Monday, December 30, 2013

Wingnut Wrapup

And let me just start out with this age-old question:
Susan D. Harris, American Thinker:  "How is it that leftist mockery of conservatives became a staple of popular culture?"
Well, Susan, as it just happens that Green Eagle is a world authority on that subject, let me explain it to you:  You just make it so easy for us.
John Ransom, Town Hall:  "Who Made Krugman the Expert? Cronies Did."
No, I think Princeton University and the Nobel Prize Committee made Krugman an expert- or at least they recognized that he is one.  This was a funny article- it's about a thousand words long, and doesn't even mention Krugman until six sentences from the end, and then to refer to him casually.  The rest is about some rich Russian guy.  Go figure- I guess meaningless attacks on Krugman get hits in the wingnut internet world.
Katie Kieffer, Town Hall:  "Capitalism glorifies God"
Yup, that's enough from this Town Hall resident numbskull.  Where do rich people find these assholes to write crap like this?
Heather Ginsburg, Town Hall:  "Doubling the Minimum Wage Actually Hurts Employees"
Sure it does.  No one wants a raise- it only damages us.  Well, Merry Christmas to you too, Heather.  Heather poses this question:
"...why on earth would a restaurant like McDonalds choose to double the wages of their employees? Have we never studied economics or the idea of supply and demand?"
Well, I've got news for you, Heather: if they had the choice, these places would pay their employees nothing.  That's why we have to force them to pay some sort of a decent wage, instead of working their employees to death like Nazi slave labor camp victims, keeping all the profit for themselves, and then just hiring new employees when the old ones die.  The minimum wage is not about what employers want, which is to be rich regardless of the cost to others.  It is about what allows the rest of us to live, and frankly, I for one don't give a damn what the employers think about it.  If you can't afford to pay your employees decently, you have no right to be in business.
Erick Erickson, Red State:  "Phil Robertson gave a pretty frank and candid explanation of what the Bible says about sin"
Well, if he did, all the more reason to toss the damned thing in the trash and get on without it.
Bridget Johnson, PJ Media:  "Rand Paul Airs His Grievances for Festivus"
Rand Paul airs his grievances.  Not while I'm listening he doesn't.
Breitbart:  "EXCLUSIVE--LIBERTY INSTITUTE: VETERANS AFFAIRS BANS CHRISTMAS CARDS TO TROOPS OVER RELIGIOUS CONTENT...According to the Liberty Institute, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is refusing to allow school children to give Christmas cards to veterans if those cards say “Merry Christmas” or “God bless you.” 
I'll tell you what- I know nothing about this story than what you see right here.  Oh, excuse me- I know that it is a lie, because right wing stories like this are always lies.  And I also know that when it is officially disproved, rather than apologize, wingnuts will just move on to the next lie.  That's just the way they are.

Update...Well, I checked a little further, including on the website of the so-called "Liberty Institute," which is apparently dedicated to the liberty to tell bald-faced lies without consequence.  Here is what they had to say:
"VA Admits Censorship of School Children's Christmas Cards and Confirms Nationwide Policy that Unlawfully Discriminates Against Religion"
Now, here is a quote from the actual letter the VA sent to the Liberty Institute:
"We regret that Ms. Chapman was incorrectly informed by a Department of Veterans' Affairs employee that the VA could not accept donations of holiday cards with a religious theme on behalf of veterans...VA Texas health care system accepts religious cards and distributes them to Veterans on a regular basis throughout the year."
Now, the only question left is whether the people at the "Liberty Institute" were really misinformed, or if this is just one more smear concocted by the right to feed the rage of their stupid, ignorant followers.  I know which one of those alternatives I believe to be the real one.  And I have never been wrong yet.

And boy, are the right wingers mad about that New York Times Benghazi report:
Guy Benson, Town Hall:  "NYT: No, Really, the Benghazi Attacks Were Fueled by That Obscure Video"
No, really, Guy- you fell for a total lie and pushed it for a year.  Aren't you proud of yourself?
Bridget Johnson, PJ Media:  "Issa: Evidence Still Proves Benghazi Was a ‘Planned Attack That Came Quickly’
He's been lying in your face, Bridget, for over a year now.  What makes you think he is ever going to stop?
Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "Sources on Ground in Benghazi Call NY Times Propaganda Piece ‘Completely False’
Of course, the Dumbest Man on the Internet had to weigh in on this one.  As you would expect, these are unnamed "sources on the ground" who have related the real truth to Jim and Fox news.
World Net Daily:  "News giant joins cover-up for Barack Obama"
A cover-up.  Carried out by telling the truth.  An interesting concept, you must admit.  As usual, this article is full of things that right wingers absolutely know about Benghazi, apparently by telepathy, because no credible named source for any of their assertions is ever mentioned.
"Witnesses to the attack anonymously told Fox News...An unnamed special operator added...As one source said... various reports show... sources say..."
And there you have it- a collection of unimpeachable testimony from highly reliable and confirmable sources.

Enough of that, already.  Let's move along:
Star Parker, Town Hall:  "Help Wanted: Principled, Conservative Leaders"
No such thing, baby.  And, by the way, what are "Principled, Conservative Leaders" in Star's opinion?  Why, ones that would slash Social Security and Medicare, of course.
Well, of course, no Obama did not.  And the speech which Hoft twists like a pretzel to pretend that Obama said that was from 2007.   Hardly an example of "Obama calls for...."
Lloyd Marcus, Renew America:  "Congrats to Phil and America!  Congratulations America, we did it! Thanks to your passionate push back, A&E networks rescinded its suspension of Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson."
Black man congratulates old white dude for getting away with claiming that black people were perfectly free and happy before the civil rights movement.  Renew America, how many pieces of silver did you have to pay for this betrayal?
Alan Caruba, Renew America:  "The nation has reached a point when the President must be told to resign."
Just because.  They couldn't vote him out of office, their mighty marches on Washington were ludicrous failures, their lies about Benghazi and the IRS and Obama's citizenship have long ago been revealed to be vicious garbage, so now, he must be "told to resign."  Go ahead, Alan, tell him already.  My prediction:  he won't agree.
Jonathan F. Keller, American Thinker:  "The Left and Holocaust Denial...The so-called anti-Zionist Left long ago descended into outright anti-Semitism. So it is only matter of time before that debasement becomes complete and Left goes all in on the most pernicious modern anti-Semitic trope of all -- Holocaust denial."
I bet you won't be one bit surprised that this disgusting subhuman does not cite one single example of left wing holocaust denial in his entire article.  Instead, it's about someone who wrote a piece for Haaretz, claiming that the Warsaw Ghetto uprising hastened the extermination of the 50,000 Jews in the Ghetto.  You may not agree with that, but it is sort of the opposite of holocaust denial, being as how it tells of Jews being taken to death camps.  Nevertheless, it was enough to induce this guy to claim that holocaust denial is a left wing phenomenon- just illustrating two characteristics that you need to be a right winger- no shame, and an inability to accept responsibility for anything your right wing buddies do.
David Lawrence, Daily Caller:  "'It should be a crime to speak up for Obama"
Well, lay it right out there, David.  If your buddies take control of the government again, I'm sure they will take care of abominations like this.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Conservative Master Class In How To Deliberately Not Get It

S. E. Cupp, on CNN today, speaking about the Pope:

"I know liberals are real excited about what they perceive as a progressive message coming from this pope. But his goal with the church in limiting his authority is actually considerably conservative. He wants to make a smaller church, a church with a small "c."

