was traumatized by it. The war reinvigorated radical Islamist militants in the region, set back women's rights, and weakened an already precarious healthcare system, the report said. Meanwhile, the $212 billion reconstruction effort was largely a failure with most of that money spent on security or lost to waste and fraud..."

But the Vice President of the United States personally made tens of millions of dollars when he steered no-bid contracts to his former company, in which he was still massively invested- a company which, due to his mismanagement as CEO was facing bankruptcy before the Iraq war saved it.  Killing five thousand American troops so you can personally enrich yourself is apparently not considered corrupt enough to worry about in today's America.

Let me leave you with the single most memorable image of the entire sordid episode- perhaps the biggest military blunder since Napoleon decided to invade Russia:

 Aren't you proud today to be an American?

Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Most Abominable Smear of All

In case you are unaware of it, History Channel is currently broadcasting a ten-part miniseries called "The Bible," produced by a couple of right wing Christian fanatics.  Here is a picture of Satan from that show:

There is absolutely no language that I know to express the depths of degradation that are acceptable to the right in America today.

Wingnut Wrapup

Let's start things off with a video that the tea party people made to show (over and over again, apparently) to their fellow Conservatives at the CPAC conference this week:

Isn't that delightful?  What a brilliant portrayal of those evil liberals and what they want for America.  Well, now, on with the rest:

John Ransome, Town Hall:  "Thank God for the Koch Brothers"

Because who could be behind their attempt to destroy our democracy but God?  Answer me that one smart ass.  Yeah, what kind of Commie would think that God wasn't all in favor of a country ruled by a couple of fascist billionaires?  And yes, this dick said that with a straight face, and apparently really means it.  Scary, huh?

Guy Benson, Town Hall:  "Revealed: How Paul Ryan Reduces Deficits by $4.6 Trillion and Balances the Budget"

With this girl's help:

Otherwise, nothing but the same old Republican lies.  Surprised?

Dennis Prager, Town Hall:  "Marijuana: Another Gift of the Left to America's Youth"

Actually, Dennis, Marijuana was a gift of God to America's youth.  The left just showed their appreciation for his bounty.  Here's Dennis' position explained more fully:

"Yes, tobacco -- specifically cigarettes -- kills and marijuana doesn't. But, forgive the ultimate political incorrectness, young people would do much better in life if they smoked tobacco rather than weed."

Better dead than stoned.  Now, there's an interesting theory.  Let's see Dennis try to convince any sane people to go along with that one.

And another wonderful fantasy from the most intellectually dishonest talk show host of all time:

Prager University Video:   "Was Calvin Coolidge the Best President of the 20th Century?"

You've got to be kidding me.  I can't even begin to find the words to express my derision that anyone would even suggest such a thing.  Here's the argument Dennis presents to justify such a preposterous claim:

"When Coolidge left office, in 1929, the federal budget was lower than when he came in. Few other peacetimes presidents, not even Reagan, can boast this. In addition, the thirtieth president cut the top income tax rate to 25%, below Reagan’s storied 1986 rate of 28%."

The Federal budget was lower, and the tax rate on rich people was lower!  In 1929!  What an achievment!  Of course, eight months later, the entire economy collapsed and the Great
Depression started, but why quibble about minor things?  Rich people had their taxes cut!  And after all, isn't that the only thing on earth that means anything to Republicans?

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "Another Obama Failure… 98% of Falkland Islanders Vote to Remain Under British Control"

And exactly how is this an Obama "failure?"  The Obama administration did refuse to take sides in this dispute, which, after all, has nothing to do with us.  Of course, Obama knew that the residents of the Falklands, who are almost entirely of British descent, would vote overwhelmingly to stay attached to Britain, so not taking sides was essentially support for Britain, but no, in the right wing fantasy world, Obama somehow stabbed Britain in the back by remaining neutral, instead of taking sides, at which point he would be attacked for doing that.

