Wingnut Wrapup

I've been uninterested in these right wing jackasses lately, but today I thought I'd take a look.  Maybe distance makes the heart grow fonder, or maybe they've gotten their idiotic groove back, but I thought there was a lot of good stuff today.

First, of  course, there is the inevitable, and from the inevitable source, Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit:

I waited most of the day to add this item, to see if a single mainstream press organization would touch it with a barge pole.  You know that if they could, they'd be screaming about it nonstop, but no...only Jim and the usual assorted dimwits who repeat his lies (Pam Geller, Liberty News, et. al.) are reporting this.  Par for the course from these guys, except for this:  I feel lucky if I get 500 hits a day; Gateway Pundit gets 4-5 million hits a month.

Update:  Jim Hoft has altered his article.  The headline now reads:

"UPDATE: Germanwings Co-Pilot Andreas Lubitz Was Planning “Spectacular Gesture”

Not one word remains about what the original article said.  Except here.

 Well, let's just move on:

Erick Erickson, Town Hall:  "Cruz to the Front...Were the election for president held today, Ted Cruz would be president of the United States"

What's surprising about this remark is not the insane belief that, as stupid as American voters seem to be,  Ted Cruz could ever be elected, but that Erick seems to think that would actually be a good thing. Because who wants the United States to survive any longer, anyway?

S. E. Cupp, Town Hall:  "Although only one Republican has officially announced his candidacy for president so far, it looks like a formidable, diverse field of conservatives will be contending in the primaries."

"Formidable" seeming to be a rough translation for "batshit crazy," and "diverse" meaning "having a wide variety of mental impairments."

David Limbaugh:  "The ambush-prone mainstream media (MSM) has difficulty trapping Sen. Ted Cruz, not just because he is mentally agile and verbally adroit. He has truth and authenticity on his side, and it is much harder to trip up someone of that description."

Truth and authenticity.  Right, David.  The reason anyone has difficulty trapping Cruz is because he can lie right in your face without a second's hesitation- the greatest skill a Republican can have.

Humberto Fontova, Town Hall:  "Hunting Season Opens on Ted Cruz...Ted Cruz-Derangement-Syndrome went viral in the media this week."

Whereas, Republicans are going to treat Hillary's candidacy with the utmost respect.

Ed Feulner, Town Hall:  "Critics? Or Traitors?  “Traitors.” That’s a strong term, obviously. It should never be used lightly. Yet there it was, flying around like confetti in Times Square on New Year’s Eve."

Critics?  Sabotaging your country does not, in my world, constitute criticism.  So, maybe Ed wants to ask "Saboteurs or Traitors?"  Because the truth lies somewhere between those two terms.  Unfortunately for the rest of us, even treason is okay when Republicans indulge themselves in it.

Michael Brown, Town Hall:  "The UN's Anti-Israel Animus Hits An All-Time Low"

I think you mean an all time high, Michael.  Maybe you have an anti-language animus?

Streiff, Red State:  "Chris Christie signs bill to screw consumers and preserve a monopoly"

As if Streiff, or anyone else at Red State gives a damn about consumers.  But today, he's getting paid to see to it that Christie doesn't rise from the dead and threaten the already annointed GOP candidate (hint: this candidate's brother was already President) so all of a sudden, Streiff has a divine revelation about monopolies.

Streiff, Red State:  "Bernie Sanders’s wife involved in real estate scam?"

Notice the question mark there..."I mean, I'm not saying, I'm just asking?"  Standard behavior for Republicans that want to spread smears which they know are false, of course.  This one revolves around money given to a small college that she was President of for a while.  They used $1 million given to the college as collateral for a loan.  Now, what's wrong with that?  Well, it seems to depend on the difference between a "bequest" and a "donation."  If you really can turn that into a scandal in your mind, you undoubtedly believe Hillary murdered Vince Foster, and Obama is a Kenyan.  I.e. you are part of the Republican base.

Joe Cunningham, Red State:  "No allies are safe from the manchild president"

"Manchild President."  Let me remind you that this is exactly what the Republicans gave us between 2001 and 2009.  Once again, this has nothing to do with Obama at all.  It is an attempt to lie away the colossal failures of the Bush administration by pretending that Obama is exactly what Bush was.  Hasn't worked yet, but another thirty years of trying might get them somewhere, just like they have succeeded in making so many people forget that Reagan was a corrupt traitor.

Dave Swindle, PJ Media:  "How Do You Rank the Top 10 Greatest Conservative Talk Radio Hosts Today?"

Oh God, don't make me sick.

Paula Boyard, PJ Media:  "Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton, a Democrat who represents the District of Columbia, was caught on video Wednesday trying — and failing — to maneuver her vehicle into parking spot in a lot between the Longworth and Cannon House Office buildings."

47 Republican Senators can commit treason, and that's okay with Paula.  But if a Democrat has trouble parking her car, it's nearly a capital crime.

Michael Walsh, PJ Media:  "Is Everybody in the Obama Administration Corrupt? Sure Looks That Way"

Despite the fact that not a single charge has been sustained in any court in America.    Unlike this guy:

"The presidency of Ronald Reagan in the United States was marked by multiple scandals, resulting in the investigation, indictment, or conviction of over 138 administration officials, the largest number for any US president."

Or Dick Nixon, whose administration featured the resignation in disgrace of both the President and Vice President, and also featured this guy as Attorney General:  "On February 21, 1975,(John)  Mitchell was found guilty of conspiracy, obstruction of justice, and perjury and sentenced to two and a half to eight years in prison"

Or Obama's predecessor, who was made President in the greatest act of judicial corruption in our history, and then destroyed the economy through an endless campaign of siphoning the nation's resources to rich Republican campaign donors.