That's right, the Pope is trying to do to the Church what the Republicans are trying to do to the government- make it smaller!  That's the message you should take away from all he has had to say the last few months about the poor, etc.  I guess he wants to drown the Church in a bathtub, just like the Republicans are trying to do with the government.

How can these people be so malicious with the truth, and why on earth are they allowed a free forum to spread their crap around the country?  Doesn't anyone in charge see or care what they are doing to us?

These are the self-professed defenders of religion- only the "religion" they are defending is nothing but their same hundred year old Republican lie about how the world works better when we let rich people do whatever they want.  That, apparently, is what Conservatives mean when they talk about the smaller church- just keep it out of our way, Pope guy, and mind your own business.  Which has nothing to do with the poor or the sick or the strangers among us, so forget about them.

It never ends, and I guess it never will.

Here's more, if you can stomach it:

"it's his larger message of returning power to the people, decentralizing the church and limiting its authority that should please any good conservative...Conservative critics of burdensome regulation, heavy-handed legislature, and a fealty to laws both arcane and archaic will recognize the Pope's call for reform in the church as similar to conservative calls for limiting the size and scope of government. Just as Christ's precepts were few, so were the Founding Fathers'."

The Pope specifically attacked the notion of supply-side economics, the centerpiece of Conservative economic cant, but that's not what he meant.  He meant to speak out against "burdensome regulation, heavy-handed legislature, and a fealty to laws..."  And so he is just like the founding fathers, who, let me remind you, were also (according to them) right wingers who tolerated nothing that stood in the way of the rich.

You need evidence that God doesn't exist?  The fact that he didn't strike S. E. Cupp dead the minute that she wrote this is all the proof you need.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Well, Well, Isn't This a Surprise

From the New York Times, the following news:

"Months of investigation by The New York Times, centered on extensive interviews with Libyans in Benghazi who had direct knowledge of the attack there and its context, turned up no evidence that Al Qaeda or other international terrorist groups had any role in the assault. The attack was led, instead, by fighters who had benefited directly from NATO’s extensive air power and logistics support during the uprising against Colonel Qaddafi. And contrary to claims by some members of Congress, it was fueled in large part by anger at an American-made video denigrating Islam."

So, in keeping with right wing tradition, Republicans have battered the Obama Administration for over a year, based on complete falsehoods.  Their normal propensity for devastating the truth was not hampered in the least by the most vital issues of national security.

I wonder if anyone will have the decency to demand an account of how much Darryl Issa and his collaborators knew, as they tried to destroy the President of the United States and drive him from office, based on lies, distortions and smears.  But of course, the people who shouted down anyone who found objectionable the filthy racist and homophobic rants of one of their own, will not give a damn at this seditious undermining of our government, by elected representatives.

This is a country being eaten away from within, and no one seems to care.


Just a brief comment, but isn't it funny that the Pope is infallible until he says something that the Republicans don't agree with?

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Knockout Game- It's Real After All

Green Eagle has written a couple of times about the racist mirage that is the so-called "knock-out game," in which invariably gangs of minority males attack innocent whites.  Well, to Green Eagle's great surprise, there are apparently some legitimate examples of this phenomenon:

'Knockout game' attack leads to hate crime charge...HOUSTON (AP) — A white Houston-area man was arrested Thursday on federal hate crimes charges for allegedly shooting video of himself sucker-punching a 79-year-old black man in a "knockout game"-style attack."

And here he is:

Well, there you go- a knockout game attack by a white guy on a 79 year old black man.

Green Eagle is so sorry to have been wrong about this whole thing.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

For The Love Of Money

I saw an opinion piece in the New York Times today that, while inoffensive enough, seemed to be a perfect example of the way that all public discourse today has come down to discussion between the "center" and the heartless views of the right.  Here is an excerpt:

His family drove "...down to the valley, where sketchy-looking people lived in vans by the river, in plywood shacks with rusted appliances on the front lawn, their laundry frozen stiff on wire lines. The rich, my mother explained, were lucky. The poor were unfortunate.
Dissenting voices rose from the back seat. But didn’t the poor deserve their fate? Didn’t they make bad decisions? Weren’t some of them just moochers? And lazy?  Well, yes, in many cases, my mother said...
As the year ends, this argument is playing out in two of the most meanspirited actions left on the table by the least-productive Congress in modern history...These actions have nothing to do with bringing federal spending into line, and everything to do with a view that poor people are morally inferior."

And that's the discussion:  Are poor people morally inferior to rich people, or are they just unlucky.  What drives me crazy is that we are not even allowed to consider the possibility that it might be the rich people who are the morally inferior ones.

And by the rich, I mean the born-rich vultures like the Koch Brothers who feel entitled to use their money to twist the world to benefit themselves, the corporate bankers and hedge fund managers that think it is perfectly acceptable for them to make vast sums of money, while contributing nothing to the economy, but who do generate disaster after disaster which they force us to pay for, the Mitt Romneys who are born into the American aristocracy, and use their positions to multiply their riches while destroying the lives of tens of thousands, never ever considering that this behavior might be objectionable.

It is time that we consider the third possibility, the one which has been edited out of our nation's moral conversation, because it is of course the truth.  To become rich in this country today (other than being born rich) in the overwhelming number of cases, what you really need is a hunger for wealth that crushes every decent emotion you possess.  It is not that the rest of us are lazy bums, it is that we don't care about money to the exclusion of everything else in life, that we won't sacrifice everything decent to become rich, and so we are shoved aside by this pack of greedy monsters.

It is the rich, not the poor, who are the morally defective ones, and it is time that we realize that.  They have no right to remake the country in their own self-serving image, and we have every right to stop them, whatever it takes to do it.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Wingnut Wrapup

Things Conservatives are outraged about these days:

Leah Barkoukis, Town Hall:  " Those who have been following the story of Saeed Abedini, the American pastor who was sentenced to eight years in a brutal Iranian prison for his Christian faith, were shocked to learn his name was not even mentioned during negotiations with Iran last month.  Secretary of State John Kerry was pressed on the matter during a hearing on Tuesday, but said the United States didn’t link Abedini’s case “directly to the nuclear issue..."

Maybe that's because this guy's case has absolutely nothing to do with the nuclear issue, and Kerry was unwilling to destroy a groundbreaking and vital agreement in order to pander to a pack of screaming wingnuts.  Or maybe the Communist Obama administration just hates Christians.  Take your pick.

Carol Platt Liebeau, Town Hall:  "Ed Schultz Collecting Union Money... Department of Labor records appear to show that MSNBC television personality Ed Schultz collected at least $177,000 from labor unions last year -- and has received $75,000 from the AFL-CIO this year alone.  Coincidentally (or not!), Schultz is an outspoken supporter of unions..."

Let's be clear here.  By "collecting union money," what they mean is that unions bought some ads on his show.  Nothing to say here about the thousands of talking heads, employees of phony think tanks, and other willing tools like Carol who are paid huge salaries to vomit out an endless stream of corporate lies, or the Republican politicians who are "collecting" hundreds of millions of dollars from the Koch Brothers alone, in return for trampling our interests.  No, it's only an outrage when people support liberals.

Mike Shedlock, Town Hall:  " The Rich Don't Pay Most of the Taxes... They Pay All of Them "

Hey, next April 15th, I'm just going to tell the IRS to send all my withholding money back to me because some rich guy already paid my taxes.  Let's see if that works.

