Sunday, January 31, 2021

Jews Can't Shoot For Crap

 We have now learned from Marjorie Taylor Greene, the newly elected Republican who has already cemented her place as the Alexandria Ocasio Cortez of stupid right wing racists, that the massive wildfires that plagued California last summer were actually caused by Jews shooting the forests with lasers from space  Yes, that is actually what she claims, and no, it does not seem to bother any other Republicans that a sick, hate filled lunatic like her can retain her seat in Congress.

The purpose of this attack from space, according to this malignant racist, was to burn the forest from the routes of the proposed high speed rail system in California, which is, as we all know, a massive priority for Jews all over the world, right after a Challah in every house for Shabbat, and enough Christian baby blood to give a rich flavor to Passover matzos.

Unfortunately, being Jews, they are not as experienced with shooting things as Christian patriots are.  Here, in fact is a map showing where the fires in California were last year:

All I can say is that Jews were apparently planning a truly massive high speed rail system in California, mainly located in sparsely populated areas in the north of the State, and ignoring the obviously insignificant route from Los Angeles to San Francisco; either that, or as I suggested in the title of this post, Jews can't shoot for shit.  

Make your own mind up- we report, you decide.


And I would have liked to stop there, but it is necessary to pay attention to this sort of mainstream press coverage of this sordid woman.  From Jonathan Chait at The Intelligencer:

"Axios has a small squib about “The Mischief Makers,” a handful of idiosyncratic congressional backbenchers who make trouble for their respective party leadership. The leading Democratic mischief-maker is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who advocates some left-wing views I consider simplistic and impractical and, in some cases, poll badly. The top example of a conservative mischief-maker, presented in perfect symmetry, is Marjorie Taylor Greene."

On the left, a young but serious, highly intelligent and informed, legislator who is committed to dealing with the substantial problems facing our country; on the right a psychotic racist.  Exactly the same.  And with this, one of the most loathsome example of both siderism in all history,  we are forced to face the fact that the press has learned absolutely nothing from the misery the Republican party has brought upon our country, and instead intends to go on reporting an ongoing partisan effort to destroy our country as just a spat between equally irresponsible parties.

Saturday, January 30, 2021

Wingnut Wrapup

 This is a huge collection of sick garbage from the right today, and I hate to tell you this, but it is only a fraction of what is out there.  Trump's loss has really set them off their rockers, and it shows.  So, in no particular order, as I have spent as much time with this as I can, here it is:

Something I learned today from the Wingnuts:  Did you know that the word "tranny" is only one letter away from the word "tyranny?"  Coincidence?  I don't think so.  And here is the constructive contribution that the leader of the Republicans in Congress has to make to healing the nation's wounds"

"Today, I made clear that if Democrats ever attack the key Senate rules, it would drain the consent and comity out of the institution. A scorched-earth Senate would hardly be able to function. It wouldn’t be a progressive’s dream. It would be a nightmare.

I guarantee it."

A progressive's nightmare.  That is his main desire, not a functioning, successful country.  

Bombshell Lin Wood Tapes: Justice Roberts & Epstein Selling Kids for Pedophilia, Clinton Plan to Assassinate Supreme Court Justices"

So now the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, appointed by a Republican, is selling children for sex too.  And all because after a decades-long  career of prostituting himself to advance the interests of Republican backers, he refused to totally destroy the Constitution to keep a traitor in the White House.

"This IS Trump's Checkmate!! U.S. Congress Unwittingly Confirms Trump Is Still President Of U.S.!!  By transmitting the Article of impeachment to the US Senate on Monday, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and the US House of Representatives acknowledge that Donald J Trump remains the President of the United States of America, since only Current Presidents can be impeached."

Buying that one, are you?  By the way, Trump was the current President when he was impeached, Lin, so shove it. 

David Limbaugh, Town Hall:  "The Left's Ongoing Campaign to Denigrate Trump Supporters"

The easiest task in the book.

Tim Graham, Town Hall:  "How to Blow up the Left's Terrorist Narrative"

Just lie about it.  No, really, that's all he's got.  Well, it's worked for Republicans a thousand times before.

Matt Vespa, Town Hall:  "So, Is Anyone Going to Ask Why Thousands of Troops Are Still in DC After Biden's Inauguration"

Because you Republicans are still threatening to kill Democratic leaders to get what you want, jerk.  Is it that hard to figure out?

Matt Margolis. PJ Media:  "Conservative Media Has Been Right All Along"

Ha ha, as demonstrated right here at Wingnut Wrapup for over a decade now.  Needless to say, if you think this article contains a thing to support his claim, you are deeply deluded.  Facts are not needed in Republican world.

Stacy Lennox, PJ Media:  "Climate Czar John Kerry Says Tens of Thousands of Jobs Will Be Cut for Zero Benefit"

Other than the benefit of the survival of the human race.  But where is the short term profit for the rich in that?

Stephen Kruiser, PJ Media:  "Kruiser's (Almost) Daily Distraction: What Do Michelle Obama and Zombie Movies Have In Common?"

My guess: they are both very popular with the American people.  As contrasted, say, to a certain recently booted out President.

David Goldman, PJ Media:  "Trump Won't Get Credit, but the U.S. Will Be The First Western Nation to Crush COVID"

Trump won't get the credit, you stupid dick, because he doesn't deserve the credit.  The performance of the United States under Trump has been the worst by far of any first world country, because the lazy oaf Trump decided that it would work just as well to tell everybody he was dealing with the problem, as actually doing it.  Result? more American deaths than in World War II.  I might be willing to give him sole credit for that.

And now, Biden administration scandals, Republican edition:

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "Kamala Harris’s Stepdaughter Ella Emhoff Gets Modeling Gig with IMG Models After Inauguration"

That's it.  Kamala's stepdaughter got a job.  With a company that has nothing to do with the government.  And with no evidence that there was anything improper going on.  I guess relatives of Democratic officials should live in refrigerator boxes on skid row.  Stack that up against Trump selling the country out to a foreign dictator.

Bradlee Dean:  "Just For The Record: Everything Biden Ran On Was Un-American"

Health care for all, rich people paying their share, fighting climate change, protecting social security and upholding civil rights...un-American for sure, at least if your version of America is something like Nazi Germany.

"US Marines Land On Mainline China"

Bet you didn't see that story in the deep state media.  That's what a bunch of liars they are- the biggest military conflict since World War II is going on right now, and the mainstream press has made sure that they don't publish one word about it.

"US Under Military Law, Congress Arrested, War With CCP Won and No One Knows It"

Well, Green Eagle seems to have missed that news, for sure.  And oh, God, do we need some Conservative humor right about now:

Wait, did I say humor?  I meant mean-spirited stupidity which utterly ignores the damage their own guy has done the last four years through executive orders.  

"Joe Biden was sworn in as president of a bankrupt and defunct US Inc. Corporation. Just prior to his pre-recorded-in-Hollywood-by-Castle Rock Entertainment Inauguration, Washington DC, Capitol Hill and the White House were secured within miles of barbed wire fences and 60,000 National Guard troops.

Now over a week later, over 30,000 troops and the barbed wire fencing remained. Why?

An answer came early Mon. morning 25 Jan. when from 3am to 6am arrests of 80 to 140 Congress people appeared to be underway at Capitol Hill – after which Congress seemed to have disappeared. Why?"

Because Republicans are certifiably schizophrenic?

"In reality an Interim Military US Government had taken over Washington DC and was running our country. The two US governments: (1) a legitimate Interim Military US Government empowered by the Constitution and the Department of Defense under Military Code 11.3, and (2) an illegal, fraudulent foreign paid-for, foreign controlled (on the foreign ground of the District of Columbia) Biden Administration."

