Monday, March 30, 2015

The Republican Suppression Act

A California ballot initiative to be voted on next year:

a) The abominable crime against nature known as Republicanism, called also Conservatism, is a monstrous evil that Almighty God, giver of freedom and liberty, commands us to suppress on pain of our utter destruction even as he overthrew Sodom and Gomorrha.

b) Seeing that it is better that offenders should die rather than that all of us should be killed by God's just wrath against us for the folly of tolerating-wickedness in our midst, the People of California wisely command, in the fear of God, that any person who willingly votes or campaigns for a Republican be put to death by bullets to the head or by any other convenient method.

c) No person shall distribute, perform, or transmit Republican propaganda directly or indirectly by any means to any person under the age of majority. Republican propaganda is defined as anything aimed at creating an interest in or an acceptance of human political deviance in support of rich psychopaths. Every offender shall be fined $1 million per occurrence, and/or imprisoned up to 10 years, and/or expelled from the boundaries of the state of California for up to life.

d) No person shall serve in any public office, nor serve in public employment, nor enjoy any public benefit, who is a Republican or who espouses Republican propaganda or who belongs to any group that does.

e) This law is effective immediately and shall not be rendered ineffective nor invalidated by any court, state or federal, until heard by a quorum of the Supreme Court of California consisting only of judges who are neither Republicans nor subject to disqualification hereunder.

f) The state has an affirmative duty to defend and enforce this law as written, and every member of the public has standing to seek its enforcement and obtain reimbursement for all costs and attorney's fees in so doing, and further, should the state persist in inaction over 1 year after due notice, the general public is empowered and deputized to execute all the provisions hereunder extra-judicially, immune from any charge and indemnified by the state against any and all liability.

g) This law shall be known as "The Republican Suppression Act" and be numbered as section 39 in Title 3 of the Penal Code, pertaining to offences against the sovereignty of the state. The text shall be prominently posted in every public school classroom. All laws in conflict with this law are to that extent invalid.

Don't get the joke?  Look here.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Just Mentally Disturbed, I guess

Steven Timothy Snyder:
Yesterday, this guy robbed a bank, killed a bystander, hijacked a car, and then killed a young policeman, before being gunned down himself.

Mr. Snyder had a twenty year long history as a white supremacist, including membership in the National Front, once the number one neo-Nazi group in the country, and having been arrested in a violent skinhead attack on blacks and Hispanics.

I bet you can guess what word in the English language is conspicuously missing from any of the dozens of articles about this guy: yup, "terrorist."  It didn't occur to anyone at all of the news organizations reporting on this incident to question whether this person with twenty years of history as a right wing racist might be a terrorist.  Oh no, it was just a garden variety crime, which has no connection to his political past, and can therefore just be forgotten, along with the hundreds of other murders committed by skinheads, Sovereign Citizens, Christian Identity followers and all the other White haters in this country.

Update:  Well, now it's a couple of days after the crime, and it is clear that the mainstream press is taking absolutely zero interest in this story, and the minimal coverage it did get practically ignored Snyder's right wing background.  I guess these jerks are going to have to kill a lot more people before we are allowed to notice what is motivating them.

One hopeful sign, however:  Here is a listing from a Google search for him:
Well, thank heaven for that.  At least the Jews aren't on the hook for it any more.

Sharia Law

Just a brief comment about the new Indiana law making it legal for employers to force their own religion on their workers and customers:

We have heard, in the last decade or so, tens of thousands of ludicrous accusations from right wingers that Democrats are working to allow Sharia law to take over in this country.  Why will no Democrat stand up and state the obvious: laws like the one recently passed in Indiana and now being considered in a number of other Republican dominated States do exactly that: they legalized the forced imposition of Sharia law on customers and employees by Muslim business owners?

Of course, the sort of people who enact disgusting laws like this are so stupid and short sighted that they cannot even conceive that anyone but members of their own religion would think that these laws apply to them too.  Religious freedom obviously applies only to Christians, and not just Christians, but the sort of closed-minded, angry, hate-filled Christians who go to their churches.  But in the end, the law is the law, and it licenses Muslim business owners to force people who need to deal with them or work for them to follow Sharia law.

I have suggested this before, but of course with no effect.  It's time for Democrats to turn the table and begin to spread the very true narrative that the people who hold really similar values to extremist Muslims are the Christian right, not liberal Democrats.  This is a perfect opportunity to begin telling this story, but of course, Democrats, who are so afraid of the torrent of abuse that it will produce from the right, will never do that, much as they have been intimidated from speaking the truth about the right on any other subject.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Wingnut Wrapup

I've been uninterested in these right wing jackasses lately, but today I thought I'd take a look.  Maybe distance makes the heart grow fonder, or maybe they've gotten their idiotic groove back, but I thought there was a lot of good stuff today.

First, of  course, there is the inevitable, and from the inevitable source, Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit:

I waited most of the day to add this item, to see if a single mainstream press organization would touch it with a barge pole.  You know that if they could, they'd be screaming about it nonstop, but no...only Jim and the usual assorted dimwits who repeat his lies (Pam Geller, Liberty News, et. al.) are reporting this.  Par for the course from these guys, except for this:  I feel lucky if I get 500 hits a day; Gateway Pundit gets 4-5 million hits a month.

Update:  Jim Hoft has altered his article.  The headline now reads:

"UPDATE: Germanwings Co-Pilot Andreas Lubitz Was Planning “Spectacular Gesture”

Not one word remains about what the original article said.  Except here.

 Well, let's just move on:

Erick Erickson, Town Hall:  "Cruz to the Front...Were the election for president held today, Ted Cruz would be president of the United States"

What's surprising about this remark is not the insane belief that, as stupid as American voters seem to be,  Ted Cruz could ever be elected, but that Erick seems to think that would actually be a good thing. Because who wants the United States to survive any longer, anyway?

S. E. Cupp, Town Hall:  "Although only one Republican has officially announced his candidacy for president so far, it looks like a formidable, diverse field of conservatives will be contending in the primaries."

"Formidable" seeming to be a rough translation for "batshit crazy," and "diverse" meaning "having a wide variety of mental impairments."

David Limbaugh:  "The ambush-prone mainstream media (MSM) has difficulty trapping Sen. Ted Cruz, not just because he is mentally agile and verbally adroit. He has truth and authenticity on his side, and it is much harder to trip up someone of that description."

Truth and authenticity.  Right, David.  The reason anyone has difficulty trapping Cruz is because he can lie right in your face without a second's hesitation- the greatest skill a Republican can have.

Humberto Fontova, Town Hall:  "Hunting Season Opens on Ted Cruz...Ted Cruz-Derangement-Syndrome went viral in the media this week."

Whereas, Republicans are going to treat Hillary's candidacy with the utmost respect.

