Saturday, November 28, 2020

Wingnut Wrapup

 Yeah, it's time for another dip in the right wing sewer.  I want to start by mentioning a view I heard in a right wing video today which I have never heard before, but I believe should receive every bit as much consideration as it deserves.  The person in this video states that Biden has not been confirmed as the President elect, and so in announcing some of his cabinet picks, he is attempting to usurp the power of the existing President, which is an act of treason, for which Biden should be executed.  Even Sidney Powell didn't think of that argument.  Anyway, on with the rest of the garbage, or at least the small fraction of it I could take.  However, first, this:

Nothing I could ever say could be as funny as this photo.  How did they get this idiot to sit for this "press conference?"  My guess is that they told him that the small desk would make him look bigger, and he fell for it.

And on we go:

Cortney O'Brien, Town Hall:  "Sidney Powell Claims That Dominion Is 'Shredding Documents'

"It is terrifying, and it is a huge national security issue," Powell said. "Why the Department of Justice and FBI have not done something, Dominion is closing its offices and moving. No doubt they're shredding documents. God only knows what else."

I see.  "No doubt" they are shredding documents.  "No doubt."  i.e. no evidence.  Of course, making accusations of crimes without evidence seems to be a Republican specialty these days.

"She also claims that they have testimony from witnesses opening military ballots and trashing them if they were for Trump, and substitute ballots were put in for Biden."

Testimony she won't include in any court filing, curiously enough.

"I'm essentially staking my personal and professional reputation on these allegations..."

What personal reputation?  You work for Trump.  

Julio Rosas, Town Hall:  "Pete Hegseth: At a Time Like This, the Patriot Awards Reminds People What Makes America Great"

At this point, not much.

"Categories for the awards include The Everyday Patriot, Most Valuable Patriot (MVP), Patriot Award for Service to Veterans, Patriot Award for the Unsung Hero, Patriot Award for Courage, The Young Patriot, Patriot Award for Heroism, and The Patriot Award for the Modern Warrior."

Can't wait to see which one they give to that gun toting couple in Saint Louis.

"While Hegseth will be hosting the show, many of Fox News' top talent will be virtually participating in the event, including Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Ainsley Earhardt, Brian Kilmeade, Steve Doocy, Dana Perino, Rachel Campos-Duffy, Johnny Joey Jones, Dan Bongino, and Tammy Bruce."

Well, a lineup like that sure gives me confidence that the winners will be truly sterling Americans.

Josh Hammer, Town Hall:  "Biden's Student Loan Forgiveness Plan Is Idiotic and Immoral"

It is not immoral, however, to allow predatory corporate vultures to destroy the lives of young Americans in order to make a profit.

Matt Vespa, Town Hall:  "Hispanic Voters in Florida Feel Election Was Stolen from Trump"

Well, three Hispanic voters in Florida anyway, all long time Republicans.  That's all the evidence Matt has.

"(One of them) said her big fear is Vice President-elect Kamala Harris. "She's another AOC"

Ooh, scary.  Well, sorry, Matt.  I have it on the best authority that Kamala does not have a clue how to make a good mojito.

Leah Barkoukis, Town Hall:  "Gregg Jarrett Has an Important Reminder for the Media About the Trump Campaign's Evidence of Voter Fraud"

What, "We know where your daughter goes to elementary school?"  You mean that kind of reminder?

"Well, the unabashed arrogance of the media was on full display today, as they were demanding to see the evidence. They are not entitled to see the evidence."

No, they are required to just report whatever Donald Trump, the biggest liar the world has ever seen, says.  "Evidence" is for cucks.

"Jarrett said the media can and should be working to ascertain whether there was widespread fraud in the election"

Which apparently does not include asking Trump spokesmen to provide any evidence to back up their claims.  That would be way out of bounds.

Cortney O'Brien, Town Hall:  "Michigan GOP: We Are Putting the Secretary of State on Notice"

A reference, I suppose, to the death threats she and her family have received.

Matt Vespa, Town Hall:  "The Hand Recount in Georgia Has Concluded. Where Does the Trump Campaign Go from Here?"

Hopefully, to hell in a handbasket.

Streiff, Red State:  "Kyle Rittenhouse Released on Bail Thanks to Donations From Thousands of Real Americans"

There's nothing more real American than racist murder.  So, unfortunately, I have to sort of agree with that.

Jennifer Van Laar, Red State:  "Video Shows Extreme Manipulation Private School Headmaster Used to Convince Student to Remove MAGA Hat"

The next massive Democratic scandal?

Nick Arama, Red State:  "Here Are Some Major Reasons Why It's Hard to Believe the Biden Numbers"

Because Nick is a Republican.  It's hard for him to believe anything that is the truth.

Sarah Lee, Red State:  "Despite Reports, Trump Admin IS Sharing Info With Team Biden By Warning Him About China"

Ha ha.  Trump is "sharing information" with Biden when he attacks Biden in public with totally fabricated  claims about Biden's involvement with China.

Kari Lee Fournier, Renew America:  "Election faceoff: it’s almighty God versus Satan"

Satan, lounging by the pool on his off day

Which is which?  Can you guess?

"We know that God appoints the ‘kings’ of this world. That’s not to say, though, that He won’t give the people a corrupt king if they plead for one—if their wickedness has spiraled to great numbers. Nonetheless, many Believers prayed fervently for Donald Trump to be given this mantle, as he promised to clean up the corruption in the American federal government"

Yeah.  I buy that.  Really.  Trump promised to clean up government corruption.  Yeah, he did.  How did he do in keeping that promise?

Sally Zelikowski, American Thinker:  "The Trump Team's Real Strategy...Trump is known for his three-dimensional chess tactics.  This could be just that."

Nothing like starting your article off with a mountain of delusion.  Trump couldn't even win a game of one dimensional tic tac toe, if he went first.

"To endure the Democrat-Media Complex’s blackout of any discussion of credible allegations of voter fraud or election rigging is tough enough."

If there were any credible accusations, or even clearly non-credible ones that weren't batshit insane, the mainstream media would be all over them the way they were all over Benghazi or her e-mails.