The whole idea of a military dictatorship "empowered by the Constitution" is just so colossally psychotic that it's hard to know what to do with people like this, other than put the most violent ones in prison and just put up with the others until they do the rest of us the favor of dying.

"The Military had been tasked with conducting a return to a gold/asset-backed dollar and to insure that the US Republic was restored to original laws of the Constitution as written prior to 1871."

More sovereign citizen cant, from the most violent and mentally disturbed people in the entire right.  See my post from a couple of days ago if you do not know what I mean, but this is really an ugly turn by the wingnuts.

"With the nation now under Martial Law, Trump would remain as US President until all those who committed treason were arrested, including those who certified the illegal 2020 Election."

Sure he would. 

"Donald Trump wasn’t worried about being impeached from the presidency of the bankrupt and defunct US Corporation. He had other plans. On 11 Jan. 2021 Donald Trump was inaugurated as head of the Patriot or Constitutional Party, which made him a candidate for US President, again.  

The US Military was about to restore the US Republic to laws underlying the original Constitution as written prior to 1871. That election was planned to be held on 4 March 2021 through use of a transparent, secure and instantaneous Quantum Voting Computer where citizens could vote using their own computers, or phones."

More Sovereign Citizen cant.  Man, I can't believe how fast this moribund cult has been resurrected.  And it bothers me a lot, given how violent they have been.

"When Biden flew into Andrews on the 19th he came on a private jet and the military did not salute him. The protocol is salute the president always so him not being saluted by the military indicates that the military is not recognizing him as the president. Debunk that."

Well, if the military doesn't salute him (which of course never happened) why, then he isn't President.  That was simple enough, wasn't it? 

"Trump Plans Next Moves from Mar-a-Lago Command Center"...What was once a billiards room at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate has been transformed into a high-tech command center; gone are racks of pool cues and the half-dozen felt-covered tables where society’s elite played pool, replaced now by server racks and desktop computers that scrutinize, analyze, and record nearly every piece of data on Joe Biden’s ill-gotten presidency."

He's running the country from a former pool room.  Yeah, I can see that. 

Actual Photo of Trump cabinet meeting.  No, I'm serious here.

And here are the obviously highly credible details:

"Affixed to a wall painted red, white, and blue—the colors of the American flag..."

How patriotic 

"...are three digital whiteboards, each the size of a large flatscreen television. Names of Trump’s Democratic enemies fill the rightmost board—Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff, and others who have endured Trump’s wrath, his political ire. The leftmost board is filled margin-to-margin with names of prominent Republicans who at one time or another presented themselves as allies of Trump, but who later treacherously abandoned him in hopes of salvaging their political careers. Mitch McConnell tops the list.  Pinched between the names Keven McCarthy and Mitt Romney is the name Michael Pence, highlighted in red, with the word “traitor” beside it.

Nixon had his enemies list, but at least he never had the names written out in big letters and made the number one feature of the room where he is running the country.  Well, Nixon never did think big enough.

"The center board is comprised of persons—politicians, top military officers, and intelligence officials—who have remained loyal to Trump despite political fallout. Names on that board include US Representative Jim Jordan, USMC Corp. Commandant Gen. David H. Berger, Michael Pompeo, and, among many others, Navy Admiral Phillip S. Davidson. Sometimes names transpose from one board to another; in the space of five minutes, Mike Pompeo goes from being Trump’s ally to his enemy and back to being his friend."

Make up your mind already, asshole. 

"He taps a chubby finger on Admiral Davidson’s name."

Chubby but short.


"The screen fades out, the list of names becomes a list of military assets under Davidson’s—and by proxy Trump’s—command—a carrier task force, several Arleigh Burke-class destroyers, Los Angeles-class attack submarines, and an Ohio class ballistic missile sub, armed, Bannon says, with 24 Trident SLBMs. A world map shows their approximate whereabouts.

“And that’s just the Navy,” Bannon says."

All under the command of a psychotic ex-President.  Or they would be if this was any more real that the march of Army Group Steiner to save the third Reich. 

"Asked what percentage of the military supports Trump, Bannon gives a small nod of his head and says, “More every day."

It must be up to fifteen or twenty soldiers by now.

"Trump, Bannon says, stays in the War Room from dawn till dusk, zealously overseeing operations and ensuring that every meticulously vetted employee performs his job to exacting standards."

Oh, sure he does.  Working away just like he always did in the White House. 

“Team Green” monitors all cable television stations and the internet for derogatory news on Trump, and instantly refutes it. “Team Red” ferrets out dirt on both the Biden family and the criminal Cabinet, and stores that data on a thumb drive in a hidden safe that also contains Hunter Biden’s laptop and thousands of sealed indictments, which Trump intends to open once the election has been invalidated."

A hidden safe.  Team Green.  Team Red.  Could anything be more infantile? 

"He gestures at a computer that runs endless simulations of the 2020 election. Accounting for every contingency and variable, it has completed 45,000 simulations, all which Trump won, many in a resounding landslide."

And that is the story from the command center of the real President of the United States.  Very believable too. 

"Joe Biden may wear cotton candy underwear, but there are Generals and Admirals who aren’t far behind him.  So the actual fact is that the U.S. Military that everyone expects to save them is just as filthy dirty though less obnoxious, as our Federal Civil Service— and both are foreign owned and operated, ultimately by the Pope."

Hey, I thought I just read that they are on Trump's side. 

"Was It Fake Hillary Clinton Or Fake Bill Clinton, Or Fake Both, At Clone Biden's Fake Inauguration?!  Conclusion:  Based on my year’s of study with clones.  I’d say neither one is original.  Bill maybe played by an actor, and they used a mask, and maybe even cgi.  Hillary is also not the original, as the original died a long time ago according to Ashtar… and what we may have here is a fresh clone, hot off the clone assembly line.  The eyes are too accurate… chillingly accurate.  So what we saw at the fake inauguration is fake Bill and fake Hill… is anyone really surprised?"

The eyes are too accurate...chillingly accurate.  Nothing proves that they are clones more than the fact that they are so much like the real people. 

"US Military at the White House Arresting Congress...

Special Operations (SOF) units including 4,000 deputized National Guard soldiers acting as US Marshalls, have served indictments on, or were about to arrest 67% of Congress. Early Mon. morning 25 Jan. between 3 and 6 am Military vans, buses and police cars, along with a multitude of police and Military troops, were very busy at a blacked out White House.

“I just watched everyone in the White House arrested” declared an unnamed person"

There's that unnamed person again.   

"Early Mon. morning 25 Jan. between 3 and 6 am a blackout occurred in Washington DC around the White House."

The outside lights are turned off at the White House between 3 and 6 am every night, you stupid jackass.

"Even though the Mass Media have refused to report it, the US has been functioning under Martial Law since Sat. 9 Jan. An Interim Military US Government was actually running the US and they saw President Biden as a treasonous agent. A few days before Joe Biden’s Inauguration and due to foreign interference in the 2020 Presidential Election, Trump had instigated the Insurgency Act, declared Martial Law and deferred his power to the US Military."

"The two governments ruling the US right now: (1) a legitimate Interim Military US Government empowered by the Constitution and the Department of Defense under Military Code 11.3, and (2) an illegal, fraudulent foreign paid-for, foreign controlled (on the foreign ground of the District of Columbia) Biden Administration."

And what would a wingnut delusion be without the sealed indictments?  Oops, this time the deep state seems to have struck back: 

"Five thousand sealed indictments have gone missing from a fortified safehouse where Trump and his loyalists have been planning a return to power, according to a Washington insider who once worked as a liaison between Trump and intelligence officials at the NSA."

Much more believable than thinking that the indictments never existed.  And what about that "safehouse?" 

"In the aftermath of a crooked election and an unceremonious ejection from the Oval Office, Trump at once began erecting a network of safehouses from where he could plot Biden’s demise without Deep State interference."

