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Terry Schiavo's Lawyer- India is Calling

"An Indian court has been asked to rule whether a Hindu spiritual leader is dead, or actually in a deep state of meditation. His Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj, founder of the Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS) religious order, died in January, according to his family.  However, his followers insist the guru is still alive and are refusing to hand over his body for cremation. (Cult members)  say their leader is merely in a deep state of meditation.  Local governmental officials have ruled the situation is a spiritual matter and said the guru's followers cannot be forced to believe he is dead." Really?  Well...I guess it's just a matter of opinion: I rest my case.

Rep: Trent Franks: Obama Wouldn’t Care If Al Qaeda Attacked Texas

Neither would I.  I'm not even sure if we'd notice the difference.

Republicans are really, REALLY clamping down on the crazies. No, I mean REALLY!!!

From Daily Kos, this news: "In a story about how allies of House Speaker John Boehner are planning a "crackdown" on anyone from the tea party who dares vote against re-electing him as speaker if he runs again after the 2014 midterms, Politico's Jake Sherman reports : This time, Boehner’s allies are talking, too. They say they aren’t going to be bullied by a small pocket on the right." Right.  And here is a prediction I will make for you:  This new found courage of theirs is set to expire on the second Wednesday in November, the day after the Congressional elections. Then, it's party time again in Washington, and Ted Cruz, Louie Gohmert et. al. will be free to take the country on another magical mystery tour down crazy lane.  This stunt is nothing but standard Republican practice: when there is an impending election, try to convince the gullible that all has changed with them, and once again their party cares about the direction of the country. 

Obama's Foreign Policy Fails Again

Just ask Dick Cheney.  I mean, who better to explain to us the nature of foreign policy failure? "Former Vice President Dick Cheney blasted President Obama as the weakest president of his lifetime on Wednesday, following the president’s speech defending his foreign policy approach at the West Point commencement ceremony. “He is a very, very weak president,” Cheney said in an interview with Fox News. “Maybe the weakest — certainly in my lifetime.” Cheney went on to say that during a recent trip to the Middle East, allies he had “dealt with all the way back to Desert Storm” expressed alarm at the president’s handling of foreign policy." Not that he was able to name any.  And of course they told him what he wanted to hear.  They were afraid he would shoot them in the face. “They all are absolutely convinced that the American capacity to lead and influence in that part of the world has been dramatically reduced by this president,” Cheney said. “We’ve got a problem with

Running from Reality

I can't bring myself to write one more screeching tirade about the refusal of Obama and Democratic "leaders" in general, so I've reduced myself to recommending an excellent post along those lines by Driftglass.  Definitely worth a read, unless you're already too upset these days to take any more.

Wingnut Wrapup

I haven't been posting much lately.  Partly it's because we've been really busy at work, but mainly it is because so much of what the Republicans are saying these days is so detached from reality, that I don't think there is a chance that they really believe it all.  I think it is just a very noxious fog spread to force sane people to spend their time rebutting things like their anti-global warming tirades, the Hillary brain damage nonsense, and on and on, so we cannot deal with the real issues in this country.  Right now, I just don't have the patience to spend a lot of time disproving things that their perpetrators don't even believe for a second.  Anyway, hopefully we can still get a laugh from these fools, so here's a taste of where the right wing is today: Moe Lane, Red State:  "Karl Rove forces Bill Clinton to provide relevant health information about Hillary Clinton...So, this is why Karl Rove rather loudly speculated about brain damage...So,

Supreme Court Halts Execution Of Missouri Inmate

As they report at Talking Points Memo: "BONNE TERRE, Mo. (AP) — The U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday halted the execution of a Missouri inmate with a rare medical condition who challenged the state's refusal to disclose the source of its lethal injection drug. The justices said a lower federal court needs to take another look at the case of Russell Bucklew, whose execution would have been the nation's first since last month's botched execution in Oklahoma..." Gee, that's a change from the Supreme Court's usual tactic of just letting them die.  I wonder what could be different about this guy?  Wait a minute- I'll figure it out any second now.


We report- you decide.

A Couple of Things to be Angry About Today

Republicans in Congress, unable for years now to come together to back a single piece of constructive legislation, may be reaching a new low: "Representative Duncan Hunter of California submitted an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act that would authorize the “use of force against those responsible for the attack against United States personnel in Benghazi, Libya.” The amendment will likely come up for a vote in the House of Representatives this week." This insane bill would authorize the President: "to use all necessary and appropriate force against those organizations or persons the President determines planned, authorized, or committed the attacks against the United States facilities in Benghazi, Libya that occurred on September 11 and 12, 2012" There is no time limit on this authorization, and it would, effectively, authorize any future President to attack anyone else in the world, merely by asserting that they were somehow connected with

Still Not There

The ten million, as far as I can gather, have yet to show up. Here's some response to the event on Friday from the website of Patriots for America, organizers of the mighty event (the Operation American Spring website, in fine Conservative tradition, has had absolutely nothing to say about it.)  Needless to say, they are having a little trouble with the truth: "I am trying to stay positive, but based on what response I have seen on Video's from OAS, we are a bust and I am afraid that the next step will require those of us, Veterans and Patriots that still support the Constitution to take up Arms and Die in the process of removing this current government....The battlefield is the next stop and God help us all, blood will be flowing all across this land unlike any battle long before....." The battlefield is the next stop.  Well, they had better show up with more than 130 fighters, or it will be a short battle.  Here's some advice to you guys:  Spread

