King v. Burwell After the Oral Arguments

This is a short comment, because if you want to tell the truth there is very little to say, unlike the diatribes of the thousands of pundits who are just trying to drown the obvious in an ocean of disingenuous verbiage.

At this point, this lawsuit, and the people behind it, have been so discredited that no one is even arguing about whether there is any legal basis to their argument- we all know there isn't.  The only issue is whether all five corrupt Republican Justices (because that is what they are, not justices for all of us) can find enough cover to make a ruling that is counter to both judicial precedent, and the plain statement of intent of the authors of this 900 page bill, on the basis of one short sentence that can be twisted to mean something that was never foreseen; or whether one of them might somehow break with the other four and actually do the right thing.  Note that this speculation involves Justices Kennedy and Roberts- the most optimistic of observers know that there will be no honesty, no truth, no justice from Alito, Scalia and Thomas.

So, we wait to see how corrupt our Supreme Court really is- do these five Justices insure that it acts without law ninety percent of the time, or one hundred percent.  That's what this country has come to.


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