Sunday, January 31, 2010

Free Speech, Republican Style

From Daily Kos:

"On December 20, 2009, the Chicago Tribune released a report that detailed how the healthcare industry spent upwards of $635 million over the past two years to shape the healthcare bill."

There you go. Six hundred million dollars. How much do you think we are going to see corporations spend on candidates in the future, thanks to five corrupt Republicans on the Supreme Court?

And by the way, guys, keep sending in those $25 and $50 donations to support your views. It will only take about twelve or fifteen million of them to balance out the money from one industry.

Grant Swank Solves the Mideast Problem

The stupid, ignorant, malicious slime, "Rev." Grant Swank, has spread more of his hatemongering again, today at Renew America. This time, he takes on the subject of Israel, whose people turn out to be six million more pawns in his demented plans for the world:

"Grassroots Israelis true to their own heritage are angry with their politicians playing up to Barack Hussein Obama."

"Their own heritage?" And what would that be, Grant? Maybe it would have helped if you cited a single example in your article, so everybody could know that you are talking about a demented half of a percent of the Israeli population, practically all of them transplants from the good old U. S. A.

"These Israeli leaders in recent days changed their rhetoric not to offend Muslims so as not to offend Muslim Obama. Now they are slowly changing their vernacular due to pressure from the citizenry."

Muslim Obama. Well, I guess we can see where that is going. By the way, of course, no evidence at all to support this claim.

"Three cheers for the citizenry, many who say that it would be healthy for Jews to be loyal to Jews and forget the pro-Islam US Oval Office."

Listen, you stupid dick, it might be a good idea for Israelis to be loyal to Israel, just the way that we (except for people like you, and the Republican party) are loyal to America. But are you so blind as to not see that the call for people to be "loyal" to others of the same religion is the cause of more human misery in world history than any man made cause except reruns of I Love Lucy?

"Does that sound reasonable? Does that sound patriotic in the Israeli definition? Seems so to me."

Oh, it seems reasonable to you, does it? Fomenting religious hatred in an already explosive area is a really good idea, as far as you are concerned. Well, as far as I have ever seen, all you do in your writings is fomenting hatred of one kind or another, so I guess we shouldn't be surprised.

And by the way, what the hell do you think you mean by "patriotic in the Israeli definition?" You know what, jerk, I have lived in Israel and worked with Israelis of every kind. You know what they think is "patriotic in the Israeli definition?" Finding a way to live in peace and just have a decent life without worrying about being killed every time they walk out the front door. Of course, you are ten thousand miles away, so whether people over there live or die doesn't mean a God-damned thing to you.

"Obama wants Israeli leadership to hand over to Muslims Judea and Samaria. Why? It's all so crazy."

That would be the West Bank? Have you ever been there? It is practically all a desert so harsh that it makes the Mojave look like Central Park. And you want people to go on dying for centuries, in order that you can maintain your religious delusions? "Judea and Samaria" haven't existed for going on two thousand years. Deal with it, already.

And why is the Reverend Grant Swank content to try to keep this violence and death going on endlessly? I bet you can guess:

"Actually, peace will only come to the Middle East when Christ returns."

Well, who knew? So it's okay to let people suffer and die, so you can maintain your sick religious fantasies, and continue to use them to try to manipulate the gullible. Because you don't give a damn about Israelis, Palestinians, Jews, Arabs or any other person or thing on earth except yourself and your malignant fantasies.

So, Grant, why don't you just shut your filthy mouth about the problems in Israel, and while you are at it, how about just shutting up altogether, until a shred of human decency finds its way into your stone heart?

"Israel is the navel of the planet."

And Grant Swank is the asshole of the planet.

We Can Negotiate with These People, Right?

Susan, Collins, one of the two "reasonable" Republicans:

"this administration cannot see a foreign terrorist even when he stands right in front of them, fresh from an attempt to blow a plane out of the sky on Christmas Day"

Thanks, Susan, for giving me another chance to point out that there is no such thing as an honest Republican. The best they have are corrupt liars. (The worst are greed-maddened, self-serving lunatics like Sarah Palin.)

Truth on the Court

Kiki Vandeweghe, of the pathetic New Jersey Nets:

"I told the guys that they would win when they decided enough is enough."

What he should have said:

"I told the guys that they would win when the Clippers come to town."

That's how boring politics has gotten these days- I've been reduced to ragging on the Clippers. Talk about pathetic, huh?

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Wingnut Wrapup

Hey, you didn't think I was going to give up on them forever, did you? Actually, they were pretty out there today, for a Saturday, so let's just dive right into the swamp:

Jon Sanders, Town Hall: "Twelve Simple Ways to Fight This Climate Change"

Twelve? So far, you guys have only found one- paying people to lie their asses off about it.

Jackie Gingrich Cushman, Town Hall: " Creating Our Nation's Future -- No More Bread and Circuses"

No more bread, anyway. Not for the bottom 99% of us.

Neil Stevens, Red State: "We’ve spent the whole time bashing Republicans and talking about how great Obama looks on television, when we missed what the true, underlying message was: The President spent his first year in office trying to ignore us, but now has had to come crawling back like the miserable failure that he is."

He came crawling back, and beat the crap out of you. Unfortunately, only the beating was on national TV, not the crawling.

And now a special citation in one of Green Eagle's favorite categories, Republican projection of their worst faults onto others:

Pam Geller, Atlas Shrugs: "In an administration famous for its polarizing partisanship, its thuggish non-negotiating posture and its demonization of anyone who disagrees, Obama deigned to talk to Republicans today. Yes, it's true. It's true!"

Yeah, and he wiped the floor with you, too. It was like watching the Lakers play the New Jersey Nets.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit: "Obama’s Shocking Admission: Dem’s Plan Will Force Bureaucrats Between You & Your Doctor"

Republican plan will continue forcing greedy corporate bastards, who can never be satisfied no matter how much money they squeeze from you, between you and your doctor. Which sounds better , huh?

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit: "Iranian Regime Executes Two Democracy Protesters"

Jealous, huh, Jim? Why didn't Cheney think of that? Republicans would still be in the White House.

Newsmax: "Breaking: Newt Gingrich Reveals a New 'Contract With America' for 2010"

Who gives a God damn? And let's not forget that Newt's last Contract with America coincided with his political career going down in flames for twelve years, until Conservatives, faced with a bunch of brain-dead lunatics for leaders, decided to try to revive his corpse.

Fat chance, buddies.

Renew America: "Obama court remarks spark reaction from Alito"

I just hope it's an allergic reaction. Next time, I suggest just sleeping through Obama's speech, like Clarence Thomas.

Carly Fiorina, Renew America: "Remind Washington who's in charge"

What, you mean CEO's who paid themselves tens of millions of dollars while running their companies into a ditch? Just like you, huh, Carly?

Patrice Lewis, World Net Daily: "I've been thinking a great deal about poverty lately, specifically its causes as well as what our obligations are (both personal and societal) to alleviate it."

Obligations? According to Patrice, that would be nothing at all. Screw the bastards. Patrice justifies this with a boring diatribe about the grasshopper and the ants, which is apparently from somewhere in the bible. Next time you open the Good Book, try reading the sermon on the mount, Patrice. Never heard of that part, huh?

Jeffrey Folks, American Thinker: "A Really Mediocre President"

Oh well. Better than a really, really, REALLY bad one. Trust me. I speak from experience, Jeffrey.

Russ Vaughn, American Thinker: "Our narrow escape in 2004- Revelations about what a cad and a sleaze John Edwards is should cause all of us to breathe a sigh of relief that Bush won."

Yeah, so instead of someone who had an affair, we got Dick Cheney. Russ, if you think that was a good deal, please get in touch with me. I've got a few thousand shares of Enron stock I'll let you have really cheap.


The most dimple? Well, I'll have to think about that one. I'm not even sure how that would help. And as for giving everyone a raise, it would be just like giving everyone who is already really rich a raise. But then, what else is the Republican party for?

I do, however, want to praise the Astute Bloggers for coming up with such an original answer to our nation's problems- cutting taxes. No one ever thought of that before.


Astute Guys, as far as Green Eagle can tell from watching you people, it's also pretty damned easy to be convincing when you don't believe a word that you are getting paid to say. Do I need to explain myself further? No, I didn't think so.

