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Jerkwatch- Day 6

Joe Lieberman: "I feel relevant,'' Lieberman said in a conference call with a handful of Connecticut reporters this afternoon. "I've taken this position [on health care reform] because I believe it,'' he said." Sure, Joe. The only thing that you believe is that God sent you here to rescue the world, by stabbing your former friends in the back every chance they get. If there was ever a time when you did something because you believe in it, that time ended years ago. Now, you're just another corrupt, self important little weasel, just like all of your new Republican buds. Enjoy it while it lasts, Joe. There's a place waiting in the hereafter for people like you.

Opt In

As many of you know, in an effort to make the public option palatable to the moronic blue dogs, the administration is considering a provision that is called "opt out." That means that Republican politicians in any state which has left them in charge could decide not to participate in the public plan. We here at Green Eagle are all for this provision, as it will provide us with the magnificent spectacle of Republicans telling their constituents that they can't have the same health insurance as people who elected Democrats to run their states. That should provide us all with a good deal of innocent entertainment. However, always diligent in the study of mindless opposition, the Republicans and, well, you know who (I'm talking to you, Ben) have come up with a new idea: Opt in. Sounds almost the same, doesn't it? Just a minor change- now state governments would just have to vote to participate instead of voting not to participate, right? In case you haven't a

Who Visited Dover?

As further evidence that being a lying scum is an inheritable condition (as if Jonah Goldberg and Bill Kristol hadn't proven that beyond doubt) we have Liz Cheney parading herself on national TV. Her latest exercise in shameful behavior centers around the recent visit by President Obama to Dover Air Force Base, to honor war dead as their caskets were returned to this country. "LIZ CHENEY (RADIO AUDIO): I don't know why he went to Dover. I mean, I think that clearly it is very important for a commander-in-chief, whenever he can in whatever way it possible, to pay tribute to our fallen soldiers, our fallen military folks. But, I think, you know, what President Bush used to do was to do it without the cameras..." And without the trip, too. As this poor excuse for a human being must be aware, neither military deserter President Bush not her sainted father, draft dodging Vice President Cheney, ever went to Dover for this purpose. Do I need to explain that? NEVER. That

Now, One of the Most Predictable Stories Ever

From Yahoo: "WASHINGTON – Vice President Dick Cheney told the FBI he had no idea who leaked to the news media that Valerie Plame , wife of a Bush administration critic , worked for the CIA. Cheney's chief of staff, I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, was convicted of perjury, obstruction and lying to the FBI in the probe of who leaked Plame's identity to the news media. Cheney's denials that he talked about Plame are among the few things in the lengthy interview with the FBI that Cheney appeared certain about. Evidence at Libby's criminal trial showed that Cheney had told Libby about Wilson's wife in mid-June 2003. The vice president advised the agents that he had no idea what Libby knew on the days before Plame's CIA identity was publicly revealed." I.e. he lied without a shred of compunction to agents investigating an act of treason. I wonder if Republicans (and Joe Lieberman) will show as much outrage about this a

Wingnut Wrapup

Again, after a day of nothing, another day barely worth the trouble. However, trouble means nothing to Green Eagle, whose efforts never flag, despite the obvious massive decrease in detectable brain activity among conservatives (who would have thought that was even possible?) Well, here goes: Sandy Rios, Town Hall: "Marriage in Maine: Why We’d Better Fight" Because we need to hate someone, and there aren't enough black people in Maine? David Limbaugh, Town Hall: "The Public Option Is Not an Option" Right you are, David. You're getting it, like it or not. And no matter how much you get paid to try to stop it. No matter what you did, you just couldn't convince people that grave illness is more fun when you combine it with bankruptcy. Freedom Works: "Dems. are their own worst enemy" You guys used to be our worst enemy, until you all went kablooie. Now all we have to worry about is Max Baucus and Joe Lieberman. And as disgusting as they ar

What Can They Be Thinking?

Here's a chart of a Pew Research poll of opinions about news networks: All I can say is, this country is in a hell of a lot of trouble when 14% of the people think Fox News is too liberal. What kind of crazy morons are they, and how much damage are they going to do before they go back to sleep in their teapots?

