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Terrorists You Never Heard Of- Wonder Why?

Here's a disgusting story which I found courtesy of Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs: "SALEM -- Bruce Turnidge was so fervent about protecting his right to have guns that he once sought to build and supply his own private militia, prosecutors said...The two talked of bank robbery plots over the years no less than 50 times, a friend told prosecutors. The father had tried years before to raise money to arm a militia, but the men he approached turned him down, prosecutors said...But it was Barack Obama's presidential win in November 2008 that finally drove the father and son to put one of their ideas into motion, Marion County Deputy District Attorney Katie Suver said Wednesday. Then on Dec. 12, 2008, she said, the Turnidges planted a bomb outside the West Coast Bank  in Woodburn. It ended up exploding inside the bank, killing two police officers, critically injuring a third and wounding a bank employee. The father, 58, and son, 33, are now on trial, each facin

Another Exercise in Right Wing Malignant Lunacy

This one from the idiots at American Thinker, concerning the famous "Ground Zero Mosque" which, after the fashion of the Holy Roman Empire, is neither a mosque nor at ground zero.  I'm linking to this post, despite my general distaste at giving these people any hits, because it's so stupid that many people might think I made it up.  Well, here goes: "The newly unveiled  "official" architectural renderings of the Ground Zero Mosque, now being rebranded and sanitized as the "Park 51 Community Center" reveal a disturbing, insidious message.   Look closely at the pattern of the facade. It is quite easy to discern the Star of David (two triangles with points up and down), the pre-eminent symbol of Judaism here:" Well, let me just interrupt here.  What we are seeing here is not a six-pointed (Jewish) star, but an eight-pointed star, a very traditional Muslim symbol, as anyone remotely familiar with Islamic art would know.  In order to

And Who, Exactly, Cares About Our Economy?

From the Washington Post: "The latest jobs bill from Senate Democrats - a plan to punish firms that ship jobs overseas - failed to clear a key procedural hurdle Tuesday after some Democrats complained that the measure would hamper the ability of U.S. companies to compete in foreign markets. Four Democrats and Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman (I-Conn.) voted with a united Republican caucus to block the bill, which was crafted to address the 9.6 percent unemployment rate in the run-up to November's midterm elections. On a vote of 53 to 45, the measure failed to garner the 60 votes needed to overcome a GOP filibuster. The bill under consideration Tuesday would have ended tax deductions for expenses incurred when companies shutter U.S. operations and shift the work abroad; imposed a new tax on products once made in the United States but now manufactured by foreign workers; and offered employers a two-year payroll tax holiday on jobs repatriated from overseas." It figures that

Good Riddance, Rahm

No explanation needed.

This Is Why I'm Not Sure You Should Be President

Barack Obama: "I still remember going over to the Republican caucus to meet with them and present our ideas, and to solicit ideas from them before we presented the final package. And on the way over, the caucus essentially released a statement that said, "We're going to all vote 'No' as a caucus." And this was before we'd even had the conversation. At that point, we realized that we weren't going to get the kind of cooperation we'd anticipated." Barack, Most adult Democrats in this country figured that out, oh, around 1994.  Where have you been the last couple of decades?  It's really nice that you are such a trusting guy, but still, there are limits to everything.

Are They More Stupid or More Malicious- We Report, You Decide

From CNN: "Lusby, Maryland (CNN) -- A conservative activist known for making undercover videos plotted to embarrass a CNN correspondent by recording a meeting on hidden cameras aboard a floating "palace of pleasure" and making sexually suggestive comments, e-mails and a planning document show. James O'Keefe...hoped to get CNN Investigative Correspondent Abbie Boudreau onto a boat filled with sexually explicit props and then record the session, those documents show. " Let's see now.  First he dressed up like a pimp, made some recordings at Acorn offices and then edited them to give a totally false impression of what happened. Then he got caught trying to bug a United States Senator's office. Now he's attempted to engage in a loathsome act of sexual  predation against this CNN reporter. That's what it takes to be a rising young Republican star.  This guy has a great future in front of him. P.S. Take a look at these two, O'keefe and

Maybe They're Right

Christine O'Donnell: "God continued to strengthen and empower us," O'Donnell said in an interview on the Christian Broadcasting Network. "Because you see that if it weren't for faith, when all logic said it's time to quit, we pursued, we marched on, because we knew God was not releasing us to quit."  You know what, maybe Fred Phelps and the wonderful people at the Westboro Baptist Church are right after all.  Maybe God does hate America.

