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Birds of a Feather

 All end up cheating as hard as they can in the end.  You may have heard stories over the weekend that a group of Israeli parties has put together a coalition that will finally remove Israel's Donald Trump from office.  When I saw this news, my first response was to think of all the horror movies where the bad guy keeps coming back to life after you thought he is dead: I'll believe it when I see it.  Well, I'm still waiting.  From the Washington Post this morning: "Israel’s Netanyahu fights to block opposition parties from taking power...Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his allies on Monday worked furiously to keep opposition parties from forming a government that would displace him from Israel's top political job for the first time in more than 12 years. Netanyahu supporters slammed right-wing parties planning to join the broad-based coalition as “traitors,” picketed their homes and issued threats that led police to provide additional security to at

A Charitable Appeal

 Anyone out there willing to make a small contribution to the Lobotomy for Joe Manchin Fund?

And now the Good News

 From the Washington Post today: "The country’s declining covid-19 case rates present an unrealistically optimistic perspective for half of the nation — the half that is still not vaccinated. ...adjustments for vaccinations show the rate among susceptible, unvaccinated people is 73 percent higher than the standard figures being publicized. With that adjustment, the national death rate is roughly the same as it was two months ago and is barely inching down. The adjusted hospitalization rate is as high as it was three months ago.  The adjusted rates in several states show the pandemic is spreading as fast among the unvaccinated as it did during the winter surge." Maybe this pack of scum will manage to kill themselves off by the 2022 election.

Wingnut Wrapup

 I have to say that I am having real problems these days keeping up with this garbage, as so much of it is just repeating the same sickening lies that we have all heard so many times before.  Anyway, here's a collection from the last ten days or so. Let's just start with this repulsive hit job on Kamala Harris: Kirsten Stein, American Thinker:  "Kamala Harris hasn't been looking well lately.  She gave a maskless interview to CNN's Dana Bash a week ago, and she looked much more jowly and wrinkly than she did just three months ago, when she took the oath of office.  She has a bit more junk in the trunk now, and gone are the purple, maroon, and ivory suits; it's black or navy all the time now, the better to hide the extra jiggly bits.  A lot of her sentences now begin with "Well, I mean," signaling the intellectual vacuity she's settled for, as though she's completely given up on trying to sound smart. Is the stress of not being able to do her jo

The Good News About the Israeli Stampede

 In which 45 ultra-Orthodox people were killed last week. And what is the good news about that?  Not a single woman was killed!  Why were women so fortunate?  Because no women were allowed at the event, it being a garden variety gathering of right wing religious fanatics. The event's planners had been warned multiple times that their arrangements were unsafe and created a considerable risk of disaster, but they ignored the experts.  God bless Orthodox men for taking such good care of their women as to protect them from the danger of being trampled to death by other Orthodox men.

Wingnut Wrapup

 And please remember that millions of your fellow Americans rely on things like this for "news." So this is the explanation: "FBI Seizes Giuliani’s Video of Clinton Hanging" Because, of course that would explain everything: "Federal Investigators on Wednesday executed a search warrant on former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s Manhattan condominium, seizing cellphones, laptops, and reams of printed paper under the pretense of searching for communications between Giuliani and the former president of the Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko. Sources close to Giuliani, however, told Real Raw News that the U.S. Justice Department’s official reason for storming Giuliani’s home is a bold-faced lie.  By order of Kamala Harris, the FBI went to Giuliani’s home hoping to find a video copy of Hillary Clinton’s execution at Guantanamo Bay, which took place on Monday, April 26. As RRN reported previously, Rudy Giuliani had attended the grisly affair and stood among the small delegation of pa