"lawyers do not tip their hand to a preening press or public.  Revealing evidence prematurely gives the opposition opportunity to tamper with it and undermine the president’s case.  No one is owed that information just because they want it.  In due course, the evidence will be presented before a court so cool your jets, boys."

We've got the proof, but it's none of your business.  You just have to shut up and take Donald Trump's word for it.

"First, let me just dismiss outright any claims that Rudy is incompetent."

Ha ha.  Ha ha ha.  Well, I guess that's enough of Sally for today.

Ulysses S. Grant, American Thinker:  "Why President Trump Must Not Give Up"

Ulysses S. Grant.  Yes, Ulysses S. Grant, famous for presiding over one of the most corrupt administrations in American history.  He must be so proud of Trump.

"The real issue now is whether America will be a banana republic or not.  The integrity of the election will define the nation for years to come."

And that's why we should support Trump.  Right.

J. B. Shurk, American Thinker:  "Time for a New Declaration?  Perhaps it's time to follow in the footsteps of the wise generation of men and women who first fought for our freedoms by setting forth our grievances in the kind of formal writing that might make it clear to those who wish to rule over us that our patience has run its course — a declaration, if you will, that states plainly our belief that just power comes only from the consent of those governed."

Not all of those governed, of course, who consented through the election to being governed by Joe Biden.  No, only certain of those governed.  You know which people they mean.

Jeremy Egerer, American Thinker:  "Why Not Trust Rudy Giuliani?"

Well, that's enough of that one.  Well, okay, just a little more:

"Isn't it possible he knows somebody we don't know, who says things we don't hear?"

If so, it's not about how you put on hair dye.  By the way, when someone "hears" people that nobody else can hear, it usually does not come to a good end.

A photo that will never grow old

Andrea Widbeg, American Thinker:  "Biden again reminds the world what a nasty man he is...Trump, in his own way, is like a noble gentleman of old"

And they pay people to write things like that.

Breitbart:  "VIDEO: Man Saves Puppy from Alligator"

Well, they've got to write about something.

Dean Nelson, Town Hall:  "No, Joe Biden Doesn’t Want to Serve All Americans: His Politics Leave Out the Preborn"

Grow up, asshole.

Crew, Red State:  "Interesting New Lawsuit Filed In Pennsylvania State Court by Pennsylvania GOP Challenging Legality of Vote-By-Mail"

"Interesting" apparently being Republican language for "bat shit crazy."  Not that I intend to demean the reputation of bat shit by comparing it to Republican attorneys.

Mike Miller, Red State:  "Georgia's 3-Ring Circus Continues: State to Conduct Second Recount Following Request From Trump Campaign"

And exactly who is responsible for the 3-ring circus?  Who exactly is demanding these recounts that go nowhere because they are based on lies?  

And now, an item from a right wing website that is new to me.  I suspect we will be seeing more of them:

Tap News Wire:  "Why does  Youtube  keep removing the Zapruder film of JFK’s assassination?  Look at frame 320 onwards.  Watch Jackie Kennedy.  The bullet flies outwards not inwards.  She fired it."

It's so obvious when you think about it.  She wanted to go from the most admired woman in America to an irrelevant has-been.  Personally, of course, I think the bullet was fired by Melania from her home in Serbia, using a secret long range air rifle invented by the famous Professor Moriarity.  Oh, and one more item from them:

Tap News Wire:  “End of the COVID Pandemic Hoax” prompts timely nationwide cheer"


Really looks like it is over to me.  Over, in the dictionary definition of "higher than."

"As for the true motives for the hoax, investigations by concerned patriotic citizens’ organisations are ongoing to discover which enemy of the country they are taking their orders from."

The most likely "enemy of the country" being the treacherous cadre of public health experts and epidemiologists who have been carefully implanted as sleeper agents in medical institutions across the country.

Joe Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "President Trump’s Dream Team Is the Greatest Assembly of Attorneys in US History"

Really, they will say anything.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "It’s Happening: Pennsylvania State Legislature Files Resolution — DISPUTES STATEWIDE 2020 ELECTION RESULTS"

I love this one.  The Pennsylvania State legislature did nothing of the sort.  What actually happened is that a pack of Republican jackass legislators published a "resolution" which repeats many of the long-disproven Trump claims, and promised that they would "introduce" it "in the immediate future."  Still, close enough to the truth for Jim Hoft, which is to say about half the galaxy away from the facts.

Joe Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "Current Actual Election Result Update: President Trump Has 13 Paths to Win 2020 Election — Biden Has Only 10 Paths to Win...Based on actual results and accounting for states currently not called, still counting, recounting, under investigation or audit, or states with election issues now in the courts, President Trump is winning the 2020 Presidential Election."

Helpfully illustrated with the following very official looking map:

See, all you have to do is take six States away from Biden and give them to Trump, and Trump wins!

Joe has more to say, of course:

"Based on actual results and accounting for states currently not called, still counting, recounting, under investigation or audit, or states with election issues now in the courts, President Trump is winning the 2020 Presidential Election."

You go with that, Joe.  Sorry to tell you this, but Biden only needs one path to win the election- the one he took.

Before it's News:  "Five US Soldiers Killed in Raid on CIA Server Farm in Frankfurt...Right this very minute, a covert war between the DoD and the CIA is raging across the planet, and we now believe a firefight took place during the DoD raid on the CIA server farm in Frankfurt, resulting in the loss of five US Army soldiers as well as the death of one CIA commander. All those deaths have been reported in the mainstream media, by the way."

If they have, they have not made it into a Google search.  Just wondering, by the way. if four Americans killed by terrorists in Benghazi during the Obama administration constituted one of the worst Presidential crimes of all time, what does it say about Trump that five American soldiers were killed by our own agents?

By the way, need I inform you that this was the same raid that seized the servers used to rig the election for Biden?  Don't worry, those servers are in Trump's hands now, and their contents will be released any day now.  Probably right after Trump releases his magnificent replacement for Obamacare, which is coming within two weeks- no, really.

"Trump continues to position the U.S. military for the “national security” option, just in case the courts fail to uphold the rule of law."

Well, that is comforting.  He's preparing for a military coup. How very American.

