They Are Really Flipping Out

 Just a quick note.  Anyone who has read my blog over time knows how much effort I have put in to following right wing pundits and leaders over the years.  I just want to say that, in all that time, I have never seen the level of panic that they are showing over the current state of the investigations into Donald Trump.  Something has to be up here- something that they know about but that we can't see yet.  At the very least, it shows their general knowledge that their beloved guy, who pled the fifth over 400 times yesterday, is absolutely guilty on so many charges.  At the most, they expect that the whole truth is about to come out- that this is far more than a collection of illegal acts perpetrated by a criminal scum, but that the puzzle pieces are about to come together, and they are all going to be revealed to be knowing partners in a Fascist plot to destroy this country. 


Glen Tomkins said…
They were really flipping out at the time you wrote this because they know better than anyone just how stupid and malicious Trump is, and they fully expected documents taken from him to be so astonishingly incriminating for such serious crimes committed by so many of them that the only response that would keep all of them out of jail would be to start a civil war over the seizure. Two days later, it seems that this concern was probably exaggerated, but Trump is so stupid, and so many of even Team Normal on their side are some combination of stupid themselves and willing to go along with Trump stupidity to humor him, that the sky was the limit on what each had to fear he might have conspired with others of them, and then been too stupid to destroy the goddam evidence.

There is the famous adage that "History repeats every tragedy as a farce." True enough, but history can also repeat a farce as tragedy, or a tragedy as an even worse tragedy. Trump's entire foray into politics has been so astonishingly absurd that it has seemed that any minute it would collapse under the wight of its own absurdity. At every stage, Team Normal in both parties has concluded that they therefore don't need to themselves do anything needed for an outside force to cause the collapse, so the mounting levels of absurdity have become a new reality.

What the Right feared when it heard about the seizure of documents that the box with Schroedinger's Cat was going to be opened, only instead of a live versus a dead cat, they would be faced with the final judgment of reality on Trump's career in politics -- tragedy versus farce. And since they have let Trump get as far in their party and movement as they did, they feared the consequences to them would be horrific at 100% probability.

Again, once again it seems that the documents seized do not open the box on our current state of governance. We still don't know for sure if it's tragedy or farce. Well, the longer we let even Trump as farce work into the fabric of the reality of our politics, the more inevitable that the box contains tragedy, right up to the second civil war the idiots ranted about
Green Eagle said…
A very well stated opinion, which I cannot argue with. Leaves me a little depressed, as arguing is sort of Green Eagle's thing. But of course, I guess we couldn't expect any revelation, no matter how revolting, to really budge his supporters at this point. I have been meaning to say something about that, and I think I will do it in a brief post now. I'll be interested to see if you have an opinion about what I have to say.

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