Monday, June 29, 2015

The Wisdom of Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz speaking about Karl Rove:

"I never imagined that his response would be a straight-out falsehood." 

I can't even figure out a way to make fun of that.

Do They Ever Think

how utterly lame and idiotic they look to the rest of us?

Today's exhibit:  Harold Covington, whose writings apparently had a big effect on Dylann Roof:

I guess that a lot of people thought Hitler was a fool too, until he took over Germany, but I'm betting that this is not the guy who is going to lead the next Aryan revolution.  And I love the Haroldjugund member there, and a guy that I think I remember from some Monty Python skits.

They're Not Giving Up Yet

The Confederate flag huggers are apparently not quite ready to pack it in.  Here they are, in Dalton, Georgia, showing their mighty force, and also showing how they normally end up.  Video with an excellent voiceover:

Courtesy of Crook and Liars.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Confederate Might on the March!

In keeping with Green Eagle's long tradition of bringing you the most up to date information on the great Conservative tide that is sweeping the country (right back into the 16th century,) here is a demonstration held today at the South Carolina State Capitol, supporting the importance of seeing to it that the American Swastika remains a vital symbol of our country's values:

Hmm, let's see... it's a little hard to tell because so many people are kind of obscured by their sacred symbol, but I'd put the attendance at about 30.  TEH REVOLUTION IS ON THE MARCH!!!!!!1!!11!!!!11!!!

Oh, and later, some woman took it upon herself to just shimmy up the pole and cut the damned thing down.  Finally,  a sensible response to all of this.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Wingnut Wrapup

You just know it's going to be good times for hunters of right wing delusion, over the next few days.  So, let's get to work:

And first a new height in malignant abuse from the Christian right:

Cortney O'Brien, Town Hall:  "Texas Gov Bars Planned Parenthood From State Cancer Screening Program...All the good pro-life news seems to be coming from Texas lately.   While Planned Parenthood supporters can’t fathom why the governor would be so cruel as to bar the organization from a program that provides health screenings to women, the necessity to do so comes down to one word: abortion"

Because of course it does.  Because it's so "pro-life" to let people die of cancer in order to push your lunatic religious agenda.  Because if they have to temporarily ease up on manipulating the Dylann Roofs of this world to murder for Jesus, they have to find another way to kill.  Because that's just the kind of people they are.

Katie Pavlich, Town Hall:  "US Under Highest Level of Threat...Ever"

Katie illustrates her article with this photo, of some guys carrying flags halfway around the world. 

I think she's a little off base.  Maybe she should have used this photo of a guy with a flag.  He's ahead of the other ones by a score of nine to one.

David Limbaugh, Town Hall:  "Of all the annoying things President Obama does, one of the worst is his hectoring Republicans and conservatives for their partisanship when he is the quintessential divisive partisan."

Unlike your brother, huh, David?

Ken Blackwell, Town Hall:  "The Impending Collision of Obama’s Failures...Like two speeding trains heading toward the same collapsed bridge, the dangers and failures of Barack Obamas foreign, economic, and social policies are heading rapidly toward implosion."

Yeah, Ken makes a really good point about Obama's failures.  Like his failure to start any three trillion dollar wars, his failure to cause a gigantic economic collapse, his failure to massively increase the budget deficit like all good Republican Presidents do, his failure to make a few hundred million more people around the world hate us, his failure to do the Koch brothers' bidding...well, you get the idea. 

And here's an important contribution to our current national dialogue:

 Mark Nuckols, Town Hall: Tarring Conservatives With The Brush of "Domestic Terrorism"...There is already a rush to call Dylann Roofs murder of nine black churchgoers in Charleston an act of domestic terrorism. This is a deliberate political strategy, intended by its ultra-liberal authors to transform this terrible tragedy into an indictment of American conservatism"

While it is really, apparently, one of American Conservatism's crowning achievments.  Here's a little of Mark's reasoning:

"How is Dylann Roof’s insane act of multiple murder different from (examples of Islamic terrorism)? Well, to go back to the legal definition, the PLO and al-Qaeda operations were carried out in furtherance of clearly articulated political objectives."

Whereas starting a new civil war and driving black people out of the country are not, apparently, clear enough political objectives.  

Nicholas Ballasy, PJ Media:  "Fiorina: ‘We’d Better Have a Nominee Not Afraid to Throw Punches All Night Long’

Too bad they can't find one that isn't afraid to act sane all night long.

Bridget Johnson, PJ Media:  "Unite to Demand Confederate Flag Come Down...Governor says while not all who display the flag are racist, fact that it "causes pain to so many" is enough to move it."

Yeah.  The pain she is worried about is the pain to "so many" Republicans, of not getting re-elected.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "Statues of Confederate Generals Vandalized in Texas"

Oh, so sad.

And could this be the biggest lie/projection ever told about Barack Obama?

Ed Lasky, American Thinker:  " Barack Obama is a master of trading future calamity for temporary gratification.  As is true of most addicts...He doesn’t seem to even care about the future world he will be leaving behind."

This, from the guys who deny the existence of global warming and who spend most of their time trying to start more wars.

Selwyn Duke, American Thinker:  "Keep the Confederate Flag Flying...What currently exists is an emotionally charged environment, and, as a rule, that’s the worst possible time to make decisions"

When is the best time to make decisions (except ones involving cutting taxes on the rich)?  Never.

"And make no mistake about it, the current drumbeat to hang the flag is the mob’s handiwork..."

Because only the mob could want racial equality.  And let's not forget the most important reason of all for flying that mighty flag high:

"In this, these “conservatives” side with Barack Obama"

Can't have that. 

Ann Coulter, Town Hall:  "Thank God it's extremely rare for whites to target black people for attack."