And I couldn't resist this remark in an unrelated wingnut post:

Jerry Bowyer, Town Hall:  "Interesting also, that Ehrlich was not an economist, agronomist or even demographer but rather an etymologist, an expert in insect biology. Malthusianism is, indeed, the philosophy of the bug heap, of man as devouring swarm rather than ennobling angel. "

Sorry, Jerry.  A person who studies insect biology is an entomologist.  An etymologist is someone who studies the origin of words.  Sort of makes me think that the only thing devoured by that swarm was your brain.  I have to tell you that this quote comes out of an article which purports to prove that Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" was actually a stirring defense of free market capitalism.  But just thinking about that makes me want to bang my head into the wall, so I'm going to drop the whole thing.

Kathy Shaidle, World Net Daily:  "Did Obama imply U.S. Founders were communist?  When it came to covering the Nelson Mandela memorial, most commentators focused on President Obama’s tacky “selfie” or his handshake with Castro. Dr. Savage, however, was more concerned about Obama’s speech, in which he compared Mandela to America’s Founding Fathers (Free audio).  “That’s like saying our Founding Fathers were communists,” said Savage."

Maybe Obama was just making the point that Mandela was the leader of the forces that ended British domination of his country, just like our founding fathers.
On the other hand, perhaps he was trying to claim that the United States was founded by Communists.  If so, that would be interesting, coming 60 years before the publication of the Communist Manifesto.  That would make Washington, Jefferson, etc. the inventors of Communism, and make Communism our founding fathers' gift to the world.  Perhaps we should be commemorating that every July 4th.  How about it, wingnuts?

John Ransom, Town Hall:  "Judge Takes Steps to Criminalize the Rich"

If only.

Star Parker, Town Hall:  " Give Low-income Earners Exit from Social Security"

That's a great idea.  Let them starve when they retire.  Or maybe they could invest in a hedge fund with the money left over from their low incomes, and end up rich like Mitt Romney.

Matt Barber, Town Hall:  "America’s Chief Export: Immorality"

Really?  Well, as far as I can tell, here are the top ten U.S. exports in dollar value:

Civilian aircraft,  Semiconductors, Passenger cars, Medicinal, dental and pharmaceutical preparations,  Other vehicle parts and accessories,  Other industrial machinery, Fuel oil, Organic chemicals, Telecommunications equipment, Plastic materials.

Immorality didn't even make the list.  Matt, you should really do some research before writing your column. Unless you think cars and medicine are immoral.  Of course, given the Republican position on Obamacare, they do think one of those things is immoral.

Barry Rubin, Rubin Reports:  "Israeli Soldier Murdered on Lebanese Border. Will U.S. Act?"

By doing what, exactly?  Drop some bombs?  Kill a bunch of Arabs?  What exactly are we supposed to do?  Barry doesn't seem to have an idea about this, but we MUST ACT!  Preferrably involving  violence, and in a way that just makes everything over there worse, so we can look forward to causing even more violence.

Walter Hudson, PJ Media:  "Why So Courteous?  Might helping others be selfish?"

Yeah, that's the answer, Democrats are just being selfish when they want to help others.  A truly selfless person only takes care of himself.   That's the Republican way.  And I wish I were being sarcastic. That's what a lot of them really claim to believe.

Howard Nemerov, PJ Media:  "From Sandy Hook to Malpractice?  Doctors use dead children to promote civilian disarmament."

Right.  It should be a crime to mention dead children when talking about guns.  They are irrelevant to the issue of FREEDOM!!!  Kill, kill, kill.  That's okay, but if a doctor talks about this, it should be a criminal offense.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "Harvard Evacuates 4 Building on Campus After Bomb Scare...It could be another leftist attack"

It could be lizard people from Mars too, for all the evidence Jim has.  By the way, "another" leftist attack implies that there was a previous one.  When was that, Jim?

Well, here is the obvious villain in all that, from one of Jim's commenters:

"The bomb was placed in the building that keeps all the student records, in an attempt to give Jug Ear Putzalot the opportunity to claim he was a straight A student in Harvard law"

Obama placed the bomb!  Who else could be responsible?  ...Oh, wait, there was no bomb.  Never mind.  And it turned out to be a student who didn't want to take his exams.  Jim will be apologizing to the liberals any day now.

Cliff Kincaid, Renew America:  "Is Mandela the biggest liar in history?"

Cliff, he can't even match the pack of pathetic no-accounts that write for Renew America.  How could you possibly think he could compete for the world title?

Daniel Doherty, Town Hall:  "Barbara Walters: “We” Really Thought Obama was "the next Messiah," or Something"

Who is "we," Barbara?  You and your pundit friends, who have never been right about anything in your lives?  The rest of us out here thought we were voting for a politician who was relatively well-informed and honest by Washington standards.  We weren't living in your fantasy land, and by and large we got what we voted for.

Jonah Goldberg, Town Hall:  "Obamacare: Silence of the Insurers...When will the insurers revolt?"

Never, Jonah.  Obamacare is bringing them millions of new customers that they would never have otherwise.  So don't hold your breath, idiot.

Michael Schaus, Town Hall:  "Santa is Not Only White – He’s Also Republican!   ...he definitely belongs to the NRA and votes a solidly Republican ticket."

Oh, grow up, guy.  And another of Michael's proofs that Santa is Republican:

"(Santa is) lawfully evading taxes by setting up his headquarters in a foreign land"

Dude, Santa is not an American citizen, so he is not evading anything.  Besides, moron, how much tax would he owe when he gives everything he makes away?

Pat Buchanan, Human Events:  "Is Putin one of us?"

From the guy who never met a dictator he didn't love.  He's all for Hitler, why not Putin?

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Some Real Jackassery From the Duck Dynasty Guy

From the same interview.  I find this far worse than his comments about gays:

"The blacks worked for the farmers... They're singing and happy. I never heard one of them, one black person, say, 'I tell you what: These doggone white people' — not a word!"  Robertson continued, "Pre-entitlement, pre-welfare, you say: Were they happy? They were godly; they were happy; no one was singing the blues."

No, you son of a bitch, you never heard of a black person singing the blues.  No, never.  Blues?  That's got nothing to do with rural black people.

Why, who ever heard of a black person singing the blues?  

I guess the blues is white people's music, just like Jesus is white.

Man, this pissed me off.  I'm ready to string the guy up now.

Seasons Greetings from Green Eagle

Here's the traditional Green Eagle best wishes for the holidays:
And this year with something extra, if you haven't seen it yet.  In case you haven't decided what to serve for Christmas dinner, here is a suggestion from the Los Angeles Times, called cthulken:
Yum!  I can't wait!

About That Duck Dynasty Guy

Man, have I seen a lot of outrage because Phil Robertson, one of the Duck Dynasty guys, was suspended for making some piggish comments about gays.

Having spent a pretty good part of my adult life working in TV, I would like to tell you something.  It's never about the principle- it's always about the money.  Here are two recent examples of this phenomenon, from either side of the political divide:  Paula Deen and Alex Baldwin.  Both were supposedly fired for unacceptable utterances, but here's the truth:  Paula Deen's ratings had been falling for a year and a half, and the network was looking for a chance to dump her; Baldwin's show, just a few weeks old, was obviously not working, and the network wanted out of it too.  They just gave the suits an excuse to do what they wanted to do anyway.

