Sunday, March 20, 2011

Why We Can't Have An Intelligent Discussion About Anything in This Country- lesson 52,000,000

CNN's news program this hour is bringing on its government experts to tell us what the attack on Libya is all about:  John McCain and Joe Lieberman.


tnlib said...

Maybe, just maybe, the reason these types of shows only have has-been know-nothings like McCain and Lieberman is because those with real intelligence don't want to appear on these shows? Maybe they don't want to talk to the idjit hosts? Just a thought.

Green Eagle said...

I actually listened to this segment, and the host, Candy Crowley, was worse than McCain and Lieberman. She started the whole thing off by asking them if Obama had waited too long, and tried to manipulate them into attacking Obama. Actually, under the circumstances, both of them were pretty mild.

Remember when it was years before anyone could criticize the colossal blunder of Bush's invasion of Iraq without being called a traitor? Obama didn't even get one day of that sort of treatment.