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Wingnut Wrapup

Today's Wingnut Wrapup dedicated to Ann Coulter, who observed that if Hillary is elected President, we could "end up with nine Ruth Bader Ginsburgs on the Supreme Court." Sorry, Ann,not a chance. This is America, not heaven. Guy Benson, Town Hall:  "It's Working: Insurers Project 'Substantial Increases' in 2017 Obamacare Premiums" Yeah, that would be about 4% over last year.  Not so much compared to the increases of well over 10% that had become normal before Obamacare.  Oh well, they can't stop lying.  Or their paychecks will be cut off, and what is 20 million people kicked off health insurance compared to that? Justin Holcomb, Town Hall:  "Trump Running Up the Score, Hits 50 Percent in National Poll" That's 50% in polls of Republicans, by the way.  I wouldn't want anyone out there to have a heart attack.  Anyway, the thing I love about Republican party apparatchicks here is that "running up the score," no

A Piece of Advice for Hillary

And here it is:  The minute that it becomes clear that Donald Trump is going to be the Republican nominee, announce that you will not debate him.  State openly that he is a racist, hate filled liar, and you will not participate in any event that he is involved with, nor aid him in promoting his hatred.  State publicly that you know that the press will do anything to present this as a horse race between two candidates who both have the ability to function as President, but we all know that this is a preposterous lie, and you will not give anyone a chance to whitewash this hateful man as a legitimate candidate to become President of the United States. That would be a way to immediately perform a service to the American people.

A Marriage Made In Heaven

I can't resist- Ted Cruz, probably the most loathed Presidential candidate of all time, and Carly Fiorina, the only person in the present field who might have topped him if she'd lasted that long.  A cross between Sarah Palin and Cruella de Ville., wait a minute, this is too easy.  I've got to get myself under control. Well, I dare say it is obvious why he did it.  After getting mangled by Donald Trump last night, Cruz had two choices- sit around and wait for the hundreds of stories that report (correctly) that he is through, or try to somehow top that story with one of his own creation, to push it out of the headlines, and presumably give the people behind him a couple more weeks to figure out a way to rig the Republican convention in his favor, since we all know he can't win it fair and square. Well, he really only had one thing he could do that would attract this much attention, short of having sex with a goat in front of the Washington Monument (which mi

Republicans- The Options narrow

Well, as I see it, there were really three options open to the Republican party before tonight (leaving seppuku off the list, of course.) The first one would have been to actually find a way to beat Donald Trump fair and square. Fair and square?  Slap my face, Mama, that was never going to happen- after all, we are talking Republicans here, and fair and square isn't really in their playbook. Anyway, the chance for that option is vanishing as fast  as a Lamborghini ahead of you on the I-15 on the way to Vegas at about 3:30 in the morning. Second, I suppose is having Trump meet with an unfortunate accident.  That, however, is unlikely on the grounds of cowardice, and not getting their hands dirty.  I mean, they do hate dirt. Third is to cheat him out of a bunch of his delegates. So, I guess, I have to go with option number three. Of course, there would be the option of facing the catastrophe they have created, give up on 2016, and promise God never to do it again, in retu

The Right Wing Rebellion Rises to New Heights!

Long term readers of Green Eagle may know that I have made a habit of collecting a record of right wing demonstrations and rallies, in an effort to make it clear what a gigantic fraud the whole notion of a great Conservative movement in the United States really is.  Well, here is another one. Though we in the real world may have missed this, there has been a tremendous amount of attention drawn by right wingers to their latest grand act of rebellion, the "Rock Stone Mountain" rally, held today at the suburban Atlanta location of the founding of the KKK, in 1916.   The rally, as you can guess from the photos below, is intended to shove the Confederate flag in the faces of decent people. Here's a little coverage  from CNN: "Rock Stone Mountain -- the name given to Saturday's rally by organizers -- was held two days before the observance of Confederate Memorial Day in Georgia, a paid day off for some state employees. John Estes, an event organizer with the group