And by the way, how about working on that grammar? It makes you seem so much less credible when you can't use the English language properly. Oh, except to the Palin crowd, of course.

Henry Makow: "The Myth of Nazi Persecution of Gays ...Only a few thousand authentically homosexual men were condemned to the death-camps by the Nazis."

Oh, only a few thousand. That's okay, then. Hey, those Nazis weren't so bad after all, huh?

And now a special edition of News of the World for Parrots, a very serious subject for Green Eagle:

American Thinker: "Osama parrots the left"

Henry Makow: "Lula -- The Illuminati's Brazilian Parrot"

Man, is the world heading in the right direction. Governments are being turned over from conservatives to talking birds. That's got to be a move in the right direction.

And on that hopeful note, GE will sign off until another day.

Friday, January 29, 2010

More Sad But True

Again, the news from the "real" world tops the demented maundering of the wingnuts:

First, this from a Democrat who apparently just woke up from an eight year nap:

"Senate Democratic Whip Dick Durbin (Ill.) on Thursday admitted the "general feeling on the Democratic side" was that Republicans have so far been able to cast controversial protest votes and stall important legislation "with impunity."

"Some of the votes [Republicans] cast -- we would be on trial for treason if we had voted against defense appropriations in the midst of a war," he told reporters on his way to the Senate chamber. Durbin was referring to GOP members who tried to block the defense bill out of concern that a hate crimes bill was attached to it.

"They did it with impunity," Durbin lamented."

So you just noticed? And what are you going to do about it, Dick? Just roll over another thousand times? Just what will you do to see to it that Republicans can't destroy the country with impunity? Because unless you do something, they are never going to stop.

And now, here is an article from the Washington Post today, by longtime Post writer Sally Quinn. What could more openly spell out the sickness of mainstream journalism today?

"Years ago, the city looked to the White House to set the social tone...Since (Nixon), Washington has struck out on its own. New administrations have been greeted as warmly as invading armies...

When Obama was elected, people began singing "Happy Days Are Here Again." Expectations were over the top. It would be only hours before we would all be dancing on tables. They were beautiful and glamorous, hip and fun. They were the new Kennedys, and Washington would come alive again. They would set a new social tone. Young people would be out every night, partying, mixing and mingling. Members of Congress, who had been sleeping on sofas in their offices and in group houses because their families lived back in the home districts, would start accepting invitations again instead of working for 18 hours, three days a week, and then going home for four."

God forbid they should actually be working to rescue the country! No, their duty is to be out kissing up to people like you! That's what the president exists for- to stoke your sick ego.

"It was all a Camelot fantasy... People are working around the clock, and too exhausted and overextended to go out. The Obamas rarely entertain... They have hosted only one state dinner. That, unfortunately, was used to reward White House staffers instead of being an opportunity to bring in the best and the brightest from around the country...Consequently, the Obamas and many of their top advisers have not had the opportunity to circulate and meet the natives."

And of course, it turns out that "the best and the brightest" are the "natives" of Washington, i.e. you and your social climbing, smug friends.

"Indulge me for a moment on the topic of our cultural bellwether, "Avatar."

Oh God, not that. Oh well, what can we do?

"In the film, the Pandora natives worship the goddess Eywa, who is the spirit that connects them to their planet. If there is such a goddess in Washington, I believe, it is the spirit of community. Those who live here want to welcome new friends."

They want to welcome new friends. You can say that with a straight face, Sally, even though you just got done saying that "New administrations have been greeted as warmly as invading armies..."

"Washingtonians are open and willing to invite newcomers and make them part of their lives. If they can't do that, there is automatically a distance that is created so that if -- no, make that when -- the administration gets into trouble, there is too little sympathy or support."

Sally, I know you don't get it, but who the hell would want an egomaniacal, vengeful pompous ass like you for a friend? And, except for the fact that idiots like you get to spout their hateful, self-congratulatory garbage in the national media, who would give a God damn whether they had your "sympathy or support?" I think most of the rest of us are just as happy to see the president and members of Congress staying home and doing their jobs.

And here, from Dana Millbank, is the latest news on the spirit of cooperation for the good of the country, that was sparked in congressional Republicans by Obama's call for bipartisanship

"The Senate took a vote on extending the federal debt ceiling -- without which the United States would go into default. All 40 Republicans voted no.

The Senate took a vote on requiring Congress not to pass legislation that it can't pay for. All 40 Republicans voted no.

The Senate took a final vote on passing the overall plan. Thirty-nine Republicans voted no. The 40th, Sen. Mike Enzi (R-Wyo.), skipped the vote."

Nice cooperation there guys. And if you think this is a one-day phenomenon, here's today's news:

"...every Senate Republican today voted against reestablishing "pay-as-you-go" budgeting rules that mandate that any new spending must be paid for. The rule passed on a 60-40 party line vote."

They would be cheering as the greatest legislation in history if there were a Republican president. Now, it can't get one vote. These people care exactly zero about the welfare of our country.

And from TPM, this news about our little darling from Alaska:

"It looks like Sarah Palin may be left holding the bag at a Tea Party event that almost no one else in the movement wants anything to do with.

The former Alaska governor still plans to speak at the much-maligned National Tea Party Convention next month in Nashville."

Well, of course. You don't think she is going to walk away from that $125,000.00 speaking fee, do you?

Finally this, from Orrin Hatch, one of the GOP's most respected statesmen. Of course, that's like saying that he is the most kissable worm in the entire back 40:

"GOP Senator Orrin Hatch is now warning that if Dems pass health care reform via reconciliation it will lead to permanent “war” between the two parties — even though he voted for more than a half dozen GOP bills passed through the process known as…reconciliation."

Permanent war? What are he and his buddies waging right now? The Republican blitzkrieg has as much chance of stopping in its tracks as Chamberlain had of talking Hitler out of invading Czechoslovakia. The only people that don't seem to get it are Harry Reid and the Senate Democrats. Anyone with a brain has understood that for years.

Maybe There Is Some Sanity Out There

"WICHITA, Kan.—A jury took less than 40 minutes Friday to find Scott Roeder guilty of first-degree murder for shooting abortion provider George Tiller in a church here last May."

The only thing sad about this is that, since he was convicted in a State court, he can't be sent to Guantanamo and waterboarded a couple of hundred times, so we can find out everything we can about his terrorist associates. After all, since 9/11, Roeder by himself has killed more civilians in the United States than Al Qaida.

"(Roeder's attorney) compared his client to Martin Luther King Jr. and other heroes who fought injustice around the world, saying: "We celebrate individuals who stood up and made the world a better place."

This terrorist scum should have had two or three more life sentences for allowing his attorney to say such a perverted, sick thing.

Update: This, from the L.A. Times:

"In a trial that never became the referendum on abortion that some abortion foes wanted, Scott Roeder, a 51-year-old airport shuttle driver, was convicted today of murdering George Tiller, one the nation's few physicians who performed late-term abortions."

Of course, even though the judge allowed Roeder to present his beliefs as a defense, the trial "never became the referendum on abortion that some abortion foes wanted." That's because the jury voted against Roeder, and damned quickly, too. Do you think we would have seen the same comment if they had let him go? No, the jury's decision is only a referendum on abortion if it favors the Republican view. Otherwise, it means nothing.

Well, stuff this in your pipe, guys: It was a referendum on abortion, and the anti-choice people lost, big time.

Economy Grew

From the New York Times today:

"U.S. Economy Grew at Fastest Pace in 6 Years Last Quarter

Gross domestic product expanded at an annual rate of 5.7 percent in the fourth quarter...The strong growth in the fourth quarter capped a year of the biggest contraction since 1946, when the country was still cooling off from World War II."

But, of course, don't you dare give the Obama administration a shred of credit for taking the right actions to undo eight years of Republican criminality. Oh no, Democrats can never do something that works. Only Republicans can succeed at anything. Like Iraq. And Katrina. And Enron. And the economy. And successful interrogation of prisoners. And maintaining our positive image in the world.

I could go on here, but I guess you get the idea.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dog Whistle, What?

Digby points out that the Republican response to Obama's State of the Union address yesterday was delivered in the room where Jefferson Davis delivered his second inaugural address (not where he was inaugurated as I first had written- sorry.)