Bryan Fischer, Renew America:  "Homosexuals already have full marriage equality...The truth is simple, plain and unmistakable: homosexuals already have full marriage equality in all 50 states. Right now. As we speak. Nobody, absolutely, nobody is denying them the right to marry. Anywhere."

Hooray!  Another cultural problem solved!  And how is this true, according to Mr. Fischer?

"Homosexuals can get married everywhere just like everybody else – to one, adult, non-relative member of the opposite sex."

Oh.  Okay then.  I guess that takes care of everything.  And in further news, poor people are just as free as Mitt Romney to be really rich.  There- that solves our inequality problem, right?

Timothy Carney, Renew America:  "With Paul's filibuster, Tea Party made Senate work...Congress is a mostly broken institution, but last week showed what it takes to make it work: a bunch of Tea Partiers grinding things to a halt."

Making Congress Work:  Grinding it to a halt!  Sort of like destroying the village to save it.  A perfect example of Conservative government. 

Newsmax:  "Oliver North: Obama Admin. Has Abandoned War on Terror...Decorated military veteran and best-selling author Oliver North tells Newsmax that the decision to try Osama bin Laden’s son-in-law in civilian court shows that the administration has “abandoned” the war on terror."

Because not destroying our Constitutionally mandated judicial system is giving in to the terrorists.  That makes sense.  Ollie has this to say about Afghanistan:

"Obama refuses to use the word victory. We’re no longer talking about winning but basically handing over responsibility to the Afghans."

Ollie, sorry to break this to you, but anyone who talks about "winning" in Afghanistan is fucking crazy.  You don't get that, do you?

Breitbart:  "Rodman: I'm Going Back to North Korea"

This time, stay there, Dennis.  Really, just what we need dealing with North Korea- a mentally ill ex-basketball player.

Erick Erickson, Red State:  "Obamacare Will Not Crumble Without a Government Shutdown... But in case these Republicans missed it, just yesterday Speaker John Boehner said he would not risk the full faith and credit of the United States to defund Obamacare.  The continuing resolution must be the fight. The continuing resolution must be the vehicle by which Republicans draw a line in the sand. They must be willing to shut down the government until the Democrats consent to defunding Obamacare."

It's a legal program, enacted by a majority and approved by the right-leaning Supreme Court.  But in order to stop it, Republicans should be willing to violate the Constitution, destroy the economy and do permanent damage to the ability of the government to function.  These are the people who call themselves patriots.

Erick Erickson, Red State:  "That lefties are accusing the new pope of handing over lefties to the right wing junta for execution makes me adore the new pope. - I put that tweet up earlier today. Suddenly I’m being accused of supporting death squads."

Gee, I wonder why?

Jeannette Pryor, PJ Media:  "Along the Watchtower: Meditating on Bob Dylan and Pope Francis"

Something is happening here, but you don't get what it is, do you, Jeannette?

P. David Hornick, Snydertalk:  "Palestinians Plan to Protest ‘Dog’ Obama"

What, is Bo going on the trip too?  Oh, I get it- they called Obama a dog.  That's nicer than anything they have called him in five years.  I guess that's what Republicans are mad about- the Palestinians are too nice to him.

Randy Fardal, American Thinker:  "Kotlikoff versus Krugman: Economic Fallacies Exposed...Who reveals himself as more reliable: Boston University Economics Professor Laurence Kotlikoff, or the left's leading Keynesian propagandist?"

Randy has a real point there.  Really, a far more fair discussion would be between a Boston University economics professor and, say, a Nobel Prize winning Princeton economics professor.  Now, I wonder where we might find one of those, instead of "propagandist" Paul Krugman, who is obviously less reliable than someone we've never heard of.  Really, how dumb do they think people are?

John Hayward, Human Events:  "Feds recapture 4 immigrants released during Sequester Terror dump"

Terror dump.  Man, that's pathetic.  2,000 non-violent people released from custody due to the Republican game-playing with the budget- magically turned into an Obama administration plot to unleash 2,000 terrorists on the country. 

Bridget Johnson, PJ Media:  "Palin to CPAC: Get Rid of Political Consultants and Run for Office"

And then either lose or quit halfway through your term.

