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Wingnut Wrapup

 Yeah, it's time for another dip in the right wing sewer.  I want to start by mentioning a view I heard in a right wing video today which I have never heard before, but I believe should receive every bit as much consideration as it deserves.  The person in this video states that Biden has not been confirmed as the President elect, and so in announcing some of his cabinet picks, he is attempting to usurp the power of the existing President, which is an act of treason, for which Biden should be executed.  Even Sidney Powell didn't think of that argument.  Anyway, on with the rest of the garbage, or at least the small fraction of it I could take.  However, first, this: Nothing I could ever say could be as funny as this photo.  How did they get this idiot to sit for this "press conference?"  My guess is that they told him that the small desk would make him look bigger, and he fell for it. And on we go: Cortney O'Brien, Town Hall:  "Sidney Powell Claims That Domin

Not Ready to Make Nice

 Not that they ever were.  The combination of projection and outright lies which has always been the Republicans' main tool is being ramped up to preposterous levels- levels that would be hilarious if they did not portend a four year campaign to destroy Democrats' attempts at rational government. I could produce a Wingnut Wrapup here that would be five hundred pages long, filled with this disgusting stuff, but I thought that, at least for today, I would restrict myself to one article, from Jeff Davidson today, at Town Hall, one of the largest purveyors of right wing claims in existence: "My daughter was completely overjoyed on her 8th birthday when she received Barbie’s ‘playtime folding fun house.’ She couldn't wait to assemble it, arrange the furniture, and position her various Barbies all over the house. For an eight-year-old, this was not merely a wonderful time, it was pure bliss.  With the White House as his ‘presumed’ playhouse, Joe Biden, in his fluctuating men

Bully Caves, Commits Treason on the Way Out the Door

So like bullies everywhere, he is a coward inside, and when someone stands up to him, he caves.  We've seen this behavior throughout his time in the White House, and also in his life before that.  And now, at the end (hopefully) of his ability to wreck all of our lives, he goes out the way he came in.   First, he tried every dirty, mean trick that he could think of to get what he wanted, regardless of any notion of right or wrong.  And as that has failed-imagine his surprise to run into State Republican officials who were not as corrupt as he and his associates are- he is acting today like he will just slink away and hide in the shadows. Of course, we know he never thinks more than a day into the future, so he may be back tomorrow or next week or next month with a new scheme to steal our country from us, but at least for the moment, he seems to be taking the coward's way out.  And hooray for that, if it is true. Anyway, look at what he is pulling on the way out the door.  Today

A Republican Geography Lesson

 From Fox News, via Mock, Paper, Scissors: Trump is giving the country away before leaving office.

Impeach the Bastard Already, God Damn It

 So first we had Trump lying every chance he got about supposed Democratic election fraud, while conspiring to commit every kind of fraud known to man himself.  Then we had perhaps the strangest spectacle in the history of our country- a President who is so infantile that he has thrown a tantrum now stretching for two weeks rather than admit that he couldn't cheat his way into a second term.  And then came the bogus lawsuits, in which he is now 1 and 25, with the one victory being a very minor one.  His attorneys have stated that they had no expectation of winning those lawsuits, counting on appealing the cases to the Supreme Court where they openly admitted their assumption was that corrupt Republican Justices would give the Presidency to the loser.  Having seemed to come to the end of a lot of this nonsense, Trump is now trying to force election canvassers and Republican State legislators in swing States to simply void their elections, without a shred of evidence that there was a

I Guess This Isn't an Important Story

 I want to discuss a story which I first read about a week before the election.  I was curious to see if our mainstream press, which has given such immense coverage to Donald Trump's phony lawsuits and ludicrous claims of Democratic corruption in the counting of votes, thought this story important enough to cover for more than a second, but I guess not.  Here are the bones of the story: "An energy company tied to a hedge fund that loaned millions to the Trump Organization and the Kushner Companies will benefit after Team Trump approved railroads running “bomb trains” through our nation. They are loaded with liquefied natural gas with more explosive power than the atom bomb that destroyed Hiroshima... Trump in April 2019 had called for federal rules to be rewritten so trains could carry liquefied natural gas. The regulation financially benefits New Fortress Energy, a publicly-traded company founded by billionaire Wes Edens. Fortress Investment Group, a New York City hedge fund

Wingnut Wrapup- Schadenfreude part II

 So Trump is going out on the same note of delusion and lying that has marked the whole of his Presidency, and in fact his life.  Inconvenient and infuriating, I guess, but in a way it is a fitting end to the worst Presidency in history.  Here's some more of the almost universal support he is receiving in this tantrum from the wingnuts: Rick Moran, PJ Media:  "Biden Wins—For Now" For now.  For the next four years, sucker.  Deal with it. "For now, the Biden camp is celebrating. But the word out of the White House is that Trump is not conceding and the legal effort to deny Biden the presidency will continue." Well, isn't that nice.  How's that going? Andrew Pollack, Town Hall:  "A Dark Moment for Democracy Affirms the Need for the Second Amendment" If you can't win at the ballot box, just kill your opponents.  That sure sounds like democracy to me.  Republican style, anyway. "Our founding fathers placed the right to keep and bear arms se

The Tantrum Continues

 As we are subjected to the ludicrous but yet disgusting spectacle of President Trump refusing to admit that he lost the election last week, it is important to remember that Trump is not lying to us; he is lying to himself.  He has lived most of his life in a world of delusion, and he refused to give this up when he became President. This latest wolrd wide humiliation of our country at his hands is totally the result of the refusal of our leaders and the press for four years, to face Trump's manifest mental instability and clear unsuitability to be President.  It is a reminder of our failure as a country to deal with the reality of a mentally ill person who managed to seize control of our government. Thank heaven that the United States in 2020 is not the Weimar Republic in 1933.  We are going to survive this plunge into fascism.  But this time around, we had better learn our lesson about averting our eyes from madness in our leaders, or it will surely happen again.

History In The Making

  In 2018 we took back the House. In 2020 we took back the White House. In 2022, we will take back the Senate. Step by step, we are ending the nightmare.

Wingnut Wrapup- Schadenfreude Edition

 I've been pretty silent during the last couple of weeks, because a million people are now saying what I have always said, but I guess it's time to get to work again.  Here is a sample of the early responses of the people who are mortally shocked to discover that Jesus did not make sure that Donald Trump won. Cliff Kincaid, Renew America:  "Trump wins re-election" That will come as a surprise to many people.  Cliff explains: "Transcripts or stories about the president’s remarks tried to put a spin on them, saying his statement of victory was “premature” or even “false.” That’s their opinion. What matters is what the legitimate president of the United State says.   Trump has already declared victory and has recognized mysterious ballot dumps and irregularities giving certain states to Biden as illegitimate.  At the current time, this is really all that we need to know.  When push comes to shove, Trump can tell those who want him out of office to shove it." So

Stealing Votes

 At this point, he is pretty much reduced to stealing the silverware.  Which I wouldn't put past him.  Keep that in mind when he packs to go, Secret Service guys.