Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Don't Call Up That Which You Can't Put Down, Chapter 2

From Daily Kos, an excellent summation of the position which six years of screeching for impeachment of a centrist President has left the Republican party:

"Don't call Obama a tyrant.

When you call Obama a tyrant wingnuts want to impeach him

When wingnuts want to impeach Obama Dem voters get motivated to vote in off year elections.

The GOP really has two choices here, either shitcan the looney impeachment talk OR admit that Obama isn't the lawless tyrant hell bent on destroying the constitution that they've painted him as for the last 5 or 6 years.

But the GOP can't do either of those things or their rabid teabagger base would throw them out faster than you can say Eric Cantor.

Whereas Obama can now continue to rope-a-dope these schmucks to his hearts content
Don't want to pass a real immigration reform bill that addresses a clear pathway to citizenship? I'll just get my pen and my phone. There is an Executive Order for that.

Which will make wingnuts howl for impeachment

Which will make Dem voters realize they need to get off their asses and vote in 2014."

It has been a real spectacle the last few days to see Republicans all over the country, after promoting impeachment for six years, suddenly realize where they are taking themselves.  Now, in the most preposterous specimen of Obama blaming in their whole history, they are trying to blame Obama because they have been howling for impeachment.

So they are trying to shut their people up until November, because they know that if the impeachment train leaves the station before then, they are screwed- every Democrat in the country (including the dead ones in Chicago) will turn out to vote, and the right wingers will be wiped out.

Don't think impeachment is over, however. We all know that, though that impeachment train I referred to is still in the station, it's all coaled up and ready to go; and the day after the election, win or lose, the Republican "base," the out of control monster they deliberately created, is going to demand that the leaders come through on their promise to kick the guy out.  Not that they can, but what they can do is make the country even more ungovernable than it already is, and in the process make it that much easier for their rich masters to muscle their way into control of more and more of our resources- which is all they were ever after.

Monday, July 28, 2014

What The Republican War on Obamacare Means in Mitch McConnell's Home State.

That would be Kentucky, and I was just about struck dumb by these two maps (something that, as you know, rarely happens to Green Eagle) showing just what Obamacare has meant to Kentucky.  This is via Daily Kos and Leo Weekly in Louisville.  Things like this need to be spread, because they show just what a bunch of malignant monsters Republicans are:

The decrease in the rate of the uninsured in Kentucky is astounding, and particularly so in places like Harlan County, one of the most intense anti-Obama places in the country.  This is what the Republicans in Congress have been working for years, almost single-mindedly (other than the phony scandals) to take away from the American people.

Democrats all over the country should be shoving this down Republicans' throats, but that just wouldn't be polite, so I guess they will just curl up in a corner and lose in November.  Believe me, it's not Libya or executive orders that make Republicans want to get Obama out of office- it's this, and the dim hope the sometime in the future, people will start figuring out why their lives are being destroyed.

World War I

Just a brief note:  Today is the 100th anniversary of the Austro-Hungarian declaration of war on Serbia, starting World War I.  On August 4, a week later, Germany, the Austrians' ally, invaded Belgium, drawing France and England into the war.
And thus we entered the modern world.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Death to Obamacare

Just a brief comment, but I'm a little puzzled by the panic over the ruling by a Federal District Court about Obamacare last week.

The court seemed to have decided (by a 2-1 majority, the two justices being of course two more examples of the pollution of our court system by corrupt right wingers) that Obamacare subsidies are only allowed for State exchanges and not the Federal one that exists in those many States whose voters have decided to stab themselves in the back by electing Republicans to run things.

Well, we all know that it is very likely that this ruling will not stand, but what would happen if it did?  The States that voluntarily participated in the Affordable Care Act (the Democratic States) would continue as they are into the foreseeable future, while those States that rejected participation due to spite and political animus (the Republican States) would see millions of their residents stripped of access to health care.  Over a few years, we would see the health status of the two groups of States diverge more and more, with people from Republican States getting sicker and sicker, and paying more and more for whatever scraps of insurance they could afford, while the health status in Democratic States would continue on the upward path initiated by Obamacare.

There's nothing like the possibility of dying to sharpen the focus of people, particularly when that possibility is created for no reason but political advantage. 

We already know that there is a wide divergence between Republican and Democratic States on many issues that affect their residents- education, infrastructure, teen pregnancy rates, infant mortality, etc.  So far, this has not added up to a great enough critical mass to snap the residents of Republican States out of their daze.  But threaten them with a premature death that residents of other States don't face, and maybe finally they will decide who is really on their side.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Wingnut Wrapup

Mark Davis, Town Hall:  "Gaza, Ukraine, Border Crises Have Roots In a Weakened America...(Obama's) stewardship of America’s decline is a prime cause of Mideast turmoil, Russian adventurism and a porous southern border."

And restless leg syndrome. That's Obamas's fault too.  Here's some more incisive opinion from Mark:

"...even George W. Bush, who kept us safe with a war taken to the enemy after 9/11, supported a ridiculous “two-state solution” that hastens to grant Palestinians a nation well before they show any aptitude for non-terrorist self-governance..."

He kept us safe after 9-11.  AFTER 9-11.  After the worst terrorist attack on U.S. soil.  He gets a pass on that one. See, 3000 dead Americans on American soil just wasn't Bush's fault, but an airplane shot down halfway around the world by people who we have absolutely zero control over was clearly Obama's fault.  Because he is weak- which apparently consists in not squandering trillions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of lives only to make the Middle East worse.  Now, that's strength.

Streiff, Red State:  "“It may be a terrible tragedy”: Flight MH-17 and the overweening narcissism of Barack Obama"

There you go- it's Obama's self-love that shot a plane down.  Man, that guy is powerful.  No wonder they're worried about him becoming a dictator.

I had some more of this jackass blaming of Obama for something we had nothing to do with, but that's all I can stand, so let's just go on to a real expert:
John McCain, professional TV show loudmouth:  "I don’t understand this president. The crisis on the border. He did the fundraisers, the fundraisers in New York while they’re major conflicts, not to mention the loss of American lives. It was reported there were Americans on the airplane. I do not understand it. I think your network has already played the clip of Ronald Reagan’s reaction when the South Korean airliner was shot down. This is just what we used to call in the military A-W-O-L."

So Ronald Reagan threw a tantrum, and Obama didn't.  That really shows how much better a leader Reagan was.  And by the way, speaking about AWOL, John, you spilled your guts to the North Vietnamese, and told them everything you knew, you traitorous son of a bitch.  Let's see your lies top that.

Kurt Schlichter, Town Hall:  "Liberals Hate Civil Rights... Liberals never met a civil right they didn't dislike. As with everything about liberal ideology, liberals’ great concern for civil rights is a scam, a lie, a fraud designed to sucker in the weak-minded and disguise their goosesteppy inclinations.  Sure, liberals pose as advocates of civil liberties, but only when they don’t have the power to squash them."

Why, that's a unique perspective, I think you will have to admit.  It will take a lot of historical evidence before people accept that.  Well, don't worry, Kurt Schlichter delivers the goods:

 "In my new book, Conservative Insurgency, a speculative future history of the struggle to restore our system and culture, the left’s coordinated attack on our Constitutional rights is one of the biggest motivations for the pushback that results in conservatism’s final victory."