Clarice Feldman, American Thinker:  "The Mekong River: Calling into Question the Germ Theory of Disease...We are assured that for cooking and drinking they have potable water but no water pipes were evident from our vantage point. All we saw was the periodic lowering of buckets which were lifted upward into the houses.  This calls into serious question the germ theory of disease."

Really? Clarice sees some people apparently drinking out of a polluted river without immediately dropping dead, and that proves that two hundred years of medicine are nonsense, even though that science has saved literally billions of lives.  Well, I'll tell you what, Clarice- how about we innoculate you with the Ebola virus, and see whether "germs" cause disease.  There is just no bottom to the depths that right wingers will stoop to try to undermine public faith in actual knowledge, since it always contradicts what they want the suckers to believe.  Now, "germs" don't cause disease.  Who does cause disease, Clarice, Jews?

Dan Spencer, Town Hall:  "Sen. Ted Cruz’ CPAC 2013 keynote speech: Conservatives are winning...Senator Cruz cited Rand Paul’s recent filibuster, sequestration implementation, and Cruz’ amendment to repeal funding for ObamaCare — unanimously supported Republican Senators of evidence of his premise."

You go with that, guys.  A meaningless publicity stunt, a deliberate Republican sabotage of the government and a time-wasting amendment that has exactly zero chances of accomplishing anything.  Yeah, you are winning.  Keep telling yourselves that.  Winning the Biggest Congressional Jackass contest is so much more important than winning, let's say, elections.  Right on, Conservatives.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "Oh, Good Grief… Obama flies a 747 to Chicago to Tout His Fuel-Saving Plan...You just can’t make this stuff up."

That would be Air Force One.  You just can't make up the fact that Obama went somewhere on Air Force One.  How did you expect him to get there, Jim, hitchhike?  Or are you just still denying that he is actually the President?

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Green Eagle Looks at the Ryan "Budget"

Well, here we go again: another year and another cynical, phony "budget" produced by Paul Ryan for the Republicans.  I am going to list in some detail the provisions of this deeply dishonest document; it is going to make for a relatively long post, so I want to summarize it first.

The two chief features of the Ryan budget are the reduction of the top tax rate from 39% to 25%, and the top corporate tax rate from 35% to 25%.  It is vitally important to notice that this is nothing but a massive giveaway to the rich, beyond anything we have seen proposed before, even by corrupt Republicans.  You would have to be a fool to think that this has anything to do with decreasing the budget deficit.

Now, for the feature that is nowhere to be found in the budget:  As has been Republican practice for the last several years, this document claims to balance the Federal budget by resorting to Republican promises about "closing loopholes" and "eliminating fraud and waste."  But in fact, nowhere will Ryan (or any other Republican) identify which "loopholes" they want to close, nor provide evidence of fraud and waste that is anything but a miniscule fraction of what would be needed to cover current deficits, let alone the massive new giveaways that they are proposing to provide to the rich.  We all know that what Republicans are talking about when they cite loopholes are the mortgage interest deduction and health care deductions- which would massively punish middle class taxpayers in order to subsidize the lowering of tax rates on the rich- the only thing this document is really about.

Finally, you will see repeated malicious claims that regulation has to be done away with and the right of ordinary people to hold corporations responsible for the damage they do be curtailed; again, the same lying cant we have heard from Republicans for decades.

In fact, this "budget" is nothing but a rich person's wish list, which could have been written any year since the fifties.  It has absolutely nothing to do with dealing with the deficit, which Republicans do not care about in any way, and everything to do with further enriching the wealthy backers who pay to keep Republicans in office, at the expense of everyone else.  That is all Republicans ever care about, because they have sold themselves into slavery to the rich.  This has been true for a hundred years, and shows no sign of ever changing, no matter how much damage their behavior does to the rest of the country, and no matter how they fare in elections.