Disaster Averted.

The News Today: "NEW YORK – Stocks logged their best day in three months as investors rushed into the market on word the economy grew faster than expected during the summer. The Commerce Department's report that gross domestic product rose at an annual rate of 3.5 percent in the third quarter reinvigorated investors..." I.e. the recession is over. Barack Obama and the Democrats made the tough decisions, and brought the economy back from the near-death state created by conservative economic cant. Think anyone on the other side of the aisle will give Obama one shred of credit for this feat? Republicans create disasters, and Democrats fix them. That's how it has been since Teddy Roosevelt had the sense to quit the Republican party. The endless catastrophic consequences of their actions seem to never teach them that their joint policies of belligerence abroad and pandering to the rich at home are not such a good idea. At least, until Republicans manage to wreck things a

Day Three

Of Joe Lieberman is a Nauseating Jerk Wat ch.

Sorry, Orly

Via TPM, the really important news of the day: "A U.S. District Court judge has dismissed one of Orly Taitz's birther lawsuits, saying it would be unconstitutional for the courts to "effectively overthrow a sitting president." You go, girl. Orly's string of defeats is beginning to make her look like that other famous Southern California institution, the L. A. Clippers. At least the Clippers win sometimes. And Orly doesn't even get a shot at the draft lottery as a reward for losing.

For Your Information

I'm not sure you are aware of this, but it's another day, and Joe Lieberman is still a disgusting, lying pig.

More Change We Can Believe In

From an e-mail from Sen. Patrick Leahy: "In July, I asked you to urge my congressional colleagues to pass the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Prevention Act, to tackle the scourge of hate crime in America. Thanks to the efforts of more than 10,000 activists, this long-overdue anti-hate crime legislation is finally law. That's why I introduced the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Prevention Act to strengthen federal anti-hate crime laws to cover crimes motivated by gender, disability status, or sexual orientation. Last week the Senate passed it as an amendment to the Defense Authorization Act, and I was proud to visit the White House to witness President Obama signing it into law earlier today." Thank you, Senator Leahy, and thank you, President Obama. Anyone who thinks this would have happened under President Saint McCain, and Boehner and McConnell- well they're crazy.

Wingnut Wrapup

A rather poor showing today. After yesterday's miserable performance, I thought we might see some bargain hunting today, but apparently wingnut confidence remains at a low ebb. Michelle Malkin, Town Hall: "The FCC Will Shut You Up" Yeah, Michelle, but will they shut you up? That would be change we can believe in. Tony Blankley, Town Hall: "GOP Must Not Vote 'Present' on Our Future" Oh no, Tony. They're doing so much better voting 'Absent.' Neil Stevens, Red State: "There are two kinds of Republicans" Yeah, crooked ones and dumb ones. Everyone knows that. E. Ralph Hostettler, Newsmax: "Obama Failures Will Lead to Conservative Revolution" Hold your breath waiting for that, Ralph. Really. We like to see people turn blue. Phil Brennan, Newsmax: "Sarah Palin Is a Unifier for the Republican Party" What's left of it. You go, Sarah. Tim Dunkin, Renew America: "It's reality check time for the R

A Good Suggestion- You Start, Joe

Joseph Farah, at World Net Daily today: "First of all, the climate changes– and there's nothing man can do about it. That's not to say there is nothing we can do to save the planet. There is. This planet is doomed. But it's not because of what we eat, how we light our homes or what kinds of pets we keep. There is something from which we can abstain that will make all our lives better and save us from destruction. What's that? What can we give up to ward off the coming judgment? We can give up sin." Good Idea there, Joseph. How about you start- by giving up lying.