Too bad the Reich Chancellery was burned down, or they could have their response there, next year.

Note: the comment on Jefferson Davis has been changed to the right information, thanks to a correction from Derek.

Green Eagle's State of the Union Address

I know how you have been looking forward to this- a concrete demonstration of why that cranky bird Green Eagle has no chance of ever becoming president. Here is what he would have had to say last night:

When I took my oath of office a year ago, I swore to defend this country against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

We are accustomed to hear politicians endlessly trying to alarm us about foreign enemies who, in fact, have not killed a single American civilian here at home for over eight years. What no one is willing to talk about is a domestic enemy- an enemy which poses a far greater threat, and which is eating away at what this country is supposed to be, every single day.

This is an enemy of a kind that has never been faced by any president, any government, any populace, since the United States was founded. It has it in its power to destroy us all, and leave America little more than a shattered third world country with vast masses of virtually penniless people, struggling daily for survival, and ruled over by a miniscule minority of hyper-rich despots who care nothing about our welfare.

In our entire history, political parties have, to be sure, often acted with indifference, short sigtedness, stupidity and sheer criminality. But until now, despite all of their shortcomings, they have always realized that they owed their ultimate loyalty to our country, to its people, and to the great experiment in democracy that it represents. Until now, there has been a cliff edge at which all political parties stopped, before they took us all over it, in their pursuit of self interest.

Now we are faced with a situation that we have never experienced- a major political party that has completely thrown over all concern for the welfare of the American people and our society, in their pursuit of blind self interest- a party whose members are willing to engage in any action, no matter how degraded, to sate their desires. This party no longer even pretends to care about the welfare of the American people, and openly serves only the short-term interests of the hyper-rich, no matter how much long term damage they cause to us all.

Though we have never had to face this sort of threat, we can look to other times, and other places, where such a thing has occurred- where a party has destroyed its country through blind pursuit of self interest, spread through a firestorm of lies, hatred and distortions. In Italy and in Germany in the 1920's, we saw just such phenomena, with the result being fifty million deaths, and destruction on a scale never seen in the entire history of civilization.

Now, as frightening as it is to conemplate, and as hard as it is for some to confront, we are facing a similar threat in our country, today. One political party has determined to destroy the ability of our government to function, while inciting a large number of our citizens, through an outrageous and seemingly endless series of falsehoods and smears, to organize large scale organizations devoted to revolting against the government, and doing everything they can to bring it down. It finances mass demonstrations with no purpose but to fill people with rage and intolerance. It countenances the arming and organizing of these people into rogue militias, determined to use violence to have their way. It supports secession and other schemes to tear the country apart permanently. And above all, claiming to speak in the name of Jesus, it spreads the most degraded and anti-Christian of all moral positions- the notion that its followers owe nothing to their country or its other inhabitants.

We cannot survive as a nation and as a people with this cancer eating away at us, and preventing us from doing anything to deal with the problems we face, if it doesn't suit the interests of the multinational corporations and the hyper rich who finance this party, and whose pursuit of their own short term interest is driving us all to ruin. We had a small taste of the damage they can and will willingly do to us, when the last administration's servitude to them resulted in a near total financial collapse, which would have involved the ruin of millions of American families. Thankfully, unlike the last time that this party was able to control our country for a long period, in the 1920's, we did not have to wait three years after the crash for responsible politicians of another party to take over, and thus our country avoided a complete economic collapse.

Even during the great depression, however, as wrong headed and corrupt as their ideology was, this party of which I speak did not sink to the level that we face now. Then there were no tea parties, no militias, no calls for secession, no systematic corruption of the press with tales of death panels, communism, promoting religious terrorism, and all of the other endless slurs by which they manipulate their followers into a rage- synthetic, but uncontrollable- which is far outside the bounds of the kind of political behavior which can in any way produce a stable, functioning society.

No problem facing us come close to matching this threat. Without this party gone mad, without their obstruction, without their greed and their hate, we could solve all of our problems. We are never going to deal with these problems as long as this party and its attitude continue to drive us down a long road to disaster.

As all of this happened, my own party made a colossal mistake. At first they ignored the growing, clear evidence that these people had allowed themselves to spin out of control. When one president won office through an act of treason, and another through the collaboration of five corrupt Supreme Court justices, we allowed ourselves to be shouted and threatened into silence. We stood inert as these people collaborated for eight years to destroy a popular and clearly competent president, with one baseless charge after another, finally managing to impeach him on the basis of a minor infidelity that was, as we now know, far less that those being committed by many of his most savage attackers. We allowed them to ruin our economy based on patently absurd economic claims that existed for no other reason than to justify the depradations of the rich. We stood by, cowed into silence while they conducted a war of aggression and openly engaged in torture, all in our name. This is our complicity in this monstrous fate that has nearly engulfed us.

No more! From now on, this administration, at least, will speak the truth. There is no more serious threat that our country has ever faced, than this rogue party, eating away at the fiber of our republic. I stand before you today to promise you that the remainder of my term in office shall be dedicated to combatting this threat, and to fighting, on behalf of all of us, to return our country to the course of honesty and common human decency which has, for so long, been its strength.

Teabaggers Collapsing Again?

Those of you who who enjoy keeping an eye on the teabag "movement," as Green Eagle does, may remember my report about the miserable failure of their national strike a week ago. Now their grand teabag convention, to be headlined headlined by the ever-altruistic Sarah Palin, for a measly $125,000 or so, seems to be in running into trouble. Today, the Republican dream girl, Michelle Bachmann, announced that she is pulling out of her scheduled appearance at the event. What was the last time you saw Michelle Bachmann turn her back on a chance to humiliate herself in public?

It has long been my belief that the teabag movement is nothing but an artificial creation, sustained by corporate money and free promotion on Fox News and the right wing blogs, and made to appear significant only through a perpetual, and vast, exaggeration of the level of participation. Yet as long as the money to promote it is there, the illusion will be maintained, and of course, our mainstream press will fall for it.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sad But True

Screw the wingnuts. We can have just as much fun with the "real" news:

First this, and are you surprised?

"Well, it's official now: John Kiriakou, the former CIA operative who affirmed claims that waterboarding quickly unloosed the tongues of hard-core terrorists, says he didn't know what he was talking about.

...Kiriakou adds that he didn't have any first hand knowledge of anything relating to CIA torture routines, and still doesn't. And he claims that the disinformation he helped spread was a CIA dirty trick: "In retrospect, it was a valuable lesson in how the CIA uses the fine arts of deception even among its own."

Never would have guessed that Dick Cheney was lying about torture, would you, now?

And now a little perspective on Haiti's troubles:

"Western governments have been urged to write off Haiti's international debts of nearly $1 billion (£620 million) after its prime minister said rebuilding the country could take a decade."

One billion dollars. That is one half of one percent of what this year's Wall Street bonuses are projected to amount to. How about if we take the whole damned two hundred billion away from them and use it to pay off the debts of poor countries like Haiti, much of which were piled up under U.S. supported dictators? You think that would maybe be a better use for the money than buying all of these Wall Street assholes a yacht?

And now, the leading story in the "it makes me want to bang my head against the wall" category:

"Centrist Democratic senators have circumvented party leadership to approach Maine GOP Sens. Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins about reviving healthcare talks.

Democrats such as Sens. Blanche Lincoln (Ark.), Bill Nelson (Fla.) and Max Baucus (Mont.) have approached Snowe within the past week to discuss her potential support for various healthcare proposals."

Hey, what do you think? Do you believe: 1. that these two backstabbing, lying Republican Senators are suddenly going to decide that screwing the American people to serve the rich isn't such a good idea, or: 2. that every Republican on earth is a lying, corrupt bastard, and Senators Lincoln, Nelson and Baucus are right in there with them, serving the rich regardless of the damage to the rest of us?

Now, here's another story that will make you say "I'm so surprised:"

"Washington, DC — For years U.S. Environmental Protection Agency publications and reports about uses and dangers of coal combustion waste have been edited by coal ash industry representatives, according to EPA documents released today by Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER). Not surprisingly, the coal ash industry watered down official reports, brochures and fact-sheets to remove references to potential dangers...During the Bush administration, EPA entered into a formal partnership with the coal industry, most prominently, the American Coal Ash Association"

The American Coal Ash Association. The Bush administration. A marriage made in heaven.