A Lunatic, and a Liar Too

From her LinkedIn Page: "Christine O'Donnell Media Consultant and Political Commentator ................... Education         * Fairleigh Dickinson University         * Claremont Graduate University         * University of Oxford" Though this may come as a massive surprise to you, Christine O'Donnell never attended the University of Oxford.  This is a lie, pure and simple. More:  Oh God, this is so much worse than I thought.  I hope I can be forgiven a rather long excerpt from Daily Kos: "For years O'Donnell said that she had graduated from Fairleigh Dickinson University in 1993, when she didn't receive her degree until last summer. And there was her lawsuit that stated  that she "has lost the increased earning power that a Master's degree from Princeton would have created," despite the fact that she never attended Princeton...And now, one more -- O'Donnell claims on her Linkedin bio that she studied Constitutional Gover

Republican Philosophy

I see the world class hypocrite Cal Thomas has an article up today at Town Hall about Republican philosophy.  Luckily for Green Eagle's readers, they don't have to wade through Thomas' hundreds of words of turgid, lying prose to grasp the details of Republican philosophy.  No, here is a far more terse description of Republican philosophy, from one of the world's most famous conservative business leaders:  "At this festive season of the year, Mr. Scrooge," said the gentleman, taking up a pen, "it is more than usually desirable that we should make some slight provision for the Poor and Destitute, who suffer greatly at the present time.  Many thousands are in want of common necessaries; hundreds of thousands are in want of common comforts, sir." "Are there no prisons?" asked Scrooge. "Plenty of prisons," said the gentleman, laying down the pen again. "And the Union workhouses?"  demanded Scrooge.  "Are they sti

The Single Most Important Fact about Life in America Today

It's this one: "The income gap between rich and poor Americans grew to the widest amount on record and represents the greatest disparity among Western industrialized nations, according to U.S. Census data." After eight years of doctrinaire Republican rule.  Don't forget that the last time this happened was also after eight years of doctrinaire Republican rule, with massive tax cuts for the rich and deregulation the order of the day.  That would be in 1929, and we know how that worked out for the American people. The Republican party is willing to deliberately destroy the country and all of the rest of us, in order to serve they hyper rich.  It has had this attitude since it said goodbye to Teddy Roosevelt, and that is all it exists for.  Its lies and its greed have caused one depression and almost caused another one, and still, Republicans do the bidding of the rich, no matter what the cost.  This is the real threat to our national security, not a bunch of Mu

Whose Fault is That?

Barack Obama: "It is inexcusable for any Democrat or progressive right now to stand on the sidelines in this midterm election...The idea that we've got a lack of enthusiasm in the Democratic base, that people are sitting on their hands complaining, is just irresponsible." Then why have you spent the last year sending Rahm Emmanuel and David Axelrod out in public to demean and belittle your progressive base, and why in God's name, when the progressive position has proven over and over again to be the correct one, have you abandoned it in an idiotic attempt to win the support of a couple of supposedly moderate Republicans, or Ben Nelson and Blanche Lincoln, who end up stabbing you in the back every single time? Life is a two way street, buddy.  If you are not going to stand up for our positions, not because they are ours, but because they are the right positions for the country, why should we stand up for you? Sure I'm going to vote- I always do, and I'm

The Idiocy Slouches On

I'm getting so bored with the news being virtually the same every day- Obama and the Democrats trying, however lamely, to do something to help the country out of a disaster created entirely by Republican economic cant, and the Republicans resorting to every lie, smear and any other dirty tactic they can dredge up, to serve the rich at the expense of the other 99.9 percent of us.  Only the names and the lies change from day to day.  Well, I can't be bothered to put this stuff in separate posts, but here is today's load: From an article by Justin Elliot at Salon: "Billionaires give 91% of funds for Rove-tied group New FEC filings show that American Crossroads, the Karl Rove-backed group that is pouring money into attack ads targeting Democrats around the country, continues to be funded virtually entirely by billionaires.  In August, American Crossroads raised $2,639,052.  Fully $2.4 million of that -- or 91 percent --  came in the form of gifts from just three bill

I'm So Thrilled

From the New York Times: "Rove Returns, With Team, Planning G.O.P. Push" I haven't been so excited since I heard that bedbugs were back.