Wingnut Wrapup

Today's Wingnut Wrapup is dedicated to Prince.  If you don't listen to Alex Jones, you probably are not even aware that Prince was recently killed by chemtrails: Please take the time to watch this to the end, where you will see Alex advertising what I guarantee you is one of the most worthless medical "products" in the history of the world. So, let's move on.  Isn't this exciting new to start with: Cortney O'Brien, Town Hall:  "First Criminal Charges Made in Flint Water Crisis" Of course, none of those charges were against Michigan governor Rick Snyder, or any of the people who conspired with him to feed the residents of Flint poisoned water, in order to make up some of the budget gap caused by their giving the State's money away to the rich guys who paid for their campaigns.  Because that is not illegal!  Thirty years of Republican control of the Supreme court, and this is what we get. Michelle Malkin, Town Hall:  "Yes, We

In The Tank For the Republicans...Again

I mean, of course, the mainstream press.   Daily Kos has compiled a handy collection of mainstream reactions to the claim by Donald Trump that all of his inciting hatred and violence for the last year was nothing but an act, and that we should just forget all about it.  Here are some excerpts.  As with the things I quote in Wingnut Wrapup, they are so contemptible that I will not dignify them with a link; if you want to read more, go to the link to Daily Kos. Washington Post:   "Trump’s chief strategist Paul Manafort told members of the Republican National Committee in a closed-door briefing here Thursday afternoon that his candidate has been playing a “part” on the campaign trail, but is starting to pivot toward presenting a more businesslike and presidential “persona.” [...]   Manafort said Trump is “totally committed” to “carrying the brand of the Republican Party” in the fall. He reassured RNC members that Trump would view them as “partners” in the general election.&qu

Beyond "Both Sides Do It"

The Washington Post has been the national center of both-siderist delusions for decades.  Now, in the voice of the pathetic "centrist" Dana Milbank, they are going beyond both siderism, and essentially laying the groundwork to blame the Democrats for the Republican Presidential catastrophe: "Democrats’ delight at the prospect of a Trump candidacy is well-founded. Last week’s Post-ABC News poll finds that an impressive 67 percent of Americans have an unfavorable view of Trump and only 31 percent have a positive view — far worse than Ted Cruz (36 percent positive, 53 percent negative), or Hillary Clinton.   All signs suggest Trump would be an electoral disaster for Republicans, but I won’t join those who for that reason want him to be the Republican nominee. The important thing is not what’s best for Democrats but what’s best for the country — and that means not having a race-baiting demagogue as the nominee of a major party... even if Trump is easier to defeat, hi

A Woman on the $20 Bill

Now they are saying that it will take until 2030 to get a woman on the $20 bill.  I guess there is going to be a long fight over which woman gets to have her picture on the $20 bill, so Green Eagle thought he would get his idea out there early, so momentum could build around this obvious choice: Angelina Jolie: Of course, as shown, we must put her on the bill sideways, so we can see more of her. _______________________________________________________________ Note:  Just a joke there, guys.  Don't anyone beat up on poor old Green Eagle for it.

Sad News From Georgia...Just Kidding.

More news from the South, this one featuring an "Imperial Wizard" of the KKK: "An “imperial wizard” of the Ku Klux Klan died Friday after an hours-long standoff with police, WALB reports.   J.J. Harper exchanged fire with police during an 8-hour standoff in Dooly County following a domestic dispute. He was a well-known and active member of the KKK, law enforcement confirmed. “imperial wizard” of the Ku Klux Klan died Friday after an hours-long standoff with police, WALB reports.   J.J. Harper exchanged fire with police during an 8-hour standoff in Dooly County following a domestic dispute. He was a well-known and active member of the KKK, law enforcement confirmed.   During the standoff, “Harper exited and entered his residence multiple times wearing a bullet resistant vest, gas mask, and other weapons to include a long gun and handguns,” police said in a statement to the Telegraph.   Police told the station that during the standoff, Harper had vowed, “Someon