"He stashed a whopping 50,000 sealed indictments among the safehouses, 5,000 at a hardened facility a few miles from Charlottesville, Virginia.  Asked where Trump had placed the safe, our source would not say. He did, however, reveal that it had been “blown open” by a shaped charge. He was clueless as to why Academi mercenaries neither heard nor reacted to what must have been a thunderous boom."

Yeah, why did they not react to what must have been a thunderous boom?  And by the way, another first from Donald Trump- the first President to live in a "safehouse" while plotting the demise of the real President- exactly as specified in the Constitution. 

"Trump, he added, planned to open the sealed indictments after demonstrating that Joe Biden had stolen the election and compelling the Electoral College to once and for all overturn “a fraud election the likes of which no one has ever seen.” 

Well, you've been talking about this for months, dimwit.  Bring it on already. 


"The Vatican Has The Head Of Nimrod From The Tomb Of Gilgamesh Pickled In A Jar."

Just thought I'd mention this fact if you need a snack.  It might go well with a Caesar salad made from the real Julius Caesar.  Wait a minute- I thought it was Hillary who eats dead people.

"President Trump invoked the Insurrection Act placing authority and responsibility upon U. S. military commands to proceed with their statutory duties to defeat the insurrection and preserve constitutional government...

No he didn't. 

"A source believed to be reliable..."

Believed by who?  No comment about that.


"...says Pentagon officials were prepared to arrest Joe Biden and numerous others on January 20 at the time of the scheduled inauguration, but were deterred from doing so by an undisclosed consideration (perhaps threatened use of a weapon of mass destruction)."

"An undisclosed consideration," of the very kind usually to be had from sources believed to be reliable. 

"I am informed that firing squads are very much on the agenda for January and February...firing squads could be used on the White House lawn, with kneeling traitors and the firing squad shooting down into the grass. There is no need to set up a wall. There are those that want the firing squads at Guantanamo, but I personally think they need to be right here in DC, on the White House lawn.  First up, subject to Military Tribunal process and judgement: the Governors of Pennsylvania, Michigan,  Georgia, and Wisconsin followed by the Governors of California and New York. The Old Guard (photos and links below) is the logical provider of the entire spectrum of capabilities needed to do national-level firing squad executions for treason."

Well, glad that they have the details all planned out. 


And here is a sample of how the mainstream press is covering things these days, from the Washington Post:

"Open hostility broke out among Republicans and Democrats in Congress on Thursday amid growing fears of physical violence and looming domestic terrorism threats from supporters of former president Donald Trump, with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi leveling an extraordinary allegation that dangers lurk among the membership itself."

"The events reflected the extent to which the country’s legislative branch, which has for years been mired in partisan bickering...Some Democrats are expressing fears that Republican lawmakers — who in some cases have tried bringing weapons onto the House floor — cannot be trusted. Some have bought bulletproof vests and are seeking other protections."

"On Thursday, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) publicly admonished Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.), a leader of the election challenges, after he signaled support for her position on an unrelated issue.

“I am happy to work with Republicans on this issue where there’s common ground, but you almost had me murdered 3 weeks ago so you can sit this one out,” she said on Twitter. “Happy to work w/ almost any other GOP that aren’t trying to get me killed.”

See, the Republican treachery, violence and treason is really just "Open hostility among Republicans and Democrats."  Just the same on both sides, even though it is the Republicans who are threatening, and actually attempting to assassinate Democrats, and the Democrats are responding in kind by stating in public that they don't want to be killed.  Just the same.

And I am sorry, but I just can't let this go without pointing out how much of wingnut crap is just filled with hatred of Black people and Jews:

"There is always the Danger in this Communist movement that the Blacks, the Jews are using as shields, will learn WHO Ran the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade and WHO Owned those Slave Ships and WHO SOLD those Black Slaves (and made vast wealth from it $$$ and how many of these Jewish Families are still the “1%” today because of this Black Slave trade they ran) and WHO owned most of these Black Slaves……and it was not Irish or Germans or the white race…..Let’s hope the Blacks Wake Up!  It’s The Jews Stupid That Invented Communism as they are antiGod antiFreedom antiFree Speech and antiChrist!   They always like to use a frontman just like they are doing today with China.  The Jewish banksters created Communism in Russia and China with the help of Jewish controlled America.

Communism is diametrically opposed to God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob’s commandments and ordinances.  The Jews who invented communism hate all religions and their god is Lucifer! 

That's Jewish Communism, which is opposed to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, who were all, of course, Jews.  Don't think about this too much.


Only Messiah Jesus can save us!"

Nothing can save you, assholes. 

And let's just end with this sick piece of kitsch: 

"Trump Takes Photo Crying At Congressional Border Wall"

And if you think this is a real photo or that that son of a bitch Trump is really crying, you truly are lost to reality.  Well, God, was that painful.  And believe me, more is to come, and let's hope it brings us as many laughs as it has for years, because the alternative really is frightening.  

Note:  There are probably some big typos in this post because after writing it I could not bring myself to read it again to check for errors.  Sorry, please forgive me.


Thursday, January 28, 2021

The Big Question

Nobody I know has said this in such a simple way, as far as I know, but there is only one question in the United States now:  Can the Democrats fix the country faster than the Republicans can wreck it?  That's it, that's the whole story, and it has been at least since Reagan.  Of course every era of Republican control has brought us closer to the cliff, and we are now at the point that one more round might very well destroy not only the country, but the human race itself.

Stay tuned.

The Sovereigns Return

As a long time observer of right wing threats to our country, nothing has disturbed me more than the Sovereign Citizen movement.  This is not an organization per se, but a collection of individuals and groups who share a bizarre set of beliefs about the United States.  It seemed for several years that the colossal idiocy that lies at the center of their claims was dying a well deserved death, as it was even more ludicrous than the normal run of right wing cant.

In the end, of course, it all comes down to the same old Conservative obsession:  cut my taxes. Sovereign Citizen nonsense has always been about why the Federal and State governments have no right to tax the adherents of this inane cult.  The difference between Sovereign Citizens and run of the mill Conservatives is that the Sovereign Citizen movement has spawned a long series of horrible, violent incidents, including numerous murderous attacks against police, judges and other government figures.  Terry Nichols, for example, the associate of Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh was associated with the Sovereign Citizen movement. In fact, these people, that seem so idiotic to outsiders, represent the greatest threat of terrorist violence in the country today, and have for a long time.  Many of the adherents of this movement are unaware themselves that it is an outgrowth of Aryan Supremacist groups, being directly connected, for example, to Richard Butler, the seminal figure in the growth of American white supremacism, and the eighties Posse Comitatus movement, the forerunner of today's white supremacist militias.  Here is a brief description of the movement from longtime expert on extremism,  Mark Pitcavage:

"A term used to describe adherents to a philosophy derived from the group Posse Comitatus that posits that there are two types of citizens: "Fourteenth Amendment Citizens," who are subject to the laws and taxes of the federal and state governments, and sovereign citizens, who are subject only to "the common law." Sovereign citizens claim that they have absolute mastery over all their property (including freedom from taxes, regulations, ordinances, or zoning restrictions), that they essentially do not have to pay taxes (aside from tariffs and a few other insignificant taxes), that they are not citizens of the United States but are "nonresident aliens" with respect to that "illegal corporation," that the only court which has jurisdiction to try them for any matter is a common law court, and that they can never be arrested or tried for a crime or matter in which there is no complaining victim, as well as various other notions."