Ed Feulner, Town Hall:  "Critics? Or Traitors?  “Traitors.” That’s a strong term, obviously. It should never be used lightly. Yet there it was, flying around like confetti in Times Square on New Year’s Eve."

Critics?  Sabotaging your country does not, in my world, constitute criticism.  So, maybe Ed wants to ask "Saboteurs or Traitors?"  Because the truth lies somewhere between those two terms.  Unfortunately for the rest of us, even treason is okay when Republicans indulge themselves in it.

Michael Brown, Town Hall:  "The UN's Anti-Israel Animus Hits An All-Time Low"

I think you mean an all time high, Michael.  Maybe you have an anti-language animus?

Streiff, Red State:  "Chris Christie signs bill to screw consumers and preserve a monopoly"

As if Streiff, or anyone else at Red State gives a damn about consumers.  But today, he's getting paid to see to it that Christie doesn't rise from the dead and threaten the already annointed GOP candidate (hint: this candidate's brother was already President) so all of a sudden, Streiff has a divine revelation about monopolies.

Streiff, Red State:  "Bernie Sanders’s wife involved in real estate scam?"

Notice the question mark there..."I mean, I'm not saying, I'm just asking?"  Standard behavior for Republicans that want to spread smears which they know are false, of course.  This one revolves around money given to a small college that she was President of for a while.  They used $1 million given to the college as collateral for a loan.  Now, what's wrong with that?  Well, it seems to depend on the difference between a "bequest" and a "donation."  If you really can turn that into a scandal in your mind, you undoubtedly believe Hillary murdered Vince Foster, and Obama is a Kenyan.  I.e. you are part of the Republican base.

Joe Cunningham, Red State:  "No allies are safe from the manchild president"

"Manchild President."  Let me remind you that this is exactly what the Republicans gave us between 2001 and 2009.  Once again, this has nothing to do with Obama at all.  It is an attempt to lie away the colossal failures of the Bush administration by pretending that Obama is exactly what Bush was.  Hasn't worked yet, but another thirty years of trying might get them somewhere, just like they have succeeded in making so many people forget that Reagan was a corrupt traitor.

Dave Swindle, PJ Media:  "How Do You Rank the Top 10 Greatest Conservative Talk Radio Hosts Today?"

Oh God, don't make me sick.

Paula Boyard, PJ Media:  "Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton, a Democrat who represents the District of Columbia, was caught on video Wednesday trying — and failing — to maneuver her vehicle into parking spot in a lot between the Longworth and Cannon House Office buildings."

47 Republican Senators can commit treason, and that's okay with Paula.  But if a Democrat has trouble parking her car, it's nearly a capital crime.

Michael Walsh, PJ Media:  "Is Everybody in the Obama Administration Corrupt? Sure Looks That Way"

Despite the fact that not a single charge has been sustained in any court in America.    Unlike this guy:

"The presidency of Ronald Reagan in the United States was marked by multiple scandals, resulting in the investigation, indictment, or conviction of over 138 administration officials, the largest number for any US president."

Or Dick Nixon, whose administration featured the resignation in disgrace of both the President and Vice President, and also featured this guy as Attorney General:  "On February 21, 1975,(John)  Mitchell was found guilty of conspiracy, obstruction of justice, and perjury and sentenced to two and a half to eight years in prison"

Or Obama's predecessor, who was made President in the greatest act of judicial corruption in our history, and then destroyed the economy through an endless campaign of siphoning the nation's resources to rich Republican campaign donors.

But oh, no, Obama is the corrupt one.

Kathy Shaidle, PJ Media:  "The One Important Fact Every Media Report Left Out About That ‘Town That Banned Swearing’

Funny, the media I pay attention to left out this entire story.  And truth to say, good for them, because I could not care less about it.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "Liar-in-Chief News: Obama Claims “Deficit Has Come Down by 2/3’s Since I’ve Been President”

"Liar in Chief."  The last Bush Federal deficit, for the 2009 year (in a budget from the Bush administration in October, 2008) was $1.413 trillion.  The 2014 budget deficit?  $486 billion, or 34.4% of Bush's last deficit.  Gee, I guess Obama is a big, fat liar- his claim was off by one percent!

And let us not forget that Bush conveniently excluded the $3 trillion cost of the Iraq war from his deficit figures,  Obama didn't do that, so the results are actually far more stark that the above numbers show.

Lloyd Marcus, Renew America:  "Hysteria over Cruz illustrates what we're up against"

Sanity.  That's what they're up against.

A. J. Castellito, Renew America:  "Merging Paul's outreach with Cruz's principles"

I didn't read this article because I was afraid that it was going to be about ISIS.


Because, like, before this, no one suspected that Israel has nuclear weapons.


Well, no, apparently not.  Astute Bloggers have updated this story, but not to mention that the plane was brought down by its copilot, and not by ISIS.  Time to move on to the next lie.


Because normally, when a President meets with his Secretary of State, they do it in a public park, with megaphones, so everyone can hear everything they say.

Astute Bloggers:  "IS THERE A FORM OF DEVIANCY THAT THE LEFT WON'T SUPPORT? EVIDENTLY NOT:  A Democratic bill unveiled this week would allow former convicted felons released from prison to vote in federal elections."

On the other hand, Republicans blocked a bill against human sex trafficking last week because it didn't attack abortion.  Let's see: ex-cons voting?  Not deviancy as far as I can tell.  Sex trafficking?  Now that is sort of deviant, isn't it?


Yup, if you are for vaccination, you are a Nazi.

Donna Wasson, News with Views:  "CNN, has apparently changed the meaning of their initials from the "Clinton News Network" to the "Christ Negation Network."

Okay.  I hadn't noticed that.  But then, I don't watch CNN, because I'm afraid I might see Wolf Blitzer, and have to run to the bathroom to lose my lunch.

Coach Dave Daubenmire, News with Views:  "I’m sick of it. I’m sick of sissified, passive Christianity"

Okay then, Coach.  Whatever.

Jake McAulay, News with Views:  "CAN OBAMA SERVE ANOTHER TERM?"

Well, we hear right wing idiots everywhere screaming about this nonsense.  The real reason I included Jake here was this remark of his:

"The last president to embark on a third term was the philanderer Franklin D. Roosevelt."

Because that's what we remember about Roosevelt.  Not that he ended the Republican depression, or that he successfully led us through World War II, but that he was (supposedly) a philanderer.  Well, I guess if that is what is important to you...

Servando Gonzales, News With Views:  "Secession? Hell no! Revolution? Hell Yes!... it is too late for secession"

Like I said, whatever.  And let's just go out on some sage Conservative advice:

Trooper Greg Evanson, News with Views:  "Some will say, "I can't leave my job" or "the kids HAVE to go to school" and "what would my friends and family say." Let me give it to you as straight as I POSSIBLY can. NONE OF IT WILL MATTER IF YOU ARE DEAD!! "

Well, can't argue with that, I guess.  As long as you don't give a damn about anything but yourself.  It might matter to your kids, or your friends, or the people who go to your church, but really, who cares about them?

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Just How Sick Is The Right In This Country?

Here's a little story told by Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson, recent winner of Breitbart's "Defender of the First Amendment" award, and beloved as a patriot throughout the right.  It's strong stuff, so if you are easily upset, maybe you should skip the rest of this post:

“I’ll make a bet with you,” Robertson said. “Two guys break into an atheist’s home. He has a little atheist wife and two little atheist daughters. Two guys break into his home and tie him up in a chair and gag him. And then they take his two daughters in front of him and rape both of them and then shoot them and they take his wife and then decapitate her head off in front of him. And then they can look at him and say, ‘Isn’t it great that I don’t have to worry about being judged? Isn’t it great that there’s nothing wrong with this? There’s no right or wrong, now is it dude?’” 

Robertson kept going: “Then you take a sharp knife and take his manhood and hold it in front of him and say, ‘Wouldn’t it be something if this [sic] was something wrong with this? But you’re the one who says there is no God, there’s no right, there’s no wrong, so we’re just having fun. We’re sick in the head, have a nice day.’” 

“If it happened to them,” Robertson continued, “they probably would say, ‘something about this just ain’t right.”

Sick, violent fantasy from someone who just can't even conceive that people wouldn't act this way out of a desire not to hurt other people, but only do good because they are afraid of being tortured by their God.  And the wingnuts love him.  This rant is right in line with the perverted beliefs of Conservatives, and it makes you shudder to think how they might act if they ever really got in control of things here.  There really aren't enough words to describe how loathsome these people are.

The above from Right Wing Watch, via Little Green Footballs.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Steve King Tells Jews How To Be Jews

So, it's well established that Rep. Steve King is just about as big an asshole as you could ever find in Congress (which is, after all, a den of assholes, so that is an achievement) but he has really set a new standard with this one.

"Rep. Steve King (R-IA) criticized "Jews in America" who, in an effort to align themselves with President Obama's stance on Israel, are "Democrats first and Jewish second," BuzzFeed reported on Friday. 

King's comments were made during an interview on Friday with Boston Herald Radio about the members of Congress who refused to attend Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech to Congress on March 3.

"Well, there were some 50 or so Democrats that, that decided they would boycott the president's speech," King said. "Here's what I don't understand, I don't understand how Jews in America can be Democrats first and Jewish second and support Israel along the line of just following their President."

You know what?  I've spent my whole life hearing from right wing haters that American Jews were really more loyal to Israel (a place most of them have never been) than they are to the United States.  Now it turns out that American Jews are supposed to support Israel more than our own country?  Who knew?

Let's face it: to anti-Semitic haters like Steve King, Jews are horrible no matter what they do.  They have this supporting role to play in King's ugly little theology, where they are all slaughtered so his malicious God can come back, but other than that, they should just shut up and support their would-be murderers, whatever they happen to want at the moment.

Why the hell do we allow people like this to be in Congress?


Ted, Ted, Ted!

All I want to know is how Saturday Night Live is going to get Bill Murray back, to play him:

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Bibi Changes My Mind

Anyone who has read this blog knows that I have always been a strong supporter of Israel, and have spent a fair amount of time there.  This was the result of a job there, not for religious reasons, just to be clear; but I have seen things in Israel for myself, and have been to parts of Israel and the West Bank that most foreigners would never see.

I have to say, though, that supporting the country's right to exist is not the same as supporting any one of its politicians.  As an American, I certainly don't support the warmonger McCain, or the terminally dishonest sociopath Mitt Romney, and I would have continued to oppose them if the American people had been stupid enough to send them to the White House.   This is not because (as is the case with Republican hatred for Obama) it is a partisan duty to destroy opposition parties, or because I hate their race, but because their policies, at every step of the way, are destructive to this nation.  And for the same reason, I have nothing but contempt for the militaristic demagogue Netanyahu.

Well, unfortunately, when a person is repeatedly elected to head a state, it becomes harder and harder to separate their behavior from that of the people who keep them in office; and I am afraid that, with Netanyahu's successful campaign strategy, he has crossed a Rubicon with me.

This change in my attitude revolves principally around Netanyahu's racist pledge to never allow a Palestinian state; a promise which emerged out of nowhere to dominate the last few days of the campaign, apparently swaying a good number of Israel's low-information voters.  I believe, along with most people, that a two state solution is really the only hope to a resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but that is not the real reason I am turning my back on Netanyahu.  It is because, within two days after the election, he repudiated that position, and was saying the exact opposite, in an example of two-facedness that would make even his long term friend Mitt Romney blush.  How can we ever trust a person who would engage in this kind of duplicity, in order to win an election?*

This behavior, concerning the most important thing in the world to Israeli survival, established beyond a doubt that Netanyahu can never be trusted as an honest negotiating partner, and that nothing that his government promises can be relied upon.  Further, it has shown that, when confronted with a choice between his country's survival and his own political fortunes, he will choose the latter.  When you combine this with Netanyahu's open collaboration with Obama's sworn enemies in the United States, you end up with someone who is not our friend, and is not going to run Israel with any respect for the long alliance between our two countries.

It is Netanyahu who has betrayed Obama, not (as Republicans of course insist) Obama who has betrayed Israel, and I hope reports that Obama jerked Netanyahu's chain good and hard are true.  To hell with him, and if his fellow Israelis insist on following along behind him, to hell with them too.

*I guess we could ask that question of every Republican politician in the country, but that's a topic for another day.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A Little More Right Wing Violence

Some of you may have heard about an incident today in Mesa, Arizona, in which a jerk went on a rampage, shooting six people, thankfully killing only one of them.  This guy turns out to be a 41 year old idiot named Ryan E. Giroux, who I'm showing below:
I do not think I need to explain to you what end of the political spectrum this guy comes from, given the very fashionable skin head eyebrow tattoos and other suggestive disfigurements.

Of course, he will be portrayed in the media as just a crazy guy, or maybe he was driven over the edge by playing warcraft.

And while I am on the subject, I'd like to mention some new news about another jackass, Larry Steve McQuilliams, who was killed by the police after shooting about a hundred shots at government buildings.  At the time of the shooting, it was reported that McQuilliams was an atheist who was active in the local Renaissance Faires, so he was quickly characterized as some sort of left winger.  Now it turns out that he left documents behind indicating that he was a participant in the Phineas Priesthood movement, which is associated with the hard core Aryan Supremacist Christian Identity movement, and has been responsible for a number of acts of violence against racial targets, abortion providers and other visible representatives of the left.  So much for McQuilliams supposedly being a leftist, but I doubt that the press or the right wing blogs will be very interested in correcting themselves.

Winning the Old Fashioned Way

You know that I have said recently that to understand Bibi Netanyahu, you need to think of him as an American Republican (where he started his political involvement) rather than as a product of Israeli political culture.  Well, here is another thing which, I think, will reinforce that:  Bibi won far bigger than anyone was predicting, even though Israeli exit polls showed the election tied. 

