Where is Wingnut Wrapup?

 As long as this blog has existed, Wingnut Wrapup, where I list much of the most extreme idiocy on the right, has been its most enduring content.  Well, Wingnut Wrapup has sort of disappeared the last few weeks.  What happened?

Truth to tell, I've tried.  I look at some of my favorite right wing online idiots every couple of days, but you know what I've found?  It's dead boring.  There is virtually nothing but a repetition of Donald Trump's same tired lies, and an insistence, over and over again, that he is going to be revealed as the true president any day now, "proven" through numerology, bible quotes, mystical interpretations of things he has said, out and out lunatic fantasies about the military, and God knows what else.  Let me tell you, it's hard to make any of this funny.

Oh, there are still moments of glee to be had in right wing world.  Here are a couple of examples, just to make it clear that these guys have not totally gone away

"The United States Military plans to detonate tunnels under the White House and Capitol after completion of rescue and recovery operations of 1000s of children being held there."

But in such a secret way that nobody can tell that these detonations are going off.  And not just thousands of children are down there, either:

"Breaking News: Chinese soldiers found under the capital, Marines engaged in underground war!

I hope the children don't get in the way of the marines shooting at the Chinese soldiers. 

Tunnels and DUMBS found under capital and Marines still cleaning them out and rescuing children. CCP soldiers found hiding in maze of tunnels and being hunted down, Scott McKay gives Chinese intell regarding alliance. Lots happening and it’s going to get wild!!!"

In case the pseudo-military gibberish is not familiar to you, "DUMBS" refers to "deep underground military bases," and is not, surprisingly, intended to describe the people who believe this nonsense.  These military bases are, of course, so deep underground that nobody except the people who write these articles knows that they exist.

We also learn from this post that Biden took a $4.5 billion dollar payoff to allow the Chinese to test their weather changing technology on Texas.  Yeah, that's what happened, the outages were not caused by corporate greed or Republican failure to decently run the Texas government.  It was all a plot by Biden.  Because of course it was.

And there is quite a bit of analysis of Donald Trump's speech delivered while standing on a Nazi symbol at CPAC a couple of days ago, which apparently proves that Trump, not Biden is our real President.  Evidence?  Well, just argue this away, libtard:

Trump started his speech about an hour late, at 3:45 in the afternoon.  Get it? 3:45! Proving that Trump is still the 45th President!

Trump called Biden the "chief executive," not the President, which proves that Biden is not the President, because, I guess, whatever Trump says is true.

Trump said (when?) that Biden is no longer allowed in the White House.  The doors to the Oval office are locked to him.  So how could he be the the real President, if he is not even allowed in the Oval Office?

And if you need any further convincing:

“The number of people who are being very quiet- that’s a sign that something is imminent.”

Because the absence of a shred of evidence to support this buffoonery is proof that it is true.  

I must say, I did see one interesting thing today: that is a moving of the date at which the true President, Donald Trump, will be sworn in, from March 4th to April 15th.  They know it ain't happening two days from now, despite their constant predictions that it would, but they aren't giving up the grift yet, like those end of the world preachers who kept having to move the date of the apocalypse when it never happened.

And while you are reading all of this, you might spare some time for their advertisers, like these:

"Hydronano extracellular water... Anti viral-anti pathogen-anti bacterial...Light years beyond colloidal silver."

"BCX UltraDeluxe Rife- The ultimate in frequency resonance technology for your well being"

Hydronano extracellular water...  I guess they could use some of that in Jackson, Mississippi these days.  Well, as for the rest, I just won't bother you with stupidity that you have already heard too many times already.  Back with more Wingnut Wrapup when the right manages to recover from the emotional shock of the "theft" of the Presidency from their God-anointed savior, and moves on to new ways to con the rubes. 


Poll P. said…
I hear you! The "nuts" you included were pretty amusing, though! Don't give up.
MJ said…
"frequency resonance technology for your well being"
Are they selling cats? I've seen suggestions that their purrs aid the cat in healing, the little fighting machines. Why not let them purr for us?

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