Well, on we go.  As usual, the passages in red are from the Republican budget report and those in black are my translation:

A budget as serious as Paul's phony dishwashing during the election

Higher education and job-training in brief:

• Encourage policies that promote innovation.

i.e. promote the privatization of our school system, through vouchers and charter schools, thus completing the transformation of our education system into a source of profit rather than a benefit to students- the same sort of change that Republicans have managed to make to our medical care system, with disastrous consequences for everyone but the owners of HMO's and insurance companies..

• Adopt a sustainable maximum-award level for Pell.

i.e. cut government support for students who want to go to college

• Ensure aid for higher education is targeted to the truly needy.

i.e. cut government support for students who want to go to college

• Update accounting rules to reflect the true cost of federal loan programs.

i.e. cut government support for students who want to go to college.  Is this sounding familiar?

• Eliminate ineffective and duplicative federal education programs.

i.e. cut government support for students who want to go to college.  Less for students equals more for rich people.

Tax reform in brief:

• Simplify the tax code to make it fairer to American families and businesses.

As you shall see, this "simplification" involves cutting taxes on the rich, and nothing else.

• Reduce the amount of time and resources necessary to comply with tax laws.

i.e. meaningless babble

• Substantially lower tax rates for individuals, with a goal of achieving a top individual rate of 25 percent.

• Consolidate the current seven individual-income-tax brackets into two brackets with a first bracket of 10 percent.

i.e. cutting tax rates on the rich from 36% to 25%

• Repeal the Alternative Minimum Tax.

"Enacted by Congress in 1969, the alternative minimum tax (AMT) attempts to ensure that individuals and corporations that benefit from certain exclusions, deductions, or credits pay at least a minimum amount of tax."

Repealing this is another massive tax cut for the rich.

• Reduce the corporate tax rate to 25 percent.

From its current top rate of 35%- i.e. another massive giveaway to the rich

• Transition the tax code to a more competitive system of international taxation.

I.e. seek out whatever is the lowest top tax rate anywhere in the world, and award that to the rich in this country, no matter how it guts government functions.

• Provide states flexibility on Medicaid.

i.e. switch to a block grant system which guarantees that millions now covered will lose their health coverage.

• Repeal the health-care law’s expansion of Medicaid.

i.e. cut millions off of their health care- largely elderly people in nursing homes and the disabled, all of whom can rot in hell as far as Republicans are concerned.

• Repeal the health-care law’s exchange subsidies.

Try to destroy the very thing that makes Obamacare work financially, so Republicans can scream that it is a failure.

Welfare reform in brief

• Allow states to customize SNAP to address the needs unique to their citizens.

i.e. to allow Republican controlled States to continue taking Federal money while destroying the ability of their citizens to benefit.

• Address barriers to upward mobility.

This sentence means nothing.  It is a mere repetition of the standard Republican cant that giving rich people more money will generate jobs- a notion with no more reality behind it than the tooth fairy, as we all well know.

• Reinstitute welfare’s work requirements.

Of course, there aren't any jobs for these people to have, so maybe we can send them to plantations to pick cotton, or perhaps have them work on the levees.  "Work requirements" for welfare recipients in the absence of any real jobs- a principal feature of fascism, Mussolini style  (that is to say, literal fascism, as practiced in Italy in the 1920's and 1930's.)

• Preserve Medicare for those in or near retirement.

Except for changing the indexing so it pays less every year.

• Reform Medicare for younger generations.

i.e. destroy it by turning it into a block grant system which will guarantee ever less coverage.

• Repeal the health-care rationing board.

There is no such thing.  What this refers to is a provision in the new law to attempt to control rising health care costs through gathering information about where the money is being spent. Information- always an enemy of Republicans. Republicans are against that, of course, as such a thing would only benefit the American people, not medical companies.

• Reform the medical-liability system.

i.e. make it impossible to sue pharmaceutical companies and health care corporations for negligence.

• End the raid on the Medicare Trust Fund.

Something which is not happening, but it sounds scary.

• Means-test premiums for high-income seniors.

i.e. turning Medicare from something earned by a lifetime of work into a welfare program- a giant step toward making it unpopular enough to eliminate it entirely.  That, of course, is and always has been the Republican goal.