"Yet the court cases are growing stronger by the day"

Well, the derision from judges directed at their filings is, anyway.  The battle story is being repeated at various wingnut sites across the internet, including this comment by Mike Adams:

"One CIA officer was killed during the firefight, and he is now being reported across the mainstream media as being “killed in Somalia.” Five US Army soldiers were also killed, and they are being explained away as dying in a “helicopter crash” in Egypt."

I have it on the best authority that another one was shot in the head while watching a theater performance at Ford's Theater in Washington. Prove that I'm wrong, libtard. 

Friday, November 27, 2020

Not Ready to Make Nice

 Not that they ever were.  The combination of projection and outright lies which has always been the Republicans' main tool is being ramped up to preposterous levels- levels that would be hilarious if they did not portend a four year campaign to destroy Democrats' attempts at rational government.

I could produce a Wingnut Wrapup here that would be five hundred pages long, filled with this disgusting stuff, but I thought that, at least for today, I would restrict myself to one article, from Jeff Davidson today, at Town Hall, one of the largest purveyors of right wing claims in existence:

"My daughter was completely overjoyed on her 8th birthday when she received Barbie’s ‘playtime folding fun house.’ She couldn't wait to assemble it, arrange the furniture, and position her various Barbies all over the house. For an eight-year-old, this was not merely a wonderful time, it was pure bliss. 

With the White House as his ‘presumed’ playhouse, Joe Biden, in his fluctuating mental state, likely is experiencing the same thing at this moment. Biden might well be in the White House in the future, but merely as a guest at some function, for a few hours or less, and that’s it. 

I suspect on some level, Democrats and those on the Left already know that they have lost the presidency. That is why the ‘mainstream’ media is pushing so hard and so fast in articles and features, around the clock, portraying Joe Biden as the president-elect."

This hardly needs a comment.  Biden is the one with the "fluctuating mental state;"  Biden is the one who will never see the inside of the White House after January 20th; Democrats know that they have "lost the Presidency."

And Jeff, let's be clear about this:  The media are portraying Biden as President-elect because he is.  Deal with it.

"For Leftists to remain in denial much longer portends an ominous trend. I fear that these people have been brainwashed. They are dupes of a media machine that has controlled them for years, if not decades, if not for their entire lives."

It is "leftists" who are in denial about the election.  It is leftists who have  been brainwashed.  It is leftists who are dupes of a media machine.

And if you think that the incipient inauguration of Biden will disabuse these people of their near psychotic delusions, you sure haven't been watching the Republican party the last couple of decades.  I know of no nation in history that has had to deal with the insanity of half its voting population that has not come to a very bad end.  And that may well be where we are heading, no matter what the remaining sane people do.

Monday, November 23, 2020

Bully Caves, Commits Treason on the Way Out the Door

So like bullies everywhere, he is a coward inside, and when someone stands up to him, he caves.  We've seen this behavior throughout his time in the White House, and also in his life before that.  And now, at the end (hopefully) of his ability to wreck all of our lives, he goes out the way he came in.  

First, he tried every dirty, mean trick that he could think of to get what he wanted, regardless of any notion of right or wrong.  And as that has failed-imagine his surprise to run into State Republican officials who were not as corrupt as he and his associates are- he is acting today like he will just slink away and hide in the shadows.

Of course, we know he never thinks more than a day into the future, so he may be back tomorrow or next week or next month with a new scheme to steal our country from us, but at least for the moment, he seems to be taking the coward's way out.  And hooray for that, if it is true.

Anyway, look at what he is pulling on the way out the door.  Today, he announced that he is pulling the United States out of the Clear Skies treaty.  This is probably illegal, as the law requires four months notification of Congress before abrogating this treaty, but since when has illegality ever stopped Trump?

And let us be clear what this means.  There are 34 nations that signed on to this treaty, which allows signatories to conduct air flights over the territories of other signatories, to examine military activity.  Many of these countries are our (former?) European allies.  Trump is leaving them blind to any Russian military activity behind its borders, such as the massing of troops in preparation for an invasion.  Furthermore, Trump has ordered the special planes that are allowed to do these flyovers scrapped immediately, to prevent the incoming Biden administration from even trying to resurrect the treaty.  The planes, dating from the 1960's, were due to be replaced shortly, but last summer Trump cancelled the money appropriated for that purpose, making sure that we would not be able to continue enforcing this treaty.

And let us be clear:  this is a danger not only to our security, but to the security of our allies, and benefits absolutely nobody but Vladimir Putin.  This is hardly the first time that Trump has betrayed our country in aid of Putin, but it is one of the most treacherous.  And let me be clear here: this is Constitutional treason; i.e. adhering to the enemy, giving them aid and comfort.  The Republicans love to throw around the word treason for everything Democrats try to do, in a deliberate effort to devalue the act in the eyes of the American people, but this is the real thing, as serious as anything Benedict Arnold or Jefferson Davis ever did.  And the Democrats will just let him get away with it, guaranteeing that any future Republican feels perfectly free to betray our county again.

Friday, November 20, 2020

A Republican Geography Lesson

 From Fox News, via Mock, Paper, Scissors:

Trump is giving the country away before leaving office.

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Impeach the Bastard Already, God Damn It

 So first we had Trump lying every chance he got about supposed Democratic election fraud, while conspiring to commit every kind of fraud known to man himself.  Then we had perhaps the strangest spectacle in the history of our country- a President who is so infantile that he has thrown a tantrum now stretching for two weeks rather than admit that he couldn't cheat his way into a second term.  And then came the bogus lawsuits, in which he is now 1 and 25, with the one victory being a very minor one.  His attorneys have stated that they had no expectation of winning those lawsuits, counting on appealing the cases to the Supreme Court where they openly admitted their assumption was that corrupt Republican Justices would give the Presidency to the loser.  Having seemed to come to the end of a lot of this nonsense, Trump is now trying to force election canvassers and Republican State legislators in swing States to simply void their elections, without a shred of evidence that there was any meaningful fraud, and place him back in the White House against the will of the American people.  

And let us be clear, with the spectacle of four years of every Republican politician cravenly capitulating to Trump and his vicious base, can you really tell yourself that those minor State officials will withstand his pressure?

