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The Republicans Are Not Crazy

Listening to our nation's "political discourse" the last few years, it is tempting to see everything as a struggle between one party that, however flawed, is still in some sort of contact with reality and moral decency, and one that has entirely spun off into a delusional universe of insane conspiracy theories and lies.  This leaves Democrats wondering what could have caused 30% of our population to have taken leave of their senses, and subscribed to a program that is destroying their lives.   In fact, that is not what is going on at all in the Republican party.  I rashly propose here to explain what is in fact happening. I guess it was back in the 1980's or so that I, and a pretty large number of other people, realized that white people were losing the death grip on American politics that they had had since the founding of our country, and that demographics were in the process of destroying their majority status.  In a democracy, that meant that, within decades, they

I Wonder Why That Could Be?

 The headline at the Washington Post today: "U.S. economy likely grew a lot last quarter. Most people didn’t notice." Say, I wonder why that might be, O Reporters from the Washington Post?  Isn't it sort of your job to let people know what is really happening in the country, regardless of the endless lies that Republicans tell?  Isn't it sort of the job of someone- I can't quite remember who- to make sure that Americans know the truth?  Oh yeah, it's the job of the press, a segment of society which is graced by your paper as a shining light of honorable practice. Or is it your job to enrich your owners by putting more Republicans in office regardless of what you know the result will be?  Is it your job to only report the lying side?   Maybe if you did your fucking job for a while, people might understand which party really has their interest at heart.  But, I guess that is just too much to ask. Oh, here is an opinion piece at the Washington Post today: "

Durham Schadenfreude

How could anyone believe a thing from a lunatic who looks like this, anyway? I think it is appropriate, at what is likely the inglorious end of the great John Durham investigation, to remind people what a colossal failure it was, and how it has joined such miserable Republican misuses of their investigative power as Benghazi and Her E-Mails in succeeding at nothing except stirring up endless wingnut rage, and raising a hell of a lot of money for Donald Trump et. al.  So here are some of my recollections of this nonsense as well as a small selection of right wing responses to Durham's latest humiliation in court. It is unlikely that many Democrats are aware of just how much the Republicans were counting on Durham to produce results damning to the left.  As a specimen of their expectations, here is an excerpt from a Daily Kos report from last February, discussing the matter: "Late on Friday, special counsel John Durham filed a shocking document with the court in which he indict

In Defense of Liz Truss

 Come on- they let Boris Johnson run a carefully calculated, and spectacularly successful campaign to destroy the British economy, and then let him slip out the back door of 10 Downing Street just before the chickens came home to roost.  They replaced him with a woman, who they gave six weeks (!) to undo years of Tory maliciousness.  Great, now they are blaming it all on the woman, after which they will move on with the same insane economic madness that caused the problem in the first place, maybe even bringing Boris back for another romp through the British economy.  Let's face it- just like with Republicans, the Tories are absolutely committed to economic policies which enrich a few hundred families at the expense of everyone else in their country.  These policies can barely succeed in the short term, and are a guarantee of disaster in the long term.  But those families own the Conservative party, as they own the Republicans, so nothing will change.  No person whose positions can

Wingnut Wrapup

With all the news about Republican treachery these days, from high comedy (Trump) to low farce (Herschel Walker,) the wingnuts have had to really strain themselves to come up with stories of Democratic malfeasance.  This is only going to get worse between now and election day (note today's "revelation" that Hunter Biden allegedly lied years ago on a gun permit application,) but here is where it stands today. First a whole bunch of items showing a strange deviant tendency among right wingers: their inability to distinguish between events that actually happen and things that are in movies, or perhaps the Simpsons or some other TV show.  The classic example of that is the strange number of wingnuts who seem to believe that the Matrix is actually true.  Here's another one:  Because it is October, they have become somehow obsessed with the movie The Hunt for Red October,  and somehow think that "red October" is some sort of real thing.  Here's a sample: X22Re

What Right Wingers Are Learning About Federal Hurricane Ida Rescue Efforts

 Here is what you would hear if you follow right wing websites: "Julie Davis, 27, and her three-year-old daughter Hannah, were among the residents of Tamiami Trail Lane that stayed behind...  Of course, the stupidity of her actions caught up with her, her home was flooded and she was likely to drown. Mrs. Davis thought salvation had arrived when, glancing outside a window, she spied a motorized raft pulling up alongside her inundated home. Shouting through a bullhorn, the persons on the raft identified themselves as agents of the Federal Emergency Management Agency and said they were taking storm survivors to secure shelters far from the flood. She cradled Hannah in her arms and plodded down a staircase into murky water, which reached her thighs.  A FEMA agent in the raft insisted that she evacuate, and, leaning over, yanked the child from Mrs. Davis’ arms. It was then that the agent asked Mrs. Davis whether she had valuables in the home he needed to know about—cash, gold, jewelry

A Real Descent Into Right Wing Hell

 I very rarely do this, but I am going to link here to a video from InfoWars about the war in Ukraine, presenting as absolute fact the unvarnished hate propaganda that underlies the Russian attack on Ukraine, blaming the entire thing on the Biden administration, which is literally presented as a tool of Satan. I know that anyone who reads Wingnut Wrapup, or pays the slightest attention to the lunatic ravings of Donald Trump, is familiar with the sickening delusions that form the basis of right wing ideology, but I think even you  will be, as I was, shocked at the vituperative lies that you will hear here.  I know very few people will be able to tolerate much of this, but there is an important message here:  However bad you think the Republicans are, they are far worse.  Anyway, here is the link, and let me warn you, it is a painful thing to listen to: