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Happy Dems are Wrong

I have seen, on a number of liberal websites in the last few days, polls showing a lot of voter unhappiness with the corrupt governors they elected in Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan, Florida and other States.  Everyone seems to be very excited about these poll results. Well, sorry to bum you out, guys, but these polls mean exactly nothing.  There is only one day that voter opinions make a bit of difference, and that is election day.  Republicans spend vast amounts of money during the campaigns to sucker the American people into believing, for a few days or weeks, that it's a good idea to let Republicans run the country.  Once the election is over, the Republicans do not give one God damn about the opinions of the American people; they're too busy serving the ones who paid to put them in office.  Don't you worry, in 2012, after the expenditure of a few billion corporate dollars, Americans will suddenly remember how much they like the party that spent the last two years stabbing

Republican World- It May Already Be Here

Are you ready for some of the most preposterous, and at the same time hateful, news that you have ever heard?  Well, here it is, from an article in Fortune magazine. "Unpaid jobs: The new normal? ...While businesses are generally wary of the risks of using unpaid labor, companies that have used free workers say it can pay off when done right" I bet. "People who work for free are far hungrier than anybody who has a salary, so they're going to outperform, they're going to try to please, they're going to be creative," says Kelly Fallis, chief executive of Remote Stylist, a Toronto and New York-based startup that provides Web-based interior design services. "From a cost savings perspective, to get something off the ground, it's huge. Especially if you're a small business." You know, there's another word for people who work for free.  Can you think of it? Here's a hint: it begins with s.  And by the way, can someone get this wo

Wingnut Wrapup

So, let's clear the decks before the new week of idiocy begins: Mario Diaz, Town Hall: "Republicans Should Not Play Nice on Judicial Nominations" Don't worry, Mario. No chance of that.  They'll play dirty, like always. Kyle Olsen, Town Hall: "Gov. Walker's Legislation Has Unions Caving Already" Proud of yourselves, huh? Maybe you could try beating up on puppies next. This lying jerk is talking about teachers unions agreeing to wage freezes, something which he knows perfectly well they had agreed to before the governor went on his malicious binge. Well, what's one more lie in an ocean of them? Clarice Feldman, Pajamas Media: "Anti-American, Foreign Donors Are Paying Off Our Profs. Shouldn't We Address This?" Funny, they're worried about professors' research being funded by foreigners, but are just fine with foreigners giving money to members of Congress. As long as they're Republicans, of course. John R

Glad to Hear That

Dennis Kucinich: "Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) is denying any plans to seek the impeachment of President Obama over the U.S. involvement in Libya. Kucinich recently raised the question of whether Obama could be impeached for leading the U.S. into a conflict — to enforce a United Nations-backed no-fly zone — without going to Congress first. "I asked the question as to whether that was an impeachable offense; that’s different than actually calling for an impeachment or inducing a resolution, which I am not intending to do," Kucinich told Fox Business Network on Thursday." Well, we're glad to hear that you are not actually going to try to impeach Obama, Dennis.  No, all you are going to do is go on Fox news and give its lunatic followers more encouragement to hate Obama.  Thanks a lot for seeing to it that the Wingnuts don't have a total monopoly on idiocy.

More on Libya

I want to direct your attention to an excellent article by Juan Cole, which greatly amplified my understanding of what is going on in Libya, and what is at stake.  In case you don't know about Cole, he is a professor at the University of Michigan, who consistently provided the most knowledgeable comment about Iraq, during the Bush-Cheney fiasco.  Here are a couple of excerpts, but you should really read the whole thing, and probably bookmark Cole's blog for further information: "I am unabashedly cheering the liberation movement on, and glad that the UNSC-authorized intervention has saved them from being crushed. I can still remember when I was a teenager how disappointed I was that Soviet tanks were allowed to put down the Prague Spring and extirpate socialism with a human face. The libel put out by the dictator, that the 570,000 people of Misrata or the 700,000 people of Benghazi were supporters of “al-Qaeda,” was without foundation"  That didn't stop the m