So, why has this nearly moribund phenomenon suddenly emerged from the grave?  Well, it all comes down to one of the primary beliefs of Sovereign Citizens.  And I hope you will forgive me for going into this in some detail, as I am afraid we are going to be living with the consequences for the foreseeable future:  

"We are not living in a country with a government of the people, by the people, for the people, but we are part of a giant Corporation, The United States Corporation, and the President of America is the CEO. We are only the employees. This Corporation, in its turn, is owned by another Corporation, The British Crown...The scam has been set up so that when you register with the ´Federal Government´ in any way, by accepting a Social Security Number, driver´s license, or any of the other official federal documents, you are, unknowingly, contracting to become an asset-employee of the United States Corporation..."

And how did this come to be?

"The UNITED STATES was formed in 1871, which controls only the District of Columbia and the territories it purchases or acquires; Puerto Rico, Guam, Virginia Islands...There are 2 United States, one formed in 1787, the collection of the several sovereign states of the union, and another separate and different one formed in 1871, which only controls the District of Columbia and it’s territories. Others may can give you specific references and explain this further. Here is an outline of the concepts.

The date is February 21, 1871 and the Forty-First Congress is in session. I refer you to the "Acts of the Forty-First Congress," Section 34, Session III, chapters 61 and 62. On this date in the history of our nation, Congress passed an Act titled: "An Act To Provide A Government for the District of Columbia." This is also known as the "Act of 1871." What does this mean? Well, it means that Congress, under no constitutional authority to do so, created a separate form of government for the District of Columbia, which is a ten mile square parcel of land.  The Act of 1871 formed a corporation called THE UNITED STATES. The corporation, OWNED by foreign interests, moved in and shoved the original Constitution into a dustbin. With the Act of 1871, the original Constitution for the united States (1788) was defaced in effect vandalized and sabotage when the title was capitalized and the word "for" was changed to "of" in the title THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA."

Now, as I mentioned, this utter rubbish seemed to have just about died out in the last few years, as numerous Sovereign Citizen leaders were sent to prison for violence, or for using this doctrine as a part of the marketing of criminal tax avoidance schemes.  So why am I talking about it today?

Well, curiously enough, it provides a perfect, explanation, at least for those whose minds are so eaten with right wing idiocy that they can't distinguish truth from fantasy, of why Joe Biden is not currently the President of the United States.  In fact, according to this rubbish, all Presidents since the eighteen elected before 1871 are illegitimate, and all laws passed since then, including all Constitutional amendments, have absolutely no validity.  This, notably, includes the 20th amendment, passed March 2, 1932, which moved the date of the inauguration from March 4th to January 20th.  So, according to these idiots, Biden's inauguration was utterly illegal, and the real President, Donald Trump, will be placed in office on March 4th.

I can't go on here without pointing out that by this logic, Donald Trump himself was an illegitimate President, and everything he did is null and void.  That seems to have never occurred to the wingnuts who are buying into this argument in droves the last couple of weeks, but then nobody ever said that right wing beliefs made any sense, except as a sort of adult tantrum to get what they want regardless of the circumstances.  Anyway, back to the story.

So, why has Sovereign Citizen idiocy re-emerged so swiftly and so completely, within a matter of one week, which is all it has been since Biden was inaugurated?  I think that the answer is simple- this malicious nonsense provided them with a ready-made reason to go on denying that their God-man lost the election last November, and with a pre-manufactured justification for resorting to violence or any other sort of tantrum as an alternative to giving up their delusions, and their fundamental belief that only they, as white people, are entitled to all the wealth that this country can provide.  This is actually a worse eventuality that it would be if they really came to believe this nonsense through any sort of normal thought process.  It shows that they are ready to kill us for nothing, to destroy us just to avoid giving up their delusions.  It is a very bad sign of what the Republican party intends to do to this country in the next couple of years.  Even when we win, we lose, at least when the other side doesn't give a damn about the rules, fairness, or anything else that could be seen as human decency.

Sad to say, I know I will have much more to say about this ugly development in the future.  In the next couple of days I will have a Wingnut Wrapup that is delusional beyond what I have been accustomed to document, and which contains an even uglier undertone of barely repressed violence toward Republicans' enemies.  Our nation has proven more resilient than, say, the Weimar Republic, and has managed to hang on to its form of government, if only barely.  But the threat is not over.  The hatefulness into which Republicans have voluntarily sunk still threatens to destroy us all, and it will take a degree of determination which the Democrats have not generally shown, to preserve our freedom.

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Jim Jordan's House District

 With the announcement by Rob Portman that he is retiring from the Senate, there is already a groundswell of support for Republican Congressman and all around pervert Jim Jordan to take his place.  I want to show you how a disgusting subhuman like Jordan gets into the House in the first place.  Here is a map of Jordan's House district:

This district is in Northern Ohio, near Lake Erie, but carefully engineered so that none of the heavily industrial (i.e. Democratic) areas along the lake are in his district.  Also carefully eliminated are Mansfield, Findlay, suburban Cleveland and Columbus, Springfield and just about anywhere else that might vote Democratic.

Gerrymandering at its finest, and it gave us one of the most hateful people in Congress.  That's how Republicans win, folks.

Just remember, no Gerrymandering for Senate seats, and Jordan will have to run in a State that, however Republican it supposedly is, has elected and re-elected one of the best members of the Senate, Sherrod Brown.  Still, this is an abomination that should never be allowed.

Orly's Back!

Here's Orly back in the day, being eviscerated by Lawrence O'Donnell

Followers of the lunatic right since the Obama administration may remember Orly Taitz, attorney/dentist who became known as the Queen of the Birthers.  Well, the Obama administration is long gone, and one of the birthers managed to ride that idiocy right into the White House itself, but Orly disappeared from public view, probably the best thing she could have done given what a fool she made of herself, and seemingly vanished into history...until today.

Well, SHE'S BACK!  Newsweek reports that Orly has re-emerged to file a lawsuit demanding that the impeachment trial of Donald Trump be stopped immediately, because it will "deprive the members of the Defend Our Freedoms Foundation of their Constitutional First Amendment right for the political speech, namely, to vote for Donald Trump in future elections."  The "Defend Our Freedoms Foundation" was started by Orly herself, I need probably not add.

How banning a treasonous criminal from being President deprives someone else of their right to free speech is a mystery to me, but no more so that anything else we have ever heard from Orly.  Really, girl, you probably should have stuck to dentistry after your first adventure in self-humiliation.

Saturday, January 23, 2021

Wingnut Wrapup

 You can't believe the desperation of the wingnuts to find an explanation they can buy to tell themselves that they are not world champion suckers.  It's coming out faster than I can ever deal with it.  What follows is only a small taste.

Let's just start out with this good news from the wingnuts:

Reliable News Now:  "1 tsp of this every morning destroys high blood pressure"

One teaspoon of arsenic, maybe?  That would work.  Or how about one teaspoon of your precious love?

Don't get it?  Shame on you.

Good enough for me.  Now on to the bad news, because what else is Green Eagle here for?

"Fake Inauguration Aftermath… Don’t Give Up Hope!!


Not sure what is going down, but Biden is definitely not president of the corporation of America, or the United States republic., even though it may look otherwise, because fraud is fraud, and fraud vitiates everything. America though, has to learn who it’s friends and enemies are, that are already in the henhouse, and perhaps, this is the learning curve for that. Those who play to win at any cost including fraud, don’t win. It would have been nice to see some white hat action at the inauguration, but we’ll have to wait and see what happens next. It would not surprise me to have the military make a statement on the state of the union… is sleepy sniffer Biden now the commander in chief, or is something still in the works, that few comprehend? I’m hopeful because I know God has a plan"

"Biden is not the President..."The Military Is In Control"! Inauguration Was Pre-Recorded! Trump To Be Sworn In March 4!"

How is that working out for you? 

"Most people are not aware that D.C. is not part of the United States."

That is very true.  Most people are not "aware" that D.C. is not part of the United States.   

