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Mooselini Mangled

 This just in:  Sarah Palin lost her race for the only Congressional seat in Alaska, to a Democrat!  This is the first time in half a century that a Democrat will hold that position. I've run this rather unflattering picture of what Palin looks like today deliberately, to ask a question:  Do you think she just lost a lot of her young, working class oil workers who thought a few years ago that it was funny to vote for a babe, or do you think this might be a sign of something bigger- when Republicans can't hold a seat they had for fifty years, even with a celebrity candidate, could it be a sign of a real change in the willingness of the electorate to be done with Republican crap?   I'll never believe we have turned things around until we do well in November, but it's something to think about.

Wingnut Wrapup- Presidential Espionage Edition

 I don't do too many of these any more but I think the following photo really calls for one: I'm sure you have all seen it already, so I don't need to comment about what it shows.  Anyway, as the blatant fact that Donald Trump is the biggest traitor this country has ever know becomes clearer and clearer, we know what the right's answer will be:  amp up the lying, the smears of others and the desperate attempts to distract attention from the obvious.  And here's a small sample of how they are doing it: “Most Republicans, including me, believe that when it comes to Trump, there is no law" -Senatorette Lindsay Graham. Truer words were never spoken. Spencer Brown, Town Hall:  "DOJ's Latest 'Smoking Gun' Just Makes Them Look Worse" That would be the above photo.  See, the more unquestionable the evidence, the worse it is for the Department of Justice, because the only thing they have a right to do is declare Trump innocent and move on with his

The Truth About the Dodd Decision

Hallowed institution of a Democratic state, or a tool of partisan bullies? As usual, the press, and even most left wing sources I have seen, have failed utterly to explain the threat to our country posed by the recent Dobbs decision by the six corrupt right wing Supreme Court Justices.  The focus has been entirely on the erosion of the position of women in society, and in the process the real intent of this action has been virtually totally missed. I have to say before going further that I am not denying that this malicious decision represents a massive injury to women in our country.  It does, but even that damage promises to be a small thing compared to the attack on our rights that is the real goal of this action.  In fact, the true target of the Dobbs decision is the doctrine of Stare Decisis, something which has been a mainstay of English common law since the 1400's, and which underlies the most basic principles of American jurisprudence.  Before I go further, I think I shoul

The Most Important Front Page of the Century

 And it's from the New York Times.  Even that miserable source of Republican apologetics seem to be finally forced to start facing the truth.  If every other newspaper in the country doesn't look pretty much the same today, it just proves what a hateful Republican tool our national press has become. The man is a traitor, and he belongs in prison immediately, before he can do any more damage to this country.  No bail, no free passes, no benefit of the doubt, prison for the rest of his life, with no way to communicate with anyone except his lawyers.  And every property that he owns or has had access to needs to be ripped to shreds in a search for more of these documents, or copies of the ones we already know about. When the inevitable evidence emerges that he has already passed much of this material to Vladimir Putin, Mohammed Bin Salman or who knows who else, he needs to be executed as the worst spy and traitor this country has ever known.  And a lot of his enablers and associat

Two Questions about Trump's Stolen Documents

Here are two things I want discussed about the boxes of secret documents Trump took with him when he left the White House. I just heard Peter Strzok ask one of them on MSNBC today.  That is, what makes us think that we have all of what Trump stole?  We know that it has taken a year and a half and an FBI raid to get what has now been reclaimed, but he had all that time to take the things that were most valuable to him, and take them who knows where.  Do you think that it didn't occur to Trump to do that, and the patent illegality of such behavior would stop him for a second, after he stole the documents in the first place? And second, he has had a year and a half to make whatever copies of these documents that he wanted to.  What would make you think that he didn't do that, and stash the copies in God only knows what place, very likely out of the United States, and out of the reach of American law enforcement? What is more, let me state my own position on these two questions:  G

At Last! The Truth About the Mar-a-Lago Raid Emerges!!! No, Really!

 A shocking revelation is making its way around the wingnut world today, which totally explains the UNPRECEDENTED FBI raid on the beloved former President Donald Trump's home.   No, the explanation is not that Donald Trump is an unprecedented criminal and traitor.  Here is the current explanation of why that raid was necessary for the Deep State: What do you think was in those secret government documents that Trump removed from the White House and kept in his golf club storage room?  When you think about it, it is all so obvious, I guess.  These boxes and boxes of government secrets contained all of the evidence of Satanic baby killing and eating by Hillary, Obama, Biden et. al.!  Yes, that is the truth: "FBI RAIDED MAR-A-LAGO IN SEARCH OF TORTURE AND CANNIBALISM EVIDENCE" They wanted to prevent us from seeing it!  After Trump had himself hidden it for two years! This truth is brought to us by one Jessie Czebotar, author of such mammoth journalistic bombshells as "U.