But oh, no, Obama is the corrupt one.

Kathy Shaidle, PJ Media:  "The One Important Fact Every Media Report Left Out About That ‘Town That Banned Swearing’

Funny, the media I pay attention to left out this entire story.  And truth to say, good for them, because I could not care less about it.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "Liar-in-Chief News: Obama Claims “Deficit Has Come Down by 2/3’s Since I’ve Been President”

"Liar in Chief."  The last Bush Federal deficit, for the 2009 year (in a budget from the Bush administration in October, 2008) was $1.413 trillion.  The 2014 budget deficit?  $486 billion, or 34.4% of Bush's last deficit.  Gee, I guess Obama is a big, fat liar- his claim was off by one percent!

And let us not forget that Bush conveniently excluded the $3 trillion cost of the Iraq war from his deficit figures,  Obama didn't do that, so the results are actually far more stark that the above numbers show.

Lloyd Marcus, Renew America:  "Hysteria over Cruz illustrates what we're up against"

Sanity.  That's what they're up against.

A. J. Castellito, Renew America:  "Merging Paul's outreach with Cruz's principles"

I didn't read this article because I was afraid that it was going to be about ISIS.


Because, like, before this, no one suspected that Israel has nuclear weapons.


Well, no, apparently not.  Astute Bloggers have updated this story, but not to mention that the plane was brought down by its copilot, and not by ISIS.  Time to move on to the next lie.


Because normally, when a President meets with his Secretary of State, they do it in a public park, with megaphones, so everyone can hear everything they say.

Astute Bloggers:  "IS THERE A FORM OF DEVIANCY THAT THE LEFT WON'T SUPPORT? EVIDENTLY NOT:  A Democratic bill unveiled this week would allow former convicted felons released from prison to vote in federal elections."

On the other hand, Republicans blocked a bill against human sex trafficking last week because it didn't attack abortion.  Let's see: ex-cons voting?  Not deviancy as far as I can tell.  Sex trafficking?  Now that is sort of deviant, isn't it?


Yup, if you are for vaccination, you are a Nazi.

Donna Wasson, News with Views:  "CNN, has apparently changed the meaning of their initials from the "Clinton News Network" to the "Christ Negation Network."

Okay.  I hadn't noticed that.  But then, I don't watch CNN, because I'm afraid I might see Wolf Blitzer, and have to run to the bathroom to lose my lunch.

Coach Dave Daubenmire, News with Views:  "I’m sick of it. I’m sick of sissified, passive Christianity"

Okay then, Coach.  Whatever.

Jake McAulay, News with Views:  "CAN OBAMA SERVE ANOTHER TERM?"

Well, we hear right wing idiots everywhere screaming about this nonsense.  The real reason I included Jake here was this remark of his:

"The last president to embark on a third term was the philanderer Franklin D. Roosevelt."

Because that's what we remember about Roosevelt.  Not that he ended the Republican depression, or that he successfully led us through World War II, but that he was (supposedly) a philanderer.  Well, I guess if that is what is important to you...

Servando Gonzales, News With Views:  "Secession? Hell no! Revolution? Hell Yes!... it is too late for secession"

Like I said, whatever.  And let's just go out on some sage Conservative advice:

Trooper Greg Evanson, News with Views:  "Some will say, "I can't leave my job" or "the kids HAVE to go to school" and "what would my friends and family say." Let me give it to you as straight as I POSSIBLY can. NONE OF IT WILL MATTER IF YOU ARE DEAD!! "

Well, can't argue with that, I guess.  As long as you don't give a damn about anything but yourself.  It might matter to your kids, or your friends, or the people who go to your church, but really, who cares about them?


Grung_e_Gene said…
Man child is how clever conservatives say boy.
Magpie said…
“I’m sick of sissified, passive Christianity"

What the fuck’s that?
The sort that sings hymns instead of murdering non-believers?
Infidel753 said…
the already annointed GOP candidate (hint: this candidate's brother was already President)

Actually the RedState crowd loathes Jeb for the same reason they loathe Christie -- not wacko enough. They're more in the Cruz/Huckabee camp.

"Traitors." That’s a strong term, obviously. It should never be used lightly.

Except of course when they're throwing it at Obama. Hell, I've seen people on RedState call Boehner and McConnell "traitors" for occasionally cooperating with Democrats.
Screech said…
Good stuff, GE. Good stuff.
streiff said…
thanks for the write-up. Just want to make a correction, I don't get paid. There are two paid writers at RedState and I'm not one of them.

Politics aside, I would think that one thing left and right should be able to agree on is that rent-seeking and anti-competitive laws are bad. The cheat consumers and they distort the market.
Green Eagle said…

Thanks for the very civil reply, considering my use of you as little more than a target of ridicule. I must say that I don't understand your willingness to work for no immediate return, given what must be your knowledge of the unlikelihood that they will ever keep their end of the bargain once they have gotten what they want from you. Personally, I would never let them publish a word of mine until the check cleared.
streiff said…
The only bargain that we have is being kept, to wit, I have access to the RedState front page and get to put my opinion in front of a few million unique viewers each month.

As an independent writer, I don't get editorial direction, I choose my own topics, and, on occasion, I see my pieces read into the Congressional Record.

I wish I could say my real job was as much fun.

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