Now we are treated to the spectacle of his attorneys- The attorneys of the President of the United States! claiming in a public press conference that George Soros, Hugo Chavez (who has been dead for seven years) and Antifa are engaged in a massive conspiracy in which votes cast in the United States were sent to Germany for tabulation, where every Biden vote was counted three times.  This is as insane as anything that QAnon has ever claimed, but that is what they are basing their claims of corruption on.

Meanwhile, this same malignant jackass is seemingly refusing to do his job, spending his days in a time of national crisis tweeting hateful statements and playing golf; what is more serious is that he seems to be leading a deliberate attempt to sabotage the incoming legally elected administration by leaving as many massive problems for them, and even attempting to create international incidents to leave them struggling just to salvage our government.  This action is clearly subversion and sedition, and simply cannot be tolerated.

It is time for House Democrats (I mean you, Nancy, and you, Adam) to immediately institute a second impeachment proceeding against this treasonous criminal.  So what that the Republicans in the Senate will pay no more attention to this impeachment than they did to the last?  It is the right thing to do, and is a thousand times more preferable to watching from the sidelines and doing nothing.

Sunday, November 15, 2020

I Guess This Isn't an Important Story

 I want to discuss a story which I first read about a week before the election.  I was curious to see if our mainstream press, which has given such immense coverage to Donald Trump's phony lawsuits and ludicrous claims of Democratic corruption in the counting of votes, thought this story important enough to cover for more than a second, but I guess not.  Here are the bones of the story:

"An energy company tied to a hedge fund that loaned millions to the Trump Organization and the Kushner Companies will benefit after Team Trump approved railroads running “bomb trains” through our nation.

They are loaded with liquefied natural gas with more explosive power than the atom bomb that destroyed Hiroshima...

Trump in April 2019 had called for federal rules to be rewritten so trains could carry liquefied natural gas.

The regulation financially benefits New Fortress Energy, a publicly-traded company founded by billionaire Wes Edens. Fortress Investment Group, a New York City hedge fund co-founded by Edens, was part of a deal to loan the Trump Organization $130 million to help build the Trump International Hotel and Tower Chicago in 2005...(New York Attorney General Letitia) James said that Fortress forgave more than $100 million of the loan, money that may have been taxable."

Just so you understand the risk that this executive action on the part of Trump imposes on people who live along these rail lines, here is a picture of a liquefied natural gas explosion that took place in Cleveland, in the 1930's, which devastated nearly a square mile of the city, leaving the area looking like Hiroshima:

Now, let me state clearly what happened here.  This "forgiving" of Trump's loan was a $100 million dollar bribe.  Let me state this again, in big red letters in case anyone did not get it:

Donald Trump, as President, accepted a $100 million dollar bribe to do away with a regulation preventing almost unimaginable damage to American citizens.

And nobody seems to care.  I remember a couple of decades ago a Democratic Speaker of the House being thrown out of Congress for improprieties in a book deal.  I remember Republican screams of outrage over totally made up supposed acts of corruption by every Democrat they could think of.  I remember a month ago, when Joe Biden was accused of taking millions of dollars of bribes, without a shred of evidence.

But here we have a real, massive act of open corruption and criminality, and because Trump is a Republican, it is okay.  A hundred million dollar bribe, taken right out in public, with no concern that he would ever face any consequences for his behavior.

And he won't either.  The whole issue has been abandoned by the press, which is far more interested in lending credibility to the latest self-humiliation of Rudy Giuliani, or finding new ways to play up the eternal "Democrats in disarray" narrative.  And I have, of course, not heard a single Democratic leader mention this crime either. It's okay for a Republican to take a hundred million dollar bribe.

And that is why our country is not emerging from its Republican reign of terror any time soon.


A little more:  I did a little looking around the internet today.  Not too systematic, but I wondered how this $100 million + bribe stood in the history of bribery.  As far as I can tell, there have actually been two or three known cases of companies spending more than $100 million in bribes, but never to a single person.  This may indeed be the largest known bribe to an individual in the history of the world.  Well, he did tell us that he is the greatest.

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Wingnut Wrapup- Schadenfreude part II

 So Trump is going out on the same note of delusion and lying that has marked the whole of his Presidency, and in fact his life.  Inconvenient and infuriating, I guess, but in a way it is a fitting end to the worst Presidency in history.  Here's some more of the almost universal support he is receiving in this tantrum from the wingnuts:

Rick Moran, PJ Media:  "Biden Wins—For Now"

For now.  For the next four years, sucker.  Deal with it.

"For now, the Biden camp is celebrating. But the word out of the White House is that Trump is not conceding and the legal effort to deny Biden the presidency will continue."

Well, isn't that nice.  How's that going?

Andrew Pollack, Town Hall:  "A Dark Moment for Democracy Affirms the Need for the Second Amendment"

If you can't win at the ballot box, just kill your opponents.  That sure sounds like democracy to me.  Republican style, anyway.

"Our founding fathers placed the right to keep and bear arms second, just after the right to freedom of speech and peaceful assembly, in the Bill of Rights because they studied enough history to know what tyrannical governments can and will do to an unarmed populace."

That is completely false, of course.  Right wingers are always claiming that the second amendment exists so "patriots" can protect themselves against the government, simply ignoring the fact that the authors of the Constitution categorically denied that this is true.

Katie Pavlich, Town Hall:  "Trump: Biden Is Rushing to 'Falsely Pose' as the Winner...The simple fact is this election is far from over. Joe Biden has not been certified as the winner of any states, let alone any of the highly contested states headed for mandatory recounts, or states where our campaign has valid and legitimate legal challenges that could determine the ultimate victor."

"Valid and legitimate legal challenges."   Too bad they can't find a judge to agree with you, Katie.  Despite four decades of packing the courts with corrupt right wingers.

Cortney O'Brien, Town Hall:  "Utah Attorney General Taking a Personal Leave to Help the Trump Campaign"

Trump campaign?  Didn't that end on November 3rd?  Well, Cortney, knock yourselves out, and when you are done, maybe you could spend some time helping the Millard Fillmore campaign.

" He's confident that if they succeed, Trump will be re-elected."

I'm confident that if I succeed I will finally be recognized as the King of France.  On the other hand, nobody has spent the last four years pretending that I am sane.

Guy Benson, Town Hall:  "Analysis: If Biden Wins, He'll Have No Policy Mandate"

Not if Republicans have their way; no Democrat ever has a policy mandate.