Well, They Got It a Third Right

San Francisco Chronicle today: "In past elections, Boxer has had the good fortune of having Republican opponents who were inept, underfunded, on the fringe right..." Well, at least Carly Fiorina is well funded.  I guess that's an improvement.

Biggest Republican Lie of the Century

Possibly the most preposterous lie of all time: John Boehner: I've 'Never Been In A Tanning Bed Or Used A Tanning Product'  

Wingnut Wrapup

Some diversions from the right, while we wait to see if half a billion dollars in propaganda funds from the rich is enough to persuade American voters to send our country to the garbage heap: David Limbaugh, Town Hall: "GOP Pledge Is a Step in the Right Direction" A step to oblivion? Moe Lane, Red State:  "Gov Manchin (D CAND, WV-SEN) values real estate values over miners’ lives." "Manchin - which much fanfare, and after a major mine disaster - pushed through an executive order mandating the increased use of crushed limestone (or ‘rock dust’)...Despite this executive order, there have been no investigations since its passing to indicate whether the new rules on rock dust have been enforced.  This is because...The lab is not yet ready." Of course, he didn't appoint the CFO of the mining company with the worst safety record in America to be head of the Mine Safety administration, like Bush and Cheney did.  Now, you can imagine how many mine saf

A Little Tea Party News

From the New York Times: "A group called Unite in Action had hoped to have a three-day Tea Party extravaganza of seminars and rallies in Washington starting Sept. 10, but Ms. Kinnison said that classrooms that the group had set up for 500 people ended up with only 5 in them. And a rally held by Freedom Works that Sunday, while large, was far smaller than the one the group held a year ago. “This was to be our gauge for the convention and if the owners should pursue the convention and see if they could even break even,” Ms. Kinnison wrote. “Well, the reports back from Washington were not good. The bottom line is … no convention this year for Tea Party Nation!” "classrooms that the group had set up for 500 people ended up with only 5 in them."  Well, I guess that about sums it up.  I guess the Koch brothers weren't willing to pay to bus people in for that one. Our country is ruled by a charade, created by the rich and perpetrated by our corrupt media, and th

The Truth Shall Set You Free. Stupidity Shall Do Something Else

At last the horrible truth can be known!  For our convenience, the following map has been compiled, by someone with way too much time on their hands, from information at this website.   It contains the location of all of the FEMA death camps in the country: Man, there sure are a lot of them, huh?  When I first saw this, I thought it was a map of the current residences of all of Newt Gingrich's ex-wives. Well, I thought you would like to know.  Man, are we screwed by Obama now.

Possibly the Stupidest Right Wing Comment Ever

By Warner Todd Huston, at Gateway Pundit: "OK, the story is all over the Old Media edifice: forty-one-year-old Teresa Lewis has become “the first woman to be executed in the U.S. in five years.” So, here’s the question I have. How exactly can anyone be the “first” anything “in five years”? Doesn’t the whole “in five years” presuppose that someone else came first? See, the one “five years” ago was at the very least the real first one, not the one that came today" Seriously, have you ever heard anything so idiotic in your whole life?

Just Published: The Shortest Book of the Year

"The Faith and Values of Sarah Palin"

The Most Powerful Politician in the History of the Universe

Christine O'Donnell, 2003:  "Yeah' I'll Stop The Country From Having Sex "

The Republicans Release their Great Pledge to Blather

Well, the Republicans released their Pledge to America today, confident in the obvious fact that the press would use it as an excuse to ignore the great improvements in our health care payment system that went into effect today as a result of Obamacare. I was looking forward to bringing you my report on the contents of this document as soon as I was able to find an editable copy.  Well, guess what:  I just read it, and it is nothing but a collection of more giveaways to the rich, disguised with unconscionable slatherings of jingoistic right wing blather, and a good sprinkle of lying smears about the Democrats.  As anyone could have predicted, it is nothing but a hollow pretense, which does absolutely nothing real to deal with any of our country's real problems.Not surprising, that, since the country's main real problem is the Repubican party itself. Like the last several of these meaningless documents that the Republicans have released (remember their "budget" fro

The Great Mirage of 2010

Here's an article by E. J. Dionne today in the Washington Post that I am linking to because it provides me with a perfect opportunity to say "I told you so." Perhaps someone else is finally catching on: "The Tea Party: Tempest in a very small teapot...Is the Tea Party one of the most successful scams in American political history? " It's worth a read. I have been saying since months after the first tea parties that this so-called movement was little more than a fiction, created with corporate money. Here's some more evidence of that.