Hell Just Froze Over

"We did the right thing in Libya." -Bill O'Reilly

Libya- an Arab Perspective

Very few of us can really tell what's going on in Libya.  I freely admit that I hardly have a clue of where things stand now.  So I can't comment too much on this piece from Al Jazeera , except to say that is sounds very plausible and reasonable to me: "After six days of bombing, the Gaddafi forces have been seriously hampered, but the balance of power on the ground is yet to be reversed. Meanwhile, the Libyan revolutionaries continue to fight bravely despite the superiority of the regime's firepower. Their high spirits and readiness to sacrifice continues to make up for their military inferiority. As highly paid mercenaries and well armed militias confront highly motivated rebels ready to sacrifice all including their lives, history tells us the latter is bound to win, if not sooner, then later. Remember, while armed militias fight out of loyalty to a despotic leader, patriots sacrifice for their country and its freedom. Arming the latter could reverse the b

Today's Republican Abuse of Power

I thought I would try documenting a daily misuse of their position by the newly-entitled Republicans, so people can see what lies in store if these people are not put down.  Here is today's, from Americablog: "GOP Governor's appointee wants 'Alaskans prosecuted for having sex outside of marriage' And would that include premarital sex? "(reporter): "What about premarital affairs -- should that be a crime?" Haase: "If it came before (the state) as a vote, I probably would vote for it... I can see legitimate reasons to push that as a crime." I just hope they are ready to pay for a hell of a lot of new jails up there.  Good thing newly wealthy Bristol Palin bought a house in Arizona.

Well, Who'd Have Thought?

From CNN: "...frequent religious involvement appears to almost double the risk of obesity compared with little or no involvement." No word on whether frequent religious involvement increases the risk of stupidity, or whether the relationship works the other way around.

The Next Step in Fascism, from the State of Wisconsin

And a new low in contempt for the rule of law: "Wisconsin: Anti-Union Bill Published Despite Restraining Order The Legislative Reference Bureau, a nonpartisan bill drafting and library organization that works for the state Legislature in Wisconsin, published the controversial anti-union bill. A Dane County judge has put a restraining order on implementation of the bill. However, the LRB claims in a footnote that the restraining order only applies to the Secretary of State, who normally publishes bills. With the bill officially published, the Secretary of Administration, Mike Heubsch, put out a statement: “Today the administration was notified that the LRB published the budget repair bill as required by law. The administration will carry out the law as required.” Laws in Wisconsin normally take effect the day after publication. This means that, despite a restraining order against the implementation of the bill, the Governor’s office plans to implement it anyway." This i

The Truth, For the Last Time, from Bob Herbert

Well, having lost Frank Rich, the New York Times sinks another huge step into editorial irrelevance by letting Bob Herbert slip through their fingers too.  Soon, they will reach their apparent goal, by having no one on their opinion page but the likes of right wing liar Ross Douthat, or maybe they can come up with another Bill Safire, to spend his life making right wing cant somehow seem acceptable. Here are some excerpts from Herbert's final column, to give you an idea of what we are losing: "Arthur Miller, echoing the poet Archibald MacLeish, liked to say that the essence of America was its promises. That was a long time ago. Limitless greed, unrestrained corporate power and a ferocious addiction to foreign oil have led us to an era of perpetual war and economic decline. The U.S. has not just misplaced its priorities. When the most powerful country ever to inhabit the earth finds it so easy to plunge into the horror of warfare but almost impossible to find adequate w

WI Sup. Ct.: Judge who called fellow justice a 'bitch' says women judges 'ganged up' on him

(A sordid story, as reported at Daily Kos. ) I couldn't help thinking of this scene from My Little Chickadee: "Barfly: Uh, did she ever come back again? Squawk Mulligan, bartender: I’ll say she came back! She came back a week later and beat the both of us up.  W. C. Fields: Yeah. But she had another woman with her."