"Did anyone notice if the flags are wrinkled?"


"Everything you saw was an illusion, totally fake.  Biden was sworn in 10 minutes before Noon while Trump was still the President."


Hey, that really would invalidate the choice of 80 million people. 

"Remember. Its not the cross that has power, but what was done on it. Also, its not what God is able to do. It is what he is willing to do. And dont think for one second that military is incapable of acting against the American people. They are soldiers. They follow the chain of command – Period! God is not ‘establishing the times of healing and peace’ and knowledge of Jesus Christ.. This is Judgement against a nation that has abandoned the love of the Lord and traded it for the love of Ba-Al and tolerance of LGBT depravity."

"News Flash: Washington D.C. Seized by Antifa & BLM, That's Why the Military Was Sent...Now this is something that the media has kept a tight lid on, isn’t it?

They've kept a tight lid on Elvis still being alive, too.  The bastards. 

"Washington D.C. has been seized by ANTIFA & BLM.  As JOSHUA PHILIPP’S  Investigates and interviews people in downtown D.C., it seems that there are virtually NO Trump supporters in D.C."

There are virtually no Trump supporters anywhere any more.  I wonder why that is?


"’s all ANTIFA & BLM on the ground in D.C.  With all the chaos ANTIFA & BLM have caused over the last fours years, is it any wonder that the Military has been called upon to keep law and order.

Today will be a day that will go down in infamy…"

Or boredom.  Take your pick. 

"It’s all planned, it’s all a stage show and it appears that it is going to get violent as today’s events move forward…and of course it is going to be the Trump supporters who are labeled as the enemies of the State today!"

They are going to be labeled as enemies of the state forever, buster.  Deal with it. And meanwhile:

LIVE: RSBN - Trump arrives in Florida..."

Oh boy.

Joe Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "CROWDS OF PATRIOTIC SUPPORTERS in West Palm Beach Already Preparing for President Trump’s Arrival"

Glad they are spending the day in an activity they can always remember with pride.

"The President is scheduled to arrive in Florida after departing Washington, D.C. in the morning.  He has scheduled an event at the airport (Joint Base Andrew) for those who wish to send him off."

Which turned out to be just about nobody.

"But the people in Florida are ready for the President’s arrival.  Today people were sharing their flags above the highway in support of the President"

All seven of them.

I've hardly heard a word about the huge crowds that greeted Trump in Florida.  I wonder why that is.

"Joe Biden Clone Swears On Satanic Bible...And yeah, it’s a clone… this subject has been covered numerous times.  Fake Inauguration Aftermath… Don’t Give Up Hope!!  is sleepy sniffer Biden now the commander in chief, or is something still in the works, that few comprehend? I’m hopeful because I know God has a plan"

That one doesn't even deserve a comment. 

"Military Turns Backs To Joe Biden's Motorcade!!"

They were looking outward, you dumb fuck, because they were watching for attacks.  They didn't really think Biden was going to off himself.  And they weren't there to watch the parade.

Jacob Engels, Gateway Pundit:  "Florida Lawmaker Moves to Rename Highway After President Donald J. Trump"

Hopefully one that runs right into the Everglades and ends in an alligator pit.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "VIDEO: President Trump with First Lady Melania Trump Leave White House for Final Time as the 45th CiC...President Trump is the most admired and at the same time abused US President since Abraham Lincoln. Never has a First Family been so abused by a media and an opposing party in the history of the United States."

Give it up already, jerk.  Never has a first family deserved so much abuse, and they only got a tiny fraction of what they earned.  And by the way, Jim, history is not done with him yet.

"Biden Disaster Already Unfolding Before Our Very Eyes! He's Doing Everything Americans Don't Want! -He’s doing exactly what the Chinese communists paying him demand."

Which is what, exactly? He hasn't even had time to eat lunch yet.

"You Don't Know What You Don't Know!—No One Does!"

I know that I don't know how to play the french horn.  So much for that argument.  

"From January 20th forward, the USA will undergo a slow-motion transition to MARTIAL LAW.  But no one will know it.  And the media will not report it.  Biden-Harris will never declare it … unless they run a series of false flag attacks to justify it."

Funny, until today, they were cheering on the idea of Trump declaring martial law.  Okay for Republicans, I guess.

"Inauguration Day Will Be Like Animals Rushing Into The Cage For Some Food!  The human traffickers, cannibals, pedos, snuff and propaganda agents are now arriving in Washington DC. to celebrate biden’s supposed inauguration… these people are stupid… they will gather like animals rushing into the cage, as they will be surrounded all together, by military.   These people long to restore their adrenochrome supply… they long to fill their cup with blood and urine, and force feed it to the masses… The ones who cannot support truth, cannot support anything original, authentic and true… all they can do is feed on garbage like a parasite in a dump."

And some still think that Trump is going to pull it off:


Nope.  His "last move" is going to be to a Federal Correctional Institute. 

Is Trump taking over all media tomorrow for a period of 72 hours? The Emergency Broadcast system has been tested and is ready to roll!

That didn't happen either, strange to say. 


Interesting stuff happening at the southern border… the wall is built, but one must wonder since DEW weapons are already used to take over america, if they cannot just melt that wall from the airplanes?

The wall is built but they can melt it from airplanes.  Right. 

Will Kamala Harris, push ol’ biden clone onto a banana peel and rule America with an iron fist of a psychopath?


Will JFK Jr., finally make an appearance?"

Will Elvis finally come back? 

"Biden Clone First Day Supposedly In Oval Office, And It’s Already A Sh*tshow!! Joe Biden Mumbles Incoherently As He Signs Blank Pages In Oval Office, That Suddenly Has Parking Lot Outside It!!

Think for a minute… he’s supposedly signing a stack of Executive Orders, but they are blank pages… and there’s a parking lot outside Oval Office.  I wonder if that new chia knees bodyguard is under the table? lol  Does the world honestly think Trump handed this chyna managed clone, the nuclear codes??? What we are looking at, is programmed bio-entity…"

We know that Trump actually did sign a whole pile of blank "executive orders," but that is okay.  It is a good idea to froth in outrage at something Biden did not, actually, do. 

Bronson Stocking, Town Hall:  "McConnell Has Proposed a Timeline for Trump's Second Impeachment Trial"

What, right after the Second Coming of Jesus Christ?  Face it, Mitch, the longer you stall the more we uncover.  So be my guest.

Brad Slager, Town Hall:  "During the Day of Unity and Truth, CNN Resorts to Lies Claiming Trump Left No Vaccine Plan for Biden"

"Lies" being Republican speak for "the truth."  Unless you mean Trump's plan to leave Biden holding the bag and then blame him for Republican crimes; i.e. standard Republican practice.

Veronique de Rugy, Town Hall:  "Joe Biden's Plan to Build the United States of Italia"

Well, at least we will be able to get some decent domestic pancetta.  And by the way, if I were in the Party of the Rich, I would make this woman change her name before letting her speak for me.  I mean, what next, an article on animal care from Cruella de Ville?  Diet advice from Jeffrey Dahmer?

Katie Pavlich, Town Hall:  "Biden Isn't Ruling Out Trump Impeachment"

Too late, Katie, it already happened.  Maybe you should try to rule out the second world war or the great plague of 1349.

Leah Barkoukis, Town Hall:  "Watch: In Final Message, Trump Says 'We'll Be Back in Some Form'

Maybe like this?

It might be an improvement.

 Cassandra Fairbanks, Gateway Pundit:  "How is This Legal?! Multiple Banks Close Donald Trump’s Accounts...It is not enough that they cheated him out of office, the left won’t stop retaliating until his life is completely ruined."

Because even banks are "the left" now.  Which is stronger, these people's dishonesty or their stupidity?  I don't think we will ever know.

