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A Meaningless Spectacle

 Presidential debates.  They tell us absolutely nothing, or at least nothing we need to know. Consider what happens when Presidential candidates "debate" each other.  First of all, any person even vaguely politically informed can predict at least 90% of the questions that will be asked, and even, giving who is running the debate, the political slant of the wording.  Knowing this in advance, the candidates have their endless teams of soulless "advisors" and opinion manipulators craft responses based on extensive opinion testing of their target audiences.  The candidates then have nothing to do but repeat these canned responses, feigning anger and contempt at the appropriate places.  Job done!  You won the debate! All of this has absolutely nothing to do with how a candidate would respond to crises or solve long standing problems, the actual job of the real President.  In fact, all it does is divert any consideration of the candidates' real qualifications.  And th

Another Story That Will Vanish in Two Days

 From the Washington Post: "N.Y. judge finds Donald Trump committed business fraud for a decade... The judge’s ruling represented a significant setback for Trump by revoking his company’s authority to do business in New York, where the Trump Organization is headquartered and where Trump has major real estate interests... In the decision, Engoron criticized the Trump defense team’s failed arguments that earned it the sanctions...“Defendants’ conduct in repeating these frivolous arguments is egregious,” Engoron wrote. “The defenses Donald Trump attempts to articulate in his sworn deposition are wholly without basis in law or fact.” And let's be clear that the "for a decade" nonsense is only because everything before then was rendered unprosecutable by the New York statute of limitations. It's all just one more monstrous proof of the endless criminality of this rapist/traitor/con man; the perpetrator of a lifetime of crimes of every sort.  And yet, nothing, includin

The Pee Wee of Congress

 In my lifetime, I only remember two public figures that were caught masturbating in a theater; Lauren Bobert and Pee Wee Herman.   At least, Pee Wee was masturbating himself, so we don't have to wonder if he was getting paid to do it.  On the other hand, poor Paul Rubens had his career destroyed for this transgression, while Lauren Bobert will of course suffer no negative reaction of any kind from her Republican colleagues. Any way, if this odious woman is not forever known as the Pee Wee Herman of Congress, I will never understand why.

Photo of the day

 Green Eagle is feeling pretty much like contestant number 9 today.

Elon Musk and the Death Throes of Capitalism

Something was revealed last week that got a fair amount of attention, but not nearly enough either coverage or anger to remotely begin to address the damage.  From The Guardian: "Elon Musk ordered Starlink to be turned off during Ukraine offensive... Elon Musk ordered his Starlink satellite communications network to be turned off near the Crimean coast last year to hobble a Ukrainian drone attack on Russian warships, according to a new biography. CNN quoted an excerpt from the biography Elon Musk by Walter Isaacson, which described how armed submarine drones were approaching their targets when they “lost connectivity and washed ashore harmlessly”. Musk is largely regarded to be the world's richest man.  His wealth and power have grown so great, apparently, that he can, on his own, destroy an attempt by a country to strike back against a vicious dictator who has invaded them in an act of genocidal aggression.   I think a comparison is in order here.  Most of the landing craft

Fani, Yeah

 I want to suggest very strongly that anyone who sees this short post click on this link to an article at The Hill, which covers a letter written to Congressional scum Jim Jordan, by Fani Willis, responding to his demand that she reveal all the details of her case against Trump to Jordan, and thus the entire Republican party.  It is an absolute master class in how every decent person should respond to Republican efforts to sabotage the rule of law in this country.  I promise that you will find it most entertaining.  Every Democrat needs to speak this way, every day.

Wingnut Wrapup

I forgot that this can be kind of fun.  So here's another dose.  Read it and weep.    "Naturopathic Doctor Wil Spencer Reveals Solutions to Remove Nanocircuitry From the Bodies of the Jabbed!" Remember the joke about the guy who found a way to eliminate elephants from Michigan? When someone said, "but there aren't any elephants in Michigan," he replied, "See- it worked."  Pay me God knows how much to "remove" nanocircuitry from your body.  See- no nanocircuitry.  It worked.  The only difference is that Conservatives figure out ways to make money from the jokes they play on the country. "Michelle Obama in Trouble as Joan Rivers's Daughter Might Come Out to Expose Her!...Joan Rivers, a name synonymous with audacious wit and irreverent humor, left an indelible mark on the world. Her sudden departure from this realm was a cataclysmic event that sent ripples through the fabric of society." "a cataclysmic event that sent ripp

Karma, or, "Don't Ignore Blowback"

91 counts.  Four indictments.  And more almost certain to follow in the next few months. Of course, the Republicans have an explanation for that, which they are singing out in unison:  The masterful Democratic criminals and their tools in the judiciary have orchestrated an avalanche of false accusations against Trump, perfectly timed so that they all bear fruit during the Presidential campaign.  Joe Biden, who happens to be a doddering dotard, is also engaged in this massive, perfectly timed plot to destroy the one who is poised to return to power and wreak his justified vengeance on anyone who ever stood up to him, while profiting handsomely in the process.  That's their story, and as the song says, they are sticking to it. Well, of course, that is not what is happening at all.  Curiously, I have not heard anyone say straight out what is really going on, so I thought I would give it a try. Donald Trump is, as any sentient American knows, the most persistently criminal individual i