Wingnut Wrapup

 As you would expect, a lot of the right wing garbage today has to do with finding a way to blame Obama for something, anything, in Libya.  Here's a taste of the insanity: Ann Coulter, Town Hall:  "Liberals: They Blinded Us With Science" No they didn't, Ann.  You blinded yourselves with stupidity.  Deal with it. Steve Chapman, Town Hall:  "Obama's Fatal Attraction to War" just got to laugh. Emmett Tyrrell, Town Hall:  "Maybe Obama Should Have a Beer Summit With George W." Oh right.  Maybe he could get some real lessons from Bush about how to handle a war.  Listen, you guys are scared to death that Obama will remove Gaddafi in a couple of weeks at a cost of almost nothing, as opposed to your guy, who squandered eight years, trillions of dollars and several thousand American lives to accomplish approximately zero in Iraq, except for a sordid public hanging. That's why you waited about fifteen minutes to start attacking Obama,

Green Eagle Joins the Pontificating about Libya

Well, here goes my ignorant rant about Libya.  Yes, I approve of what Obama (and the French and English, the UN and several other countries) have done.  At this point in time, Libya is different from many other countries.  We are witnessing a profound, and largely unexpected, change in the Middle East.  People in a host of countries are showing that they are no longer content to be baited into accepting life under tyrants.  The results have been extremely positive in Egypt and Tunisia, and there are very hopeful signs in several other countries.  Yes, all of this ferment is inevitably going to produce deplorable governments in some countries, but still, this is a great thing that must, in the end, see large parts of the Middle East emerge from a long period of suffering. Now comes Gaddafi.  If he is allowed to use his military to destroy the popular forces at work in his country, there will be nothing to stop the governments of Syria, Yemen, Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, the Sudan an

Juan Williams Strikes Again

I like taking pot shots at Juan Williams, who I have always regarded as nothing but a right wing shill using his race and his name to disguise himself as a liberal.  If anyone still has any doubt about this, consider his latest statement" "Rep. Steve Israel (D- N.Y.) chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee sent out a fundraising letter with the following argument for maintaining public funding of NPR: “They [Republicans] know NPR plays a vital role in providing quality news programming — from rural radio stations to in-depth coverage of foreign affairs. If the Republicans had their way, we’d only be left with the likes of Glenn Beck, Limbaugh and Sarah Palin to dominate the airwaves.” With that statement, Congressman Israel made the case better than any Republican critic that NPR is radio by and for liberal Democrats. He is openly asking liberal Democrats to give money to liberal Democrats in Congress so they can funnel federal dollars into ne

Why We Can't Have An Intelligent Discussion About Anything in This Country- lesson 52,000,000

CNN's news program this hour is bringing on its government experts to tell us what the attack on Libya is all about:  John McCain and Joe Lieberman.

Republican Viciousness Continues Unabated

In what Daily Kos very properly calls a Republican assault on sanity , here is a sample of what the party of Lincoln Hoover is up to these days, as an alternative to all of the job-generating that was promised by their multi-billion dollar campaign: "Under a GOP-backed bill expected to sail through the House of Representatives, the Internal Revenue Service would be forced to police how Americans have paid for their abortions. To ensure that taxpayers complied with the law, IRS agents would have to investigate whether certain terminated pregnancies were the result of rape or incest." So, they hate the IRS, and in fact defend people like Randy Weaver who think it's okay to just shoot IRS agents down, but they're all for using it to persecute women who are victims of rape or incest. CARSON CITY -- One day before early voting starts in most municipal elections in Southern Nevada, a Mesquite assemblyman has introduced a bill to halt the popular practice.  Assemblym

And Now, the Important News

From the Pensito Review: "Apparently, the California GOP had to fly Grover Norquist in because they could not find a Republican pol or pundit in California who could — or would — debate the governor on whether voters should be allowed to vote (on a tax extension.)...last week, the governor’s office offered to send Brown’s popular corgi, Sutter, to debate tax-hater Grover Norquist at the state GOP’s biannual convention over the weekend. " Surrender, Grover!  Extensive research has failed to uncover a single incident in all of history where a human beat a corgi in a debate.