"Cassandra Fairbanks is a former leftist who came out in support of Donald Trump in 2016. She has been published in the International Business Times, RT, Sputnik, The Independent and countless other publications."

RT and Sputnik.  And Gateway Pundit.  A real leftist there, yes sir.

Thomas Lifson, American Thinker:  "What happened to all the pro-Trump violence that was supposed to mar Inauguration Day?"

You guys have big mouths when you are sitting at home in front of your computers, but just like your bully hero, you are cowards when it actually comes to doing anything.  How's that for an explanation?

"Whitehouse Busted: Joe Announces Plea Deal For Hunter Biden"


"Joe Biden's Niece Caroline Biden Escapes Jail Time After Pleading Guilty To DUI"

Biden's niece doesn't go to prison for a DUI! A crime at least equally horrible to the repeated treason of Donald Trump and his family. 

And now, some more untethered raving:

"Why Is The Pentagon Shutting Out Biden & Refusing To Cooperate? Is He The Commander In Chief Or Not? - No. There was another Emergency Act written and Military is in charge.

Maybe the fact that he isn’t getting Pentagon backing, means more than we think. Fingers crossed  The good reason would be for Biden and his cronies be arrested for treason."

"Declassified: Criminal Indictment For 911 Attack... May They All Burn In Hell...You will find all the the usual suspects… Cheney, Brennan, Bush Jr, McCain, Muller, Ashcroft, Hillary… but some faces are suspiciouly missing.

One face you may recognise is Biden’s newly appointed Climate Change Czar John Kerry… 35 years in GITMO or lethal injection… OUCH!

It is interesting to note that included are the likes of David Rockefeller, Bandar Bin Sultan of the Royal Prince House of Saud and George Soros while ignoring obvious criminal perpetrators such as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel for his role in the attack… let’s not forget the Dancing Israelis on 911!  Also missing from the list is traitor and serial liar General Colin Powell"

"By 12:01 am EST on Wed. 20 Jan. the Military was said to be making Mass Arrests on over 200,000 sealed indictments filed in federal courts across the nation – some of which contained charges of treason and most of which listed charges of pedophilia. The pedophilia charges resulted from an international Child Sex Trafficking ring run by the Vatican and used to blackmail political elites. The treason charges were mainly a result of political elites conspiring with foreign powers to interfere in the 2020 Election. Other very serious criminal charges couldn’t be made because Obama pardoned all in an Executive Order the day he left office.  On Sat. 16 Jan. POTUS had declared the nation in a State of Emergency. He invoked the Insurrection Act that allowed Martial Law – meaning Trump would remain as US President until all criminals were arrested. Since then the government of the US has been under control of the Military with Gen. Mike Flynn leading the way to mop up the Swamp."

Let's just leave that interesting commentary and move on: 

"Biden Grants Citizenship To Everyone Who Voted For Him"

And here, I thought everyone who voted was a citizen already.  Silly me.   

"Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp: Arrests, Indictments and Executions for Thousands of New Ex-Elite Prisoners - Official Documents...Now, if you are not aware of these indictments I am referring to, that makes perfect sense because they are still sealed and not yet public knowledge."

But of course this lone nutcake knows all about them.  And on and on it goes; just not here today. 

Friday, January 22, 2021


 We've all hear the phrase "high crimes and misdemeanors."  The almost inevitable focus of discussion about it is on the high crimes part, with little attention paid by what the founders meant when they added the word misdemeanors.

Our common understanding of this term is that it refers to a category of legally defined minor crimes, as compared to more serious crimes, which are called felonies.  It is important for us to understand that this use of the term did not come into common practice until well into the nineteenth century.  Before that, the word "misdemeanor" meant much more what it literally sounds like: misconduct or misbehavior.  

When we understand this, we can see that the founding fathers meant to indicate that a President could be removed for far more than the commission of a specific criminal act.  In fact he could be impeached and convicted for any action that was unacceptably degraded in a President of the United States.

Donald Trump's behavior since the day he took office has been nothing but an interminable string of conduct which has brought disgrace on the Presidency and our country, any one of which should have been enough for decent people to cast him out from civilized society; unfortunately, the Republican party has no decent people in it, so we were stuck with his abominable behavior for four years.

Let us now, at long last, recognize the damage this man has done to the country.  Let Congress cast the ultimate judgment on his constant misbehavior as President, and certify him as the worst President in the history of our country by both impeaching and convicting him for his endless misdemeanors.  Otherwise, we are just inviting endless repetitions of this malicious nonsense, until one day it works.


From the Online Etymological Dictionary:

"also misdemeanour, late 15c., "ill-behavior, evil conduct, fault," but almost always used in the legal sense of "an indictable offense of less grave nature than a felony;" from mis- (1) "wrong" + Middle English demenure "conduct, management" (see demeanor). Related: Misdemeanors; misdemeanours. Misdemean "behave ill, conduct (oneself) improperly" is from French (and from mis- (2)), but it is attested only from 1560s and is too late to be the source of this word."

Trump Must Be Tried And Convicted

We all know that in the next few months, Democrats are going to come under massive pressure from Republicans, large parts of the mainstream press and even a fair number of their fellow Democrats to Just Let The Whole Thing Go, and to Look Forward Not Backward, and otherwise  forget that we just had a President of the United States attempt to keep himself in power through a coup.  This must absolutely not happen, and in fact the current inquiries must be broadened to include far more of the endless treachery which marked his term as President.

To explain this, I want to present a highly abbreviated history of the Republican party.  

Most people know that Abraham Lincoln was the first Republican President, and that the party emerged to national prominence by being the side that stood against slavery.  Sad to say, that noble purpose did not last long, and by 1880 or so, the Republicans had already transformed into the party of rich people.  Yes, there were exceptions; whatever his failings, Theodore Roosevelt, for example, clearly had progressive views on a number of issues.  That pretty much came to an end with Roosevelt's successor, William Taft, whose attitude toward the Presidency was pretty much to appoint a bunch of rich guys and then let them do whatever they wanted.  

After another brief period of Democratic Presidency, the country was treated to three Republican Presidents in a row, and their Treasury Secretary, Andrew Mellon, one of the richest and greediest people the world has ever known.  By common agreement among themselves, they tipped the whole American economy toward the rich.  The result of this twelve year Republican rule was the Great Depression, and indirectly the reignition of World War.

Well, that was enough for the American people, for a while anyway.  Having had enough of Republicans, they did not elect another real  Republican President for forty years, until Richard Nixon in 1968.

Let me note here that I do not consider Eisenhower to be a true Republican.  As a military officer, Eisenhower always considered it his responsibility to align with no party; both parties courted him to run on their ticket in 1952.  More importantly, he did not rise to prominence within the Republican party, which made sure that nobody became a party leader without a willingness to submit to the rich backers who even then financed the party's ascendancy.

But memory fades, and by 1968 the American people had forgotten the link between Republican economic cant and the great depression, and decided to give the grand Conservative fantasy another try.  And we all knew what the result of that was: Richard Nixon.  Nixon was driven out of office because he attempted to use the power of the Presidency to insure that he would win re-election.  Breaking into the Democratic Party's offices, or the office of Daniel Ellsberg's psychiatrist, seem like pretty minor crimes compared to Trump trying to have his own Vice President and opposition leaders murdered in a violent attack on the Capitol, but those were more naive times, I guess.  There were still a handful of Republican Senators that thought that a President should not be allowed to act that way, and that is all it took to save the country.

The nation thought at the time that the Republicans would learn a lesson from the results of coddling the likes of Nixon, Joe McCarthy and Roy Cohn, and they did learn a lesson: they learned to never again allow anyone to rise in the party that was not willing to utterly abandon his human decency in order to gain power.  And with this choice, the real descent began: for the last fifty years at least, it has been the intent of the Republican party to replace our current form of government, whatever you choose to call it, with an oligarchic dictatorship which exists to promote nothing but the cravings of a couple thousand rich psychopaths and their families, a goal they pursued by tipping the economic table so far in favor of the rich that these few people were all it took to finance their entire party.  And with that decision, they decided that the rest of us could be damned.

In response to Nixon's treachery, the nation just decided to Look Ahead Not Behind, and let him off the hook for his betrayal of his office and the country.  

Next, we were treated to the Presidency of Ronald Reagan, a man who gained the White House through a literally treasonous agreement with the Iranian Mullahs who held Americans hostage, to keep them in captivity in order to hurt the current President, Jimmy Carter, and who then illegally sold 2,000 missiles to our Iranian enemies, in order to finance a terrorist right wing attempt to overthrow a socialist but legally elected government in Central America.  This time the treason, and I mean Constitutionally defined "aid and comfort" treason, could not have been clearer, but once again, the American people were persuaded to just let bygones be bygones, and allowed then Attorney General William Barr (heard that name lately?) to let all of the treasonous conspirators go free.  And in the background, Reagan continued the Republican program of pouring all of our country's wealth into the pockets of the hyper-rich.

And thus we finally come to Donald Trump (I'm just going to skip the idiot Bush II here- we don't have all day, and if I cover every miserable treachery of the Republicans we will be here until doomsday; they commit betrayals faster at this point than we can write them down.)  Here we have a man who openly conspired with a foreign dictator to get into office in the first place, and when confronted with losing his second election, openly if incompetently attempted a violent coup.  And already we are hearing the voices of "tolerance" insist that we need to forgive and forget.

We must face the fact that at least three Republican Presidents in the last half century have conspired to overthrow the will of the American people and destroy whatever vestiges of democracy we have left, regardless of who wants them in office.  Every attempt has been more criminal than the one before, and the last one might very well have succeeded if the President's treachery had not been matched by his stupidity.  And every time, the Republicans have learned lessons from their defeat- not lessons in humanity or the just use of power, but lessons in how to destroy the few shreds of democratic rule that remain.  Next time, we will very likely not be as lucky as we were this time.  Next time, the attempt might come from a very competent criminal like Ted Cruz or Mitch McConnell, and democracy, which hung by its fingernails from a cliff for a few hours on January 6th, may very well not survive.

Well, there had better not be a next time. They almost succeeded this time. It is vital to our survival to see to it that they pay for their crimes this time.

Thursday, January 21, 2021

A Milestone

Not a good one.  Lost in the fog of the insurrection and inaugural, today is the day that more Americans have died of Covid than died in World War II.  

One day into Biden's Presidency, and you know damned well that by tomorrow, Republicans will be blaming the whole thing on him.

Currently, one American is dying every 19 seconds from Covid.  During the Normandy landing, one soldier died every 20 seconds.  

We have now learned that the massive preparation for vaccination touted by Donald Trump was, as is usual for him, nothing but a gigantic lie, leaving the Biden administration to discover just a few days before taking over, that Trump continued his long term Covid policy of just lying about fighting the virus, because it involved so much less work, and he knew that his followers didn't give a damn.  We will now see all of these stupid people screaming that the death toll was all the fault of the Democrats, and nobody will ever be able to convince them differently, just like with Benghazi, the  e-mails, the birth certificate and all the other malicious Republican smears.

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

 Because nobody showed up.

Scenes from the noble resistance:

Oh wait, that was from a real revolution.  Here's the action today:

Whoops- nothing.

The great patriotic revolt against the evil Communist Biden was nowhere to be seen today.  Right wingers confidently predicted that millions of armed patriots would show up today in Washington to prevent the traitor Biden from ever making it down the street from the Capitol to the White House.  But apparently the prospect of a little razor wire and a National Guard force that they thought they would outnumber a hundred to one was enough to scare them away.

As I have always said, these people are big talkers but when it comes down to it they are miserable failures at delivering on their vicious promises.  Sure they are capable of some real horrors if they can catch people off guard like cheap thugs, but in the end they are a pathetic bunch of bullies, and like bullies everywhere they are scared away easily.

Well, it will be interesting to see how the wingnuts explain all this away.  Sort of. 

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

The End

 We are now only one day away from finally ridding us of this malevolent bastard, and yet a large majority of his idiot followers are still deluded into thinking that he is going to pull some masterful move to keep himself in office, and destroy anyone who has ever stood up to him.  Hard to believe, but here is some of the evidence:

"I hear today that the military is about to take control of the United States, and "invite" Donald Trump to take over as the legitimate ruler of the country.  "A group of generals" are going to run the country for a few weeks before Trump is reinstalled as head of the government." 


Now, that is clearly what the founding fathers meant when the approved the Constitution.

BUT NOW YOU’LL HEAR WHAT REALLY HAPPENED! Also, special guests General Thomas McInerney, General Paul Vallely, NatSec Experts Mary Fanning & Alan Jones BRING DOWN THE HOUSE when they discuss all things ELECTION, and some BOMBSHELL information that we are JUST hearing about! Again, another MUST SEE video by ‘Pastor James” Red Pills America on and! In order for us to walk through the takedown about to happen people need to be exposed to the evil and agenda planned against us. In order for us to go through the biblical changes about to happen, we need to see the EVIL. The kind of evil we let take a run at our freedom for decades while we got distracted with social media, sports, TV, movies and working. We fell asleep at the wheel and let corruption run-a-muck for decade after decade after decade. It’s time to wake up so we can cross the finish line. The best is yet to come!


Trump had to wait for the last minute, see.  Now there is nothing to stop him from remaining in power.  And those 400,000 dead?  Forget it- look out of your window and you will see that they doing just fine:


"We all know that anytime you go to war with the Federal Reserve and the Central Criminal Bankers there is nothing they won’t do to shut it down and take out the parties involved!! That is why we see all the hatred and actions being taken to stop our Great President, Donald J Trump!! He went in knowing this and was prepared!! He knows when to make it look like he is defeated and when to show his hand!!  Everyone saying that he should have done everything long ago and that “it’s all over” need to dig deep and find that confidence!!  Hold The Line, Good People!! God’s putting it all into place!!"

Well, I'll give him this much:  He sure knew how to make it look like he was defeated.   

"From a TV station employee:

I work at a mid sized TV station. We just had a visit from the FCC along with two people with badges. I didn’t get close enough to see what agency they were with.  We’ve been told to prepare for all of our programming to be pre-empted from 8 AM Wednesday for up to 72 hours.

They told my boss he can be held criminally liable if he doesn’t allow their feed to air.  He was almost in tears saying “I’ve never seen anything like this after 30 years in this business.” The Second American Civil War is Underway!"

Didn't get close enough to see what agency they were with.  Uh huh.  I believe that. 

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "Americans Love Trump: President Trump’s Approval Rating Hits 51% on Day before Inauguration"

Did you guess that this "rating" comes from Rasmussen, which is not a polling company but just one more part of the Republican lie machine?  Real polls the last couple of days have shown Trump's approval rating at somewhere around 29-32%, representing a total collapse in his final days, and cementing his place as the only known President to never have a positive rating in his whole time in office.  So now, with the lovers of the strong man deserting Trump when he turned out to be a whiny loser, he is down pretty much to the 28% of the populace which I have always said are incurable dupes of the Republican party.

"After four years of constant assault, Democrats and their cohorts failed.  President Trump goes out on top."

Pathetic, Jim.  If Trump is going out on top after a crushing electoral defeat, a second impeachment and a miserable excuse for a coup attempt, I'd hate to see what losing looks like.

