Thursday, March 25, 2021

The Atlanta Spa Shootings Revisited

It's funny that I can already talk about revisiting something that only happened a week ago, but of course the mainstream press, with its compulsive ADD and its unwillingness to hold the right responsible for anything it does, has already moved on.  What I want to do here is discuss a rather long excerpt from a Washington Post article that appeared a couple of days ago.  It is not that there is anything wrong with this article- it lays out important facts pretty starkly; what is significant is the refusal to draw the obvious conclusions from this information, typical behavior when bad things happen because the right is allowed to continue its rampage.  Anyway, here is the article, with, as usual, my comments:

Mark Berman, Brittany Shammas, Teo Armus and Marc Fisher, Washington Post:  "The Atlanta spa shooting suspect’s life before attacks...

A unitary theory about what brought Long — now facing murder charges in the shootings of eight people, six of them Asian women — to three Atlanta-area spas on a chilly Tuesday evening is as elusive as the explanations the 21-year-old repeatedly sought for his own troubles."

No, the explanation is not at all elusive, and Green Eagle is here to provide it.  In fact the explanation is obvious to anyone who doesn't refuse to see it.

"At Sequoyah High School in Canton, Ga., Long, who went by his middle name and graduated in 2017, kept a low profile. He played the drums, carried a Bible and attended meetings of a Christian student club. Outside of school, he hunted deer, played video games and traveled with his church youth group.  He started college classes and left after one year. He believed he was straying from his faith, telling friends that he was fixated on sex to the extent that he thought he was addicted."

This pathetic kid was obsessed with his evangelical religion from his pre-pubescent days, and came to see what were undoubtedly the normal sexual urges of a male high school student, almost every one of which is "fixated on sex," as some horrible personal sin.  He was driven insane by his Church.

"Long’s former youth pastor, Brett Cottrell, has struggled to reconcile the mission-driven boy he knew in the youth group at Crabapple First Baptist Church in Woodstock, Ga., with the young man who ended up confessing, according to police, to the killings of eight people.

The youth ministry “was his deal,” Cottrell told The Washington Post.

A devotee of a strict church...They “come across as a good Christian family,” said Mary Morgan, 88, who lived near Long’s parents and younger sister."

And yet they seem to be unable to conceive that his breakdown had a thing to do with his religious obsession, fostered by his parents' own obsession with a bankrupt religion:

"The family was active at Crabapple, the Southern Baptist church where Aaron’s father, Robert “Buddy” Long, was a valued lay leader. Aaron and his parents attended Sunday services, afternoon group activities and Wednesday evening meetings, church members said.  The evangelical congregation’s minister, the Rev. Jerry Dockery, is an energetic preacher who advocated for a socially conservative brand of Christianity that, as the church bylaws put it, views “adultery, fornication, homosexuality, bisexual conduct, bestiality, incest, polygamy, pedophilia, pornography, or any attempt to change one’s sex, or disagreement with one’s biological sex” as “sinful and offensive to God.”

And he was force fed this drivel multiple times a week by his parents and a "lay leader" and minister whose own obsessions with sex are all too clear.

"(recovery counsellor) Bayless said Long spoke often about rekindling his religious faith but repeatedly fell back into what he called an addiction to sex. Bayless, who said he was at the facility to recover from an alcohol and drug addiction, said Long was plagued by the conflict between his belief that his obsession with sex was immoral and his dedication to furthering his faith."

“He was militant about it,” Bayless said. “This was the kind of guy who would hate himself for masturbating, would consider that a relapse.”

He was taught to hate himself for absolutely normal feelings in a person of his age, and was subjected to this disgusting brainwashing on a virtually daily basis.

"On one occasion, Long came back from a massage spa and called Bayless in to say he was having suicidal thoughts. He was “living in sin” and “walking in darkness,” he told his roommate. Long said he was fighting for his salvation.  Bayless said he urged Long to seek psychiatric or psychological care, but Long insisted on sticking to spiritual counseling.  “He was uninterested in therapy that was not specifically related to the church,” Bayless said."

"Spiritual counseling." I.e. constant reinforcement that his totally normal feelings were abominations.

"After leaving Maverick, Long transferred to an intensive inpatient addiction facility, HopeQuest Ministry Group, which specializes in treating sex and pornography addictions and the traumas that fuel them, using counseling “integrated with Christian principles,” according to the group’s website."