Yes, Schlichter proves his point by citing a science fiction book he wrote himself, in which everything he claims is true.   Preposterous lie and self-enriching advertisement in one tidy package- Conservativism at its finest!

Well, Kurt, you should read my new book, in which ten foot tall flying monkeys from the moon invade the earth, decide they like it here, and everyone ends up singing "Old Man River."

Richard Fernandez, PJ Media:  "Is the U.S. About to Be Blindsided by a Major Terrorist Attack?"
Well, not that Richard has any evidence of, but what a perfect opportunity for a lazy writer to attack Obama.  At least one thing we know for sure: if someone comes to Obama with evidence of an imminent attack, at least he won't tell them "Okay, you've covered your ass" and then ignore them, like Bush did before 9-11.

Gina Miller, Renew America:  "Impeach Barack Obama, the anti-American, Marxist fiend"

Fiend.  Now he's a fiend.  Let's just move on.

But Wait! The real crazy doesn't stop with Gina:

Bryan Fischer, Renew America:  "Obama politicizes air tragedy to promote sexual deviancy"

This seems to be about the fact that there were some AIDS researchers on the Malaysian airplane, so Obama should have looked at the good side, because more gay people may die as a result.   Note:  If there is anyone out there who still believes in such a thing as "compassionate Conservatism,"  this ain't it.

Michael Bresciani, Renew America:  "Ultimate definition of hypocrisy - Dems spinning border invasion as humanitarian crisis"

Helping starving, sick children fleeing from murderous regimes which our country has supported for decades is abominable, when we could just send them back to die, because they are invaders.  How common decency has now become hypocrisy, while sociopathic indifference to the plight of the helpless has become patriotism, I'm not really sure, except that I do know that the Koch brothers are making money out of it somehow.

Matt Barbour, Renew America:  "From behind a smoking sniper rifle high atop his ivory tower peers the secular-"progressive." He surveys his many victims, strewn across the American landscape below and mockingly sneers, "War on Christianity? What war on Christianity?"

He then resumes shooting, all the while insisting that those uncooperative Christians who scatter for cover behind the word of God and the U.S. Constitution somehow suffer from a "persecution complex"

Oh yes, liberal intellectuals shooting at people from towers- that happens every day.  Matt continues:

"In the ongoing culture war, it seems there are no rules of engagement. The secular left will accept nothing short of unconditional surrender. That is to say, the pagans demand that we Christians abandon the biblical worldview altogether, and adopt their own."

No we don't.  We just want you to shut the fuck up and leave us alone.  And by the way, Matt, one of those commandments from God was "thou shalt not bear false witness."  I guess you forgot about that one.

Katie Pavlich, Town Hall:  "Harsh Gun Control Law Kills More Jobs: Beretta Leaving Maryland For Tennessee"

Of course, loose gun laws kill actual living people, which is okay, I guess, as long as they are not rich people.  Anyway, moving jobs to another State isn't quite the same as killing them, is it?

J. Christian Adams, PJ Media:  "Shirley Sherrod v. Breitbart Update: Big Law Fuels the Left"

"Big Law" ruled in favor of a woman who was lied about in a concerted campaign from the right, and who lost her job as a result of the lies, over the people that told the lies.  Favoring the victims over the criminals- the very essence of left wing jurisprudence, and what an abomination.

Bridget Johnson, PJ Media:  "Bipartisan Bill Moving Forward to Condemn Obama for Taliban 5 Release"

That would be a house bill with 82 sponsors: 81 Republicans and one Democrat.  That's bipartisanship alright.  Oh, by the way, the one Democrat was Nick Rahall:

"Rep. Nick Rahall of West Virginia says he supported George Bush more than Barack Obama"

Democrat, right.  Oh well, he will be gone soon.  He's in a district that went for Romney by 33%, and he is way behind in the polls.  This is one Dem I don't think we'll miss.

Oleg Atbashian, PJ Media:  "Sarcastic Posters Meet Obama at Silicon Valley Fundraiser"

Boy, that must have really hurt his feelings.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "Obama Monkey-Banana Signs Pop Up in East Russia"

That must have hurt his feelings too.  Man, Conservatives have to take comfort in some pretty pathetic victories these days.

Renew America:  "Congressman vows to investigate Google searches of 'America' movie"

Well, I'm glad they're doing something.  Did I mention that this is a Republican congressman?  Oh, you already guessed that?

Andrew C. McCarthy, Renew America:  "Will Obama snatch defeat from the jaws of victory over Hamas?"

And here I didn't even know that he was in the war.

Cathy A. Burke, Newsmax:  "Report: Militants Moved Next Door to Benghazi Mission Before Attack...Islamic militants ultimately blamed for the Sept. 11, 2012, attack on the U.S. mission in Benghazi, Libya, raised concerns when they boldly moved next door to the facility, yet "nothing was done," Fox News reported Tuesday."

Benghazi- the lie that will never die.  And by the way, what were the Embassy staff supposed to do, have lots of loud parties and hope the militants would get disgusted and move out?  Keep vicious pit bulls in the back yard and let the fence fall down?

And I like this:

"Republicans in May entrusted a seven-member team with "getting to the truth," in the words of House Speaker John Boehner, about whether the Obama administration misled  Americans about the deadly attack.  Five Democrats also are on the newly formed select committee to investigate the attack."

Of course, they really aren't on the "team."  They're Democrats, so they are not really Congressmen.

Enough.  See you soon.

The Trouble With Talking About The Middle East

The problem we always run into in talking about the Middle East is that there is so much long-standing misinformation about the subject that it requires an extreme effort to discover the truth.  This is not a one-sided situation.  I remember being taught, when I was growing up, that all of the Arab residents of Israel who left in 1947 did so voluntarily, at the urging of their political and religious leaders.  We have long since learned that this is only partially true; that a significant number were driven out by hostility and threats from Jews.

The same is far more true on the other side.  The greatest success at this maneuver has been getting the world to swallow the whole notion of a "Palestinian" people, an ethnic group whose claims stand against those of the Jews, but which was never heard of before 1967.  This has enabled them to portray the Jewish migration to Israel as a specimen of colonialism, an easily sold fabrication which flies in the face of the obvious fact that you are not a colonialist when you are returning to your homeland.  Another is that there was a large population of Arabs in the area of Israel that had been there for a long time- a claim that is easily falsified, as we know that this land was largely depopulated as late as the 1860's.

Another is the endlessly repeated claim that it is a war crime to expel an unalterably hostile population from your country after they have joined in a war against you.  At the very time that Israel was founded, the victorious countries of World War II were in the process of removing millions of ethnic Germans from various countries in Eastern Europe, most notably the Sudetenland, where 3 million ethnic Germans were forced to move back to Germany as a result of their hostility to Czechoslovakia in the war.  This establishes a clear international precedent for the Israelis to refuse to allow the repatriation of an incurably hostile minority.