I'd laugh if I weren't so busy coughing.

And in case you think I haven't beaten up on Ben Nelson enough yet, this tidbit:

"Ben Nelson Planned To Filibuster Conference Report, Admits Current Law Already Prevents Public Money From Funding Abortion "

So why did he make an issue about it? Could it be that he has been collaborating with Republicans all along? Oh no, it couldn't be that, now, could it?

And let's finish off with this, from Joe "You Lie" Wilson:

"Joe Wilson: Obama's Birthplace Should Have Been Brought Up In Primary...By stating that the issue of Obama's birthplace should have been raised, Wilson is implicitly acknowledging that there is uncertainty as to whether the president is constitutionally allowed to hold office."

Boy, Joe, it really hurts to have a Negro showing the audacity to stand in front of you and try to tell you something, doesn't it? You guys from South Carolina know everything about Negroes you need to , don't you? And one of the thing you know, is that you'll sure as hell never admit that you have one as your president, right?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Halliburton Revenues Down, So Sad

This just in:

"HOUSTON—Halliburton Co. said Monday that...fourth-quarter earnings fell 48% as revenue weakened."

What a difference it makes when you don't have your corrupt CEO sitting in the vice president's chair, steering billions in no-bid contracts your way.

The Black Boehner

Harold Ford, who hopes to be the "Democratic" Senator from New York:

"To address the anxiety Americans are feeling, Mr. Ford thinks that the White House needs to focus squarely on the economy. "First we need to cut taxes for businesses in the country, small and large," he says. "We ought to provide a six-month exemption from the payroll tax for all firms less than five years old. We ought to extend the current capital gains and dividend tax rates through 2012. We ought to make permanent all the research and development tax credits for businesses making those investments. And we ought to lower the corporate tax rate from 35% to 25%."

Just what we need, huh? Another so-called Democrat pushing the entire Republican everything-for-the-rich agenda. This guy is worse than Joe Lieberman. What a surprise that the Wall Street Journal is totally behind him.

How many corporate finanaced campaign commercials for this tool do you think New Yorkers will have to sit through next election?

Monday, January 25, 2010

Insanity Barrier Breached!

Green Eagle wants to present to you what may be the most preposterous thing he has ever found on the internet. It is from the website of the great Henry Makow, one of the looniest of all right wingers, and easily surpasses even a lot of his ground-breaking ventures into the deep recesses of the human mind. Well, here it is, you lucky people. Prepare to be enlightened:

All Laws Exist in A Fiction

by Rob Hay-Tax Resistor

Illustration from the article. Without this, the whole thing wouldn't make any sense.

"What if I told
you, you did not live in a country, nor do you have a true name, a true birth date and you did not have to file taxes or follow any laws? As many of you scoff, stop for a moment and examine these facts."

What if I didn't have a brain? Then I would be Rob Hay. But that would be okay, because everybody knows that people without brains don't have to pay taxes. And what else matters to wingnuts? So there.

"If you look at the definitions of your Country/State/Province/City etc. you will find in the Constitution or the Interpretations Act that they are not legally defined as being on the earth."

Oh my God, what a horrible omission! And it would never do to just assume that our countries are on the earth, would it?

"Canada, for example,is defined as the land under the water according to the Interpretations Act section 35(1), "Canada", for greater certainty, includes the internal waters of Canada and the territorial sea of Canada...Nowhere in any act will you find any mention of the earth."

Which of course (apparently) means that they are not on the earth. That certainly follows logically. Listen, guy, did it ever occur to you that "includes" does not necessarily mean "only includes?" Like, your body (if it really exists) includes your liver, but it doesn't only include your liver. Get it? So,like, Canada could include both water and land. What an idea, huh? Don't buy it? Okay then, back to the article.

"Simply put, we live on a planet we call earth and not in Countries. In fact Countries are not land under the real system of law, they are imaginary Seas, upon which Admiralty Law applies and the NAMES you use are imaginary ships floating on the Sea, where Piracy reigns as the system of Commerce, between your and all the other imaginary ships."

This person actually controls the world.
Image kindly provided by Mr. Green Eagle,
for illustrative purposes only.

"But because you are not imaginary, they have to give you a play piece in the game. This is called a PERSON and its attributes are a NAME and BIRTH DATE. A name is an imaginary thing you are given, typically when you were born. However, a name is simply hearsay; you do not know what your true name is, no one does. The other attribute of a person, a Birth Date, is hearsay because no one can say when exactly the Universe was created and making use of an event such as Jesus' Death, hence A.D., is only hearsay."

If you don't know what your real name is, buddy, why do you call yourself Rob Hay? How can we trust you when you won't even use your real name, huh? Maybe because your real name is Beelzebub Cthulhu Satan, or something like that? Or maybe it's Dick Cheney?

"What they have done is to overlay an imaginary world over the earth and make you believe that it is real, when in fact it is simply fiction. So if you do not exist in their imaginary world, how is it that you must follow their laws and pay taxes? You are not responsible for paying taxes and following their laws..."

Boy, I can't wait 'till you tell them that in court. You've got a real winning argument there. Of course, I'm not sure how you are going to appear in court in an imaginary world, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

"For the USA, the Constitution there starts off with, "We the People..." Pick up any law dictionary and see if it defines people as human beings, persons or men and women created by God. It doesn't. It is so ambiguous it is ridiculous."

Now we are really on firm legal ground here. I suspect that law dictionaries define people as cows, resulting from a mistranslation of Hammurabi from 1367. So only cows have to pay taxes, when you look at it that way. And oh, the ambiguity of whether or not people are human beings, or perhaps oranges. Damn those lawyers for creating this problem.

"All laws only apply to PERSONS. If you open the King James Bible and look in Genesis Chapter 1, you will see very clearly that God did not create us as persons."

He didn't? Who knew? So God is in on it too. I should have known.

"None of the US State Constitutions define any State as being on the earth and neither does the USA Constitution describe the USA being on the earth. It is all imaginary."

Whoops, they left that out. They forgot to say "the Constitution of the United States, which is on the Earth, and not on Pluto." That means that you DON'T HAVE TO PAY ANY TAXES! Hooray!

After all, these guys are right wingers. You knew that it would always come down to that in the end, didn't you?

Obama Announces New Fed Chairman

Bernanke to stay on until after finals

Wingnut Wrapup

I have to say that I am getting rather tired of right wing hatemongers lately. I do believe there is a reason for somebody to keep a pretty close watch on them, but I also feel that it helps if the things can be seen with a little humor- otherwise it is really painful to wade through it. And it's getting harder and harder to find anything to laugh at in their endless lies and hatred. It took days to find the material here, and I have been thinking of just giving up on Wingnut Wrapup for a while. We'll see.

Brian Faughnan, Red State: "House Democrats: You Know What Seems Like a Good Idea? Extending George Bush’s Tax Cuts"

Oh sure. That'll help a lot. And while we're at it, maybe we should spend a couple more trillion invading another innocent country, or maybe we should let another American city drown. After all, it might be fun to have a real depression.

Sher Zieve, Renew America: "according to leftist leaning "news" organizations (CNN and MSNBC) covering the special election, members of the Obama Administration have said that the tyrant will NOT take this defeat lying down."

Instead of what he should do in response to losing one senatorial election, which is apparently to lie down in the road and pant like a dog while the Republicans drive all over him in their hummers. Because now that his party has lost a State election, we know for sure that he has no right to be president.

Jillian Bandes, Town Hall: "President Obama's Plan: Soak The Rich, Coddle The Middle Class"

Sounds about right to me. Go with it, Barack. It beats the Republican plan: soak the middle class and coddle the rich.

And now for the colossal delusion of the day:

Pam Geller, Atlas Shrugs: "Muslim Brotherhood is Hamas (CAIR, MAS, ISNA, ICNA) and they've achieved absolute intellectual dominance at the senior level of the Executive branch, the CIA, the Pentagon, the FBI, the Department of State ........."

