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The Constitution and the Crime of Treason

Thanks to Donald Trump, our national pot seems to be on the verge of boiling over, but before it does, there are a number of issues that we must get straight.  One essential concern is what, exactly, constitutes treason.  This is because it is vital that Donald Trump be removed from the Presidency on this ground.  Yes, there are a hundred other reasons that he has no right to be our President, but it is his treasonous conspiracy with a hostile foreign power which acted to put him in office, which forms the basis for a declaration of the illegitimacy of his entire Presidency, and the voiding of everything he has done while President, including all executive orders and mutilations of government departments, and the removal of all persons he placed on the Federal courts.  Removing him on this basis would also mean removing his vice President, who is equally illegitimate. In anticipation of this possibility, the Republicans have begun a campaign to convince the American public that the c

He Can't Tell the Truth about Anything

This tweet from Trump yesterday: "I am all alone (poor me) in the White House waiting for the Democrats to come back and make a deal on desperately needed Border Security" And, of course, the actual truth: "Donald Trump and Melania Won't Spend Christmas at Mar-a-Lago for the First Time in Years" And here's a picture of Trump and Melania allegedly making Christmas calls to children last night (I'm sure to the Koch Brothers' grandchildren, or some of the Waltons- he's not going to waste time on anyone without money.) There is absolutely nothing that the guy will not lie about.  And let's be clear; this is not about pathological lying, it is about bullying everyone around him into accepting what he says as the truth, no matter how much they know it is false. Well, at least it looks like the chickens may be coming home to roost for him.  Keep your fingers crossed for 2019.

Green Eagle's Traditional Holiday Greetings

From the massive staff here at Green Eagle, best wishes to you all.

A Little Information About the Great Crash of 1929-Redux

As I write, the Dow has lost just over 5,000 points from its high on October 3rd of this year, about 2 1/2 months; or one sixth of its value.  I thought that this was a good opportunity to repost something I wrote earlier this year, about the 1929 collapse, which I think gives some perspective on what is happening now.  I want to reiterate something that I said at the end of this post, that being the recommendation to read    "The Great Crash  1929,"   by John Kenneth Galbraith.  This account of the Wall Street collapse is so relevant to today's events that I think everyone should take the time to read this short book. Wall Street on October 29, 1929 I'll tell you something that I always believed until I started reading about the 1920's and 1930's, and it has to do with "Black Tuesday."  That was October 29, 1929, the day we were taught that the stock market crashed, precipitating the Great Depression, the greatest economic collapse in h

Merry Christmas From Donald

As I write, the Dow Jones average has now lost just over 5,000 points since its high on October 3rd of this year, or almost exactly one sixth of its entire value, in 2 1/2 months.  It has reached a level last seen in August, 2017.  Nothing to see here.  Just get back to your eggnog. I'd put an extra bit of brandy in it if I were you.

Treason Part About 5,000

So Donald Trump is planning to remove all US troops from Syria. Who does that hurt?  The United States, the countries that surround Syria in the Middle East, European countries who have had to bear the majority of the cost of displaced Syrians, and just about everyone who wants to see a more peaceful world. Who does it help?  Well, leaving aside ISIS, it helps one person:  Vladimir Putin. This is only the latest of a long series of actions by Trump which have benefited the Russians while materially harming this country and all of our traditional allies: His persistent efforts to eliminate economic sanctions on Russia, his removing limits on Russian nuclear weapon emplacements, his ignoring of Russia's aggression toward its neighbors, his altering the Republican platform to weaken the party's stance against Russia, his fawning, humiliating behavior toward Putin himself, his deliberately alienating China, Russia's main competitor for influence in Asia, his attempts to w

Wall of Coal

In a an effort to help make the Trump administration a success, Green Eagle wishes to make the following proposal. Why can't we build the wall out of coal?  This will allow Trump to keep his promise, and at the same time he will keep another promise by giving years of work to coal miners, digging up enough coal for a two thousand mile long, thirty foot high wall of coal.  This is an eminently practical suggestion, as shown in the following photo from 1907: Trump only needs to tell his base that this picture shows a part of the wall that is already built, and he is almost guaranteed reelection in 2020, even if he is in prison. The only slight flaw I can foresee is the remote possibility that some Mexican vandal might light the wall on fire; however the pollution caused by a two thousand mile long coal fire will drive liberal environmentalists so crazy that it will be just as much fun for wingnuts as if the wall were still there.  A win-win for everybody!  And believe me, as l

