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How Could We Predict This?

In the Washington Post (and everywhere else by now:) "Second drilling rig overturns in Louisiana...HOUSTON (Reuters) - The Coast Guard said Friday it was responding to another oil drilling rig accident near Morgan City, Louisiana. A "mobile inland drilling unit" overturned in the Charenton navigational channel south of U.S. Highway 90 near Morgan City, the Coast Guard said in a statement." Drill, baby, drill!

Wingnut Wrapup

What has amazed me most the last couple of days is the concerted, desperate attempt by right wing pundits to find some bogus pretext to blame the BP oil disaster on Obama, The nauseating hatemonger, Mark Levin: "Bush acted far more quickly, far more responsibly (on Katrina) than Obama did in this matter" Levin spent two hours on the radio yesterday trying to somehow convince people of this absurd lie. Once again, a perfect example to support my claim that a very large part of the right's continuous, unhinged attacks on Obama have nothing to do with Obama at all, but are rather a pathetic attempt to convince themselves that their guy Bush was not such a failure at all. Thus, they savage Obama's perfectly measured, appropriate response to this disaster not because Obama failed, but because Bush failed with Katrina, and they need to deny this obvious reality to themselves. Oh well, on with the garbage- some one has to take it out: Vladimir, Red State: " Q: Why

Shut This Ass Up Already

"McCain says bipartisanship is dead because Democrats are intent on pushing a left-wing agenda onto the American people." Can nobody find a way to relieve us of the need to constantly have to listen to the disgusting contributions to our discourse by the non-maverick? This guy has less self-respect than just about anyone on earth.

Republican America- Here it Is

From a collection of pictures at Talking Points Memo this morning: Just to remind you that there really is a difference between what we get when Republicans or Democrats run the country. Too bad we can't have similar graphic images to show what Republican rule did to the economy, because it would look far worse. Well, at least the damage is going to hit Republican states. How about if the RNC picks up the tab out of the money they are saving by not spending any more money going to lesbian bondage shows?


Have the miserable Republicans succeeded in outfoxing the Democrats once again? A week ago, we were talking about regulatory reform on Wall Street, and it seemed that the Democrats, for once in decades, were on the brink of getting the American people to understand which party was on their side and which party was nothing but a bunch of paid shills for the rich. And then, all anyone wanted to talk about was a stupid, mean spirited law in Arizona that no one really thinks has a chance of making it through the courts. And by everyone, I mean not only the usual right wing talking-points slingers, but Randi Rhodes, Thom Hartmann, Stephanie Miller and the other liberals that we count on to provide some sort of antidote to corporate propaganda. And they all seem to have willingly forgotten that the damage done to us by a few thousand rich bastards on Wall Street is magnitudes beyond anything that a bunch of illegal immigrants could ever achieve. Guys, forget about the sickening sideshow go

Wingnut Wrapup

Another day, another load of lies, hatred and stupidity from what today passes for one of our two major political parties: Sarah Palin: “I’m sick and tired of Obama and the White House coming out with yet another new crisis that has to be fixed by government sticking it to the people… But see, to many in the White House including our own president, I don’t know when they’ve run a business. I don’t know when they’ve been a CEO where they had to look out for the bottom line and they had to make payroll and live within their own means with a budget. They’re from government. They’re community organizers. They’ve been spending other people’s money for so long that the free enterprise principles that all of us believe in, it’s all foreign to them.“ And Sarah, when were you a CEO? When did you have to make a payroll? I'll give you this- you now have to live within your own means- the $12 million a year you are being paid to spread corporate lies to the gullible among us. That's a s
From Americablog: "GOP congressional candidate wants to microchip Mexicans like dogs" I'm not sure that's not a step up. These guys have been treating Mexicans worse than dogs for a hundred years.

Memo from the Jokes Write Themselves Department

Kristia Cavere,... Tea Party and a Republican candidate for New York’s 19th Congressional District seat: “The Republicans are the ones who liberated Europe in World War II.” They also cured the leper, assuming (as I'm sure you do) that Jesus was a Republican.