Well, maybe we can't count brown people as black people, or we would have that little thing of the three million dead in Vietnam and the one million dead in Iraq. 

Derek Hunter, Town Hall:  "Never ones to let a good crisis go to waste, Democrats made overtures on gun control. But after being unable to articulate a single proposed law that wouldve prevented the attack, they moved to plan B: the Confederate battle flag."

How about this proposed law:  Anyone who sides with the Republicans can't even own an X-Acto knife, let alone a gun.  That would have stopped this particular tragedy.

And boy are they angry at the Supreme Court.

Leon H. Wolf, Red State:  "For all the liberal bloviating about the new direction of SCOTUS under CJ Roberts, today’s opinion in King v. Burwell demonstrates that essentially, nothing has changed. The court is still forced into feckless pragmatism whenever a conservative principle is at stake, but is perfectly willing to venture beyond the expressed will of Congress in order to advance liberal agenda items on their own initiative."

It's a little hard to remember that the guys that Leon is talking about here are the ones who said okay to Citizens United and who put George W. Bush in the White House; the ones who said we don't need civil rights laws any more because there aren't any racists left in America any more.

Bridget Johnson, PJ Media:  "GOP Vows to Keep at Obamacare Repeals, Make It 2016 Issue"

Because, what else would they do?  I wonder what bogus lawsuit they will come up with next.

Roger L. Simon, PJ Media:  "90% of the Racism in America Comes from the Democratic Party and the Left.  My conclusion is inescapable."

Of course it is.  Because you are a Republican, and for you, lies about Democrats are always inescapable.  So, get on with it.  We barely hear it any more.

Tom Harris, PJ Media:  "The Pope’s Climate Letter Urges ‘Dialogue with Everyone,’ So Why Did Vatican Single Out and Harass Us?"

Uh, maybe, because you are the only people left on earth that won't face reality on the issue?

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "Breaking: House Republicans Considering IMPEACHMENT of Partisan IRS Commissioner"

If he's a Democrat, he's standing in a long line.

Cliff Kincaid, Renew America:  "A Russian link to the Charleston massacre?"

Yeah, that's the ticket, it's the RUSSIANS!  Anyone but the good old White American right wing haters that the murderer said were behind it.  Some day they will face the truth about themselves.  Nah, who am I kidding?

And while we are on the subject:

World Net Daily:  "Is the problem 'racism' – or demonic evil?  Exclusive: Pat Boone challenges Obama to recognize source of ongoing violence:

I think I'll go with racism.  Really, which would you pick?

And now a really well-meant suggestion from a wingnut:

Fay Voshell, American Thinker:  "conservatives must cry out loudly, Halt! Stop the iconoclastic frenzy.   Next, let’s insist on telling history, including the history of the Civil War as it really happened in all its facets.  Tell the good, the bad and the ugly history of the South, the North, the East and the West.  Tell the truth. Tell it all -- the whole miserable, glorious, mixed up, fascinating and complex mess.   

Keep the flags.  Keep the statues.  Keep the portraits.   Teach about them."

Well, that's a good idea.  And what should we teach?

"Son, this is a statue of Nathan Bedford Forrest.  He was brilliant and courageous in battle, but he was brutal."

Oh, and he founded the KKK.  I guess that wasn't worth mentioning.

 "This park named after Robert E. Lee?  Daughter, he was brave and a gentleman who was worshipped by his men, but it is said he was cruel to his slaves."

And he was a traitor who deserted his country to lead the fight against it, in furtherance of one of the most revolting practices in the history of mankind.  Again, I guess that didn't make the list of things worth including in our history lessons. 

"This portrait of Jefferson Davis, whose statue Mitch McConnell now wants removed from the capitol of Kentucky? Davis, my dear girl, argued against secession, but believed each state had a right to secede from the Union."

Of course, whatever Jefferson Davis did or didn't believe, he did agree to lead the country that fought a war of treason against the United States.  Once again,I guess that fact is just too insignificant to include in the rolls of history, which has a different meaning, I guess, to people like Fay than it does to the rest of us.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Oh, That Will Help With the Confederate Flag

So, Governor Nikki Haley of South Carolina says that they need to wait to consider removing the Confederate flag from the grounds of the State Capitol, because people need time to heal.

You know what, Governor Haley?  We've been giving you Southern traitors 150 years of "time to heal" from the Civil War, and you know what we've gotten?  If you are not sure, ask the people at that black church in Charleston.

How much "time to heal" are we expected to wait before we can remove the American Swastika from your State Capitol?  Another 150 years?  1,000 years?  Or just until the rest of us give up and let you have your slaves back?

Well, screw you.  As far as I am concerned, the "time to heal" you get is enough time to cut that damned thing down and be done with it.  More than that, and we will know that you are a traitor too.

Update:  So, she caved, along with a lot of other Republican demagogues.  Is there a person in the country that thinks they did this out of any kind of sudden moral awakening?   They are running scared, and if
Democrats aren't terminally stupid, they will keep them running until Republicans have all run out of the country.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Lost Cause

It should, unfortunately, be obvious to all of us that, no matter what barbarities are perpetrated on us by out of control, violent haters with guns, the Republican party is so in thrall to their corporate masters that there is never, in the foreseeable future, going to be a chance to stop them from polluting our country with more and more guns, in the hands of people so out of control that they shouldn't be allowed to own a slingshot.  So, if we are to have any hope of a better society, we must turn to something different.  This is my suggestion for how to do it, or at least a necessary way to start.