Anyway, discussion of this issue inevitably declines into wasting time wading through the falsehoods on both sides, and never ever reaching the point where we can deal with the truth.  This is the problem I have had with Sam.  I just don't have the time or energy to enter into endless circular arguments with people who do not have the will to discover clear historical fact.

Friday, July 25, 2014


I want to get my two cents in on Bibi Netanyahu.  And let me start out by saying that he disgusts me the same way that Bush and Cheney and Reagan and McCain and Gingrich do.  More about this later.

I first noticed Netanyahu in the early nineties, and he seemed immediately familiar to me- a self-serving demagogue cut from the same cloth as the American guys I mentioned above.  But the Israelis couldn't see that, and for a historical reason.  Israel is not an old country.  Up until Netanyahu, all of the high ranking members of Israeli governments had participated either in the fight to establish the State, or in the struggle to build a society from nothing.  And as with our founding fathers, this left even the most deplorable of them, like Sharon, with a commitment to the welfare of Israel that overrode their lowest motives.  Not so with Netanyahu.  He cared for no one but himself, and was willing to advance in Israel the same right wing cant that has caused us such damage here in the U.S.  In a way, he is more destructive than Republican leaders here, because he is not so surrounded by think tanks, pollsters and other manipulators who could try to keep him from spinning off from reality in such a tragic manner.

We can see this clearly because we have lived with it so long, but the Israelis could not, and thus they got Netanyahu.  And the results they are getting are pretty much the same as the results that we got under Bush and Cheney.

At the start of this current spate of violence, I was shocked to see how much public opinion seemed to have turned in the direction of the Israelis.  Comment sections on web posts that had routinely featured hundreds or thousands of the most sickeningly antisemitic remarks were now filled with supporters of Israel.  All gone now.  With eight hundred deaths and counting, the Palestinians have again succeeded in the only thing they seem to be able to do besides terrorist violence- convincing the world (which is predisposed to see things in any way unfavorable to Jews) that the Israelis are once again the bad guy.

No matter that a very large number of civilian casualties are undoubtedly the result of the callous actions of Hamas, mixing their military installations into the civilian population in a deliberate attempt to cause any Israeli response to their attacks to result in Palestinian civilian deaths, and whose soldiers, in a violation of international law, wear no uniforms, and can therefore be declared to be civilians once they are dead.  Far too many people are ready to ignore the 13,000 rockets, the tunnel attacks on Israel, the hatred espoused by Hamas, all of it, in order to blame the Jews.

Still, Netanyahu's strategy of mindless militarism has produced the same result that Bush's and Cheney's did- making his own country one more time a pariah, and allowing the Arabs to portray actions taken by Israel in self-defense as some sort of abominable aggression.

This is the result of giving in and letting the right rule your country, wherever it happens.  Thanks, Bibi.

P.S.- there seems to be a random line of type across this post, at least on my browser.  I don't have a clue where it came from.  Sorry.

Earth survived near-miss from 2012 solar storm: NASA

This news just in:

"Washington (AFP) - Back in 2012, the Sun erupted with a powerful solar storm that just missed the Earth but was big enough to "knock modern civilization back to the 18th century," NASA said."

What, the Sun is a Republican?

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

It's All Israeli Lies and Propaganda

Every time we hear the claim that Palestinians use their own civilians as sacrificial victims to prevent Israelis from fighting back against them without the inevitable worldwide condemnation, the claims pour in that it is nothing but lying Israeli propaganda.

Well, this statement, from the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees, should put an end to that:

"Today, in the course of the regular inspection of its premises, UNRWA discovered rockets hidden in a vacant school in the Gaza Strip. As soon as the rockets were discovered, UNRWA staff were withdrawn from the premises, and so we are unable to confirm the precise number of rockets. The school is situated between two other UNRWA schools that currently each accommodate 1,500 internally displaced persons.

The Agency immediately informed the relevant parties and is pursuing all possible measures for the removal of the objects in order to preserve the safety and security of the school. UNRWA will launch a comprehensive investigation into the circumstances surrounding this incident.

UNRWA strongly and unequivocally condemns the group or groups responsible for this flagrant violation of the inviolability of its premises under international law."

This was the second time in recent days that the UNRWA has found Hamas missiles stored in their currently unused buildings.  And this comes from an organization with a notorious history of pro-Palestinian leanings.

In light of this, every denial from Hamas that they are not deliberately endangering their own people to extract propaganda value from their suffering must be proven in detail; otherwise these claims should be disregarded.

It is far past time for people to face who is really imposing disaster on Palestinian civilians.

Steve King Throws a Party

Congressman Steve King, one of the most unrepentant racists and immigrant haters in Washington, held an anti-immigration rally this past weekend:
I know this is getting boring, but as long as the Mainstream press treats the teabaggers, the anti-immigrant racists, the Bundy Ranch would-be terrorists, and all the rest of the right wing haters as a significant movement in this country, I'm going to keep showing the truth.

And what is the truth?  This supposed movement is largely a creation of rich people like the Koch Brothers, who over the years have spent tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars manufacturing the illusion that large parts of the voting public support whatever the rich guys want.

Apparently, this was one of a number of immigration "protests" held across the country this weekend; all of them were busts, attracting at most 40 people, as few as 3.  Yet we are held hostage by this mirage of a movement, because it suits the mainstream press and the Republicans to treat them seriously, and the Democrats are, as usual, afraid to tell the truth.

The protests were a bust. Local news reports and pictures posted on social media show anemic turnout, from about 40 people in front of the United Nations in New York to just three at a McClellan, Texas, border control station who wondered if they had gotten the wrong address. - See more at:
The protests were a bust. Local news reports and pictures posted on social media show anemic turnout, from about 40 people in front of the United Nations in New York to just three at a McClellan, Texas, border control station who wondered if they had gotten the wrong address. - See more at:
The protests were a bust. Local news reports and pictures posted on social media show anemic turnout, from about 40 people in front of the United Nations in New York to just three at a McClellan, Texas, border control station who wondered if they had gotten the wrong address. - See more at:
The protests were a bust. Local news reports and pictures posted on social media show anemic turnout, from about 40 people in front of the United Nations in New York to just three at a McClellan, Texas, border control station who wondered if they had gotten the wrong address. - See more at:

Monday, July 21, 2014

Another Short Thought About Republican Warmongering

With Republicans now furious that Obama won't send weapons to the Ukraine to use in its fight against Russia, and a number of them actually demanding that we send American troops to the region, I would like to point out the following:  Woodrow Wilson worked for two and a half years to keep the United States out of World War I, and it wasn't a tough fight because hardly anyone else over here wanted to be in the war either.  Finally he had to call for war.  And what was the provocation that drew us into World War I?  It wasn't the sinking of the Lusitania, it wasn't the violation of Belgian neutrality, it wasn't the attacks on our merchant fleet, it wasn't the damage done to our allies.  It was the discovery of Germany's attempts to get Mexico to go to war against the United States:

"On (March 1st) in 1917, the text of the so-called Zimmermann Telegram, a message from the German foreign secretary, Arthur Zimmermann, to the German ambassador to Mexico proposing a Mexican-German published on the front pages of newspapers across America...Public opinion in the United States now swung firmly toward American entrance into World War I. On April 2, Wilson went before Congress to deliver a message of war. The United States formally entered the conflict four days later."

