Wingnut Wrapup

 You can't believe the desperation of the wingnuts to find an explanation they can buy to tell themselves that they are not world champion suckers.  It's coming out faster than I can ever deal with it.  What follows is only a small taste.

Let's just start out with this good news from the wingnuts:

Reliable News Now:  "1 tsp of this every morning destroys high blood pressure"

One teaspoon of arsenic, maybe?  That would work.  Or how about one teaspoon of your precious love?

Don't get it?  Shame on you.

Good enough for me.  Now on to the bad news, because what else is Green Eagle here for?

"Fake Inauguration Aftermath… Don’t Give Up Hope!!


Not sure what is going down, but Biden is definitely not president of the corporation of America, or the United States republic., even though it may look otherwise, because fraud is fraud, and fraud vitiates everything. America though, has to learn who it’s friends and enemies are, that are already in the henhouse, and perhaps, this is the learning curve for that. Those who play to win at any cost including fraud, don’t win. It would have been nice to see some white hat action at the inauguration, but we’ll have to wait and see what happens next. It would not surprise me to have the military make a statement on the state of the union… is sleepy sniffer Biden now the commander in chief, or is something still in the works, that few comprehend? I’m hopeful because I know God has a plan"

"Biden is not the President..."The Military Is In Control"! Inauguration Was Pre-Recorded! Trump To Be Sworn In March 4!"

How is that working out for you? 

"Most people are not aware that D.C. is not part of the United States."

That is very true.  Most people are not "aware" that D.C. is not part of the United States.   

"Did anyone notice if the flags are wrinkled?"


"Everything you saw was an illusion, totally fake.  Biden was sworn in 10 minutes before Noon while Trump was still the President."


Hey, that really would invalidate the choice of 80 million people. 

"Remember. Its not the cross that has power, but what was done on it. Also, its not what God is able to do. It is what he is willing to do. And dont think for one second that military is incapable of acting against the American people. They are soldiers. They follow the chain of command – Period! God is not ‘establishing the times of healing and peace’ and knowledge of Jesus Christ.. This is Judgement against a nation that has abandoned the love of the Lord and traded it for the love of Ba-Al and tolerance of LGBT depravity."

"News Flash: Washington D.C. Seized by Antifa & BLM, That's Why the Military Was Sent...Now this is something that the media has kept a tight lid on, isn’t it?

They've kept a tight lid on Elvis still being alive, too.  The bastards. 

"Washington D.C. has been seized by ANTIFA & BLM.  As JOSHUA PHILIPP’S  Investigates and interviews people in downtown D.C., it seems that there are virtually NO Trump supporters in D.C."

There are virtually no Trump supporters anywhere any more.  I wonder why that is?


"’s all ANTIFA & BLM on the ground in D.C.  With all the chaos ANTIFA & BLM have caused over the last fours years, is it any wonder that the Military has been called upon to keep law and order.

Today will be a day that will go down in infamy…"

Or boredom.  Take your pick. 

"It’s all planned, it’s all a stage show and it appears that it is going to get violent as today’s events move forward…and of course it is going to be the Trump supporters who are labeled as the enemies of the State today!"

They are going to be labeled as enemies of the state forever, buster.  Deal with it. And meanwhile:

LIVE: RSBN - Trump arrives in Florida..."

Oh boy.

Joe Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "CROWDS OF PATRIOTIC SUPPORTERS in West Palm Beach Already Preparing for President Trump’s Arrival"

Glad they are spending the day in an activity they can always remember with pride.

"The President is scheduled to arrive in Florida after departing Washington, D.C. in the morning.  He has scheduled an event at the airport (Joint Base Andrew) for those who wish to send him off."

Which turned out to be just about nobody.

"But the people in Florida are ready for the President’s arrival.  Today people were sharing their flags above the highway in support of the President"

All seven of them.

I've hardly heard a word about the huge crowds that greeted Trump in Florida.  I wonder why that is.

"Joe Biden Clone Swears On Satanic Bible...And yeah, it’s a clone… this subject has been covered numerous times.  Fake Inauguration Aftermath… Don’t Give Up Hope!!  is sleepy sniffer Biden now the commander in chief, or is something still in the works, that few comprehend? I’m hopeful because I know God has a plan"

That one doesn't even deserve a comment. 

"Military Turns Backs To Joe Biden's Motorcade!!"

