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Wingnut Wrapup

Panic in the streets version.  Courtney O'Brien, Town Hall:  "Lewandowski: It's the FBI's Fault Trump Campaign Was Ignorant of Manafort's Record...Some critics charge that it was up to the Trump campaign to do a rigorous background check on the above men before trusting them with the inner workings of a presidential campaign. However, Lewandowski is telling the media that the FBI is ultimately responsible." See, when you commit a crime, it's actually the FBI's fault for not stopping you before you do it.  If you are a Republican, anyway. Susan Wright, Red State:  "We Have Not Forgotten: Key Militant In Benghazi Attack Arrested...The mystery that was a central theme of the two-year House Benghazi Committee hearings was the question of who gave the stand down orders that kept help from arriving more swiftly" An order which, as we have known from the very beginning, was never given.  But the need is great, so BENGHAZI!!!!!! Lucian Win

Let 'Em All Off

Guilty or not, or at least let the guilty go if they are Republicans. Digby gave a good thrashing today to the W all Street Journa l over the following opinion piece, but it is so good I can't resist taking a run at it too.  Here's what this miserable propaganda factory had to say: "Mr Trump can end this madness by immediately issuing a blanket presidential pardon to anyone involved in supposed collusion with Russians during the 2016 presidential campaign, to anyone involved with Russian acquisition of an American uranium company during the Obama administration..." See, let Hillary off on completely false charges invented by the Republican lie factory, and then in return let Trump get away with treason.  That sees fair, right?  "...and to anyone for any offense that has been investigated by Mr. Mueller's office." Which includes, presumably, any Republican White House employee who is guilty of anything. Just let every other Trump administ

Fat Man

In the coverage of Fats Domino's death this week, here's something that caught my attention:  One of his early songs had the following lyric: "They call me the Fat Man Because I weigh 200 Pounds." Today in the United States, that would be "the average man." Anyway, let's just go out on a favorite of mine that hasn't gotten quite as much airplay as his more famous hits this week:

Trump Is Pivoting Again! Really!

And this time he's really growing into the job!  Just ask the Washington Post, which is happy to report today: "Trump bowing to CIA on JFK files is a reminder of how the presidency changes people... THE BIG IDEA: The world looks different when you sit behind the Resolute desk...President Trump made a last-minute decision to delay the release of thousands of pages of classified documents related to the John F. Kennedy assassination." He's changed! Instead of never keeping his promises, this time he's...not keeping his promise!  But this time it's totally different! Really! Here is the Washington Post's account of how much Trump has changed: "Trump is probably the most conspiracy-minded president in U.S. history. At the very least, he is the most likely to buy into far-fetched conspiracy theories since Richard Nixon. He catapulted to stardom on the right by falsely claiming that Barack Obama is from Kenya — not Hawaii. He’s wrongly claimed

Most Boring News of the Year

From Talking Points Memo: "Report: Utah Senator Orrin Hatch Plans To Retire, Clearing Path For Mitt Romney" Man, that will be a big step in the right direction for our country, or something.

On the Job

It took them two weeks to respond to the disaster in Puerto Rico.  It took them weeks to respond to the deaths of our soldiers in Niger.  They are now a month past the required date to respond to evidence of Russian election hacking.  But when a black Congresswoman dared to tell the truth about Trump, it took them six hours to trot out a fully formed smear campaign against her, replete with multiple, blatant lies spoken by top members of the Trump administration. Working hard for America, every day.

Grounds for Impeachment

I am not going to try to quote from this article in the Washington Post, which covers the wide range of abuses listed by various signers of the Constitution which formed grounds for impeachment, because virtually all of it makes spellbinding reading for any sentient American today; but I want to beg you to read the article to get a taste of how many truly impeachable offenses Donald Trump has committed.  And yet every single one of his followers, from the most lowly would-be Nazi to the leaders of the Republican party, has perfected the art of carefully averting their eyes from all of this and screaming out to the world on an endless basis that none of it is happening.  This bizarre combination of artificially induced dementia and plain old evil among a large part of our population is something that none of us, even the most cynical like myself, saw coming, and I believe at this point that none of us has a clue how to deal with it.  And we'd better figure it out soon, I guess

The Payoff

It is clear to all of us, at this point, that Donald Trump is both too stupid and too deranged to formulate and carry out any long term policy to destroy the country.  But the orders are coming from somewhere. Virtually no one yet- not even the left wing blogs I read- has been willing to state openly what is going on here, so I'll take the fall.  Call me deranged; call me a lunatic conspiracy theorist if you want; I've been called that off and on for decades as I have chronicled the Republican efforts to plunder our country, and I have been proven right every time.  I know I am right this time too, even if some people are going to have to wait a couple of decades to see it. Whoever is giving the Trump administration its orders is carrying out a two pronged strategy.  First, they are systematically destroying any support our government has internally, by wrecking every single thing that the government does that benefits the American people, and depriving the government of th

