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Not Much to Say, Really

I sure haven't been posting much lately.  What's more, I see the signs of similar lassitude at other blogs I read regularly. No one wants to pay attention to anything but the election, and let's face it- this is the most boring and trivial Presidential election in decades.  What was billed by the Republican as the Great Clash of Ideas has turned out to be nothing of the sort, perhaps because Republicans really don't have any ideas, just an endless string of excuses for favoring the rich.  Instead, our days are consumed with waiting for their useless candidate to make another one of his almost daily "gaffes," i.e. to once again reveal himself to be a smug, self-entitled boor without a shred of empathy or understanding of people who are not wealthy. So we wait, to find out if endless corporate money and open Republican election rigging can place this man in the White House, despite the fact that no rational person could want him within a thousand miles of Wa

Impeachment, Here We Come

Mike Huckabee, speaking about the violence in Benghazi, on Fox News: “It was a planned, coordinated, orchestrated attack led by terrorists, terrorists, Bill, and this White House has to explain why it hasn’t owned up to that. Why it can’t say it … Let’s go back. Richard Nixon was forced out of office because he lied. And because he covered some stuff up. I’m going to be blunt and tell you this. Nobody died in Watergate. We have people who are dead because of this. There are questions to be answered and Americans ought to demand to get answers.” Let me remind you that Mike Huckabee is regarded far and wide as a responsible political commentator, has been the Governor of Arkansas, and finished second to John McCain in the race for the Republican Presidential nomination in 2008.  This is the voice of the current Republican establishment.  It has become acceptable for them to champion the lunatic notion that Obama needs to be impeached.  If this is how far they have deteriorate


I feel obligated to inform you that, on September 26th, 2002, ten years ago today, Pico the Parrot, whose picture is at the top of this blog, was born.  You are all welcome to come over to our house and be bitten.

Wingnut Wrapup

And another visit to the never ending sewer of hatred and idiocy which is the right wing in America today: Town Hall:  "According to Dividends: U.S. Entering Recession...We've identified recession territory as being consistent with more than 10 U.S. companies per month acting to cut their dividend payments to investors." Yes, according to a measure that you just invented, because all of the real ones are going in the right direction.  That was convincing, guys.  Keep up the great work. Rand Simberg, PJ Media:  "German Troops Riot in Italy over Disney Film!   Outraged over the insult to their Fuehrer by a film recently released by RKO, German troops reportedly engaged in violent attacks on Americans attempting to consolidate a beach head in the area of Salerno, Italy, today." I guess this story is supposed to have something to do with Libya.  Well, leaving aside the issue of it being from seventy years ago, may I just point out that when one army attacks anothe

Republican Poll Numbers- Liberals Don't Get It

There has been great mirth today, by liberals and in the mainstream press, at a trend that has developed in the last couple of days, of a number of Republicans attacking the national polls and claiming that they are heavily biased to show Obama leading.  This has, as usual, been attributed to psychological malaise and inability to accept reality on the right.  Here are a couple of examples: From Greg Sargent, at the Washington Post: "The Romney campaign is joining the ranks of supporters who have decided that major national polls show Romney losing only because the samples are overly weighted with Dems. Romney pollster Neil Newhouse insists that public polling averages are “skewed,” and that the 2012 electorate will not show the same minority and Dem base composition as the 2008 one did. But in an interview with me, Obama campaign pollster Joel Benenson mocked the idea that the electorate will diverge meaningfully from that of 2008 as as delusional. “The notion that this el

The Single Most Dumbfuck Stupid Thing A Presidential Candidate Ever Said

Mitt Romney, Courtesy of the Los Angeles Times: “When you have a fire in an aircraft, there’s no place to go, exactly, there’s no — and you can’t find any oxygen from outside the aircraft to get in the aircraft, because the windows don’t open. I don’t know why they don’t do that. It’s a real problem." Really, where on earth did they find this idiot, who makes George W, Bush sound smart?  And why does the entire nation have to abide his presence?