We need to attack the grotesque irrationality that has allowed an endless succession of malicious  notions to flourish on the right.  They start with things like denying the existence climate change or Keynesian economics, subjects which require some degree of knowledge to understand, and are, consequently easy prey for liars. And once people get accustomed to believing the word of corporate shills, or just whatever they want to believe, it's only a short step to claiming that liberals are the real racists, in fact they are really Nazis, that people who actually know something are in a vast conspiracy to destroy freedom, that the world is 6,000  years old, that the twice-elected President is a Communist Muslim plant dedicated to crushing the country, that cutting taxes raises revenue, or any other evil, self serving thing they can think of.

I don't want to write about this in general here; we all know it is true.  I only want to talk about one particularly malicious specimen of this behavior; one that is not mentioned that much these days, but which, in its conception and its results, is one of the worst of all of these delusions: the notion of the "Lost Cause."  This is a horrible falsehood which has existed now for close to two hundred years, and which initially flourished in the aftermath of the (God, why do we still have to talk about this?) Civil War.  Here's a good brief description:

"In the immediate aftermath of the Civil War, a number of white southern writers and political leaders worked to construct a favorable history of the old South and the Confederacy.  Seeking vindication of the white South in the wake of seemingly crushing defeat, they resurrected pro-white southern imagery and ideology of earlier years.  In doing so, these advocates for the white South constructed a “Lost Cause” mythology and memory of the Civil War and white southern history and culture.  Specifically, they celebrated the South’s natural beauty and idyllic plantations, supported a white supremacist racial hierarchy in southern society, claimed liberty as a southern principle and the American Revolution as southern heritage, wrapped their sectionalism in a constitutional theory of state sovereignty, and nostalgically glorified the southern past.  In pushing these ideas, these postwar “Lost Causers,” such as former Confederate president Jefferson Davis and the then-famous Virginia journalist Edward Pollard-whose 1866 book, The Lost Cause, probably coined the phrase with its title-picked up where earlier white southern advocates had left off, working to construct a public memory that would sustain earlier white southern advocates’ vision of an ideal South and white southerners."

And a little more:

"Many people have made the point that, for all their alleged disdain for “revisionist” history, those who hold to a “Southern” view of the war are themselves embracing an explicitly revisionist historical narrative. It’s a narrative that was carefully crafted in the decades following the Civil War to exonerate the Confederate cause, depict Southern leaders in the most flattering and noble way possible, and to undermine or denigrate the Union effort to highlight the contrast. This effort, which lies at the core of the Lost Cause, probably reached its zenith in the second decade of the 20th century. But with a few concessions to modern sensibilities — e.g., “faithful slaves” have now become “black Confederate soldiers” — the narrative remains largely as it was a century ago, and is held dear by many. But great longevity doesn’t make a revisionist narrative any less revisionist."

It is important to understand that the proliferation of this tendentious, nonsensical history, was a product of an implicit bargain:  In return for Southerners ceasing their treasonous, evil and murderous years-long rampage and returning to the role of decent citizens, the rest of us would agree to let them pretend that they were noble patriots struggling to preserve the natural order of things, rather than the killers and traitors they were.  So, Jefferson Davis and Robert E. Lee were let go, their criminal followers were allowed to return to their former lives unpunished, and we all assumed that an end had come to that. 

Except, of course, for the inevitable fact that, being right wingers, they refused to keep their end of the deal.  The vicious abuse of former slaves continues to this day, fueled by an absolute refusal to accept the truth about what happened, and the demagogues who are so plentiful in their midst still insist on portraying them as the true victims of the era of slavery and the war that took 600,000 lives to end it.

So, we are not going to get reasonable restriction on guns any time soon, but at the very least, we can come down hard on the right wing liars who incite damaged creatures like Dylann Storm Root to carry out their terrorist acts.  This means that, from now on, none of us should ever let a reference to anything good that supposedly came out of Southern treason to go unanswered.  We must recognize the Confederate flag for what it is: the American swastika.  We must never tolerate again the supreme lie that the the Southern rebellion was about anything other than allowing the 1.2% of Southerners that owned slaves to continue living off the misery of others.  We must make it clear that all of them, including the supposedly saintly Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson were deeply evil people who betrayed their country to maintain one of the greatest possible crimes against humanity- people who were granted their freedom in return for some sort of display of regret for their behavior- a display which never materialized.

And as a specific, many of us were forced to memorize the Gettysburg Address in school.  There is another document that needs equal exposure to that short speech: the so-called "Corner Stone Speech" delivered in 1861 by Alexander Stephens, the Vice President of the Confederacy, which lays out the true purpose of the Southern rebellion.  Here is a sample; the link will take you to the rest, if you can stand it:

"The new constitution (of the Confederacy) has put at rest, forever, all the agitating questions relating to our peculiar institution African slavery as it exists amongst us the proper status of the negro in our form of civilization. This was the immediate cause of the late rupture and present revolution...The prevailing ideas entertained by (Thomas Jefferson) and most of the leading statesmen at the time of the formation of the old constitution, were that the enslavement of the African was in violation of the laws of nature; that it was wrong in principle, socially, morally, and politically. It was an evil they knew not well how to deal with, but the general opinion of the men of that day was that, somehow or other in the order of Providence, the institution would be evanescent and pass away...Those ideas, however, were fundamentally wrong. They rested upon the assumption of the equality of races. This was an error. It was a sandy foundation, and the government built upon it fell when the “storm came and the wind blew.”

Our new government is founded upon exactly the opposite idea; its foundations are laid, its corner- stone rests, upon the great truth that the negro is not equal to the white man; that slavery subordination to the superior race is his natural and normal condition. This, our new government, is the first, in the history of the world, based upon this great physical, philosophical, and moral truth."