As for Robertson, remember he is a successful businessman and part of the most popular cable show on TV, not the ignorant cracker he is made out to be.  His network doesn't want to destroy the value of their big success, so they will have him go away until the furor has died down.  It has nothing to do with exactly what he said, and everything to do with the money.  That's TV, guys.  Deal with it.

Update:  And who ever thought that Green Eagle would have to accuse himself of not being cynical enough about TV?  I just read that the next season of Duck Dynasty is already in the can.  This jerk isn't suspended- he's on hiatus, and he will be right back when they start filming next season.  The whole "suspended" thing is nothing but a fraud. It isn't any more real than the preposterous nonsense that goes on in the shows.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Happy 70th Birthday!

How did he make it this long?
Update:  Okay, you go- the world's greatest rock song:

Sunday, December 15, 2013

A Must Read from Daily Kos

The horrors of the Bush administration are growing faint to so many people.  Some polls see his approval rating preposterously positive these days.  Here is an article from Daily Kos today, concisely reminding us of what a disaster that eight years was, and what a sickening legacy it has left us.  I strongly suggest that you take a few minutes to read it, to remind yourself that a repeat of the Bush years is just one bad election away.

The right wing blogs I follow are constantly ablaze with posts declaring that Obama is the worst President in history.  This is nothing but an attempt to blot out the memory of the real worst President in history, their darling George W. Bush.  We must never allow ourselves to forget his legacy, or, to paraphrase Santayana, we will be doomed to repeat it.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Justice North Korean Style

Some of you may have heard of the trial and execution yesterday of Kim Jong Un's uncle, and the number two guy in the Korean government (well, until now, I guess.)  The North Korean press agency issued a lengthy release commenting on this, and Green Eagle thinks it is only fair that, in a spirit of- well, whatever makes Green Eagle post this ridiculous stuff- he bring you a pretty good sample of it.  I am going to quote quite a lot of it, I'm afraid, because it is all so stimulating, but if you want to see the rest, well, here it is.  It is so reminiscent of Western characterizations of Stalinist show trials that it takes a bit of the edge off the humor, but still, I think it is worth seeing, because it is really a window on what a delusional and violent bunch of people that the world is dealing with over there in North Korea.

"Pyongyang, December 13 (KCNA) -- Upon hearing the report on the enlarged meeting of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea, the service personnel and people throughout the country broke into angry shouts that a stern judgment of the revolution should be meted out to the anti-party, counter-revolutionary factional elements. Against the backdrop of these shouts rocking the country, a special military tribunal of the DPRK Ministry of State Security was held on December 12 against traitor for all ages Jang Song Thaek."
Angry shouts rocking the country!  Obviously just the sort of evidence that we expect, in order to justify a trial and death sentence.

"All the crimes committed by the accused were proved in the course of hearing and were admitted by him.

    A decision of the special military tribunal of the Ministry of State Security of the DPRK was read out at the trial.

    Every sentence of the decision served as sledge-hammer blow brought down by our angry service personnel and people on the head of Jang, an anti-party, counter-revolutionary factional element and despicable political careerist and trickster.

    The accused is a traitor to the nation for all ages who perpetrated anti-party, counter-revolutionary factional acts in a bid to overthrow the leadership of our party and state and the socialist system."

Remember that there were dozens of apparent charges.  They were all proved in the course of a half-day trial, after which the defendant was immediately killed.   And he admitted to it all, knowing what the consequences would be, even though for decades he was hailed as a major supporter of the government.

"It is an elementary obligation of a human being to repay trust with sense of obligation and benevolence with loyalty.

    However, despicable human scum Jang, who was worse than a dog, perpetrated thrice-cursed acts of treachery in betrayal of such profound trust and warmest paternal love shown by the party and the leader for him."

Tough love, I guess.
     When his cunning move proved futile and the decision that Kim Jong Un was elected vice-chairman of the Central Military Commission of the Workers' Party of Korea at the Third Conference of the WPK in reflection of the unanimous will of all party members, service personnel and people was proclaimed, making all participants break into enthusiastic cheers that shook the conference hall, he behaved so arrogantly and insolently as unwillingly standing up from his seat and half-heartedly clapping, touching off towering resentment of our service personnel and people."

He didn't clap hard enough!  Off with his head!  I guess we can understand why everyone else there cheered their heads off when this then 26 year old psychopath was given the second highest position in the North Korean military.  Well, don't worry- whatever he does in the future, the cheering will be deafening.

Now, let's consider another one of the capital crimes he committed:

" Jang turned down the unanimous request of the service personnel of a unit of the Korean People's Internal Security Forces to have the autograph letter sent by Kim Jong Un to the unit carved on a natural granite and erected with good care in front of the building of its command. He was so reckless as to instruct the unit to erect it in a shaded corner."

So, he didn't turn down their request, he just had the thing put in a different place.  Off with his head!  He put the monument in a shaded corner!  A letter written by the World Leader Kim Jong Un!

" The revolutionary army will never pardon all those who disobey the order of the Supreme Commander and there will be no place for them to be buried even after their death.
 Dreaming a fantastic dream to become premier at an initial stage to grab the supreme power of the party and state, Jang made his department put major economic fields of the country under its control in a bid to disable the Cabinet. In this way he schemed to drive the economy of the country and people's living into an uncontrollable catastrophe."

God, it just goes on forever.  Let's cut to the chase:

"All facts go to clearly prove that Jang is a thrice-cursed traitor without an equal in the world... The hateful and despicable nature of the anti-party, anti-state and unpopular crimes committed by Jang was fully disclosed in the course of the trial conducted at the special military tribunal of the DPRK Ministry of State Security.

 The era and history will eternally record and never forget the shuddering crimes committed by Jang Song Thaek, the enemy of the party, revolution and people and heinous traitor to the nation."

The shuddering crimes!  Like not clapping loud enough, or putting a monument in the wrong place!

"Our party, state, army and people do not know anyone except Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il and Kim Jong Un.

 Our service personnel and people will never pardon all those who dare disobey the unitary leadership of Kim Jong Un, challenge his absolute authority and oppose the lineage of Paektu to an individual but bring them to the stern court of history without fail and mercilessly punish them on behalf of the party and revolution, the country and its people, no matter where they are in hiding.

 The special military tribunal of the Ministry of State Security of the DPRK confirmed that the state subversion attempted by the accused Jang with an aim to overthrow the people's power of the DPRK by ideologically aligning himself with enemies is a crime punishable by Article 60 of the DPRK Criminal Code, vehemently condemned him as a wicked political careerist, trickster and traitor for all ages in the name of the revolution and the people and ruled that he would be sentenced to death according to it.

 The decision was immediately executed." 

 Justice, North Korean style.  The mixture of irrationality and love of violence which has caused so much trouble to the world has perhaps never seen anything worse than this.  Remember that, a few months ago, Kim Jong Un had an ex-girlfriend declared a prostitute and executed.  Who knows who is next?

Really, this cannot be tolerated much longer.  Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il were every bit as delusional as this guy, but they were not, in their personal lives, homicidal maniacs.  Caligula's Praetorian guard was finally forced to assassinate him.  If something similar does not take place in North Korea, it will be the world's unpleasant business to do the job for the North Korean people, before Kim gets his hands on a real weapon of mass destruction, and decides to treat the rest of the world the way he treated his uncle and his girlfriend.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Obama Murders Again

Here's the latest news from Hawaii:

"The Hawaiian health official who verified the authenticity of President Obama's birth certificate died in a small plane crash.