Well, there it is- if it works in Texas and Florida, why not in Israel? 

Monday, March 16, 2015

The Rise of a Republican Star

Tom Cotton...he has been in the Senate for  a little more than two months, but, in the fashion of Ted Cruz, he is more than qualified to take it over and run it as his domain.  And he's been a busy little beaver the last week or so, leading to all sorts of right wing luminaries declaring him to be the reigning star of the Republican party:

The National Journal:  "Is This 36-Year-Old Veteran the Future of the GOP?" 

Red State:  "Tom Cotton: The Most Powerful Man in Washington" 

The New Republic:  "Tom Cotton 2016?  This Dark Horse Could Blow Up the 2016 Republican Primary" 

Washington Examiner:  "Tom Cotton touted as 2016 veep for Walker, Bush, Rubio..."He fills the only real qualification of the job: he can take office if POTUS dies or is killed, and can lead in a crisis immediately. Tom would be a real asset to just about any Republican ticket," said one key Republican." 

Allen West:  "Eureka! Tom Cotton proves the existence of cojones in D.C."

Well, enough of that.  So, Cotton led 46 of his Senate Republican compadres in his act of open betrayal of the country, doing whatever he could to prevent peace with Iran, and then what did he do the next day?  Go to Disneyland?  No, he went to a meeting with defense contractors, who thoughtfully donated over a million dollars to him.  Then today, he delivered his first speech in the Senate, in which he called for a vast increase in military spending:

The Blaze:  "Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) on Monday called on the United States to return to the military might and capability it had in the 1980s — a plan that he acknowledged would be more expensive, but one that would ensure the safety of Americans, restore U.S. military leadership, and stop inviting power struggles around the world that increasingly seem to befuddle the Obama administration. 

“Our enemies and allies alike must know that aggressors will pay an unspeakable price for challenging the United States,” he said on the Senate floor. “The best way to impose that price is global military dominance. When it comes to war, narrow margins are not enough, for they are nothing more than an invitation to war.”

So here's the thing:  This guy cannot even claim the minimal dignity that might come from actually believing his own nonsense, like Ted Cruz or Louie Gohmert might.  He has only taken one week to reveal himself as a corrupt tool of military contractors, with absolutely no agenda but to divert American wealth into their pockets in return for open bribes,  and presumably will do the same for anyone else who can give him a million dollars for a meeting.  Meet the new star of the Republicans- that's all it takes to walk to the top of the heap in the miserable Republican field.  And our only compensation is the likelihood that, by 2016, the average American won't be able to dredge up a memory of him, any more than they can for Michelle Bachmann, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry, Tim Pawlenty, and all the others that had their week or two in the clown car, until they were pushed out and it ran them over.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Were There People... the world during the 1930's who watched with horror as they saw and understood what was going on in Germany?  Sure there were; just not enough of them to do what was necessary to avoid 50 million deaths.  I suspect that an awful lot of people around the world are watching the United States these days with the same sense of impending doom.

Nice thought, huh?

The Outrages Merge Into One Giant Outrage That Never Stops

I've been awfully busy at work this week (those vampire castles don't design themselves, you know) so I'm most appreciative when someone brings things to my attention that are really worth reading, as Infidel753 has again done, this time a comment on the Republican treason letter by P. M. Carpenter:

"There is no cheap political trick beneath them, no honor they refuse to trespass, no skullduggery unworthy of exploitation, and quite simply no bottom to their infamy and deceit. Every day we suspect they have finally hit some imaginary bottom, but they always surprise us. 

I no longer believe there is a bottom for these hooligans. Their disgraces are as endless as they are unfathomable. Indeed, their rolling disgraces are so predictable, I no longer even find merit in itemizing at any length the transgressions entailed or detailing the absurdities."

Those of you who have read enough of my complaining to know about Wingnut Wrapup will understand how fully I empathize with this sentiment.  I am finding it harder and harder to uncover that unique synthesis of the revolting and the ludicrous which so characterizes right wing political commentary, without going, "who cares?  We've heard it a million times before."

Unfortunately, the sickness seems to be growing worse, not better.  I have, as you know believed all along what Carpenter is now accepting.  I don't think it is quite time for me to give up itemizing their transgressions, so I'm afraid that my little corner of the world will have to put up with it for a little while longer before I give up and head for the hills, or Italy, or something.

I have, since I started this blog, insisted that the Republican party has become a massive cult of suicide bombers, intent on destroying not just some ancient statues, but the entire political and economic fabric that made the United States, so few decades ago, the greatest hope for progress in the world.  That's pretty much over now, and apres moi le deluge.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Logan Act

We've heard a lot about the Logan act lately, which is from the early days of the country, and defines what contacts with foreign governments are not permitted.  I thought it would be useful to reprint the entirety of this very short law, given as I certainly had no idea what was actually in it.  So, here it is:

"Any citizen of the United States, wherever he may be, who, without authority of the United States, directly or indirectly commences or carries on any correspondence or intercourse with any foreign government or any officer or agent thereof, with intent to influence the measures or conduct of any foreign government or of any officer or agent thereof, in relation to any disputes or controversies with the United States, or to defeat the measures of the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

This section shall not abridge the right of a citizen to apply, himself or his agent, to any foreign government or the agents thereof for redress of any injury which he may have sustained from such government or any of its agents or subjects."
A lot of people claim that this law is blatantly unconstitutional, but we don't really know, since no one has been prosecuted for violating it since 1803.  In any case, constitutional or not, it is hard to see how the recent letter to Iranian leaders from 47 Republican Senators would not constitute a violation of this law.  Maybe, after 213 years, it's time to see whether treachery like that committed by these 47 Republicans is, in addition to being morally disgusting, actually illegal.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Have They Really Gone Into The Twilight Zone

Or, more frighteningly, do they think their goal of destroying popular government in the US is so close that they can now abandon any pretense of ever having wanted anything else?

Today's example, the perennial bed-wetter Lindsay Graham:

"In brief audio obtained by, Sen. Graham purportedly suggests he would use the military to restrict the movement of Congress until they complied:
…[A]nd here is the first thing I would do if I were President of the United States: I wouldn’t let Congress leave town until we fix this. I would literally use the military to keep them in if I had to. We’re not leaving town until we restore these defense cuts. We’re not leaving town until we restore the intel cuts.
Asked for comment or clarification, Graham responded to the right-leaning website with this boilerplate: “Due to the large volume of mail I receive, I regret that I am only able to respond personally to inquiries from South Carolinians."

Does it not occur to Mr. Graham what kind of government it is where the head of state uses the military to force the legislature to do what he wants?  Or, as I suggested above, does he just not care any more that we know what he is up to, because he doesn't think any of us can stop him and his associates?  Treason, open advocacy of fascist dictatorship...what's next?