There is the unvarnished, ugly truth, and it is time to cram it down the throats of Rush Limbaugh, Rick Santorum, Ted Cruz, Bill O'Reilly and every other right wing hater that denies this.  It is that denial that is currently able to hear the most clear statements from Dylann Storm Root himself about the racist, white supremacist nature of his cause, and invent any kind of utterly ludicrous lie that serves to deny the obvious truth.

We cannot afford that denial any more.  We cannot afford to leave unchallenged the disgusting, hateful beliefs that allow it to exist.  If we cannot stop miserable little worms like Dylann Storm Root from getting their hands on lethal weapons, we must at least deny right wing leaders our consent to spread their hatred without challenge, in a manner that will inevitably produce more Dyall Storm Roots.  At this point, we cannot live with the forebearance that led our ancestors to let the Southern traitors go home in peace, to believe anything they chose, if only they would stop murdering people in the name of one of the most hateful causes in human history.  It is the duty of every American with a decent heart to not shy away from confronting the evil that has infected our country.  Sorry, this is not a solution that promises any quick progress toward ending something that is clearly a monstrous evil in the eyes of any sane person, but I just can't think of anything else to do.


A couple more sites about the Lost Cause, if you are interested:

I don't want anyone to think there is a bit of question about what happened here.  Offering this deal, in a spirit of magnanimity, was a tragic mistake.  We now see the tremendous damage that was done when we allowed the Southerners' hateful myth to outlive their treason; it is time to correct that error.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

A Whole Wingnut Wrapup in One Post

And by whom else, but the Dumbest Man on the Internet, Jim Hoft?

"Like a Typical Leftist...Mass murdered Dylann Storm Root is sounding more and more like a typical disgruntled leftist."

Uh huh.  A leftist.
Yeah, that's what he is.  Wanting to start a new civil war, repeating the most worn out attacks on Jews, raving on and on about how worthless black people are...a typical leftist, for sure.  Well, thanks, Jim.  After that, Green Eagle doesn't have to ever do another thing to document how truly deranged and evil the American right is.

Friday, June 19, 2015

And Yeah, This Hits a Little Close to Home for Me

Yeah, I lived in Charleston, SC.  Here's a map showing where I lived, and the church where this massacre took place:
Just a few minutes' walk, from my 1710 carriage house, down a street filled with historic buildings, and there you are- a location that became historic this week, thanks to all the white haters in this country who got together to enable this guy to believe that what he did made total sense.

You're Right About That One, Lindsay

Lindsay Graham, proud resident of the State of South Carolina, and current candidate for the Republican nomination to run for President, speaking about the Confederate flag:

"this is part of who we are."

You're God Damned right about that one, you filthy racist.  That's who you are- a treasonous, violent hater that constantly spouts in public about religion without it ever occurring to him that the religion he claims to be a part of supposedly has no room for hatred in it; a guy who preens himself on his "patriotism" without it ever occurring to him that patriotism and glorifying a vicious, murderous rebellion area  little inconsistent.  But that doesn't disqualify you from running for President, because that is what every single Republican in the country is.  They love you for being as filled with hate and lies as they are themselves. Deal with that, you disgusting piece of garbage.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Just a Crazy Guy

I have to repeat something which pretty much has to be said after every one of these all-too-common incidents like the white hater today who killed nine black people, apparently because he thought it would start a race war.

We know that any reasoning about this is about to be drowned out in a maelstrom of screaming that this is about nothing but a crazy guy, and maybe some bad parents.  This is not true at all.  At least since the Russian Nihilists in the mid-nineteenth century, there has been a pattern to these terrorist activities, involving two groups of people.  The first are the inciters, people with some degree of prominence who preach a gospel of hatred and violence.  They will, of course, make perfectly sure that they are never in the line of fire.  Among their ranks we find such characters as Gerry Adams from the IRA, and his Protestant alter ego, Ian Paisley, Yasir Arafat, who died a billionaire while the people he incited were blown to pieces, the Serbian generals who stoked the hatred and supplied the weapons to Gavrilo Princip, and our own generation of inciters; Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, Pam Geller and their ilk.  They enjoy fame and even adulation, while denying that they were in any way connected with the violence they incite.

The second necessary component in this scheme is a plentiful supply of dupes.  The vast majority of these suckers will never do anything worse than get in a bar fight or two, or hoard some weapons they are too cowardly to use, or vote for people who regard them as little more than beasts of burden.  But a minuscule number of these dupes are just unstable enough to take the words of the haters seriously, and that is what they count on- the small but continuous supply of people like the two jackasses in Las Vegas who returned from the Bundy Ranch standoff, and promptly killed a couple of cops who were sitting in a restaurant eating a pizza, or the Atlanta Olympic Bomber, Eric Robert Rudolph, or the people who kill abortion providers or Sikhs that they mistakenly think to be Muslims.

It is the first group, who know perfectly well that, if they keep up their incitement, soon enough some idiot is going to act on the basis of their words, who really bear the guilt for this.  It is time that we find a way to hold them responsible for the evil they generate.  I'm not sure how we can do this, but I guess we have all seen enough of the results of tolerating their behavior.

Sorry, There's Something Wrong With This Guy

I mean, really.  Normal people don't look like this.

Failing Up...or down...or something

This vitally interesting news:

"Another key departure sees Mark Penn leave Microsoft in September. Penn was the main driving force behind Microsoft’s highly criticized Scroogled campaign. Penn says he is leaving Microsoft to form a private equity fund, but his departure could see him rejoin the political world ahead of the the upcoming presidential campaigns."

Translation:  Having once again utterly failed, as he has at everything he ever did, Mark Penn now moves on to a more sure-fire way to con people out of their money in return for nothing.