An "inpatient facility" which operates on "Christian principles," i.e. beating into him the same self loathing that his parents and church had fostered for years.  And we see how much good that did.

"On Friday, in an unsigned statement posted on its website, Crabapple First Baptist Church confirmed that “we watched Aaron grow up and accepted him into church membership when he made his own profession of faith in Jesus Christ.”

Now, the church statement said, the “unthinkable and egregious murders directly contradict his own confession of faith in Jesus and the gospel.”

As a result, the church said it has begun a disciplinary process aimed at removing Long from the congregation.

“We want to be clear that this extreme and wicked act is nothing less than rebellion against our Holy God and His Word,” the statement said, adding: “We can no longer affirm that he is truly a regenerate believer in Jesus Christ.”

After turning this poor kid into an emotional basket case through their intolerance and lunatic fanaticism, they are just washing their hands of him.  They will never accept a shred of responsibility for their role in creating this person.

Well, I promised that I would provide a "unitary theory" about why these nine poor people were killed, and here it is.  This guy is a monster, but he is one created entirely by his church and the sick, perverted, hate filled, violent "religion" of Evangelical Christianity.  And on some level it is the fault of all of us, for tolerating the deeply evil power of this cult in our country without speaking out against it.  I only wish that this were the only consequence of these people and their hideous beliefs- we almost lost our democracy because of it, and it shares responsibility for the half million dead Covid victims, through its constant attacks on even the most rational action proposed by Democrats, and on the science behind them.  It is responsible in large part for the economic collapse of this country under its demigod Trump.  In my opinion, nothing we can do will lead to a better country than refusing to accept this abomination as a legitimate moral authority.

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Wingnut Wrapup

It's baaack!  Time to check in to see how Republicans (yes, they are all wingnuts now) are dealing with the world having not turned out quite the way they thought it would.  Don't worry- it won't involve any facing reality or such meaningless adult behavior.  But before we get going, here are a couple of headlines from the Washington Post the last few days to show how the mainstream press is reacting to the new reality.  First these two from their reaction to the passage of the greatest piece of social legislation since the Republican party totally went off the deep end fifty years ago:

"Narrow victory on relief bill shows warning signs for Biden agenda"

"Some labor leaders want Biden to slow down on climate agenda, noting pay disparity in jobs"

Coverage designed to totally minimize the significance of Biden's victory.  No matter what a disaster another four years of Republican rule turned out to be, they still have to do all they can to eat away at the success of the new Democratic administration at dealing with the carnage the Republicans left behind.  Clinton after Reagan, Obama after Bush, even FDR after three Republican Presidents in a row caused the Great Depression, and now Biden after Trump- virtually our whole history of the last century has been Democrats having to fix the damage Republicans have done, with the mainstream press working as hard as it can to obscure that fact.  And here's one more tidbit from the Washington Post:

"Momentum of Capitol riot inquiries stalls amid partisan flare-ups"

"Partisan flare-ups" being mainstream press speak for "Republicans trying to sabotage the investigation into their treasonous attempt to overthrow the government"  

"Many Republicans question whether a Sept. 11-style commission would be useful at all."

And of course they do, because they know perfectly well what a real investigation would find, and revealing their massive betrayal would not be "useful" to their effort to get the American people to forget their criminality and put them back into office.

And now, a view of the scope of right wing thought, in one handy view of a wingnut blog:

Deep State desperate...Trump nears returning to power...death sentence for Fauci...Hillary in Gitmo...military in hot pursuit of Pence...  Just about the whole range of right wing thought in one package.

Next, I am going to do something I rarely have ever done at Wingnut Wrapup, and provide a link to a video, because without it, I think many would have trouble believing that, even in the right wing world of delusion, anyone could believe this.  Here is the link, and here is a tiny quote from this astounding video:

"This is going to be the proof for you. To make it clear...CNN is now in control by POTUS, Donald J. Trump...Boris Johnson and the British government is under the control of POTUS and the Q group.  This is all being run by this group.  Every single government on earth- all of them- have capitulated over to Trump..."

Yes indeed, according to this authoritative source, not only is Donald Trump still the President, but he is also now the ruler of every country on earth- he is actually now King of the World.  Who knew?  That damned mainstream press has been hiding the truth from you all along!

I must confess that even Green Eagle was unable to stick with this video for more than a few minutes, but there it is, in case you can't believe that right wing derangement could be this bad. 

