The Payoff

It is clear to all of us, at this point, that Donald Trump is both too stupid and too deranged to formulate and carry out any long term policy to destroy the country.  But the orders are coming from somewhere.

Virtually no one yet- not even the left wing blogs I read- has been willing to state openly what is going on here, so I'll take the fall.  Call me deranged; call me a lunatic conspiracy theorist if you want; I've been called that off and on for decades as I have chronicled the Republican efforts to plunder our country, and I have been proven right every time.  I know I am right this time too, even if some people are going to have to wait a couple of decades to see it.

Whoever is giving the Trump administration its orders is carrying out a two pronged strategy.  First, they are systematically destroying any support our government has internally, by wrecking every single thing that the government does that benefits the American people, and depriving the government of the funds to even think of enacting popular legislation.  Secondly, they are also systematically eroding any thought on the part of our allies that the government will act rationally, or even respect agreements we have already made.

Every act that Trump makes furthers one or the other of these goals; and the obvious beneficiary of this behavior is Vladimir Putin.  The truth is, Putin doesn't give a damn about our country or what happens to it; he is not after our land or our wealth, which is rapidly disappearing anyway.  All he desires is the freedom to do what he wants in his half of the world, without a fear that the United States could act, or put together a coalition, to stop him. 

This is the only explanation of Trump's behavior that covers all of the facts.  Trump is paying off his end of the deal that subverted our election system to put him in the White House.  Of course, in normal circumstances, no one could ever expect Trump to keep his end of the deal once he got what he wanted, but Vlad has a unique talent at persuading people to do what he says.

The sad thing is, this is the quid pro quo that completes the monstrous crime Trump has committed and continues to commit, but it is practically impossible to prove in court.   We all know it is true: Trump, the most loathsome traitor the country has ever known, will probably escape the real consequences his crimes deserve, and there is every likelihood that he will escape paying any price at all, given that the other leaders in his party are barely less corrupt than he is himself.


Arthur said…
How does Trump's call to boycott the NFL benefit Vladimir Putin?
Green Eagle said…
The guy is foaming at the mouth crazy. Not everything he does benefits Putin. If you have really followed this story, you know that Trump tried to start a rival football league in 1983, which resulted in a failed attempt to blackmail the NFL, a considerable financial loss to himself, and his essential banning from having anything to do with the NFL for life. Being Trump, he is still seething with anger and a lust for revenge because of this, and that is why even as President, he is using his position to try to hurt the NFL. It has absolutely zero to do with the kneeling players or patriotism or anything else, which obviously Trump does not give one God damn about, but his single obsession: himself and his sense of grievance. All of this, however, is small change compared to his turning the country into a rogue nation, and destroying the prosperity of 99.9% of the American people. Those are the uses that Putin is making of him, and he is enthusiastically dancing to Putin's tune. As long as he continues to do that, I am sure that Putin is happy to allow Trump to indulge himself in whatever petty abominations turn him on.
Jerry Critter said…
There is certainly an element, perhaps BIG, element of truth in what you say. There is a power behind Trump. I think, for the most part, they put him in power because they know he was completely unable to run our government. No matter what he did, he would fuck it up. He is easily manipulated. Just pull the right strings. The ultimate goal is to destroy both national and international confidence in our ability to run our own affairs and influence international policy. At best, he will turn us into a second rate country. We will be so focused on our on internal problems that we will no longer be a factor in international affairs.

That will be the Trump legacy.

Thank you, Deplorables. I would be surprised if you even have the intelligence to unzip your pants before you pee.
Green Eagle said…
You won't get any disagreement from me on that statement, Jerry.
ez said…
I have been asking Cui bono since about this time last year in response to the various seemingly strange positions and actions taken by Mr Trump, Much as you have stated,the answer is it's Putin.
Dave Dubya said…
Trump is the embodiment of America's authoritarian id, filled with arrogance and ignorance, fueled by racism and resentment.

This toxic brew can only destroy what it hates and doesn't understand. The electoral college was our national suicide pill.

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