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The Atlanta Spa Shootings Revisited

It's funny that I can already talk about revisiting something that only happened a week ago, but of course the mainstream press, with its compulsive ADD and its unwillingness to hold the right responsible for anything it does, has already moved on.  What I want to do here is discuss a rather long excerpt from a Washington Post article that appeared a couple of days ago.  It is not that there is anything wrong with this article- it lays out important facts pretty starkly; what is significant is the refusal to draw the obvious conclusions from this information, typical behavior when bad things happen because the right is allowed to continue its rampage.  Anyway, here is the article, with, as usual, my comments: Mark Berman, Brittany Shammas, Teo Armus and Marc Fisher, Washington Post:  "The Atlanta spa shooting suspect’s life before attacks... A unitary theory about what brought Long — now facing murder charges in the shootings of eight people, six of them Asian women — to thr

Wingnut Wrapup

It's baaack!  Time to check in to see how Republicans (yes, they are all wingnuts now) are dealing with the world having not turned out quite the way they thought it would.  Don't worry- it won't involve any facing reality or such meaningless adult behavior.  But before we get going, here are a couple of headlines from the Washington Post the last few days to show how the mainstream press is reacting to the new reality.  First these two from their reaction to the passage of the greatest piece of social legislation since the Republican party totally went off the deep end fifty years ago: "Narrow victory on relief bill shows warning signs for Biden agenda" "Some labor leaders want Biden to slow down on climate agenda, noting pay disparity in jobs" Coverage designed to totally minimize the significance of Biden's victory.  No matter what a disaster another four years of Republican rule turned out to be, they still have to do all they can to eat away at

Worse than Joe Lieberman

 Yeah, of course I am talking about that malicious idiot Manchin.  I'm not going to make a big thing about this here, but the self-righteous, smug Holy Joe actually believed the crap he was trying to sell.  Manchin believes in nothing except a desperate attempt to hang on to his Senate seat, and he is willing to risk the chance we have to move toward a recovery from the damage of the last four Republican years, in order to keep that seat.  This is the lowest sort of self-serving treachery, no different really than the behavior of Mitch McConnell or Ted Cruz, but we are all stuck with it because if we offend Manchin's little feelings at any time, he can run off and single-handedly give the Senate back to the Republicans, and then down we go again, on the road to hell. But Joe won't care because his seat will be safe.

Are Republicans Committing Mass Murder for Political Benefit?

So, here is the sequence of events.  Joe Biden is sworn in as President.  A month later, Covid infection rates have dropped massively from Trump administration highs.  Biden announces that, instead of doing nothing but lying about the pandemic, he has arranged for enough vaccine to vaccinate everyone in the country by May.  And then the next day, two massively Republican States, Texas and Mississippi, followed the day after that by Alabama, announce that they are abandoning all mask mandates, and essentially opening up for anything. I see no way to explain this except that the Republican party is making a conscious attempt to sabotage Biden's Coronavirus campaign, because preventing him from succeeding where Trump didn't even really try is more important to them than the tens or hundreds of thousands of unnecessary deaths that may very well result from their actions.  This is mass murder on the order of things we have seen in Cambodia or Rwanda, just done by remote control. Any

Where is Wingnut Wrapup?

 As long as this blog has existed, Wingnut Wrapup, where I list much of the most extreme idiocy on the right, has been its most enduring content.  Well, Wingnut Wrapup has sort of disappeared the last few weeks.  What happened? Truth to tell, I've tried.  I look at some of my favorite right wing online idiots every couple of days, but you know what I've found?  It's dead boring.  There is virtually nothing but a repetition of Donald Trump's same tired lies, and an insistence, over and over again, that he is going to be revealed as the true president any day now, "proven" through numerology, bible quotes, mystical interpretations of things he has said, out and out lunatic fantasies about the military, and God knows what else.  Let me tell you, it's hard to make any of this funny. Oh, there are still moments of glee to be had in right wing world.  Here are a couple of examples, just to make it clear that these guys have not totally gone away "The United

Trump Loses Straw Poll Big Time

Well, any of you who read anything about the Republican vote at the recent CPAC hatefest knows that this is not quite true- he actually got 55% of the vote.  But think about this- as recently as a month ago, his approval rating among Republicans was 89% or so, depending on the poll, and the attendees at CPAC are not representative Republicans but if anything are inclined to be more supportive of Trump. And we are only a few weeks away from his Presidency, and the daily domination of the news by his belligerent behavior.  What do you think will happen in a couple more years, no matter what he does?  Celebrity is a fragile thing.  I believe it is almost inevitable that his popularity among his idiot supporters is bound to dwindle as the memory of his Presidency slips into the past.  55% now, 45% or 35% in a couple of years?  And how will that propel the person who has utterly monopolized the Republican stage for five years into another run at the White House? No, like silver tarnishing i

Blah, Blah, Blah

 Just thought I'd give my report on Donald Trump's speech yesterday.  How Republicans can find this appealing is beyond me.