The Border

Here is a picture I think you might find interesting: This is a picture of the Rio Grande river in Big Bend National Park, I believe just east of Santa Elena Canyon. Yup, that's our nation's southern border, and a five year old could wade across it in about thirty seconds. Conditions like this exist for hundreds if not thousands of miles along the border. What chance do you think there is of our ever keeping people from crossing this mighty torrent by the use of force? If you said zero, a gold star for you. Think about it.

Nice Graphic, Buddy

I'm not going to bother you with what our buddy Henry Makow had to say about Jews today, but I thought you would like to see a graphic which he used to illustrate his article: What subtle argument do you think Mr. Makow might be making with this picture, huh?

Fine By Me

Wingnut Republican Congressman Steve King: "I'm wondering if we look at the map of Congressman Grijalva's congressional district if we haven't already ceded that component of Arizona to Mexico" Hey, how about if we just cede the rest of Arizona to Mexico along with Congressman Grijalva's district? Actually, they can have Texas too. Green Eagle could really get behind that idea.

More Offshore Danger?

From the New York Times today: "Regulators Approve First Offshore Wind Farm in U.S...After nine years of review, the approval of the 130-turbine farm off the coast of Cape Cod gives a significant boost to the nascent offshore wind industry in the U.S." Oh my God, how can they allow that? Don't they know that if one of these offshore facilities catches fire and burns, it will spill wind all over the Massachusetts coast? Wait...maybe Green Eagle needs to think this thing out a little more...

A Walk on the Wild Side

I'm in the course of trying to write a post drawing from my decades of observation, about how what seems totally outside the bounds of civilized thought is bit by bit legitimized by the right. In the course of this, I am amassing a number of statements that still seem barbaric but which are, in fact, now only one step outside the bounds of decency. I thought you would like to see this one. As is often the case with websites like this, I won't identify or link to it. Here's a quote from this particular post, to give you the direction of this person's line of thinking: "What are “civil rights”? You’d have to ask congressman Emanuel Celler. He’s the Jew who created the 1957 and 1964 Civil Rights Acts. Why ask Celler, you may wonder? Here’s why: those “rights” weren’t even mentioned by America’s White founders. Why not? That’s a good question. The truth of the matter is that American civil rights laws are nothing but Jewish constructs that would have been rejected

It Was An Easy Mistake to Make, Right?

From the Washington Post website (since removed, needless to say): Boy, Obama looks like he's cranky today. In related news, this just in: Dick and Liz Cheney in Bizarre Fishing Accident


From a Survey of 1600 people Reported by Digby: "Approximately 45% of Whites either strongly or somewhat approve of the (tea party) movement. Of those, only 35% believe Blacks to be hardworking, only 45 % believe Blacks are intelligent, and only 41% think that Blacks are trustworthy." And this result of a survey of Green Eagle, conducted by Green Eagle: 0% of Green Eagle believes white teabaggers to be hard working. Instead, he believes them to be self-satisfied, entitled misers who want their government services, but who want someone else to pay for them. 0% of Green Eagle believes white teabaggers are intelligent, given that they are obviously stupid as hell, and 0% of Green Eagle thinks that teabaggers are trustworthy, seeing as how they would trade their grannies for a tax cut. So there.

Narco State in the Making?