Social Security in brief

• Require the President to submit a plan to shore up the Social Security Trust Fund.
• Require Congress to submit a plan of its own.

Meaningless, of course.  And let me remind you that Social Security has absolutely nothing to do with the Federal budget.

Federal-workforce retirement in brief

• Reform civil-service pensions.

i.e. cut pensions.  Government workers spent their entire working lives earning these pensions.  It is the Republican plan to steal these earned benefits from them, to pay for tax cuts for the rich and corporations

• Reform the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation.

Another way to say that Republicans intend to stab workers in the back, by walking away from Federal pension guarantees.

Energy in brief

• Restore competition to the energy sector with the goal of energy independence.

No regulations on oil and coal companies; damn the health costs- that's your own problem.

• Stop the government from buying up unnecessary land.

Don't spend a dime on anyone but the rich, no matter what it's for.

Housing in brief

• Wind down Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.This budget will end corporate welfare in the housing sector. It seeks to drastically decrease the market dominance of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac by gradually ending their government guarantees and taxpayer subsidies.

Do away with institutions which, for decades, have helped millions of middle class families buy houses, but which have done nothing for the rich; and incidentally, despite Republican lies to the contrary, institutions which had essentially nothing to do with the 2008 economic collapse.

• Reform the Federal Credit Reform Act.

Make mortgages for ordinary families harder to get and more expensive.

Financial services in brief

• Revisit flawed financial regulations.

Less regulation- always popular with Republicans

Health care in brief

• Repeal the President’s health-care law.

Of course- they wouldn't leave this out, even though it will cost hundreds of billions of dollars every year for Republicans to have this tantrum.

• Move toward patient-centered reform.

Make it harder to sue medical organizations; prevent States from regulating insurance companies; change from guaranteed health care programs to block grants that will not cover medical expenses.  That really is "patient centered," huh?

Cutting spending in brief

• Cap spending.

Fire government workers and cut the pay of the ones that are left.

• Eliminate waste.

Absolutely nothing of any consequence- just the usual Republican blather about unidentified waste.

Defense in brief

• Provide $560.2 billion for defense spending in fiscal year 2014, an amount consistent with America’s military goals and strategies.

More money spent on military contractors, despite our grotesquely bloated military budget.

• Fully fund our nation’s commitment to veterans.

A proposal without details, representing nothing but the usual Republican posturing about "the troops;" it will be totally ignored by Republicans.

                              Paul Ryan- Tackling the tough issues as usual

Well, there you go.  Just one more cynical demonstration by Republicans that they don't give a God damn for anyone but the rich, and one more attempt to shove a deceitful, criminal theft of the nation's resources down the throats of the American people.  Nevertheless, it will be hailed by the mainstream press as a bold, serious attempt to deal with our nation's financial situation, massively increasing the chances that the country will slit its own throat by enacting any of this disingenuous, vicious nonsense.

Note: in case you want to torture yourself further, you can read this sickening document here.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

And All Has Fallen Into Place

Joe Lieberman has taken a job with the American Enterprise Institute, the biggest right wing lie factory in the country.

It's so nice when people find their true calling in life.

Paul Ryan Lays It All Out

The greatest Freudian slip of all time:

"...we're not going to give up on destroying the health care system for the American people."

Pretty much the Republican plan, in a nutshell.  How many mainstream reporters will decide that it would just be so unfair to mention this "slip" of the tongue?

Monday, March 11, 2013

Wingnut Wrapup

Today's edition of Wingnut Wrapup is respectfully dedicated to Jim (Dim Bulb) Hoft, who has probably been cited here for idiocy above and beyond the call of duty, more than any other person in history.  In fact, he has two mentions in this post. Some of Hoft's latest (of course never corrected) lies are that the Homeland Security department has purchased 2700 tanks to use against American citizens, and that Bo the White House dog has his own motorcade.  Why the special citation for Jim today?  Because Jim is at the Conservative Political Action Committee's annual meeting, about to receive their "Accuracy in Media" award.  Nothing on earth could possibly demonstrate better the utter disregard for truth and, in fact, common human decency, that is such a characteristic of right wing thought.