Jim Hoft: Dumbest Man on the Internet?

A great article from Media Matters , about one of our favorite characters here at Green Eagle: "But despite...stiff competition, Jim Hoft (aka Gateway Pundit) stands out as uniquely incompetent. Hoft runs with (or spawns) almost every inane story that bubbles up in the conservative blogosphere, has proven that he has absolutely no vetting process for the sources he cites, and apparently has a hard time with basic reading comprehension." This post provides a tremendous insight, for those who are interested, into what it takes for a right winger to have the eighth ranked political blog in the United States. Hoft has responded by calling the Media Matters article garbage. Of course, he does not respond to a single one of the many examples of Hoft's stupidity and lying which the article reveals.

Seeing the Mote, Ignoring the Beam

I was amused to read a post at Renew America, by a self-described "Catholic columnist," entitled "The homosexualist agenda in Catholic schools." This fifteen hundred word article was devoted to an article written by "a graduating senior at Sacred Heart High School" in Kingston, Massachusetts. As the Renew America columnist put it: "The Sacred Heart High School administration approved the publication of the article in the school newspaper. The article directly contradicts Catholic teaching as it relates to issues of homosexuality, bisexuality, transgender behavior, God's merciful love, and sin." Can you guess what this guy, an amazingly un-self aware person by the name of Matt C. Abbot failed to mention? Yup, you got it. He is filled with indignation at the idea that a high school student might write an article about homosexuality, but has no time to consider the widespread, systematic practice of child sexual molestation carried out

Beltway Thinking at its Finest

Reuters: "Replacing Summers, an academic, with a well-known corporate executive could help defuse the persistent notion that Obama is hostile to business." Persistent notion? After what business leaders have done to this country in the last decade, you would have to be deranged not to be hostile to them. What next? Giving Charlie Manson a seat on the California Parole Board? Making Osama Bin Laden the head of Homeland Security? Letting Donald Rumsfeld run the military? ...Oh, wait. We tried that one, didn't we. Worked out great.


TPM: "For most people it's a joke. But among Christine O'Donnell's religious right base, witchcraft is a really big deal." Wrong. Just watch. Nothing is a big deal to these people except the bankrupt promises of the Republican party to cut their taxes. They are all going to vote for this psychotic loon, because of a few hundred dollars in illusory tax cuts that the Republicans wave in front of their faces, like carrots in front of a mule. Never mind that they never really get what they are promised, and virtually all of the tax cuts go to the Republicans' masters, the hyper-rich. Saint Ronnie taught them that it's okay to let greed be the sole guiding principle of their lives, and they're so stupid and ignorant that they never notice that it's never their greed that gets sated.

Great news

Lawrence Summers is leaving the White House in a couple of weeks, after his heroic two-year effort to steer the economy back off the edge of a cliff, by doing exactly the wrong thing, at the wrong time, every chance he had.

And Now the Bad News

The White House is coming under massive pressure to replace Summers with an ex-CEO, just to prove that they aren't anti-business. Guys, if you aren't anti-business by this point, you'd have to be brain dead.

Wingnut Wrapup

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Teabag Failure- Responsible Parties Identified

Of Course- I should have known. You will perhaps remember my informing you a couple of days ago about the canceling of the National Tea Party convention. Now, this startling revelation from our friends at World Net Daily: "Event organizers for the National Tea Party Unity Convention say ...the meetings are being canceled for now. Judson Phillips, who is with, told WND that there were insufficient ticket sales to continue plans for the event that had been scheduled for October. "The convention ended up being another casualty of the Obama economy," Phillips, the Tea Party Nation founder, told WND." Yes, they couldn't sell any tickets to their big convention, and it's ALL OBAMA'S FAULT! I should have known! Green Eagle is forced at this point to confess how wrong he has been to suggest all this time that the entire Teabag movement is largely a corporate-created mirage. No, the fact that no one would come to their convention has nothing

Maybe the Beast Isn't Slouching Toward Us So Fast...

