Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wingnut Wrapup

Let's just start right off with one of the most preposterous lies you have ever heard in your life, told by a has-been hatemonger in a mortal struggle to get that right wing spotlight back:

Ann Coulter, Town Hall:  "A Glowing Report on Radiation: There is, however, burgeoning evidence that excess radiation operates as a sort of cancer vaccine"

Right.  Radiation prevents cancer.  What snide remark could ever be equal to that?  And we thought that denying global warming and claiming that Obama was born in Kenya were the biggest lies they could tell. We were wrong.

Michael Hammond, Red State:  "Jared Lee Loughner was Barack Obama’s perfect gun purchaser -– right up until the moment when he started killing people.

Remember when, in 1968, we were told that, if felons and other undesirables were prohibited from having guns, gun crime would stop? Loughner was not a felon. He was, likewise, not an illegal alien, a deserter, or a fugitive from justice.

Remember when, in 1994, we were assured that, if gun purchasers were “checked out” against an FBI database, gun crime would stop?"

Actually, I don't remember that.  Sorry.  Of course, I don't actually remember the Easter bunny coming either, and he is equally real.   But you can't argue with the logic of Michael's line of reasoning, can you?  I mean, laws making murder a crime didn't stop O. J. Simpson, so the rational thing to do is just make murder legal.  And after all, it's illegal to cheat on your taxes, but that doesn't stop a lot of rich people from hiring experts to find new ways to steal from the government, so why not just do away with income tax on the rich altogether?  Oh, wait a minute, the Republicans already are in favor of that.  Oh well, at least we can all take comfort from the fact that Barack Obama is personally responsible for the alleged failings of a law passed when he was 7 years old.  Some things you can always count on.

Erick Erickson, Red State:  "Unlike Wisconsin, Tennessee dealt decisively with union protestors who tried to disrupt a committee meeting for, of all things, not taking up legislation. The legislation was pro-union and did not come up in committee. Consequently, several  activists began a protest.  They got hauled off to jail."

Take THAT, you liberals.  So much for your right to petition the government for redress of grievances.  Erick, there's a "president" in Libya who would like to shake your hand.

Charlie Martin, Pajamas Media:  "Fear the Media Meltdown, Not the Nuclear One...Relax: this is not another Chernobyl or Three Mile Island, and I'll tell you exactly why."

Because I got paid to say so.  That pretty much sums it up.

Charlie Martin is an award winning nuclear engineer.  Oops, no he's not.  He's "science and technology editor" of one of the most idiotic right wing blogs on the internet.  Funny how many right wingers that we though were experts in nothing but being an ass have turned out to be fully qualified nuclear scientists.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "GOP OFFICES SHOT UP IN DC...This must be more of that new civility we were promised.  The DC Republican offices today were shot up.  DCist reported, via Instapundit: Paul Craney, the executive director of the D.C. Republican Committee, got quite the surprise when he came into the office today — someone had shot out the windows of the party’s headquarters at 1275 K Street NW with what appeared to be small caliber pellets.   “All I can say is that whoever did it either is targeting glass windows or the D.C. Republican Committee,” said Craney in an email this afternoon..."

Well, I guess that proves it.  We have never heard of a case of an unknown person with a pellet gun shooting out a window.  So it must be Democrats on a rampage.

Alan Caruba, Renew America:  "The EPA is a most wicked assemblage of alleged scientists and political appointees who sole purpose is to economically burden the industrial, commercial, and agricultural sectors of the nation in every way possible."

But why, Alan?  Why would they do this?  I can tell you why people like you do the opposite:  they get paid by the rich to lie.  Alan continues to reveal the monstrous abuse of power that the EPA is up to today:

"WASHINGTON — In response to a court deadline, today the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed the first-ever national standards for mercury, arsenic and other toxic air pollution from power plants."

Mercury and arsenic...why, what could be less toxic than mercury and arsenic?  Alan eats them every day for breakfast.  The self serving evil of these EPA guys, to try to deny us our mercury and arsenic!

But wait, there's more:

"if these emissions are such a dire health hazard, why did it take eleven years for the EPA to take action?"

Uh, maybe because corrupt Republicans fought every step of the way to let corporations poison us?  That's my guess.  Personally, I'd be happier without the arsenic.  How about you?

Marie Jon, Renew America:  "The Obama administration is corrupt and evil."

Well, let's just get it right out there, Marie.  And why is Obama corrupt and evil?

"President Barack Obama exhibits very little to none of the biblical teachings of the Judeo-Christian faith. To this day, he has not become a member of any of the Christian churches in Washington, D.C."

Of course not- he's a Muslim.  He was going to join a mosque, but he flunked the bomb-making test.  That guy can't do anything right.

Tim Dunkin, Renew America:  "The left owes us all an apology"

For what, dare you ask?

"We could start by demanding an apology from the commies and socialists for how they have systematically enslaved entire generations of American blacks into a hopeless, dead end existence as wards of the welfare state."

Well, maybe you guys should go first, Tim, and apologize for having  systematically enslaved entire generations of American blacks into a hopeless, dead end existence as slaves.  What you think about that?  Of course, Tim is not done with his maundering:

"The Left also owes us an apology for the crime that has plagued America since the late 1960s... the Left has the blood of hundreds of thousands of murder victims, and the tears of millions of friends and family members, on its hands...But it doesn't stop there — we have more bones to pick with these people. How about the fact that the reason we're paying such high prices for energy — on everything from the gas we pump to the electricity that heats our homes — is a direct result of left-wing environmental wacko influence on our nation's energy policies?...What's ironic is that, despite their supposed zeal to "save the environment," the lefties are also responsible for the greatest environmental catastrophe in recent memory — the BP Deepwater spill...Really, these are only just the tip of the iceberg. I could literally write a book about the crimes that the Left has committed..."