Well, let's start with this item from

Yes, the dedicated reporters at found a piece at a satire website, and reported it as a totally serious story.  Talk about wishful thinking.  The post has since been removed from their website, but without a shred of apology.  Well, if they apologized for everything they got wrong, they'd never have time to do anything else.

So, on with the rest:

Doug Giles, Town Hall:  "Christian Parents Should Have Their Kids Play with Toy Guns...As a Christian I have a real problem with Pastor Francis vilifying the very tool that helped cudgel off tyrannical oppressors and afforded him the highly prized (and perishable) religious liberty he now enjoys on American soil."

What, toy guns?  Who knew that toy guns helped cudgel off tyrannical oppressors?  Listen, Doug, here's an idea:  Christian parents should have their kids practice lying every day, so they can grow up just like you.

And here's a Jim Hoft twofer, on the recent Romney family interview on Fox:

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "Ann Romney: Mitt Was Not Given a Fair Shake"

Well, send him over here and we'll shake him a little harder. 

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "Mitt Romney on Sequester: Hardest Thing About Losing Is Watching Obama Squander “Golden Moment” With “Politics”

Well, he squandered Mitt's golden moment, anyway.  And, by the way, how dare Obama pollute a Presidential election with politics!

Ann Coulter, Town Hall:  "Instead of wasting time and energy in doomed efforts to defeat President Obama's Cabinet nominees or sucking up to illegal aliens, why not focus on issues where Republicans can be off-the-charts popular while forcing Democrats into taking stupid positions?"

And what would those positions be, huh?  That, I'm afraid, Ann couldn't say.  She did, however, offer this insightful bit of analysis:

"Liberals can't help themselves -- they're like Dr. Strangelove with the Nazi salute."

I feel sort of sorry for Ann.  She built her career out of being more crazy  than anyone, and then the rest of the Republican party caught up with her and passed her by, sort of like the tortoise and the hare.  Now she's just one more hatemonger in the crowd.

Victor Davis Hanson, Town Hall:  "California now works on the principle of the mordida, or "bite." Its government assumes that it can take something extra from residents for the privilege of living in their special state."

Yup, that's about it, Victor.  We pay a little extra not to live in Mississippi or Alabama.  Think about it some time- maybe it will start making sense to you.  But please, don't come here to check it out.  We've already got enough assholes.

Michael Reagan, Town Hall:  "Take President Obama and his Cabinet of Liars, please. We all know what dirty tricks they played to try and stop the sequester's automatic budget cuts from happening."

Dirty tricks.  Dirty tricks to try to keep the government functioning.  The bastards!

And now, the Republican big lie of the day:

Daniel J. Mitchell, Town Hall:  "Why Did America’s Economy Boom When Reagan and Clinton Reduced the Burden of Spending?  Government spending grew much slower under Reagan and Clinton than it has during the Bush-Obama years"

Yeah, right.  Here's the real information:

 You can see why Daniel combined Reagan and Clinton, and then combined Bush and Obama.  As anyone who lives in the real world knows, it's Republicans who are the squandering wastrels, and Democrats who always have to clean up the mess.

And now, a little paranoid delusion to spice up your day:

Erik Rush, World Net Daily:  "Very soon, we are likely to hear of an individual who, upon being contacted by law enforcement, winds up in a firefight with them over their enforcement of newly implemented gun-control measures. Law-enforcement officers may be wounded or killed, as might our citizen. If arrested, he or she will be a political prisoner."

No he or she won't.  He or she will be a cop killer- something that is held in high esteem these days by our Constitution loving right wing American patriots.  Erik continues his reasoned analysis:

"This will be the final nail in the coffin for legal firearms ownership in America, as the government and the press will capitalize upon this event (and perhaps similar others) to prove once and for all that all gun owners are potential psycho cop killers."