Oh God In Heaven Above, Not Again

Well, today was the big day- Operation American Spring, when somewhere between ten and thirty million people were going to swarm into Washington D.C. and refuse to leave until Obama, Holder, Pelosi et. al. were frogmarched out of their offices and put on trial for treason. Well, what the hell did you expect?  It looks like, after months of agitating, the organizers of this march managed to entice something on the order of 120 or 150 people to actually show up.  Here are a few photos of this pathetic spectacle: Only in the last one can you even imagine that you are looking at more than a few dozen people.  I particularly like the acres of chairs set out for an audience that stayed home. Well, I am going to avoid Green Eagle's usual derision, which he would normally deliver in ample quantity toward these very deserving targets, because there is, I think, a serious point to be made about these continuing failures.  And this is the point: the right wing in this countr

Operation American Spring Approaches

Well, Obama has only two more days as President, before he is dragged from the White House and placed on trial for treason in front of Ted Cruz and Allen West.   The organizers of Operation American Spring, called for Washington this Friday, are now predicting between 10 and 30 million people to show up, to force Obama from office, strictly, as the organizers tell us, in accord with the U.S. Constitution.  Once again, they are apparently referring to the parts of the Constitution written in invisible ink that only wingnuts can read, as I don't remember the part of the Constitution that provides for this method of changing leaders. Here's a little bit of the thinking of one of the leaders of this event, a Colonel Riley.  Just to make it clear, I don't have a clue who Mort is: "Mort: Your hoping 10 million people will show up for OAS, isn’t that kind of high? Col. Riley: In less than 30 days of the call for the massive “movement to action” in Washington, D.C., nearl

That's Just the Way They Do Things

From (who else?) the utterly shameless Karl Rove, we now have the Birth Certificate issue for the 2016 campaign: "Karl Rove appeared on Fox News on Tuesday to double-down on his earlier insinuations that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (D) might have suffered some sort of traumatic brain injury that could prevent her from becoming president. The New York Post reported Monday that Rove told a conference last week that Clinton had spent “30 days in the hospital.” “And when she reappears,” he recounted, “she’s wearing glasses that are only for people who have traumatic brain injury? We need to know what’s up with that.” In fact, she spent three days in the hospital, and left wearing totally normal dark glasses.  Rove's former colleague Nicole Wallace had this to say: “I worked with Karl for a long time. This was a deliberate strategy on his part to raise her health as an issue and, I think in his view, a legitimate line of questioning ahead of the next c

Wingnut Wrapup

Yeah, this again. Boy, you want to start out with something pathetic? Man, I bet that made your day.  Did you love that synth that sounds like it was built during the Reagan administration?  Comments were disabled for this video.  I wonder why? Cortney O'Brien, Town Hall:  "Sarah Palin: I Hope Becoming a Grandma Will Turn Hillary Clinton Pro-Life" Sarah, did you notice that Hillary brought her daughter up to wait until she was married to have a kid?  Some other political figures who are convinced that they hold the whole secret of right and wrong might do well to think about that. Rebecca Hagelin, Town Hall:  "Culture Challenge of the Week: Mother’s Day after Abortion" Funny, only a challenge for right wingers.  Steve Chapman, Town Hall:  "On Town Prayer, the Majority Has Its Way" Of course, they don't get their way on protecting Social Security and Medicare, prosecuting Wall Street criminals, cutting back our absurd military b

Green Eagle Thinks Like a Republican

Don't try this yourselves- Green Eagle's parrot brain isn't big enough for it to have any lasting impact on him. So, BENGHAZI!!!!!!  Whatever it was that happened in Benghazi was supposedly enough to derail Obama's reelection if the American people know the truth, right?  I mean, that's why he had to lie about it.  Or so they say. Well, as Green Eagle delights in pointing out over and over again, Republicans pretty much stick to accusing Democrats of things which those very same Republicans are actually doing.  Drove the deficit through the roof?  Blame the Democrats for spending too much.  Bad at running wars you started?  Call the Democrats weak on defense.  Embarrassed every day or two by your own heroes turning out to be unrepentant racists?  Go on TV to claim Democrats are the real racists.  Work on behalf of no one but the obscenely rich?  Accuse Democrats of being the real "elitists."  Well, you get the idea.  So now let me go on with my main po

Another Little Lie From That Whiner Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan is still furious that Candy Crowley intervened in a Presidential debate she was moderating, to point out that Mitt Romney told a big fat lie about Benghazi: "Rep. Paul Ryan is still complaining about CNN’s Candy Crowley’s 2012 debate moderation. Specifically, about the fact that she corrected Mitt Romney for saying President Obama took 14 days to call the 9/11 attack on the Benghazi compound “an act of terror,” when Obama said those words in the Rose Garden the very day after the killings of four Americans. Talking to Hugh Hewitt Wednesday night, Ryan rehashed the Crowley moment, agreeing with Hewitt that it was “perhaps the most significant intervention by a member of the media in a presidential campaign ever.” While Ryan wouldn’t speculate about whether Crowley would do anything different if she knew what we know now (more on what we know now, later) he alleged that Crowley “violated the rules of the debate.” And what's more, he is spreading a deliberate fals

