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 Yeah, it's time for another dip in the right wing sewer.  I want to start by mentioning a view I heard in a right wing video today which I have never heard before, but I believe should receive every bit as much consideration as it deserves.  The person in this video states that Biden has not been confirmed as the President elect, and so in announcing some of his cabinet picks, he is attempting to usurp the power of the existing President, which is an act of treason, for which Biden should be executed.  Even Sidney Powell didn't think of that argument.  Anyway, on with the rest of the garbage, or at least the small fraction of it I could take.  However, first, this:

Nothing I could ever say could be as funny as this photo.  How did they get this idiot to sit for this "press conference?"  My guess is that they told him that the small desk would make him look bigger, and he fell for it.

And on we go:

Cortney O'Brien, Town Hall:  "Sidney Powell Claims That Dominion Is 'Shredding Documents'

"It is terrifying, and it is a huge national security issue," Powell said. "Why the Department of Justice and FBI have not done something, Dominion is closing its offices and moving. No doubt they're shredding documents. God only knows what else."

I see.  "No doubt" they are shredding documents.  "No doubt."  i.e. no evidence.  Of course, making accusations of crimes without evidence seems to be a Republican specialty these days.

"She also claims that they have testimony from witnesses opening military ballots and trashing them if they were for Trump, and substitute ballots were put in for Biden."

Testimony she won't include in any court filing, curiously enough.

"I'm essentially staking my personal and professional reputation on these allegations..."

What personal reputation?  You work for Trump.  

Julio Rosas, Town Hall:  "Pete Hegseth: At a Time Like This, the Patriot Awards Reminds People What Makes America Great"

At this point, not much.

"Categories for the awards include The Everyday Patriot, Most Valuable Patriot (MVP), Patriot Award for Service to Veterans, Patriot Award for the Unsung Hero, Patriot Award for Courage, The Young Patriot, Patriot Award for Heroism, and The Patriot Award for the Modern Warrior."

Can't wait to see which one they give to that gun toting couple in Saint Louis.

"While Hegseth will be hosting the show, many of Fox News' top talent will be virtually participating in the event, including Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Ainsley Earhardt, Brian Kilmeade, Steve Doocy, Dana Perino, Rachel Campos-Duffy, Johnny Joey Jones, Dan Bongino, and Tammy Bruce."

Well, a lineup like that sure gives me confidence that the winners will be truly sterling Americans.

Josh Hammer, Town Hall:  "Biden's Student Loan Forgiveness Plan Is Idiotic and Immoral"

It is not immoral, however, to allow predatory corporate vultures to destroy the lives of young Americans in order to make a profit.

Matt Vespa, Town Hall:  "Hispanic Voters in Florida Feel Election Was Stolen from Trump"

Well, three Hispanic voters in Florida anyway, all long time Republicans.  That's all the evidence Matt has.

"(One of them) said her big fear is Vice President-elect Kamala Harris. "She's another AOC"

Ooh, scary.  Well, sorry, Matt.  I have it on the best authority that Kamala does not have a clue how to make a good mojito.

Leah Barkoukis, Town Hall:  "Gregg Jarrett Has an Important Reminder for the Media About the Trump Campaign's Evidence of Voter Fraud"

What, "We know where your daughter goes to elementary school?"  You mean that kind of reminder?

"Well, the unabashed arrogance of the media was on full display today, as they were demanding to see the evidence. They are not entitled to see the evidence."

No, they are required to just report whatever Donald Trump, the biggest liar the world has ever seen, says.  "Evidence" is for cucks.

"Jarrett said the media can and should be working to ascertain whether there was widespread fraud in the election"

Which apparently does not include asking Trump spokesmen to provide any evidence to back up their claims.  That would be way out of bounds.

Cortney O'Brien, Town Hall:  "Michigan GOP: We Are Putting the Secretary of State on Notice"

A reference, I suppose, to the death threats she and her family have received.

Matt Vespa, Town Hall:  "The Hand Recount in Georgia Has Concluded. Where Does the Trump Campaign Go from Here?"

Hopefully, to hell in a handbasket.

Streiff, Red State:  "Kyle Rittenhouse Released on Bail Thanks to Donations From Thousands of Real Americans"

There's nothing more real American than racist murder.  So, unfortunately, I have to sort of agree with that.

Jennifer Van Laar, Red State:  "Video Shows Extreme Manipulation Private School Headmaster Used to Convince Student to Remove MAGA Hat"

The next massive Democratic scandal?