Of course, Germany never went so far as proposing sending actual troops into Mexico, as many Republicans seem to want to do in Eastern Europe.  They just tried to manipulate the country next door into siding with them against us.  The Zimmerman telegram was far less of a provocation that what Republicans would do to Russia, yet it led us into World War I.  Can you imagine anything short of an all-out attack that would lead the Russian public into virtually unanimous support of Putin's aggression that for their great geopolitical enemy to station troops only a few hundred miles from their soil?  Can you think of anything that would do more to justify the long-standing Soviet and now Russian notion that it needed a buffer zone of countries under its control between Russia and Europe?

Republican foreign policy is just as mad and self-destructive as Republican economic and social policy.  There is a very good chance that, if Obama had not won in 2012, we would be on the path to World War right now. 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

How About Some Palestinian Popular Music?

Here is a song which illustrates the state of Palestinian pop music so well.  It comes from a site called MEMRI,  which follows Arabic TV and provides excerpts with translations.

I found this site through Infidel753, who has a much more frightening excerpt of a speaker at a rally in Gaza.  I urgently encourage you to click on the link and listen to this evil, perverted man- it's only a couple of minutes long, but it should dispel any doubts you should have about who are the bad guys in the Middle East.

Any way, all things considered, when it comes to music, I'll stick with Buddy Guy.

That doesn't have a thing to do with the subject- I just needed it to get the other one out of my mind.  Because after that, I've got the blues too.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Hey, Remember Way Back Then...

Just a few months ago, when Republicans thought Vladimir Putin was the greatest leader on earth?

How's that going for you guys now?

Gun Deaths

Courtesy of Daily Kos, here's an interesting chart:

As you can see, gun deaths in the United States are inching up to the point when they may exceed motor vehicle deaths in the fairly near future.  Apparently, they already do in 14 States.

The article points out that government regulation has massively reduced motor vehicle deaths.  Of course, we are not allowed to have that sort of thing for guns, because FREEDOM!!!

Republicans Attack Our Nation's Enemy

Oh, not Al Qaida, of course.  Not the Russians or the Chinese.  No, they're attacking that Mooslum Communist Barack Obama.  This time it is about his failure to prevent an abominable act committed by a rebel group halfway around the world.  What exactly Obama did that caused this to happen, or what he could have possibly done to stop it, is as unknown as the Republican substitute for Obamacare, which they have been promising for six years now, but it doesn't stop them from raving on, does it?

I was going to compile a list of some of the more asinine attacks the Republicans made on Obama, starting the day after the downing of the Malaysian jetliner over Ukranian territory, when no one really knew jack about what had happened.  And boy, there was plenty there- the whole pack of them attacked on cue, as is usual with Republicans.  But what's the point?  You all know perfectly well what they are going to have to say.  So I thought I would just content myself with the remarks of the nation's premiere bitter old man/lying warmonger.  I know I don't have to even mention his name:

"Oh, I don't understand this president."

That's for sure.  And it's because you don't understand what it takes to be President.  That's why you got the pants beat off you by a black man, something not one of us ever thought we'd live to see.  Hint, in case you're wondering what I mean: people who are qualified to be President don't select an ignorant, lying clown to be one step away from the White House.

"Crisis on the border, he did the fundraisers, the fundraisers in New York while there are major, major conflicts, not to mention the loss of American lives, is reported that there were Americans on that airplane. I do not understand it...This is just what we used to call in the military AWOL."

Because he should have gone right down to the border, and when the child refugees tried to cross, he should have kicked them in the face.  That would teach them who is boss.  He doesn't even know enough to stand there and yell "get off of my lawn" like some Senatorial jackass geezer we can think of might have done.  And of course, if only he had cancelled his public appearances, that Malaysian airliner would miraculously have reappeared and everybody would be happy.

And while we are on the subject of AWOL, here's another thing Obama didn't do.  He wasn't such a careless pilot that he got shot down over enemy territory and then spilled his guts to the North Vietnamese while in captivity.  That's right, Senator, you guys go on calling him a traitor all you want, making up your absurd charges.  He isn't a real traitor like you were.

"It's a cowardly administration that we failed to give the Ukrainians weapons with which to defend themselves. These separatists may not even have occupied and had access to these weapons, which apparently, they got at an airfield. And by the way, it takes weeks of training to make someone able to use that system. They're clearly Russian trained. And these separatists are -- the leaders of them are Russians, as well.

So first, give the Ukrainians weapons to defend themselves and regain their territory. Second of all, move some of our troops into areas that are being threatened by Vladimir Putin, other countries like the Baltics and others. Move missile defense into the places where we got out of, like the Czech Republic and Poland and other places.... That's just for openers."

Right.  Provide arms to a country right next to the second most powerful military on earth.  That will work out just fine, and provide a great starting point for efforts to bring about a more peaceful world.  Of course, it will provide more profits for American arms manufacturers, so that must be carefully weighed against the possibility of starting World War III.

"But let me point out again, at the time Yanukovych was overthrown and the Ukrainian people expressed their desire for freedom, they begged us for weapons. They begged us to give them weapons. You know what we gave them? We gave them MREs and we sent them in by truck, by the way.

If we had given them weapons, perhaps they could have taken that part of Ukraine back and that attack never could have been mounted from what apparently was a base where they captured this anti-aircraft missile capability."

Perhaps.  Perhaps they could have taken back the land that the missile was shot from, because it was the only place on earth that the rebels could have fired that missile.  And perhaps the Russians would respond by reopening a spy base in Cuba, ninety miles from the U.S. that had been closed since the sixties, just to teach people like this guy that two can play the game of undermining the other country.  Oh wait a perhaps involved, that has already happened.

You'd think five years in a prisoner of war camp would have at least taught this guy that war is not a video game.  But, I guess not.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Green Eagle Tries to Start a Conspiracy Theory

Green Eagle loves conspiracy theories- particularly when he makes them up all by himself. 

So a Malaysian airliner seems to have been shot down over the Ukraine.  Every scrap of talk I have heard so far revolves around suspicion of the Russians or Ukrainians.

You know what?  Remember a few months ago when a Malaysian airliner disappeared altogether?  Well, here's another one gone.  Think that's just a coincidence?  Well, you will have to prove it to me.

Johnny Winter

Bye bye Johnny

I hope you won't mind my turning away from politics for a minute.  I'm a very big blues fan, and just wanted to note the passing of Johnny Winter.  The above song doesn't display as much of Winter's unbelievably fast lead work, for which he was so famous (although there is some pretty hot lead playing later in the cut,) but it's a great song, and suits the mood of the day, I think.  I love the switch from the country style at the beginning into the very electric shuffle at the end.

Winter's work was less well known than a lot of other people's playing, I think, although everybody knows who he was.  If you've never heard him, give this a try, and then maybe find a little more on YouTube.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wingnut Wrapup

Let's get this latest wheelbarrow of fertilizer out there:

Guy Benson, Town Hall:  "Officials: ISIS Terrorists May Target Europe and US Homeland, Threat 'Extremely High'

Surprise! Not a single one of these "officials," nor what agency they work for is mentioned in this article.  How do these guys get away with this over and over again?  Is the country that filled with willing suckers?