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Hey, It Was Nothing But A Joke

No, I am not willing to give up talking about the 47 Republican Senators (that's 87% of the 54 Republicans in the Senate, in case you were wondering) who sent a letter to the leaders of Iran which was so disloyal to this country that they even had the right wing New York Daily News calling it treason on its front page.  For once, the Republicans seem to have so revealed their true nature, that people all over the country are outraged at their betrayal.  Let's hope it lasts long enough to really sink in, and make people face what is going on in this country.

My ire was inspired this evening by an article in the Daily Beast, which deals with Republicans' attempts to put this ugly genie back into its bottle.  Here are some excerpts, with Green Eagle's usual rude interruptions:

"...even among Republicans whose offices have signed the letter, there is some trepidation that the Iran letter injects partisanship into the Iran negotiations"

Some trepidation that it injects partisanship into the Iran negotiations?  No shit, Sherlock.  That's just what they have been doing for the last six years, as if you hadn't noticed.  It's like saying that Mike Tyson got into the boxing ring with the intention of introducing his fist into his opponents's face- that is all they exist for.

“Before the letter, the national conversation was about Netanyahu’s speech and how Obama’s negotiations with Iran are leading to a terrible deal that could ultimately harm U.S. national security. Now, the Obama administration and its Capitol Hill partisans are cynically trying to push the conversation away from policy, and towards a deeply political pie fight over presidential and congressional prerogatives,” said a Senate Republican aide whose boss signed the letter."

The Obama administration is cynically trying to push the conversation away from a treaty with a small, far away country, to the fact that 87% of the Republicans in the Senate just engaged in an act of treason.  How unreasonable.  It's just too bad that, in the end, Obama won't have the stomach to do anything about it.

"However, while some on the Republican side are now rethinking the wisdom of sending a letter, none of the 47 Republican signatories are recanting their support for it or signaling an intent to do so."

No, so far, all 47 of them think that what they did was a great way to use the tremendous trust the American people showed in them when they were elected.

"Republican aides were taken aback by what they thought was a light-hearted attempt to signal to Iran and the public that Congress should have a role in the ongoing nuclear discussions. Two GOP aides separately described their letter as a “cheeky” reminder of the Congressional branch’s prerogatives. 
“The administration has no sense of humor when it comes to how weakly they have been handling these negotiations,” said a top GOP Senate aide."

A light hearted attempt...this is one of the most cynical rationalizations I have ever heard.  With all of the lying, smearing and treachery that the Republicans have on constant offer, I never thought they would descend to calling treason comedy.  Or are they just so sure of their eventual victory that they are now at the point where they are enjoying rubbing it in the face of the American people?

"Supporters of the White House’s ongoing negotiations with Iran over its nuclear program pushed back hard against the letter, with some even citing a law written in the 18th century (and not applied since 1803) to say that the senators engaged in illegal conduct by communicating with a foreign government to undermine the U.S. government’s foreign policy."

Yeah, and has it not been used since 1803 because it is an old-fashioned law, like making stores close on Sunday?  No, it is because in the intervening 212 years, there has never ever been a group of mainstream political leaders in this country who have resorted to out and out subversion of the government, in order to seize power.

I'm going to resort to a little bit of "I told you so" here, so if that is going to make you cranky, stop reading now.  I have been warning since I first started writing this blog, and for years before that, that the Republican party is engaged in a deliberate attempt to destroy the government of the United States, and replace it with a Fascist oligarchy.  I've gotten a lot of contempt for my views, but I think it is time that people face the truth:  That is exactly what they are up to, and it is not at all clear that they are going to fail.  The dangers posed by Iran, or Isis, or Putin or China for that matter, are minuscule compared to this threat to our existence.

Just How Crazy Are They?

More crazy than you ever thought:

"WASHINGTON -- Rep. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) on Wednesday offered legislative language that would "automatically" punish family members of people who violate U.S. sanctions against Iran, levying sentences of up to 20 years in prison.

Cotton also seeks to punish any family member of those people, "to include a spouse and any relative to the third degree," including, "parents, children, aunts, uncles, nephews, nieces, grandparents, great grandparents, grandkids, great grandkids," Cotton said.

"There would be no investigation," Cotton said during Wednesday's markup hearing before the House Foreign Affairs Committee. "If the prime malefactor of the family is identified as on the list for sanctions, then everyone within their family would automatically come within the sanctions regime as well. It'd be very hard to demonstrate and investigate to conclusive proof."

Putting people in prison for 20 years because of something their uncle or great grandfather did.  That's Republican justice these days.  How can anyone think that there will be a shred of a decent country left here if Republicans continue on their present course?  Once it would be established that it was okay to put people in prison for something they had nothing to do with, where would it stop?  Particularly in the hands of Tom Cotton, who is a sufficiently mainstream Republican that he sits in the United States Senate.  This is a major feature of fascist dictatorships, not free countries, and it is long past time for people to get it straight about which one of those forms of government the Republican party is really trying to build.

Update:  Apparently, the 47 Republican Senators, led by Tom Cotton, who are trying to destroy the country's foreign policy, and who are behind this hideous proposal, may have stepped way over the line.  Here's the front page of the usually reliably right wing Daily News today:

I just cannot even begin to say how stunning this story is.  Traitors.  I guess that is pretty blunt, coming from a normally party-line Republican propaganda rag- using a term normally reserved for Obama or Hillary to refer to the vast majority of Republican Senators.  Of course, elections belong to the Koch Brothers and Sheldon Adelson now, so maybe they have given up the pretext and are starting to prepare the American people for government by traitors, because they just don't care what we think any more.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

The Two Americas

I have wanted to assemble a set of maps showing the many ways that Republican areas of the country are just worse off than Democratic areas.  And I have actually collected several of those maps, but Rosa Rubicondor beat me to it.  I want to strongly urge you to take a couple of minutes to take a look at this excellent collection.  It really shows the delusion that right wingers live in when they continue to believe that they have it so great.  They are determined to bring us down to their third-world level, and so far are meeting with a fair degree of success.

This post found via Infidel753's weekly link roundup, a high point of my internet week.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

The Grand Unified Field Theory of Conservatism

In which every element of right wing insanity finds its place.  I've had an idea of writing an article about this for a while, but could never convince myself that my mind could stretch to contain that much delusion.  Thank heaven, Laurie Roth, a repeat visitor to Wingnut Wrapup, and very possibly the Stephen Hawking of paranoid delusion, has done it for me, so I guess I need to let her reveal what reality is like on the planet where these miserable sons of bitches live.

Rip Your Fingers Off Our Neck Obama
By Laurie Roth 

"The ‘progressive’ agenda is more than clear. Long ago it morphed into a hybrid monster that eats the flesh off of patriotic, Christian and conservative Americans. It demands redistribution of wealth and loan shark style taxation – known and hidden. It controls freedom of speech for anyone who doesn’t agree with the Obama-New World Order transformation plan."