The plane, carrying a pilot and eight passengers, went down Wednesday in the water a half mile off the Hawaiian island of Molokai, the Maui Fire Department said. The lone fatality was Loretta Fuddy, who has served as state health director since January 2011. Tom Matsuda, the interim executive director of Hawaii's health insurance exchange, confirmed Fuddy's death."

Any bets on who will be the first right winger to accuse Obama of having this woman murdered?  Jim Hoft?  Larry Klayman?  Wing Nut Daily?

Green Eagle will keep you posted.

Update (from five minutes later:)  By the way, the bet applies to actual posts.  Commenters by the hundreds over at the wingnut blogs are already claiming that Obama had her killed.

They Can't Be Bothered to Hide It Any More

Bryan Fischer, prominent wingnut expert and spokesman for the Christian right:

"If by 'religion,' the founders, and the founders of the state of Oklahoma, meant Christianity, then you can ban a monument to Satan because that's not Christianity ... You can say 'no, we're not going to let you do it. Our Constitution protects the free exercise of the Christian religion; yours is not a Christian expression, we're not going to have that monument.' If we don't understand the word 'religion' to mean Christianity as the founders intended it, then we have no way to stop Islam, we have no way to stop Satanism, we have no way to stop any other sort of sinister religion practice that might creep onto the fruited plains"

Well, there it is.  By "religion," the founders meant only Bryan Fischer's religion, i.e. the hateful, mean-spirited mockery of the words of Jesus that seems to pass for Christianity in the country today.

So, I guess I owe you an apology.  When I suggested a few days ago that Republican-pushed legislation to let business owners make employees follow the boss' religion would open the door in the country to Sharia law, I failed to consider the obvious fact that when it comes to religious freedom, Islam just doesn't qualify.

A warning to the Jews out there:  Next year, when you come to light your Chanukkah candles, don't do it in a room with a window that can be seen from the street.  You do not have the freedom to practice your religion either.

No, in the United States that people like Bryan Fischer are fighting so hard to create, you have no right to do anything that Bryan Fischer and a few friends of his do not approve of, even to practice a millennium-old religion which a billion followers.

There's a name for that kind of society.  I don't think I have to point out what it is.

Patty Murray's Very Bad, Rotten Day

Talk about making a deal with the devil.  Patty Murray has gotten together with one of the most shameless liars in the whole Republican barnyard, Paul Ryan, to come up with a "deal" which averts another Republican tantrum to shut down the government.  Despite anything that you will be hearing about this agreement, it is very bad for Democrats and Americans.  Here's why:

1.  Paul Ryan is one more Republican front man for the rich who the press has spent years trying to build up into a serious policy maker.  All that work was, thankfully, pretty well undone as people got to know what a slimy, corrupt liar he was during the last Presidential campaign.  Now, Patty has ensured that we are going to have to endure years more nonsense from the press about what a great leader he is.  That alone is enough to turn my stomach.

2.  Nothing in years has succeeded in impressing on the American public what a bunch of disloyal, seditious crooks the Republicans are like the last attempt to "shut down." i.e. overthrow the government.  Nothing could be better for the country in the long run than to allow the Republicans' disloyal behavior to continue playing itself out, until no one can ignore the fact that they are the greatest threat in the world to the continued existence of our country.  Patty Murray has just collaborated with Paul Ryan in papering over the deep dysfunction of the Republican party, perhaps up until the 2014 election, squandering a perfect opportunity to let the Republicans parade before the nation exactly what they are up to.

Like Obama, Patty Murray seems to suffer from a total inability to recognize the true agenda of the Republicans, and she continues to play along with their charade of being a normal, loyal political party.  This refusal to face reality is the single greatest reason that Obama's Presidency has been so mixed in its results, and now the same behavior in the House is undermining any hope the Democrats have of really impressing on the American people what is really going on in this country.  But then, it's hard to convince people of the truth when you don't believe it yourself.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Wingnut Wrapup

Kurt Schlichter, Town Hall:  " ‘Tis The Season For Militant Atheists To Whine.  There’s nothing like the holidays for laughing at anti-religious malcontents being driven to madness by the thought of Christians and Jews celebrating their faiths."

More hallucination from the wingnuts.  I never heard of an atheist in my life who gave a damn about people "celebrating their faith."  What a lot of people do care about is self-righteous jackasses trying to shove their stupid, primitive beliefs down our throats.

Star Parker, Town Hall:  "... it was not by accident that President Obama chose a theater in a poor black neighborhood in Washington, DC, where the average income is barely half the national average, to speak this week about economic opportunity and fairness.  What exactly was the President trying to achieve by sharing with a low-income black audience that “today’s CEO now makes 273 times more” than the average worker?"

What do you think he was trying to achieve, you malicious idiot?  And I guess you think he should have made this speech to a pack of Wall Street vultures.  A lot of good that would have done.

Ralph Benko, Town Hall:  "To Hell With Paul Krugman"

Ralph is trying to blame Krugman for the 2008 economic collapse.  Maybe he's working to make the short list for liar of the year.  Ralph makes this claim because Krugman is against returning to the gold standard, the fastest way anyone can think of to make sure that we end up just like Greece.  Ralph says:

"… Krugman would do well to dig into a classic: Goethe’s Faust, Part II."

A work of fiction.  Because that is what right wingers have to offer: fiction.

Humberto Fontova, Human Events:  "Caveat on Nelson Mandela-Never a word on Cuban freedom fighters"

Oh, grow up already.  Obama's lucky that Raul Castro didn't punch him in the face for running a concentration camp on expropriated Cuban soil.

Rick Moran, PJ Media:  "Rand Paul’s Wife Doesn’t Want Him to Run for President"

Neither does anyone else.

Bryan Fischer, Renew America:  "Who's to blame for Hiroshima?"

I can't say that I actually read this article, but let me take a guess anyway:  Obama?

Jeff Lukens, Renew America:  "To be an American is to be different from other nationalities. From colonial times through the present day, Americans have believed they were taking part in a journey that only this nation can fulfill. It is a call to exemplary leadership and service on the world stage"

Amazing.  That's exactly what Al Qaida believes about themselves.

Tabitha Korol, Renew America:  "The other night I watched a PBS special on Kristallnacht...I was able to find a transcript to further review the two infamous Nuremberg Laws that Hitler initiated during his rise to power. From those, more than 2,000 antisemitic laws were ratified at all levels of government, thereby sealing the fate of the Jews of the Third Reich.

To my utter horror, however, I realized that these laws survived the Nazi regime and are now being implemented against Jews and Christians here"

Man, and we thought the war on Christmas was bad.  Now, the Obama administration is bringing back the worst Nazi perversions.  There is just no lie right wingers won't stoop to.

Bob Unruh, World Net Daily:  "Shock claim: Obama worse than a communist...when you strip that away from historical Nazism and look at the political philosophy of Nazism, this is very much what Barack Obama is into.”

"... Nazism, contrary to popular belief, is a leftist philosophy, not right-wing. It looks at the “leftist nature” of Nazism.  Morse examines elements of National Socialism he sees in Obama’s administration. Those include a national welfare system, nationalization of police forces, a centralized regulation of private businesses, a centralization of power and bureaucracies imposing their own demands on a citizenry.  He also looks at the use of demonization, noting many leftists today don’t say their political opponents merely are wrong but that they want to hurt people..."

Of course, calling Obama a Nazi and worse than a Communist could never be considered demonizing him, oh no. 

Breitbart:  "Sarah Palin to host outdoors TV show-Sportsman Channel said Monday it has hired Sarah Palin to be host of a weekly outdoors-oriented program that will celebrate the “red, wild and blue” lifestyle"

From governor of Alaska to failed national candidate to Fox News to the Sportsman Channel.  Quite a career trajectory there, Sarah.

Richard Winchester, American Thinker:  "Obama Is Tearing America Apart"

With his bare hands!  What a tough guy.  I've seen people do that to a phone book, but the whole country?  Man, I'm speechless. And it's all so unneccessary.  If only he'd just stop being black.

Guy Benson, Town Hall:  "No, Liberals, Opposition to Obama is Not 'Unprecedented' "

Of course not.  Every President is accused of being an alien America-hating Communist terrorist Muslim Nazi.  Every President is threatened with impeachment from the day he takes office.

Todd Starnes, Town Hall:  "The Baby Jesus has been kicked off Shaw Air Force Base in South Carolina"

I didn't even know the baby Jesus was still alive.

Specious reasoning of the day (maybe the century)

Dennis Prager, Town Hall:  "Of course, Nazism was not right-wing -- certainly not in American terms. How could it be? Right-wing means less government, not more."

Oh, go on, Dennis.  Do you expect anyone to believe this crap?  Really, do you think people are that dumb?

Roger L Simon, PJ Media:   'Income Inequality' — The Biggest Lie of All...The defining lie of modern liberalism."

No truth to that liberal lie at all.  No.  None at all.  Everything is just fine.  Now, forget all about it.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "Horrible! Obama Compares Mandela to Gandhi, MLK and Lincoln in Eulogy"

Horrible!  The only person who should be compared to Gandhi, MLK and Lincoln is Ronald Reagan!  And maybe Ted Cruz.
Madeline Crabb, Renew America:  "America--land of entitlement, home of the enslaved, Part One...Does this title make you mad?"

No, but it did make me hoot in derision, Madeline.  Is that close enough for you?  Here's a little bit of Madeline's political insight:

"Imagine how you would live your life if there was no government telling you how and what you could or couldn't do. Imagine being able to work however and whenever you wanted, to build the biggest and best of whatever you made, to charge whatever price you chose for your product – or to not charge anything at all if you so chose. How wonderful would it be not having to give half or more of your earnings to government in the form of confiscatory taxes? "

Aah, what a wonderful country that would be, right?  And then imagine about a week later when some thug murdered you and took everything you have, and there was no government to do a thing about it, because you were too God damned cheap to pay your taxes.  Imagine that, because it is exactly what you would get in the country you are imagining, Madeline.  So enjoy your week of freedom before some other jackass uses his freedom to kill you.  Have a nice day, Madeline.

Aaron Klein, World Net Daily:  "'Jaw Dropping Claim-Fast and Furious' star 'killed by secret society'

Yeah, the Imperial Order of Bad Porsche Drivers. 

Well, that's about as low as we can go today. 

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Checking In With Larry

Well, it's time to see what Larry Klayman is up to- after all, this man holds the fate of our country in his hands, after his march on Washington last month, to force Obama from office, mobilized and astounding 130 people in front of the White House.  Now, he's preparing the next major step in his revolution:

"We will soon be announcing the date to convene the Third Continental Congress in Philadelphia early next year where, taking a page from the Founding Fathers, we will meet to plan the next steps of our Second American Revolution, with delegates from all 50 states.

We will also use the occasion to appoint committees to coordinate the revolution and to elect a government in waiting to take over on the day when our current corrupt leaders are forced by the citizenry to leave their thrones and freedom is restored to our shores.

Like our Founding Fathers in 1776, the time is now to risk all we have to save the nation from government tyrants before all is lost."

Well, then.  Larry is now reduced to comparing himself to Nelson Mandela.  I don't really think that is going to appeal to many of the neo-Confederate jackasses who make up the bulk of his followers, but I guess you never know.   What I do know is that, given his success in the past, it will be very surprising if he gets enough delegates to his "Third Continental Congress" to represent all 50 States.

I'm sorry that the political scene has been so boring the last couple of weeks, that Green Eagle has to resort to this sort of garbage to come up with something to post about.  I'll just defend myself with one of Green Eagle's favorite sayings:  "It's not my fault."

Friday, December 6, 2013

The True Nature of Centrism

Anyone (after we got to know Joe Lieberman, anyway) who thinks that the so-called centrists or bipartisans in this country are really well-meaning people just trying to find a middle way to solve this country's problems, is so delusional that maybe at this point they cannot ever be reached by facts.  Nevertheless, here's a little diagram that's been making the rounds lately that should do the trick if you ever start to hear the siren song of this phony propaganda.  It's a chart of the trustees of an organization known as "Third Way,"  which is currently the leading group pushing the "grand bargain," in which ordinary Americans will give up their pensions, Social Security and medical care in return for a vague promise from the rich to do something nice, some day.  This copy of the list has had the occupations of the trustees marked on it, and it makes interesting reading:

Of the 25 trustees whose occupations could be discovered, 20 of them are "investment bankers," i.e. rich corporate vultures who make huge fortunes out of ravaging various segments of the economy.  You would have to be crazy to think that a single one of these people would ever take an action or advocate a position for any other reason than his own immediate personal benefit.  Yet they are portrayed in the mainstream media as altruistic do-gooders who are only trying to use their experience to do the best thing possible for all the rest of us (which always involves us paying and them getting richer, strange to say.)

And of course, people fall for it.  And so, "austerity" reigns- our austerity of course, not theirs- and we sink deeper and deeper into a hole, the bottom of which no one can see,

Wingnut Wrapup

While we wait for Conservatives to spend a day and a half or so throwing off their inhibitions and get down to smearing Nelson Mandela, here is some of the usual, garden variety lies and hatred that they specialize in:
Katie Kieffer, Town Hall:  "Barack Obama, is not forwarding health; he’s forwarding cancer. He’s on “one more campaign” to pitch ObamaCare, which is quickly metastasizing into ObamaCancer. Where’s our hope for a cure?"
Where is our hope that malicious liars like Katie will just shut up, already?  Obama is forwarding cancer by giving people health care.  That makes so much sense.  I guess people have stopped paying attention when the Republicans throw out all the other scare words they can think of- Communist, Islamofascist, Satanist- so they are trying the last scare word they can think of.  Will people fall for this idiotic smear?  Sad to say, if history is any indication, a lot of them will.
Katie Pavlich, Town Hall:  "Impeachment Over Obamacare?"
It's a high crime to give people health care.  Didn't you know that?
Amanda Munoz, Town Hall:  "Why Ted Cruz Fights"
Because he is a narcissistic, self serving liar who thinks he is ordained by God to run the country.  That's my guess.  The real question is how anyone could be stupid enough to fall for him.
Joe Kovacs, World Net Daily:  "Meowsa! Do our pets go to heaven?"
Apparently not unless they have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savior, if Joe is any authority on things like that.   Tough luck, pet owners.