A Reminder About Vietnam

From a book review in the Weekly Standard: "A brilliant young scholar with a Cambridge doctorate who is currently teaching at the Marine Corps University in Quantico, Moyar is representative of a small but increasingly influential revisionist school that rejects the fundamental orthodox premise that America's involvement in Vietnam was wrongheaded and unjust." This war of aggression, in which the United States murdered somewhere between 2 and 4 million innocent civilians, is too important an event to allow Conservative warmongers to get away with telling this sort of lie. Here are a few excerpts from the Final Declaration of the Geneva Conference of 1954, and its Agreement on the Cessation of Hostilities in Vietnam, from the same year. "A provisional military demarcation line shall be fixed, on either side of which the forces of the two parties shall be regrouped after their withdrawal, the forces of the People's Army of Viet-Nam to the north of the line and t

It's a Plan

Michelle Bachmann: "To hear the Democrats and most of the mainstream media you would think that Republicans are not bringing any alternatives to the health care debate. That couldn’t be further from the truth." You're right, Michelle. The Republican health plan: "pay or die in the street."

The Perfect Description

of Lieberman. From Kos: "When my daughter was born, my then-3-year-old son clearly felt neglected, as first children always do in such situations. And as always happens, my son started acting up in a play for attention. In his case, he regressed on his potty training, crapping his pants."

Truth in Lending- Atrios Style

Atrios has this to say (very correctly, as always) this morning, in reference to a typically dimwitted Washington Pos t article: "This article says that "subprime mortgages that helped spark the crisis." No they didn't. They were an early warning signal, and if anyone had given a shit people would've realized that banks had completely abandoned responsible underwriting." I just wanted to add that there is a name for this phenomenon: deregulation, i.e. Reaganomics. It was largely illegal for this sort of thing to happen, from the time of the Great Depression, until Ronald Reagan got his hands on our economic system. Then, his conservative "ideology," which was nothing but an cover for letting the very rich do anything they want, created the inevitable current economic disaster. As usual, Republicans are working as hard as they can to blame it all on the Democrats, while leaving it to them to make the hard decisions necessary to reverse things. I

A First

For the first time since I started this blog, my daily perusal of right wing internet sites produced absolutely nothing worth noticing. Not one single memorable comment. They really are beaten creatures, lying lifeless on the side of the road. Let's give them the treatment they deserve, before the mainstream media find a way to bring their corpses back to life.

By the Way,

Did I mention that Joe Lieberman is a subhuman scum? I did? Oh. Sorry to bring it up again.

The Biggest Scum in the Whole World

Dick Cheney? No. Rush Limbaugh? No. Dennis Rodman? No. From Talking Points Memo, this inevitable story: "Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT) told reporters today that he would in fact filibuster any health care bill he doesn't agree with--and right now, he doesn't agree with the public option proposal making its way through the Senate." The one thing that could send everything down the tubes. Exactly what I have been afraid of all along. This pathetic, disgusting excuse for a human being is going to put his own anger and revenge ahead of the health of millions of Americans. There is no principle here, no honor. We all know this is not being done out of any shred of belief. Joe Lieberman hates the Democratic party for not recognizing him as their holy, annointed leader and messiah (even though he's as much of a Democrat as Francisco Franco.) And he is determined to sabotage them to pay them back for not bowing to him in obesiance. Has he betrayed the American people

Dems are Cramming Again

Here's a perfect example of the kind of deluded and dishonest thinking that conservatives use to support their claims, from Donald Douglas, Orange County resident, junior college professor of political science (!) and notorious internet jerk: "Dems to Cram 'Public Option' Down Throat of American Public As far as I'm concerned, the public option was defeated last summer, when conservatives protested Democratic health policy at town hall forums around the nation. Reputable polls continue to show tepid support for a government run health plan, which is why papers like the Washington Post have published bogus polls to help the Democrats deceive the American people." Ooh. Let's run through that again, this time with notes: "Dems to Cram 'Public Option' Down Throat of American Public " That's Republican for "pass in Congress by getting a majority of votes." The Iraq invasion, for example, wasn't "crammed down" the

Harry Reid, Bully

Courtesy of TPM, where there is more, from the Republican response to Harry Reid's announcement that the health care reform bill will include a public option: "A primary reason Harry Reid is one of the most endangered incumbents facing re-election in either party next year is due to the fact that he is viewed by many of his constituents as a partisan bully." Harry Reid, partisan bully. Which, apparently, consists, if you are a Democrat, of passing legislation when you are the majority party. Well, Harry, I've called you many things here at Green Eagle, but partisan bully was never one of them. I kind of like it. You go, guy.