Apparently, Laurie agrees with Obama completely, since she seems to have way more freedom of speech than is good for her.  I mean, really: "a hybrid monster that eats the flesh off of patriotic, Christian and conservative Americans."  Just a little bit over the top, considering that she is describing a centrist, Wall Street friendly Democrat who is not discernibly to the left of Richard Nixon.

"Obama is successfully seizing in front of our faces the very beams and foundational structures of America in chaotic ‘Saul Alinsky’ fashion."

What the hell that is even supposed to mean, I can't tell (and really, neither can anyone else who is sane.)  Obviously, right wingers are far more versed in the details of Alinsky's works than liberals ever were, since I don't remember liberals ever talking about seizing any beams. Or even knowing anything about Alinsky.

"America is far from over and I believe will recover and shine again but it is leaning like the ‘Leaning Tower of Pisa’ and the cracks are growing larger thanks to leadership that moves like compromised turtles at a ‘sedative’ party."

"compromised turtles at a ‘sedative’ party."  I mean really, like I said, there is such a thing as too much freedom of speech.  Unless she is talking about Boehner (the sedated one) and McConnell (the turtle.)  But somewhow, I don't think that is what she is talking about.

"While Republican and Democrat Representatives and Senators played their political games ever so ‘respectfully’, Obama has managed to accomplish what now must be undone…defunded, repealed and challenged before it is too late."

Giving people health care, not letting huge corporations manipulate the internet, and preparing to crush and eliminate anyone who disagrees with him.  How he is planning to do this, we don't know, because he has done nothing to tip his hand so far, but it's coming, for sure, as you can see below:

'Obama through his FCC has taken over the Internet. He will quickly build a regulation, taxation and 1st Amendment speech firing line. Difference and those who dare to disagree will be crushed, eliminated, fined, audited or arrested."

Some day.  Not in the first six and a half years of his term; he's just waiting until it will be a really big surprise.

"Never mind that the Supreme Court already stated that the FCC had no jurisdiction over the Internet and couldn’t call it a utility. ‘Middle finger’ Obama smiles as he walks over Constitutional and legal bodies saying, “What are you going to do about it?”

When the Supreme Cort did that, we don't know.  Maybe it was on that other planet that Laurie came from.

"Obama took over the best and most achieving health care system on the planet..."

Hah.  That sort of delusion should be enough right there to have her committed as a danger to herself.

 "and has decimated it while crushing most Americans’ ability to find affordable health insurance."

By giving it to ten or twenty million of them.

 "He took away affordability, competition, freedom to choose and when to choose. Obama inserted growing financial punishments as defiance grows from this year to the next. Tens of millions who couldn’t afford Obama approved health insurance and chose not to sign up will pay if the House and Senate don’t deal with this nightmare."

I can't even joke about this statement, which is, of course, the exact opposite of reality.

"Obama continues his tyrannical frenzy of dictatorial controls as he ‘executive orders’ his way to Hitler’s playbook."

Well, you knew Hitler was going to show up sooner or later, didn't you?

"His toys include ‘executive orders’ ‘executive actions’ ‘memorandums’ perhaps ‘post it notes’ next? He is pushing amnesty while importing radical Syrian Muslims and ‘mystery people’ across our borders like a disease spreading to schools, clinics and communities across America."

Let's just throw in the obligatory cheap, crude racism, shall we?

 "So far the House has been more than pitiful in its response to this national security threat."

The House has been more than pitiful on a 24 hour a day basis ever since the Republicans took it back, so I guess I can't argue with that one.

"Now, emperor Obama is banning AR 15 bullets and trying to ratchet up gun control one way or another."

By magic, of course, because he has done absolutely nothing to accomplish that in six years.  I guess he's waiting until he announces he has made himself President for Life.

 "He already has the schools so he can indoctrinate our children through Common Core and it’s rewriting of real American History."

Real American history tells us how the whole country is based on God and hatred.

 "It also data minds our children, talks of the danger and evils of guns, crams Islam and its rewritten history down our kid’s throats. It demonizes patriotism and Christianity while gagging us with the ‘Greens’ agenda and sustainability as the Communist cherry on top."

Well, okay, we've already had the Hitler, it's time to throw in Islam and Communism. And respect for the environment, which is apparently just as bad as Hitler.

"Yes, Obama is playing perfectly into Hitler’s playbook as he marches boldly over American bodies while taking over everything in sight."

Oh, wait...time for a little more Hitler.  I mean, why not?  People might not have gotten the point the first time around- it was expressed in such a subtle manner.

"It is beyond time for our elected officials in the House and Senate to be boldly reminded by us who they serve and are accountable to. This is first to God of the Holy Bible, then the people of America, then our U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. Elected officials were never put in place to build their careers, political brand or power."

You thought I was kidding about the God part, right?  Sorry, I wasn't.

"Our elected officials have allowed this pagan-imposter president Obama to break the law, walk around in contempt of court over and over, ignore and assault our Constitution, use the IRS, NSA, EPA, HOMELAND SECURITY , and now the FCC against us as assault weapons. We are being attacked and crushed from within. When will members and political flavors in the House and Senate realize this? Are you all ugly and suicidal? I thought ugly was bad enough…."

Boy, that paragraph came to a bad end.  Anyway, let's count again:  Monster that eats people's flesh, Hitler, Muslim, Communist, Hitler again, and now a pagan!  This guy Obama really is a monument of evil.

"We are way beyond national emergency."

Not that you'd notice, really, with 11 million new jobs, the deficit declining by two thirds, millions of uninsured who now have insurance, declining growth of medical costs, no depressions, no three trillion dollar wars, no torture, etc.

"It is as if ISIS has already put thousands of Christians and patriots in cages in all 50 states and lit a match."

It is?  Man, I never even noticed that.  Although the people who pass for "Christians and patriots" in this country pretty much belong in cages. For their own protection.

"What will you the ‘new blood’ in the HOUSE and SENATE do about this? What will the new conservative Governors in the vast majority of states along with the organized masses and Tea Parties also do about this?"

What will they do? Have some more Benghazi hearings.

"Compromisers and cowards get out of the way. We have our freedoms and country to get back…then maybe our lives, careers, dreams and influence. Let’s do this Americans."

Well, there you go:  a total compendium of blatant falsehoods adding up to something so delusional that I don't think anyone sane can tell how much people really believe things like this, and how much it is just an outpouring of mindless hatred from deeply dysfunctional  human beings who can't accept that the world is not exactly the way they want it to be.  Unfortunately, they are turning the world into something that no one wants, and there seems to be no way to get them to comprehend that.

Note:  I rewrote some of my sarcastic comments.  That's what ends up happening when I try to write a blog post while my wife watches Tina Fey's new show in the same room. 