The Republicans are marching toward a historic victory in November, and Obama and the pathetic Democrats are crumbling to dust due to their failure to undo the damage that the last Republican administration did to the country, right? Well, that's what you'd believe from the news, right? Here are a few examples from today's press: Bob Herbert, NYT: "It’s no secret that the president is in trouble politically" Roger Cohen, NYT: "But Obama soon found himself caught in the gridlock of the very partisan shrieking he had vowed to overcome. " Michael Gerson, Washington Post: "The last few weeks have seen Democratic problems solidify across the country, in ways the Not-So-Great Communicator has been powerless to prevent. The bottom is dropping out of polls for Democratic candidates in states such as Pennsylvania and Ohio, where battlegrounds threaten to become routs." Brent Budowsky, The Hill: "The 2010 elections are in the ninth inning. The

The Lies, The Lies!

Once again, I feel called upon to quote at some length a malignant article from one of the America-hating paid liars at Renew America; in this instance, Mr. Alan Caruba spreading his destructive misinformation about global warming. Mr. Caruba is not a paranoid maniac in the class of a Sher Zieve, but he does himself up proud with this effort: "No science, fake science, and the deliberate destruction of the nation Any scientist who has not sold his soul to the environmental movement will tell you that the reason that greenhouse gases, primarily carbon dioxide (CO2), do not cause any warming is due to the fact that they have to conform to the laws of thermodynamics. The first law states that "energy can be neither created nor destroyed. It can only change form." Complete gibberish, of course, from someone who not only has no understanding of thermodynamics, but doesn't give a damn about it except as a tool to delude the ignorant. "Energy produced by coal, natura

The Press Continues to Prop Up Sarah

Mark Halperin, another one of our sacred wise men, in Time Magazine: "Don't underestimate Sarah Palin. Yes, she is hyper-polarizing: she sends her fans into rapture and drives her detractors stark raving mad. But she can dominate the news cycle with a single tweet and generate three days of coverage with a single speech" And whose fault is that, you stupid, asinine jerk? Do you think people like you will ever muster the decency to deal with the real issues facing this country, or are you intending to spend the rest of your life forcing the American people to deal with the threat of being ruled by corrupt, self-serving demagogues like Sarah Palin? It's your fault that this sort of person is allowed to dominate our political life, and it will be the fault of people like you if they continue to plague our society. Mr. Halperin, there is a point at which your indifference to our welfare and your kissing up to self-generated right wing celebrity moves from being a c

So Sad

The National Tea Party Convention has been canceled.

Who Hasn't Figured it Out?

I would like to cite the following brief post from Atrios in full: "Nobody Cares About The Deficit Especially the ones who screech the loudest about it. After all these years you'd think reporters would have figured out this game, but oh well." Atrios, I love ya' but I'm afraid you haven't figured out the game either. The "reporters" in the mainstream "press" are not there to figure things out. They are there for the sole purpose of deluding the American people into putting the Republicans back in power, so they can get on with their looting of our economy. Otherwise, why did they collaborate for weeks with the Republican party in grandstanding about an Obama bill to spend $50 billion to aid small business, publicizing the Republicans' hollow screams that this was a budget-buster; but they seem totally uninterested in the current Republican plan to pass tax cuts for the rich which the CBO says will cost three trillion dollars? Everyon

Some Things Never Change

I bet you could have never predicted this: "Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) broke with the Obama administration message on the Bush tax cuts Monday, calling for an extension of all breaks — including those for the top 3 percent of American money earners...His support for the Republican position of not raising any taxes in the midst of a recession highlights the intense battle set for Congress as lawmakers return to Washington Monday." This is corruption, pure and simple. The more politicians make a show of their religion, the less of it you can be sure they really have. And in Holy Joe's case, that amounts to just about none.

The End of Western Civilization is Here

And no, it is not being brought about by Muslims who live twelve thousand miles from here. It is coming at the hands of another religious group: "Galileo was Wrong: The Church was Right First Annual Catholic Conference on Geocentrism Galileo Was Wrong is a detailed and comprehensive treatment of the scientific evidence supporting Geocentrism, the academic belief that the Earth is immobile in the center of the universe. Garnering scientific information from physics, astrophysics, astronomy and other sciences, Galileo Was Wrong shows that the debate between Galileo and the Catholic Church was much more than a difference of opinion about the interpretation of Scripture. Scientific evidence available to us within the last 100 years that was not available during Galileo's confrontation shows that the Church's position on the immobility of the Earth is not only scientifically supportable, but it is the most stable model of the universe and the one which best answers all the