They were looking outward, you dumb fuck, because they were watching for attacks.  They didn't really think Biden was going to off himself.  And they weren't there to watch the parade.

Jacob Engels, Gateway Pundit:  "Florida Lawmaker Moves to Rename Highway After President Donald J. Trump"

Hopefully one that runs right into the Everglades and ends in an alligator pit.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "VIDEO: President Trump with First Lady Melania Trump Leave White House for Final Time as the 45th CiC...President Trump is the most admired and at the same time abused US President since Abraham Lincoln. Never has a First Family been so abused by a media and an opposing party in the history of the United States."

Give it up already, jerk.  Never has a first family deserved so much abuse, and they only got a tiny fraction of what they earned.  And by the way, Jim, history is not done with him yet.

"Biden Disaster Already Unfolding Before Our Very Eyes! He's Doing Everything Americans Don't Want! -He’s doing exactly what the Chinese communists paying him demand."

Which is what, exactly? He hasn't even had time to eat lunch yet.

"You Don't Know What You Don't Know!—No One Does!"

I know that I don't know how to play the french horn.  So much for that argument.  

"From January 20th forward, the USA will undergo a slow-motion transition to MARTIAL LAW.  But no one will know it.  And the media will not report it.  Biden-Harris will never declare it … unless they run a series of false flag attacks to justify it."

Funny, until today, they were cheering on the idea of Trump declaring martial law.  Okay for Republicans, I guess.

"Inauguration Day Will Be Like Animals Rushing Into The Cage For Some Food!  The human traffickers, cannibals, pedos, snuff and propaganda agents are now arriving in Washington DC. to celebrate biden’s supposed inauguration… these people are stupid… they will gather like animals rushing into the cage, as they will be surrounded all together, by military.   These people long to restore their adrenochrome supply… they long to fill their cup with blood and urine, and force feed it to the masses… The ones who cannot support truth, cannot support anything original, authentic and true… all they can do is feed on garbage like a parasite in a dump."

And some still think that Trump is going to pull it off:


Nope.  His "last move" is going to be to a Federal Correctional Institute. 

Is Trump taking over all media tomorrow for a period of 72 hours? The Emergency Broadcast system has been tested and is ready to roll!

That didn't happen either, strange to say. 


Interesting stuff happening at the southern border… the wall is built, but one must wonder since DEW weapons are already used to take over america, if they cannot just melt that wall from the airplanes?

The wall is built but they can melt it from airplanes.  Right. 

Will Kamala Harris, push ol’ biden clone onto a banana peel and rule America with an iron fist of a psychopath?


Will JFK Jr., finally make an appearance?"

Will Elvis finally come back? 

"Biden Clone First Day Supposedly In Oval Office, And It’s Already A Sh*tshow!! Joe Biden Mumbles Incoherently As He Signs Blank Pages In Oval Office, That Suddenly Has Parking Lot Outside It!!

Think for a minute… he’s supposedly signing a stack of Executive Orders, but they are blank pages… and there’s a parking lot outside Oval Office.  I wonder if that new chia knees bodyguard is under the table? lol  Does the world honestly think Trump handed this chyna managed clone, the nuclear codes??? What we are looking at, is programmed bio-entity…"

We know that Trump actually did sign a whole pile of blank "executive orders," but that is okay.  It is a good idea to froth in outrage at something Biden did not, actually, do. 

Bronson Stocking, Town Hall:  "McConnell Has Proposed a Timeline for Trump's Second Impeachment Trial"

What, right after the Second Coming of Jesus Christ?  Face it, Mitch, the longer you stall the more we uncover.  So be my guest.

Brad Slager, Town Hall:  "During the Day of Unity and Truth, CNN Resorts to Lies Claiming Trump Left No Vaccine Plan for Biden"

"Lies" being Republican speak for "the truth."  Unless you mean Trump's plan to leave Biden holding the bag and then blame him for Republican crimes; i.e. standard Republican practice.

Veronique de Rugy, Town Hall:  "Joe Biden's Plan to Build the United States of Italia"

Well, at least we will be able to get some decent domestic pancetta.  And by the way, if I were in the Party of the Rich, I would make this woman change her name before letting her speak for me.  I mean, what next, an article on animal care from Cruella de Ville?  Diet advice from Jeffrey Dahmer?

