25th Amendment Remedy

I am posting this short video here, for those who might not have seen it.  It shows Donald Trump at what was supposed to be a photo opportunity with the President of Argentina, the host country of the recent G20 summit:

Trump appears to have lost consciousness of what was going on, and wandered away in a daze.

Sort of humorous, but this leads me to a suggestion, or a fear, about how the entire Trump disaster is going to end. 

First, let me make it clear that although there are literally hundreds of perfectly valid reasons to remove Trump from office, from his endless acts of corruption to his virtually daily obstruction of justice, to his ignoring or frustrating the laws he is sworn to uphold, but there is one justification for impeachment that must stand above all others, and that is his traitotous collusion with a foreign dictator to rig the Presidential election in his favor.  This is because it is only removal on those grounds that can justify a claim that every action he took as President was illegitimate.

Instead, this is what I think may very well be the outcome of this monstrous situation:  Trump will be "determined" to be sinking into dementia like his father, and the 25th amendment will be used to remove him.  In this scenario, his leaving the White House will be presented to the American people and to history as a monumental tragedy, and all of the endless crimes he committed will be swept under the rug, with no recourse for the American people and no opportunity (as at least happened with Nixon) for the truth to emerge.  And all the damage he did will continue, after he returns to spend his declining years at Mar-a-Lago. 

You need only see the hagiography surrounding the recently deceased George H. W. Bush, who was in reality a very mediocre President, to realize that the so-called tragedy that will befall Trump will be used by Republicans to shout down anyone who dares to speak of the reality of his disastrous time in office.  And so, the Republican party will survive the horror that it foisted on the country, and we will move on, until the next bought and paid for Republican criminal is manipulated into the White House.


Jerry said…
Trump should not be allowed to just walk away like Nixon did.
By not investigating and prosecuting Nixon's administration we had those crooks hanging around our politics for the next 40 years screwing things up. The ones who got prosecuted and sent to jail left politics. Guys like Cheney were around for decades.
Green Eagle said…
You are absolutely right. I must confess that I knew Jerry Ford, and found him to be basically a decent guy, but he made a hell of a mistake when he swept Nixon under the rug.
nancysjet said…
no one could ever be as incompetent as obama worst president ever.

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