Is it too early to start referring to Mark Penn as the male Carly Fiorina?

Racism Is Dead In the U.S.

Particularly in the South.

"CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) — A white man opened fire during a prayer meeting inside a historic black church in downtown Charleston, killing nine people, including the pastor, in an assault authorities described as a hate crime."

I'm sure he was just standing his ground.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Hey, This Idea Might Work!

You know, Jeb's idea of replacing every inconvenient fact of his life history with an exclamation point.  I expect to see others trying this out in future political bids:
See how well this is going?
And I bet you never knew that Sauron's first name was Louie.  See how that humanizes him?

Well, it's just one more great idea contributed to the American people by our favorite family of war criminals.  I hope you appreciate it.

Monday, June 15, 2015


He's running for President, and he can't even mention his last name.  You've got to love it.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

The Republican Gotterdammerung

There have been a number of stories in the last few days about the "war" between the Republican National Committee and the Koch brothers.  As usual, none of them seem to understand what is really happening.

In reading the details below, please remember Lenin's line about capitalists selling their enemies the rope needed to hang them.  Of course, Lenin thought the enemies would come from the left, not the right; he never understood that people who pay for free health care, free education, and fair pay for all, can't afford a war against the guys who put their money into all the guns.  But someone can. Details below.

From an article a couple of days ago in the Washington Post:

"For years, Republicans have been fighting to empower people like the Kochs and increase their political power, and now the Kochs may end up swallowing the Republican Party itself.

This current dispute is about whether Republican candidates for office will use the RNC’s voter file to target their campaign activities, or whether they’ll use a system created by the Kochs’ political operation. According to Ward, the RNC sees the Koch’s system as a real threat, and things are getting ugly:

Since then, relations between the two sides have soured, turning into what one Republican operative described as “all-out war.” Interviews with more than three dozen people, including top decision-makers in both camps, have revealed that the Kochs’ i360 platform for managing voter contacts — which is viewed by many as a superior, easier-to-use interface than what’s on offer from the RNC — is becoming increasingly popular among Republican campaigns.

There’s a pretty rich irony in hearing an RNC spokesperson complain about the influence of unaccountable rich people on politics. That’s because the power the Kochs (and other mega-donors) are building is a direct consequence of everything Republicans have advocated for years. They’re the ones who filed lawsuits to try to weaken campaign finance laws. They’re the ones who celebrated when those lawsuits succeeded. They’re the ones who rush to exploit every new loophole so the most amount of money can be spent with the least amount of accountability. They’re the ones who say that money equals speech, and liberty demands that the wealthy be able to spend all they want on campaigns.

But it’s possible that party leaders may not have predicted just how serious and involved the Kochs would become in their political activities."

Let's not forget that the Republicans deliberately made this possible, it never occurring to them that, once the really rich people were in charge, they would have no need for the rest of them.  As Joan McCarter at Daily Kos puts it:

"Of course the Kochs are trying to take over the party, and the party has been more than happy to take the millions and millions of dollars from the Kochs that comes with that."

But even she doesn't get what is really happening here.  You see, the Kochs, Sheldon Adelson, Foster Friess, the Waltons, and the couple dozen other sociopathic right wing billionaires that are willing to make the investment,  don't need the Republican party any more.  The only thing of value the Republicans have left is their database sucker list, and everyone knows you can buy those.  These super rich guys paid the Republicans to make it legal for them to buy the government, and now the party has no more purpose.  They are not even required to con the rubes with their fear mongering and racism and stoking of greed; the Kochs and their ilk no longer need even the fiction of representing the masses.  Billion dollar negative campaigns and already rigged electoral systems can accomplish every thing they want.

No, as I have been saying for some time, what is panicking the Republican leadership is not that there is a war between them and their biggest donors, but that the war is already over, and the Republicans have lost.  We have reached the point where a handful of families now have the ability to force whatever kind of government they want on the country, with only the minor impediment of the spineless Democrats, with their decades long history of facing a long campaign to cheat them out of any role in government, by just averting their heads and counting on the Republican clown car to at least keep them in the White House, as Republican deals with the devil have taken away most State governments, Congress and even the Federal courts.

It's still a two-seat game of musical chairs in this country; the Republican party, however, has pretty much lost its seat to the Billionaires.  Just being rich is not enough any more.  Just as the Republicans no longer need the middle class in order to hang on to power, the Kochs and their ilk no longer need the merely rich.  People like the Romneys and the Bushes are suddenly finding themselves outside the circle of power, just like poor people and minorities and all the others that have to actually work for a living.  That's why they are panicking- they have created a country in which they aren't going to get anywhere close to the levers of power any more, and they realize that this dooms them to decline into the same condition they have created for all the rest of us.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

More Sovereign Citizen Garbage

I like to keep an eye on the Sovereign Citizens, one of the most active terrorist groups in the country, and particularly adept at killing police.  Here's another one, albeit a little ways north, in Canada:

"Two Canadian Officers Shot, One Fatally, During Encounter with Antigovernment ‘Sovereign Citizen’...One police officer was killed and a second wounded in a fiery standoff when officers tried to serve a criminal warrant at the Edmonton, Alberta, home of a man believed to be an antigovernment “sovereign citizen.”

After the Monday shooting, the home burst into flames and burned to the ground, apparently with the suspect, Norman Walter Raddatz, 42, still inside. Police found one body in the burned ruins."

And on a rather less serious note, here is a wonderful video, taken by a Sovereign Citizen in Texas, of his encounter with a policeman:

If you need any further proof to realize what jackasses these people are, this should convince you for good.  And can I also say that this cop looks like he could be a pretty tough customer; I have to salute him for the restraint he showed in the face of so much idiotic incitement. 

