Thursday, March 10, 2011

What They're Talking About Today

I like to keep my eye on the really important stories- don't you?  So I thought I'd see how our right wing brethren have been covering some of the really vital matters in the country today.

Patrick J. Knauf- remember him?  He was the "far left protester" that supposedly made a bomb threat in Wisconsin.  I reported a few days ago about the dozens of right wing sites that reported this supposed terrorist act, in identical words.  Since this idiot was let out on bail (something which would obviously never be granted to a real terrorist) there has not been one word from the right about this case.  No further evidence of his alleged political associations, no explanation for his lenient treatment by the police, no apologies for falling for a totally ridiculous story, nothing.

Here is another character who doesn't merit a single word of coverage from the right wing blogs I follow: Kevin William Harpham.  Who is he?  Well, he was arrested yesterday for having planted a bomb at a Martin Luther King day parade a couple of weeks ago.  Yes, it was a real bomb, and yes, he did intend to kill people.  But of course, he was not a "far left protester,"  he was an Aryan supremacist right winger.  So the wingnuts, who endlessly repeated an utterly bogus story smearing the left, without checking the facts or even having the self respect to rewrite one word of the copy, totally ignored a real terrorist when he was one of their own.

Now, when I was checking for right wing coverage of these two guys (assuming that Patrick J. Knauf even exists,) I did come across the following stories that were worthy of coverage:

"Nice. Union Thug Threatens to Break Tea Partier’s G-D Neck at Ohio Rally "

A single remark by who knows who- worthy of being made into a national incident

"Congressman Peter King Getting Death Threats, Security Ramped Up"

Naturally, no evidence at all.


Wisconsin Republicans were forced to flee Madison, Wisconsin following a senate union vote. State Senator Glenn Grothman told Greta Van Susteren, “Madison was not safe for Republicans.”

Again, no evidence of any kind.  Of course, Democratic Wisconsin representatives were forced to flee Wisconsin, to protect all of us from being raped by the rich, but fat chance hearing about that on Fox.

"MORE THUGGERY… Union Goons Threaten; Harass Conservative Kids at Ohio Rally"

I.e. they stood up to these ignorant suckers and told them how full of it they were.  I wonder how "harassed" the people at that Martin Luther King parade would have felt if the bomb had gone off.

The conservative world- a single intemperate remark at a demonstration, if it comes from a liberal, is a far greater abomination than an actual terrorist bomb planted by a right winger.  And that's how they guarantee that Kevin William Harpham will not be the last person of this sort that we have to hear about.


Octopus said...

In the event anyone here is interested -
Act Blue: Join the Recall Effort in Wisconsin

Earlier today, I sent in my contribution - ten times what I gave last time. And if I am just as angry tomorrow as I am today, I'll send another contribution - 100 times more than today - until the proto-fascists have been removed from office.

Jean Valjean said...

I'm with you, Octo, checkbook and all.