The Deep State and Satan

As I have mentioned, much of the true primal malignance of the right wing has migrated to videos.   I suspect that this is because the self-selected group that adheres to right wing beliefs is largely so uneducated that they cannot read and comprehend the written word, beyond the most elementary sentences.  Another reason for this phenomenon is something that liberals usually fail to understand.  When liberals read political articles, the point is to learn something, or at least be exposed to a different viewpoint.  Conservatives live on their emotions, and they follow politics to stoke their rage and greed.  Videos are obviously more effective than written words at this, so right wingers are in the process of transferring their information gathering to non-literate sources. There is a problem in this for someone like me, who tries to follow the maunderings of the wingnuts:  it is really hard to expect sane people to watch this stuff for more than a couple of minutes.  Still, because

A Remarkable Prediction

President Lyndon Baines Johnson, in November, 1967, making one of the most prescient statements I have ever heard:  I believe the time has come …to enlist the computer and the satellite, as well as television and radio… in the cause of education… Think of the lives that this would change: the student in a small college could tap the resources of a great university…the country doctor [could get] help from a distant laboratory or a teaching hospital…in a partnership to share knowledge and to thus enrich all mankind...Eventually, I think this electronic knowledge bank could be as valuable as the Federal Reserve Bank. And such a system could involve other nations, too--it could involve them in a partnership to share knowledge and to thus enrich all mankind. A wild and visionary idea? Not at all. Yesterday's strangest dreams are today's headlines and change is getting swifter every moment. I have already asked my advisers to begin to explore the possibility of a netwo


I can't resist.  Donald Trump this morning: "Democrats can’t find a Smocking Gun tying the Trump campaign to Russia after James Comey’s testimony. No Smocking Gun...No Collusion.” @FoxNews  That’s because there was NO COLLUSION. So now the Dems go to a simple private transaction, wrongly call it a campaign contribution,..." Everyone else commenting about this treats it as a joke, but not me.  The so-called President of the United States can't even spell the word "smoking."  And it's not a typo, because he spelled it wrong twice. Our leader, the most powerful man in the world, is essentially illiterate.  He doesn't refuse to read briefings and memos, as has been reported; he can't read them.  His mind functions on the level of a six year old, both intellectually and emotionally.  And that is just fine with Republicans, as long as they can manipulate him into doing what their rich backers want. Well, that's where we are as a countr

Insanity On The March

Some of you may be aware that, in the QAnon world, December 5th was to be one of the greatest days in the history of civilization.  For that day, referred to in Q's posts as D5, was to be the day that Mueller was going to be revealed to be working closely with Trump to indict Hillary, Obama, etc, and tens of thousands of Democrats and other opponents of Trump were to be arrested, finally making America great again.  Well, as far as can be told, that did not happen. Let me digress for a second here.  Did you ever pay any attention to doomsday cults that predict that the world will end on a certain date, and when that doesn't happen, the next day they come up with ludicrous explanations for why they were wrong, and move right on to the next end of the world?  Well, QAnon and the whole Trump base are really not that different from doomsday cults, which are similarly run by and for a few cynical leaders milking their deluded followers for profit.  So why would we expect anythin

25th Amendment Remedy

I am posting this short video here, for those who might not have seen it.  It shows Donald Trump at what was supposed to be a photo opportunity with the President of Argentina, the host country of the recent G20 summit: Trump appears to have lost consciousness of what was going on, and wandered away in a daze. Sort of humorous, but this leads me to a suggestion, or a fear, about how the entire Trump disaster is going to end.  First, let me make it clear that although there are literally hundreds of perfectly valid reasons to remove Trump from office, from his endless acts of corruption to his virtually daily obstruction of justice, to his ignoring or frustrating the laws he is sworn to uphold, but there is one justification for impeachment that must stand above all others, and that is his traitotous collusion with a foreign dictator to rig the Presidential election in his favor.  This is because it is only removal on those grounds that can justify a claim that every action he