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Has The Red Wave Crested?

It took me a day or so to start thinking this, but I am now wondering if the recent election does not represent a far greater blow to the Republicans than most people yet realize. Consider how everything seemed to be aligned to favor their plan: A relatively unpopular President, whose manifest accomplishments have been totally obscured by Republican smear campaigns, aided by a mainstream press largely owned by, and only responsive to the demands of, the rich. An off year election which normally produces a strong showing for the opposition party, including typically a loss of 30+ seats in the House and several in the Senate. Decades of gerrymandering that had built secure Republican districts all across the country. The judiciary had been so packed with corrupt fascists, that it was considered acceptable to have masked people with assault rifles at polling places, wherever they could intimidate Democratic voters. Election officials across the country that have been threatened  into resi


  Well, for anyone out there who does not believe that there is something vastly wrong with our current system of charging for higher education, or who went to college some time ago and thinks that student loan forgiveness is some sort of free ride, here is something to take a look at. I was going through some old papers today, and found this term bill for one semester at Harvard graduate school in the early 1980's. Total bill: $4800.25