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Bye Bye, Bibi

Back home now?  That's nice.  Because here's the truth: probably three quarters of the American people have still never heard of you, and if asked, would probably think that Bibi is the name of some sort of clown; and three quarters of the rest have already forgotten every single thing about your speech.

That's America today, and if it wasn't that way, they would have never tolerated your interference in our politics to begin with.  So, hope you had a nice trip.  Bye now.

King v. Burwell After the Oral Arguments

This is a short comment, because if you want to tell the truth there is very little to say, unlike the diatribes of the thousands of pundits who are just trying to drown the obvious in an ocean of disingenuous verbiage.

At this point, this lawsuit, and the people behind it, have been so discredited that no one is even arguing about whether there is any legal basis to their argument- we all know there isn't.  The only issue is whether all five corrupt Republican Justices (because that is what they are, not justices for all of us) can find enough cover to make a ruling that is counter to both judicial precedent, and the plain statement of intent of the authors of this 900 page bill, on the basis of one short sentence that can be twisted to mean something that was never foreseen; or whether one of them might somehow break with the other four and actually do the right thing.  Note that this speculation involves Justices Kennedy and Roberts- the most optimistic of observers know that there will be no honesty, no truth, no justice from Alito, Scalia and Thomas.

So, we wait to see how corrupt our Supreme Court really is- do these five Justices insure that it acts without law ninety percent of the time, or one hundred percent.  That's what this country has come to.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Wingnut Wrapup

Two things I don't care about today:  Bibi's big mouth and Hillary's e-mails.  Just to let you know.

And first the Really Important News:

Major coup!  And now, on we go!

Michelle Malkin, Town Hall:  "The Department of Homeland Security refuses to release a report on "right-wing" terrorism that somehow found its way into CNN's hands last week during the farcical White House summit on Don't Say Islamic Extremism."

"Somehow."  Maybe when the government released it to them?  But of course, it is an abomination when anything telling the truth is released for public view.

John Stossel, Town Hall:  "Lots of people sure hate the Koch brothers."

Gee, I wonder why that is.  John helpfully points out that the Koch brothers are pro-immigration (more workers means lower pay) and anti-drug war (government money that is not just given to them.)  He forgot to mention that they are anti-democracy and pro-fascist dictatorship, but I guess you can't cover everything in one article about why people hate them.

Michael Schaus, Town Hall:  "Democrat Nannycrats Ruin Everything"

Well, almost everything.  It took Republicans to ruin 90% of Americans' chances to live middle class lives.

Erick Erickson, Red State:  "Eunuch Mitch McConnell Squeals Like a Pig"

Don't you just love a Republican cat fight?  Or pig fight.  Or, whatever.  Now if only we could get them to stop acting like pigs...

Patrick Garry, Renew America:  "A conservative alternative to Obamacare... There are only two basic choices for controlling costs in healthcare: government-imposed cost controls, or a fully functioning competitive marketplace where consumers control the allocation of resources through their economic choices. However, even before Obamacare came into existence, there was never a true and open marketplace in healthcare. It consisted of massive and inefficient entitlements that drove the nation further into debt."

Let me translate this:  The "entitlements" Patrick is talking about consist of employer-provided health insurance.  Patrick proposes to start out by eliminating that, and forcing every American to negotiate their own health coverage.  Of course, that (minus taking away employees' health care) is exactly what we had for decades before Obamacare was passed, but this time, the insurance companies are going to just forget about their insane greed and run the system for the benefit of consumers.  That's the Republican plan.  Makes sense to me.

Bryan Fischer, Renew America:  ""Obama is not a Christian. Obama is a secret Muslim. Obama doesn't love America." Tell me again, Mr. Liberal, why does any of that bother you? Hmmm?"

Well, maybe because these are among the most despicable smears in the history of American politics, and are motivated almost entirely by race hatred.  Maybe that's why liberals don't like them- because liberals like the truth.  I know you can't understand that position, but there it is.

Astute Bloggers:  "...the Dems passed a similar law for health insurance. One size fits all. The dems still call less expensive plans that we USED  TO be above to buy IF WE WANTED TO as "inferior plans". 


That's fascism folks.  The usual corrupt leftist scum are out there touting the success of Obamacare.  They might a well be saying the trains are running on time.  The trains on the railroad to serfdom."

I just don't know where to begin.  I'll just leave it by saying the grammatical errors are in the original.

Newsmax:  "Obama Becoming Howard Hughes-like Recluse"

Not that you'd notice.

Jackie Gingrich Cushman, Town Hall: "Truth Matters"

No it doesn't, Jackie.  Not to you or any other God damned Republican on the face of the earth.  We have to put up with so many of your lies, but I'm not standing still for this one, the lie to rule all the others.  So, fuck you, Jackie, and your disgusting brother and every other Republican in this country.  Sorry, I couldn't even begin to joke about this one.

Brandon Cline: Embellish,  "Misremember or Lie: Whatever You Call It, It Will Eventually Come Back to Bite"

Unless you work for Fox news, of course.

Daniel J. Mitchell, Town Hall:  "The First World War and the Costly Burden of Obamanomics...What does World War I have to do with Obamanomics?  There’s no real connection, of course"

Well, there you go.  It's not so often that they admit something like that.  Normally, they would blame the first world war on Obama.

Michael Walsh, PJ Media:  "Why Do Democrats Hate Asian-Americans? Because They’re Smart and Successful"

I love the fact that he just assumes that Democrats hate Asian-Americans, one of the bigger lies I have heard lately.  No sense asking why, because the whole thing is nonsense.

Bridget Johnson, PJ Media:  "Jindal’s Deal for Obama: ‘I’ll Keep an Eye Out for the Medieval Christians’

Look around your own State, jerk.  In fact, just look in the mirror.

Kurt Schlichter: Let’s Destroy Liberal Academia...Its time to give current university system the Old Yeller treatment, except normal Americans will giggle when this rabid mongrel gets put down."

Well, that has been a proven tactic in the past when confronted with facts that right wingers disagree with:
And in fact, there is every sign that it is working again, as we speak:

Hey, why not give it another try?  It works so well.

Matt Barber, Town Hall:  "America’s soon-to-be cultural-Marxist-in-chief would then spend the greater part of a decade waging war against our nation’s Judeo-Christian culture and heritage at levels, and in ways, unseen in our storied history. Today, his anti-Christian crusade continues unabated. In fact, and with less than two years left to complete his baleful conspiracy, this neo-pagan extremist has begun to rapidly accelerate his unravelings."

Can you connect that with anything that is actually going on in the world?  Didn't think so.

PJ Media:  "Watch the first ever conservative award show. It's the anti-Oscars, The Ronnies! People like Dinesh D’Souza have gotten excluded from The Oscars, so we right that wrong. "

Not while I'm watching, you don't.