Another Predictable Lie from Wisconsin

Let's just dispatch this one quickly.  Some of you may remember Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin bragging over and over again about the nineteen thousand e-mails he got supporting his actions, which showed that the people of Wisconsin were behind his actions.  Of course, Walker refused to release these e-mails as long as possible (you know what was in them.) When the AP got their hands on the e-mails, as any idiot could have predicted, practically all of them were against Walker. Democracy in action.

And More News that Wasn't Important Enough for You to Hear

From the Boston Herald, not exactly a major news outlet: " M ADERA, Calif. — The FBI has arrested a 37-year-old school bus driver suspected of vandalizing a central California mosque and firebombing a Planned Parenthood clinic last year, authorities said. Donny Eugene Mower, of Madera, was to be arraigned Thursday on two federal arson charges in the Sept. 2 attack on the Madera Planned Parenthood, local and federal officials said. The clinic was damaged and had to remain shut for two days after someone threw an explosive device through a window." Once again, with all of the endless fear mongering about essentially nonexistent Muslim terrorism in this country, no one has time to report on a real terrorist fire bombing, which actually took place.  But then, to paraphrase Dick Nixon, when Christians do it, it isn't terrorism. I'll be reporting to you, incidentally, when Jim Hoft or some other right wing jerk claims this guy is a left winger.

We're Better At Everything

I see that the Japanese government has admitted that they are currently overwhelmed by the damage caused by the earthquake, the tsunami and the nuclear disasters that they have had to deal with. What a bunch of wimps.  Why don't they ask the Republican party, right here in the Greatest Country on Earth, how to deal with these problems.  Republicans could give them the answer immediately, and it's so simple, really.  Cut taxes on the rich.  That solves every problem.

Wingnut Wrapup

Let's just start right off with one of the most preposterous lies you have ever heard in your life, told by a has-been hatemonger in a mortal struggle to get that right wing spotlight back: Ann Coulter, Town Hall:  "A Glowing Report on Radiation: There is, however, burgeoning evidence that excess radiation operates as a sort of cancer vaccine" Right.  Radiation prevents cancer.  What snide remark could ever be equal to that?  And we thought that denying global warming and claiming that Obama was born in Kenya were the biggest lies they could tell. We were wrong. Michael Hammond, Red State:  "Jared Lee Loughner was Barack Obama’s perfect gun purchaser -– right up until the moment when he started killing people. Remember when, in 1968, we were told that, if felons and other undesirables were prohibited from having guns, gun crime would stop? Loughner was not a felon. He was, likewise, not an illegal alien, a deserter, or a fugitive from justice. Remember when

Some Good Electoral News

From Public Policy Polling: "We've found a lot of brutal poll numbers for Sarah Palin so far in 2011: down in South Dakota, down in South Carolina, down in Arizona, only up by 1 point in Texas, only up by 1 point in Nebraska to name a few. But this has to be the worst- independent voters say they would support Charlie Sheen over Palin for President by a 41/36 margin. Seriously ...Sheen is one of the most unpopular figures we've ever polled on." But not as unpopular as the good ol' Quitta from Wasilla. Hope you got a laugh out of that.  We don't get much good news these days.

Another Great New Republican Economic Idea

Well, not so new, and really, guys, not all that great, either.  From Daily Kos, the following news: "Ways & Means chief David Camp wants to return to 1931 tax rate...The extension of Bush-era tax cuts for the rich that caught howls from liberals last December is nothing compared with a new proposal that would, once again, reduce the progressivity of the U.S. tax code. This time it would take us back 80 years, a match for what it was in 1931, with a top marginal rate of 25 percent..."America needs a tax code that promotes, not prevents, job creation," (Camp) said." And we all know how great the 25% top tax rate was at generating jobs in 1931.  There is just no damage to the country that's too much for Republicans, if it puts another dollar in the pockets of the rich.  Are they so greedy that they are indifferent to the consequences, or are they actually trying to cause a depression, so they can blame it on the Democrats?  I can't really tell at this

On the Wing Again

Green Eagle has again taken flight, and he's now in Miami, working on another TV show, in his never ending quest to degrade Western culture past the point of no return. Anyway, he wasn't washed away by a tsunami or anything, and he will be back to his usual endless squawking very soon.