Quiverfull and Perversion

So, I've followed the "Quiverfull" movement for some time, and I want to say something about what they believe, because it is clear to me that what happened with Josh Duggar is a feature of this belief, not a bug.

There are a lot of sources of information about the Quiverfull movement online.  Here's a sample of what they believe:

"From the moment a Duggar in possession of a vagina is born or married into the family, she falls under the control of Christian Patriarchy. The wife is forever under the authority of her husband, and a daughter is completely subservient to her father until the day he finds a suitable husband to take up the role. The women of Quiverfull are never supposed to disobey their male authority figure, ever, even if it’s something they find immoral. Because they think God would rather you kill a guy because your husband says so than to disobey the orders of a man.

Women aren’t supposed to work outside the home, and if the father can’t find anyone for his daughter to court and marry, they have to live at home to take care of the other children. (Sorry, Jana Duggar.) College? What’s that? There’s no room for individuality for men or women when you’re immediately dictated into a role based on the kind of genitals you have.

...women are obligated to give it up to their husband whenever and wherever they want it. Michelle Duggar herself relegated this advice to her daughters Jessa and Jill, on Today.

    “In your marriage there will be times you’re going to be very exhausted. Your hubby comes home after a hard day’s work, you get the baby to bed, and he is going to be looking forward to that time with you. Be available. Anyone can fix him lunch, but only one person can meet that physical need of love that he has, and you always need to be available when he calls.”

So, here's the thing:  These children are "home-schooled;" i.e. are isolated from society and are then fed a bunch of vicious baloney about the world.  Part of that is the notion that women are nothing but breeding machines, and that it is their responsibility to have sex with male authority figures any time the males demand it.  When Josh, the oldest male in the family, learns by example (being systematically denied experience of any more healthy adult behavior) that this is the ordained relationship between men and women, and that women only exist to serve the needs of men, why would it be one bit strange- in fact why would it not be predictable- that he should follow the example of his father, and decide that the women around him exist only for his pleasure?  Like the Catholic priesthood, here's another example of Christianity being, in fact, a breeding ground for the most vile of perversions. 

I just want to add, in finishing, that we are brought up to grant extra respect to beliefs that stem from religion.  In today's world, the exact opposite is true.  We have learned through painful experience that, when someone justifies their conduct on the basis of religion, the proper response is to assume that they are up to something they can't justify in any real way, and are just using a dodge to persist in behavior that we all know is repugnant.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Enabling Act?

Remember the Enabling Act?

"The Enabling Act was a 1933 amendment to the Weimar Constitution that gave the German Cabinet – in effect, Chancellor Adolf Hitler – the power to enact laws without the involvement of the Reichstag. It passed in both the Reichstag and Reichsrat on 24 March 1933, and was signed by President Paul von Hindenburg later that day."

By destroying the power of another branch of government, Hitler made the biggest move required to seal his position as absolute dictator.  Even Hitler, however, did not have the gall to do this on his own, so he had the captive Reichstag vote for its own dissolution, and then had the bill signed into law by the (by then) deeply senile Paul Hindenburg.  Still, the passage of this bill has come to be seen as one of the most cynical acts of destruction of democracy ever seen.

Well, the United States may now lay claim to having one-upped the worst dictator in history.  No,not the "imperial Presidency" of Obama, but on a smaller scale, in the lamentable State of Kansas:

"On Thursday, Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback signed a bill that threatens the entire state's judiciary with destruction if it rules against a law he favors. Brownback has spent much of his tenure attempting to curb the state supreme court and consolidate power in the executive branch. Thursday's startling maneuver suggests the deeply conservative governor has no compunction about simply obliterating separation of powers when another branch of government gets in his way.
Now the court has an opportunity to strike down the administrative law, which probably violates the state constitution. And that's where Brownback's insane new law comes in. The law declares that if the supreme court strikes down the administrative law, the entire state judiciary will lose its funding. Brownback and the legislature are essentially bullying the judiciary: Uphold our law or cease to exist."

No laws to do this; no approval of the branch of government which is to be led to the gallows.  Instead, just a display of the naked power to destroy the rule of law, and deprive the people of Kansas of any way to stop Brownback from carrying out his most malignant  whims.

I have suggested before that, in the last year or so, I  have seen signs that Republicans are so convinced that they have utterly destroyed the power of ordinary people to control their government, that they are now in the process of taking their gloves off and openly working to destroy the government of, by and for the people which has always been supposed to be the central tenet of American rule, and replacing it with a vicious oligarchy.  This act by Sam Brownback is by far the worst of this behavior; it is not in any way an exaggeration to describe this as naked, unvarnished fascism, for that is what it is.  It looks like Sinclair Lewis was wrong when he suggested that, when fascism came to the United States, it would come dressed in religion and the flag.  No, it looks like it will march in wearing the same jackboots it has always favored; because once the people have been crushed, no need to waste energy putting on a show for them.

Well, It Sort Of Makes Sense

This news today, from the Washington Post:

"You'll recall that Voldemort killed Harry Potter's parents, fed his enemies to a giant snake, and tortured and killed muggles just for fun. But he's still polling better than Mike Huckabee, Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush, Rick Santorum, Chris Christie and Donald Trump."

Well, I think at this point, Josh Duggar could beat some of these guys.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Wingnut Wrapup

Sorry about the lack of posts lately.  I've been pretty busy here in Baton Rouge, and frankly, right wingers' behavior lately has been so predictable that it's like a joke you've already heard.  Anyway, here's what they have been "thinking" these days:

Thomas Sowell, Town Hall:  "Baltimore is now paying the price for irresponsible words and actions, not only by young thugs in the streets, but also by its mayor and the state prosecutor, both of whom threw the police to the wolves, in order to curry favor with local voters."

