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 Remembering what it was like when this country ended a war run by a Democratic President:


 "... federal regulators have approved ivermectin to treat people and animals for some parasitic worms" Really, I don't see why it shouldn't prove helpful to Republican voters.


  I can't resist getting my two cents in about the Afghanistan withdrawal, which is shaping up to be one of the worst examples of mainstream press malfeasance since they essentially paved the road for Trump to enter the White House. As usual, it seems to me that nobody is willing to state the truth directly, so I will give it a try. First, this war was started by a Republican President with the mind of a child, who was forced on the country by corrupt Republican Supreme Court Justices, and who said before getting into the White House that only a war President could be great.  And then, in short order, he, and his psychopathic vice President took their eyes off Afghanistan in favor of an even shinier toy, Iraq.  As a result, by the time we were able to rid ourselves of this fool, the "war" in Afghanistan was hopelessly lost.  And no, I won't listen to the usual refrain we have heard after every Republican disaster since at least the great depression: "nobody could

The Dumb Quarter

 Top ten States in new Covid cases: It's always the same part of the country.  Ever notice that?  I bet you did.  I've said this for years, but I still believe it:  the worst thing that ever happened in the history of the United States is when we won the Civil War.  Why didn't they have the sense to just dump these people and their hateful States into the ocean?  Oh yeah, I guess they had their Joe Manchins and Kristen Sinemas back then too, who were sure the slavers were only a few short days away from totally turning away from evil.