Right, Pammy. Our whole government is run by a foreign terrorist organization, which, by the way, can't even control the minuscule piece of territory that they actually live in. Well, maybe they are getting help from the Illuminati, or the Satanists. Get back to us on that.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit: "Figures. White House Awarded $25 Million No-Bid Contract to Big Dem Donor"

I don't remember you complaining, Jim, when Dick Cheney awarded several billion in no-bid contracts to his own company. But that's different, huh?

Washington Times: "Hundreds of thousands of pro-lifers protested the 37th anniversary of legalized abortion Friday...Organizers estimated the crowd at the March for Life to number at least 200,000."

Well, here's a picture showing the most people I could find. It's a little hard to tell what we are looking at here, because the picture is at a low angle, but we are getting used to looking at this sort of thing, aren't we?

I see open space at the sides of this demonstration, only a little way into the mall. It looks like the crowd may go down the center, about a third or a half of the way to the Washington monument; and assuming we are looking at the front of the crowd, it doesn't go across the street to the Capitol grounds. I'd say maybe 30,000- 40,000 if you are being generous. Not so much for the big event of the religious wacko year. I will say, though, that their estimates of the crowd size, at only five to six times the truth, are pretty honest- for these guys. Here's my favorite part of the article:

"Three Orthodox Jewish rabbis came on stage to blow a shofar -- a ram's horn used to welcome in the Jewish New Year -- and encourage listeners to have more children.

"The selfish liberals are not reproducing," Brooklyn Rabbi Yehuda Levin said. "We Orthodox Jews are bringing in 7-14 children into a family. You too can have a holy baby."

Oy. And maybe get a reality show out of it too.

By the way, Jews- just in case you feel superior to Christians because of the wackos running around out there in the name of Jesus, let's just remember that this sort of idiocy is no more attractive when you dress it up in a talit.

Now, here is a little longer excerpt from an article dealing with the recent corrupt Supreme Court decision allowing corporations and foreign entities to overwhelm our elections with money, by Wes Vernon, a regular at Renew America. It's particularly important in this case to notice what he doesn't mention:

"The U.S. Supreme Court struck a huge blow for freedom by effectively saying to the jack boots, "You will not shut-up those who dissent from your perceived wisdom."

No mention yet that "those who dissent" in this case refers to corporations only, and has nothing to do with ordinary citizens.

"...the president Saturday condemned the Supreme Court decision. The sheer crust of the man came when he uttered, "We don't need to give any more voice to the powerful interests that already drown out the voices of everyday Americans."

"...The only "powerful interests" (by their sheer numbers and decibel level at their rallies) are those who make up the Tea Party movement, and the only things they wish to "drown out" are his lies. That takes some doing, given that he has the bully pulpit and they don't."

Of course, as we in the sane world all know, this Supreme Court ruling has absolutely nothing to do with teabaggers or any other private citizens. No mention of that, however.

"He actually thinks it is his prerogative to grant (or withhold from) his commoner subjects the right to express their opinions."

"Withhold from commoner subjects?" I guess all these commoners want nothing more than the opportunity to funnel money to political candidates through the corporations they control. Once again, Wes completely turns this decision on its head, claiming that it is directed toward anyone but the richest among us, including international corporations, or any other foreigner that cares to spend a couple of hundred dollars forming a U. S. corporation.

"Herewith the plain English translation of our emperor's threat: "We don't need to give any more voice to everyday Americans — whether at tea parties or through their popular radio talkshow hosts or Fox News — whose voices my hit men and resident thugs have been desperately trying to shut up since the day I set foot in this White House. The decision allowing all these dissenters to be heard makes it all the harder for me to pick the pockets of Main Street while I'm demagoguing Wall Street..."

"Everyday Americans." i.e. Exxon, GE, Monsanto, General Motors and all those other ordinary Joes living in our neighborhoods.

Again, Mr. Vernon, knowing perfectly well that he is lying, claims that this decision somehow preserves the voices of "everyday Americans" and "dissenters."

"this is going to complicate liberals' plans to shut up conservative broadcasters."

Conservative broadcasters, who, of course, have absolutely nothing to do with this decision. That's okay, I guess, because the liberal plans he refers to only exist in his fantasy world.

Later in the article, Wes lets slip a comment revealing that he knows perfectly well what this decision was about. That didn't stop him from spending hundreds of words lying through his teeth to his fellow conservatives, fully confident that they are too stupid and ignorant to know the truth.

And finally, the slimy remark of the day:

Barbara Simpson, World Net Daily: "Last week's election of Scott Brown to replace Edward Kennedy in the U.S. Senate really was justice delayed for Mary Jo Kopechne"

Really delayed, since it involved letting Teddy live out his life as a respected senior statesman, and then taking revenge on Martha Coakley, who had nothing to do with Chappaquiddick. This brings me to my current theory of why Scott Brown won in Massachusetts. I think a lot of voters confused Martha Coakley with Mary Jo Kopechne, and they didn't want to be represented in the Senate by a zombie. And from what I hear about Martha Coakley's speeches, I don't think she did much to straighten them out.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

He Shall Have Nay

I am currently reading Winston Churchill's account of World War II. In talking about England and France's endless, fatal dithering about what to do in the eight months leading up to Germany's invasion of Norway, he quotes the following lines:

He who will not when he may,
When he will, he shall have nay.

I guess it's pretty obvious what I am talking about.

Everywhere I turn today, I see stories implying that the Democrats are about to strip their health care "reform" bill of the provision to forbid insurance companies to deny coverage on the basis of existing conditions.

What do we have left in this mockery, if this happens? A law requiring millions of people to buy insurance from the existing companies that savage us for profit, with no compensating demands on the insurance companies. That's what I see: A gigantic transfer of wealth to these jackals, and nothing else- a bill which actually increases their ability to feast on the American people.

Well, that seems to be what Obama and Harry Reid are about to buy us: Nay. In fact, as the English and the French found out in Norway, less than nay- in fact a total victory by the very forces that the bill was supposed to protect us against.

And now, Obama is talking big about controlling Wall Street, when he has clearly demonstrated, by his choice of administrators, and his utter lack of action over the last year, that he has no intention of moving one step beyond empty promises with these guys either.

And no meaningful government action on unemployment. The only thing the government can do is get tough on the lenders, and have a bigger stimulus. But that is apparently never going to happen. All it took was for one pathetic Democrat to lose one interim election, and Obama and Reid and Rahm and the rest of them are ready to throw all of their promises, all of their alleged audacity and hope, into the sea.

I hear that Obama is switching into "campaign mode" in preparation for the 2010 elections. I only wish that he would think of switching into "president mode," and accomplish something to run on.

I am also reading the second volume of Arthur Schlesinger's book about FDR. You only need to read the first few pages to see the energy, the decisiveness and the action of Roosevelt immediately following his inauguration- starting the very next day- to realize how far Obama is falling short of this man, after whom he claims to pattern himself. Roosevelt "campaigned" for the 1936 election by working to enact a host of real accomplishments for the American people. Here is what Roosevelt was able to show the American people as the election approached: The Works Progress Administration, which gave jobs to 9 million people, the National Youth Administration, which provided constructive lives for millions of young adults who, at the time, had no real chance of entering the private job market, and above all, the Social Security Act. What will Obama have to show for himself, when he asks the American people to give him another four years in the White House?

It was Roosevelt's early attempts to placate the rich that prevented him from carrying out a truly progressive program. Then, he realized that he had to stand with the people, or turn the country back to those whose behavior had caused the depression. The same is true today. Will Obama have the courage to stand with the people, or, as seems all too likely, will he collapse in the face of the onslaught by the rich, and be content with just promising change, instead of delivering it?

Friday, January 22, 2010


Well, the Dow has now lost over 500 points since the election of Scott Brown.

Of course, the Republicans who tried to blame the fall of the stock market on Obama until it started zooming upward, when strangely enough, he had nothing to do with it, will deny to their dying breath that the current mini-collapse is in any way related to Scott Brown.

Well, here's what I think: The market collapsed in 2008 due to the miserable Republican "management" of our economy. All of a sudden, people are afraid that what seemed impossible could very well happen: that the stupid American electorate can be gulled into giving control of our country back to the very people who caused all of the damage. It didn't seem possible that Americans could be so self destructive, but now investors are beginning to worry. And most businesses have figured out that nothing could have done more for them than for the government to take the burden of providing health care off of their backs; but now something that benefits almost nobody and hurts almost everybody looks like it might just happen. And if voters are that willing to collaborate in their own destruction, on an issue so obvious, God knows what else they can be conned into supporting. It is an ugly prospect.