Wingnut Wrapup

Let's start out with a shout out to Alphonso Mobley, an Ohio Sovereign Citizen who unfortunately blew both his hands off while trying to make a bomb to use in an armored car robbery.  I was going to say there's nothing funny about this latest in a long string of Sovereign Citizen violent incidents, but I take it back.  Sorry, it is kind of funny.  Not as funny, however, as watching the Republican party trying to cheat its way out of the fate it has spent so many decades carefully constructing. John Hawkins, Town Hall:  "When Did It Become Controversial To Keep Men Out Of The Women's Bathroom?" When did it become controversial to keep black people out of white people's bathrooms?  Except in certain parts of the South, where that still seems like a good idea to lots of people. Stephen Moore, Town Hall:  "Why Do Liberals Hate America?  The idea of American exceptionalism has been embedded in our collective DNA for generations. It is the faith-based b

The Republican Race Gets Really Dirty

What do you have left in a country when you have this sort of thing happening? "Donald Trump may have retroactively lost his Georgia delegate lead to Ted Cruz, even after scoring a decisive victory in the state primary on March 7.   Individual congressional districts met Saturday to select the 43 of the 76 delegates that would be going on to the Republican convention in Ohio at the end of July. Each of the 14 conventions picks three delegates and three alternates.   Despite Donald’s advantage in votes, Ted’s supporters now appear to make up the majority of Georgia’s representation going on to the state convention in Augusta." God knows, I am not a supporter of Trump, but when a party is rigging its own selection process right out in the open, what exactly does our vaunted American democracy mean any more? And I love the press response to this, which is to attack Trump for just being too unprepared and ignorant of the process to get the delegates that the people of

Another Fine Example of the Conservative Way of Doing Business

Poor i-heart radio, formerly Clear Channel, the force behind Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and most of the other right wing liars that have polluted our nation's politics for the last couple of decades.  And it may mark the end of the obscene $40 million a year paychecks that Limbaugh has gotten as a reward for lying the American people into disaster.  It seems you should be careful which of your fellow right wingers you get involved with, because they are not always dedicated solely to the best interests of your company.  From a very good article at Media Matters , the following excerpts, then of course my own cranky take on the whole thing: "During the late 1990s and early 2000s the company, feasting on the fruits of media deregulation, gorged itself with profits. (It also bullied the music business for years.)  Since then, not so much. And what a brutal ride it’s been for investors: Clear Channel stock price, January 2000: $90. Clear Channel stock value, April 2007: $3

Simple Answers to Stupid Questions

Adam Alabaster keeps asking: "In the 2012 election, Obama picked up more big newspaper endorsements than Romney.   In both 2008 and 2004, the Democrat running for president obtained endorsements from the majority of the 100 biggest newspapers in the United States. In 2008, Obama beat McCain, 65-25, with 10 giving either no endorsement or a split endorsement. In 2004, Kerry gained 54 endorsements, compared to Bush' 37 (9 of the papers gave no endorsement).   If the mass media is so conservative, how did Kerry and Obama gain so many endorsements from big newspapers? " Simple, Adam.  In a rational country, after the miserable failure of the Bush administration and their worthless Republican policies, no newspapers would endorse the exact same policies from Bush, McCain and Romney.  Even a single media source endorsing Bush in 2004, McCain or Romney is a sign that they didn't give a damn about what is best for the country. Now, Adam and Dikran, don't think

Our Reluctant Hero

Can there be anything more touching than Paul Ryan's selfless declaration that he is not running for President?  Unless it is the utterly uncritical acceptance of his claim by the entirety of the mainstream press, despite the fact that he played this exact same Brer Rabbit game on them less than a year ago, when he positively stated that he wanted nothing to do with the House Speakership, until he manipulated his party's leaders into arranging things to make him look like an altruistic hero for deigning to accept the third highest position in the country. Well, do you believe that the entire mainstream press is that naive and forgetful?  Or are they once again willingly complicit in trying to help the Republican party escape paying a price for its piggish behavior? As I have said before, I will buy the arguments I hear that the press is just trying to sell their product, or that they are uneducated dupes of politicians, the day the whole thing works in favor of Democrats fo

The Republican Party Reaches the Top of the World

They've finally gotten exactly where they have worked for decades to be, and it is Tremendous!