Nick Arama, Red State:  "Here Are Some Major Reasons Why It's Hard to Believe the Biden Numbers"

Because Nick is a Republican.  It's hard for him to believe anything that is the truth.

Sarah Lee, Red State:  "Despite Reports, Trump Admin IS Sharing Info With Team Biden By Warning Him About China"

Ha ha.  Trump is "sharing information" with Biden when he attacks Biden in public with totally fabricated  claims about Biden's involvement with China.

Kari Lee Fournier, Renew America:  "Election faceoff: it’s almighty God versus Satan"

Satan, lounging by the pool on his off day

Which is which?  Can you guess?

"We know that God appoints the ‘kings’ of this world. That’s not to say, though, that He won’t give the people a corrupt king if they plead for one—if their wickedness has spiraled to great numbers. Nonetheless, many Believers prayed fervently for Donald Trump to be given this mantle, as he promised to clean up the corruption in the American federal government"

Yeah.  I buy that.  Really.  Trump promised to clean up government corruption.  Yeah, he did.  How did he do in keeping that promise?

Sally Zelikowski, American Thinker:  "The Trump Team's Real Strategy...Trump is known for his three-dimensional chess tactics.  This could be just that."

Nothing like starting your article off with a mountain of delusion.  Trump couldn't even win a game of one dimensional tic tac toe, if he went first.

"To endure the Democrat-Media Complex’s blackout of any discussion of credible allegations of voter fraud or election rigging is tough enough."

If there were any credible accusations, or even clearly non-credible ones that weren't batshit insane, the mainstream media would be all over them the way they were all over Benghazi or her e-mails.

"lawyers do not tip their hand to a preening press or public.  Revealing evidence prematurely gives the opposition opportunity to tamper with it and undermine the president’s case.  No one is owed that information just because they want it.  In due course, the evidence will be presented before a court so cool your jets, boys."

We've got the proof, but it's none of your business.  You just have to shut up and take Donald Trump's word for it.

"First, let me just dismiss outright any claims that Rudy is incompetent."

Ha ha.  Ha ha ha.  Well, I guess that's enough of Sally for today.

Ulysses S. Grant, American Thinker:  "Why President Trump Must Not Give Up"

Ulysses S. Grant.  Yes, Ulysses S. Grant, famous for presiding over one of the most corrupt administrations in American history.  He must be so proud of Trump.

"The real issue now is whether America will be a banana republic or not.  The integrity of the election will define the nation for years to come."

And that's why we should support Trump.  Right.

J. B. Shurk, American Thinker:  "Time for a New Declaration?  Perhaps it's time to follow in the footsteps of the wise generation of men and women who first fought for our freedoms by setting forth our grievances in the kind of formal writing that might make it clear to those who wish to rule over us that our patience has run its course — a declaration, if you will, that states plainly our belief that just power comes only from the consent of those governed."

Not all of those governed, of course, who consented through the election to being governed by Joe Biden.  No, only certain of those governed.  You know which people they mean.

Jeremy Egerer, American Thinker:  "Why Not Trust Rudy Giuliani?"

Well, that's enough of that one.  Well, okay, just a little more:

"Isn't it possible he knows somebody we don't know, who says things we don't hear?"

If so, it's not about how you put on hair dye.  By the way, when someone "hears" people that nobody else can hear, it usually does not come to a good end.

A photo that will never grow old

Andrea Widbeg, American Thinker:  "Biden again reminds the world what a nasty man he is...Trump, in his own way, is like a noble gentleman of old"

And they pay people to write things like that.

Breitbart:  "VIDEO: Man Saves Puppy from Alligator"

Well, they've got to write about something.

Dean Nelson, Town Hall:  "No, Joe Biden Doesn’t Want to Serve All Americans: His Politics Leave Out the Preborn"

Grow up, asshole.

Crew, Red State:  "Interesting New Lawsuit Filed In Pennsylvania State Court by Pennsylvania GOP Challenging Legality of Vote-By-Mail"

"Interesting" apparently being Republican language for "bat shit crazy."  Not that I intend to demean the reputation of bat shit by comparing it to Republican attorneys.

Mike Miller, Red State:  "Georgia's 3-Ring Circus Continues: State to Conduct Second Recount Following Request From Trump Campaign"

And exactly who is responsible for the 3-ring circus?  Who exactly is demanding these recounts that go nowhere because they are based on lies?  