And now, I would like to turn to an example of just how ugly the Republican attempts to destroy Joe Biden are going to be.  We are less than two months into his Presidency, and they are already resorting to things like this:

"Dark Outpost: Biden's Daughter: "He Raped Me"...A copy of the complete diary of Ashley Biden, the daughter of Joe Biden, reveals in excruciating detail, her addiction to sex, which she claims began after having been molested by her father, beginning with inappropriate showers together when she was just a little girl."

Do I need to say that this is a completely forged document? And believe me, with the success Biden is having at fixing the disaster Trump left us, this is just the beginning.  It's going to be an ugly four years.

Well, on we go.  Maybe we should look a little closer at the crimes of that evil Dr. Fauci:

Anthony Fauci, in the imagination of Republicans

Before it's News:  "Donald J. Trump on Monday leveled his sharpest criticism yet at Deep State Dr. Anthony Fauci, saying in a letter to Republican governors that “fraudulent Fauci” should face the death penalty for “great crimes against the American people and their president,” said a Mar-a-Lago source familiar with Trump’s missions to expose the Deep State cabal and unseat Joseph Biden.  Trump wrote the letter, our source said, in response to Fauci’s most recent appearances on Sunday morning news broadcasts, where he attacked Govs. Greg Abbott (R-TX) and Tate Reeves (R-MS) for rescinding statewide mask mandates. Fauci also took an unprovoked swipe at Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, saying “rowdy and unlawful” spring-breakers threatened to spark a fresh surge of Covid-19 infections."

Fauci should face the death penalty for "crimes against" the President, i.e. contradicting his stupid, ignorant remarks that killed half a million people.

"Trump has thick skin. He doesn’t care if someone makes nasty comments about him. But go after his friends, those loyal to him, and that’s a different story entirely,” one source said."

He doesn't care if someone makes nasty comments about him.  God, there is enough delusion in that one remark for an entire Wingnut Wrapup.  And the notion that he protects those who have been loyal to him...well, just ask Mike Pence or Bill Barr or James Comey, Republican toadies who destroyed themselves to serve him, who are all on his execution list.

"Treason and mass medical malpractice are just two of the charges Fauci must answer for, and Trump holds Fauci personally responsible for the deaths of thousands—hundreds of thousands—of great Americans, he added. 

“It would be fitting he get the death penalty himself, but I’ll let a military tribunal decide his fate,” Trump wrote in his letter to loyal Republican governors."

If he really wrote a letter saying that to Republican governors and at least one of them didn't have the decency to make this psychotic rant public, it's just one more reason to throw them all in prison for a plot against America.  And on we go to more: 

"Trump Spotted Flying Over White House March 11! CNN Caught Lying On Live TV!"

Will it surprise you to know that this  video shows nothing of the kind?  It shows a helicopter landing at the White House, but it is apparently only through mental telepathy that the person who make this post knows that Trump was on board.  And CNN was caught lying for failing to repeat this bit of insanity.

And now on to Mike Pence

"Pence Eludes Capture, Military in Hot Pursuit

US military assets operating on Donald Trump’s authority came within inches of apprehending former Vice President Michael Pence at a clandestine safehouse where he had been hiding somewhere in southern Indiana, according to a Trump source familiar with the operation.  As previously reported, Donald Trump branded Pence “a traitor to America and its people” after then-VP Pence sided with Democrats during the Jan 6. Electoral College certification.

Trump gave Pence many chances to apologize and name his Deep State co-conspirators, but Pence declined an invitation to admit guilt and ask forgiveness at the February 21-25 CPAC conference in Orlando, FL. Had Pence acquiesced, Trump would have shown leniency and shredded a sealed indictment charging him with crimes against America and its people, our source said.

“It’s like he upped and disappeared,” our source said. “A helicopter couldn’t have got him because the team would have heard it. Someone tipped Pence off, and it looks like he had an escape route planned. Trump wasn’t happy at all. He’s put out an all-points-bulletin for Pence’s capture..."

I take great pleasure in the thought of the former Vice President, galloping through the Indiana woods with the Feds in hot pursuit, at the direction of the former President.   