Joe Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "President Trump Issues Executive Order for January 22, Two Days After Biden’s Planned Inauguration, Proclaiming the Sanctity of Life"

Boy, that'll show that Biden.  Except that Biden is too senile to understand it.  Maybe it will show Kamala.  Guess that proves who the real winner was.  Note that Joe is still talking about Biden's "planned inauguration."

"Joe Biden Inauguration Will Replace Live Crowds With A ‘Field Of Flags’ In Stunning Dystopian Symbolism Of The Silencing Of The American People...This ‘field of flags’ represents not patriotism but the silencing of each and every America voice that would rise up to expose this tyranny now playing out before us.

Adolf Hitler Had A ‘Field Of Flags’, Too. How Did That Work Out?"    

Helpfully illustrated with the following picture:

Joe forgot to mention that Hitler had a crowd of hundreds of thousands to hear his hours-long speech, sort of like some other political figure I can think of.


You betcha, sucker.  Deal with it. 

"We all know the old trope of the tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorist who believes crazy things like “the government is spying on us” and “the military is spraying things in the sky” and “the CIA ships in the drugs.” Except those things aren’t so crazy after all"

Yes they are.

"When you contribute to this fundraising effort, you are helping us to do what the Lord called us to do."

What, live the big life like all the other Christian grifters out there?

"Just imagine how much President Trump could of accomplished if he wasn’t constantly fighting all the lies and corruption the left threw at him. It would of broke a lesser man.!!!! God Bless you PRESIDENT TRUMP!

Yeah, it would of broke a lesser man.!!!!  Oops, I think you just broke your keyboard- it seems to be stuck on caps lock. 

It’s not Trump’s fault no matter how much the anarchists say it."

Yes it is. 

William Dodd, American Thinker:  "A new badge of honor for President Trump...Congratulations, President Trump!  You have been awarded your second badge of honor: another accusation of wrongdoing ("impeachment" in Washington parlance)...What greater tribute could a man, who loves our country and cherishes its God-given freedoms, be granted than to be chastised by today's socialist-sympathizing, hate-filled politicians?"

I'm not going to bother with any more from a jerk who believes it is an honor to now possess half the Presidential impeachments in our entire history.  Well, except for one more remark from William:

"Trump has made over 160 million Americans believers that low unemployment and prosperity for all are best achieved through his "jobs for Americans" and free-market economic philosophies."

Prosperity and jobs are best achieved through the policies of the only President since the Great Depression (also a production of Republican economic "philosophies,") to leave office with less jobs in the country than he started with.

"Oh, but that wasn't his fault..."  Because it never is.

"Italy Stole the U.S. Election"

Italy?  Italy?  What next, it was the Ivory Coast, or maybe the Maldive Islands?

"Trump Will Be Inaugurated as the 19th President of the Restored Republic"

You don't want to waste your time wading through the morass of historical lies that led to that seemingly incomprehensible comment. 

"Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, Obama, Clinton and over 200,000 global and political elites were soon to be arrested. Trump has activated the Insurrection Act and Washington DC was on lockdown. The Pentagon has received death threats from the Chinese Communist Party and after a Marine raid on CIA headquarters last weekend, the nation’s top generals took away their support of the CIA and FBI...(On January 20th) Ten Days of Darkness would begin as Mass Arrests of over 500,000 individuals was expected to happen worldwide. On the EBS eight hour videos would be broadcast three times a day for ten days straight. The videos contained Military Tribunals filled with confessions of high profile elite individuals exposed for their Crimes Against Humanity."

"Last weekend the Marines raided CIA Headquarters in Langley Va. A military general said they came away with a ton of evidence. Well known US politicians appeared guilty of embezzlement, identity fraud, pedophilia, assassination plots and murders.

As a result and coupled with the evidence from the CIA raid, the Pentagon has withdrawn their support of the CIA and FBI...It was rumored that once everyone was in place for the Inauguration, the National Guard would secure the perimeter of the Capitol grounds. Nobody out. Nobody in. Marines would guard tunnels under the Capitol.

As Biden came on stage the Secret Service would detain and issue arrest warrants on 50-100 members of the audience including Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, Obama, Clinton, at least ten senators and most of Democratic House members. All seen live on national TV."

Since 2016, over 200,000 indictments had been filed in federal courts across the nation. US Attorney General for Utah John Huber and his 740 investigators had been very busy presenting evidence of political corruption and pedophilia to State Ground Juries across the nation. Their indictments would be unsealed and arrest warrants issued across the nation, and globe.

It was believed that in Washington DC the Marines would escort their assigned charges to an underground military base where they would be tried for their crimes on live TV. All TV stations would be required to tune into the trials so the evidence would be made public.  This dramatic scene was more than essential for the survival of the free world. Thousands of Chinese troops were known to be sitting on both the Mexican and Canadian borders, plus their ships were just inside International Waters on both the East and West coasts. It was said that if Biden were inaugurated President they would invade and take over the country."

And there you have it, a completely believable account. 

"Situation Update, Jan. 18, 2021 - Game-Changing Intel Grants Trump New Pathways to Victory!"

Well, he does have 12 hours or so.  Go for it, Donny boy.

"According to scattered sources who are emailing eyewitness reports from across America, many shipping containers are mysteriously appearing in locations across America where they previously were never seen. Note that these missile systems can be fired from containers sitting in parking lots, or still attached to transport trucks or rail systems."

What else could be in those shipping containers but patriot missile launchers?  

"Patriot missiles are ground-to-air defensive missile systems. They are deployed when the military anticipates incoming missiles or aircraft-based attacks.

Notably, patriot protesters do not possess jet fighters or cruise missiles.

As far as we know.


This indicates that Chris Miller at the DoD is anticipating a sophisticated attack on DC, including air-to-ground weapons of some sort, possibly including missiles or rockets as shown above.

And why would such an attack be unleashed against DC? Because DC is being turned into a detainment / holding encampment to hold all the thousands of traitors who committed treason against the United States."

I hope they laid in an extra large supply of cheeseburgers, or a certain fat, stupid guy with small hands and phony hair is going to be mighty angry. 

Laurie Roth, Renew America:  "Sidney Powell says people in Germany saw these results before the Dominion machines were seized: Trump: 410 Electoral College votes, and Joe Biden: 128 Electoral College votes. Trump even flipped the "un-flippable" liberal stronghold of California to Republican."

And here is Sidney's absolutely trustworthy map of the real electoral vote:

 Shame on these people for lying to the American people about the Presidential vote.  I leave it up to you to decide who is doing the lying here.  Hint: they seem to own a copy of Photoshop.

"In their criminal arrogance, the perpetrators are too stupid to realize that the end is coming swiftly to them, and the world will soon know the details of their crimes. Trump is our president and had the biggest election victory in U.S. history. America and our military must stand with President Trump and hold to account those who have committed treason and massive election crimes.

Watch in the next few days as President Trump and our military make this evil and criminal coup attempt null and void. Now that the facts are out and it is clear Joe Biden didn’t get anywhere close to anything but losing, it is vividly clear the former VP is a criminal and has zero honor. If he did, he is the one who would quickly concede, knowing that he didn’t even approach a win."

Criminal coup attempt, huh? 

Gina Miller, Renew America:  "It’s breathtaking, but we’re on the eve of the communist takeover of the United States of America. It has been a sickening, disgusting takeover, an almost five-year-long criminal coup led by enemies within our nation, hell’s children who love to make lies, just like their father the devil...Yes, we lawfully re-elected President Trump in a landslide, and yes, in the dead of night the morning after Election Day, freedom-hating evildoers conspired to pull off the biggest election heist in our nation’s history.  We know that President Donald J. Trump has been a President of the ages, the best our nation has had since the beginning."

The best.  For Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un anyway.  I wonder how many of these idiotic bastards will still be claiming Trump is in the White House by this time tomorrow.  I guarantee it will be a significant number.