Funny that didn't happen after Ruby Ridge or when the Branch Dividians killed their children in Waco and the wingnuts blamed it on the government, or after all of the other cops shot at by right wing wackos over the years.  And by the way, not all gun owners are "potential psycho cop killers," just most of the Republican ones.

Dick Morris, Newsmax:  "New Poll Data Shows Republicans Can Win Latino Vote"

Dick Morris.  Green Eagle can now confidently predict that Republicans are not going to get a single Latino vote in 2014.

Doug Giles, Town Hall:  "Last week on Hannity a “Democratic Strategist” named Zerlina Maxwell told Sean and his audience that guns are not the proper deterrent to dissuade rapists, but rather “teaching men not to rape is the key”. When I heard that chunk of stupidity I blew apple juice out of my nostrils -- and I haven’t had any apple juice in the last eight years."

Well, Doug, teaching you not to rape is apparently not humanly possible.  If they're around you, I recommend that girls pack guns.

And now, children, for our bible lesson of the day:

Jay W. Richards, Town Hall:  "Revelation, the last book of the Bible, contains a series of apocalyptic visions that have perplexed readers for two thousand years. In chapter thirteen, John describes a beast, which is given enormous power and authority by a dragon, that is, Satan. The beast’s authority extends over every tribe and people and language and nation. It wages war on believers, and is worshipped by “all the inhabitants of the earth,” except those whose names are written in the Lamb’s book of life... However you interpret Revelation and the End Times, it’s undeniable that the Bible ends with a horrific portrayal of a state dominating vast multitudes of people.

This speaks directly to government debt, since deficit spending is a symptom of government doing more than it can or should."

It speaks directly to government debt.  At least it does to those who are off their meds.

                                         More of what awaits us if the deficit isn't reduced, in Jay's view.

Kurt Schlichter, Town Hall:  "Is Obama Down For the Count?  We always knew that Obama has a glass jaw, that he can’t take a punch. But it’s a little surprising that he’s started staggering around the ring so soon after November."

Huh?  What planet do you live on anyway, Kurt? If Obama is staggering it's because he has to carry the whole weight of government by himself, while you Republicans are busy fighting with each other over who can get the most money out of the Koch brothers and Sheldon Adelson.  Well, go on living in your world of delusion- it's all that keeps Green Eagle in business.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Can I Just Get This Out There Right Now?

I don't give a damn who they pick as Pope.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Maureen Dowd Treats Cheney with the Contempt he Deserves

I've always had mixed feelings about Maureen Dowd.  Sometimes her sarcasm is put to such good use, and sometimes she just seems like a nasty whiner having a bad day.  Well, with her column today about Dick Cheney, she hit one out of the park.  I want to give you a couple of quotes, but believe me, if there is a must read, this is it:

"Cheney, who came from a family of Wyoming Democrats, says his conservative bent was strengthened watching the anti-Vietnam war protests at the University of Wisconsin, where he was pursuing a doctorate and dodging the draft."

 Because let's be clear, like all right wing warmongers, he was nothing but a coward when it came to his own personal safety.

"Did he change, after the shock to his body of so many heart procedures and the shock to his mind of 9/11? Or was he the same person, patiently playing the courtier, once code-named “Backseat” by the Secret Service, until he found the perfect oblivious frontman who would allow him to unleash his harebrained, dictatorial impulses?"

Because that's what he was- a would be dicatator, who shared more in common with Heinrich Himmler than anyone I can think of in our country's history.

“I don’t lie awake at night thinking, gee, what are they going to say about me?” he sums up.

They’re going to say you were a misguided powermonger who, in a paranoid spasm, led this nation into an unthinkable calamity. Sleep on that."

 Dick Cheney- the face of true evil

It is so rare to see anything in the mainstream media that lays out the truth about the Conservatives that wield so much power in our country.  Even Paul Krugman rarely dares say anything this blunt.  We owe Maureen Dowd a debt for (even in her exalted position) risking her career to speak what we all need to hear.  Now, let's send this international war criminal to prison for the rest of his life, because that's where he belongs.