What Real Judicial Activism Buys Us

I was watching CNN today, and I saw someone make the following point in regard to yesterday's Supreme Court decision to allow corporations to spend money in our political campaigns: Many of our largest and richest corporations are foreign-owned, and this ruling would seem to give non-Americans the legal right to influence our political campaigns.

Fair enough, but I don't think this reasoning goes far enough. I would like to know what prevents the Saudi rulers, or the Chinese government, or for that matter, Al Qaida from going online to Legal Zoom and spending a couple hundred dollars to form a corporation, through which they could spend billions to support candidates of their choice? These countries could easily spend sums of money that dwarf even the atrocious sums currently spent in American elections, and could end up owning Congressmen, Senators or even the President.

Well, there you go. It only remains for me to point out that these five Supreme Court Justices are not conservative, they are corrupt. Since Nixon got Rehnquist onto the Supreme Court, every Republican judicial nominee has been nothing but a willing tool of corporate interests. Their 5-4 majority gave us the Bush presidency, in the greatest act of judicial corruption in the history of this country, and now they have struck again. So, when you turn on the TV and see commercials telling you who to elect, kindly provided in your own best interest by the Iranian Mullahs, you will know who to thank.

I Disagree With Krugman

Paul Krugman today:

"So, House Democrats have a choice: do they pass the Senate bill, or do they go back to the drawing board and spend several months cobbling together a plan that’s worse in almost every dimension, generating thousands of stories about hapless Democrats — and almost surely find that Senate Republicans block the new plan, too."

No, Paul. There is a third alternative. They can spend several minutes "cobbling together" a plan which involves letting anyone buy in to Medicare. They can then pass it by reconciliation, forgetting about Nelson, Lincoln, Lieberman and the other couple of worthless pseudo-Democrats, and stripping them of their self-awarded power to control the destiny of the country, and by the way, teaching the Republicans a lesson about what happens when you play hardball.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bad News Can Be Good News

Here is some potentially good news, reported this morning at TPM:

"Pelosi: There Aren't Enough Votes To Pass The Senate Bill

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi just told reporters that she does not believe she has enough votes in the House to pass the Senate health care reform bill as-is -- at least not yet.

"In every meeting that we have had, there would be nothing to give me any thought that that bill could pass right now the way that it is," she said. "There isn't a market right now for proceeding with the full bill unless some big changes are made."

Now that Obama and Reid can finally turn their backs on the notion that they were ever going to get sixty votes in the Senate for any kind of meaningful health care bill, they can face the choice of ending up as utter failures, or passing the bill with a simple majority through reconciliation; i.e. the way democracy is supposed to work. That means turning their backs on Max Baucus, Mary Landrieu, Evan Bayh and above all, Joe Lieberman, and showing that they intend to do their jobs despite the self-promoting obstruction of these miserable people. We never really needed them, and now they are useless. Let them join with the forces of progress, or sit on the back benches and cut deals with the Republicans.

I want to say again, that the Republicans never needed sixty votes to pass legislation, and it's about time that we figured out that the same applies for Democrats. So, how about putting back on the table a measure to allow anyone to buy into medicare?

It Took A Kick in the Head, But This is Still Good News

From Felix Salmon at Reuters, this statement from a White House press release:

"President Obama joined Paul Volcker, former chairman of the Federal Reserve; Bill Donaldson, former chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission; Congressman Barney Frank, House Financial Services Chairman; Senator Chris Dodd, Chairman of the Banking Committee and the President’s economic team to call for new restrictions on the size and scope of banks and other financial institutions to rein in excessive risk taking and to protect taxpayers."

Perhaps the best news in the whole article is Mr. Salmon's next comment:

"Note here how Geithner and Summers just become part of “the President’s economic team”, while Volcker gets top billing."

Has Obama come to understand what it took FDR two years to realize- that, however much you might desire a solution that everyone will like, you can never sate the rapaciousness of the rich, and there is no program that will work for ordinary people that bankers will agree to? It took the prospect of a looming election defeat in 1936 to get Roosevelt off the fence and realize he had to chose sides. It's interesting how the prospect of losing that house on Pennsylvania avenue can focus the mind. Let's hope Obama makes the right choice.

I hope so. It would be a great thing.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Teabagger's Patriotism in Action

From a Kansas TV station, a story about one of our great teabagging patriots:

" We come home and those bastards want to talk about how we're domestic terrorists and a threat to this country. It makes me so angry," said Charles Dyer, who has been accused of committing rape.

Dyer has been charged with first degree rape. When police searched Dyer's home for evidence on that charge, they found a grenade launcher that matched the description of one of three that were reportedly stolen from an Army post in California.

"Join the military?", said Dyer. "Depends on what you want to do with it. Me? Im going to use my training and become one of those domestic terrorists that you're so afraid of from the DHS reports."

"I'm certainly not going to be hiding from my command anymore. I'm not hiding from ATF. Not hiding from FBI. Any organization."

Terrorism and Rape. No, Charles, you won't be hiding from the authorities. It's hard to hide in prison.

Democratic Despair

Here's a question for you. When Republicans lose an election, they come out of it nastier, more intolerant and bigger liars than ever. Why is it that, when Democrats lose an election, they decide that the right thing to do is to just lay down in a ditch, roll over, and give themselves over to prozac-level despair?

White Basketball

This electrifying news just in, from Think Progress:

"A new professional basketball league called the All-American Basketball Alliance (AABA) sent out a press release on Sunday saying that it intends to start its inaugural season in June, with teams in 12 U.S. cities. However, the AABA is different from other sports leagues because only players who are “natural born United States citizens with both parents of Caucasian race are eligible to play in the league."

I hope they are planning on putting the baskets at oh, say, 8'-6" or so. Otherwise, those are going to be some low scoring games.

Lessons from Scott Brown

And now, as if anyone cares, Green Eagle's take on the Democratic humiliation in Massachusetts yesterday.

First of all, just in general, I lived in Massachusetts when I was in graduate school (I voted for both Teddy and Tip O'Neil at the time) and I have never met a bigger bunch of greedy, self absorbed people in my life. They are still deeply infected by the "screw you, I've got mine" attitude of their Puritan ancestors; the same attitude that led to evangelical Christianity as we unfortunately know it today. So I don't really have much respect for anything they do.

Second, I don't give a damn about Martha Coakley, whom I was only vaguely conscious of before this nonsense (how many other State Attorneys General could any of us name?) and whom I hope to never hear of again. The question is not why she ran such a miserable campaign, but why the Democratic party was so complacent and arrogant that it just assumed that whoever they picked, however weak, would automatically be annointed the winner.

Now, on to some suggestions for long overdue changes that will help the Democrats avoid such things in the future.

1. Republican leaders care about nothing but their own wealth and power, and, since Reagan, have not given one God damn for the fate of the country and the rest of us. They have no intention of participating honestly in running the country and they will do anything to destroy their Democratic opponents, no matter what the cost to the American people. This is an ugly reality that this country has never faced. It is impossible to work with them in any way, and it is long past time that the Democrats realize this; furthermore it is essential that Democrats constantly confront the American people with this near-treasonous reality.
It is time to stop the ludicrous talk of bipartisanship. As usual in this world, if you want it, you'd better do it yourself.

2. The press in this country, thanks to Ronald Reagan, is now virtually entirely owned by large corporations allied with the Republican party, and is going to present every issue in the manner most favorable to Republicans. Democrats are never going to get a fair break there, and it is about time that they admit this sad fact, and act accordingly. Democrats need to be absolutely united and persistent in presenting this country's problems as the result of Republican cant designed to provide cover for the depradations of the rich, and to constantly point out that the government's difficulty in dealing with these problems is almost entirely due to self-serving Republican obstruction. In other words, it is long past time that the Democratic party unite in telling the truth to the American people, regardless of the storm of abuse that Republicans and their collaborators in the press will direct toward them.