And now, an item from a right wing website that is new to me.  I suspect we will be seeing more of them:

Tap News Wire:  "Why does  Youtube  keep removing the Zapruder film of JFK’s assassination?  Look at frame 320 onwards.  Watch Jackie Kennedy.  The bullet flies outwards not inwards.  She fired it."

It's so obvious when you think about it.  She wanted to go from the most admired woman in America to an irrelevant has-been.  Personally, of course, I think the bullet was fired by Melania from her home in Serbia, using a secret long range air rifle invented by the famous Professor Moriarity.  Oh, and one more item from them:

Tap News Wire:  “End of the COVID Pandemic Hoax” prompts timely nationwide cheer"


Really looks like it is over to me.  Over, in the dictionary definition of "higher than."

"As for the true motives for the hoax, investigations by concerned patriotic citizens’ organisations are ongoing to discover which enemy of the country they are taking their orders from."

The most likely "enemy of the country" being the treacherous cadre of public health experts and epidemiologists who have been carefully implanted as sleeper agents in medical institutions across the country.

Joe Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "President Trump’s Dream Team Is the Greatest Assembly of Attorneys in US History"

Really, they will say anything.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "It’s Happening: Pennsylvania State Legislature Files Resolution — DISPUTES STATEWIDE 2020 ELECTION RESULTS"

I love this one.  The Pennsylvania State legislature did nothing of the sort.  What actually happened is that a pack of Republican jackass legislators published a "resolution" which repeats many of the long-disproven Trump claims, and promised that they would "introduce" it "in the immediate future."  Still, close enough to the truth for Jim Hoft, which is to say about half the galaxy away from the facts.

Joe Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "Current Actual Election Result Update: President Trump Has 13 Paths to Win 2020 Election — Biden Has Only 10 Paths to Win...Based on actual results and accounting for states currently not called, still counting, recounting, under investigation or audit, or states with election issues now in the courts, President Trump is winning the 2020 Presidential Election."

Helpfully illustrated with the following very official looking map:

See, all you have to do is take six States away from Biden and give them to Trump, and Trump wins!

Joe has more to say, of course:

"Based on actual results and accounting for states currently not called, still counting, recounting, under investigation or audit, or states with election issues now in the courts, President Trump is winning the 2020 Presidential Election."

You go with that, Joe.  Sorry to tell you this, but Biden only needs one path to win the election- the one he took.

Before it's News:  "Five US Soldiers Killed in Raid on CIA Server Farm in Frankfurt...Right this very minute, a covert war between the DoD and the CIA is raging across the planet, and we now believe a firefight took place during the DoD raid on the CIA server farm in Frankfurt, resulting in the loss of five US Army soldiers as well as the death of one CIA commander. All those deaths have been reported in the mainstream media, by the way."

If they have, they have not made it into a Google search.  Just wondering, by the way. if four Americans killed by terrorists in Benghazi during the Obama administration constituted one of the worst Presidential crimes of all time, what does it say about Trump that five American soldiers were killed by our own agents?

By the way, need I inform you that this was the same raid that seized the servers used to rig the election for Biden?  Don't worry, those servers are in Trump's hands now, and their contents will be released any day now.  Probably right after Trump releases his magnificent replacement for Obamacare, which is coming within two weeks- no, really.

"Trump continues to position the U.S. military for the “national security” option, just in case the courts fail to uphold the rule of law."

Well, that is comforting.  He's preparing for a military coup. How very American.

"Yet the court cases are growing stronger by the day"

Well, the derision from judges directed at their filings is, anyway.  The battle story is being repeated at various wingnut sites across the internet, including this comment by Mike Adams:

"One CIA officer was killed during the firefight, and he is now being reported across the mainstream media as being “killed in Somalia.” Five US Army soldiers were also killed, and they are being explained away as dying in a “helicopter crash” in Egypt."

I have it on the best authority that another one was shot in the head while watching a theater performance at Ford's Theater in Washington. Prove that I'm wrong, libtard. 


Isaac said…
There is one distinction Trump can claim, in his constant need to boast about being the best in everything:

He's racked up a pretty impressive total of court cases being laughed out of court. I don't see any other presidents achieving on such a high level.

Eat your heart out, Obama!

(Also, Trump has repeatedly tested positive for rampant idiocy. And he's going to ride that pony for all it's worth)

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