And the news marches on:

"Cannibalism and Hollywood Area Elites – Cannibalism is REAL, and It’s One of Hollywood’s Deepest and Darkest Secrets...Somewhere in Los Angeles is a dinner club for cannibals, begun in 2007, where those who pride themselves on being “enlightened,” dine on “cuisine” of human meat prepared by their in-house chef...if you’ve been paying attention, the cannibalism telltales have been there all along, including John Podesta’s enthusiasm over walnut sauce

This appalling video goes into considerable detail and should NOT be watched while eating or drinking."

And given the predilection for Republicans to accuse their opponents of their own worst crimes, I am beginning to be more and more certain that sooner or later we are going to discover that they themselves are eating babies.  Maybe those "well done steaks" and "shrimp cocktail" which are all that Trump seems to consume are not quite what he claims.

"Navy Seals Arrest Hillary Clinton...Clinton Shipped to GITMO, Awaiting Military Tribunal

US Navy SEALS loyal to Donald Trump raided Hillary Clinton’s Chappaqua, NY, estate and arrested her on charges of treason, destruction of government property, and aiding and abetting the enemy, Real Raw News has learned."

And given the reputation of the Navy Seals as being the most belligerent and stupid of all special forces divisions in the US, it might almost be true that they are "loyal to Donald Trump." 

"The arrest happened on Tuesday night, according to a source in Trump’s orbit, only hours after Trump had spoken to Rear Admiral Hugh W. Howard at US Special Operations Command and given him a “mammoth trove” of evidence of Clinton’s criminality dating back to her days at the State Department. The evidence allegedly includes thousands of never-before-seen emails, which Clinton acid washed prior to the 2016 presidential election, as well as documents implicating her in plots to assassinate Republican legislators across the country."

It just never ends.   

"America has never been attacked by a foreign army."

Forgot about the War of 1812, or Pearl Harbor, huh? 

"The Supreme Court was lost on the grounds that they would all be killed if they heard the election fraud charges."

Which this writer knows how?

"The Khazarian Mafia ~ The True Rulers Of The World (Documentary Video)."

Well, we know it all comes down to the Jews in the end, but I love the description of a smear like this as a "documentary." 

Note: in the above video it is stated that the US Army is comprised mostly of the Germanic people.  Why?  The Germanic people are the Tribe of Judah and are the battle axe from the Tribes, whatever that might be.

"It Is Not Joe Biden You're Seeing! Watch The Indisutable Proof!  Actors are definitely playing Joe Biden and are being paid top dollar by the Cabal for their part in Crimes Against Humanity."

And now the rest of the news: 


"Sasquatch Killed, Detailed Interview"

How could he give an interview if he's dead? 

"Elvis Faked His Death"

Maybe Sasquatch did too. 

"Antigravity Technology Hidden for Decades from the Public"

"Maps of Lost Underground City of Advanced Reptilian People Found Under Los Angeles"

“Finish What President Trump Started”-Texas Rep Introduces Bill To Finish Border Wall In Texas"

Texas' border with Mexico is over 1100 miles long.  Given that Trump only ever built about 40 miles of new wall in four years, and that Texas can't even keep its power running, I'm not so sure they will be taking on that task. 

"Bannon: Time To Prepare For Transition Of Power From Biden To Harris"

Because the country now takes orders from Steve Bannon? If the whole world takes orders from Trump, I guess it's possible.

Beth Baumann, Town Hall:  "Cuomo Throws a Fit: I'm Not Resigning!"

The way Trump graciously resigned after being impeached twice.

Streiff, Red State:  "Media Continues to Try to Tie President Trump to the Capitol Riot Because They Are Terrified of His Popularity"

Media continues to tie President Trump to the Capitol riot because he almost single-handedly caused it to happen, dumbass.

And finally, a rather lengthy piece, explaining why Hillary, Biden, Obama, Tom Hanks, Oprah and all the other people endlessly reported to have been arrested and executed by Trump keep showing up again.  After reading this, you will understand it all:


When Trump executes or arrests someone, and he still needs them to remain in character to prevent everyone from knowing they are missing, they create White Hat clones. These clones are good clones, but only needed until appropriate punishment.

Then you have Black Hat clones which were created by those that used to run the world. Think Illuminati/freemasons/13 bloodlines/deep state, that would turn you into a clone (10+ per person actually!!), when you signed their blood contract.

They would use these clones to spread their NWO agenda to the masses. They would also use these clones for many influential people/leaders, etc.. to exploit them however they wanted. Every clone needs a handler, someone who can keep eye on them at all times for any behavior glitches/malfunctions, etc.

