Trump Loses Straw Poll Big Time

Well, any of you who read anything about the Republican vote at the recent CPAC hatefest knows that this is not quite true- he actually got 55% of the vote.  But think about this- as recently as a month ago, his approval rating among Republicans was 89% or so, depending on the poll, and the attendees at CPAC are not representative Republicans but if anything are inclined to be more supportive of Trump.

And we are only a few weeks away from his Presidency, and the daily domination of the news by his belligerent behavior.  What do you think will happen in a couple more years, no matter what he does?  Celebrity is a fragile thing.  I believe it is almost inevitable that his popularity among his idiot supporters is bound to dwindle as the memory of his Presidency slips into the past.  55% now, 45% or 35% in a couple of years?  And how will that propel the person who has utterly monopolized the Republican stage for five years into another run at the White House?

No, like silver tarnishing in the drawer, he is virtually doomed to recede into the past.  If, as the sign behind his golden statue means anything, it doesn't point to Trump, because looking at him is only looking behind.


An appended note:

I would just like to point out that the nation has become so inflexibly committed to the propaganda that whatever Trump does succeeds dramatically in promoting his own interest, that I have not seen a single person other than myself, in the mainstream press or on the left, pointing out what a gigantic failure this 55% approval rating is.  It should be big news, but it is either being ignored or presented as a victory for Trump.  And thus people contribute to keeping this zombie on his feet and stumbling forward.


bt1138 said…
I've seen a few commenters who called this a pretty weak showing.

I think until someone new shows up who can actually outpoll Trump, he remains the King.

Keep in mind that if anyone does start to creep up in polling against him, he will strike at them. He will not tolerate anyone succeeding him and will sabotage anyone who dares to claim the limelight.

That will be their biggest problem with Trump. He hates all of them and thinks they are morons and losers. He ain't going quietly.
Green Eagle said…
I see that Digby made much the same point that I was making here. I hadn't seen anyone say that before I wrote my post. And let me make clear, I don't think this is a "pretty weak showing." Given his claims for domination of the Republican party, I think it is a disaster for him.
bt1138 said…
"I think it is a disaster for him."

--> I sure wouldn't want to be Ron DeSantis right now. How dare he take so many of Trump's voters.

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