Steve McCann, American Thinker:  "The Schizophrenia of Barack Obama...He has adopted a pre-meditated schizophrenic personality wherein he comports himself as an apologist and appeaser on the international stage and a narcissistic autocrat at home."
Well, there you go.  How can Obama be a weak, cowering cur overseas and a vicious tyrant at home?  There's only one possible answer to this conundrum- he's a schizophrenic!  Of course!  Why didn't we notice it before?  I mean, it couldn't be that both of these right wing characterizations of him are malicious lies.  No, that couldn't be it.  He must be mentally ill.

Listen, I don't have much patience with this kind of idiocy today, but I couldn't resist repeating this remark of Steve's:
"Barack Obama, determined to become the Muslim world's best friend, has instead unleashed the dogs of war in the Middle East."
He's unleashed the dogs of war.  As opposed to, who was it now- oh yeah, the last Republican President, who unleashed actual war in the Middle East, costing us three trillion dollars and killing a few hundred thousand innocent people for nothing.  I guess the dogs of war are way more scary than that.  Probably not that many of them are Corgis. 
 Not that frightening, really.

Frederic U. Dicker, New York Post:  "‘Bizarre behavior’ could be risk to Christie White House run"
 Yeah, on rare occasions he acts sane.  None of that allowed on the Republican side of the aisle.
David Limbaugh, Town Hall:  "Website, Schmebsite, Keep Your Eyes on the Big Ball"
After a month of screaming about the website, now that it turns out to be fixed, well, it just wasn't that important after all.  Can we have the part of our lives back where we were forced to listen to them scream about this bogus issue?
Dennis Prager, Town Hall:  "We Live in a World of Lies...Remember the terrible murder of Matthew Shepard in Laramie, Wyo. in 1998 -- tortured, beaten and left hanging on a fence to die -- because he was gay?  It turns out that Matthew Shepard's murder had nothing to do with his being gay.  As early as 2004, the ABC News program "20/20" broadcast (to its credit) a denial by both murderers, Aaron McKinney and Russell Henderson, that the murder had anything to do with Shepard's being gay.   It was, they both claimed, a robbery gone bad."
Of course they couldn't be saying this because they want a lower sentence than they'd get for a hate crime.  Because all robberies involve beating people and hanging them on fences.  Well, here's Dennis Prager, the most unashamed liar the right has ever produced (and that's quite a feat) to hop on the George Zimmerman bandwagon of denying the obvious reality of the most brutal crimes when they are committed by right wingers.  Good work, Dennis.  Way to follow your marching orders.
Mike Shedlock, Town Hall:  " Battle for $15 minimum Wage; Should Companies Pay Workers More?   People want the jobs. Here's the deal. If you don't like the job, then don't take it."
How about this for why companies should pay workers more:  If you don't we'll kill you.  After all, these companies don't give a damn about us- why should we care about them?  Once we decide to destroy them if we don't get what we want (which is exactly the way they treat us) maybe their attitude will change.  Short of that, don't hold your breath waiting for them to act like human beings.
Dan Spencer, Red State:  "Say Merry Christmas and annoy a Liberal"
Give it a try, Dan.  Get back to us when you find one that is annoyed.  If this is your first salvo in the War on Christmas this year, we're in for a pretty weak spectacle.  Oh well, a few more weeks and you can start maundering on about the War on Valentine's Day.
World Net Daily:  "'Legal personhood' sought for chimps...Never mind that, unlike an unborn child before birth, chimpanzees are not actually human persons."
They're a lot closer to being human than corporations are.

And now, here is a helpful suggestion:
James Pethoukis, National Review Online:  "there is a better way to help workers than the minimum wage, and everybody knows it...a better proposal is actually wage subsidies, government wage matching"
Yes, what a brilliant idea!  We let obscenely rich people like the Walton family continue to pile up billions in wealth by starving their workers, and then the taxpayers make up the difference!  What a creative new way to steal from the middle class and give the proceeds to the rich!
John Ransom, Town Hall: " Roosevelt we know now was dying when he attended the Yalta conference. Obama, on the other hand, has been dead from the neck up for a long time."
I love serious political analysis, don't you?
Jonah Goldberg, Town Hall:  "Not A Good Enough Obamacare Fix"
It wouldn't be good enough for the people at Town Hall if it cured cancer and brought about a thousand years of world peace.
Andrew Klavan, PJ Media:  "A Startling Take on the Beats...Has a new generation grown skeptical of the Kerouac, Ginsberg, and Burroughs mythology?"
Oh God, now they are going to try to kick the beatniks around.  I guess this is supposed to have something to do with how evil Democrats are, but I suspect this is one smear that is going nowhere.
Hugh Hewitt, Town Hall:  "Hillary Is The Nominee, So Let The Defining Begin"
You mean, let the smearing begin, Hugh.  Sorry, guy, you missed the bus on this one.  Smearing Hillary started twenty years ago and never stopped.
Jonah Goldberg, Town Hall: Liberals Are Culture War Aggressors...Maybe someone can explain to me how, exactly, conservatives are the aggressors in the culture war?"
This interesting notion from the guy who brought us a whole book about how the Nazis were liberals.  So, take it for what it's worth.  By the way, no one can explain this or anything else to Jonah, because he is brain-dead.  Just to make that clear.
David Lawrence, American Thinker:  "Why Obama Never Fires Anyone"
Okay already, what is it, David?  He's too kind hearted?  He promised their mothers to give them job?
"Obama is surrounded by potential snitches."
Oh, okay.  That makes sense.  David continues:

"When I was in jail, everyone claimed he wasn't a snitch.  But if you ever checked the paperwork you'd see that all of these guys had all rolled over on someone..."

Oh, I see, David.  You're generalizing about Cabinet Secretaries from the people you knew when you were in prison.  Listen, here's a hint:  That sort of thinking only works with Republican politicians, most of whom have either been in jail or are just waiting their turn.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Republicans' Rather Casual Relationship With the Truth

It is a source of endless amazement to people on the left to see the utter disregard that Republicans have for the truth; extending to a total lack of concern when their own statements utterly contradict things they have said only days earlier.  It is hard for us to understand how anyone can be so tolerant of what, to us, would be a massive humiliation when we were caught in this shameless behavior.  And yet they show no concern at all as they go on, repeating the most unbelievable lies as though they are proven fact.

I have watched this strange behavior since the 1960's, and I would like to offer the only explanation for it that I have ever found.  So, here it is.  To us, discussion or argument is an attempt to consider ideas, to see which are viable and which are not- which can be reconciled with known facts and which cannot.  This seems to us to be so obviously the purpose of political conversation that the vast majority of liberals are unable to imagine any other way of thinking.  But in fact, this is not at all what people on the right are doing when they make political statements.

To fully understand what conservatives are up to, we need to consider the origins of today's right wing propaganda apparatus.  The whole structure of the wingnut lie machine grew out of political talk radio which emerged in the 1960's.  There were a couple of earlier examples of this phenomenon- Father Coughlin or Gerald L. K. Smith come to mind- but most of the behavior we see today really emerged on religious radio stations in the sixties, as more and more of their shows began to push what we would today consider a right wing Christian line, mixing fanatic anti-Communism with bizarre interpretations of Christianity and economic claims attacking the Fed and the IRS, and veering off into Bircherite territory concerning the Illuminati and world-wide economic conspiracies.  These shows, largely broadcast on stations like the powerful, clear channel station KXEL in Waterloo Iowa, which reached a very large part of the midwest, or its sister station XEL in Tijuana, were partly the product of religious figures shamelessly attempting to exploit new territory- figures like Reverend Carl McIntyre or Stuart McBurnie- and partly open attempts to exploit the fear and ignorance of these stations' audiences- like the ubiquitous "Voice of Americanism," financed by the Hunt Brothers, rich Texas oil men, and the sixties' equivalent to today's Koch brothers.

