Are Republicans Committing Mass Murder for Political Benefit?

So, here is the sequence of events.  Joe Biden is sworn in as President.  A month later, Covid infection rates have dropped massively from Trump administration highs.  Biden announces that, instead of doing nothing but lying about the pandemic, he has arranged for enough vaccine to vaccinate everyone in the country by May.  And then the next day, two massively Republican States, Texas and Mississippi, followed the day after that by Alabama, announce that they are abandoning all mask mandates, and essentially opening up for anything.

I see no way to explain this except that the Republican party is making a conscious attempt to sabotage Biden's Coronavirus campaign, because preventing him from succeeding where Trump didn't even really try is more important to them than the tens or hundreds of thousands of unnecessary deaths that may very well result from their actions.  This is mass murder on the order of things we have seen in Cambodia or Rwanda, just done by remote control.

Anyone who still has a shred of illusion about the willingness of the Republican party to work for the good of the country, or the ability of Democrats to work out any bipartisan government with Republicans should be ashamed of themselves for being so willingly blind.  This is reaching the point of asking Heinrich Himmler to co-chair your next B'nai Brith fund drive.  Time to destroy them mercilessly once and for all.

Addendum:  I see that Paul Krugman has an opinion piece up today about this subject.  Krugman argues that this behavior is all about "owning the libs."  I agree with Krugman that like almost all Republican actions, owning the libs is part of it, as they seem to take a sick satisfaction in making us feel bad.  But to see this totally in that light is to miss something far more despicable- the willingness to kill large numbers of people to discredit their political opponents, with no end in sight except driving them from power.  This is where we truly enter the realm of the likes of the Nazis, and to chalk it all up to some sort of petty bullying is to remain, after all this time, unwilling to face the real truth.


Jimmy T said…
Like your blog. Not sure if I've commented here before.

I can't make up my mind whether these governors are willfully blind or completely stupid. If the first, then at what point do they recognize the body pile they created laying in front of their mansion? If the second, then it speaks poorly of the voters who put them in office, so at what point do the voters elect better? Too many years of right wing media has conditioned too many voters to accept unqualified leaders just because the signing pen seemed more important than actual leadership. We are adrift...
Green Eagle said…
Of course, I agree with what you say, but I will go further. I believe that the top Republican leadership is in a state of panic induced by the success Biden is having with the virus, and is deliberately sabotaging that effort, regardless of the massive deaths that will result. They cannot have Trump's utter failure as President cast into any more sharp relief than it already is, so they will do anything to destroy Biden's work.

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