Okay, okay, I gave it a look.  This entire "award show" consisted of three right wing dimwits with (believe it or not) an incredibly phony applause track.  Here they are- that's all you ever saw:

No stage, no audience, no nothing.  Just half an hour of right wing bullshit.  Way to go, guys.  I guess you just wanted to show how little you have to offer the American people.  And just for the record, Ronnie never won, nor was ever nominated for an academy award.  For good reason.

Victor Davis Hanson, PJ Media:  "The Liberal Circus...Watching the left descend further, from psychodrama to farce."

Because this week we are watching one of the greatest shows of Republican Congressional dysfunction in history.  So, it must be the liberals that are descending into farce.  Right.  Once again, a favorite Republican tactic: accusing the Democrats of whatever humiliating idiocy the Republicans are up to at the time, counting on the mainstream press to present the whole thing as a "he said-she said" fight with both parties equally bad actors.  And, it always works, so why not?

Cheryl Chumley, World Net Daily:  "LAPD under fire for killing 'unarmed' homeless man"

"Unarmed," in quotation marks, I guess, because anyone looking at the video of them killing him can see clearly that he had two arms.  So he wasn't unarmed, and it was perfectly okay to kill him.  See? Everything makes sense when you are a Conservative.

Jeff Jacoby, Town Hall:  "Putin's Russia is a Gangster Regime"

Too bad you hadn't figured that out a year ago, when all you Conservatives were telling us how much better of we would be if Putin were President instead of Obama.  Now, of course, you guys have moved on:

Wayne Allen Root, Town Hall:  "Bibi for President!"

Who will it be next?  Too bad Moammar Khaddafy isn't still alive- he seems right down you alley.

Ben Shapiro, Town Hall:  "The Hillary Cover-Up and the End of Democracy...Sure, Hillary Clinton has a nasty history with crucial documents going missing --  the FBI found missing documents with her fingerprints on them in the White House personal quarters."

Time for one of the more disgusting right wingers to enter the conversation.  What Ben failed to mention, of course, is that those missing documents- found almost twenty years ago- totally supported what Hillary had testified to all along.  They exonerated her from lying Republican accusations.  Funny that Ben didn't remember that.

Jacob Sullum, Town Hall:  "Unchecked Checkpoints: A Federal Appeals Court Gives a Pass to Unconstitutional Harassment by Border Cops"

Jacob, here's a mini-lesson on government for you:  If Federal courts gave a pass to it, then it apparently was constitutional, no matter what ignorant nonsense you want to spout about it.  Don't like it?  Hire a lawyer and appeal it to the Supreme Court.  And then shut up.  Please.

Matt Vespa, Town Hall:  "NRA's LaPierre: 'If You Care About Your Freedoms... You Belong In The National Rifle Association'

Green Eagle:  If you care about your freedoms, you belong in the Green Eagle Society for the Preservation of Cane Toads- lifetime memberships available for the discount rate of $1000, and what a bargain.

And this time he's really angry
Andrew Klavan, PJ Media:  "The Republican Who Can Win"

I won't bother to repeat any of this guy's blather, but let me just leave you with this:  He never came up with an actual name.  Says something, don't you think?

Michael Van De Galien, PJ Media:  "Ted Cruz: ‘The Voice of Andrew Breitbart Said… Call Evil By Its Name!’

Would that be on one of the many occasions he was drunk in a bar, screaming abuse at liberals?

Phyllis Schlafly:   "The Obama Democrats have an audacious scheme for winning future elections. They just plan to import 5 million non-citizens and credential them as voters who will, in gratitude, vote Democratic"

Anyone who thinks this 90 year old hater is still in contact with reality should be able to give up that delusion now.

And now, the worst suggestion of the day:

Andrew C. McCarthy, Renew America:  "Bring Back the Bush Doctrine—with One Addition"

The Bush doctrine, because it worked so well in Iraq...with one addition: more hatred of Muslims. That should work just great.

Rob Natelson, American Thinker:  "Campaign Finance Disclosure Requirements Violate the First Amendment"

Do you want to hear the reasoning behind that one?  No, neither did I.  Other than, if the Koch brothers don't like it, it's unconstitutional.  Of course, that's what the whole Republican party believes about everything these days.

Monday, March 2, 2015

I Will Never, Ever Forgive the Republicans and the Press for Bringing This Guy Back From the Dead

So, the idiotic acts of a foreign right wing Jew are enough of an excuse to force us to remember that this guy ever existed?  Screw you, mainstream press.  Screw you, Republicans.  Is there any damage to this country that is beneath you?

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Welcome to Town, Bibi

So here it is- the week that Bibi Netanyahu, having sold his soul to his long time compadres in the Republican party, arrives to do whatever gratuitous damage he can to the foreign policy apparatus of the United States.  In a brilliant stroke of timing, the Republican subversives in Congress, who are bringing him over to perform his circus act in front of Congress, have seen, through the mechanism of last Friday's act of funding the Department of Homeland Security for exactly one week, that he shows up in the middle of the worst example of Republican-generated Constitutional crises since the last time they shut the government down, a year and a half ago.  I'm hoping that this innocent accident of timing will give Netanyahu an opportunity to reflect on exactly what sort of government leaders he has chosen to be his allies.

In any event, I think it is very important for Americans to remember that this is not about Netanyahu, who is, in the end, perfectly entitled to speak wherever he wants, if he thinks it will somehow aid his country.  This whole crisis is about the Republican party, which is proving once again that the partisan act of dealing damage to Democrats outweighs every concern they might have ever had about the welfare of the United States.  I hope Americans can see, in the conflation of these two events, a perfect example of what is really going on in the party that has transformed itself into a subversive cult.

John Boehner is not The Worst Speaker in History

As the Republican congressional collapse continues, I see articles every day, from both sides of the political fence, claiming that John Boehner is the worst Speaker of the House in history.  This is complete nonsense and just shows how shallow the American art of political observation is.

The truth is that, ever since Ronald Reagan, the Republican party has worked night and day, year after year, to breed a base which is absolutely impervious to any sort of reason or fact, and which has a built-in hatred of Democrats so strong that it overwhelms every other thought or emotion they may feel.

Well, it worked.  Did Boehner contribute to giving birth to this monster?  Yes, he did, but no more that virtually every Republican leader in the past 40 years, and far less than Rove, Cheney, Palin and a hundred more I could mention.

The Republican party that these people sent to Congress is, like its base, motivated by hatred and greed, a toxic combination in which reason plays no part.  Other than giving in to them and letting them destroy the country completely, there is no way for the Speaker to control them, or to prevent the endless series of disasters which they will continue to produce.  Boehner, not a good speaker, but certainly not a craven, corrupt worm after the model of Newt Gingrich, is the victim of a situation that, at worst, he played a very minor role in generating.  It doesn't make me feel sorry for him, but I do want to point out that blaming it all on Boehner just aids the real culprits in this situation from having to take responsibility for the ugly perversion of government they have created.