They are NOT paying the price, apparently, of allowing a murderous police department to run out of control for decades, as long as they confined their abuses to black people.  No, no, it's all the fault of people who think there is something wrong with killer policemen.  And let me just observe that, once again, Conservatives have managed to see to it that their most disgusting hatred comes out of the mouth of a black man.

Leon H. Wolf, Red State:  "Democrats Set to Nominate Unlikable Harpy"

Yeah, and she is going to win, too.  Because compared to Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz, she is America's sweetheart.

Seton Motley, Red State:  "Free Trade: Less Government Everywhere Means Cheaper Stuff Here"

Yeah, but it also means no one here will have jobs to earn the money to pay for that cheap stuff.  Forgot to mention that point, huh, Seton?

Streiff, Red State:  "...Denny Hastert’s indictment is a danger to us all"

Well, let's just say, all of us that molest children. Maybe that's the only kind of people that Streiff knows, but none of Green Eagle's friends seem to feel that endangered by Denny getting caught.  Streiff has this to add:

"To be clear, I don’t really care what Hastert did to be blackmailed... we have moved past the point where we should be outraged about a teacher diddling a student."

Well, maybe you Republican family values guys have, at least when it's one of your own doing the "diddling," i.e. raping.  The rest of us, not so much.  And by the way, Conservatives, nice work there trying to convince people that this story is about blackmail, not screwing children.  It didn't work, but I guess it's the best line you have in the face of this colossal humiliation.

Roger L. Simon, PJ Media:  "Keep Hillary-Slayer Carly in this Thing...Fiorina is the anti-Hillary and by far the best positioned to put paid to the Witch of Chappaqua."

The witch of Chappaqua.  I'm so glad that the coming Presidential election is going to be contested on the high road.

Thomas Lifson, American Thinker:  "Evidence mounts that Hillary's campaign in crisis... The sort of humiliating failure the MSM won't report until there is a viable alternative for the Democratic nomination."

The sort of humiliating failure that the press won't report because it doesn't exist.  Still, to a Republican, what difference does that make?

And now a new high in Conservative thinking:

Jonah Goldberg, Town Hall:  "Lawfare is Killing the Death Penalty...It's true that the death penalty has become wildly expensive. But why? Shouldn't executions cost less than lifetime room and board? The reason is simple. For decades, the anti-capital punishment bar has flooded courts with expensive appeals and challenges..."

Well, there you go.  If you just stop allowing people on trial for their lives the luxury of a lawyer (A.K.A. "Lawfare"- what a cute name)  the government could get on with killing lots of people really fast.  In fact, why not just eliminate criminal courts altogether, which would save a ton of money for more corporate tax breaks?  Just let the police execute anyone, whenever they feel like it...oh wait, that's sort of what we've got already.  And it's working so well.

Moe Lane, Red State:  "King v. Burwell and the Democratic Abyss....The Democrats have no plans to deal with King v. Burwell, past pretending that it’s still 2009."

The Democrats have still not announced a plan to save the Republican party from the consequences of its savage, heartless attack on Obamacare.  Because isn't that the way things work in this country?  Republicans screw things up and then it's the Democrats' responsibility to fix them, right?  Well, here's my plan: make sure that every one of the millions who will lose their medical insurance because of Republican corruption knows exactly what happened and who is responsible.  That should do the trick.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "It's an Obama world...Obama Arrests & Deports El Salvadorian General Who Reduced Death Squad Killings"

Of course, victims of torture in El Salvador won a $54 million dollar judgment against him, but he REDUCED death squad killings, which means, I guess, that he killed slightly fewer innocent civilians than the guy before him.  So what's all the fuss about?  After all, at the Denny Hastert rate, that court judgment only amounts to about fifteen raped high school wrestlers.

Ellis Washington, Renew America:  "CBS News anchor, Walter Cronkite, the Communist-Progressive oracle of the Democrat Socialist Party for decades had the false reputation that his words was LAW...
You see America Cronkite and all of the other Leftist cue card readers we deify as "Network TV Anchors" aren't that smart at all. They're what the father of Soviet Communism, Vladimir Lenin called "Useful Idiots" who zealously and ignorantly promote the Communist-Progressive Revolution at the expense of destroying the Judeo-Christian traditions of their own country.
Now these fake government funded 'scientists' and Marxist academics are all crowing about anthropogenic (man-caused) Global Warming, and when the people starting digging themselves out of record snow storms on the east coast last year, now these academic frauds scream Climate Change! It's all lies designed to enslave you and your future generations in the chains of Socialism slavery. Don't believe in man-caused Global Warming. We don't have that kind of power."

Walter Cronkite.  Walter fucking Cronkite.  Who are they going to dig up from the past to attack now, Kukla, Fran and Ollie?  And what an amazingly worthless hook to hang Ellis' lying about global warming on.  Come on, guy, can't you see how pathetic your attacks on Democrats are when you have to base them on a newscaster whose career was so long ago that he announced the death of JFK?

Thomas Lifson, American Thinker:  "Clinton Foundation set-up fundraising arm in Sweden as Iran sanctions deliberated at Hillary's State Department"

Sweden.  Boy, there's a flimsy pretext on which to base a supposed scandal.  Once again, it shows just how little they have been able to dig up about Obama or Hillary.  But to Conservative eyes,

"This looks exactly like a shakedown racket."

Only to an idiot.  Of course, for Conservatives, just about everything is a shakedown racket.  When you're a hammer, as they say, everything looks like a nail.

Rick Moran, PJ Media:  "Graduation Ceremony Goes Full-On Nazi...Kicked out of event for shouting out the name of their loved one."

The family was then packed into a boxcar, taken to Poland, gassed and cremated.  What, they weren't?  Then what's with the "full-on Nazi" thing?  Some people seem to have really forgotten what the Nazis were.

World Net Daily:  "Clinton Foundation donors gassed own citizens"
You mean like this?

Boy, am I glad that nothing like that would ever happen in our country.

Moe Lane, Red State:  "NYT’s @arappeport & @steveeder obediently vomit up American Bridge Lefty oppo...The New York Times Friday report that Republican Sen. Marco Rubio (Fla.) and his wife Jeanette have been cited 17 times for traffic violations was written after the citations were pulled by liberal opposition research firm American Bridge, according to Miami-Dade County court records."

No claim that the information is not true, of course.  Moe creates a new standard in journalism:  if anyone else on earth has already discovered an embarrassing fact about a Republican, the New York Times is forbidden to ever mention it.

Jim Fletcher, World Net Daily:  "What was once a fine idea – the first five minutes someone had it 60 years ago – has become one of those classic scenes you want to look away from, but can’t.

I’m speaking of the slow destruction of the American Christian book industry.From scandalous books offered in Christian bookstores, to the recent bankruptcy of Family Christian Stores, the whole affair reeks of mismanagement and greed."

To me it reeks of "you guys have turned your formerly great brand into something that no sane person wants to touch with a bargepole."

Richard F. Minter, American Thinker:  "Did Charles Murray Write the Wrong Book?"

Well, if he'd written Fifty Shades of Grey, he would have made a lot more money.

Richard Alexander, Town Hall:  "Bewildered in recent years by all the vitriolic hatred directed toward the U.S. from foreigners? Turns out it’s not all real. The propaganda machine of the Kremlin during Russia’s communist era, known as Pravda, has reinvented itself and is making a resurgence, this time through “Kremlin Trolls” who litter onine news sites and social media with Vladimir Putin’s agenda. Yesterday, in a huge expose, The New York Times labeled it “… a highly coordinated disinformation campaign"

As distinguished, say, from Fox News, or Town Hall's website itself.

Dennis Prager, Town Hall: 'Does It Do Good?' vs. 'Does It Feel Good?' Left-Right Differences: Part III...A fundamental difference between the left and right concerns how each assesses public policies. The right asks, "Does it do good?" The left asks a different question."

I guess you've got to laugh, huh?  "Does it do good?"  Is that really the question that the right asked before they invaded Iraq?  Before they did away with the regulations that prevented Wall Street from wrecking the economy?  Before they decided that the interests of a few oil billionaires were more important than the survival of the human race?  Before they decided to pretend that racism doesn't exist in the United States any more? Before they decided that the only thing poor people needed was a good kick in the ass?  If that is what "doing good" consists of, I'll stick with feeling good.  Not that I do after reading garbage like this.

And now, the self-serving Republican delusion of the day:

Arthur Shafer, Town Hall:  "I believe that the Republican Party presidential prospectus has not turned into a clown car... consider the array of clowns, losers, and misfits running for (or ruining) the Democratic Party nomination."


Andrew Klavan, PJ Media:  "Why Conservatives Aren’t Funny...Because liberals have no sense of humor."

Huh?  Did I miss something there?

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "If ISIS Attacks US, Obama Will Go Down as WORST PRESIDENT EVER"

Hey, you guys decided that Obama was the WORST PRESIDENT EVER the day after he took office.  So can the crap already.  Bush and Cheney created Isis when they ran Iraq according to Conservative foreign policy nonsense.  And no, we are not about to forget that.

Alan Keyes, Gateway Pundit:  "Cardinals surrender to iniquitous spirit of the time"

Who cares what this is about?  I'm not even from St. Louis.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Our National Security Sham

So, this news is all over the place today; the following from ABC News:''

"An internal investigation of the Transportation Security Administration revealed security failures at dozens of the nation’s busiest airports, where undercover investigators were able to smuggle mock explosives or banned weapons through checkpoints in 95 percent of trials, ABC News has learned."

You know exactly how people with access to the national media are going to react to this:  endless demands that we sacrifice another huge chunk of our rights to provide us with "security" from the evil Muslims that are swarming all over our country, just trying to kill us anywhere they can.

Well, I have another message from this news. Apparently, given the 95% failure rate, we never needed all the sham security at our airports at all, since they have been abysmally failing for over a decade now, and yet no one has managed to attack us. 

As far as I have been able to tell, the whole nonsense at our airports never had any purpose but to con the American people into thinking the government was doing something real to keep us safe.  I remember the Bush administration totally blocking efforts to increase security at chemical plants, and its collaboration with shipping companies to frustrate increased port security.  As I calculated a few years ago, the following is a totally reasonable scenario thanks to this failure:  Currently, you can buy a used shipping container for about $2200.00.  If you were to load three of these containers with explosives or anthrax or God knows what, and ship them to the United States, with the current rate of inspection, the odds that all three would be found would be about one in 20,000.  But believe me, no one is getting on an airplane with a shoe bomb.

But the screams for more and more intrusions into our lives will undoubtedly be as loud as the screams for war with Iraq, so the result will be more hundreds of billions wasted for nothing, and not a millisecond when the real issues of our security will be dealt with.

Can I Just Get This Out There?

I hardly know a thing about Martin O'Malley, but I am already bored to tears by him.

Monday, June 1, 2015


Denny Hastert, a number of years ago:

“It is important to have a national notification system to help safely recover children kidnapped by child predators,” it said. “But it is equally important to stop those predators before they strike, to put repeat child molesters into jail for the rest of their lives, and to help law enforcement with the tools they need to get the job done.”