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Green Eagle Joins With Marjorie Taylor Greene

Green Eagle's new BFF, with (apparently) a close relative Coming together to solve the nation's problems!  We've all heard Marjorie's latest rants about dissolving the United States into Red and Blue States; i.e. Confederate secession 2023 style.  Of course, we know perfectly well that this ignorant jackass will say anything to keep her rapidly aging* face in the news, so we shouldn't believe she means a thing she says, but assuming that she is serious, what should we be doing about this?  Here is my suggestion: Green Eagle is going to appeal to his Senators and Congress person (a character by the name of Adam Schiff, whom you may have heard of) to introduce legislation to require that, for say the next ten years, every State in the union receive exactly as much back from the Federal government as it pays in taxes.  Then each State can spend its own residents' money in the manner they feel is appropriate.  That seems fair, right?  And this eminently sensible rul

A Challenger Appears

  Governor Mike DeWine of Ohio, clearly trying to unseat Mitch McConnell for the title of Official Turtle of the Republican Party.

Republican Presidential Race Moves Into High Gear

 I saw the following campaign promise from Donald Trump yesterday, and it encouraged me to write a little about something I have said before, but as we are forced once again into a two year obsession with the next Presidential election, is worth repeating.  I think that any American a decade ago would be appalled by this kind of talk from an ex-President, but no more: "The former president, if re-elected, is still committed to expanding the use of the federal death penalty and bringing back banned methods of execution, the sources say. He has even, one of the sources recounts, mused about televising footage of executions, including showing condemned prisoners in the final moments of their lives. Specifically, Trump has talked about bringing back death by firing squad, by hanging, and, according to two of the sources, possibly even by guillotine. He has also, sources say, discussed group executions...Trump privately mused about the possibility of creating a flashy, government-back

The Female George Santos

That would be one Anna Paulina Luna, a recent Republican winner of a seat in the current House.  There seems to be a chance that this woman's supposed history is pretty much as phony as Santos's.  Here's an amusing story from the Washington Post detailing her claims about her life, with some interesting comment from people who knew her.  "Twelve years before she was elected as the first Mexican American woman to represent Florida in Congress, Anna Paulina Luna was serving at Whiteman Air Force Base in Warrensburg, Mo., where friends said she described herself as alternately Middle Eastern, Jewish or Eastern European. Known then by her given last name of Mayerhofer, Luna sported designer clothing and expressed support for then-President Barack Obama. By the time she ran for Congress as a Republican, she had changed her last name to Luna..."  Lots more giggles at the linked article.  I guess when they elected a President who had massively deluded people about his

Yes, the Republican Party has Come to This

 From the Washington Post today: "Amish country farmers say George Santos took puppies" Stealing puppies. They really are beneath humiliation.   I didn't spend too long looking, but I couldn't find a single person on the right who says "enough, already." Who can believe that there is any path to redemption for these people?  


 I accidentally came across this article from a UPI news feed from 1973, when I was looking at an unrelated article on the same page.  I thought you'd get a laugh out of it. They may have gotten a little slicker at what they say in public, but really, the substance is pretty much the same as ever.  The Bible.  Lesson three billion in why religion needs to be crushed out of our political life.

The Truth about the Balloon

Why will nobody say this?  What was hanging from that balloon was not spy equipment, it was clearly Hunter Biden's laptop.   China was clearly attempting to steer the balloon so the laptop could be dropped directly into the blind man's repair shop, in an attempt to hide the fact that the Republicans have been unable to produce a shred of evidence that the laptop actually exists, despite over a year of screeching about it.  Now Republicans can blame Joe Biden for caring nothing about our nation's defense, but using an F-22 to destroy evidence of the Biden family's crimes.   Anyone who doubts that some Republicans will do this clearly hasn't been paying attention to things the last few years.