ALL clones will be executed. List of Indictments, Arrests and Executions – Dismantling the Deep State Operatives and Doubles

Many original people have been executed since 2017 and White Hat clones put in their place. So when we see these people in media, what we are seeing are the following.

1. White hat clone

2. CGI 2. Hologram

3. Pre-recorded footage."

This article is helpfully illustrated with the following absolutely trustworthy photo of Chinese clones in a cargo ship being sent to America: 

I mean, how can you doubt that evidence?  And one more quote from this piece:

"Why do the Chinese Military look so alike? Expand your thinking."

They all look alike. The mind boggles.  Anyway, enough already- to end, here is a comment on one of these wingnut screeds that I think sums everything up:

"Jesus…slow or want?? Trump HAS been in power all all g. GooD LORD! BIDEN IS NOT PREZ AND THATS THE END OF THAT CONVERSTAION"

And I guess he has a point there, huh?

Saturday, March 6, 2021

Worse than Joe Lieberman

 Yeah, of course I am talking about that malicious idiot Manchin.  I'm not going to make a big thing about this here, but the self-righteous, smug Holy Joe actually believed the crap he was trying to sell.  Manchin believes in nothing except a desperate attempt to hang on to his Senate seat, and he is willing to risk the chance we have to move toward a recovery from the damage of the last four Republican years, in order to keep that seat.  This is the lowest sort of self-serving treachery, no different really than the behavior of Mitch McConnell or Ted Cruz, but we are all stuck with it because if we offend Manchin's little feelings at any time, he can run off and single-handedly give the Senate back to the Republicans, and then down we go again, on the road to hell. But Joe won't care because his seat will be safe.

Friday, March 5, 2021

Are Republicans Committing Mass Murder for Political Benefit?

So, here is the sequence of events.  Joe Biden is sworn in as President.  A month later, Covid infection rates have dropped massively from Trump administration highs.  Biden announces that, instead of doing nothing but lying about the pandemic, he has arranged for enough vaccine to vaccinate everyone in the country by May.  And then the next day, two massively Republican States, Texas and Mississippi, followed the day after that by Alabama, announce that they are abandoning all mask mandates, and essentially opening up for anything.

I see no way to explain this except that the Republican party is making a conscious attempt to sabotage Biden's Coronavirus campaign, because preventing him from succeeding where Trump didn't even really try is more important to them than the tens or hundreds of thousands of unnecessary deaths that may very well result from their actions.  This is mass murder on the order of things we have seen in Cambodia or Rwanda, just done by remote control.

Anyone who still has a shred of illusion about the willingness of the Republican party to work for the good of the country, or the ability of Democrats to work out any bipartisan government with Republicans should be ashamed of themselves for being so willingly blind.  This is reaching the point of asking Heinrich Himmler to co-chair your next B'nai Brith fund drive.  Time to destroy them mercilessly once and for all.

Addendum:  I see that Paul Krugman has an opinion piece up today about this subject.  Krugman argues that this behavior is all about "owning the libs."  I agree with Krugman that like almost all Republican actions, owning the libs is part of it, as they seem to take a sick satisfaction in making us feel bad.  But to see this totally in that light is to miss something far more despicable- the willingness to kill large numbers of people to discredit their political opponents, with no end in sight except driving them from power.  This is where we truly enter the realm of the likes of the Nazis, and to chalk it all up to some sort of petty bullying is to remain, after all this time, unwilling to face the real truth.

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Where is Wingnut Wrapup?

 As long as this blog has existed, Wingnut Wrapup, where I list much of the most extreme idiocy on the right, has been its most enduring content.  Well, Wingnut Wrapup has sort of disappeared the last few weeks.  What happened?

Truth to tell, I've tried.  I look at some of my favorite right wing online idiots every couple of days, but you know what I've found?  It's dead boring.  There is virtually nothing but a repetition of Donald Trump's same tired lies, and an insistence, over and over again, that he is going to be revealed as the true president any day now, "proven" through numerology, bible quotes, mystical interpretations of things he has said, out and out lunatic fantasies about the military, and God knows what else.  Let me tell you, it's hard to make any of this funny.

Oh, there are still moments of glee to be had in right wing world.  Here are a couple of examples, just to make it clear that these guys have not totally gone away

"The United States Military plans to detonate tunnels under the White House and Capitol after completion of rescue and recovery operations of 1000s of children being held there."

