Friday, June 19, 2015

You're Right About That One, Lindsay

Lindsay Graham, proud resident of the State of South Carolina, and current candidate for the Republican nomination to run for President, speaking about the Confederate flag:

"this is part of who we are."

You're God Damned right about that one, you filthy racist.  That's who you are- a treasonous, violent hater that constantly spouts in public about religion without it ever occurring to him that the religion he claims to be a part of supposedly has no room for hatred in it; a guy who preens himself on his "patriotism" without it ever occurring to him that patriotism and glorifying a vicious, murderous rebellion area  little inconsistent.  But that doesn't disqualify you from running for President, because that is what every single Republican in the country is.  They love you for being as filled with hate and lies as they are themselves. Deal with that, you disgusting piece of garbage.


Anonymous said...

this flag is It is the "Battle Flag of Northern Virginia

Green Eagle said...

Oh, I see. I guess if I show you a flag of the death's head SS, you will tell me that it isn't racist because it isn't THE Nazi flag, just the flag of some of the Nazis. Good thinking there.