Bonchie, Red State:  "New Trump Statement on the Election Hits All the Right Notes"

Ha.  As if any Trump statement ever hit "all the right notes," unless what you want is fascism.

"It is absolutely idiotic to ever have a situation where ballots are allowed to arrive after Election Day and be counted."

It is apparently not idiotic to allow the President to destroy the post office to insure that those ballots arrived after election day.

Bonchie, Red State:  "Yes, Trump's Presidency Was Worth It"

For Vladimir Putin, anyway.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "More Democrat Corruption – Swing States Show Biden Votes Suspiciously Far Exceeding Democrat Down-Ticket Votes — Statistically Improbable"

Jim can't wrap his head around the idea that people hated Trump more than they hated down-ballot Republicans, who generally aren't so blatant about their piggishness.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "Trump Heads Out to Golf as Biden’s Hopes to Become President Fade"

Well, hope Trump enjoyed himself.  I wonder how much he cheated.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  “Why Don’t They Want the Truth Exposed? ” Trump Campaign Releases Statement After Fake News Declares Senile Joe the Winner — THE FIGHT GOES ON"

They have had so many opportunities to see Biden by now, and they are still calling him senile.  Oh well.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "Hah! Faux FOX, AP, CNN, Alphabet Media Call Race for Biden after President Trump Goes Golfing in Coordinated Propaganda Assault"

Biden is at work, the President who would never play golf is...playing golf.  Go figure.

Joe Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "EXCLUSIVE: The Democrats’ Efforts to Hide Their Actions in Pennsylvania Will Likely Lead to President Trump Winning Pennsylvania"

Fat chance.  Well, Joe, there goes one more chance to be right about something for the first time in your life.

Sons of Liberty:  "If Trump Would Have Prosecuted Biden For His Treason He Would Not Become Your President"

Maybe.  Of course, if Trump had just had Biden shot, we could have skipped the whole election.  I bet Trump is musing these days about that lost opportunity.

And now a Conservative humor break:

Republicans do not seem to grasp the concept of uniting behind an honest man and resisting a criminal.

And finally a totally believable explanation of the Giuliani press conference in the landscape company parking lot:

Before it's News:  "Giuliani’s speech was held in front of Total Landscaping, which had security cameras that nailed the DNC dragging Trump ballots into a nearby crematorium and burning them there"

Burning ballots in a crematorium. Can't wait to see those tapes.

Joe Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "Believe your eyes – not the liars – the truth cannot be broken.  Big Media and the Democrats want you to believe that corrupt and senile and old Joe Biden beat President Trump in the 2020 election.  This is a lie.  President Trump entertained 1.1 Million since Labor Day to Joe Biden’s less than 2,000 supporters at events"

The Rolling Stones could "entertain" 1.1 million people without even trying,at one free concert.  I guess that makes Keith Richards the President.

President Keith.  Green Eagle never passes up a chance to post a picture of Keith.

And now, a few remarks from the comment sections of some of these posts.  I generally do not stoop to the cheap thrill of this sort of thing, but this time, I think it is instructive to look in on rank and file Republicans:

"let it start day 1 with impeachment. then harass and refuse to compromise on ANYTHING the entire 4 years! i'm praying the republican's will bring out their nasty side and stop being so nice."

The Republicans will bring out their nasty side?  What have they been doing the last forty years?



"If Bill Barr doesn't drop a tun of incitements before President Trump is proven to have won reelection, than President Trump's first order of business should be to replace him with someone who will go after corruption."

Go after corruption?  What, turn their guns on Trump himself?

"This is an act of war by China, organized by Soros, Jarret, and Xi. Biden is too stupid to do any of this. Amazing FOX is part of this fools' parade. This is the end of the MSM. Last days as they burn themselves down."

China, black people and the Jews.  Well, what could you expect?

"When the President wins the Democrat Party needs to be outlawed. All party members lose their seats both nationally and locally and are barred from public office for life. Biden and Harris are executed for attempting a coupe."

Coupe?  They should have stuck with a sedan.

"The dems are so predictable. Trump wins by a landslide...most votes in presidential history. So what do the dems do? They say Biden won by a landslide with the most votes in presidential history."

It would never happen that the Dems would win and Trump would claim he won by a landslide, no.  And no Conservatives would fall for it, would they?

"Everyone and their brother knows the Dem's cheated but knowing it is not good enough. If there isn't any solid, touchable, feelable, palpable evidence presented come Monday, something you can file charges on and prosecute or take to the courts then the window will start to close and America as we know it is finished."

Everyone knows Biden cheated, even there is no evidence.  Yup, a pretty good summation of the Trump case.

"They are Bolsheviks, not Fascists. Fascists, throughout history, supported traditional values and nationalism.  You must understand, the leading Bolsheviks who took over Russia were not Russians. They hated Russians. They hated Christians."

Who knew the Bolsheviks were not Russians?  Maybe they were from Skyrim.  Well, enough of that.  And now this striking expose:

Before it's News:  "Did Anyone Notice Anything Weird About the Biden/Harris Victory Party? Fraud Exposed!"

What fraud?  Well, this, for example:

"Suddenly there were American flags. All identical."

Yeah, there were none of those American flags that they flew over the South in the 1860's, like you see at patriotic Trump rallies.

"And then things got even weirder. A normal acceptance speech would include a gracious paragraph, “It was a hard-fought race. I want to commend my opponent, President Trump, on an excellent campaign and…Not. One. Word.  Sour grapes? Meh, maybe.” 

Of course, Trump ran an awful campaign, which centered around calling Biden a corrupt criminal and sexual deviant, and attacking his family, based on no evidence at all, so I am not quite sure what Trump should be commended for, other than acting like a Republican.

Before it's News:  "Biden is NOT the president elect and will never be!! We have evidence you haven’t seen yet right here!!! We Will Not Concede!!! You want The New World Order ruling over all?? They cut off their nose in spite of their face!! They Want to come after Trump Supporters!!! These people will not have any type of power!! We The People Will Decide!!!"

Sorry to break it to you buddy, but "We The People" did decide.  It's called an election.