Wingnut Wrapup

Yes, it's that time again- the time when my cesspool overflows with the ravings of the right, so I have no choice but to dump its contents on you. We have some award winners today, so pay close attention: First, the Karl Rove Memorial Award for egregious nonsense in lying: Allen Hunt, Town Hall: "Is any event so small that President Obama does not feel compelled to weigh in on it? Apparently not. Witness his recent impression of Mrs. O'Leary's famous cow when he turned Pastor Terry Jones into an international crisis." Ah yes. You guys spread the hate; the result is our fault if we dare to mention it in public. If we'd just kept our damned mouths shut about your sick, perverted behavior, everything would have been just fine. How Christian, Mr. Hunt. And now the Idiotic Obama Nazi Comparison of the Day: Wes Vernon, Renew America: "Thomas Perez: Obama's one-man Gestapo...Thomas Perez, Assistant Attorney General, heads the Justice Department's (D

It's All About Us, Of Course

The unrepentant racist, Pat Buchanan, at Town Hall today: "Consider the portrait of frustrated impotence America presented to the world last week. Our president and the secretaries of state and defense deplored Pastor Jones' plan to burn 100 Qurans but could do nothing to stop him, other than to plead with him. Jones decided to call it off himself. Having gotten the message, Afghan mobs chanting, "Death to America," burned the American flag and set off to kill our soldiers" Because the action or non action of one lunatic jackass twelve thousand miles away was all they have to be mad about. It couldn't be, could it, that they are upset that we are spending billions of dollars to have our army running around their country killing people almost at random, in the service of supporting one of the most corrupt rulers on earth, an ex-oil executive placed in charge of their country by us? No, their own welfare, their utter inability to control their own fate

Do They Still Not Get It?

When John Boehner said on a TV news show this Sunday that he would consider voting for the Obama tax cut even if it doesn't include rich people, I was stunned to see Democrats reacting as thought they had won some major victory. "Did Boehner Blink" read one headline, and a number of others also suggested that Obama had made the Republicans back down. When, the very next day, many other Republicans made it perfectly clear that they were never going to let Obama have a victory that way, we got stories with headlines like this one, from Talking Points Memo: "A furious 36 hours for Republicans trying to undo John Boehner's Sunday morning gaffe on tax cuts. Republicans are trying to limit any damage John Boehner may have done by agreeing, reluctantly, if given no other choice, to support allowing tax cuts on the rich to expire." Guys, after all this time, do you still not understand how this game is played? There is only one thing that is in any way slowing the

Thinking Like a Kenyan

Continuing on the theme from my recent post about Newt Gingrich, here's Dinesh D'Souza, from an article that apparently inspired Newt's recent dive into the slime pit of racism (this excerpt via American Prospect:) "It may seem incredible to suggest that the anticolonial ideology of Barack Obama Sr. is espoused by his son, the President of the United States. That is what I am saying. From a very young age and through his formative years, Obama learned to see America as a force for global domination and destruction. He came to view America's military as an instrument of neocolonial occupation. He adopted his father's position that capitalism and free markets are code words for economic plunder. Obama grew to perceive the rich as an oppressive class, a kind of neocolonial power within America. In his worldview, profits are a measure of how effectively you have ripped off the rest of society, and America's power in the world is a measure of how sel

Lowest of the Low

Newt Gingrich, in one of the most hate-filled, lying, racist rants I have ever heard: "What if [Obama] is so outside our comprehension, that only if you understand Kenyan, anti-colonial behavior, can you begin to piece together [his actions]? That is the most accurate, predicative model for his behavior. This is a person who is fundamentally out of touch with how the world works, who happened to have played a wonderful con, as a result of which he is now president. I think he worked very hard at being a person who is normal, reasonable, moderate, bipartisan, transparent, accommodating — none of which was true. In the Alinksy tradition, he was being the person he needed to be in order to achieve the position he needed to achieve. He was authentically dishonest. [Obama] is in the great tradition of Edison, Ford, the Wright Brothers, Bill Gates — he saw his opportunity and he took it. The American people may take it back, in which case I may or may not be the recipient of that, but I