Town Hall:  "Question: Is President Obama the “Most anti-Woman President Ever”?

Really.  I  mean, is he?  Well, here is the answer:

"I’ll spell it out plainly as I can: Obama is the worst president for women because he has systemically lied to them. He has brazenly campaigned as their champion, even as he seeks to make them wards of the state, forever dependent on government largesse in the form of food stamps and free birth control."

Forever dependent on having food to eat and medical care.  That's what makes Obama the worst President in history.  If he were a friend of women, he'd just let them die.  That would be the humane, Republican thing to do.

And now, the award for Creativity In Making Good Things Bad For Obama:

Larry Elder, Town Hall:  "DOW at 17,000 -- But You're Not Invited"

Of course, you were invited to participate under the Bush Administration, when the Dow lost half of its value.  So see, when, under Obama, the Dow more than doubled, that was actually bad for Obama, because ordinary people didn't get their share- something that always breaks the hearts of Republicans.  But, don't worry, Larry has a perfect solution to the problem:

"But there is something we could do immediately to help to increase the net worth of the bottom 99 percent -- allow private accounts for Social Security. "

Then, ordinary people could be not invited to have their Social Security.  No lie ever gets old for Republicans.

 Kristan Hawkins, Town Hall:  "The Supreme Court Gave Women More Freedom, Not Less"

Yeah, sure, sure.  Want to hear some real stupidity?  Here's more of what this idiot had to say:

"Again, the people cheering the decision at the front of the Court were women - young women. I was among them. My face was plastered on newspapers across the country because I was thrilled, as a woman, wife, mother, and member of the Millennial generation, to say that I agree that religious freedom is so inherent in our nation that no bossy bureaucrats should be able to tell me that giving me free birth control makes me equal to men and brings my healthcare decisions out of the dark ages. "

God, you are brain dead, Kristan.  No, I mean that.  I just don't have anything else to say about you.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "OUTRAGEOUS. Obama to Send Pink Slips to US Soldiers Deployed in Afghanistan...In a stunning display of callousness, the Defense Department has announced that thousands of soldiers — many serving as commanding officers in Afghanistan — will be notified in the coming weeks that their service to the country is no longer needed."

I guess the government shouldn't have told them.  Maybe they could just fly them home and leave them at the airport.  Or how about just letting them find their own way home from Afghanistan.  That would be a lot better than giving them notice that their time in the military was up.

Kurt Schlichter, Town Hall:  " Battle Cons and Wonk Cons Must Work Together To Destroy Liberalism"

Destroy them!  Not beat them in the elections, not convince the American people that giving the country to the super rich is in their best interest- no, simply DESTROY THEM!!!!1!1!@!  And who says running the country like a bunch of eight year olds is a bad idea?

Cathy Reisenwitz, Town Hall:  "Self-described “Liberal” Millennials are Actually Libertarian"

Because they don't know what they really are, but Cathy does.  A nice way to convince yourself, Cathy, that in just a few years they are all going to start voting Republican.  Just take my advice, Cathy- don't put any money on that.

Katie Kieffer, Town Hall:  "Millennials are still very confused about the benefits of a free market system and struggle to differentiate between capitalism and socialism. Despite the 64 percent figure, only 52 percent of Millennials told pollsters that they favor capitalism whereas 42 percent favored socialism.

As you can see, despite saying they embrace free markets, many Millennials don’t understand that socialistic policies are responsible for the Great Recession and millions of young people conflate socialism with freedom."

Millions of Millenials don't have a clue what is going on.  Katie Kieffer, one of Town Hall's current stock of Fox News style reporter/bimbos, does.  If you believe that, I've got a deal for you on an only slightly used Ted Cruz.

Matt Barber, Town Hall: "Left Moves to Outlaw Christianity...The mask is off. All pretense has been dropped, and the anti-Christian left’s boundless depth of hatred for individual liberty, our First Amendment and the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) is now on full display."

On Mars, I guess.  Not here, of course.  Really, Matt, don't you have something constructive to do with your time?

Mark Baisley, Town Hall:  "The present-day American conservative movement appears to be growing up. And it just might realize success if they continue to progress strategically over tactically. In other words, rather than passionately working to win elections, they must determine to ruthlessly persist in defeating the domestic enemies of an endless war over the soul of America."

Sorry, Mr. Godwin.  That sounds like this guy to me.

So call me a jerk, that's my opinion.

Neil W. McCabe, Human Events:  "Beyond guns, Operation Choke Point targets coin dealers, tobacco and pay day lenders...Operation Choke Point was used to harass the firearms industry, but there are other legal businesses on the “high-risk” list."

Because there's no one that should be above government regulation like tobacco dealers and pay day lenders- the sort of job creators that makes our country great.  And by the way, what the hell is "Operation Choke Point," anyway?

Andrew Klavan, PJ Media:  "When the important issues of our times are up for debate, a black woman and a white gay are arguing on CNN over whether white gays should act like black women."

Yeah, what they should really be arguing about is if global warming is the biggest lie in history, and whether we are being mean enough to poor people.

Bryan Prestion, PJ Media:  "Obama Laughs His Way Through Meeting with Gov. Perry.  What's so funny?"

Rick Perry...I guess Bryan is talking about this photo:

 ...just don't get the joke, do you, Bryan?

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "Report: SMALL LIFELESS, DEAD CHILDREN Found “Washed Up Along Riverbank” of Rio Grande"

Thanks, Obama!

Think I'm kidding?

"This indicates a pattern of covering up dead illegal alien kids by the Obama administration. It was two weeks before news was reported on the sole child death acknowledged by the Obama administration, Gilberto Ramos, a 15 year-old boy from Guatemala whose body was found in the Texas brush dead from the heat."

Other than this one case, of course, "multiple sources" report lots more dead kids.  As is usual with right wingers, "multiple sources" translates as "I just made that up."  So, Obama is responsible for the fevered delusions of Jim Hoft.  Man, if that is true, Obama is a bad guy.

Wes Vernon, Renew America:  "A third term: will the 22nd Amendment save us?"

This is more lunatic maundering about the possibility that Obama is going to just stay as President after his term is up.  I actually have been an advocate of three terms for Bush and Cheney- two in the White House and one in prison.  So maybe I shouldn't complain too much about Wes, even though he is obviously a delusional jerk.

Cliff Kincaid, Renew America:  "Bill Ayers' recent appearance on Megyn Kelly's Fox News program appears to be part of a systematic campaign to whitewash the activities of the communist terrorists who were murdering policemen and FBI agents during the 1960s and 70s, and to set the stage for their release and rehabilitation."

Because that's what Fox News does- whitewash the activities of Communist terrorists.  I always suspected that was the deal over there at Fox.

And speaking about Communist Terrorists:

Cliff Kincaid, Renew America:  "Obama prepares pardons for terrorists"

Right.  Of course he is.  This story is about a bunch of people in prison for violent acts in the late 60's and early 70's.  They all have lawyers trying to get them out of prison, forty years after the fact.  No surprise there.  What will surprise you is that there isn't a word in the article about any involvement in this by the Obama administration.  Well, I guess it won't surprise you.