"Game Changer! What You're Seeing Is a Fabricated Media Illusion! There Is No President Elect!...Actual vote totals (approximate to within 2 percent on Biden:)  Trump: 73.5 million. Biden: 25.9 million.

Those are the real numbers, MINUS Trump votes that were tossed and never accounted for, Trump might have over 100 million but Biden definitely got 25.9 million. Now there are (according to my estimates,) 48.1 million false votes for Biden.  We’ll never know the actual number of Trump votes because so many were thrown away.  Biden is hopelessly, irrevocably busted. That’s why no winner has been announced."

Trump won by 100 million to 25.9 million. Biden busted by no evidence and made up numbers.  


It wasn't censored, it was too boring and stupid to cover.

"You know what I’d like to see? An ocean of guns, with everyone screaming: “This protest is peaceful, for now!”. THAT would send a message!"

It sure would.  A message about what Republicans really think about democracy.  Of course, it's a message we all got a long time ago.

Before it's News:  "Look At The Tubes Where President-Elect Joe Biden Clones Are Grown In Dulce New Mexico!!  Spiritual channeler Ivan Teller channels men in black who confirm that somewhere in dulce new mexico underground base, there is an extensive cloning facility, including a room full of joe biden clones, with fresh baby skin, ready to be rolled out into the public"

Spiritual channeler!  Men in black! And here is a helpful diagram of the underground base, proving that it exists: 

Joe Biden clones.  Lots of them.  I wonder what they are going to do with the extras.  At least if they were Trump clones, they could be used to make pancetta.

Cristina Laila, Gateway Pundit:  "Ohio Attorney General Asks US Supreme Court to Overturn Ruling that Extended Deadline For Mail-in Ballots in Pennsylvania"

Talk about no standing to bring a lawsuit.  By the way, you can't "ask the Supreme Court" to rule on something; it's got to be heard on appeal from one of the parties to the case.  Just an irrelevant technicality, I guess.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "Catholic Exorcist Fr. Chad Ripperger Calls on Faithful to Recite Prayer to Bind the Evil Spirits and Satanic Forces Until Election Oddities are Resolved"

That will help.  An exorcist, i.e. a man who has devoted his entire life to a stupid fantasy, is on Donald Trump's side.  What a surprise.

Timothy Buchanan, Renew America:  "President Trump is the rightful winner of last Tuesday’s election. Everyone knows that. He won the election for three important reasons: the President is eligible to hold the office, he campaigned tirelessly for the office, and he got the most valid legal votes.

No one—not even the most ardent Democrat supporter, believes the media claim that Joe Biden received the most votes in any presidential election in U.S. history."

No one believes it.  No one believes Biden won.  No one Timothy knows anyway.  And they never will believe it.  Because they are willing to tell themselves any kind of lie in order to keep up their degradation of themselves and this country.  By the way, I never knew that campaigning tirelessly made you the winner.

Beth Baumann, Town Hall:  "LISTEN: USPS IG Agent Attempting to Coerce a Whistleblower to Recant Allegations of Voter Fraud"

Well, we now know that he has "recanted," i.e. admitted that the Republicans paid him $130,000 to tell that story.  Not that Beth cares.  Note that this is the same amount Trump paid Stormy Daniels.  I guess it's the standard Trump offer.

Before it's News:  "Trump had access to a PILE of classified systems that watched the election fraud in real time. He cannot mention that because those systems are classified, which means they’ll never be spoken of EVER. they will always be kept gray. But the way the left is now scrambling in panic over fear of being busted is quite telling."

We have the evidence, but it is SECRET so we can't show it to you!  And the Democrats are panicking!  Yes they are!  In private, I guess.

Before it's News:  "Satanists Are Going To Strike In Days!!! Don't Forget Who We're Dealing With!!! Trump Just Won Now!!  We are dealing with people who worship lucifer!! They are doing the enemy’s bidding!! Destruction of the United States is their objective and they will do all they can to achieve their goal!! President Trump won the election by a longshot, but the MSM and others will not let people know this!! They are going to start a civil war here on US soil and in doing so will start a chain reaction around the world!!"

Satanists.  You knew it would get down to that eventually.

And it just goes on forever.  Here are a few more articles out of the hundreds or thousands that are out there already:

"Trump Campaign Lawsuit in MI Asks to Postpone Certification Until Dominion Software Is Validated"

"Dead Person Voting in Nevada May Be Evidence of a More Systemic Issue"

"Lindsey Graham Drops Information About More Ballot Questions In Pennsylvania"

"Members Of Corporate Press Play Dumb And Demand ‘Evidence’ After Being Told Of Affidavits And Incident Reports Alleging Voter Fraud"

"Our Election Process Looks at Least as Fraudulent as That of Gabon and Ukraine and There Is No Reason to Trust the Results"

"Detroit Elections Official Claims Workers Coached Voters To Support Biden And Change Dates On Ballots"

"Trump Campaign Pursues New Legal Action In Pennsylvania"

"It's On: Bill Barr Breaks His Silence, Sets Wheels in Motion to Pursue 'Substantial Allegations of Voter Fraud,' Irregularities"

"Lawsuit: Poll Workers Allege Voter-Coaching, Back-Dating, Cheating Occurred in Detroit Election Centers"

"America's Venezuela-style election farce"

"Regressives are pretending Biden won"

"Shame on all those who run from Trump now as he is preparing to fight election corruption"

Well, enough.  I think that will be the last I have to say about this subject.  At least I'm ending on good news.

Monday, November 9, 2020

The Tantrum Continues

 As we are subjected to the ludicrous but yet disgusting spectacle of President Trump refusing to admit that he lost the election last week, it is important to remember that Trump is not lying to us; he is lying to himself.  He has lived most of his life in a world of delusion, and he refused to give this up when he became President. This latest wolrd wide humiliation of our country at his hands is totally the result of the refusal of our leaders and the press for four years, to face Trump's manifest mental instability and clear unsuitability to be President.  It is a reminder of our failure as a country to deal with the reality of a mentally ill person who managed to seize control of our government.

Thank heaven that the United States in 2020 is not the Weimar Republic in 1933.  We are going to survive this plunge into fascism.  But this time around, we had better learn our lesson about averting our eyes from madness in our leaders, or it will surely happen again.