Teabag Watch 2010

Well, as this has been a teabag weekend, it is time for Green Eagle to report to you on the mighty popular movement which is (if you believe the mainstream press) sweeping the country and, I suspect, this entire sector of the Milky Way. The big teabag action was in Washington, D.C. Remember last year's 9-11 Washington grand tea party and hatefest ? That attracted 70,000 people, although the teabaggers claimed up to two million. 70,000 marchers for a well-publicized and heavily subsidized march was pathetic enough, but apparently they did far worse this year: "Tea Party's 9/12 Rally Looking Much, Much Smaller Than Last Year's The crowd is downright tiny by comparison to those past's nowhere near the size of last year's 9/12 crowd." Here's a picture: Not exactly an army on the march, huh? Well, maybe they are still worn out from the great Glenn Beck religious revival, and need to wait a few more weeks before their hatred overcomes their

Semi-Good News

From the New York Times: "WASHINGTON — President Obama on Wednesday will make clear that he opposes any compromise that would extend the Bush-era tax cuts for the wealthy beyond this year, officials said, adding a populist twist to an election-season economic package that is otherwise designed to entice support from big businesses and their Republican allies." Of course, in order to get any kind of cooperation from the traitorous Republican party, he still has to lard his proposal with giveaways to business. "Mr. Obama will also make a case for the package of roughly $180 billion in expanded business tax cuts and infrastructure spending disclosed by the White House in bits and pieces over the past few days. He would offset the cost by closing other tax breaks for multinational corporations, oil and gas companies and others. The two major pieces of the package — expanding and making permanent a popular credit for businesses’ research and experimentation expenses, and all

A Historic Day

Yes, it can now be officially confirmed that the experts at the Green Eagle Institute have just awarded the Michelle Bachmann Trophy for Historical Advance in the Art of Lying (shown in all of its glory in the official photo below) to none other than Ms. Pamela "shrieking harpy" Geller. And here is the official text of the award certificate: "WHEREAS Ms. Pamela "shreiking harpy" Geller spent the last months endlessly promoting a hatefest to take place in the City of New York, in order to exploit the memory of 9-11, and WHEREAS The aforementioned Ms. Pamela "shreiking harpy" Geller managed, in the account of the Associated Press, to attract less than one thousand people to her pathetic rally, in the largest city in America, actually being outnumbered by proponents of the mosque, and WHEREAS The aforementioned Ms. Pamela "shreiking harpy" Geller within hours was claiming "tens of thousands" of attendees and "forty thousand"

STFU, Jerks

I for one am getting God damned tired of these right wing "Christian" hatemongers and their new found concern for Jews and Israel. We all know that every single one of them is an antisemitic asshole, and they are nothing but pretending to cozy up to Jews in an effort to obscure the magnitude of their newly unleashed hatred toward Muslims and Blacks. We all know that, in their hunger for war (as long as it only kills someone else,) they would like nothing better than to see the whole middle east explode in a firestorm of violence, Israel included. And their current buddies, the Israelis, can die by the millions if it plays into their malignant fantasy about the return of a man whose most sacred precepts they deny with their every action.

Just a Little Accident- Nothing to Notice Here

It's a slow news day, so I would like to turn my attention to this: No, that's not a scene from some movie about Hell. It's what's left of an American neighborhood. A few days ago, after three weeks or so of residents complaining about leaking gas without any response, a PG&E gas main exploded here. The gas main was built in 1948. PG&E has plenty of money to spend on lots of things: "Since 2000, PG&E Corp., the parent company of PG&E Co., has spent more than $112 million on federally reportable lobbying efforts During the first six months of the year, PG&E put unprecedented capital into lobbying efforts, reporting to the federal government that it’s so far spent nearly$44 million. Such a figure...marks an industry-wide record for electric and utilities companies. " Apparently, however, they don't have any money to maintain the potentially lethal infrastructure that allows them to grow rich. I'm not going to rail away about the c

Wingnut Wrapup

Let's just jump right in with the colossal delusion of the day: Randall Hoven, American Thinker: "The good old days were those when fiscal year budgets were written and passed by a majority-Republican House and Senate and signed by Republican President George W. Bush." I guess those would be the spectacular Republican style balanced budgets that took the horrid deficits of the Clinton era, and turned over to the next Democratic president a healthy budget surplus and a strong economy. Oh, wait a minute... Ann Coulter, Town Hall: "Gen. Petraeus objected to the Quran-burning protest on the grounds that it could be used by radical jihadists to recruit Muslims to attack Americans. If the general's main objective is to hamper jihadist recruiting, may I respectfully suggest unconditional surrender?" Petraeus- unassailable hero to craven coward in one sentence. Life moves so fast these days. Dick Morris and Eileen McGann, Town Hall: "An Epic Dem Disaster