Wingnut Wrapup

As usual, these days, it's taken several days to put together a decent collection of this idiocy. I think these guys might have overdosed on teabags. We'll take the first two items together: Meredith Jessup, Town Hall: "Obama Thesis = Communist Manifesto, Part Deux" Little Pammy Geller, Atlas Shrugs: "Excerpts from Obama's Columbia Thesis Reveals America's Worst Nightmare is in the Oval Office" And it did, too! At least the phony satire Obama thesis which no wingnut columnist bothered to check, to see if it was real. No apologies or retractions yet- don't hold your breath. Red State: "News Flash: Obama Sucks At His Job" Classy there, guys. That's the kind of in-depth conservative political analysis we here at Green Eagle have come to appreciate so much. Where would we be without you? Erick Erickson, Red State: "White House attacks worry moderate Democrats" Not one single example of a moderate Democrat worried by

Change We Can Believe In- One Step Closer

It's official- Harry Reid has announced that the Senate health care reform bill will contain a public option, with an opt-out provision. As usual, God is in the details, but given what we've seen the last few months, this is far- very far- from the bad news that many of us have feared. They still have the ability to write a bill with a meaningless "public option," but we have succeeded in forcing them not to totally sell out the American people to the insurance companies, and we can succeed in seeing to it that they pass a bill that we can be satisfied with. It is indeed a different era that we are living in, than existed a year ago; and a much better era. Now, if they can get something like this through, we are in for a great entertainment as we see just which of the belligerent, brainless Republicans will actually deny medical care to the residents of their states. That should be fun.


Fareed Zakaria asks the following question in today's Washington Post: "Dick Cheney has accused Barack Obama of "dithering" over Afghanistan. If the president were to quickly invade a country on the basis of half-baked intelligence, would that demonstrate his courage and decisiveness to Cheney?" Fareed, how could you even have to ask this question? When you hear the phrase. "quickly invade a country on the basis of half-baked intelligence," what person immediately springs into your mind? That is exactly the sum and total of Dick Cheney's foreign policy strategy: bullying is courage, and thinking is weakness. And to think people tried to convince us that these guys were "the adults."

Does This Sound Good, or What?

Paul Krugman, in today's New York Times: "Still, if the Massachusetts experience is any guide, health care reform will have broad public support once it’s in place and the scare stories are proved false. The new health care system will be criticized; people will demand changes and improvements; but only a small minority will want reform reversed. This thing is going to work." Man. Coming from the Chicken Little of economics, that sounds so great to me. Krugman has been so pessimistic for so long, that to hear him saying this is a wonderful thing. It could still go all wrong, if the Olympia Snowes and Max Baucuses of this world have their way, but right now, things look good.

And They Admit It?

George Will , in the useless Washington Post today: "(Michelle) Bachmann, an authentic representative of the Republican base..." You've got that right, George. Crazy, ignorant, vicious, and an unashamed liar. The perfect Republican.


Green Eagle is flapping his wings and heading to Kauai for the weekend. He may very well be too damned lazy to post anything until Monday.

I Guess the American People Do Want It

This, from Daily Kos, is hilarious. A Republican congressman in Texas conducted a poll on health care legislation. In the question, he described the Dems' plan as "a $1.5 trillion plan that will raise taxes, ration care and let government bureaucrats make decisions that should be made by you and your doctors." After this description, the poll results? 72% for the plan as described, 27% against. Democrats in the Senate- wake up. Americans want the public option, even in Texas. They want it a lot. Six months of vicious campaigning against this plan by Republicans and insurance companies have only succeeded in convincing a few people to be against the public option, beyond the brain-dead Republican base. This should be the easiest yes vote you ever cast. Do it and be heroes.

A Simple Solution

Ron Chernow, in today's New York Times: "In retrospect, the evils of the 1920s seem almost quaint in their simplicity. Finance today is far more esoteric, marked by complex securities sure to baffle reformers as they seek solutions to the problems exposed by last year’s crash." Well, here's my simple solution: If the experts can't understand them, they should be illegal. There. Problem solved.

Poor Mistreated Executives Might Quit

This has got to make you laugh: "The Obama administration's decision to cut the pay of top executives at companies on taxpayer life support will help quiet the popular outrage over excessive compensation. But it introduces a new concern: brain drain . The 175 executives targeted by "pay czar" Kenneth Feinberg are not only the highest-paid but also considered among the most talented and productive." The most talented and productive? At what, driving their companies into bankruptcy while enriching themselves? And now they threaten to leave their companies and go to work for some other company willing to pay them millions to drive their business into ruin while robbing it blind? If American business can't survive the loss of these 175 worthless thieves, it really is in trouble. Let them go live in Palm Beach or Orange County with their ill gotten gains, and good riddance to them all. Although, Leavenworth would probably be a better place

Wingnut Wrapup

Another multi-day collection. It's getting harder every day to fill this column. I guess they're all taking their meds these days. Laura Hollis, Town Hall: "They’re ALL Communists" Sure they are Laura. Every single one of them. And who is Laura Hollis? "Laura Hirschfeld Hollis is a Clinical Professor of Business Administration at the University of Illinois. " Boy, that must be some pathetic university. Unless her whole title is Clinically Insane Professor of Business Administration. That's a common position at American universities, you know, created to address conservative complaints of liberal faculty bias. Newsmax: "Democrats Launch War Against Insurance Industry" Oh if only that were true. The Republicans would never launch a war against them- they don't have any oil. David Harsanyi, Town Hall: "Fox News Is Biased? So What?" Yeah, so what? So what if they spend 24 hours a day spreading hate and lies? They can do wha

Well, That's Too Bad, Max

Jonathan Karl at ABC News: "I am told that Senate Finance Chairman Max Baucus (D-MT) – who worked for months to get Olympia Snowe’s support for the bill and has consistently said a public option cannot pass the Senate – was apoplectic when Reid told him he wanted to include the public option." God, does that make you sit up and smile, or what? This corrupt tool of the insurance companies, who has accepted millions from them in return for doing everything possible to sabotage real health care reform, is apoplectic at the idea of Congress actually doing what the American people want. Rot in hell, Max. And take this person with you: "The move would almost certainly cost Democrats the support of Senator Olympia Snowe (R-ME), the sole Republican who now supports Democratic health care reform efforts." As far as I am concerned, it is immensely better for this bill to be passed without a single Republican vote, since it will deny them the opportunity in later years, whe

A Thought About the Loons

I have commented a couple of times about the deteriorating quantity and "quality" of material that I have found the last couple of months to post in Wingnut Wrapup. The decline has continued for long enough that I think it's worth while speculating on its cause. I saw a comment the other day,about the fact that the right wing accusations against Obama seem to get more crazy every week. This is true, but I don't think that it's because the wingnuts themselves are getting more crazy (if that were possible.) After a year and a half of nonstop character assassination against Obama, they have, I think, simply used up the most plausible attacks against him- he's too liberal, he isn't a citizen, he would favor minorities, he's too inexperienced, he's not tough enough... Each one of these things is false, but at least it could conceivably have been true. But, as the force of these smears has waned due to overexposure, and to the fact that they simply

Hissy Fit Watch

A new feature here at Green Eagle, in which we try to guess what will be the next of the endless series of Republican tantrums, which have come to serve, for them, as a viable alternative to actually participating in governing the country. Here are a couple of quotes from the news today, relating to Obama's criticism of Fox News. I could list more, but these will suffice: David Limbaugh, Renew America: "Sorry to disillusion those of you who are still in denial about President Barack Obama's true socialistic and dictatorial nature, but this guy's militancy against his perceived enemies puts Richard Nixon's White House to shame." Town Hall: (Republican Senator Lamar) Alexander to White House: Don't Create 'Enemies List' Sad that he even has to make the suggestion to the White House." Of course this is nonsense being as how there is exactly zero evidence that Obama has any kind of enemies list, but remember: to Republicans, speaking the truth

What Did You Expect?