But in such a secret way that nobody can tell that these detonations are going off.  And not just thousands of children are down there, either:

"Breaking News: Chinese soldiers found under the capital, Marines engaged in underground war!

I hope the children don't get in the way of the marines shooting at the Chinese soldiers. 

Tunnels and DUMBS found under capital and Marines still cleaning them out and rescuing children. CCP soldiers found hiding in maze of tunnels and being hunted down, Scott McKay gives Chinese intell regarding alliance. Lots happening and it’s going to get wild!!!"

In case the pseudo-military gibberish is not familiar to you, "DUMBS" refers to "deep underground military bases," and is not, surprisingly, intended to describe the people who believe this nonsense.  These military bases are, of course, so deep underground that nobody except the people who write these articles knows that they exist.

We also learn from this post that Biden took a $4.5 billion dollar payoff to allow the Chinese to test their weather changing technology on Texas.  Yeah, that's what happened, the outages were not caused by corporate greed or Republican failure to decently run the Texas government.  It was all a plot by Biden.  Because of course it was.

And there is quite a bit of analysis of Donald Trump's speech delivered while standing on a Nazi symbol at CPAC a couple of days ago, which apparently proves that Trump, not Biden is our real President.  Evidence?  Well, just argue this away, libtard:

Trump started his speech about an hour late, at 3:45 in the afternoon.  Get it? 3:45! Proving that Trump is still the 45th President!

Trump called Biden the "chief executive," not the President, which proves that Biden is not the President, because, I guess, whatever Trump says is true.

Trump said (when?) that Biden is no longer allowed in the White House.  The doors to the Oval office are locked to him.  So how could he be the the real President, if he is not even allowed in the Oval Office?

And if you need any further convincing:

“The number of people who are being very quiet- that’s a sign that something is imminent.”

Because the absence of a shred of evidence to support this buffoonery is proof that it is true.  

I must say, I did see one interesting thing today: that is a moving of the date at which the true President, Donald Trump, will be sworn in, from March 4th to April 15th.  They know it ain't happening two days from now, despite their constant predictions that it would, but they aren't giving up the grift yet, like those end of the world preachers who kept having to move the date of the apocalypse when it never happened.

And while you are reading all of this, you might spare some time for their advertisers, like these:

"Hydronano extracellular water... Anti viral-anti pathogen-anti bacterial...Light years beyond colloidal silver."

"BCX UltraDeluxe Rife- The ultimate in frequency resonance technology for your well being"

Hydronano extracellular water...  I guess they could use some of that in Jackson, Mississippi these days.  Well, as for the rest, I just won't bother you with stupidity that you have already heard too many times already.  Back with more Wingnut Wrapup when the right manages to recover from the emotional shock of the "theft" of the Presidency from their God-anointed savior, and moves on to new ways to con the rubes. 

Monday, March 1, 2021

Trump Loses Straw Poll Big Time

Well, any of you who read anything about the Republican vote at the recent CPAC hatefest knows that this is not quite true- he actually got 55% of the vote.  But think about this- as recently as a month ago, his approval rating among Republicans was 89% or so, depending on the poll, and the attendees at CPAC are not representative Republicans but if anything are inclined to be more supportive of Trump.

And we are only a few weeks away from his Presidency, and the daily domination of the news by his belligerent behavior.  What do you think will happen in a couple more years, no matter what he does?  Celebrity is a fragile thing.  I believe it is almost inevitable that his popularity among his idiot supporters is bound to dwindle as the memory of his Presidency slips into the past.  55% now, 45% or 35% in a couple of years?  And how will that propel the person who has utterly monopolized the Republican stage for five years into another run at the White House?

No, like silver tarnishing in the drawer, he is virtually doomed to recede into the past.  If, as the sign behind his golden statue means anything, it doesn't point to Trump, because looking at him is only looking behind.


An appended note:

I would just like to point out that the nation has become so inflexibly committed to the propaganda that whatever Trump does succeeds dramatically in promoting his own interest, that I have not seen a single person other than myself, in the mainstream press or on the left, pointing out what a gigantic failure this 55% approval rating is.  It should be big news, but it is either being ignored or presented as a victory for Trump.  And thus people contribute to keeping this zombie on his feet and stumbling forward.

Blah, Blah, Blah

 Just thought I'd give my report on Donald Trump's speech yesterday.  How Republicans can find this appealing is beyond me.