More Civil War

 The Civil War!  It's here at last!!!  And here is how it is going to go.  From NBC4- Columbus: BCI: 1,000 firearms seized after two brothers shot in standoff... "The incident started late Friday night and ran into Saturday morning, ending with brothers Randy Wilhelm, 56, and Bradley Wilhelm, 53, being shot and killed after both men, allegedly armed, charged at law enforcement officers, the Knox County Sheriff’s Office said. According to Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost, officers were acting under a search warrant for Randy Wilhelm and all firearms on the property. After the shooting, the sheriff’s office asked Yost’s Bureau of Criminal Investigation to continue the search of the property. The BCI seized more than 1,000 firearms, mostly sporting shotguns and hunting rifles, and more than 140,000 rounds of ammunition. According to the sheriff’s office, Randy Wilhelm was under indictment in Knox County for charges including intimidation, menacing by stalking, bribery, felonious a

Civil War!

  The real Civil War, just for reference Civil War!!!   It's started now!!  For sure!! From Vice: "Within hours of the FBI search, however, the term “civil war” was already trending on Twitter, and hundreds of Trump supporters had already gathered outside Mar-a-Lago. Some claimed on Telegram channels that they were there to protect the former president.  The top comment on the main thread about the raid on Tuesday morning was: “Lock and load.” In the same thread, another user wrote: “It certainly feels like they’re treating it as a hot civil war." “Time to take the gloves off,” far-right activist and GOP congressional candidate Laura Loomer wrote on her Telegram channel. “It’s been time. If you’re a freedom-loving American, you must remove the words decorum and civility from your vocabulary. This is a WAR! And it’s time to obliterate these communists.” Marjorie Taylor Greene:  “This is the rogue behavior of communist countries, NOT the United States of America!!!,” Greene

Trump's True Promise

 Okay, he lied to his supporters 30,000 times in four years.  He goes on lying to them every time he opens his mouth.  And absolutely nothing seems to phase them in the least.  And here is why: Despite all his lies, he has told the truth to them about one thing, and in the end it is all they care about:  If he comes back to power, he is going to unleash them to crush all the black people, all the Hispanics, all the foreigners, all the Asians, all the Jews, and take every single penny of value that they have.  And at this point in our history, that is the only hope that White people have.  Like some Lovecraftian family hidden away in the woods, they have willingly degenerated into a pack of subhumans that cannot compete with normal civilizations, and can only win through savagery and destruction.  Few liberals have been willing to admit that yet, but these people all know it perfectly well.  They despoiled their chance to participate in a greater world with its other inhabitants, so now

He Did It Again

 The Great Orange Baboon may not know much, but he is really good at what he does know. Here is what has happened in the last month in this country: Democrats passed legislation making great progress on the environment and health care, and pay for it solely with tax increases on the upper classes, with no middle class tax cut The unemployment rate hit its lowest level in 50 years Inflation receded to a rate of 0% in July The current leader of Al Qaida was found and eliminated An almost unprecedented international coalition, led in large part by Biden, has stood up to Vladimir Putin's aggression, without precipitating a wider war And the CDC has been able to further reduce Covid restrictions, as the Trump disease diminishes. In a normal country, President Biden would be cheered for one of the most successful periods in the history of any Presidency.  Instead, there is only one thing that utterly dominates the news:  Donald Trump's latest jackass criminal stunt, and his belligere

They Are Really Flipping Out

 Just a quick note.  Anyone who has read my blog over time knows how much effort I have put in to following right wing pundits and leaders over the years.  I just want to say that, in all that time, I have never seen the level of panic that they are showing over the current state of the investigations into Donald Trump.  Something has to be up here- something that they know about but that we can't see yet.  At the very least, it shows their general knowledge that their beloved guy, who pled the fifth over 400 times yesterday, is absolutely guilty on so many charges.  At the most, they expect that the whole truth is about to come out- that this is far more than a collection of illegal acts perpetrated by a criminal scum, but that the puzzle pieces are about to come together, and they are all going to be revealed to be knowing partners in a Fascist plot to destroy this country. 

Wingnut Wrapup- FBI Raid Edition

 As I have said, I have pretty much given up on Wingnut Wrapup because, as is the case with fascist movements everywhere, the American right has been bullied into doing nothing but spouting their leaders' line, and with Trump, that has grown so boring and repetitious that I can't bear forcing it on people.  However, the response to yesterday's FBI raid on Trump's Bond-Villain lair at Mar-a-Lago has been so over the top that I thought I would make an exception, and publish a sample of right wing commentary about this probably long-overdue action.  So, here we go... Spencer Brown, Town Hall:  "New Details About Judge Who Approved Mar-A-Lago Raid Raises All Sorts of Red Flags" Anything to deflect attention from an action against an American President whose criminality is without parallel in our whole history. "Reinhart's resume includes previously quitting his job with the U.S. Attorney's office — which was prosecuting crimes committed by Jeffrey Eps

An Obvious Point

 That, once again, every "expert" in the country, across the political spectrum refuses to state directly: We now know that the Secret Service, the Department of Homeland Security and the Defense Department destroyed large numbers of their communications from the January 6th coup attempt.  The notion that this was the result of hundreds of people across all three of these agencies unanimously deciding on their own to ignore legal requirements to preserve their records is colossal nonsense. There is only one person in the entire world that could have ordered the deletion of this material in all three of these government agencies. But Merrick Garland and Biden seem content to hide behind some sort of absurd legal nit-picking and will likely never prosecute this person for his wanton, criminal destruction of the proof of his treasonous attempt to overthrow the government, let alone for that manifest treason itself. Democrats who will run from the obvious as fast as they can, and