Katie Pavlich, Town Hall:  "Biden Isn't Ruling Out Trump Impeachment"

Too late, Katie, it already happened.  Maybe you should try to rule out the second world war or the great plague of 1349.

Leah Barkoukis, Town Hall:  "Watch: In Final Message, Trump Says 'We'll Be Back in Some Form'

Maybe like this?

It might be an improvement.

 Cassandra Fairbanks, Gateway Pundit:  "How is This Legal?! Multiple Banks Close Donald Trump’s Accounts...It is not enough that they cheated him out of office, the left won’t stop retaliating until his life is completely ruined."

Because even banks are "the left" now.  Which is stronger, these people's dishonesty or their stupidity?  I don't think we will ever know.

"Cassandra Fairbanks is a former leftist who came out in support of Donald Trump in 2016. She has been published in the International Business Times, RT, Sputnik, The Independent and countless other publications."

RT and Sputnik.  And Gateway Pundit.  A real leftist there, yes sir.

Thomas Lifson, American Thinker:  "What happened to all the pro-Trump violence that was supposed to mar Inauguration Day?"

You guys have big mouths when you are sitting at home in front of your computers, but just like your bully hero, you are cowards when it actually comes to doing anything.  How's that for an explanation?

"Whitehouse Busted: Joe Announces Plea Deal For Hunter Biden"


"Joe Biden's Niece Caroline Biden Escapes Jail Time After Pleading Guilty To DUI"

Biden's niece doesn't go to prison for a DUI! A crime at least equally horrible to the repeated treason of Donald Trump and his family. 

And now, some more untethered raving:

"Why Is The Pentagon Shutting Out Biden & Refusing To Cooperate? Is He The Commander In Chief Or Not? - No. There was another Emergency Act written and Military is in charge.

Maybe the fact that he isn’t getting Pentagon backing, means more than we think. Fingers crossed  The good reason would be for Biden and his cronies be arrested for treason."

"Declassified: Criminal Indictment For 911 Attack... May They All Burn In Hell...You will find all the the usual suspects… Cheney, Brennan, Bush Jr, McCain, Muller, Ashcroft, Hillary… but some faces are suspiciouly missing.

One face you may recognise is Biden’s newly appointed Climate Change Czar John Kerry… 35 years in GITMO or lethal injection… OUCH!

It is interesting to note that included are the likes of David Rockefeller, Bandar Bin Sultan of the Royal Prince House of Saud and George Soros while ignoring obvious criminal perpetrators such as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel for his role in the attack… let’s not forget the Dancing Israelis on 911!  Also missing from the list is traitor and serial liar General Colin Powell"

"By 12:01 am EST on Wed. 20 Jan. the Military was said to be making Mass Arrests on over 200,000 sealed indictments filed in federal courts across the nation – some of which contained charges of treason and most of which listed charges of pedophilia. The pedophilia charges resulted from an international Child Sex Trafficking ring run by the Vatican and used to blackmail political elites. The treason charges were mainly a result of political elites conspiring with foreign powers to interfere in the 2020 Election. Other very serious criminal charges couldn’t be made because Obama pardoned all in an Executive Order the day he left office.  On Sat. 16 Jan. POTUS had declared the nation in a State of Emergency. He invoked the Insurrection Act that allowed Martial Law – meaning Trump would remain as US President until all criminals were arrested. Since then the government of the US has been under control of the Military with Gen. Mike Flynn leading the way to mop up the Swamp."

Let's just leave that interesting commentary and move on: 

"Biden Grants Citizenship To Everyone Who Voted For Him"

And here, I thought everyone who voted was a citizen already.  Silly me.   

"Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp: Arrests, Indictments and Executions for Thousands of New Ex-Elite Prisoners - Official Documents...Now, if you are not aware of these indictments I am referring to, that makes perfect sense because they are still sealed and not yet public knowledge."

But of course this lone nutcake knows all about them.  And on and on it goes; just not here today. 


Poll P. said…
I demand to be told the TRUTH about the parking lot outside the oval office!!
KanaW said…
Good grief, they've gone completely mad. That was even more insane than usual. They give me the creeps, honestly.
Have you tried to play a french horn?
Green Eagle said…
My sister played French Horn. She was truly bad at it, and didn't give a damn. Me personaly, I'll stick to my sixties Strat.
Those who play to win at any cost including fraud, don’t win.

So close, so close to getting it...
Teagan Warren said…
Hi tthanks for posting this

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