Romney Supporters Get The Message

I want to talk about something I said a few posts ago, in connection with some results from a new Gallup poll: "Romney Has Support Among Lowest Income Voters... Romney still gets about a third of the vote among those whose household incomes are less than $24,000 a year. Americans who pay no income tax cover the entire income spectrum, but most research shows that a large percentage of those non-payers are those in the lowest income households. Yet, even among those who make less than $24,000 a year in household income, 34% say they will vote for Romney.... a detailed analysis of voting choice by age shows that Americans 70 and older are among Romney's strongest voter segments, particularly those aged 70 to 79." People over 65 with incomes of less than $24,000 a year are almost totally living on Social Security.  And yet, as I predicted, a large number of these people do not think they are members of the dreaded 47% of moochers who live off of government benefits.  T

If Liberal Bloggers Were Like Conservative Bloggers- Part Two

Green Eagle was never very good at dancing like an Egyptian back in the day, but he's trying to learn to blog like a Conservative.  A couple of days ago, I pointed out how likely it was that Mitt Romney was a Communist spy.  Today, I'm back with another startling revelation. Some of you may remember when Conservative lunatics produced the following photos as evidence that Barack's father was really some virtually unheard of alleged Communist, Frank Marshall Davis- a character whose lack of notoriety makes Saul Alinsky seem like Elvis: Well, this sterling example of  nearly unbelievable stupidity hard-hitting investigative journalism motivated Green Eagle to engage in the "research" that led to the following shocking information: ___________________________________________________ Mitt Romney's Real Father Finally Revealed!!!!! Many of Green Eagle's readers will be familiar with the fact that Mitt Romney's family once lived in Mexico.  In f

And Now The Good News

From the International Business Times: "Iranian Cleric Beaten by Women after Ordering Them to Wear Hijab" No comment necessary.

Keith, We Miss You

Hate to Splash Cold Water on That...

So, Mitt Romney, in one week, has demonstrated to anyone who cares to see it that: 1.  He is an ignorant, belligerent fool that knows nothing about the world, and is willing to use any foreign policy disaster to benefit himself. 2.  He is a self-entitled person who was born into a rich and powerful family, and is willing to spread the most loathsome smears about anyone who wasn't lucky enough to have started out with his advantages. 3.  And to sum it up, he is the least qualified Presidential candidate in the last hundred years. Many here in the reality based world are whooping for joy at what would, in a rational country, have totally destroyed any chance this guy had to end up on anything but the losing end of one of the biggest landslides in world history. It ain't going to happen.  Romney's piggish, un-American behavior is not going to dislodge a single vote from his side, and may actually increase the commitment of a lot of right wingers to vote for him.  Thi

Wingnut Wrapup

Boy, the right wingers were out there blabbing today.  So, let's not waste any time; let's get right to work. Town Hall:  "Analysis: Will Republicans Win the Senate?" Translation:  They've already given up on the White House.  Byron York, Town Hall: "Romney Will be Judged on Actions, Not Coverage" Man, after the last week, that isn't good news for Republicans. Jeff Jacoby, Town Hall:  "Just as Intended, Teachers Strike Hurts Families" Just as intended...Can't you just see the planning committee:  "Mwahahaha...what can we do to hurt families...that's all we teachers live for..." Katie Kieffer, Town Hall:  " Let’s bring selfish back, y’all!  Last week, I wrote that if you are a Christian, you must embrace Ayn Rand’s economic philosophy (capitalism). Today, I will explore this further." Not with me reading it, you wont. Daniel J. Mitchell, Town Hall:  "No, I’m Not Corrupt...That being said, I invite the worl

If Liberal Bloggers Were Like Conservative Bloggers

Today, I'd like to try out a new approach to blogging.  I decided, rather than spend my time as I usually do, wading through the sludge to be found in the sewers of right wing thought, I would try to imagine how I would be reporting on this election if I thought just like a conservative.  Well, here is the result.  I hope you appreciate the fabrication intense scholarly research that went into this post. ____________________________________________ ROMNEY- COMMUNIST SUBVERSIVE!!!!!!! The massive investigative journalist team at Green Eagle World Wide Media has learned that Mitt Romney is a KGB trained Communist implanted in our political system for the express purpose of destroying our Republic. Inside sources at the Romney campaign, who carefully chose Green Eagle to break this story, but who cannot be identified, have confirmed that, during the period from 1966 to 1969, when Romney was allegedly in the French city of "Paris," he was actually in Moscow, being ca

Truer Words Were Never Spoken

Rick Santorum:  “We will never have the elite, smart people on our side.”