As if you don't have enough to worry about, here is something that has been on my mind the last few days. Here are a few excerpts from a list of articles published in the L.A. Times recently: "Gunmen kill 4, wound top security official in Michoacan"- April 25 "8 killed in ambush in Ciudad Juarez...A 17-year-old passerby and at least seven officers are slain as two police cars are attacked."- April 24 "Drug war ensnares Morelos state...Violence has increased recently in Morelos due to a battle for control of a drug cartel. Nearly 50 people have been killed in the state this year."- April 21 "Mexico death toll in drug war higher than previously reported...More than 22,000 have died since President Felipe Calderon launched his crackdown on drug trafficking gangs"- April 14 "Mexico drug gangs turn weapons on army...In northern states this week, gunmen fought troops and sought to confine some to their bases by cutting off access and bloc

Wingnut Wrapup

God, the stupidity never stops. Or the contempt for anything decent. Here's today's load: David Brooks, Meet the Press: "Moving Further to the Right is Good for Republicans as Long as They're 'Principled' Principled? Fat chance, huh? Just don't hold your breath, David. It's never happened yet. Erick Erickson, Red State: "VAT Talk Runs Against Desire of the Country" So it's a good thing that the only people talking about it are the usual right wing liars, huh, Erick? Moe Lane, Red State: "The secret to the Obama annoyance is snotty lecturing. At the lectern is a twerp of a grad student—the prototypical A student—insecure, overbearing, full of himself and contempt for his students. All we want is an easy three credits to fulfill a curriculum requirement...America has made the mistake of letting the A student run things." Boy, they hate anyone who knows what they're talking about. Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit: "stimulu

News The World Doesn't Need

A few items today: I learned this yesterday: "In 1986, financial services made up 16% of our gross domestic product. Today financial services make up 41% of our gross domestic product." Since 1986, huh? Well, I'm coming right out with the truth here. Ronald Reagan and his conservative economic terrorists made this happen by doing two things: Standing on the sidelines applauding while international corporations took all of our jobs to China et. al. and doing away with all of the regulations that prevented crooks (i.e. republicans) from robbing the country blind, and building huge operations based on doing absolutely nothing of economic value. The entire economic disaster that not just America but much of the rest of the world is now in, is totally the result of Repubicans running the country according to their self-serving economic lies. It happened in 1929, and the people of the United States, in their ignorance and their greed let it happen again. "In the Rand

Wingnut Wrapup

I'm going to make a real effort to keep these a bit shorter. Sorry to you wingnuts out there who are going to lose your chance for eternal fame, but you guys have just gotten so repetitive... Bill O'Reilly, Town Hall: "It may seem strange, but a cornerstone of the liberal media in America is "The Daily Show" starring Jon Stewart. Younger Americans, in particular, love him, and his sarcastic, cool wit delights left-wingers from coast to coast. That's because his barbs are overwhelmingly directed at conservatives." You guys give him the material, Bill. Stop acting like such jackasses and he'll look somewhere else for his material. Boy, let me tell you, some days you just can't win: Dave Poff, Red State: "How deliciously cynical of the First Couple that they would take a holiday in Stickville, USA so they can pretend to know us and know the pain they’ve inflicted on us: Barack and Michelle Obama flew off for a brief holiday in North Caroli

Republicans Gone Crazy

The violent insanity just never stops. How about this for the next move? "Republicans push for Minnesota sovereignty Senate Republicans introduced a constitutional amendment Wednesday that would make Minnesota the first state to require a two-thirds majority vote in the legislature to approve federal laws affecting the state. “Minnesotans enjoy inherent, natural, God-given rights,” the bill states, and “Citizens of Minnesota are sovereign individuals, subject to Minnesota law and immune from any federal laws that exceed the federal government’s enumerated constitutional powers.” Republicans in Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District have gone even further: they recently passed a resolution calling for Minnesota to secede from union if the federal government exceeds its authority." Can you have ever imagined a couple of years ago that Democrats winning a few elections would produce this sort of infantile, vicious temper tantrum? These people are hateful, almost every single o

Nothing- NOTHING- is too stupid

From a comment on the website of the lunatic Henry Makow today: "These Birchers were forever passing out paper laden with facts and statistics. Words without end. It didn't take long to see that they were forever learning (details) and never coming to the truth (of who was doing what). Another cover up of the real enemies of mankind." Yes, the John Birch Society itself is nothing but a front for the Illuminati. Yes sir, even the Birchers are nothing but Communists. Man, we are living through a golden age of stupidity.