Just In Case You Haven't Had Enough Bad News Lately...

...Think about this: "Japan’s Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency (NISA) said March 12 that the explosion at the Fukushima Daiichi No. 1 nuclear plant could only have been caused by a meltdown of the reactor core, Japanese daily Nikkei reported" Just thought you'd like to know.  Anyone out there want to make a bet about how many hours it will be until Sarah Palin cites this as a justification to drill, baby, drill? Update:  Fox Business News has been reporting today that there is no damage to the Japanese nuclear plants, and that this "fact" justifies issuing a lot more permits for nuclear plants here in the United States.  The lies never end, no matter what damage they might cause.

People Slightly Disturbed in Wisconsin

Here, for the information of wingnut liars like Jim Hoft, is a picture of today's demonstration at Madison, Wisconsin:   This, Jim, is what a real demonstration looks like, as opposed to your pathetic teabag turnouts.  This is a picture of the real people of America, as opposed to the handfuls of bought and paid for suckers that show up at right wing rallies.   Let me be clear that this crowd, in a small city, reacting to a local issue, is larger than any national crowd which the teabaggers have assembled, often after massive free publicity and heavy financial investment by the most antidemocratic forces in this country. It is time we all stop collaborating with the lie that the country is "center-right," or that the teabaggers represent anything but a small minority of greed-maddened racists.  I saw how long it took the American people to wake up to what was happening during the Vietnam era, but when they finally snapped out of their daze, they could not be denied

A Sign of the Time

Rarely have I seen as much to think about in as little space as this graph, first appearing at Salon: The party of family values spins off the rails.

They Must Be Muslims

Here we go again: "Five people in the Fairbanks area were arrested Thursday by state and federal law enforcement on charges connected with an alleged plot to kidnap or kill state troopers and a Fairbanks judge.   ...Investigation also revealed that extensive surveillance on troopers in the Fairbanks area had occurred, specifically on the locations of the homes for two Alaska state troopers," the statement said. "Furthermore, (the suspects) had acquired a large cache of weapons in order to carry out attacks against their targeted victims. Some of the weapons known to be in the cache are prohibited by state or federal law." Fairbanks Police Chief Loren Zager said the operation involved multiple police actions related to Fairbanks-area members of the "sovereign citizen" movement." The Sovereign Citizen movement, whose adherents have perpetrated a continuous series of violent incidents over the years; most recently the murder of two policemen by So

Wingnut Wrapup

A little entertainment while we're waiting for the right to find a way to blame the Japanese earthquake on Obama: Thomas Sowell, Town Hall:  "The biggest myth about labor unions is that unions are for the workers." Very sage observation there, Thomas.  Of course unions are not for the workers.  Who would be dumb enough to believe that?  The minimum wage, the 40 hour week, the fight for social security, worker safety provisions, child labor laws...why, we all know that those things were just a cover to hide who the unions are really for- the Martians.  If the unions were really for the workers, they would make their bosses richer, so the bosses would raise workers' pay.  No, this is all about the Martians, and their plans to flood the country with their cheap Martian made goods.  And we all know what they call Mars:  the red planet.  Think that's just a coincidence?  Take it from me, you've just heard the real story. Red State:  "The Monsters of McMi

Want a Sign that the Democrats are going to Lose the Presidency and the Senate in 2012?

Well, I know how much you'll enjoy that.  Well here's a big sign, from Daily Kos: "Democrats signal willingness to move towards GOP position on spending...Presumably, Democrats will at least demand that the GOP strip its provisions that would repeal health care reform and block family planning funding, but will otherwise move much more closely to the GOP's spending cut number than anybody would have originally thought. Moreover, they will probably avoid having a fight over oil company subsidies or military spending." This is cowardice and capitulation to evil, in dramatic action.  The Democrats, with President Obama  leading the way, are turning into the worst Republican stereotype of weak politicians who have no core principles and will trade away their entire constituency, in order to avoid right wing attacks that they think threaten their jobs.  They are preemptively turning themselves into failures, and taking us down with them, despite the fact that

He'll Be Remembered, Alright

Charles Johnson, at Little Green Footballs: "Long-time Washington Post columnist David Broder died today at the age of 81.  He’ll be missed, as one of the most careful and knowledgeable Washington correspondents in our history — qualities that are on the decline in modern journalism." Not around here, he won't.  Here, he'll be remembered as the grand champion of bipartisanship, whenever that means Democrats capitulating to Republican theft of the national wealth, and to the idea that the people of power and money in this country know so much more than the rest of us, and care so much more about the welfare of our country, that the rest of us should just shut up and do whatever they tell us. 'Bye, David.  Don't worry, you won't be missed.  There are plenty more out there who will take your salary to flak for the oligarchy.

What They're Talking About Today

I like to keep my eye on the really important stories- don't you?  So I thought I'd see how our right wing brethren have been covering some of the really vital matters in the country today. Patrick J. Knauf- remember him?  He was the "far left protester" that supposedly made a bomb threat in Wisconsin.  I reported a few days ago about the dozens of right wing sites that reported this supposed terrorist act, in identical words.  Since this idiot was let out on bail (something which would obviously never be granted to a real terrorist) there has not been one word from the right about this case.  No further evidence of his alleged political associations, no explanation for his lenient treatment by the police, no apologies for falling for a totally ridiculous story, nothing. Here is another character who doesn't merit a single word of coverage from the right wing blogs I follow: Kevin William Harpham.  Who is he?  Well, he was arrested yesterday for having planted

A Grand Milestone for the New America

We have reached an impressive economic achievement in this country.  For the first time in the history of the United States, the net worth of the four hundred richest people in the country now exceeds the net worth of the bottom 60% of Americans. Aren't you proud that you live in the land of opportunity? But don't you worry- if Republicans have their way with workers, we can reach 75% in the blink of an eye.  That would be a true milestone in human history, bringing back the sort of division of wealth that we haven't seen since the heyday of the Czars.

Jingoistic Republican Hypocrisy Reaches a World-Record High

Via Talking Points Memo, our beloved ex-congressman Newt Gingrich, speaking to some "Christian" jerk on TV about his serial adultery: "Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, who is in the early stages of a presidential campaign, spoke in an interview with David Brody of the Christian Broadcasting Network  about his history of adultery and divorces. And as Gingrich told it, he sought God's forgiveness -- and as for the events themselves, they were driven by how hard he was working and his great passion for America. "There's no question at times of my life, partially driven by how passionately I felt about this country, that I worked far too hard and things happened in my life that were not appropriate..."  "Things happened."  He didn't voluntarily engage in multiple incidents of adultery (while at the same time trying to destroy Bill Clinton over a single similar incident;) oh, no, it just happened to him when he was distracted by 

How Short Their Memory

Harold Meyerson in the Washington Post, failing to go far enough back into history: "Our current recovery, alas, is different from all previous recoveries that America has experienced since the end of World War II. The earlier ones were marked by wage increases. As the economy picked up and more revenue started flowing to business, those businesses shared the revenue with their employees. Mark Whitehouse of the Wall Street Journal looked at how businesses were dividing up the pie 18 months into every previous recovery since 1947 and found that 58 percent of their increases in productivity trickled down to their workers in increased wages.  This time around, the numbers are starkly different... just 6 percent of productivity gains have gone to our newly more-productive workers." Harold, if you had just looked back a little further in time, you would have found another "recovery" in which virtually all productivity gains went to business owners:  The rec