Saturday, November 7, 2020

History In The Making


In 2018 we took back the House.

In 2020 we took back the White House.

In 2022, we will take back the Senate.

Step by step, we are ending the nightmare.

Friday, November 6, 2020

Wingnut Wrapup- Schadenfreude Edition

 I've been pretty silent during the last couple of weeks, because a million people are now saying what I have always said, but I guess it's time to get to work again.  Here is a sample of the early responses of the people who are mortally shocked to discover that Jesus did not make sure that Donald Trump won.

Cliff Kincaid, Renew America:  "Trump wins re-election"

That will come as a surprise to many people.  Cliff explains:

"Transcripts or stories about the president’s remarks tried to put a spin on them, saying his statement of victory was “premature” or even “false.” That’s their opinion. What matters is what the legitimate president of the United State says.   Trump has already declared victory and has recognized mysterious ballot dumps and irregularities giving certain states to Biden as illegitimate.  At the current time, this is really all that we need to know.  When push comes to shove, Trump can tell those who want him out of office to shove it."

So that's it.  Trump says he won, so he did.  There's a kind of country where that is how it works, but until recently, we didn't think we lived in one. 

"It’s time to win this one for the Founders."

Because, according to Cliff, the President staying in office because he wants to is exactly what the founding fathers had in mind.  Who knew?

Leah Barkoukis, Town Hall:  "Lindsey Graham Announces Huge Donation to Trump's Legal Defense Fund"

Well, good for you, Lindsey.  What a worthwhile use of your money.  Maybe you would like to sacrifice your first born child to Trump too.  Oh wait, Lindsey has never been married and has no children.  I wonder why that is.

**Note**  My wife was afraid that the above remark might be interpreted as an attack on gay people.  Let me say that I could not care less that Lindsey Graham is gay.  What does drive me crazy is that Graham, probably the most powerful gay man in America, is so dishonest that he has given his unshakeable support to a party and a President that have devoted themselves for years to savaging gay people, in order to advance his own interests, and that tens of millions of Republican voters are willing to ignore their own supposed hatred of gays, in order to vote for the party that enables their hatred of people who are not white.

Erin Coates, Western Journal:  "Rudy Giuliani 'en route' to Philadelphia with legal team, alleges 'massive cheating'

Rudy.  Isn't he still checking out the pictures of child rape on Hunter Biden's laptop?

Beth Baumann, Town Hall:  " Nevada USPS Worker Allegedly Offers Stacks of Ballots to Undercover Reporter"

Allegedly.  Alleged by who?  An "undercover reporter?"  Oh, that's believable.

Beth Baumann, Town Hall:  "USPS Carrier in PA Claims Higher-Ups Instructed Workers to Backdate Ballots"

Boy, Beth has a lot of crooked postal workers as friends.  She appparently never considered the fact that postal "higher-ups" are all Trump appointees at this point.

Larry O'Connor, Town Hall:  "We Don't Believe Them"


"Them" being not the giant ants in the fifties movie, but Democrats and the people who count the votes.  "I don't believe it so you didn't win."  That'll work.

Josh Hammer, Town Hall:  "The Election Battle Is Just Beginning"

Maybe you are right.  You will be screaming about this for the rest of your life, like every other Republican-invented scandal.

Harmeet Dhillon, Town Hall:  "Republican Lawyers Are Fighting to Stop The Steal"

Sure they are, Harmeet.

Beth Baumann, Town Hall:  "Battleground State GOP Sends Thousands of Voter Fraud Cases to the Department of Justice"

All phony, but whatever.

Leah Barkoukis, Town Hall:  "Having Experienced the 2000 Election Controversy, Joe Lieberman Offers His Advice to the Candidates"

Joe Lieberman.  Really, Biden should listen to Joe Lieberman.  That may be the most stupid remark of the entire 2020 campaign. 

Bonchie, Red State:  "The Party of Russia Hysteria Can Shut Up About 'Delegitimizing' Elections"

What about the party of Russian treason?  How do they feel about it?

Brandon Morse, Red State:  "Win Or Lose, Democrats Will Never Be Able to Wash Trump Off of America"

Probably true, but it's hard to understand how anyone would be happy about it.  Any halfway decent human being, anyway.

Alex Parker, Red State:  "Justice Department: Armed Federal Agents Can Be Sent to Investigate Ballot Counting Centers"

To "investigate" ballot centers.  Yeah, that has worked in the past.  I don't have to tell you where.

Jennifer Oliver O'Connell, Red State:  "California's Vote Fraud Tactics Have Gone National and We're Seeing it in This Presidential Election"

It's all California's fault.  Of course, there is absolutely no evidence of any organized voter fraud in California, but so what?

Sarah Lee, Red State:  "Trump Tweet Should Clear Up Any Confusion About Whether Or Not He Means To Fight"

Don't worry, Sarah, we already knew he intended to fight.  The only question is whether he will knock himself out with his first punch.

Victoria Taft, PJ Media:  "Trump Lawyer: Nevada Allowed Thousands of People Who Didn't Live There to Vote"

Trump lawyer.  A totally trustworthy source.

Tyler O'Neil, PJ Media:  "Exclusive: AZ Poll Workers Gave Voters a Sharpie to Vote and Then Threw Out Their Ballots, Lawsuit Claims"

Falsely, as it turns out, but to paraphrase Albert King, if it weren't for false lawsuits, they wouldn't have any lawsuits at all.

Joe Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "GREATEST PRESIDENT EVER! President Trump JUST SMASHED Barack Obama’s All-Time Record for Most Votes in a Presidential Election!"

That's pretty funny, considering that Joe Biden got four million more votes than Trump did.  But Joe has a totally viable explanation for that:

"Joe Biden’s votes are in dispute so we are unable to determine how many legitimate votes Biden obtained in this years election."

Votes for Democrats don't count.

Jack Cashill, American Thinker:  "Milwaukee Officials Have Some Explaining to Do...The voting data coming out of Wisconsin are too weird to leave undisturbed."

"Weird" meaning Democrats won.

William Sullivan, American Thinker:  "Is Ballotgate the Single Greatest Crime in Modern American History?  If it is proven that Democratic Party operatives illegally introduced hundreds of thousands of illegitimate ballots in order to swing an election in their Party’s favor, it will have been the single most dangerous crime in modern American history."