Alan Keyes, Renew America:  "Mobilizing for impeachment: good faith is the only hope"

Impeachment.  Good faith.  Amazing.

'Bye for now.  I think I'm going to need a rest now.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Transfer of Territory and Populations after War

Well, I am still wound up about the situation in Israel, and I want to make the following comment.  This post is motivated by the fact that every encounter between Israel and the Palestinians, and every peace proposal demands that the Israelis, having seized land from their enemies as a result of being attacked, must give every square inch of it back, and that the intransigent descendants of the "Palestinians" who lived within the territory that is now Israel must be granted an unconditional "right of return." 

As with so much involving Israel, it is strange that much of the world seems to demand things of Jews that it would never demand of anyone else.  The most abominable slaughter in the Sudan or Congo go virtually unnoticed; wholesale ethnic killing in Syria or Pakistan seems just fine with people; but let the Israelis build a wall or some houses and the act instantly decried as an abomination.  Even fighting back against endless attacks is characterized by far too many as unacceptable.

I thought that the territorial and resettlement demands placed on the Israelis would be better understood in light of some precedents from the century before the founding of Israel, so here is some information on that subject.

The Franco-Prussian War

In 1870, the French lost a war to the newly unified Germany.  This war was, in large part, the result of manipulation of the French by the German diplomatic Genius Bismarck:

"The Franco-Prussian War or Franco-German War was a conflict between the Second French Empire against the German states of the North German Confederation led by the Kingdom of Prussia. The conflict emerged from tensions caused by German unification. Prussian chancellor Otto von Bismarck planned to provoke a French attack in order to draw the southern German states—Baden, Württemberg, Bavaria and Hesse-Darmstadt—into an alliance with the Prussian dominated North German Confederation.

Bismarck adroitly created a diplomatic crisis over the succession to the Spanish throne, then rewrote a dispatch about a meeting between king William of Prussia and the French foreign minister, to make it appear that the French had been insulted. The French press and parliament demanded a war, which the generals of Napoleon III assured him that France would win. Napoleon and his Prime Minister, Émile Ollivier, for their parts sought war to solve political disunity in France."

Note that even though the origins of this war were so clouded, at the end of it, the French, who had technically started the war, were forced to cede the provinces of Alsace and Lorraine to the Germans.  This was regarded as eminently appropriate, and no one raised a voice in protest (other than the many residents of the are who did not particularly appreciate the prospect of becoming Germans.)

World War I

Well, this time the Germans lost and were held responsible for the war.  Back went Alsace and Lorraine to France; but this was only one of the territorial transfers exacted from Germany at the end of the war.  Here's a map showing former German land broken off to form Poland and several other territorial losses suffered by Germany.  Note that all of the later recriminations about the terms of the treaty ending World War I centered around what were thought to be excessive reparations; no one thought the loss of territory suffered by Germany was inappropriate.

In addition, the other perceived malefactor in World War I, the Austro-Hungarian empire, lost so much territory in the settlements that it virtually ceased to exist:

The Germans' and Austrians' other strong ally, the Ottoman Empire, also was stripped of so much territory that it brought an end to hundreds of years of rule:

No one demanded that any of these countries had a right to have this territory returned to them.

World War II

The loss of Germany's new territories acquired through the means of aggressive war (pretty much in the same manner as Jordan's acquisition of the West Bank) is pretty well known, so I will just provide a map here, without much comment:
Lesser known is the stripping of Japan of territories it had acquired by aggression:

"The Treaty of Peace with Japan (commonly known as the Treaty of San Francisco, Peace Treaty of San Francisco, or San Francisco Peace Treaty), between Japan and part of the Allied Powers, was officially signed by 48 nations on September 8, 1951, at the War Memorial Opera House in San Francisco, United States. It came into force on April 28, 1952.

This treaty served to officially end World War II...

The document officially renounces Japan's treaty rights derived from the Boxer Protocol of 1901 and its rights to Korea, Formosa (Taiwan) and the Pescadores, Hong Kong (then a British colony), the Kuril Islands, the Spratly Islands, Antarctica and Sakhalin Island."

Although other examples could be given, I think that this should be sufficient to demonstrate that the stripping of territory from the attacking power was widely practiced in the century before the creation of the State of Israel, and was considered an appropriate consequence for having started a war of aggression, as the Arab states surrounding Israel have done numerous times, (in order to deter future aggressive conduct.)

Transfer of Populations

To demonstrate the appropriateness, in world opinion, of the transfer of populations, where those populations were sufficiently irredentist and revanchist, I want to mention what happened at the end of World War II.

"Millions of German Reichsdeutsche (German citizens) and millions of ethnic German Volksdeutsche (citizens of other European states) were forced to migrate to Germany during the later stages of World War II and the post-war period. The areas of expulsion included former eastern territories of Germany which were transferred to Poland and the Soviet Union after the war, as well as areas annexed or occupied by Nazi Germany in pre-war Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania, northern Yugoslavia and other states of Central and Eastern Europe.

By 1950, a total of at least 12 million Germans had fled or been expelled from east-central Europe into the areas which would become post-war Germany and Allied-occupied Austria."

Much of this was accomplished through the "Potsdam Agreement:"

"The Potsdam Agreement was the agreement between three of the Allies of World War II, United Kingdom, United States, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, for the military occupation and reconstruction of Germany
The Three Governments, having considered the question in all its aspects, recognize that the transfer to Germany of German populations, or elements thereof, remaining in Poland, Czechoslovakia and Hungary, will have to be undertaken. They agree that any transfers that take place should be effected in an orderly and humane manner."

The Allies had acknowledged the legitimacy of the Polish Provisional Government of National Unity, which was about to form a Soviet satellite state. Urged by Stalin, the UK and the US gave in to put the German territories east of the Oder-Neisse line from the Baltic coast west of Świnoujście up to the Czechoslovak border "under Polish administration.   The cession included the former Free City of Danzig and the seaport of Stettin on the mouth of the Oder River (Szczecin Lagoon), vital for the Upper Silesian Industrial Region.

The Germans in Czechoslovakia, known as Sudeten Germans but also Carpathian Germans, were expelled according to the Beneš decrees—from the Sudetenland region, where they formed a majority, from linguistic enclaves in central Bohemia and Moravia, as well as from the city of Prague.

Though the Potsdam Agreement only refers to Poland, Czechoslovakia and Hungary, expulsions also occurred in Romania, where the Transylvanian Saxons were deported and their property disseized, or in Yugoslavia. In the Soviet territories, Germans not only were expelled from northern East Prussia (Oblast Kaliningrad) but also from the adjacent Lithuanian Klaipeda Region and other lands settled by Baltic Germans."

This was considered appropriate for the following reasons:

"The long-term goal of Nazi Germany was to Germanize or eradicate the population of Poland, Czechoslovakia and certain western parts of the Soviet Union. Nazi Germany's Generalplan Ost envisioned the eventual extermination of between 45 to 70 million "non-Germanizable" people from Central and Eastern Europe, but they lost the war before these aims could be achieved."