Don't Kill the Goose

Yeah. Don't kill that goose. We're going to need it to trade for a flu shot.

Conservative Violent Threat of the Day

The Hits Keep On Coming. Via Digby: "U.S. Democratic Rep. Raúl Grijalva is closing his Tucson and Yuma offices today at noon because of what he said were multiple death threats and threats of violence. Police are stationed outside his Tucson office, according to a statement from spokesman Adam Sarvana. Sarvana said the office received “some pretty scary calls,” including two from the same person, he said, “who threatened to go down there and blow everyone’s brains out then go to the border to shoot Mexicans..." I don't think I need to repeat the same comments I have made so many times before about things like this. A couple of days of relative nonviolence have gone by lately, but don't think they represent a reverse in direction by these people. Here we are, back at the same old place again.

"Commerce Dept. reports housing sales surged 27% in March, largest increase in 47 years."

But Obama is still a colossal failure at dealing with the economy, which was in perfect condition when turned over to him, after eight years of running it on strict Republican free market principles.

The Arabs Did It- Of Course. Blame It on Them

Yeah, I am taking the cure and keeping away from wasting my time on wingnuts, but this one is just too good to pass up. It's from the unbelievably inappropriately named "American Thinker." It is a perfect example of two characteristics that seem to inevitably be associated with the right: An absolutely pathological ability to lie about even the clearest things on earth, and a really sick inability to face any responsibility for the consequences of their behavior. Here goes: "In a recent CNN interview, the former commander-in-chief (That's Bill Clinton to the rest of us- GE) sounded a battle cry to the political left, press and pundits alike: Vilify the Tea Party, deeming its membership capable of the violent rampage of the Oklahoma City bomber. This stigma imperils the most influential grassroots movement in modern history. Nothing threatens to muzzle free speech more than being stereotyped a "Tim McVeigh wanna-be." Then stop being Tim McVeigh wa

Rove Hits Crist On Character

"Rove Hits Crist On Character" Yes, I read that in the news today. Good lord, can someone actually write this without being struck dead by lightning? What next, "Jeffrey Dahmer Hits Alice Waters On Dietary Habits?"

Sorry, You Don't Get It Yet.

From Talking Points Memo, normally a bastion of understanding: "From TPM Reader LM: I just went to my doctor's office for a sinus/ear infection. I had never seen this particular physician before and certainly didn't bring up politics with him, but as I was about to pay my bill, he volunteered, "We take cash, check, credit or debit card. No chickens." I'm in Indiana, mind you. I think Sue Lowden is in real trouble if even random doctors in Indiana are mocking her to near-total strangers. " What, are you really suggesting that Sue Lowden is actually going to lose any support just because she said something stupid, offensive and deliberately misleading? Come on, guys. If you think that, I have only two words for you- "Sarah Palin."

Ethical Character

Steve Pearlstein at the Washington Post: "I know you'll all be comforted, as I was Wednesday, by the public vote of confidence from Steve Schwartzman, chief executive of private equity giant Blackstone Group, when he said that his firm would continue to do business with Goldman Sachs and that he's never had a shred of doubt about the investment bank's ethical character." You know what, Steve? I don't know what you are complaining about. I never had a shred of doubt about Goldman Sachs' ethical character either. Turns out I was right, too.

The Orly Taitz State In Action

So Arizona, as part of their newest jackass immigration law, now is going to require proof that a person is a natural born citizen before you can be on their presidential ballot, which would presumably apply to Obama in 2012. I want to suggest the Green Eagle way to handle this problem. Since Obama's chances of winning in Arizona are just about zero, I would like to see him tell them, "fine, I'm not running in Arizona. And when I'm re-elected, don't you dare come to the executive department and ask for a damned thing. I won't be your president and I'm not interested in helping you out in any way. You want it- you got it. Take care of yourselves. And have a nice day."