Wall Street Revealed as Utterly Rigged

To the few who will ever hear about this.  Here is a massively important story that, of course, will never be allowed to impinge on the delicate consciousnesses of the American voters.  I give credit to the Los Angeles Times for even allowing it to appear on its business pages: "NYSE fine may further erode investors' trust in stock markets The New York Stock Exchange agreed to pay $5 million to settle charges that it made stock quotes available to select customers before the general public. The fine may further erode investors' trust in stock markets... The Securities and Exchange Commission accused the Big Board of giving an "improper head start" to certain customers. The NYSE's trading system gave a "faster path" to some private customers, while a separate "software issue" delayed the publishing of data to the public, according to the SEC. "Their biggest clients were getting a built-in advantage," said Sal Arnuk, a pa

Terrorist- Some We Should Just Ignore

While the country is utterly absorbed with the terrorists who attacked our consulate in Libya and killed four government staff members, we are just content to ignore other terrorist threats.  Here's some news from a situation that should be receiving equal attention, but is just being ignored by the media, for some reason: "5 more charged in Ga. military militia case SAVANNAH, Ga. — Four former Army soldiers and a civilian have been charged in new indictments for connections to an anti-government militia that authorities say was led by Fort Stewart troops who stockpiled weapons and talked of ultimately overthrowing the U.S. government. A Liberty County grand jury indicted the five on charges of illegal gang activity and various counts involving theft, burglary and auto break-ins. Those crimes were committed to help fund the militia group, which called itself F.E.A.R., short for Forever Enduring Always Ready, District Attorney Tom Durden said Tuesday. The new indictmen


Well, for anyone interested, here is the "trailer" for the video that incited the violence in Egypt and Libya: As you can see it isn't a trailer at all, just a collection of offensive and ludicrously inept scenes from the video.  At this point, I'm not sure if the rioting was motivated by the cheesy insults to Islam, or a proper sense of outrage at the quality of the acting. I just want to say that I think that it is very important that someone gets to the bottom of who is responsible for this ugly piece of hatred.  We deserve to know who in our country deliberately produced this provocation; and if it has any connection to the party which has been deliberately fomenting violence against Muslims for eleven years now, I only pray that our country still has enough backbone to make them pay the price. Update:   Well, now we seem to know that the film in question was produced by Coptic (i.e. Egyptian) Christians.  Well, now I want to suggest something that may be

Smirking Goon

There isn't much I can add to the news about the goon Romney and his un-American, vicious attack on Obama yesterday.  I'd just like to post the following two pictures showing how thrilled with himself Romney was after his filthy comments:   He wasn't just willing to do something totally disgraceful- he was really proud of himself for doing it.  This man has no business having control over any of us, let alone being President of the United States.  He is a sickening, craven jerk.  If this hideous incident ends any chance he has to win the November election, it will be no more than he deserves, and it will bring an early end to the peril that we all would be in if he became the President. I am finding it hard to find adequate words to express my contempt for this miserable excuse for a human being.  Sorry for not being up to the task. More: Well, here's someone who found the verbal wherewithal that I lacked.  From Daily Kos: "One does not smirk when discus

9-11...The Incompetence

And far worse than incompetence.  Here is a must-read article from the New York Times, giving many new details about how strongly the intelligence community tried to warn the Bush administration about Al Qaida attacks, in the six months or so before 9-11.  The famous "Bin Laden determined to strike within the U.S." briefing turns out to have been only one of many, by intelligence officials who became so distressed at the Bush administration's lack of concern that, at one point, they considered resigning en masse. Here is a predictable but sickening revelation from the article: "But some in the administration considered the warning to be just bluster. An intelligence official and a member of the Bush administration both told me in interviews that the neoconservative leaders who had recently assumed power at the Pentagon were warning the White House that the C.I.A. had been fooled; according to this theory, Bin Laden was merely pretending to be planning an a