This is virtually an identical goal, albeit on a larger scale, to the intention of the "Palestinians" and the surrounding Arab states, toward Jews in Israel since its founding. 

With Israel, however, everything has changed.  Now, as a result of a propaganda effort extending for several decades, it has become world opinion that it would be some sort of abomination if the countries that repeatedly attacked Israel lost a shred of territory as a result; and it has also been decided that the Israelis must allow not only the intransigent population of Palestinians who left Israel in 1948 be allowed to return, but that all of their descendants, generation after generation, be allowed to declare themselves Israeli citizens.  I think it is obvious that both of these claims- essentially the denial of the right of Israel to impose any consequences on attacking Arab nations, thereby licensing them to attack again and again, and the allowing the surrounding Arab population to drown the Israelis in a flood of millions of "refugees," only a few percent of whom have ever set foot in Israel- are both schemes to eliminate the State of Israel.  What is not obvious to most is the degree that these conditions demanded of Israel are contrary to the normal, virtually inevitable, results of waging aggressive war- conditions that, of course, only apply when Jews are attacked.

At this point, given what has happened in recent decades, I believe that, in the interests of long-term stability, Israel should have followed long international precedent and simply annexed the West Bank, Gaza and the Golan Heights.  Intransigent, violent segments of the Arab population should have been treated like the Sudeten Germans and expelled.  This behavior is consistent with accepted international law, and Israel's failure to muster the will to apply the lessons of World Wars I and II to its own situation has contributed as much as anything to the disastrous conditions which exist in the Middle East today.

I certainly didn't feel this way a few years ago, but Hamas has taught me to see things differently.  Maybe if they abandon their commitment to slaughter all Jews worldwide, and stop their constant bombardment of Israel, I will change my mind again.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Opening Pandora's Box in the Middle East

I've been thinking a lot lately about World War I, it being the hundredth anniversary and all.  One thing that has been on my mind is the introduction of the routine use of poison gas by the Germans.  Until that happened, the use of gas in warfare was considered an abomination, and most use of gas is still considered a war crime.  But the Germans opened a Pandora's box that apparently can never be closed again; just as with torture, there is always a Dick Cheney waiting in the wings who is willing to stoop to anything, no matter how degraded, to get what he wants. 

In a way, this is the most lasting damage that the Germans did in World War II: licensing a previously unacceptable form of behavior, and thereby permanently degrading all of civilization. 

We are now very likely witnessing something similar happening.  We are all familiar with the horrific damage that accidents at nuclear power plants like Fukushima or Chernobyl can potentially cause.  Yes, I suppose some small terrorist groups would have been willing to engage in this type of savage warfare, but this is the first time that a national government, recognized by the world as legitimate, has stooped to attempting to wage war by creating a colossal disaster that could indiscriminately kill millions, not just of their enemies, but of their supposed allies, and even, if climatic conditions were right,  their own people.
Here is a map of Israel, with the approximate contours of the current Cernobyl exclusion zone shown in red.  As you can see, it extends far enough from Cernobyl (which is more or less where Dimona is in this map) to encompass Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and even parts of the Gaza Strip.  Prevailing winds could spread the poison any which way from Dimona, and of course, a deliberate attack on a nuclear reactor could spread radiation far more widely than the Cernobyl accident did.

Like the Germans' use of gas, I doubt that this can ever be undone; it is not just another unacceptable means of making war, it is a giant step back from civilization to a world of savagery, all precipitated by a tiny government in a tiny country, which would rather destroy someone else than help their own people.

And what can Israel do in return?  They know that any appropriate response to this abomination (i.e. crushing the people who would stoop to this sort of behavior) will have two thirds of the world's governments mindlessly attacking them, taking refuge in the fact that Hamas' missiles missed the Dimona reactor- this time.  Of course, once the Palestinians are eventually given weapons that allow them to accomplish what they tried to do this week, it will be too late, for Israel and for the rest of the world, which will now be forced to live with a new level of barbarism, all so an intransigent, revanchist government can do their damage.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

A Major Turn for the Worst in the Mideast

We have this news from Israel today:

"Three rockets were launched at Dimona in southern Israel on Wednesday afternoon. The Iron Dome intercepted one rocket before it could land, while two other rockets landed in open areas.

Dimona is the location of Israel's nuclear reactor...

Hamas claimed responsibility for the rockets, stating that it had been attempting to hit the nuclear reactor.  Militants from Hamas's Qassam Brigades said they had launched long-range M-75 rockets towards Dimona."

The above is from the Jerusalem Post, not necessarily the most trustworthy source, but a quick Google search will convince you that it is being reported all around the world, by Reuters, Haaretz and many news sources across the political spectrum.

To understand what a threat this represents, take a look at a map of Israel:
You can find Dimona near the bottom end of the Dead Sea.  It is about 60 miles from Jerusalem, 30 miles from Jordan and 50 miles from Egypt.  In fact it is only about 60 miles from Gaza itself.  A direct hit could render large parts of Israel and two Islamic countries uninhabitable, destroy any hope of access to Jerusalem for thousands of years, and if the wind was right, pretty much destroy Gaza itself.

This is the work of mad dogs, whose lust to kill has grown so great that it will lead them to destroy themselves in the process of slaking their out of control desires.  No one who is the least bit rational can have any doubt that the people controlling Gaza today are beyond reason and human decency, and have embarked on an apocalyptic campaign of destruction that will know no end while they still survive.

At this point, they have crossed the border between ordinary violence and hatred, into a madness that makes any attempt to forge a peaceful life with them impossible.  Yes, many, many innocent Palestinian civilians are likely to end up dead as a result, but the attempt to bomb a nuclear reactor only 60 miles from themselves shows that they no longer care about their people, or about anything but apocalyptic violence.  In this regard, the Hamas government is more like the mass murderers that we have become so familiar with in this country than they are like, say, the governments of Egypt or Syria, as bad as those governments are.

Unfortunately, I now see no answer to this situation but to remove this "government" by force, and to treat its leaders like the killers they are.  Of course, anything Israel does in response will be treated as an abomination by the antisemites who fill the internet with their hatred, but if this is not stopped, it will continue until Iran or Pakistan supplies Hamas with some missiles capable of actually hitting that nuclear reactor, and then the gates of hell really will open.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Supreme Court "Rebukes" Obama

There is a new right wing claim that is spreading like wildfire around the Republican world.  As my readers know, these things are usually an opportunity for me to engage in little but ridicule.  This one is different, and I want to disucuss it at some length, because of the potentially serious repercussions of allowing it to go unchallenged. 

As far as I can tell at this point, this story originated with a Republican congressman from Virginia, Bob Goodlatte, who had this to say recently: 

"The "9-0 decision last week was the 13th time the Supreme Court voted 9-0 that the president had exceeded his constitutional authority."

This claim has now spread to many right wing sources of information.  The following are only a few.

Here's the innocuous sounding Business Insider on the subject:

"Since January 2012, the Obama administration has suffered at least 13 unanimous defeats in cases it argued (not counting cases in which it filed an amicus brief), according to the libertarian-leaning Cato Institute.

Ilya Shapiro, a senior fellow in constitutional studies at the Cato Institute, told Business Insider that...unanimous decisions are "indicative of an administration that pushes and breaks through the envelope in its assertion of federal power."

Added a GOP Senate aide in an email to Business Insider: "Recent court decisions say as much about Democrat overreach as they do about anything else, and no data point underscores that more clearly than the dozen unanimous defeats they’ve handed to Obama."

And the long time right wing hack John Fund, at National Review Online:

"Supreme Court Rules Unanimously Against Obama for 12th and 13th Time Since 2012...Did you know the Obama administration’s position has been defeated in at least 13 – thirteen — cases before the Supreme Court since January 2012 that were unanimous decisions?...The tenure of both President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder has been marked by a dangerous push to legitimize a vast expansion of the power of the federal government that endangers the liberty and freedom of Americans."

This story has now even infiltrated its way into the supposedly reliable Washington Post:

"the cases decided today and yesterday are the 12th and 13th unanimous Supreme Court defeats for the administration since 2012."

 Of course, the "mainstream" Republican party couldn't leave the story alone.  Here's Reince Priebus:

“After being rebuked 13 times by a unanimous Supreme Court in just 3 years and with the House of Representatives filing a lawsuit to curb Obama’s presidential overreach, you'd think this administration would get the message,” he said. “Our Constitution is not a list of suggestions. Our Founders were not mistaken when they created three separate branches of government.”

And of course, Ted Cruz:

“Today, the Supreme Court invalidated President Obama’s unlawful abuse of the President’s recess appointments power. President Obama ignored the plain text of the Constitution and attempted to make unilateral recess appointments—circumventing the checks and balances of confirmation—when the Senate was not, in fact, in recess. Today, a unanimous Court rightly rejected that presidential abuse of power.  This marks the twelfth time since January 2012 that the Supreme Court has unanimously rejected the Obama Administration’s calls for greater federal executive power.”

Ted apparently can't count to thirteen. 

And why is this important?  This mass attack is designed, as its adherents say over and over again, to cast Obama as an out of control would-be dictator who is openly working to destroy the Constitution and the rule of law.  Of course, this has been a Republican claim for a long time, but this is a little different.  It is clearly designed to set the stage for impeachment, by propagandizing the American people to believe that Obama is in fact far outside the limits that former Presidents have recognized.

So, what is the truth?  Let's turn to Polifact:

"in eight of the cases, the alleged overreach occurred under President George W. Bush...Bush’s Justice Department handled the initial court proceedings in most instances."

in United States vs. Jones, the court was ruling on whether the FBI had the power to use a GPS to track a suspect and gather evidence...It has nothing to do with presidential authority.

Another case on the list, Arizona vs. United States, surprised our experts....This is the case surrounding Arizona’s tough immigration laws that many civil rights groups said amounted to racial profiling. In 2012, the Supreme Court...actually sided with the Obama administration on three of four counts. On the fourth provision, which allowed Arizona authorities to check the immigration status of anyone suspected of being an undocumented immigrant, the court basically said it’s too soon to tell, and unanimously decided to send the issue down to the lower courts to monitor for further challenges.

Another case on the list was last week’s ruling in United States vs. Wurie... also originated prior to Obama taking office and was the result of a Boston police effort. Like the Jones case, it dealt with technology issues, not executive overreach.

(In) The last case included, Sekhar vs. United States...basically the FBI sought extortion charges against a Massachusetts venture capitalist, who was accused of trying to force a legal adviser to the New York state comptroller to persuade the comptroller to invest in his company. The Supreme Court said the FBI couldn’t arrest him under federal extortion laws."

In fact, the only unanimous Supreme Court decision of the whole bunch that really related to Obama was its recent finding on a technical matter involving a couple of recess appointments he made.  The other twelve alleged cases are lies, which had nothing to do with Obama's supposed overreach; the majority of them are leftovers from the Bush Administration, when the right raised no objections at all:

"The only decision among the 13 in which the High Court clearly found Obama “had exceeded his constitutional authority” was...The late June decision in NLRB v. Noel Canning found that Obama had overstepped his authority in making three appointments to the National Labor Relations Board without Senate approval."

Remember that this is intended to form one of the main pillars of the Republican case to impeach Obama, and as usual with Republican claims, it is a lying smear.  But as the excerpt from the Washington Post demonstrates, that will not stop the mainstream press from reinforcing the Republican effort to further damage our country through their treacherous behavior, and bringing closer the time when every Democrat who wins the White House can just assume that he is going to be impeached.

Friday, July 4, 2014

"5 Truck Interior Features You Just Can't Live Without"

"The 10 Most Overrated Disney Animated Films"

‘Drunk Driver’ Hits Cop Directing Traffic At Accident Scene"

"Nurse sent to prison for sex acts with corpse"

"Daily Caller's Top Ten Patriotic Country Songs"

All of these were featured stories today at the right wing blogs I cover for Wingnut Wrapup.  Here's a story that didn't make the cut at any of them:

"May job growth greater than for any month since Bill Clinton was President."

Just not important enough, I guess, to warrant a mention.  Of course, a story about a corpse may be more important to people who are brain dead.

Thanks, Obama

Well, of course the supposed explosion of children escaping from Central America and trying to make it into the country is Obama's fault, right?  Here's a sample of the current Republican cant on the subject, contained in an e-mail that I (for some unknown reason) got from Rand Paul:

"President Obama turned an already bad situation into a debacle.

Due to his lawless executive orders, a crisis on our southern border exploded as tens of thousands of immigrant men, women, teenagers and even children streamed across our border and illegally entered our country."

So, a situation that has been going on for decades is suddenly Obama's fault.

Let me make this clear to anyone too ignorant to know the truth about things:  Illegal immigration into the U.S. from the impoverished Central American countries is one more species of blowback- the price we are paying for a century of exploitation of these nations on behalf of United States business interests.  Have you forgotten the multiple overthrows of Central American governments conducted by the United States since the 1920's, and reaching a peak in the Eisenhower administration, when both the Secretary of State and the head of the CIA were on the board of directors of the United Fruit Company?  Have you forgotten Ronald Reagan's creation of an army of drug-dealing terrorists to overthrow the democratically elected government in Nicaragua?  These are the real criminals in the refugee situation, not Obama, who is only trying to deal with a situation which has provided Republicans for one more round of fictitious, jingoistic attacks.

We are paying for the crimes perpetrated by this country in the past, largely, may I add, during Republican administrations.  But of course, it's much easier for the press to just repeat Republican lies than it is for reporters to stand up to the howling mobs and try to tell the truth.  Is it any wonder that large numbers of Americans now regard Obama as worse than a man who clearly was the worst President in history by a huge margin- George W. Bush?

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Question of the Day

Digby:  "Are we really talking about sending children back to hell to appease a bunch of xenophobes?"

Answer:  Yup.

A Short Wingnut Wrapup Note

I have determined that I am not going to cover the right wing gloating about the two corrupt Supreme Court decisions yesterday.  I bet you are just fine with that.