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I still looks back in disbelief that the voters of the United States twice elected a guy with the middle name of  Hussein to the Presidency, but I want to predict with absolute certainty that this country will never have a President named Ramaswamy.  Really, nobody is going to spend four years listening to someone clearly named after a bit character in a Jonny Quest episode. 

Wingnut Wrapup

 Well, I haven't done one of these in a while, but I thought it might be fun to see what the wingnuts are "thinking" lately, so let's just dive in: And the big news: "Breaking! Trump Just Truthed He's "The Real Commander-In-Chief" Well, he said it.  It must be true.  He "truthed" it! You know it wouldn't take long for this sort of "reporting" to happen: "Maui Directed Energy Weapon Assault, Like 9/11, Paradise, CA., Malibu and Boulder Fires" Of course, it can't be the result of global warming.  It must be the deep state attacking Hawaii for some reason.  That makes much more sense.  Here's a small selection of headlines from the dozens and dozens of other articles about this alleged treachery: "New Patriot Underground: Hawaiian Wildfire: Possible DEW Attack" Maui: "An Orchestrated Apocalypse" "Maui Hawaii Has DUMBs Underground 8 to 10 Sex Trafficking Tunnels We Just Lasered Them Out!

Just a Coincidence, I guess

 I live in Los Angeles.  Yesterday, a tornado struck Montebello, a suburb of Los Angeles.  It was the first tornado to strike the Los Angeles area in 40 years.  Also, on Sunday, the remnants of a category 2 hurricane are predicted to strike Los Angeles, causing heavy rain and high winds.  It will be the second tropical storm to hit LA in recorded history.   A tornado and a tropical storm in one week.  All just an accident, I guess.

Too Many Defendants?

 Fani Willis has struck. Despite the record of evidence beginning to pile up around the criminal Trump, I already hear liberals complaining that her prosecution will never go anywhere.  The big argument today seems to be that 19 defendants is just too many, and this will just end up being a circus that will never get at the truth. I just want to cite a precedent with even more defendants that worked out pretty well: The evidence is there.  We expect the correct results.

The Worst

 Think of the bad guys that have littered our nation's history:  Consider Al Capone.  There was a guy who was greedy enough to do illegal things to make money, and to rub out other criminals who stood in his way.  Pretty bad, but nobody ever accused him of raping multiple women, or stealing money from kids with cancer, or taking national security documents from our government.  Charlie Manson- a psychotic killer, but he specialized in one sort of atrocity, never really branching out into other types of criminality.  Benedict Arnold- betrayed our country, but at least he wasn't a rapist or a petty con man.  Jefferson Davis, John Gotti, the list goes on, but they were always sort of specialists, who didn't really cross over into other forms of criminal activity. Can you think of anyone in our history who was a cheating builder, a thief that stole from sick children and veterans, a con man who ran a fake university and other phony schemes, a rapist accused of sexual assault by

Trying To Get Himself Arrested

 We've all heard this: "( Magistrate Judge Moxila)  Upadhyaya told the former president that "the most important condition of release is not committing any new crimes while on release, which could lead to him being detained and could add to the sentence he may eventually face," according to NPR . "She told Trump that it is a crime to 'influence a juror or try to threaten or bribe a witness or retaliate against anyone' connected to the case. Trump said he understands. Trump has repeatedly  attawcked prosecutors and judges  in his growing number of legal cases. " In the very few days since then, Trump has deliberately engaged in increasingly harsh attacks on these government employees.  It is absolutely clear to me, given what we know about him, that he is attempting to force the Judge's hand to place him in custody.  He thinks this will be a tremendous boon to his lying claims that he is an innocent person being persecuted by would-be Democratic

This is the Kind of Attorney You End Up With, Finally

 "No nonsense Judge Chutkan, on a Saturday morning, has given trump until 5 pm ET Monday to respond to special counsel Jack Smith's motion for a protective order... Trump's lawyers responded today asking for an extension to file a response to the motion for the protective order from Monday, August 7 to August 10 "to ensure counsel has adequate time to prepare a fulsome response." Fulsome:  "very or overly flattering.  fulsome can have pejorative connotations in phrases like "fulsome praise," where it is often taken to mean “effusive, excessive, or insincere praise.”  Excessive or insincere.  Sort of defines Trump, huh?  Well, we now have it from his attorneys.  When you have stiffed your attorneys for years, and in the last decade taken to ruining their careers and reputations, I guess you can't expect to get one who is actually literate, or aware of what the hell is going on in the world.