It is long past time that Democrats return the truth to our political discourse. Reagan, elected through treason, and Bush II, placed in office by corruption on the Supreme court, have almost mortally destroyed this country, and very likely destroyed its economic and political superpower status. This is the new reality which we must live with, and this is the damage which, as usual, Republican criminals have left the Democrats to repair, while they stand on the sidelines and throw stones. We must operate on the basis of this understanding; anything else will result in the same pitiful results we are seeing on health care reform.

In the meantime, the press colludes with the Republican party to give credence to any sort of right wing nonsense, like the absurd notion that a law passed in the 1970's requiring banks to loan to minorities based on the same standards they used for whites, somehow thirty years later caused a near depression, or that the government "took over" the banks and the car companies, rather than paid to keep them from collapsing due to the failure of their sacred private management.

3. Republicans, with press collaboration, have managed to propagate the preposterous idea that Democrats have no right to pass legislation unless they can amass sixty votes in the Senate. This rule, of course, doesn't apply to Republicans in any way. Under Bush, fifty votes and Dick Cheney were perfectly acceptable to pass any bill, no matter how radical or harmful to the American people. Republicans can get away with this antidemocratic nonsense, because Democrats like Harry Reid refuse to stand up and state the obvious: in a democracy, the majority rules, and any bill passed with 51 or more votes is totally in accord with our American way of governing, regardless of the use of reconciliation, or whatever other tactic Democrats need to use to overcome Republican attempts to make the country ungovernable. All that counts is that a majority in the Senate will vote for the bill: that makes it fair. That has always been the way our government worked, up until the last couple of decades, when Republicans decided that any low tactic is acceptable to get what they want, and it can be true again, if Democrats want it.

4. It is obvious that Democrats have lost favor over the last year, not because they have been too progressive, but for absolutely the opposite reason. If the Dems had delivered a truly progressive health care bill in the Senate, if Obama had kept his promise to close Guantanamo, if he and congress could be seen to be working to stop the criminal depredations of our financial industry by means of strict new financial regulations, even a nonentity like Martha Coakley could have won. Instead, they have allowed Republicans to manipulate them into weakening their every action until it is essentially useless. As it is, too many people in this country are wondering, what's the point in supporting these guys? And sad to say, they have good reason to feel that way.

Well, I think those are some lessons that we can learn from yesterday's vote.In the end, the deck is stacked against the Democratic party, which has nothing on its side but the truth. It had better use that weapon, because it is all we have.

The Scott Brown Rally

Well, here it is- the business world's response to the great teabag victory in Massachusetts:

And here I thought that they were going to jump for joy when a hard core member of the dishonest, lying, incompetent political party that nearly drove us off a cliff a year ago won a Senate race.

I hope you are enjoying that, conservatives. You may be able to sucker the voters of Massachusetts, but apparently the boys on Wall Street aren't quite so stupid.

Monday, January 18, 2010

More on Haiti

Here is an excellent comment about what brought Haiti to the economic and political condition it is in now, from a blog called Lenin's Tomb:

"The wretched subjugation of Haiti by the 'international community', particularly since the multilateral anti-Lavalas coup in 2004, is angrily and movingly described by Peter Hallward in today's Guardian, and there is more here (the Tomb's coverage of the coup is here). The coup was promoted to advance the process of neoliberal capital accumulation, break the left and the unions, and break Famni Lavalas and the civil society organisations sustaining resistance. For years, UN 'peacekeepers' have slaughtered thousands of Haitians, and the residents have been put through rigged election procedures. Lavalas members, priests, and activists have been subject to political imprisonment and murder, some of them characterised as 'gang' members. This is all for the aid of sweatshop bosses such as Andy Apaid, and the multinationals principally based in the US and Canada that benefit enormously from the exploitation of Haitian labour. This process of capital accumulation is what has driven Haitians out of a devastated rural economy and into impoverished slums with a tinpot infrastructure, and left them vulnerable to this extraordinary catastrophe."

Not much else to say, except to point out the eternal verity that, in the modern world, these natural disasters are made immensely worse by decades of exploitation of the poor by the rich.
Of course, there will never be a second in which these people admit their culpability.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Big News on the National Strike

Here is the screen capture I showed you a few days ago, about the great Teabagger National Strike, called for January 20th:

And here is their website as of today:

Notice anything different? Yes, their great demonstration of Teabagging power was on its way to becoming a hilarious, epic failure, and so they caved. All of a sudden, not a word about what they were supposed to be up to- it never happened. So the teabaggers' record of endless success in drawing out millions of people (most of them invisible, admittedly) remains intact! But they are all still there, seething with anger, you betcha! And boy are they going to change this country with their power! If they ever decide to show up.

The Plinking Sniper

Here's an amusing example, from Confederate Yankee, of how far wingnuts will go to deny reality:

"Our "Elite" Media: Anyone With a Gun is a Sniper"

Anyon with a gun. I see. Mr. Yankee continues:

"A wonderful example of selling fear is the story of the so-called "Berea Sniper." Someone has been shooting at cars in this Ohio town since this past August. No one has been injured by the shooter..."

Of course, the underwear bomber didn't injure anyone but himself either. However, wingnuts have no problem calling him a terrorist, rather than a person with a very faulty undergarment.

"The suspect, Paul Hausmann, has been tooling around this Cleveland suburb plinking at his fellow citizens with a .22-caliber replica of an old cowboy six-gun."

"Plinking." I.e. hiding and shooting at them with a gun which is very well capable of killing them. I always pretty much thought that was what a sniper is, but I guess I was wrong:

"But a story a story about what is essentially vandalism—even vandalism with a firearm—doesn't get the local chiropractor and car dealer to buy advertising. We live in an age where any crank with any sort of a firearm is a "sniper"

No, just any sort of crank who is shooting at people from hiding. But the wingnuts, who scream with pseudo-outrage that liberals are trying to treat terrorists as mere criminals, are willing to define down sniping to "vandalism," when one of their own is the perp.

Republicans on Haiti

I must say that I am absolutely sickened by the right wing response to the earthquake in Haiti. We have all heard about the disgusting comments by the likes of Pat Robertson and Rush Limbaugh. Here are a couple of excerpts from a post at Town Hall, by some thug named Steve Chapman, that seem to sum up a lot of the contemptible Republican line on Haiti:

"we on average are more productive, disciplined, future-oriented and law-abiding than Haitians"

Oh, of course we are. That's why we just averted sending ourselves into a depression by the worship of greed, the new Republican religion, also known as Reaganomics.

How to lift Haitians out of misery is an enduring puzzle. U.S. intervention, undertaken periodically for nearly a century, hasn’t worked."

Maybe that's because U. S. intervention has consisted of removing legally elected liberal governments and replacing them with corrupt right wing dictatorships.

"Left-wing despots haven’t led the way to salvation..."

Maybe that's because the left wing "despot" you are referring to, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, was a popularly elected president who didn't have a chance to lead the way to anything, because our government participated in removing him twice, and replacing him with a real despotism, featuring the Tonton Macoutes, one of the most vicious secret police organizations since the SS. The last time, the coup planners were aided by the Bush administration to the extent of providing a plane to take him out of the country, after he was removed from the presidential palace at gunpoint.

"Others have variously characterized Haiti as a nightmare, predator, collapsed, failed, failing, parasitic, kleptocratic, phantom, virtual or pariah state.”

So don't forget who is responsible for the current government of that country. It's not the Hatian people- they elected the other guy, but they ended up with our guy.

"As Americans, our virtues are important, particularly in the long run. Haiti could benefit from cultivating them."

What a lie. In regard to Haiti, we have the opposite of virtue. WE bear a major responsibility for that country's failure to thrive. I'm not sure how much of this is due to a century-long refusal on the right to have a black government succeed in the Western Hemisphere, and how much is just sheer greed. You can make up your own minds about the proportions of each, but therein lies a large part of the story of Haiti's failure- another great success for Republican foreign relations.

Update: If you have any doubt about the claims I made about the Bush administration's malignant role in Haiti, check this out:

"(Bush) has both personally and acting through his agents and subordinates, caused the United States of America to kidnap, imprison, intimidate, coerce, threaten, confine, abduct, and carry away the elected, constitutional President of Haiti, and his wife, a U.S citizen, in violation of United States statutes"

There's lots of detail about what actually happened. This is just the latest in a century long history of malicious interference by the United States in the affairs of Western Hemisphere countries which are too weak to stop us.