Roy Moore and the Truth about Conservatives

The voters of the State of Alabama are about to send Roy Moore, one of the most hate-filled right wing scum in the country, to the United States Senate.  And lest you point out to me that his Democratic opponent (to whose campaign I contributed) is only running a couple of points behind him, let me remind you that we have seen this before, and in our hearts we all know that the Republican party will engage in whatever combination of vote fraud and massively funded smear campaigns it take to retain this seat.  So. I want to focus on a particular episode in the life of this malignant person, featured today in an article at Talking Points Memo: " Roy Moore Led Charge Against Removing Segregation From Alabama Constitution   Democrats and Republicans led by then-Gov. Bob Riley (R) worked together on an amendment to remove language in the state constitution mandating “separate schools for white and colored children” ...The changes were purely symbolic — all of the state constitut

Things That Used To Be Important

To the mainstream press, I guess. Remember Benghazi?  Four Federal workers killed in an ISIS attack, and it became the fodder for four years of Republican abuse, smears and hatred by the Republicans, virtually every second of which was dutifully reported by the so-called liberal press in this country as an impeachable offense by the terminally hateful Obama and Hillary.  Not this time around, though: "The Defense Department has identified the fourth service member killed in an ambush in Niger on Wednesday as 25-year-old Army Sgt. La David Johnson. Johnson was killed by enemy fire in the ambush, the Pentagon said. His body was recovered by US personnel Friday in a remote area of the northwestern African country by Nigerian troops nearly 48 hours after he was discovered missing in the wake of the attack, US officials told CNN on Friday. Johnson's group was attacked near the Niger-Mali border by up to 50 fighters thought to be affiliated with ISIS, a US official said.

The Green Eagle Campaign to Save America from Evil on the Internet

I am hereby proposing that everyone join in the following pledge: "I will never purchase a thing or give a penny to any company or person who places an ad on a website, which plays out loud automatically."

The Collapse Begins?

Surely the most important thing in the news today, even if you won't see much straight talk about it, or much coverage at all for that matter: The economy lost 33,000 jobs in September.  That makes last month the first month in seven years that there has been negative job growth.  Let's take a look at things: So, that broke a string of 83 straight months of job growth, as you can see from the above chart.  Let's look at this a little closer, however.  The red lines here are months under Republican Presidents, and the blue lines are months under, well, that Obama fellow.  You can see what the previous Republican administration left Obama: an economy losing 800,000 jobs a month.  Under Obama, things began to improve almost immediately.  Of course, the damage done by Republican economic policy was so massive that it took over a year for Obama to bring job growth back, but then he pretty much continued it throughout the whole rest of his Presidency, creating 11.3 million

The Biggest Jackass on Earth

"POTUS pointed around the room and asked members of the pool, “you guys know what this represents?” “Tell us,” one reporter responded. “Maybe it’s the calm before the storm,” POTUS replied. “What’s the storm?” another reporter asked. “On Iran? On ISIS? On what?” “We have the world’s great military people,” POTUS replied. “Thank you all for coming.” Kristen Welker of NBC News asked, “what storm Mr. President?” “You’ll find out,” POTUS replied. “Give us a hint on your Iran decision,” another reporter asked. POTUS said “thank you, everybody” and pool was ushered out of the room."

A Kaiser Willie For Our Times

I've been interested, the last decade or so, in learning about World War I and the forces that caused that war.  In reading about the horrible record of the military leadership of that war, I found that most all of what I read about the Western front, having been written in English, tended to be about commanders on our side, like Generals French and Haig, and their French equivalents.  It has to make you wonder how the Germans could not have totally destroyed the Allied troops, unless the Germans were just as incompetent.  So, it interested me to come on a book entitled The German High Command at War, by Robert B. Asprey.*  I don't want to discuss the basic content of this book here, but what I do want to deal with is the character of German Kaiser Wilhelm II, as revealed by the book's very colorful character sketch of him. Kaiser Wilhelm II Wilhelm II was a very flawed figure, who ascended to the German throne in 1888, at the age of 29.  He was, upon becoming Emper

Wingnut Wrapup

God, they are panicking today- between the NFL, Puerto Rico and the Las Vegas white guy shooting, they really have to spew the smears with determination this week.  Let's just start with Gateway Pundit's coverage of the Las Vegas shooting, posted within hours of the event- a new height in shameless lying, even for Gateway Pundit: Taken down within hours, since it was a total lie, with no apology of course, but it lives on forever here at Green Eagle. And in the hundreds of other right wing websites who picked up the same malignant, hate filled lie, without a second thought. And let us not forget that Trump has given Gateway Pundit press credentials for White House press conferences. Kurt Schlichter, Town Hall:  "Our Broken Obama Military Can’t Even Manage to Toss Out Traitors...We have a Navy that can’t even sail its few remaining ships without running into giant cargo vessels. I come from a Navy family. You should call my dad, the retired lieutenant commander, and