Yeah, yeah, we get you, Alan.  The left is responsible for everything bad since the dawn of time.  I bet you didn't know that the Pharaoh and Genghis Khan were leftists.

Joseph Farah, World Net Daily:  "What would Jesus cut?"

Listen, Joseph, if he heard the things you say in his name, he'd cut his own throat.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "So Much For That Cairo Speech… Obama Administration Votes To Bomb Libya...Barack Obama promised the Muslim World A New Beginning in June 2009. "

That's right, yesterday he was a terrorist-coddling wimp for not bombing Gaddafi, today he's a two faced liar for agreeing to do it.  Never let a crisis go to waste, that's Jim's motto.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "Figures. Leftie Tractor Driver at WI Protest Had No License"

The horror!

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "11 Michigan Leftists Slammed to the Floor, Arrested, Frog-Marched From Capitol Building .  This is what democracy looks like"

In your world, Jim.  And aren't you proud of it.


They weren't racist enough. 

Well, let me leave you with this brilliant suggestion.  Maybe Ann Coulter and Alan Caruba could get together and publish Dr. Coulter's Arsenic and Plutonium Diet.  You too can look just like Ann in six short weeks!


Jean Valjean said...

Where do I start?!
-Radiation prevents cancer. Well, can't get cancer when you're already dead.

- GOP OFFICES SHOT UP IN DC...Man, I hope so. I'm sick of sitting around, while they destroy my golden years and my kids EVERYTHING years. One ex-NPR guy tells THE SIMPLE TRUTH about the Tea Party, and NPR ceases to exist. Lies about us are fine, the truth about them is illegal to voice.

-"to this day, he has not become a member of any of the Christian churches in Washington, D.C."
The day his family joins a church, that chuch gets firebombed.

-""What would Jesus cut?" Your friggin' foreskin, Joseph...and man, I hope he doesn't stop there.

-"PETER KING'S HEARINGS FELL PREDICTABLY SHORT" This one was can all take credit for and feel good about. There's still an active, vocal citizenry that rose up en masse to denounce this. I'm certain that's the only reason it was 'tame'.

disabled account said...

Can anyone show me reputable info to debunk the Coulter article? I can't find any & all of her medical citations are legit. Just saying that it *sounds* like a load of poop doesn't make it so...I need the evidence and I have done quite a bit of research ... I'm coming up empty. (for the record, I checked with a reputable, well-seasoned medical doctor and he admitted the medical citations are all good)

magpie said...

disabled account,

This is part of her opening paragraph: "the only good news is that anyone exposed to excess radiation from the nuclear power plants is now probably much less likely to get cancer".

If you do not detect the malignant flippancy of that statement... then there is something wrong with you.

Do you seriously imagine the people who are at the plant working to prevent a meltdown, right now, doubt for a second that their health - their lives -are at risk? THOSE guys are nuclear engineers. Ann Coulter has no expertise whatsoever.

In the middle of an acute nuclear crisis following a disaster that has killed many thousands of people, do you not see the moral sickness of that attention seeking banshee in talking about this now? Do you not comprehend the utter evil of it?

There are many forms of radiation. Nuclear medicine already exists and is widely used.

Radiation from a mishap at a nuclear power plant or an atomic bomb does not belong to the same conversation as nuclear medicine, but Coulter - in idiocy or malignancy or both - is suggesting it does.

As a matter of logic, and in direct reference to the worst nuclear incidents in history, Coulter does the equivalent of saying the perhaps the man who was run over and squashed by a 10 ton truck actually died of vitamin deficiency.

How did you "research" this and draw a blank?
The effects of radiation are well established, and cancer in all its forms is one of the most researched illnesses in modern medicine.
Look up acute radiation syndrome on wikipedia. You will find a chart that correlates degree of exposure with probable medical effects - probability rising to 100% according to exposure.

Green Eagle said...

I'm at work, and I don't have much time for this right now, but I just googled "radiation cancer" and got 26,500,000 hits. If you really care, Mr. Account, I'm sure you can find your answer there.

On a depressing note, Ann Coulter's lying piece of deadly misinformation is the number one item.

Anonymous said...

Does this have anything at all to do with Ann coulter's sex change?

Shaw Kenawe said...

disabled account, PZ Myers of Pharyngula rips Coulter's stupidity to pieces in his blog post.

She's a pathetic has-been who's wasted what little talent she had in her desperate need for attention and her willingness to say moronic things to get it.

Shaw Kenawe said...

That link isn't working. Let me try again.

Pharyngula here.

Morally Depraved Liberal said...

Coulter is offering free radiation to anyone that will have sex with her.

Sadly for her, men are deciding the risk of cancer is easier to live with than screwing the hideous Ann Coulter.

Green Eagle said...

Thank you, Shaw. I'm a big fan of P. J. Myers, and I'm glad to see him on top of this bit of truly malignant lying. And yet, as we have seen here, no matter how obvious their lies are, right wingers are ready to swallow them whole.

mastercynic said...

Walter Langer explained that people are far more likely to believe big lies than small lies, or, small truths, and that the more more often a big lie is repeated the more it becomes perceived as truth. It's why liberal attempts at combatting big conservative lies usually fail. Bigger and sexier lies are needed.

Charlie Martin said...

Those math clases were a little tough for you, weren't they?