Krauthammer Day

This reminder from Crooked Timber: "The calendar has once again rolled around to the date on which we commemorate Charles Krauthammer’s pronouncement that: "Hans Blix had five months to find weapons. He found nothing. We’ve had five weeks. Come back to me in five months. If we haven’t found any, we will have a credibility problem." You’ve had seven years now, Charlie. How’s it looking? Hoping for a result sometime in year eight?" Which brings me to the subject of Obama's latest abject failure. He has now had a year and a half to find the weapons of mass destruction and once again, by failing at this simple task, has proven himself to be utterly incapable of running the country.

Dick's Finest Hour

Reported by Think Progress: "In 2004, then-Vice President Dick Cheney had a “ frank exchange of views ” with Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) on the Senate floor over Cheney’s ties to Halliburton and President Bush’s judicial nominees. Cheney ended the argument by telling Leahy, “ F*ck yourself .” Since then, Cheney has joked about the incident and claimed the Leahy “ merited ” it because he was “ close ” to kissing him. On Dennis Miller’s radio show today, Cheney suggested that his Leahy f-bomb was “the best thing” he had ever done" He's right. Yelling "Go fuck yourself" at a Senator on the Senate floor was probably as close to a good thing that Dick Cheney ever did.


I guess most people have heard about the alternative to Obama's medical care plan which has been proposed by the likely Republican opponent to Harry Reid, which involves paying your doctor with chickens. No one has asked this question yet, but I have been wondering how many chickens it would take to pay for, say, open heart surgery. Well, this woman is exactly the kind of Republican candidate that we want to see in the upcoming elections, don't you think? So, I think we should help her out with campaign contributions. Here's her address: Sue Lowden for U.S. Senate 6655 S. Tenaya Way, Suite 170 Las Vegas, NV 89113 Now, as to what to send her, I have a suggestion for that, too. After a great deal of research, Green Eagle has discovered that you can order a very nice rubber chicken from Amazon for a mere $2.99. Here's where you can find this magnificent bird. I know that I intend to help Sue out by sending her one of these rubber chickens, and I hope you will too.

Yeah, I Buy That One

"Pope Benedict Says Changes are Coming" I'll believe that when I see it. And the first change I want to see is a new Pope. Fat chance, huh?

Oh, Of Course They're Safe- Let's Have Lots More

Thank you, President Obama for only letting Republicans put these things off the coasts of their own states.


You know what? I'm sick of these jackasses and their endless lies. I'm sick of their willingness to serve the interests of rich corporations that don't give a God damn about them or anyone else who gets in their way. I'm sick of their twisting the bible into some disgusting justification for any evil act they want to commit. I'm sick of their determination to pull the whole country down around their heads, taking us with them. I'm sick of their greed and their hate and their racism and their hypocrisy. I think I am going to try ignoring them for a few days.

Wingnut Wrapup

Not much news today, and not much right wing stupidity either, so I get to treat you to an extended visit with one of the Great Ones, Jonah Goldberg, perpetual nominee for Biggest Liar on Earth. That'll be fun, huh? Jonah Goldberg, Town Hall: "I attended the Cincinnati Tax Day Tea Party rally...I did see something a lot of people, on both the left and the right, seemed to have missed: a delayed Bush backlash. One of the more widespread anti-tea party arguments goes like this: Republicans didn't protest very much when Bush ran up deficits and expanded government, so when Obama does the same thing (albeit on a far grander scale), Republican complaints can't be sincere." Actually, our argument is that attacking Obama for the Bush-caused deficits is a world monument of hypocrisy. But at least you're close. "(Paul) Butler, a law professor...speaks for many in the media when he insinuates that nearly unprecedented stimulus spending combined with government t