North Korea Barks

Time to bite back?  Here's an interesting development: "Seoul (AFP) - North Korea said Saturday it had successfully tested an engine designed for an inter-continental ballistic missile (ICBM) that would "guarantee" an eventual nuclear strike on the US mainland." The Fat Man himself Notice they apparently did not say that they would have the ability to strike the United States; they guaranteed that they would strike the United States. As I have argued for years, "regime change" and preemptive strikes have proven to be horribly misguided actions in the hands of the United States, but even a stopped clock is right twice a day. What's more, it is clear that the vast majority of the North Korean's belligerent statements are intended to keep their own population in a state of panic great enough to prevent them from revolting against the rape of their country by its leaders; still, people with the power to carry their threats out need to


Well, everybody seems to be going around saying how delusional Bernie is to keep insisting that he has a path to getting the Democratic nomination.  I just want to say that the best thing that Bernie could ever do is to stay in the race.  This is because the minute he drops out, the Republican death star is going to turn every bit of its power on Hillary, dredging up every one of the hundreds of lies that they have told over the years, and spending hundreds of millions to cram them down people's throats.  The longer that gets put off, the better for decent people everywhere. Of course you can't admit that you are going to lose, and then stay in the race, but if Bernie and Hillary haven't reached an understanding about this, they are both fools.  We know that, when the time comes, Bernie will be one hundred percent behind Hillary; for now, he's keeping the vultures away from her. Like the Occupy movement a couple of years ago, Bernie has already done a mammoth servic

Job Killer

"Job Killer."  How many times have we heard the Republicans throw around that term, whenever the Democrats try to accomplish anything, and invariably without a shred of fact to back up their claims. No Democratic initiative has come in for more of this counterfactual name-calling than Obamacare. So, five years on, it is helpful, I think, to look at the reality, as shown by this chart, from an article at Forbes' website, hardly a progressive bastion: As the article points out, the Republicans have unwillingly had to pretty much give up that talking point, but they've had five years to work it into the public consciousness; so it is unfortunately necessary to make a counterstrike against a punch that was thrown years ago. This is just one little specimen of the Alice in Wonderland fantasy that is Conservative economics; a fantasy that has brought us two total economic collapses in the last century, and never done a damned bit of good to anyone, except as an excu

Wingnut Wrapup

They're getting really desperate for things to complain about now: Matt Vespa, Town Hall:  "Obama Praised Bostonians For Shopping Following Their Attack, Slammed Bush For Encouraging The Same Thing In 2008" Don't count on getting much traction with that one, Matt.  I mean, really. And another oldie but goodie: Cal Thomas, Town Hall:  "The "Apology Tour" Comes Full Circle" The apology tour- remember that one?  It was only about the three hundredth imaginary Obama scandal invented by Republicans.  Maybe people have forgotten what a pack of lies it was, and the Republicans can still get some use out of it. And they aren't done yet: Cortney O'Brien, Town Hall:  "'Tremendous Mistake': MSNBC Slams Obama for Argentine Tango as Brussels Bleeds" Well, not MSNBC exactly- former Republican congressman Joe Scarborough on MSNBC.  Another bogus scandal from the party whose President went to a birthday party while New

How To Tell That It's A Slow News Day

From a website I looked at today: Whatever...

Sorry, I Couldn't Resist

Stealing this photo: I have a feeling it is a Photoshop job, but the way things are going these days, who knows?