The Truth from the Mainstream Press

I guess we need to give credit when credit is due.  The New York Times, which has so often willingly played a malicious role in spreading Republican propaganda (remember Judith Miller and Bush's Iraq lies?) has a tremendous editorial today, along the lines of what they should be writing every day.  Here are a couple of excerpts, although I suggest you read the whole thing.  You'll enjoy it: "The hottest competition in Washington this week is among House Republicans vying for a seat on the Benghazi kangaroo court, also known as the Select House Committee to Inflate a Tragedy Into a Scandal... They won’t pass a serious jobs bill, or raise the minimum wage, or reform immigration, but House Republicans think they can earn their pay for the rest of the year by exposing nonexistent malfeasance on the part of the Obama administration... Four Americans, including the United States ambassador, died in Benghazi, and their deaths have been crassly used by Republicans as a politi

And You Think Time Warner Cable is Bad

Here's a wonderful little excerpt from a children's TV show from the Palestinians: Nothing like bringing our kids up right, huh?

Such a Sad Story

Things aren't going so well at the Bundy ranch, apparently.  Here's a sad post from one of the brave Patriots there: We feel your pain, Harley.  By the way, are you passing out numbers like they do at the deli, so we can go to a movie or get something to eat while we're waiting for our turn?

Where's the March?

May 16th, now less than two weeks away, has been promoted for months as the day that somewhere between two and ten million PATRIOTS!!!! are to show up in Washington to force Obama, Holder, Biden, Pelosi and other Democrats out of office, and place them on trial in front of a tribunal chosen by the patriots- all, they assure us, to be strictly in accord with the Constitution. Well, Green Eagle, who as you know has an unhealthy interest in these inevitable humiliations, has been following the runup to the great day, and something strange is happening.  Starting around late March or so, there was less and less online in the way of posts about this event.  Some of their websites don't seem to have been updated in a couple of months, and the instructions to their millions of alleged followers have withered away.  And as far as I know, the coverage on Fox, normally a great source of free publicity for these idiots, has been nonexistent. Now, when the Bundy ranch tantrum took place, a

When Obamacare Works

A brilliant chart from Daily Kos which reveals it all: Republican reporting.  What can you say?

Wingnut Wrapup

It's like tornado debris in Oklahoma- you've got to shovel it out of your yard before the next tornado comes along: Town Hall: Actor: Obama Doesn’t Even Share a ‘Nodding Acquaintance’ With the Constitution" That would be James Woods, who, as we all know, doesn't even share a nodding acquaintance with reality, let alone the Constitution. Stupidity from the Stupid: Jonah Goldberg, Town Hall:  "The wild environment isn't just about trees and bears and other forms of charismatic mega flora and fauna. I heard Bill Gates on NPR the other day talking about the great strides his foundation has made against malaria and how we may be on the brink of actually eradicating polio forever. Diseases play a huge part of any natural ecosystem, and we've been trying to drive them to extinction for centuries." In other words, if we eradicate polio, it's okay to eradicate any other wild species too.  There's logic for you. Streiff, Red State:  &quo

There's Just No Depth to Their Dishonesty

Well, here we go: "One day after The White House released 100 pages of Benghazi emails, a report has surfaced alleging that Republicans released a set with altered text. CBS News reported Thursday that leaked versions sent out by the GOP last Friday had visible differences than Wednesday's official batch." I'll leave it for you to click on the link if you want, to see a couple of the changes, but I'm sure you know that they didn't make the White House look more innocent.  Once more, the entire Benghazi issue is revealed to be a treacherous Republican lie, but don't hold your breath waiting for the press to point this out over the coming months of Republican foaming at the mouth over this non-existent issue.

It Was Only a Matter of Time

Today on Fox News, they blamed Obama for the missing Malaysian airliner.

Good Ad Placement

Here's a screenshot of the website for the great American Spring march on Washington to force Obama, etc. from office, in order to support the Constitution.  I love the ad on the top at the right:

Bundy: The Abomination Continues

I know I'm beginning to sound like a one trick pony over the Cliven Bundy thing, but I have been predicting for years that the behavior of right wing militias, and the coddling of them by the press and many Republican officials was going to result in them escalating their irrationality and violence until something really hateful occurs.    Well, here is another step in that direction. I want to quote fairly heavily from a post at Daily Kos, for which I hope they will forgive me, because the subject is so important.  There is a lot more there including video of Bundy acting very badly indeed.  They quote a report by a local TV station, and then continue: "Within the past few days, local 8 News NOW received Police Reports and other information that show Bundy's Anti-American, Anti-Government thugs: - "poured lighter fluid around" news trucks, - Issued "bomb threats" against Hotels where Federal employees were lodging, - told hotel staff they would b