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A Very Minor Corona Virus Observation

I have been working in Hawaii, where, as far as I know, there are zero cases of Corona Virus.  Every day, I drive to work down Kalakaua Avenue, which is the main street in Waikiki. I was stunned to notice today (I hadn't paid any attention until now) that the number of people on the street was about half of what it has been every day since I got here months ago. Hardly a major contribution to the Corona Virus discussion, but it shocked me.

Why Elizabeth Warren Should Be the Nominee

She did the same thing to Bloomberg and she will do the same thing to Trump.  She is who the rich guys are really afraid of, and they have just about poisoned her with a large part of the electorate- the only real Republican electoral strategy for decades.  We are taking a gigantic risk if we let it happen again.


No, not this one: That's how much the Dow has fallen in the last two days; the greatest two day drop in history. Although a couple more days of this and a lot of speculators might be looking for their own M1911's, for self-application. Oh, by the way, there seems to be general agreement on the right that the person who gets the blame for this is Bernie Sanders.

The Dow


Harvey Weinstein


Your President

No comment needed.
This will be a rather long post for me these days, in which I want to cover two things: Just how big a hole we have dug in this country, and why we are in it.  For the first point, I want to quote rather heavily from an article that appeared in the Washington Post this weekend.  I must make it clear that I am certainly not singling out the Post for an attack; sad to say, with the possible exception of the two hours a day we can watch Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O'Donnell, it is perhaps the most trustworthy source of news we have left in our pathetic excuse for a mainstream press.  Anyway, here is their analysis of what just happened in the Senate Trial of Donald Trump, with Green Eagle's usual added sarcastic squawking, because, of course that's what Green Eagle would do. "Senate to emerge from impeachment trial guilty of extreme partisanship...The Senate is poised to end its impeachment trial of President Trump far deeper in the partisan trenches than when it sta

Will Democrats Never Get It?

I'm not sure, judging from reactions like this comment at Daily Kos today: " What a day for Maine Sen. Susan Collins, huh? Her colleague, Utah Sen. Mitt Romney,  just provided a master class  in political principle, courage, and independence" Have Democrats not learned yet that there is no such thing as a principled Republican?  And particularly not the vampire Romney, who made his fortune (the part he didn't inherit, anyway) at Bain Capital, sucking profitable companies dry of all of their resources, and then leaving literally tens of thousands of workers without jobs? Romney voted for one article of impeachment for exactly the same reason that Susan Collins voted for witnesses, and conscience or truth had nothing to do with it.  He did it for the sole reason that Republicans didn't want the Democrats to be able to describe the craven vote to let Trump go free as a party line vote.  It was easy to give up one absolutely unnecessary vote to deny the Democra