Joe At It Again?

Here's a story that is all over the right wing web:

"Hartford, CT- Joe Lieberman may be close to announcing his suppport for Massachusetts Senate Candidate Scott Brown. Citing the historical Healthcare Reform Bill as the main issue attracting Lieberman to endorse Brown's Campaign. Scott Brown is vehemently opposed to the proposed Healthcare Legislation.

Speculation is such that if Lieberman were to endorse Scott Brown over the coming weekend that would most likely seal the defeat of Martha Coakley for Senate."

Like anything from wingnuts, you have to take it with a grain of salt, but if this should be true, I think maybe it's time for a necktie party. Not for Lieberman, no...for Obama and Reid and the other gutless Democrats that have let Lieberman get away with his evil behavior for so long.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Wingnut Wrapup

They never change, they never learn, and above all, they never tell the truth. It's a point of honor with them.

It's a point of honor with Green Eagle to squawk in derision:

Michael Barone, Town Hall: "the tea party protesters...are interested in substantive political issues. They decry the dangers of expanding the national debt, increasing government spending and putting government in command of the health care sector."

Sure they do, Michael. They're really after serious solutions. That's why they are behind Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck, the two most stupid, self-serving demagogues in the country.

Erick Erickson, Red State: "The reaction people have to Sarah Palin is very much the reaction many people have to Jesus"

Really? I missed the part in the Bible where Jesus abandoned his responsibilities, so he could get rich selling his ghost written, maundering book of self-serving distortions. I also missed the part where he got a job on Fox news.

Erick Erickson, Red State: "Franken's never really lived in Minnesota"

Franken grew up in Minnesota. Erick, can't you tell the truth about anything?

Melissa Clouthier, Pajamas Media: "Why Is Sarah Palin Associating with the For-Profit Tea Party Nation?"

Why do you think, you idiot? To make money, and stay in the limelight so she can make more money. That's why Sarah does everything.

Ann "Babe" Huggett, Renew America: "Coakley bodyguard's Beer Hall Push prime example of Democratic thuggery"

Shoving an obnoxious reporter- now the equivalent of a Nazi attempt to overthrow the government. Typical right wing thought.

World Net Daily Exclusive: "Democrats 'plan to steal the vote'

By registering more eligible voters. That's the plot. How despicable.

Larrey Anderson, American Thinker: "It turns out that the majority of Americans do want "hope and change." We just want it to start with the GOP."

Larry, don't hold your breath for that to happen. That's about as likely as Snow White opening a whorehouse.

Confederate Yankee: "Danny Glover Is An Idiot- While it is fashionable (and correct) to slam Pat Robertson for his idiotic comment that the Haitian earthquake was because of a rumored pact made with the Devil hundreds of years ago, why aren't more people mocking this moronic actor for claiming that global warming was responsible?"

Can't figure that one out, Yankee dude? Here's your answer: Because Pat Robertson has demonstrated once again that he is a loathsome, racist hatemonger who will say anything, no matter how vile. Danny Glover may be dead wrong, but he is still a nice guy, not a human pig.

Pajamas Media: "Massachusetts shocker: Brown Up 15% in Pajamas Media/CrossTarget Poll- This is the first poll to show the Republican surging to such an extent in the key Senate race."

Pajamas media poll? Why didn't you check, say, a poll from World Net Daily, where he is probably up by 15,000%?

Alan Keyes, Renew America: "Why union workers should despise Obamacare"

Let me guess. Because they love being sick?

Linda Chavez, Town Hall: "Best Medicine To Prevent Another Recession"

Here's her answer:
1. Give up on health care reform
2. Cut taxes on the rich

Pam Geller, Atlas Shrugs: "Obama orders his goose stepping lemmings to troll talk radio."

Goose stepping lemmings. Man, I want to see that. Oh well, after you guys impeach him, maybe Obama and his lemmings can get a job in the circus.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit: "Dems Announce Plans to Ram Through Obamacare with 51 Votes if Scott Brown Wins"

"Ram Through" meaning, in Republican speak, getting a majority vote, a traditional Democratic subterfuge to get what they want. Remember that none of Bush's big tax giveaways or other disgusting, corrupt legislation, got 60 votes. That's because the Democrats didn't filibuster every thing he wanted to do, regardless of how bad their obstruction might be for the country. But (repeat after me) It's Okay If You Are A Republican.

World Net Daily: "Union tax deal: 'Blatant raw politics'

Shocking! Politics in the Senate! Will the injustice never end!


Because the temperature in Florida tells us far more about global warming than the temperature in the whole world, apparently. That makes a lot of sense. Even more pathetic than usual, O Astute ones. And really, fix that caps lock button already.

And in conclusion, I just want to note that it's only four days now until the grand Teabagger national strike! I can hardly wait.

Friday, January 15, 2010


Here is a cheerful note, from Think Progress:

"Analysts estimate that Wall Street’s 2009 bonus pool could total $200 billion "

Two hundred billion in bonuses for the criminals who robbed the rest of us of half of everything we own.

Now, I am not here to scream about the grotesque injustice of this, but to simply point out one thing: As far as the Republican party is concerned, ninety billion a year to give tens of millions of people health care is an absolutely inexcusable waste of money, but twice as much to enrich a few thousand evil, greed maddened, self serving people who should be in prison, is just fine. That's patriotism for you, that's family values.

A Disordered Mind

People who know me are aware that my interest in deeply confused lunatics doesn't stop with wingnuts. I am fascinated by all sorts of pseudoscience and fringe beliefs. Here is a website that I came across recently, which has the following to say:

"”Fractality Causes Charge to ACCELERATE! - Since all biologic growth is limited by ability to absorb energy it is self evident the best way to compress that in to nourish biology is FRACTAL! Recursive Feedback=Self Awareness=Fractality. 100 Years of Writing Field Equations, yet has physics investigated whether the same fractal field that causes gravity could also most nourish DNA-"

Uh huh. If you have a chance, take a look at it here. I ask because I have a question in mind. Does the same mental confusion that is revealed in the content of sites like this, lead to their violently colored and terminally confused appearance? I really am not sure why sites like this so often look this way, but they do.

Below- a small sample of the endless amusement to be had at this site:

Five Days

Today is January 15th- it's only five days until the teabaggers' mighty national strike, called for January 20th!

I just want to keep this in everybody's mind, so that when it turns out to be the biggest flop since Howard the Duck, we can all have a good laugh.

Of course, if you read World Net Daily, you will probably think 50 or 60 million people participated.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Double Cross

How worthless is our majority leader? From the Huffington Post:

"Harry Reid: Lieberman 'Double-Crossed Me' On Health Care"

No he didn't, Harry. He double crossed the American people, and you helped him do it.

Pat Robertson: The Devil Made Me Do It

Pat Robertson. Remember him? He's the guy who spent years begging for donations to help the poor in Africa, and then used the cargo planes hired for the effort to ship military supplies to the violent rebels in several countries, in return for blood diamonds, on which he made a huge personal profit. Yet still he continues to be a major figure in the Christian right.

Pat in person. Makes Hannah Arendt look pretty perceptive, huh?

Now, from the lofty moral eminence which he has earned through such behavior, he has given us his wisdom on the recent earthquake in Haiti. From the New York Daily News:

"The Rev. Pat Robertson is offering his own absurd explanation for why a quake hit Haiti: Many years ago, the island's people "swore a pact to the devil."

"Something happened a long time ago in Haiti, and people might not want to talk about it," the controversial televangelist said during an interview Wednesday on the Christian Broadcasting Network.

"They were under the heel of the French...and they got together and swore a pact to the devil. They said, 'We will serve you if you'll get us free from the French.'"

Robertson continued: "True story. And so the devil said, 'OK, it's a deal.' They kicked the French out. The Haitians revolted and got themselves free. Ever since, they have been cursed by one thing after the other."

Well, there it is. From one of the most respected names in the whole world of the Christian right, something which combines idiocy and viciousness in an almost unbelievable fashion.

How can anyone take these people seriously? How can anyone see them as real representatives of the Son of God, for whom they claim to speak? These are evil people, and if there really is a God, and a Satan, I know which side they are really on.