Senator Olympia Snowe , our new BFF: "Asked further whether she would participate in a filibuster on a bill with a public option, she went almost all the way. "I've said, I'm against a public would be difficult" to support allowing the bill to proceed to a vote." I've said it before: ALL Republicans are corrupt tools of the rich. Every single one of them. Work with them and they are only going to stab you in the back. There is no such thing as an honest Republican, and most of them are half insane these days, too. Any decent thing that happens in this country will take place in spite of Republicans, not because of them. It's about time that the Democratic party openly recognized that fact. Although, given the tidal wave of abuse that Obama is receiving for even admitting that Fox News is a Republican propaganda channel, something which any sentient person knows to be true, I can see why it's hard for Dems to speak the t

Yeah, That Sounds Fair

Isn't this a nice sentiment: "WASHINGTON, Oct 21 (Reuters) - Oil tycoon T. Boone Pickens told Congress on Wednesday that U.S. energy companies are "entitled" to some of Iraq's crude because of the large number of American troops that lost their lives fighting in the country and the U.S. taxpayer money spent in Iraq." I wonder what natural resources in our country the Iraqis have a right to plunder, after we invaded their country, killed several hundred thousand of their people, destroyed their infrastructure, started a sectarian war, and left them with nothing? These people are absolutely shameless. Anything, no matter how abominable, will serve as an appropriate opportunity to enrich themselves at the expense of others. Theft, murder, destruction wasn't enough for them- now they have to turn a profit on it.

Wingnut Wrapup

Again, it's taken me a couple of days to find enough wackiness to fill up my post. And really, right wingers, some of this stuff is pretty marginal. I'm beginning to think that the wingnuts are running out of steam. Michael Barone, Town Hall: "Unlike Obama, Americans Reject European Model" Not me. I'm ready for a European model right now! Can I have Heidi Klum? Soren Dayton, Red State: "Charlie Rangel is holding Puerto Rican grandmothers hostage to protect his rum buddies." That's just not right, Soren. That sounds worse than death squads to me. Charlie, how about at least sharing the rum with the grannies? After their hostage trauma, I'm sure they could use it. Moe Lane, Red State: "Rasmussen: 54/42 against health care rationing." You know, Moe, I think that is a big fat lie. You know why? If you really asked people, I bet not 5% of them would say they want health care rationing. Who would actually be for health care rati

You've Got a Point There

Observed on a wingnut website today: "In March, 1992, Illinois Representative Paul Findley said in The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, "It is interesting - but not surprising - to note that in all the words written and uttered about the Kennedy assassination, Israel's intelligence agency, the Mossad, has never been mentioned." Yeah, in all the words written and uttered about the Lincoln assassination, Mossad has never been mentioned either. They haven't been mentioned in connection with the San Francisco Earthquake or the death of Julius Caesar. Or the collapse of the Tokugawa Shogunate. Or the strange absence of authenticated sightings of Santa Claus since the establishment of the State of Israel. Get my point, moron?

Change We Can Believe In, continuing

I feel obligated to remind people of the good things which keep happening because a Democrat is in the White House. Behind all of the press' endless round of crap about death panels and birth certificates, and anything but the truth, progress is still being made every day. From the Chicago Tribune: "The Obama administration is cracking down on BP as the oil company overhauls its massive refinery in northwest Indiana, one of the largest sources of air pollution in the Chicago area. In response to a petition from environmental groups, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on Monday ordered Indiana regulators to revamp a new operating permit for the Midwest's biggest refinery. The groups, along with elected officials in Illinois, contend Indiana had allowed the oil giant to avoid stringent requirements under the federal Clean Air Act. Tougher pollution limits could help relieve problems with lung-damaging soot and smog in the metropolitan area that stretches around the ti

Pat Shoots His Mouth Off Again

Pat Buchanan, speaking about his fellow white people: "America was once their country. They sense they are losing it. And they are right." You know what? Pat is absolutely correct. Deal with it, Honkies, you are losing it. You know what? If more of you had treated the other people that live here like fellow citizens, instead of subhuman animals with no rights, we would all be part of the same group now- Americans. But that wasn't good enough for you. You had to have them under your heels, and now the bill for your hatred is coming due. Time to pay up.