A characteristic of the sort of argument to be found on these stations' religious content is the reliance on what is called "apologetics."  This is an argumentative technique which originates from the religious person's utter conviction that he holds the whole truth, and the Christian belief that people are heading toward eternal damnation if they do not accept that truth. It justifies any strategy to convince people, because their existence is dependent on adopting the religious person's beliefs.  Apologetics naturally evolved into a form of conversation which appeared to be an open, equal discussion of facts, but was in fact a totally one-way communication, in which nothing that was said by the other side could have any effect at all on the religious person, and in which any statement which accomplished the goal was acceptable.

Now, we mix religion and politics, and we have a situation where many people attach the same sense- that only they hold the truth- to political as well as religious issues.  What we get is an idea utterly foreign to the rest of us- that the statements they make are not a part of seeking for the truth in any way, but are simply a means to a predetermined end.  If that end can be accomplished, Conservatives are utterly unconcerned with the truth of their statements, or of their consistency with anything they previously claimed to believe.  Thus, the idiotic claims that Obama was born in Kenya, that he is a far-left Communist, that global warming does not exist, and on and on.   And thus, the endless Republican attacks on a health care law that they themselves originated, or the shameless attacking of a hundred other Democratic proposals which they themselves claimed to support when they thought they would work to their advantage.

When you disconnect all Republican statements from any notion of truth or falsity, and see them as nothing but manipulative tactics to achieve short-term goals, all of their mysterious behavior begins to make sense.  In fact, I will go so far in support of this simple idea of mine to suggest that it explains practically all of their argumentative behavior, and it is the only explanation that does so.

And there is another point to be made here before I am done.  We are accustomed to see the hard-core right wing evangelical churches as having become infected with a wave of political intolerance originated by Conservative political figures.  In this accounting of things, they are victims of cynical political manipulators.   But in fact, I believe the exact opposite is what really happened.  In fact, it is the evangelicals who have infected the right with their fanaticism and self-righteousness, creating a mindless, destructive movement that cannot be appealed to by any sort of fact-based reasoning.  It is the Evangelicals who have inoculated Conservatives against the truth, not the other way around.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Obama- Just Like Hitler

Well, I can't resist this.  Here's and article entitled "Top 50 reasons people keep comparing Obama to Hitler," by a guy who says:

"...anyone who dares to notice the similarities between our Constitution-shredding Black Panther-in-chief and other racist dictators is still being met with the same hysterical shrieks, convulsions and fainting as always from the book-burning tyrant-worshipers of the left...Here are the top 50 reasons that sensible people cannot help but make this painfully obvious connection:"

Well, we're not going to sit through all fifty of them, so Green Eagle will do you the favor of offering a selection.  Here we go:

"50) He blatantly violated bankruptcy laws to force through payoffs for unions."

Because Hitler was so well known for giving payoffs to unions, and violating bankruptcy laws too.  Why, if you ask a hundred people what Hitler was most famous for, probably 90 of them would answer "for violating bankruptcy laws."

"49) He tried to persecute George Zimmerman after he had been exonerated in a court of law."

What Obama did to persecute George Zimmerman I am not sure, but Hitler didn't have to worry about things like this because people he didn't like were never "exonerated in a court of law."  They were just killed.

"44) He blatantly disregarded an order by a federal judge to stop illegally trying to shut down all American energy exploration."

Well, of course, no he didn't, but once again, if he had, he would be just like Hitler, who was so known for shutting down energy exploration.

"37) He blatantly violated federal energy laws."

So like Hitler, who just had no respect for energy laws.

"31) He illegally ordered his Department of Justice to stop enforcing the Defense of Marriage Act."

Just like Hitler again, who was, I guess, the world's most famous proponent of gay marriage, right?

"26) He criminalized being a conservative in the military."

So right on this one.  If there is one thing that Hitler would never tolerate, it was conservatives in the military.

"17) He sued the state of Arizona for daring to enforce the most lenient immigration laws on the planet."

Another thing Hitler was know for- doing away with immigration laws.  Actually, Hitler had his own immigration scheme- forced slave labor for millions of Slavs.  That wasn't so lenient, since he worked most of them to death, but it's just like Obama.  Somehow.

"13) He aggressively suppressed military votes."

Just like Hitler, who hated the German military.  Oh, wait...

"11) Deliberately provoked and staged a phony "government shutdown" crisis to turn public opinion against Republicans."


Well, enough of that.  Obama is just like Hitler.  I'm sure you can see that now, and will remember it the next time Obama stages a phony government shutdown.
I thought I'd try a little change of appearance for a while.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Another Dirty Trick

Out here in California, we've been having a pretty smooth time with Obamacare.  However, if you like, you could consult with this helpful looking website:
Read down and you will discover all sorts of useful information, like how you will be losing your doctor under Obamacare, and how you will probably lose your health care coverage too, or how you are a really stupid sucker if you fall for Obamacare at all.

Yep, this is a troll site brought to you by the California Republican party, which can't win a damned thing fair and square, but is willing to stoop to anything to screw the Democrats up.

Just par for the course with Republicans, but you never see Democrats doing anything like this.  I wonder why?

A note:  I stole this story from Crooks and Liars, but I think it is important enough that it bears repetition. 

Who Really Wants Sharia Law?

If you've followed the lunatic idiocy of the right the last few years, you will know that one of their most frequent baseless claims is that Obama is working to force Americans to live under Sharia law.  Here are just a few random samples of this nonsense:

Breitbart:  "Obama Administration Paves the Way for Sharia Law...The most terrifying danger Americans face from a second Barack Obama term isn’t the economy, which is scary enough.  The most harrowing prospect is the Obama Administration’s passivity in the face of attempts to introduce aspects of sharia law into our legal system.  Now there is strong and open evidence of the Obama administration collaborating with Islamist activists to ensure the path toward sharia law is accelerated."

World Net Daily:  "The most terrifying danger Americans face from a second Barack Obama term isn’t the economy, which is scary enough.  The most harrowing prospect is the Obama Administration’s passivity in the face of attempts to introduce aspects of sharia law into our legal system.  Now there is strong and open evidence of the Obama administration collaborating with Islamist activists to ensure the path toward sharia law is accelerated."

And in a curiously similar post:

Freedom Outpost:  "One of the most terrifying things that Americans could expect from a second term of Barack Obama is not the economic downturn that we are already experiencing. It's not another 'Fast and Furious' scandal. Rather it appears that more and more the Obama administration, specifically the Department of Justice, is turning a blind eye to attempts to introduce aspects of sharia law into the legal system."

Now, here is the strange thing:  Virtually ever single one of the people who promote this arrant nonsense is also a supporter of legislation allowing employers to tailor the working conditions of their employees (most notably in respect to health benefits) based on the employers' religious beliefs.

It seems to never occur to right wingers that anyone would dare claim this right on behalf of any religion but their own warped version of Christianity; but the law that they are pushing would clearly allow Muslim employers to impose elements of Sharia law on American workers.  As is so often the case, they are cowering in paranoia about a totally imaginary threat from the left, while working night and day to bring that threat to reality themselves.  They scream in outrage at what they themselves are bringing about.

Well, who could expect rationality or self-knowledge from them at this point?