Saturday, March 6, 2021

Worse than Joe Lieberman

 Yeah, of course I am talking about that malicious idiot Manchin.  I'm not going to make a big thing about this here, but the self-righteous, smug Holy Joe actually believed the crap he was trying to sell.  Manchin believes in nothing except a desperate attempt to hang on to his Senate seat, and he is willing to risk the chance we have to move toward a recovery from the damage of the last four Republican years, in order to keep that seat.  This is the lowest sort of self-serving treachery, no different really than the behavior of Mitch McConnell or Ted Cruz, but we are all stuck with it because if we offend Manchin's little feelings at any time, he can run off and single-handedly give the Senate back to the Republicans, and then down we go again, on the road to hell. But Joe won't care because his seat will be safe.


Isaac said...

I think that little worm Manchin sees himself as somewhat a power broker. He knows his side has a razor-thin majority. He knows the uncertainty over whether or not he will stand with his party is something he can play to his own advantage. He knows that on the really important, big deals like this he can make Schumer kiss his heinie and offer him concessions if he will just vote with the majority--his own side.

This is a guy who is allergic to doing the right thing just because it's the right thing to do. Where was he when the Trump tax cuts were on the table? Why did he decide to get all whiny and righteous about helping the little guy who really needs the help right now, including his own constituents?

Joe Manchin is going to find out the hard way that hell isn't just hot, it's humid too.

Green Eagle said...

Well, of course that is exactly what I mean. A real shame that the Democrats didn't manage to increase their majority by a couple more seats so this self serving jerk could be tossed out of the lifeboat.

dervy scram said...

That self serving jerk votes with Dems when it really counts. He's more with us than you are. scrod off

Isaac said...

re: "...He's more with us than you are. scrod off"

No offense, but I'm wondering whether you need to be on meds or just need to have your meds adjusted.