It's Good for the Republicans

Your Serious Washington Press at work- Chris Cilizza, from the Washington Post: "Less than one in five voters (19 percent) expressed confidence in Republicans' ability to make the right decisions for America's future while a whopping 79 percent lacked that confidence. Among independent voters, who went heavily for Obama in 2008 and congressional Democrats in 2006, the numbers for Republicans on the confidence questions were even more worse. Just 17 percent of independents expressed confidence in Republicans' ability to make the right decision while 83 percent said they did not have that confidence. And, perhaps most troubling for GOP hopes is the fact that just 20 percent of the Post sample identified themselves as Republicans, the lowest that number has been in Post polling since 1983. That's not to say that 2009 hasn't been a good year for Republicans. By and large, it has been. " (emphasis mine) Can you imagine the stupidity, combined with the determin

Well, Yeah, Actually

Big question of the day, from Curtis Dahlgren at Renew America: "Do You Want the Ivy League in Charge of your "Health?" Well, actually, yeah. That doesn't sound like such a bad idea to me. Curtis, if you want to go to the "Christian" doctors from Regent University, be my guest. I'll stick with Harvard and Yale, if it's okay with you. But thanks for caring.

Middle Eastern Double Standard, What?

A quote from Thomas Friedman. I don't think I need to link to it, because it's so obvious that anyone might have said the same thing: "In places like Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan or Pakistan you have violent religious extremist movements fighting with state security services." And of course, never a word of complaint from anyone, no matter how brutal and violent the state's response is, or how many thousands, or tens of thousands die in the process. Of course, let Israel, which is under a hundred times more threat from these same extremist religious movements, do anything at all to stop them- even building a wall to keep them out, the whole world screams with outrage. Really, why do you think that is?

Really? Who Would Have Guessed?

Glenn Greenwald: "One of the most astounding feats in propaganda is how we've managed to take people who live in a country which we invade, bomb and occupy -- and who fight against us because we're doing that -- and call them "Terrorists," thereby "justifying" continuing to bomb and occupy their country further"

Quote of the Week

"Another way of putting it is when, you know, I'm busy and Nancy busy with our mop cleaning up somebody else's mess –- we don’t want somebody sitting back saying, you're not holding the mop the right way. Why don’t you grab a mop, why don’t you help clean up. You're not mopping fast enough. That's a socialist mop. Grab a mop –- let’s get to work." B. Hussein Obama And Barack, a lot more talk like that would be nice.

Wingnut Wrapup

Three days' collection here. The wingnuts are really letting old Green Eagle down lately. I guess all of those tantrums really tired them out. Ann Coulter, Town Hall: "Natural Born Losers" Not you guys. You had to work really hard to lose that big. Congratulations on your achievement. Michelle Malkin, Town Hall: "Who's Behind the White House War on Fox News?" All I want to know is, are they demanding 40,000 more troops? Because, if so, I say declare victory and leave. Gateway Pundit: "Three of the five members of the Norwegian Nobel Committee had objections to the Nobel Peace Prize being awarded to US President Barack Obama, the Norwegian tabloid Verdens Gang (VG) reported Thursday." Then how did he get it? Did he steal it? They should know better than to leave small, valuable objects out in the open when those people are around, don't you think? Phyllis Schlafly, Renew America: "If Obama had told us before his election" Phy

Some Honduras News

Those who have been following things in Honduras will be interested in this update on the great reign of freedom, brought to you by their new dictatorship. Believe me- not a good thing.

Let's Play!