Not So Good

Do you think this seat might be in play? From Talking Points Memo: "Ensign Campaign's Haul Last Quarter: 50 Bucks Sen. John Ensign's re-election campaign took in just $50 in contributions, from one contributor, during the first quarter of 2010, according to FEC reports. The paltry take comes as more bad news for the scandal-tarred Nevada Republican, who would run for re-election in 2012. Disclosure reports examined by TPMmuckraker show that Robert Donald, a Las Vegas retiree, was the sole contributor to the "Ensign for Senate" committee between January and March. Donald gave two separate $25 contributions." I hate to have to keep bringing him up, but I could raise more money in one afternoon for the Cthulhu for Congress campaign. Although I have to accept the fact that Cthulhu will never be president- I hear he was born in Kenya.

Right Wing Terrorists- A New Group

Are you still under the illusion that the pathetic idiots in the Hutaree Militia are a lone example of deluded, violent right wingers? Here's a story for you, from the AP: "LOS ANGELES (AP) -- The Southern California homes of dozens of white supremacists were raided Tuesday as part of a probe into a string of potentially deadly booby trap attacks targeting police officers, authorities said. Hemet police have been targeted at least three times. In one case, a ballistic device strapped to a fence at the gang unit compound sent a bullet within inches of an officer's face. In another incident, someone rerouted a natural gas line at the compound, filling the building with flammable vapor. No one was hurt. Four city trucks were set ablaze, and an explosive device was attached to an unmarked police car after an officer went into a convenience store. A fire at a police rifle range was being investigated as a possible arson." Well, that's two in a couple

Wingnut Wrapup- 4/20 Edition

Hey, it's April 20th! That's smoke a joint day for us, Hitler's birthday for them. And you know which them I'm talking about. But why not let them speak for themselves: Ed Feulner, Town Hall: "Making the Number Who Hire Go Higher" Guess how? Here's Ed's answer: "Instead of another “stimulus,” lawmakers should begin by reducing the corporate tax rate." Boy, nothing I love like fresh thinking. Debra J. Saunders, Town Hall: "Using the Oklahoma City Bombing" Debra doesn't feel that President Bill Clinton has a right to say a thing about Oklahoma City, because he got a blow job once. On the other hand, it is apparently just fine for conservatives to use the Oklahoma City bombing by actually having done it. Joel Mowbray, Town Hall: "Evidence is mounting that President Barack Obama will unveil a new Middle East peace plan in the coming months. Not only would this attempt inevitably fail, but it would directly harm U.S. sec

A Pleasant Memory, All Things Considered

"The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents." -Howard Phillips Lovecraft, The Call of Cthulhu Green Eagle remembers. Oh, yes he does. If you wonder why Green Eagle spent so much time mocking the open carry demonstrators, it is because Green Eagle remembers from months ago what everyone else has forgotten. He remembers when the organizers of this armed march on Washington predicted that a MILLION PEOPLE would show up with their guns. How many did they get? 75 who brought their guns to Virginia and another 200 who left their guns at home and only brought their stupidity to Washington. That's 275, or .000275%. In other words, they got less than 1/3000th of their projected turnout. This may be the worst failure of a national demonstration in the history of the world. I could get more people than that to show up for a demonstration against Cthulhu himself. Now, a demonstration for Cthulhu...probably on

Patriots Wave Their Guns

Well, as those of you as obsessed with terminal idiocy as old Green Eagle may be aware, today was the 15th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing, the second worst terrorist act in the history of the United States. Gun lunatics took this occasion, on the heels of the recent failed tea parties, to call for a great "open carry" demonstration near Washington, in which they would strut around with their penises- sorry there, I meant their guns- on display, and broadcast their hatred of Democrats, and Black ones in particular. 75 people showed up, and a couple of hundred more in Washington, where apparently, unlike Virginia, they have the sense not to let mental defectives walk around in public with loaded weapons. Of course, there are millions more of these pathetic degenerates hiding in the woods with their manly weapons at the ready, if the 75 jackasses that showed up today are to be believed. I've collected here a number of reports from this great patriotic gathering