Romney Gets Ready For the Massacre

I was interested in a Daily Kos story about the Romney campaign, awash in so much money that they can hardly find a way to spend it, pulling its ads from the vital State of Ohio this week.  Kos speculates that they may have already given up on Ohio, and goes on to say: "Since the Romney campaign ain't talking, all we can do is speculate. Are they running short on cash? They've been hoarding general election money raised all year, but they can spend it now. Why wait the extra week? Maybe they're being forced to retool their message after their convention failed to move any numbers: If your unchallenged 3-4 hour infomercial gets no traction, spending hundreds of millions with that same message might not be a smart idea." I want to advance another and, I think, far more plausible theory.   Given the nature of the Romney campaign, which so far has consisted of nothing but lies, deceptively edited videos, and more lies, here is what I think they are up to. 

Wingnut Wrapup- Convention Edition

I've really been very neglectful of Wingnut Wrapup lately because, in the runup to the conventions, practically all of the wingnuts coalesced behind the Romney party line.  Consequently, for quite a while there, the right blogosphere has been dead boring.  However, the miserable failure that was their convention, followed by the amazingly well produced Democratic one, have predictably unhinged them again, and it is business as usual.  So, time for Green Eagle to get back to work. Today's Wingnut Wrapup is respectfully dedicated to Dick Morris (the man who is never right,) who confidently predicted that Bill Clinton was going to use his speech to sabotage Obama, and when Clinton didn't come through on Dick's promise, had this to say: "On Fox News’ “The O’Reilly Factor” on Wednesday night, onetime Bill Clinton ally (now foe) Dick Morris suggested the former president secretly wants Barack Obama to lose the election but won’t say so publicly because the Obama

A Note About the Military Terrorists

Here's a nice article from Crooks and Liars with the following title: "Georgia Militia Terrorists Fit DHS Bulletin Profile Perfectly" As I predicted (it didn't really take much in the way of prescience,) this group, which the entire mainstream press is calling anarchists, i.e. some sort of liberals, is really nothing but one more out of control pack of right wing haters.  But God forbid that anyone should point this out, or some person of truly massive stature like Michelle Malkin or Pam Geller might call them bad names. We are still burdened in this country with an in-the-tank press that will do whatever it has to in order to obscure the truly horrific storm that is brewing on the right in this country.  They bear a major part of the blame for all that has gone wrong here for the last thirty years, and they are going to continue smugly providing cover for the people that are really our greatest threat, even while those people ride a tidal wave of hatred, li

Lying Mitt- A Compilation

As a sort of public service, I would like to link to this post , which links to thirty weekly articles in which Steve Benen documents a grand total of 533 lies told by Mitt Romney in the last thirty weeks.  As Fred Clark, who put together this compilation, points out: "Mitt Romney lies. A lot. He lies more than any other national candidate for office in my lifetime. And I was born before the Nixon administration." Maybe he lies more than anyone in the history of the world- oh, except for his vice presidential pick, who is pretty much running neck and neck with him. Well, not much to be said about this, really, but here it is.  Thanks, guys, for putting this together for those few remaining voters who care about the truth.

Your Liberal Press- Washington Post Edition (Chapter 372,664 or so)

For a real taste of the mainstream media's intended treatment of the next two months in politics, you need look no farther than this article in the Washington Post, by Jennifer Rubin.  I leave it to you to decide if the following is the product of unapologetic lying or of a state of hallucinatory psychosis.  "The Romney team knew it was a good night, a very good night...Or to paraphrase New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, they think they’ve taken a big step toward earning the respect, if not the love, of the voters." Let us remember that this comment refers to a night in which Clint Easwood...well, did whatever he did...and then Romney bored the country (or the small part of  it that was watching) into such a state of ennui that many were reduced to counting the times he smacked his lips (Democratic Underground documents 101, in case you are interested.) "Romney’s senior advisers believe...they have gone a significant way in defanging the Bain attacks. By