Well, of course it will not be more dangerous than dozens of incidents of Donald Trump's treasonous collaboration with Vladimir Putin, but note the "if it's proven," which it has not been and never will be because it is just one more Republican lie.

C. Edmund Wright, American Thinker:  "Ironic, isn’t it? This could be Trump’s finest hour."

About time. He has had another worst hour every couple of days for the last four years.

"As befits the already awful year of Our Lord, 2020, the presidential election is going to come down to a nasty street fight of lawyers, public relations spin, and positioning involving four states... Donald Trump has won all four, and now he must successfully defend all four wins..."

He won all four.  He told us so.  End of story.

"Yet somehow, even with the Fauci mistake, you charged into yesterday with the incredible momentum of a winner. And you won, legitimately. Taking out the Marxist strongholds of California and New York, you won the popular vote in the other 48 state by millions."

Trump won in a unanimous vote, once all votes cast for Democrats are cancelled because they are Communist aggressions against the American people.

Norman Rogers, American Thinker:  "Time for do-over elections?"

As has so often happened in Presidential elections in this country.  How about if we have a do-over for the 2016 election?  Oh wait, we just did, and Trump lost.  Tough luck, loser.

"If the voters are systematically fed biased information, they cannot be expected to vote in their self-interest or the interest of the country.  The remedy that I propose is that the Supreme Court order do-over elections in jurisdictions where the Information Monopoly’s information suppression carried the day.  I think Biden will be massively defeated in such elections when there is time for the voters to be exposed to the blacked out information."

The Supreme Court should "order" a new Presidential election, preferably one in which no Democrats are allowed to run.  That would be totally legal.

John Binder, Breitbart:  "Lawsuit: At Least 21K Dead People on Pennsylvania Voter Rolls"

Republicans love bringing up this argument.  In many States, there is no systematic way to remove someone from the electoral rolls when they die.  The real question is whether any of them have clawed their way out of their graves in order to vote for Joe Biden.

Andrew Anglin, Daily Stormer:  "Trump Gives Speech, Declares Ultimate Victory Over the Forces of Darkness"

He lost, buddy.  Deal with it.

Socrates, Vanguard News Network:  "Thousands of negroes named ShaWanda, KeeSheena and LaDerrick, having been told for the past 4 years that Donald Trump is a racist who will make their lives worse, are handling or counting ballots in Black/liberal cities all across America (they are postal or poll workers).  What could possibly go wrong with that scenario?"

What could possibly have gone wrong with this guy's brain?

Infowars:  "Chicoms On Verge Of Stealing US Election...The Overthrow Of The United States Is Officially Here"

Chicoms.  Right.

Infowars:  "BREAKING! Roger Stone: Trump Is Going To Win 270"

Roger Stone.  Talk about a trustworthy commentator.

And let's just go out with a little of the response to Trump's glorious victory from the QAnon world:

Before it's News:  "BREAKING: Intelligence expert Steve Pieczenik claims 2020 election was a “sophisticated sting operation” that has trapped the Democrats in the most massive criminal election fraud in history...intelligence expert Steve Pieczenik declared that the 2020 election was set up by Trump’s people as a “sophisticated sting operation” to trap the Democrats and the Biden crime family in irrefutable criminal fraud."

Ha ha, they have already adopted their QAnon claim to the election.  It was all planned that Trump would lose- it is just what he wanted.  Now comes the storm!  Remember when the whole Mueller investigation was a plan by Trump to bring the Democrats down?

"Disclaimer: We have not yet been able to independent verify the claims you see below. We are merely reporting on what Dr. Pieczenik is saying, as these claims are newsworthy and incredibly important. We are in the process of investigating further."

"We have not yet been able to independent verify"  i.e. even they can't say it with a straight face.

"Everything you’re seeing right now with the ballot fraud was completely expected by Trump’s people.  “Thousands and thousands of National Guard [troops]” have been sent to 12 states right now, to assist in securing the legitimate ballots and throwing out the fake ballots printed up by Democrats as part of their fraud operation.  This sting will expose the entire Biden family and get them all convicted and sent to prison."

Thousands and thousands of apparently invisible National Guard troops, apparently.

Before it's News:  "Trump Readies to Go Full Animal on the Democrats & Expose Their Corruption!"

Full animal would be a huge improvement for him.

Trump Update 11/04/2020... Rigged 2020 Election: Millions of Mail-in Ballots Will Be Printed by Foreign Countries and Others - It Will Be the Scandal of Our Times!"

What, bigger than Hunter Biden's laptop?

Before it's News:  "federal sting operation created all 2020 ballots with DHS watermarks to catch + prove election fraud to reveal and end DNC treason...If true, the next days will reveal the DNC inserted fake ballots all for Biden, with the source of these ballots is likely China, and with connections to DNC “leadership.” Of course, this is treason to illegally overthrow the US government."

Ballots are produced by the States, not a "federal sting operation."  But keep hallucinating, guys.

Before it's News:  "Red Alert: Dems Collude with CIA to Launch Intelligence Operation That Alters Voting Machine Results in Pennsylvania & Other Swing States!  ...after the closing of polls in Pennsylvania and other swing states, the voting machines will be intercepted and then altered using complex algorithms to alter the votes in a way that evades detection, handing a victory to the pre-designated “winner” (Joe Biden)."

They will be?  Any sign that that happened?  No?  But you still believe it, huh?

"Every Single Vote MUST BE AUDITED In Rust Belt!"

Every single vote...that would sure stop the counting until Republican legislatures can put Trump back in the White House.

Before it's News:  "Trump’s Loss Was Planned For: This Is Just The Opening Act"

This is about the thousand and tenth "opening act" of Trump's bringing down the deep state that we have seen.  But this time it's the real one, yeah!  Glad to see that all those idiotic discarded QAnon conspiracy theories are so adaptable to new circumstances.

Well, see you soon.  I hear that they were going to tell Trump today that he might lose the election.  That will be a fun event.  I hope they record it.

Stealing Votes

 At this point, he is pretty much reduced to stealing the silverware.  Which I wouldn't put past him.  Keep that in mind when he packs to go, Secret Service guys.