Green Eagle is usually content with standing on the sidelines and casting cheap insults and derision far and wide, but today, he would like to propose an action which he believes should be undertaken by those of his readers as are capable. If you have been reading the blogs lately, you have probably encountered something about this: What you are seeing comes from the home page of a new wingnut online game. Here's a little bit of the description of the back story: "It is the year 2011. The United States has become saturated with suspicion and unrest. Since early 2010, President Barack Obama, President Felipe Calderon of Mexico, and Prime Minister Stephan Harper of Canada have been conducting private meetings with each other and various political heads of the U.N. None of the meetings are open to the media, let alone the public. Private Ownership of firearms has been outlawed, and Obama has promised a new era of equality and peace. Unfortunately for Obama, Americans would not a

Obama- the Commie that Loves Hitler- or Something

Here's the voice of the people, all right. It's from a new favorite site of mine, Real People United, which specializes in telling "real people" what mendacity they are expected to swallow today. I thought this was a particularly good example of the kind of thinking that "real people" like this (i.e. ignorant, violent assholes) specialize in. See if you feel the same: "Why Not Praise Hitler?" I guess this was meant ironically, but with these guys, you just never know. "OK, It’s true. I watch Glenn Beck...he has done a pretty good job of exposing the commie-dictator loving crowd that surrounds Obama. These are the people Obama likes because they think like him. He agrees with the principles of communism. He is a commie." God, how 1962. "He's a Commie." Why don't they call him a Jap or a Hun? And by the way, which commie dictator does he love, anyway? I would have loved to hear that. "If the American people

Wingnut Wrapup

Short and sweet today. I think the Dow hitting 10,000 took a little of the wind out of their sails: World Net Daily: "Obama's spending to blame for declining dollar" Of course the dollar lost 50% of its value during the Bush administration. Man, what an evil guy- He launched his destruction of the American economic system when he was in the Illinois State Legislature, before anyone outside the state knew who he was. Lloyd Marcus, Renew America: "If Rush Limbaugh is a racist, are his 20 million listeners also?" Yes. Simple answers to simple questions, Lloyd. Sher Zieve, Renew America: "Obama plans to destroy us as quickly and completely as is possible." Where would we be without Sher to explain things to us? Sher continues: "And rumor has it that we will be forced to dig our own graves. Is this truly what we wanted?" No, I have to agree with you there, Sher. Not very many of us really want to dig our own graves. Off your meds again, gi


10,015.86 to be exact. That would be an increase of 53% since the Dow hit its low in March, seven months ago, and 40 days after Barack Obama became President. Let's hear it, Conservatives- Obama hasn't done a thing to make the economy recover, right? Update: It starts: "Dow 10,000 just isn't that big a deal, House Republican leader John Boehner said Wednesday morning."

No Thanks, Olympia, I'm Not Buying It

All hail the selfless Olympia Snowe, who, after months of refusing to negotiate honestly about health care, like every other Republican, suddenly developed a conscience and (gasp!) voted against her own party to provide the supposed bipartisan cover for a health care bill. Sorry, I don't buy it for a second. Here is what really happened: The months long Republican tantrum didn't work. They have faced up to the fact that Obama is going to succeed in passing some kind of health care bill. Their only interest now is to see that it is the weakest bill possible. So, they had Olympia Snowe vote for the miserable, bankrupt Baucus bill, a bill so weak that it is worse than no bill at all. This phony bipartisanship is the only action they can take to try to see to it that a groundswell develops behind this horrible sellout legislation. Olympia Snowe is just playing the same old Republican game. There is simply no such thing any more as an honest Republican, and she is no exceptio

Gay Unions?

I saw this headline a minute ago: "California Recognizes Existing Gay Unions" What, you mean like the Brotherhood of Extremely Well Dressed Steelworkers?

Oh, Orly....

Green Eagle, The Blog that Never Forgets, wants to bring you this news: "Finally fed up with Orly Taitz's repeated frivolous and conspiracy-ridden filings in a Birther lawsuit, the judge in the case has fined the crusading attorney $20,000." Plenty more from the source, Talking Points Memo , if you haven't had your daily dose of derisive laughter for today.