Exceptionalism Rears Its Ugly Head

The human-worm hybrid Newt Gingrich speaks out: "We need, for the first time in 80 years to replace the governing structure of the left with a governing structure that is center right and then we need, from the very first day, to implement decisively the re-establishment of an American exceptionalism" Let's just try to pass over the crap about "center right," which in Newt's view consists of something like the government Mussolini created, combined with a dash of sharia law thrown in for good measure.  What interests me at the moment is something I mentioned a couple of months ago:  the Republicans are going to make their perverted notion of "American exceptionalism" a major issue in the 2012 election.  And by that term, what they mean is that anyone who has anything negative to say or report about the United States is a traitor.  They are going to use this jingoistic phrase in an attempt to batter down anyone who tries to deal with the causes o

Wingnut Wrapup

It's Fat Tuesday tomorrow!  And for Republicans, it's Dumb Tuesday- as it is every week.  And here they go: Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "In November the Obama Administration had already granted 111 Obamacare waivers to special US companies… And, they hid this information from the American public. It took 6 clicks to find out this information on the government’s health care website." SIX CLICKS!  It took Jim Hoft six clicks to find this information online.  Yes indeed, the Government totally hid this information!  At least from Jim Hoft, who is more used to NO CLICKS AT ALL as his standard methodology for verifying the garbage he publishes.  I guess it is a little too much to expect for Jim to spend oh, what would you say, two minutes to see whether his posts are true or false. And in Today's Story Most Likely to Be Total Crap:  Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  Shock Admission: “Gaddafi Is Jewish" Don't put any money on that turning out to be true. Really

A Reminder of What We Escaped When We Elected Obama

From a Reuters article dated August 14, 2009, discovered by Atrios: "TRIPOLI, Aug 14 (Reuters) - U.S. Republican Senator John McCain praised Libya's leader Muammar Gaddafi for his peacemaking role in Africa and said Congress would support expanding ties, Libyan state news agency Jana said on Friday. U.S.-Libyan relations have dramatically improved since Tripoli's decision in December 2003 to give up its weapons of mass destruction programmes, with diplomatic ties resuming in June 2004 after a break of more than two decades. "McCain and the delegation accompanying him confirmed the importance of expanding further the relations between Libya and the United States. "Senator McCain and the delegation with him expressed their deep happiness to meet the leader and praised him for his wisdom and strategic vision to tackle issues of concern to the world and his efforts to sustain peace and stability in Africa" Gaddafi's "wisdom and strategic visio

Right Wing Investigative Journalism In Action

I thought it would be interesting to show how conservative journalists seek out authoritative information about an important story, and how each one contributes his or her own time and effort to find the whole truth, so their readers can get a really full understanding of an event's significance.  I noticed, on some wingnut website, a story about one Patrick Knauf, in Wisconsin, which the mainstream media have ignored, so I thought I would bring you some of the coverage of this vital story over there on the right.  Here are a few excerpts from various right wingers.  As usual, I could have provided quite a few more in a similar vein, but I think you can learn all you need to know by examining these: Big Government:  Far Left protester Patrick J. Knauf, 43, of Eau Claire was arrested on Wednesday for the violation of making a bomb scare" Fox News:  "Far Left protester Patrick J. Knauf, 43, of Eau Claire was arrested on Wednesday for the violation of making a bomb scare

Wingnut Wrapup

Well, the jerks I cover here have really had a hard time the last few days, keeping up with their elected leaders in the piggishness race.  But we can't bottle them up too long, or they'll explode for sure.  So here's the best of an indifferent bunch: Chuck Norris, Town Hall:  "Stalin-Style U.S. Public Education" Because teachers are allowed to have a union.  That makes them just like Stalin.  Unlike Chuck Norris, whose opinions make him just like Daffy Duck. Humberto Fontova, Town Hall:  "Libya is no Cuba, Gadaffi is no Castro or Che " In fact, right wingers were just kidding when they spent ten years screaming about Muslim terrorists.  It turns out that Fidel, who hasn't threatened an American in decades, is lots worse than a guy who bombed airplanes a few years back.  This post has to win some sort of award for no shame.  Although the competition in that category is pretty stiff among conservatives. Mona Charen, Town Hall:  "Should